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One of my very best friends got married on the beach. She had asked me to make some calls for her b/c I was working a job that allowed me to make personal calls and she wasn't. One of the calls I made for her was to the town where she wanted to get married to make sure they allowed it. After the person told me they did, she made sure to add that we could NOT ask other people to move out of our way at all. We even ended up with strangers joining us in the pavilion during the ceremony. It's a public space and YTJ.
Not only that but if she had just had a miscarriage, a pregnancy test would still come up positive.
So NTJ. I have a good friend I get together with on a regular basis. She is much better off financially than I am. Not rich or anything, but she makes a good living. I, however, am on disability as is my husband. We get by but obviously not a lot of extra money. I would NEVER expect my friend to always pay like that. We split checks. She does offer to pick up the check on occasion like you do b/c she's a good person. But that is plenty and them expecting it is beyond jerky.
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