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sounds like one of those "helicopter parents" to has to make sure everything is "safe and under (her) control", and still yet it is not good enough...this kid is headed in one of two directions: 1. she will be a total neurotic who cannot break away from mommy, and mommy will make sure the world is "safe" for her, or 2. This kid is going to be a very rebellious teenager who ends up pregnant before age 18 and when she finally breaks away from mommy, she will break all contact just to keep her independence. BTW, mom is a total and absolute jerk.
To all those "butt hurt" people on here saying that OP is a jerk...I hope you NEVER have to go through the humiliation of being subjected to (gasp, clutch your pearls) an ACTUAL HUMAN WITH ACTUAL HUMAN WANTS AND DESIRES, and being stuck in a restaurant with (gasp again, girls!) a REAL MEAT EATER! You people are the ones who give the "cool" vegans a bad name! In the name of "social justice" (more of moral superiority), one word from y'all can make what might have been a good and social meal into an argument about other people's morals! Talk about putting your nose where it doesn't belong! First world problems much?
I am quite neurotypical (not on any spectrum), but I am very jumpy and am easily startled. I must say that if "Adam" had done the party popper thing by my ear (I am hearing impaired), he might very well have had a gun under his nose. That being said, if OP does not want to tell anyone about being autistic, that is his decision to make and his alone. I quite understand the "not wanting to be treated differently" thing, and if OP's so-called "friends" cannot understand that, and actually do start treating them differently, then they are not at all friends, and need to be educated. If that does not work, they need to be cut off. I try to treat people with basic human respect that all people deserve, and I have known (still do) people who are on the spectrum. Most of them use the word "autistic" and do not understand what all the fuss is all about. They wanted to be treated with respect, not a "special" treatment, just basic human respect. Rant over, now I will climb down from my soap box.
While OP is in hospital, she should let the staff know that NO ONE is allowed in to visit, and if MIL tries to just run in and pull the "But I am FaMiLyyyyyy" crap, they have the right to call whomever they wish for security, up to and including the police. And, if at all possible, change the deadbolt lock on the front door at home beforehand, because you can bet MIL has a key and she will use it. Then tell her that if she tries ANYTHING like that, "funny" or not, it will be no contact and MIL will NEVER see the grandchild.
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