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User Comments to your boss, explain what is going on, and if that does not work, go to HR....that is literally the job of HR, to protect the company from lawsuits the result from such stuff as this.
NTJ at explained that there were no facilities in the building and then pointed out an least you did not call her what she actually is...a disgusting pig.
If it were me, and my daughter pulled a stunt like this, telling OP that her "real" father will walk her down the aisle, I would go straight to the venue, cancel and get a refund, then turn right to "daughter" and tell her, "If you want your "real" father to walk you down the aisle, then your "real" father can pay for the wedding." Then I'd go no contact. Another poster has mentioned the very real possibility of mom having put her up to doing this. I totally agree with this possibility, and mom should have kept her nose out of it.
I feel awful for OP right and believe, OP is not the jerk, no way, nowhere, no how!! MIL is a horrible bitch monster from hell for even suggesting such a thing. If I were OP, I would have a restraining order put on MIL, and if hubby says one thing about it, I would tell him, "Let this happen and I will divorce you on the spot". This is the hill I would die on MANY times! This child is in palliative care for a terminal condition and has no guarantee that she will make through another day and MIL wants to pull a stunt like this??!! OH HELL NO!!! TIMES TEN THOUSAND!!! MIL does not want this for the baby; for some twisted reason in her squirrel bait brain, she wants it to be all about her!!! NONONONO, a million times NO!!!!!!!
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