People Confess Their Atomic Revenge Stories

It's inevitable that some people will get on our nerves, but we have the option of whether to shrug it off...or get even. For some people, they only have one choice - to get back at their enemies. There are different levels of revenge, but these ones are of epic-level proportions. Atomic, actually.

13. They Want Me Gone? Game On!


“A while back in high school I got a job working fast food, to pay my bills, and have spending moolah to go out for the weekend. I just need something for moolah and I thought this was a good-paying job. I am still with this company making great earnings until I graduate from Uni. I trained many people to work in the restaurant and hated to see people leave.

One person I trained was this guy we will call D.

This started when I was sent home from the university because of the health crisis. I WAS ANGRY. I had a great paying job while I was at school, and I had my own apartment. I moved back home because I was not making any earnings and rent was not going to pay for itself. So I called my boss and said I can come back to work (I was one of her favorite employees).

When I got back D was promoted to shift manager. He was not the best at his job, and also liked to call people out when they were doing something slightly off. One day he called me out for making the drinks ‘incorrectly’, and for moving too slow. Mind you, he had me take orders in the drive-thru, make drinks, make ice cream and shakes, and hand stuff out.

The conversation went like this:

D: “What is taking so long, we need those drinks now!”

Me: “I’m sorry, we have a lot of drinks to make, I’m moving as quickly as I can. Can you help me out?”

D: “No I won’t, you should have started those drinks earlier!”

Me: “we did not have any drink orders earlier.”

D: “Nonsense, you just wanted to sit there on your phone as a useless piece of work!”

At this point I was fed up, I just wanted to make some moolah to pay for things without all the drama.

He was violating all sorts of rules I will not get into right now. He was not treating people with respect and he expected me to respect him like it was my job. I HAD IT WITH HIM. I started to plot my revenge to destroy him.

I knew I had to do something about him when he beat me down like that in the restaurant in front of customers.

I also found out he did not give a darn about this job, and never wore a mask when the company policy states that we had to because of the crisis. I have to drink a lot of fluids because I was always moving around and lifting things so I went to the lobby and get a drink.

What he did not know was that I took pictures of him next to the fryers and not wearing a mask.

He was oblivious. I also got some of the others not wearing a mask.

My parents knew this job was breaking me down and they told me, they are trying to get you to quit. I do not quit for anything unless I am seriously injured. So in response to this, I told them ‘I am going to enact some revenge, they want me gone? Game on!’

I knew the managers had an email along with the companies board of directors.

So I compiled all of my pictures and put in in an email acting like I was a customer who had a really ugly experience. The managers were annoyed.

A week after the emails were sent out I roll into work to find the district manager and the manager’s boss at the store. Apparently, this went further than expected. Not only was everyone in the store reprimanded for not wearing masks, but they were also told that if they were caught again they would be fired.

This lead to more investigations in the store’s crew. Apparently, D was harassing numerous females in the store. So not only did he get fired, he is not allowed to work for the company anywhere else.

Apparently, because D was a shift manager, we were short a few people. not only that, but many other shift leaders are in college like me. So in the fall, they will be leaving. SO they will have to find some other people to work as shift managers because most of us won’t be there.

Was this too far, no. You try to get me to quit, I will bounce back harder and you will fail. DON’T MESS WITH ME!”

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MandiK 3 weeks ago
Reminds me of when I worked at Burger King way before the pandemic. The guy that became the general manager of our store decided that I was being too slow doing my job (I had just came back form having a baby). He decided to berate me in front of customers and my co-workers. I also have bad anxiety so this did not help matters. Since I was a closer I was expected to be there until everyone was done with cleaning the store which we normally had 3 closers plus a manager. This night the manager was his sister (who stole money but that's a different story) and I went up to her crying and gave her my name tag and shirt and said I quit. Walked out and never went back to that place. F that.
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12. Brother Deleted My Saved Data And Games


“My PSP had somewhere around 50 games downloaded onto it (17 memory sticks worth), including games like Phantasy star, Monter Hunter, Final Fantasy, etc, etc. You know, the games that usually have saves into the hundreds if not thousands of hours. My Wii had 12 games downloaded, but those too were long playtime games, Monster Hunter Tri, Xenoblade, Tales of Symphonia, etc. All together I think it was around 130GB worth of games and saved data, some of which went as far back as the launch of the consoles.

My younger brother had just turned 15 and hit the ‘I’m going to be a jerk to everyone’ phase. So on one of his many sick days that year, he went into my room and decided to delete every game. He even did a full reset on my Wii so I lost all the games I bought. This was also back when the internet my family had was a 1mbps download with a monthly bandwidth cap of 25GB.

My parents just blew it off as a ‘should have hidden your belongings better’ sort of issue and only grounded him for a total of a week. I decided to get revenge by doing something he would always remember.

My brother went through a lot of hair conditioner, I’m sure many people here know why. So I went to the store and bought some habanero hot sauce and mixed it with his conditioner and waited for his next shower.

It was maybe only a few minutes into his shower when he started to scream and curse.

When he came out of the bathroom he was walking bowlegged and was in tears. I laughed and told him not to mess with my stuff again. My parents took him to the hospital because they thought he was going to die or something and I ended up getting grounded for the rest of the school year.

I feel like this was well deserved for deleting all my games and saved data.”

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kesn 1 month ago
I would have told my parents where to stuff the groundation
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11. You Get What You Deserve For Being An Elitist


“My significant other is an assistant manager at a nationwide pizza chain named after a beloved tile-based game. She was hired by the regional manager and placed at this particular store. The store manager meets her first day and there’s constant tension. He routinely undermines her authority over other employees. He mocked another deaf employee by mimicking her speech pattern, leading to said employee quitting. He says he can’t ‘understand’ Latino customers that try and order on the phone so that he can hang up, and is just in general an insensitive piece of work.

The final straw came when late one night last week, a Black gentleman and an Asian gentleman came in to order. The Asian gentleman is visibly intoxicated so the Black gentleman sets him down in a chair and places their order. Because of health precautions, customers aren’t technically supposed to sit inside right now. But they’re not causing any problems, they’re the only customers in the store, and my significant other is by herself.

She gets to making their order when Manager Jerkhead comes back from a delivery. (They have trouble keeping drivers, shocker.) He immediately tells them they can’t sit in the store. As the Black gentleman questions why Manager Jerkhead escalates and gets louder. This devolves rather quickly to Manager Jerkhead yelling at them to ‘Get out of my store.’ At which time the Black gentleman says he will when he gets a refund.

A refund is issued on his card, but he wants a receipt as proof. Manager Jerkhead refuses and tells them they’re trespassing. He follows them out to the parking lot still yelling and then calls the police to report them for alleged trespassing. As he comes back in, he mumbles a curse in front of my also Black significant other.

She writes a 2-page memo to HR outlining his offenses and sends it to Regional Manager.

The next day, she asks Manager Jerkhead to bring her some dough. He’s across the kitchen, more than 10 feet (3m) away and her back is to him. The dough whizzes by her ear and slams onto the table next to her. He threw food across the kitchen at her!

Just then, Regional Manager walks in to get products for another store. She asks to speak with him and Manager Jerkhead’s face turns ashen.

It turns out that Regional Manager never got the email. So my significant other fills him in and resends the email. She went home for the day and was told that Manager Jerkhead will be out for ‘some family stuff’ which we assumed was code for suspension.

The very next day, my significant other is working with Manager Jerkhead’s young protégé. He follows right along with whatever the elder jerkhead says, laughing at all his jokes, etc.

Young Jerkhead has a habit of falsifying the delivery times. He’ll tell the customer it’ll be 45 mins, then wait for 20 to actually enter the order so that they get a 25 min. delivery time and the store’s numbers look good. Mind you, this is only rewarded with the Manager getting a bonus, so not sure why he’d risk his job for Big Daddy Jerkhead, but I digress.

My significant other had told the training manager about this practice just the day before.

So last night, my significant other goes out to move her car to the front of the building so that it will be under the streetlight out front once it’s dark, as she’ll be closing and won’t leave until 2 am. After only 6 mins. (We were on the phone and had the exact call time) Baby Jerkhead leaves the store unattended to ask her for her employee number so that he can ‘clock her out for her break’.

Mind you, she’s the manager on duty, he’s just the guy that answers the phone. She tells him she’s on her way back in now, and to go cover the store.

Around 11 pm, Baby Jerkhead asks my significant other to enter a falsified order. She says ‘No, that’s against store policy.’ Well, Baby Jerkhead didn’t like that one bit, he storms off in a huff and sits down in the back, and eats what was left of his lunch.

After being by herself during a rush for more than 20 mins., my significant other finds him and ever so sweetly asks if he’s clocked out for his break. Well, Baby Jerkhead didn’t like his own medicine one bit, he gets annoyed and says he’s got to go, ‘Family Emergency’ and clocks out.

Now during this time, another friend of ours that is also a Black woman has entered the store.

She’s actually been recommended as an employee to the Regional Manager and was supposed to go for orientation today, although as you’ll see shortly, that didn’t come to fruition. I only mention this to say that she has the Regional Manager’s phone number. That’s a surprise tool that will help us later.

