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NTA - If I were a grandma, I’d treat every grandchild equally, whether the child is “blood related,” or adopted!
NTJ - I would have left, too!
NTJ, but if someone had left a baby with me, I’d love it! I’d’ve told her to take her time, have some fun! (As long as she left enough supplies for the baby!) But - I’m in my late 40’s, the oldest of several cousins - and 2 siblings, have worked in day cares, and have three daughters of my own, so I would have been prepared. If you have little to no experience, it’s a different story, and your sister shouldn’t have just left her baby there, and taken so long, knowing you didn’t have that much experience with babies or children!
A child-free wouldn’t have worked for me, because as the oldest grandchild (on both sides), I had a lot of cousins under the age of 18, at the time I got married. (Down to the age of 6), but they were fairly well behaved. I’ve been to weddings where the younger children were watched in a room, while the parents had fun at the reception. But this is your wedding. If you only have a budget for so much, stick to it, and have a great wedding!
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