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NTJ. It is embarassing, but sometimes that is what it takes to change behavior. It's not like you posted the recordings on social media or anything (that would very much be a jerk move). Explain it to her that you understand that she doesn't realize when she's doing this, you're not angry just frustrated, and you want to help find solutions to work for a good bond in the future. Maybe she has some feedback for you, too.
NTJ but... they are kids. It was rude of mom to ask, but I'm an old softie. They are your nieces siblings and it might pain them to see Christmas for their siblings be less magical. Have you asked your nieces their opinion? My 15 year old son volunteered to wait to get his x-box (dont remember which model) because my parents and brother were on rough times. My brother, his uncle, has some mental issues that put him on the same level as my son, who is much younger. They are very close, even though my son tends to sort of be a mentor for my brother. Anyhow, he asked me to give him less for Christmas so we could take that money and spend it on them. Those girls might want to share the benefit of having you. They might not. Seriously, I'd leave it to them to decide whether they want expensive gifts, or a shopping trip for their smaller siblings.
Agreed. There are ways to "casino" on a budget. Play penny slots minimum bets. Take a lot of bathroom breaks, and wander around the floor to do some people watching, or like me, play Pokemon, Go. Bring shooters of jerk or full bottles for in your room and get your drink on there before or after hitting the floor. Op sucks for giving in to weird peer pressure about continuing to lose money, and for thinking a casino weekend wasn't going to be pricey. Birthday boy sucks because he absolutely made it sound like he was going to buy the drink.
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