Baby Jerkhead is now clocked out for a supposed ’emergency’ but takes the time to tell the Black woman that she’s ‘not allowed to stand there.’ She was standing at the plexiglass partition on the customer’s side chatting with my significant other as she continued to work through orders by herself.

My significant other tells him that she’s fine and she can be there, leave her alone. Baby Jerkhead takes after his mentor and escalates a non-problem into a full-blown altercation. The Black woman asks for his name, saying that she’s going to report him to Regional Manager (and uses the Regional Manager’s first name to imply that she knows him). He refuses and my significant other gives his first name.

Baby Jerkhead loses it, saying he’s reporting my significant other to HR for ‘giving out my first and last name’. My significant other laughs at him, says she didn’t, we can run the tapes back if you want. What he fails to realize is he’s not important enough for my significant other to have even learned his last name. She couldn’t have told her if she’d wanted to.

Baby Jerkhead isn’t having it and says he’s going to call the police on the Black woman for trespassing (sound familiar?). My significant other asks the Black woman to please leave before anything unwarranted happens. As she walks out, Baby Jerkhead FOLLOWS HER TO HER CAR, still talking trash and threatening to call the police. A 6’3″ 300lb. White man followed a 5’5″ 110lb. Black woman back to her car at midnight.

After getting into her car, the Black woman informs him that she feels threatened and is armed. (This being a 2a friendly state, she’s well within her rights to do so).

At this point Little Baby Jerkhead is scared and begins calling the police to report the scary Black woman ‘trespassing’ and ‘threatening’ him. He takes a picture of her license plate and walks out into the parking lot.

Lo and behold, who should be outside the store that he’s legally forbidden from coming to, but Big Daddy Jerkhead . Turns out, he’d been parked outside for the last 30 mins. or so, directly next to my significant other’s car. Daddy and Baby Jerkhead put their heads together and come up with a good story for the cops as the Black woman leaves.

My significant other had called me and asked me to come up to the store as she didn’t feel safe knowing that Daddy Jerkhead was suspended and lurking in the parking lot at midnight next to her car.

I pull in just as our Black woman friend is leaving and I catch the tail end of the phone call to the police. As Baby Jerkhead tells them that ‘her man just pulled up’ and describes my car, I park, leave my firesrm in the glove box, and go into the store. I tell my significant other that Baby Jerkhead just called the police, and I place an order for a pizza to have a reason to hang around.

My significant other is still alone in the building working through the orders by herself while Baby Jerkhead is outside for his ‘Family Emergency’ plotting with Daddy Jerkhead .

3 officers arrive and ask to speak with my significant other, they wait patiently for her to finish putting the last pizza in the oven. They ask if our friend had threatened Baby Jerkhead , my significant other says no.

Adding that we can check the cameras if they’d like. The officer said that wouldn’t be necessary, and implied that they were just going to take a report and that nothing would come of it. They’re tired of being called to this same store for nonsensical POC trespassing calls. This being the second one in 3 days, and yet another in a long line.

The police finish taking statements, not even asking for our friend’s name, because they’re not going to follow up on it, and leave.

One of the delivery drivers has come back and helps my significant other finish a few orders, but it’s time for him to go home. Baby Jerkhead has made his way back inside the store at this point and my significant other asks the driver to call the next manager at the store down the road to come down. The driver responds that said manager is in the parking lot.

Turns out, he’s out there chatting with Daddy Jerkhead. The driver needs to be ‘checked out’ before he can leave. Baby Jerkhead pipes up that he can check him out. Mind you, only a manager can do that, and Baby Jerkhead isn’t even on the clock as he had a ‘family emergency’. My significant other says ‘No, I can do that’ and goes outside with the driver.

Baby Jerkhead follows right behind and looks at me, seeing a bald White man and expecting an ally, and says, ”Sorry, I guess our Assistant Manager is going outside?’ shrugging his shoulders. Leaving me alone in the store. Mind you, I’ve been standing in the store for 30 mins. now and no one has told me I couldn’t be there.

After the driver has been checked out and left, my significant other, the manager from the nearest store, and Baby Jerkhead come back inside.

Baby Jerkhead proceeds to lay out his plan to report my significant other to HR for something??? My significant other calmly says that it’s not true and once again, we can watch the tapes. Baby Jerkhead starts cursing and flipping my significant other off and the Manager from the nearest store who’s afraid of confrontation is practically begging Baby Jerkhead to leave. He storms out, gets in his car, and pulls right up behind significant other’s car, blocking her in, talking to Daddy Jerkhead who’s still lurking outside.

My significant other asks me to go outside and make sure they’re not vandalizing her car, so I lean against my car across the parking lot and glare at them silently while pleasantly smiling. They finish up their conversation and both drive slowly away.

My significant other tells the Manager from the nearest store that she doesn’t feel safe as Daddy Jerkhead feels very comfortable lurking by her car in the dark, and that Manager didn’t do anything to make him leave.

My significant other tells Manager that she’s leaving and not finishing her shift. A manager from the nearest store says that he’ll have to write up both Baby Jerkhead and my significant other for ‘not working as a team’.

After we get home, the Manager from the nearest store texts and asks to set up a mediation between the two tomorrow. Daybreak comes and my significant other gets a call from Regional Manager that hired her.

He wants to hear from her what happened. My significant other explains the whole situation, with the Regional Manager fluctuating between various states of incredulity. When she gets to the part about Daddy Jerkhead being outside in the parking lot at midnight, I could hear Regional Manager say ‘WHAT?!?’ over the phone. I hadn’t been able to hear him before that. Turns out, neither Baby Jerkhead nor the Manager from the nearest store had mentioned in their statements that Daddy Jerkhead was on the premises.

Since he was already suspended, he wasn’t supposed to be on the property at all. That clearly shows that they were all colluding together in this situation. Regional Manager says there’s no need for a mediation meeting after all or writing her up and thanks my significant other for letting him know. A short while later, in the WhatsApp group that the managers share, a message was sent out stating that Daddy Jerkhead was suspended indefinitely and wasn’t allowed at any franchise location, even as a customer.

If he was seen, he should be reported to the police and Regional Manager immediately.

No word yet on Baby Jerkhead’s punishment, but my significant other was sent to a different store today and loves it. Helpful coworkers, great manager, better store in every way. I’m just glad she’s having a better night than last night.

Unfortunately, like most industries, the hospitality field is rife with subtle and overt racism.

Especially in the South. Luckily it seems that these feelings were lower in the command chain and we were able to go high enough to get someone that will actually take our concerns to heart. That being said, witnesses and evidence are your greatest tool. Please, stand up for what is right. Don’t just let moments like these pass by as ‘not my problem’. Racists feel emboldened now more than ever and need to be brought back to reality.”

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10. Jerk Owner Pays Me $2300


“In 2018, I worked for a very small business owned by a wealthy couple from a Western European country. They had three employees total, including me, at the time I started. The job was easy and straightforward at first, but there were some red flags early on.

The position started with two weeks as a ‘training period,’ during which I would work with another person. After that two weeks, I’d work shifts on my own on weekdays and with one other person on weekends.

This meant that employees couldn’t have normal lunches or breaks, which goes against our state’s labor laws. I never signed a waiver for this and it wasn’t clear that I couldn’t take my lunch breaks when I started.

They had gluten-free options and heavily advertised this on social media. Any other establishment in our state would have adhered to strict sanitation requirements to avoid cross-contamination, but these people were shockingly relaxed.

They never asked me for a copy of my food handlers license before training me to cook and they instructed me to ‘clean,’ the entire shop with rags and plain water. No separate cooking surface or utensils for gluten-free menu items.

A few weeks into my hiring, they purchased jugs of sanitizer and explained that they were expecting an inspector from the health department. They instructed me to not use the sanitizer because using it regularly was too expensive, but to keep it visible and lie to the health inspector about our sanitation practices.

From there, things only got shadier. I received a flat $40-80 in ‘tips,’ with each paycheck. However, the rounded-to-the-nearest-$5 increments of tips seemed suspiciously low. When I worked the register, I saw hundreds of dollars in card tips and knew they could have only be split by myself and two other people. We should have been making that bi-weekly figure per person in one day (if it was busy).

The owner got abnormally upset if my coworker and I split our tips at the end of each shift.

The owner knew about things like that because he installed surveillance cameras shortly after I was hired. He watched it at all hours of the day, often monitoring the shop from his car in the nearby parking lot. Soon, I started getting reprimanded regularly for going against the early red flags.

If he saw me eating lunch, he told me that he didn’t care if I ate, but I’d better look ready to cook if a customer walked by. I’d have to stay at the register, but not let anyone see me eat. I’d often go days without eating more than one meal because my hours were so long and I never got more than a minute to put anything in my face.

If he saw me using the sanitizer, he’d insist that I was wasting his dough. I told him that I felt concerned about using the same cooking utensils for gluten-free dishes as I did for dishes that contained gluten. I felt that since so many of our customers had gluten sensitivities/allergies, it was only a matter of time until someone got sick. He told me that he had been operating this way for over a year and nobody ever got sick, so there’s no point in worrying about it.

