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There'll always be at least one person to support a bride being an absolute jerk on these posts. I've come to believe that some of these commenters would defend a serial killer if they happened to be a bride. I guess MIL broke her wrists and spilled food on herself at the RECEPTION just to get attention
I'm all for compromise - however, she sounds controlling. It sounds like she already makes her sons miserable, and now you're gonna allow her to do the same to your daughters? Exactly what do you guys see in manipulative women?
You folks defending this guy are nuts. You don't treat pets like a defective freaking vacuum when you're inconvenienced, but apparently rules change when a parental unit has the sads.
Exactly. Apparently Dad is supposed to support a child whose life he has no say in, and only Mom can make decisions, even though custody is shared. And somehow certain people don't see how silly that sounds.
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