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OMG, I am so sorry… of course your mental health is important! And the way your wife is treating you - I would NEVER treat my husband that way! In ANY situation!! Concentrate on your healing, and I hope everything works out for you! NTA
I went through a bad time several years ago, (I’m being vague on purpose), and I told my parents, who were about to leave for a vacation in New York City. When I got home, they were gone. (We were staying at my parents temporarily), and I started crying. My parents returned home, because my mom couldn’t stand the thought of leaving me right then, and I was 34 at the time. (I’m in my late 40’s, now). I was so glad they did that, because I really needed my parents, especially my mom. I myself couldn’t imagine not staying for my daughters if they got hurt!
Letting them cry it out, closed up in a dark closet, for at least 20 minutes, if not more? If someone had done that to my child, I’d’ve been pissed, too.
Absolutely NTA. I’m the same way. I can’t listen to two things at once. If I get a phone call, I always pause the TV if it’s on, because I just can’t stand listening to two different things.
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