I noticed my tips were about $10 less than usual that pay period.

Additionally, the owner expected us to cook for customers if we were still physically present in the shop, no matter where we were in our closing procedures. We were never to turn anyone down, but we wouldn’t be paid overtime if closing took longer as a result. We also weren’t allowed to start any of the closing procedures early because he didn’t want customers to think we were closed, even if we were.

Eventually, one of the other employees announced she was pregnant. As her pregnancy progressed, her ability to carry out a lot of her responsibilities diminished. It was medically necessary for her to cease heavy lifting, to be able to sit down and to have access to her breaks and lunches to get her proper nutrition. The owner reprimanded her for these things and told her that he expected her to operate at her pre-pregnancy capacity.

He added that she shouldn’t let pregnancy ‘make her lazy,’ and that if she didn’t remain active and she ‘let herself eat all the time,’ her baby would ‘come out fat,’ like her.

She tried to call out sick once, too. She had to rush to the hospital because she was experiencing abnormalities in her pregnancy and thought she might have been miscarrying. She and the baby turned out to be fine, but the owner yelled at her for missing her shift and told her that he didn’t care if she miscarried.

Her responsibility was to him first. She ended up quitting but remained friends with them (I don’t know why).

The owner’s wife wrote passive-aggressive notes explaining that they were always watching us during our shifts and that they would start deducting our tips if we made any mistakes. If we made a mistake from cooking resulting in us wasting ingredients, it would come from our tips. If we broke an item in the inventory, it would come out of our tips.

If we took too long to finish closing duties, still no overtime, and it would come out of our tips. It became more and more obvious that the owners included themselves in the tip pool, which is also illegal in our state.

I was the only employee at the time who didn’t feel threatened by these people. My other coworker was an illegal immigrant from the same country as the owners.

They treated her like trash and she didn’t feel like she could do or say anything about it because they repeatedly (and falsely) told her that she had no rights. They gaslighted her into thinking that they were ‘so nice,’ to hire her when no one else would. She felt like she had to work for them and she had to do whatever they told her to do because if she didn’t, she’d lose her only source of income with no guarantee of another one.

If anyone confronted the owners about any of their violations, they acted shocked and insisted that they were so new to the country that they don’t know any of the laws yet. Any of their general jerkiness was a ‘cultural difference.’ They relied on these two defenses so much that they never bothered to actually protect themselves from a legal standpoint.

I already knew I wanted to quit and that I wanted to alert local authorities to all their violations, but the final straw for me was when they cut my pay for making mistakes while I was exhausted and processing personal trauma.

They made me sign a contract agreeing to the cut, but applied it retroactively to the pay period before the contract was signed. While it sucked not getting that extra moolah, I laughed for 20 minutes straight when I put together my paystub and my copy of the contract. They basically offered themselves up on a silver platter because of their own incompetence.

I documented everything I could.

Because everything was so hilariously illegal, I had compiled a thick portfolio of evidence in no time and filed a wage complaint at the same time I handed in my two weeks notice.

Once they knew about the wage complaint, they started a campaign of slander against me, which made me lose my next job. I didn’t have hard evidence of that, so I let it go and applied somewhere else.

The stolen tips really screwed up my taxes. My former bosses reported my actual tips to the IRS, but kept me in the dark about the figure and gave me so much less that I ended up owing the IRS $400 more than what I expected. I spent the time between my employment with them and the hearing with the labor commissioner at the department of labor working alone on my case.

On the day of the hearing, my former bosses brought their immigration lawyer (and a stranger they paid off to act like they were my coworker) who had no idea why I filed a complaint against them in the first place. All the ‘evidence,’ he presented against me had nothing to do with my claims of not getting paid overtime, not getting my meal breaks, and having my tips stolen.

It was all just fake ‘letters,’ from fake people with awful Mary Sue OC-type names. All the documents he presented could have been typed up the night before. It was so bad. Their defense relied heavily on slander, too. ‘Who would you trust: me, a straight-A university student at a prestigious school??? Or her, an uneducated low-life with an entry-level job???’

Every time I presented hard evidence to the labor commissioner, the lawyer scrambled to come up with an explanation for why I was lying but failed miserably.

When I showed the labor commissioner my contract informing me of the pay cut with the paystub reflecting a retroactive cut, the lawyer still didn’t understand what was happening. Their defense absolutely crumbled and the labor commissioner poked several holes in their stories.

Fast-forward to about a year later. I received a $2,300 check in the mail, which meant that I was awarded every penny due to me.

What made this even sweeter for me was the date on the check. It was the same as the start of our city’s stay-at-home order due to the health crisis. Not only are they losing funds due to decreased business as a result of the health crisis, but they were legally required to pay me out at the same time. I won’t be surprised if they don’t survive the economic impact, but unlike the vast majority of small businesses in my area, they actually deserve it.”

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9. Got My Managers Demoted


“I’ve had migraines since I was 13 now 41. I used to work for one of the big 4 credit card companies ages ago (been at my current job for almost 15 years).

At the time of this story, I had worked for the company for about a year, and due to the 2001 events that hit the economy, in order to keep my job I had switched departments.

They had done a re-org of the department I moved to and I had recently been moved onto this manager’s team.

She had several issues with me that included:

1. My eyes can change color based on how I feel.

2. My eyes may not always be the same color.

3. I am a 42H cup size and she was barely an A.

4. I qualified for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act).

She had been declined due to repeated fraud.

5. I ended up handling all TTY calls and relay calls for the center due to previous training and they didn’t have to train someone else on the TTY machine.

So both #1 and #2 on my list freaked her out. She didn’t like that she could leave my desk, come back an hour later and I might have had blue eyes but now they were grey or green or multicolored.

I actually got colored contacts to help with this but I stopped giving a hot darn after I discovered more about her attitude and would wear multiple colors on purpose or clear because her comfort no longer was my concern.

Now on to #3. I have been at least a DDD since middle school and at the time was a 38F. Anyone who has a large chest knows there is no hiding cleavage and that you deal with it as best you can.

I am not someone who flaunts it, but I also don’t hide it either. I am modest and never go to work in an inappropriate shirt. I know she told me that flaunting my chest was inappropriate and that I must have gotten enhancement as there was no way they were real (they were/are). I suspect she was jealous but this is 100% speculation as I never heard her say anything about it.

I do know that there were many rumors around that department that she was not eligible for breast enhancement surgery.

If I didn’t wear a turtleneck this manager would try to write me up for being out of the dress code.

The DM was Manager’s best friend and signed off on all write-ups.

I would refuse to sign these and turn around and go to HR asking if my outfit was inappropriate and when they said no, I would hand them the write-up and go back to work.

Skipping 4 and 5 for a minute…

#6 was the funniest reason for me. Anyone who has handled TTY or Relay calls knows there are specific phrases you use to identify to the other party that you are finished and they can resume their discussion. (GA (Go Ahead)/SK (Stop Keyboard)) You also try to condense messages to be shorter when possible but don’t treat it like text messaging with several short messages in quick succession.

The other part was ensuring that we validated the client and shared information accordingly. The manager got upset that she couldn’t let her pets do TTY as when she had tried previously the company had gotten complaints (they either didn’t verify or wouldn’t give them information in Relay calls as they felt the client should be talking and not an intermediary) so company policy was that unless they were trained on the TTY/Relay line they couldn’t handle the calls.

The company required 20 hours of training and tests to ensure that it was handled properly. Not having to train someone in TTY protocol was a bonus for the department as I had been trained in my previous department.

#4 and #5 occurred when I would call in with a migraine. I had FMLA so there was no way she could decline the time off as long as I was within my requirements which I always was, and my absence couldn’t affect team stats due to company policy.

As mentioned, the Manager had been declined FMLA as she had her brother who was a doctor try to write up migraine FMLA for her but he wrote up missing up to 18 days a month for mild migraines. In order for the company to accept her diagnosis due to the excessive absences allowed by the PCP they made her go to other doctors who wouldn’t diagnose her with migraines.

(This is something a company could do if they paid for the additional doctors).

I do know the details on this for certain as she had brought it up several times and was the reason I had to go through additional diagnoses including 2 CAT scans, and 3 MRIs to verify the diagnosis for my migraines. Before you ask, yes, I also had to be diagnosed by other doctors (2 in my case) and all doctors agreed I have severe migraines and that 3-4 absences of no more than 3 days per absence each month were warranted.

Also, I hope no one ever has to do a CAT scan or MRI with a migraine. It’s torture. Here is where I have to say I don’t know if this last part is still the case as my current job hasn’t made me certify for FMLA and has been amazing to work with so I’ve not really kept up n FMLA laws and changes since getting this job.

I glance every couple of years; however, I am not as up on the laws as I probably should.

My treatments included a controlled substance so I legally couldn’t drive when I took this medication as it would be a DUI if I got in an accident or got pulled over after taking it. One day I called in and she started yelling at me about how I was ruining the team stats by being out so much.

