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You are NTJ, but as a patent of an 8 year old with a 9:30pm bedtime, you might want to (kindly) consider when/what age you allowed the other brothers to stay up later. Your youngest brother might start feeling like he is being singled out. Ask of he'd like to stay up until 8:30. Being fair can be hard, but that fairness extends to the children under your care, not the parent that is failing to parent. Either way, as the main parental figure, that is up to you. At some point, you might want to start the process of CPS and abandonment if you want to retain legal custody of your siblings when you turn 18. Not cutting your mom out, but making it LEGAL for you to have parental rights-if that is what you want. If you are the legal guardian, she has no say in the matter from a legal standpoint.
NTJ. For anyone saying otherwise, frame it, for them, in a different perspective. It if had been a jerk passed out woman, whose male ex (still interested in her but she clearly not into him) cuddled up beside her... would they feel the same? This is a weird situation and I feel you handled it properly. You, not wasted, put yourself as guardian of your jerk, sleeping partner. David is only mad because he didn't get to press his morning stiffy against an unsuspecting person he still lusts after. Big nope!!
You are in revovery, high on pain meds, and sending mixed signals. You aren't tj, but neither are your friends. The paranoia of your roommate "stealing your life" could be the narcotics talking. I've had friends on pain meds for extended periods of time who swore up and down that they heard two friends that were plotting against them in the next room; those friends weren't even in town (or in the same state!). You couldn't reason with my friend until she weened off the pills months later. Luckily everyone understood that she wasn't herself and all was forgiven. Right now your body and mind are running a gambit. Take care not to overeact or overthink until you are back to your normal self and can look at it all with a clear head. Maybe even seek therapy while you are going through this physical healing process.
Ytj. Listen to how entitled you are. Mom feels guilty so "helps out financially" but CLEARLY isn't great coping with small kids. After it didnt work the first time, you expected her to do it a second time? A lot of times, we think we can handle things that we cant. She had a panic attack which she can't control. Lucky SD was there to step in. Put yourself in the mans shoes. He didnt take it out on the kiddo. He was dealing with a woman in full blown panic attack, a small child, AND work (how much of moms "financial help" being offered is coming from HIS hard work?) so you could "have a date night and your other babysitters werent available". Meaning you guys go out often enough, if you have regular sitters. If you can afford concerts and date nights, why tf are you living with mom? I'll repeat, yta. You and your husband owe both his mom and SD a deep, humble apology.
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