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As someone with asthma, Matty is lucky he survived. An asthma attack out in the cold can absolutely kill you. jerk an asthma attack alone can. His brother is an absolute monster.
She's 8. As someone with kids, I had a little girl who did the same thing everywhere. This isn't accidental at this age. She knows. She's hoping no one calls her out on it. She's getting away with it and pushing boundaries to see what she can get away with. She needed to be spoken to, disciplined if need be. There need to be consequences especially if it continues.
I think OP may have read the room wrong on this. If the OP had spoken to the mother and let her in on it and give her the option to be involved via time frame to pop the question, maybe done it after dinner, it may have been recieved better by the family.
You're ntj. In fact you're an amazing friend. Val is lucky to have someone like you.
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