I told her that I couldn’t legally drive and I wasn’t coming in. She told me if I didn’t come into work in the next 30 minutes I would be written up for insubordination. I told her well if I hit a kid on the way in what am I supposed to tell the cops? That my boss told me I had to break the law? — Before you ask I didn’t go to work.

I wasn’t about to put myself or anyone else in danger.

I did get written up the next day for insubordination, and that also went to HR. My husband who also worked for the company had recorded the conversation as I had put it on speaker, and he provided this recording to HR for me.

Things like this continued daily for almost 6 months at which point the stress caused me to lose my voice.

I saw ENT specialists who couldn’t find any reason for the voice loss apart from the stress. I was able to do the TTY calls so hadn’t been out but hadn’t been able to do any phone calls. I had also been continuing to get daily write-ups for not taking calls that I physically couldn’t take. The voice loss has been a continuing issue since I will lose my voice for several days when under heavy stress.

After 5 weeks of voicelessness, HR called me into their office. The FMLA call-in above was close to when I lost my voice (maybe 2-3 weeks before) but the best example of her abuse of power as a manager and what prompted the investigation as it had been recorded.

There was a huge paper trail due to all the write-ups I had provided unsigned to HR. The DM had signed off on every write-up by this manager even when she hadn’t reported to the DM so that is why they included the DM.

HR had called me in to let me know I had an interview with another department as that was the only way they could get me out of the department, and all I had to do was show up to get the job. They felt that I was in a position where my health and the company were at risk (of me suing them) if I remained in my current position.

I transferred departments and about a week afterward my voice started to come back. I ended up leaving this company about 2 years later due to the fact that due to repeated FMLA fraud in the company I ended up having to recertify my leave 2-3 times a month (basically anytime I took any leave. FMLA leave is good for up to 6 months and employers can only request recertification if leave is extended beyond what is in the initial certification.

Mine was always written up for the 6-month maximum).

I was brought in for a follow-up several months after changing departments a second time and told the results of the investigation. Both the manager and district manager in the previous department had been found at fault for harassment and inappropriate write-ups, especially regarding FMLA leave. They had been demoted to phone reps in that department.

I found out from a friend in the old department that both quit shortly after and they complained openly about the pay decrease they got with demotion.”

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8. This Is How I Pulled Off A Moldy Revenge


“When I went looking for my first place to rent, I had asked for help from my aunt as she knew the city better than me. I was in hurry to find a room as I didn’t have a lot of time to spend in the actual city, I lived in a different province at the time, but on the last day of searching my aunt and I had found a place close to the school I would be attending.

It was decent in price compared to the area where I was in. So I put my deposit down paid one month’s rent so I can go back home pack everything up and then move out there, and my aunt and uncle were gracious enough to repaint it and clean it for me as a housewarming gift and for good luck in my studies.

My landlord had eight other people living in the house including herself which made nine of us total, she had the main floor, there were four of us in the underground room and four people upstairs, all the rooms were barely 400 square feet including the kitchens, the windows were small enough a person couldn’t fit through, half of the sockets were almost on fire, basic high profit for an ugly living situation, and suckers like me who were desperate enough to live there, and man was it loud, but I wasn’t there the majority of the time due to work and class almost every day.

And about 2 months in, around November, and it started to snow and rain, and for some reason, because the house I was living in was older this caused my room, only my room, to flood, it was about 6 inches lower than the other rooms in the underground room, by the time I had gotten home from class there was at least 4 inches of water in my kitchen and 2 in in my main room.

I quickly called my landlord asking her to call a plumber to come and fix this, turns out she was away at the time checking on her other buildings and wouldn’t be back for a week, so I called my aunt and borrowed a shop vacuum and sucked, drained and dried the water. I thought that would have been the end of it, but this happened a total of almost 12 different times over the course of a year, and every time it was a drain and dry situation, after the second or third time after refusing to pay for a plumber to find what was going on, she paid me to seal all the corners and edges of my room and the bathroom because the water was apparently coming through the bathroom.

I had a background in plumbing so I knew how to seal for water damage, this did not stop the problem though, and after 9 months she finally called a plumber who told us that he had no idea where the water was coming from and that they’d have to rip apart the bathroom. She was not going to do this, and I was too fixated on my studies to care about my situation.

That was until I ended up in the hospital getting treated for lung problems linking to black mold (one day In class I excused myself because of a coughing fit), and found I had traces of black dots coming out when I coughed. At first, I thought it was blood because blood clots look black when in lungs. When I found out it was the black mold, I went back to my place to see if it had come from there, lo and behold behind my fridge and sink in my kitchen traces of black all over the ground and under the floorboards, and on the bottom of the wall 3-5 inches up was like paper, you stick your finger in and it was like wet paper, and not only that but because of the constant moisture from the flooding the ceiling and began to crack and bubble due to water damage.

I ended up leaving after the year due to my lease ending and my health deteriorating the first thing I did after moving out and getting my damage deposit was compiled all the photos of the water and mold and screenshots of here blocking my calls when we needed her was reporting my landlord to the tenant board for inhumane living conditions and mistreatment of the tenants, (she rarely answered her phone).

I ended up getting some of her former renters to come forward and talk about similar issues they had had with her as Anonymous Witnesses to the situations, and it turns out that four of her buildings she had in my city were just as bad if not worse than my situation. One of the places she owned had enough damage it had to be condemned and torn down, it was only a 2 story house but still, and she apparently only has 1 running building left in the city and is facing bankruptcy due to all the damages and payoffs she has as well as the severe drop in tenants she rents to.

Almost a year later my lungs are clean, and I haven’t heard about her situation.”

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Jove 2 months ago
I do hope you do not have permanent damage because of the mold. I almost died because of it, and I have other respiratory problems. When you are older, be very watchful and immediately get treatment for any lung infections!
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7. I Created The Perfect Storm Of Trouble


“I was the sort of outcast kid in high school who never really fit into any group. At the time, I was 6’0 and about 210lbs and was considered fat and unhealthy. I had a few friends and we just did our own thing during lunch but that was it as far as my high school social life was concerned. I kept to myself and didn’t want to make enemies of anyone.

This happened back in 2006 in my sophomore year of high school. At the beginning of the school year, we are given the option to choose our own elective classes for the first and second half of the year (Science, Math, English & Reading were the four mandatory classes and then we could choose elective classes such as photography, PE, woodshop, auto shop, etc, you get the idea).

Anyway, at the start of the second half of the year, I chose weightlifting as my second elective class cause I really wanted to build my muscle mass and get in shape. This was when I met the main antagonist of this story whom we will call Chad. Chad was a two-faced jerk in the most literal sense of the words. He was co-captain of the football team and the biggest brown-noser of the gym teachers (who were also the coaches of the football and wrestling teams) you have ever seen.

Chad liked to cozy up to them to stay on their good side, but if he decided he didn’t like you, he was gonna make your life miserable.

I don’t know why he had it out for me, but he would do anything to make me look like a fool. He’d kick weights in front of me so I’d trip, he’d mock my efforts in front of the other jocks (also jerks) and even stuck his dirty gym socks in my lockers on Fridays so I would come into my locker on Monday smelling like a landfill.

I put up with Chad’s stunts for nearly four months.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he had something bad to eat one day and instead of throwing up in the toilet like any normal person, proceeded to throw up in my backpack. It wasn’t like vomit levels of puke or anything but it did make a mess of my paperwork and folders. I finally had enough of this jerk and decided it was time to get even.

Just in case any of you are wondering, yes I did inform the teachers of what was going on but they were just making excuses because they didn’t want to risk losing the star football player just before heading to the state tournament. Okay jerk, you wanna play hardball, let’s play hardball. I spent the night at home thinking about how I was going to get back at him.

Then my brain hatched an idea. He wanted to mess with my personal stuff, so I’m going to do the same to him.

Objective 1: Find out his locker combination

The following Monday was a normal day as Chad was up to his usual ploys but this time I was discreet. I played nice with him, trying to butter him up hoping he would drop his guard. He finally did when I saw him put in his locker combination.

Objective satisfied.

Objective 2: Find some drinks

This one was obvious yet difficult. My dad had a bar inside our house in the underground room and had quite a respectable collection of liquors. I figured he wouldn’t miss one or two bottles as I was doing this for a good reason (Dad if you ever read this, I’m sorry. I hope you understand). Objective satisfied.

Objective 3: Plant the drink

This one was difficult as I knew I was risking suspension and possible expulsion from school (I didn’t have the privilege of being on a sports team so I would have been thrown to the wolves immediately.

You’ll see what I mean here in a bit). I had to be discreet and make sure no one was around.

When school was over the next day, I went to the locker room and waited. It was easy enough to convince the teacher I just needed something out of my locker. I was fortunate he had to step out real quick to deal with some issue with another teacher and trusted me to be quick and close the door behind me.

Oh don’t worry Mr. Cole, I will be, of that, you can be assured.

The moment he left, I worked fast. I got Chad’s locker open pretty fast. I took the booze out and stuffed it in the back part of his locker. the reset the lock to the number it was on before I opened it. The little details are always important. Objective satisfied.

