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NTJ but SIL is. Everyone should have been thanked and not choose a "best" side. Tacky, rude and she sounds very selfish to me. I agree with the no contact and I think you were very tactful in regards to your mom visiting. You've drawn your boundaries but don't anticipate anyone else necessarily following them. I would personally have canceled my shower to go to the hospital with my MIL.
You are NTJ but she is cruel and immature. Put the watch in a safe deposit box and take a serious look at your relationship. This woman is mean and has some real issues if this is how she treats her spouse.
NTJ. Your mom needs to pursue her interests on her own and stop living vicariously through you. She could take pottery classes through any number of methods.
NTJ. Your heart was in the right place and he's embarrassed/hurt because he's unable to do what he used to do. He unfortunately lashed out at you. My MIL is in a similar situation and all we can do is help her navigate the best we can. I applaud you for your good intentions.
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