Objective 4: Tip of the principal and security officer

We didn’t have weightlifting class until 5th period so I had a good window to get this last objective done.

During lunch, I went to the computer lab (bless you Ms. Fraser for being so kind to me) and typed out an anonymous letter stating that I believed a student in the weightlifting class was bringing booze to school and taking drinks while in class. I thank the powers that be I was born with a silver tongue because I was able to just walk into the principal’s office with smiles from the staff.

I left the note right on her computer so she would see it the moment she walked in. Next, I went over to the security guard’s office and left the note taped to his door. Objective satisfied.

And now, the waiting game. Pretty much as soon as the principal and security officer got the notes, they immediately called for a search warrant of all the lockers in the boy’s locker room.

Every boy was ordered to come from their class and open their lockers, including me. Chad was completely unaware of what was about to happen to him and the man I couldn’t help but smirk a bit when he opened his locker to find two bottles of spirits in his there. He tried to tell them it wasn’t his but the security guard was having none of it.

He was escorted to the principal’s office.

I don’t know what happened to him exactly but I do know he was no longer a part of the football team and was suspended for two weeks as a result. He’s thankful that the investigation remained in-house and didn’t catch the attention of the local news media (this was before things like social media really took off). He also still got accepted into the college he wanted but lost his football scholarship.

I never truly hated Chad, I just hated that he didn’t know when to stop being a jerk. From what I understand, he’s doing alright now. Has a wife, one kid, and a fairly good job working as a garbage truck driver.

Moral of the story? Always be kind to people because you never know what kind of person you may be messing with.”

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Posiden1212 1 month ago
Izs pretty pathetic when the sport players can do what ever cause everyone will turn away
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6. It's Always Best To Treat Everyone With Respect


“Friend had applied to a company (I can’t remember which one) and was waiting with other applicants for an interview. Everyone was chatting to kill time and relieve some of the tension, and the secretary had mentioned that she started fairly recently and was still getting used to the job. It was pretty jovial. That’s… when entitled person (EP) walked in. He had the kind of attitude that screamed ‘I shouldn’t have to inhale, the air should just flow into my lungs.’

EP walks to the secretary’s desk and gives his name and that he was there for an interview.

He adds that he wanted to be the next one seen because there was somewhere he needed to be. The secretary told him that she couldn’t do that and that he’d just have to wait his turn to be called. This irritated EP and he said something along the lines of she must be new or stupid and that he didn’t feel like waiting. He berated her a bit more and told her again to just mark him as next or he’d make sure she’d get canned as soon as he was hired on.

Everyone was shocked that this moron would say this to her. He berated her a bit more, turned like he was going to sit down, but the boss walked out with the lady he was interviewing. He thanked her, then called on EP for his interview. In retrospect, this was a big red flag. The secretary never told the boss who was next, he just said EP’s name.

Before anyone could say anything, the boss took EP into his office and they were gone.

The secretary just sat there, she was definitely holding back tears. After a bit, she got back to work doing whatever she could. Can’t cry if you’re busy. Everyone said she should go into his office and explain what happened, that they’d back her up. She was about to say something when she looked at her desk, smiled, and then said, ‘No, I’m good.’ One of the others was about to say something, but she told him it was OK.

An hour later, EP walked out of his interview and had no color on his face. He said not one word to anyone and just left. The boss called the next few people, the secretary wishing all of them good luck with a smile. Dan was called in and they got through the interview and when the boss thanked him for his time and he would be in touch.

Dan told him he just had to ask about EP and what happened. The boss stopped what he was doing, said no problem, and explained everything.

The secretary, being new, was still working on figuring out the phone system and had a hard time remembering how to reach him over it. So, he came up with a solution for during the interviews: they’d just leave the line open, mute his end so people couldn’t hear what he was doing, and turn down his speaker.

During the lady’s interview, he needed to ask his secretary a question. He turned up the speaker and was about to unmute his end when he overheard EP’s tirade. He was fuming and asked the interviewee if she would be OK with rescheduling. She had no argument and just wanted to get out of the way.

When he got back with EP, both sat in silence for a while.

Boss then told him that he heard the thing EP said to the secretary. Before EP could say a word, the boss told him that he wanted to hire someone that he could depend on, so he hired his WIFE. Cue a butt-chewing for the history books. He then told EP that not only was there no way in the world he was hiring him, but he was also going to call the HR of other companies that were in the area and let them know what he did.

This would effectively kill any chance of him getting a job with any of those companies. When EP said he couldn’t do that, the boss told him that what he said wasn’t said during HIS interview, so he wasn’t under any kind of protection, if any. The boss then told him to get out.

Friend didn’t get the job, but he was content with the experience.”

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5. We Forced Our Horrible Bus Driver to Quit


“From 7th grade to just before my 11th-grade year, I and the other kids on the bus had this horrible, vindictive bus driver. I’m going to go ahead and say her real name, Cristina. Our school system has too many kids for k-12 to all ride the bus, so we have an ‘Early Bus’ for kindergarten through 5th grade, and then the ‘Late Bus’ which had 6th grade through 12th grade.

My bus came around 7:40 a.m., and I have to walk half a mile from my house to get to the bus stop, so I would leave at around 7:20 (this is important, trust me). Cristina would always tell us we ‘HAVE to be at the bus stop five minutes early, or else you’ll be left behind.’ She would purposely come ten minutes early to make kids miss the bus, and then she’d yell at them if they were coming up on the bus stop just before she pulled away.

She would scream at us for stupid things. Everybody hated her. When I was in 7th grade, I witnessed her screaming in her own daughter’s face as soon as her daughter got on the bus from the high school. I later learned her daughter was taken into DHS custody after running away multiple times, but I never heard what came of that.

She was also a REALLY reckless driver.

She would run off the road, she hit a stop sign, she ran the bus into a ditch, and she even backed into a DISABLED MAN’S TRUCK. Wonder why she wasn’t fired? We didn’t have enough bus drivers to cover someone being fired. Welcome to the Oklahoma Bus System. Now I have some anxiety when it comes to car accidents because when I was in 3rd grade, I was in a school bus accident (different driver).

A car T-boned the bus, and I was thrown from my seat and got my face a bit torn up, I have one noticeable scar just above the right side of my jaw, but it’s not super big, and then I have four other small scars that aren’t noticeable. I have a scar on each eyelid, a scar on my left cheek, and a scar on my left cheekbone.

So every time she put us in danger with her reckless driving, I’d get major anxiety.

The final straw was when Cristina nearly got us all killed when I was in 8th grade. There’s a train track that runs through my town, and there were two different stops we had to go over the tracks to drop kids off. We came upon the tracks, and Cristina decided ‘screw it’ and STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRACKS WHILE A TRAIN WAS COMING!! The safety arms were coming down, and we were all screaming at her to move the bus.

She finally moved off the tracks, and the safety arms literally scraped across the top of the bus. All of us were panicked and started calling our parents in tears. My mom knows how bad my anxiety about this kind of stuff is, as I had completely blocked out the traumatic memory of the bus wreck for years, and finally remembered it when I was around 11 or 12 when I started riding the bus again.

Literally, every single parent of the children on the bus called the Bus Barn and complained about Cristina constantly putting us in danger, and she was investigated, but never fired. We had a substitute for the rest of the year, but she was back when we got to high school. We decided to put a plan into motion to force this jerk to quit her job.

Cristina was always telling us about how much she hated us and wanted to move out of the town. So we decided we’d help her with that. We all decided to be as misbehaved as we could to force her to quit. We refused to listen to anything she’d say, we’d get up and walk up and down the aisles any chance we could, we’d eat and drink and leave the trash on the ground (jerk move, I know, but she deserved it), and some kids even smoked on the bus.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and announced to us that we were ‘The most disrespectful little brats’ she had ever had the displeasure of transporting, and she was quitting because of how horrible we were to her. We told her that she was the most horrible bus driver and that she traumatized us and nearly got us killed, and we’ll be glad when she’s finally gone.

This story does have a happy ending. The new bus driver, I forgot her name, but she was a sweetheart, was the nicest driver I’d ever seen. She would greet us with a big smile and tell us good morning, and she passed out candy every Thursday (our schools go to school Monday-Thursday because of budget cuts). Unfortunately, she had to stop driving for a few months because she’d had intense knee surgery, but as far as I know, she’s back on the route.

I don’t feel bad for making Cristina quit. She deserved it, to be quite honest. I’m glad that I’ve graduated and don’t have to deal with that stunt anymore.”

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BladeEdge 1 month ago
If anyone got recordings of her, you've got some serious lawsuit fodder on a HUGE scale.
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4. Petty Bullying Made Three Boys Cry


“My dad’s 86, so this incident occurred 75-80 yrs ago.

My father and his cousin used to go to the same school. There was another boy in the school who was a rival. One day this boy (Let’s call him Ben) bet my father that he couldn’t jump off from the clock tower. The winner would get a pound of a particular type of dessert.

Anywho, Dad climbs the clocktower and jumps down from the first floor.

Luckily he only happened to fracture his legs near the ankles. Ben got so scared he put my Dad on his bicycle and dumped him in front of my grandfather’s house and sped away.

Six months later when Dad recovered and rejoined the school, it was time to collect. Ben refused to make good on his side of the bargain.

One day Dad and my uncle decided that if the two of them ganged up, they could beat him up.

So a plan was concocted. Time and place carefully chosen so nobody would see them in the act. Everything went smoothly. They beat up Ben and had him pinned down under them… And then they realized the big flaw in the plan.

How To Get Up.

So the two of them began crying. Now there were 3 boys who were crying – the bully who was still pinned under these two little boys and these two.

Luckily after a few minutes, then Ben’s oldest brother happened to pass by and saw them. This apparently is how the conversation went.

Ben’s Brother: “What’s happening here?”

Ben: “These two beat me up!”

Ben’s Brother to my Dad & Uncle: “So, why are you crying?”

Dad & Uncle: “If we get up, and let him go he will beat us up again.”

Ben’s brother was so amused by this story he told Dad’s elder brother the entire thing.

This led to a good thrashing for Dad at the hands of my grandmother, who couldn’t figure how Dad had managed to break his ankles. Ben was punished at his home for his share in the antics and making stupid bets.

Dad did manage to eat his pound of dessert though. Grandma made him eat that and nothing but that for a whole month. He developed an aversion to it and doesn’t have it till today.”

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3. Steal From American Soldiers? Enjoy A Week Of Misfortune


“My dad is a two-combat-tour Vietnam war veteran from Brooklyn who has the classic Brooklyn attitude: a blunt honest smart alec who will always make sure you get what’s coming to you if wrong him.

Now this story he told me took place around the late ’60s or early ’70s around the height of the war. My dad was NSA/Navy during the war and his job was to check any of the locals who came through the camp to see if they had weapons as well as converse with them since he was one of the only men in his company fluent in the Vietnamese language.

During this time, my dad’s fellow soldiers began to report that their stuff was going missing at their desks. Things such as food, smokes, bullets, small items that were prized possessions, etc. would be there one minute and gone the next. No one in my dad’s company had a history of theft, but there was one person who did. Her name was ‘Mama-San’ (obviously not her real name, but according to dad that’s all they knew her as)

Mama-San was a local woman whose job was to clean the work area Dad and his fellow soldiers would work in.

Dad was suspicious of her being the thief for a while, but it became heavily confirmed when he caught her snatching something while on the job.

This is where the revenge kicks in. After my dad’s suspicions were confirmed, he began to do a tiny bit of digging into Mama-San and discovered something; she was a big fan of chocolate. And by a big fan, I mean a HUGE fan.

The woman couldn’t get enough of it, especially Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars that the soldiers would manage to get their hands on.

Learning this little fun fact, my dad went to the exchange store and bought a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar and then an Ex-Lax chocolate bar; a chocolate bar that if you’re constipated, one small piece of that and it’s Niagara Falls right out the back door!

Dad carefully removed the Hershey bar from its wrapper, doing his best not to damage the wrapper, and then broke open the Ex-Lax bar and carefully placed it inside the Hershey wrapper.

Despite the minor size difference, you couldn’t really tell much of a difference.

After dad’s ‘chocolate bar’ was finished, he placed the bag on the desk and began to work. Mama-San arrived to work and saw the bar. She asked dad for a piece only for him to decline her. When she walked away, dad saw in the corner of his eye, her take the bar. Dad’s plan was set.

After she took the bar, no one saw the hide or tail of Mama-San for a week. Dad remembered his bunker was across a rice patty field which eventually leads to Mama-San’s house. He remembers seeing Mama-San in the fields and running constantly back and forth to her house.

When the week ended, Mama-San came back to work, my dad asked her in her tongue where she’s been only for her to tell him she ‘was sick all week’. She never stole again after that.”

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LilacDark 1 month ago
I understand about not having much and living from hand to mouth, but stealing from people who trust you is inexcusable.
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2. Dad's Doctor Said He's Sick When He's Not


“My dad passed away several years ago, but before he did he told me about why one summer in 1985 growing up had been particularly stressful. All I knew at the time was that there was a lot of yelling between him and my step-mother and that my step-mother used to break a lot of things around the house. Us kids would mostly just stay out of the way, or go outside and spend time with friends to sort of be away from it.

After a few months, and around the time school started, things had gone back to normal, and there were no more fights between the two of them. I was 14 at the time.

For a little background, my dad was a rather large person. 6’4″, 275 pounds, and had been fairly athletic most of his life, but was very heavyset in his later years. He was also an attorney–who handled both family law and criminal law (he was a defense attorney in those situations).

Being a family law attorney is very stressful, or at least, it was for him. My dad was an avid smoker and at one time was up to three packs a day. To be perfectly fair, he was unhealthy, and his smoking and profession lent themselves to heart issues. The drinking he did (a couple of shots of crown royal after each day at work) didn’t help any either.

So when talking about this particularly bad summer with him when I was about 23 or so, he told me what had happened. He had had a doctor’s visit that spring, and the doctor told my dad he had terminal lung cancer–and had three months to live. My dad knew the doctor personally (I think he handled his divorce and they became friends or something similar).

Obviously being told you have lung cancer and have three months to live hit him pretty hard. Like I said above, I was 14, and I had a younger brother who was 10. I also had two older step-siblings, but all four of us lived at home. So my dad is distressed. He has kids, a wife, and very little time left. My dad also knows what lung cancer does to someone, and was not looking forward to wasting away, being in a lot of pain, and going through chemo-therapy, etc.

So my dad tells his wife, and they decide not to tell the kids. Dad is just going to pretend everything is normal and pass on when the time comes. Don’t ask me why he thought this or decided this was the best thing to do, and I think it’s a terrible decision, but it’s what he did.

So my dad, who is normally under a lot of stress anyway, is now 10 times more stressed out and not looking forward to dying.

He and his wife start fighting a lot, and he starts just threatening to take his own life (so as not to live in pain, etc). My stepmom is obviously upset by all of this, doesn’t want him to end his life prematurely, and the fighting keeps going, escalating as time goes on. It got so bad, that I guess one day she decides to break all of the firearms we had in the house to try to prevent his suicidal threats.

This led to him throwing things around the house, breaking dishes, etc. It was pretty awful.

After a couple of months of this, my dad heads back to the doctor to get an update (I believe he had also been a few times during this couple of months, but I don’t know the exact detail). It’s at this point the doctor confides in my dad that he really didn’t have lung cancer.

The doctor had just told him that to try to get him to stop smoking. An incredibly messed up way to try to scare someone to stop smoking in my opinion (probably illegal and unethical as well), but like I said, they knew each other personally, and I think the doctor was just trying to scare my dad straight. So my dad leaves the doctor’s office pretty angry.

I mean he had contemplated taking his own life for the last couple of months, and his home life had been in tatters because of all of this.

So this is when my dad decides to get his revenge. Having been a criminal defense attorney, dad knew some of the local police and local police detectives. My dad called a couple of the detectives, asked them to do him a favor, and had them go to the doctor’s office one day.

The detectives ask to see the doctor, and when they are let in, they ask the doctor to come with them. They say there’s been a pretty bad accident involving the doctor’s daughter. The detectives lead the doctor to the hospital underground room and ask him to wait as they sit him down on a bench outside of the morgue. They said they needed to get something ready for him.

Then the detectives just… left… and left the doctor to sit there worrying about what was going on, and what had happened. The detectives never gave their names, and I’m assuming the doctor was too shocked and worried about what was going on to have asked for them. The doctor never found out what happened, or why someone would do this to him. This was all before cell phones were a thing, and would have had an easy way to call and see what was going on.

My dad never spoke to the doctor again. He had heard that the doctor sat on that bench outside of the morgue for an hour crying. But he never let on that he was responsible for it. My dad and I, as we sit and discuss all of this, discuss how it’s wrong to mess with people’s kids… but at the same time, it’s wrong to make someone think they are dying as well. Even if you are trying to trick them into being healthier.”

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LilacDark 1 month ago
That WAS rather unethical. A better approach would have been to bluntly inform his patient that if he didn't stop the drinking and smoking, he wouldn't be around to see his grandkids.
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1. Proud Of My 2-In-1 Revenge Confession


“I was renting a room from a friend who co-owned a townhouse, we will call him Landlord. Before me renting, there was a family of three living with Landlord. They found out they were expecting their second child and needed more room so they moved out. They had a sweet orange tabby cat that they had left for a few days while they settled in.

I expressed concerns that my allergies would not be able to handle the sweet chunker and Landlord kindly offered that he would have the carpets professionally cleaned before I moved in.

He offered for me to take the master bed/bath because he figured I would appreciate the extra privacy (at not much more of a cost in rent.). He was aware I have a traumatic past and that amount of privacy meant a lot to me. I also smoke daily so I had a stash in a locked safe in my room. The landlord rarely would partake & had no issues with me smoking in my bathroom.

Also, a side note is that I had a few cameras placed in my room (mainly to watch my dog’s potty schedule).

I have a small non-shedding dog, Landlord met my dog as a puppy and was well acquainted, He adored her! She is only 10lbs & is very well trained because of that she gets to free roam the house. He was just as desperate to have me move in as I was in need to move in, it worked out well.

We happily agreed and I moved in! We lived together alone for a few months, everything went really well, we both are a bit introverted so we only ran into each other 2-3 times a week. I was always early on my rent and we kept the place really clean.

Things started going downhill when he had his hours cut at work and lost his second job.

So he tells me he wants to rent out the other room, I expressed some concerns and that I had simple requests of no cats and only non-shedding dog breeds as I am very allergic. If they had a dog it also needed to get along with mine. He agreed since I started renting there first, paid more and basically furnished the common areas.

I was informed that he had found a single girl to rent the room who was a few years older than I am, we’ll call her Entitled Roommate.

She had previously adopted/found a stray cat and wanted to bring it really bad but Landlord stood his ground that we could not have it in the house. She left it with her family & moved in.

I got Landlord a job interview at my work to help him out & he refused to wake up the Entitled Roommate to have her move her car so he can make it to the interview 15 mins down the road.

He knew about this for a week and did not plan to have his car accessible? I told him to call & cancel the interview if he was too big of a wuss to ask her to move her car at 9 am. My coworker who was going to interview him called him 5 mins after & chewed his butt for wasting his time without calling to tell him he was not going to bother showing up.

Coworker knew I was upset that he made me look bad by not even showing up so he really laid it on him. So Landlord is really just lazy when it comes to having to work a job. He wants to get paid to do little to nothing which is exactly what he was doing with his two part-time jobs when I moved in.

At first, Entitled Roommate was kind, she was very self-conscious & I would guess a troubled past but spiritual in the sense of following zodiac signs & crystals.

Cool but not my cup of tea. I told her she was welcome to use my dishes and cooking wear as long as they got cleaned. Everyone was welcome to use the TV in the living room & the gaming systems. If there was a food item that they wanted of mine, all I asked was that they ask me before consuming because I was trying to make weekly meal plans for 1, which is difficult at times for me (& replace it of course).

Things are going well, we go out for coffee to get to know each other. We can tell we are just a little too different to get close. She complained about getting in trouble for taking too long to water plants in the local FaultMart, aka fired, & then how she was getting hygiene complaints at her current employer… ok… weird thing.

As time goes on, she warms up to me enough to smoke with me, She only takes 1 hit & then hides out in her room the rest of the night.

Ok, cool with me!

Now to preface, my closet was directly in front of the bathroom door, think of a ‘T’ shape, I had a camera pointed from the closet toward the bathroom to capture movement when my dog used a puppy pad if she couldn’t hold it. Or, on the off chance, someone is going into my safe/stash.

Well, about a week after I smoked Entitled Roommate out, I caught her on my camera going into my bathroom… I thought this was really strange as she has a shared bathroom with L.

I mentioned this to her when I got home (also to remind her I have cameras in my room) & she said that Landlord was in the shower and she really had to pee. Ok cool. Later that evening something in my gut pushed me to review the camera clip again, this time I put on the audio, lo & behold I don’t hear a toilet flush nor sink running water, I hear bubbles that are a very well-known sound to my “smoking stuff” ears.

I knew then that she helped herself to my sash. Knowing her tolerance I know she didn’t smoke a ton & I had a small amount in there but to be honest I would not have known if she took any.

So, I let it slide and figured that me calling her out would be a huge problem.

I was wrong.

I caught her again, this time I informed Landlord & told them both she was no longer welcome to use my bathroom & if she wanted grass she was paying me.

The landlord supposedly told her she was not allowed in my room period, my door being open all day is not an invitation to her. I also decided that was enough cause for me to set up a camera in my bathroom. Pointed toward the wall with the shower & toilet out of view (because I am not a creep nor voyeuristic with myself). The next week, sure thing, Entitled Roommate walks into my room goes into the bathroom, does not shut any of the doors & sits on the toilet all the while scanning my countertop.

I assume she was looking to pinch more off of my little bag (You see I learn quickly, haha so I started keeping it out of sight in the top drawer) as she is very intently scanning the counter she notices the newly placed camera in the bathroom & urgently stands up flushes & jogs out of there. Outside of being grossed out that she did not wash her hands, I was furious but I decided not to say anything because she KNOWS I know.

I did tell Landlord about it, he said he would talk to her.

After that, I had no further issues with Entitled Roommate going into my room. Entitled Roommate comes to me one day asking if I knew how to change the garage code (I never used the garage) because she gave it to some random guy she hooked up with & is worried about her stuff… I told her to talk to Landlord about it.

I sit down with Landlord about concerns that she is not fully there mentally to be acting the way she is & I am wanting to get a doorbell camera installed to make sure her friends were not leaving with my stuff & to assist with the issues we have had with the neighbors. I made more earnings at the time & owned the other cameras already, so I offered to purchase one & install it, giving them access without asking them to pitch in.

We have a neighbor below us who is a VERY ornery, narcissistic, self-righteous, retired old loser, we’ll call him Jerk Neighbor. He has his adult son living there we’ll call him Jerk’s Son, who is an active registered offender. This baffled everyone because our building was in CLEAR view of the community park. Jerk’s Son is standoff-ish but friendly enough to say hi.

Jerk Neighbor was pleasant initially until he found his first thing to complain about.

He is very passive-aggressive & would tape notes ALL the time on our door about rules/regulations he felt were being violated, we would highlight why they weren’t (usually the next sentence). Then Jerk Neighbor would call the cops because our tape ‘damaged his door’. To which the officers never actually knocked on our door about 30% of the calls that were made.

Well, Jerk Neighbor is as chipper & full of himself as you could assume.

He complains about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

The landlord told me that they had the cops called on them before I moving in because the tenant’s toddler was causing a major disturbance by running around the house… so I knew early that Jerk Neighbor was going to be problematic despite his ‘friendly’ mask. This toddler weighed more than my dog so I did not think she would have ever been a problem.

After complaints/calls started coming in about my dog playing inside, we focused efforts to mind our business outside at the little park. Soon after, we get a more official complaint from the HOA board of a ‘Dog at Large’ with photos of not me but of the Landlord with my dog outside, standing next to another neighbor & his young son… Clearly, my 10lbs poodle is dangerous being unleashed playing fetch with this kid…

Within the letter is a notice all dogs must be leashed at all times.

Ok cool, the photos are dead obvious they were taken from Jerk Neighbor’s home. I set a new house rule, No one is allowed to let my dog outside without a leash & I want my dog NOWHERE near this family. Entitled Roommate never took her outside anyway but Landlord would occasionally, but they both agreed.

I hunker down & do my research. During many 911/Animal Control calls, they both had informed us that we are not actually breaking any laws nor HOA rules so they cannot do anything to us citation-wise. To not stress about them being called & to see this as that they have to appear for conversation due to the complaints being called in. After many, many incidents they are all annoyed that Jerk Neighbor is wasting everyone’s time.

So we play inside 80% of the time extra focus on the staircase, 20% at a park a few miles away. Just to fuel the fire a bit.

I issue an official counter-complaint to the HOA board & Landlord for the constant harassment & about the photos.

I sent separate complaints to the local police & the law offender registry that it is beyond absurd that someone with Jerk’s Son’s specific record is allowed in the community much less within clear view of a playground.

I wanted them to send Jerk Neighbor a cease and desist because of the well-known harassment of non-stop complaints we get, that they are obviously taking photos of the playground & children as they self-provided in the latest complaint. (We cannot know if it is Jerk Neighbor or Jerk Son that is taking the pictures). The landlord takes care of the HOA after my counter-complaint was sent, since I am just a tenant they have no reason to speak to me directly.

Things get a bit quiet!

Jerk Son is no longer seen around the community after this point. Queue Jerk Daughter & her husband that move in. Imagine the trashiest American couple & there you have them. She is all about trying to intimidate us by being loud & confrontational.

Just to mention that Entitled Roommate hates the neighbors equally as Landlord & I at this point. One night, Entitled Roommate had Jerk Neighbor/Jerk Daughter hitting their ceiling & punching walls laughing really loudly that was below Entitled Roommate room, she got annoyed & asked Landlord & I if she was ok to blast her music.

I encouraged it because screw them & kept them in my room. The music plays for 5-10 minutes then turns off. Within the hour we have officers at our door, nothing happens because it was a weekend & they were also causing the noise. Entitled Roommate mentions that Jerk Daughter just stares her down when she is in sight & feels uneasy around her.

Well, things take a turn with Entitled Roommate when she decides she HAS to have a dog in her life & now is the time… with all the drama with the neighbors below.

I warn her & Landlord that this is a very bad idea because my fully trained dog is a problem no matter what actions we took as she was well aware of. I reminded them about a puppy I was sitting with for 2 days for my parents & that caused cops to be called because she was crying in her crate that day. I used that as an example of why a puppy is ill-advised especially with crate potty training with her work schedule.

I did not mind her having a dog myself but we were really not in a spot to be trying it out.

Entitled Roommate decides now that she hates me for asking her what breeds she was looking at, disregarding that the place is pretty small for those size dogs & you will 100% have animal control & police called at some point because of the neighbors.

She starts complaining to the Landlord that I am a controlling witch & how dare I question her about what her potty training plans are. Since my dog can ring a bell to tell me she needs to go outside I had a few sources I was willing to send to her. Also, whatever with my allergies, I can just cough up the fund to pay for daily medication just so she can have the dog of her recent dreams…

so what does this witch bring home a DOBERMAN. Now if you are not sure what this breed is, here is a photo, these bad boys can get 80 – 100+lbs in a 1,300 sq ft condo. They don’t shed as much as other dogs but she KNEW I was allergic to them when she dog sat a friend’s Doberman a few months prior, sneezing in my room & asthma but Nah forget me.

The landlord only then confesses that he has a fear of larger dogs but still does not put his foot down when she was only looking at large breeds.

She decides that if she just knocks on the neighbor’s door to give them a heads up about having a new dog, that all would be well with her new friends & they can hate on me together instead.

You can guess that conversation went swimmingly, but she still gets the dog anyway.

With the poor pup being locked in a kennel for 8-10 hours a day. Her door was always closed but the hall was an ungodly dog poop stench. Luckily he did not bark a ton, but it still happened. I insisted that we set a day to introduce the dogs when she did bring it home but no, she kept them away from each other so they were essentially scared & defensive because they could hear/smell each other never interacted.

They could sense the hostility in the house too.

Complaints/Calls start rolling in & I literally cannot handle living here anymore, I start having bad anxiety attacks. I started shutting & locking my door, I would take my dog to work with me because I was scared of this puppy or Entitled Roommate hurting my dog. I asked Landlord if he would kick her out, he beats around the bush but hints at wanting to sell the place & move out of state.

I sent him options of what he & I could get out of state but I was not ok with her living with us anymore because she did not respect our reasonable requests. He is a lazy idiot and so I know it is not going to happen at this point. The entitled Roommate starts helping herself to all of my food without telling me, the excuse was the Landlord bought her similar items to eat so she did not know it wasn’t for her… so Landlord is now paying to feed Entitled Roommate? Ok.

After a few times, I tell her she is not allowed to eat my food because I am not going to pay to stuff her mouth. If she is going to take her time replacing/paying me for my food it was no longer allowed. We designate shelving. Then I start finding my plants uprooted & thrown on the kitchen floor. The camera is placed in the kitchen with the living room in view (Approved by Landlord).

I find more plants uprooted the next day so I check the camera & guess who covered it to avoid being seen damaging my property. I am ANNOYED so I fix my plants, screamed out loud so they both could hear me that the floors better be cleaned because I refuse to look after children I did not birth. How sad it was that a woman older than me would be so immature to risk property damage charges when she is too entitled to keep her filthy hands to herself.

That she is bringing all of this on herself by her actions & lack of general human respect. Nope, dirt sits there forever so I swept it in a dustpan and dumped it in front of her door. I also emptied all of the dryer sheets in the house in front of her door on top of the dirt. Told the Landlord that she is to clean up her mess & if she touches my stuff again we are going to have a real problem.

I set my plans in motion to move out, gave the Landlord notice & a time, that I am done with this ploy.

I found out I was the one keeping all three of us in the condo with what I paid yet had no say that she should be kicked out. Most of my stuff is packed in the living room, 2 cameras are now watching my stuff.

One you would have to climb boxes to block the lens.

During the last 2 weeks, I asked Landlord to have the Entitled Roommate move her car from the garage so I can move my boxes there to make it easier on my family when I move out. After 2 years this is the first time I have asked to use the garage. She for whatever reason instantly thinks that is a personal attack, refuses to leave the garage, almost literally, she sat out there for hours with Jerk Daughter & called the cops on me because she felt threatened.

I found it humorous & flattering to have feared me so much over something that she could have just said no it & it would have been the end of it. She was complaining that I was invading her privacy with all my cameras (at this point I revoked everyone’s access to the doorbell camera until they pitched in for it, also to avoid them deleting past video coverage), she insisted that they did not speak at the door & must go to the garage as to not be heard/seen by the doorbell.

Jerk Daughter decided that for whatever reason she needed to be involved to defend Entitled Roommate safety… when there are four cops already on the scene.

I am sitting on the stairs crying telling one of the kind officers (who has responded to many of these calls) the whole spill of crap leading to this particular call & I am exhausted venting I am literally just trying to get out of dodge because obviously these people are all crazy & I just want to be left alone until I closed on my house.

Jerk Daughter caught a glimpse of me & started screaming & cursing me out & she even charged me when I was sitting inside on the steps with the front door half-opened and an officer standing in between us… That obviously did not work out well for her… she is removed from the situation by a different officer. Cops told Entitled Roommate that Landlord approved the cameras & they are in common areas I furnished so, too bad, they cannot and will not do anything, strongly advised her to be civil & avoid confrontation for the last two weeks.

Jerk Neighbor, Jerk Daughter, Entitled Roommate & I all went to the same gym, Jerk Daughter would constantly follow me into the hot tub or women’s locker room with some smug remarks trying to start anything with me. I would always ignore her & just grab my stuff & go on about another workout.

Since I bought my first house, I received a gift from my sweet realtor, it is a fancy Cutco knife.

Drinking & finishing up packing I realize I have raw frost-bitten chicken in the freezer I will need to toss out then a glorious little pro-revenge type story, honestly could be an urban legend, popped in my head about a divorcing couple. Ex-husband brings his mistress into their home and gives his ex-wife days to move out while they take a trip. So her last night there, grieving & eating shrimp drinks over a glass of wine.

She thought it would be a great idea to put some shrimp in the curtain rods as a screw you & moved out. A few months go by and the newly married couple cannot find this horrid stench and think they are bribing the ex-wife into getting an ugly home. Happy ending ex-wife keeps the house of her dreams at the expense of some time & new curtain rods LMAO, I digress (Story here).

You bet the first thing I used that fancy knife on was slicing up that chicken & stuffing it in the bathroom curtain rod. (Entitled Roommate is to take over my room when I am gone.) I thought that would be the end of all of it. LOL nope.

Well the day I moved out, she thought it would be hilarious to pick up some of her, now large, puppies soft served poop & hide the open bag in some of my stuff.

I obviously saw her do it & you could smell it… I let it sit there until she left for work. Let her think she is so funny & that she got me. She also had a nasty habit of leaving all her clothes laying on the laundry room floor, so I scooped the clothes & put them in her basket, I EMPTIED the bag of dog poop & tossed it like a salad.

Topped it off with vinegar (nothing to damage the clothes but make them stink more than her body odor) & closed the door. She came home early & I thought for sure she would go in there & cops would be called but nope. She was trying to make a scene with my family trying to get boxes down the stairs. She wouldn’t wait; she would walk past you anyway.

Well when I ‘accidentally’ nailed her with a large box that threw her into the wall (almost down the stairs) she yelled WHAT my sister was like WHAT is wrong with you jerk, you saw she was already halfway down the stairs get out of the way.

She left after that & I never saw her again nor heard how she liked finding her clothes covered in her own dog poop.

I mean guys, you opened the door & your eyes would instantly water with the intense poop/vinegar mix. She had recently gone to the local thrift store to buy 2 bowls & 2 plates to use since all of mine were packed, on my last run through to make sure I got all of my stuff, I stole 1 bowl & 1 plate just cause screw you, lady.

No idea about how bad that smell was over the last year in that bathroom though hahaha but I am betting she didn’t want to mention it to him thinking it was her causing it.

At one point I also caught Landlord talking mad things about me to Jerk Neighbor about how I am an entitled jerk that has only caused him problems so he was kicking my stupid self out.

I called him out on that night for lying, that he in fact was not kicking me out & that he would never kick me out if he would put up with Entitled Roommate drama & he shouldn’t lie to make himself look better to someone who could care less if any of us existed. He tried so hard to get me to forgive him that he was jerk this way because of the way his mother raised him.

I told him to screw himself that he was an idiot that was throwing what I thought was a good friendship out the window to get kudos from a neighbor that has harassed him for years & will continue to do so. The revenge for the Landlord is simple, he is stuck in the rut he feared. The landlord has an Entitled Roommate using him for moolah, food & his car (& Credit Card!) to go meet up with an ex out of state because ‘her car wouldn’t make the trip’.

That is his karma to live with.

A year after I had moved out, when I would be well out of the minds of these jerks, I sent a loving glitter bomb from the pranksanonymous website. I ensured it was the largest bomb, paid for 3x of the glitter. Got bright pink, labeled it up with Christmas stickers & left a note on the inside saying ‘Be KIND this New Year! Santa has more than Coal & Glitter for naughty little boys like you, Jerk Neighbor’

Bumped into Landlord later on & when I told him about a certain package he chuckled & said ‘oh that’s why the cops were called last week.’ So I know 100% that the bomb went off inside his home hahahahaha.”

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