Customers Reveal The Awkward Times They Were Mistaken For Employees

Shopping can either be a therapeutic activity where you're just so excited to buy that new pair of shoes, or it can be a chore – I really gotta get to the supermarket to buy some eggs before breakfast tomorrow! Either way, it's not our job as customers to do the heavy lifting – if we need help, there are plenty of kind employees ready to help us. However, what happens if we, the customer, are somehow mistaken for the employee? Sounds silly, but these situations do exist! If you've ever been mistaken for an employee then you can relate to some of these painful interactions. Read on for some hilariously awkward "I Don't Work Here" stories that'll definitely give you some second-hand embarrassment. Let us know in the comments which ones were your favorites!

25. Casually Getting Promoted At A Grocery Store I Don't Even Work At


“So yesterday I was at my favorite local supermarket. I’ve been shopping there pretty much once a week for the past 6 years. I know the place like the back of my hand. I know most of the employees by name (I live in a small town of ~4000 people).

As I’m standing in the taco aisle, trying to decide exactly how hard to punish my bathroom later (I picked Ghost Pepper salsa, so a lot), I am approached by a woman who must have been 75.

Sweet Lady: “Son, can you help me locate the aluminum foil?”

Me: “Sure, it’s right up this way.”

walks her to aisle 7b

Me: “It’s pretty high up, let me grab it for you.

Do you want the Reynolds or the store brand?”

Sweet Lady: “The name brand please.”

hands her a 200-foot roll

Me: “Do you need help finding anything else? I’m a walking directory of this store.”

Sweet Lady: Hands me her shopping list

I spent about ten minutes filling her cart with heavy/hard-to-reach items, and then I got back to my shopping with a smile and a “have a great day.”

As I’m standing in the checkout, I see the sweet lady arguing with the floor manager (Greg, he goes to my church, we’re pretty familiar with each other) over by the express line.

I pay for my groceries, walk over to be nosy, and maybe help out.

Sweet Lady is telling Greg that “The big guy with the red beard” helped her, “I didn’t get his name” and she wants to see him get a bonus, promotion, or employee of the month, something.

Greg is insistent that no one with that description works there.

I get to the counter, and before I can explain that I don’t even work there, Greg pipes up.

Greg (to Sweet Lady): “Oh, you mean Mark? Yeah, he’s one of our best employees.”

Greg (to me): “Mark, this lady has been over here singing your praises for the past 5 minutes.

I didn’t even know you were working today.”

Me (Lying through my teeth): “Well, Sharon (a cashier I know) called me and said we were slammed, so I came in on my day off.”

Greg: “Well that’s some real initiative, how would you like to be Assistant to the Regional Manager (we’re both huge Office fans)?”

Me: “Oh my God, thank you! Are you sure?”

Greg: “Well, you’ve definitely earned it.”

Sweet Lady: “See, this is why I shop here instead of Walmart, even though you guys charge more. You care about your employees, and your employees care about your customers.”

So that is how I became assistant to the regional manager at a store I am not even employed by.”

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24. I Had Never Heard Grandma Swear Before This Day


“Ever since grandpa died, my older brother and I took turns taking grandma to the grocery store every week to do her shopping. Grandma cannot drive due to medical reasons, so one of us would take her down and help her with her shopping.

Grandma is the sweetest person I know. I once said in front of her when she asked me about the game I went to the night before that “Calgary sucks” and she went pale and I got a lecture on how young ladies don’t say “sucks”.

So one day, we were on our grocery trip when grandma had to use the restroom. She walked off and I stood by the cart waiting for her. Then a Karen came up to me and said, “Now that the old lady is gone, I need some help.”

I said, “Oh sorry, that’s my grandma and she just had to step away for a moment, I think you can get help up front.”

Karen said, “I don’t care, you need to help me now! I’m not going all the way up front when you’re here right now.”

Me – “I’m sorry, but I don’t work here and I’m sure there’s someone up front who can help you.”

Karen started to respond when grandma came back and said, “I’m done, let’s go now.”

We started walking off, which Karen really didn’t like, and shouted, “Get back here and help me now!”

Grandma stopped and looked at Karen saying, “what’s going on? This is my granddaughter and we’re leaving now.”

Karen’s response was, “It’s because I’m (Asian race, I honestly forget which one she said).

Grandma said, “She doesn’t work here, we’re leaving now.”

Karen’s response was, “Bullcrap, I saw her helping you, she works here!”

Then, grandma snapped and said, “Listen here you bleeping bleep. What makes you think she works here? Is it the black leather jacket, the green tank top, or the jean shorts? How stupid can you bleeping be? Find another employee who is wearing that and I’ll buy your bleeping groceries.

But if you can’t, get the bleep out of here and leave us the bleep alone!”

Karen went quiet and I thought for a moment that I was gonna have to break up a fight. I had never heard grandma use language like that.

Just then, an actual employee came into sight and grandma waved him down and told him that Karen needed help then told Karen, “Here’s an employee who can help you, now leave us the bleep alone,” and we started walking off.

Wasn’t good enough for Karen who had to get the last word in, “NO! I want her to do her job and help me now!” which I thought was going to set grandma off again, but we continued walking off and heard the employee say, “Ma’am, she doesn’t work here, now how may I help you?” That was the last we heard before we were out of earshot and never heard about it again.

In the car on the way home, grandma suddenly turned bright red and told me, “What I said was unladylike and I hope you never use those words or tell anyone I used them.” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, telling a very embarrassed grandma, “Where did you learn such language like that?” She never told me, but I was proud of her for letting it all out.”

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psycho_b 1 year ago
Love your grandma!
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23. Insist I'm An Employee? Get Kicked Out Of The Store


“For context, this story took place three days before Christmas 2020. I was shopping for some sweet sugary treats.

It was three minutes past opening, and I was one of the first customers in the store, so I figured I would be able to get in, get my purchases, and get out before any of the bob-cut, “I want to talk to your manager,” “I want him fired,” self-entitled Karens walked in.

Unfortunately, that was not meant to be. Three minutes after I walked in, the witch walked in.

Karen (grabbing me): “Excuse me. I need your help. You should be helping customers, with their shopping, this close to Christmas.”

Me (attempting to brush Karen’s hand away): I do not work here, ma’am.

I am trying to get some shopping done. I, like you, am a customer.

Important note: Dollar General employees wear a black polo shirt, with the company logo on them, a yellow name tag, with the company name on them, as well as their name on a white sticker, that is affixed to the name tag, black or khaki dress slacks, and tennis shoes.

I was wearing a hoodie with my high school name on it, pajama bottoms, and tennis shoes… so, nothing like an employee.

Karen (now spinning me around): I said I NEED your help. STOP touching product, and DO your job. Customers come FIRST.


Karen (refusing to believe me): “You are lying. You are covering your uniform, so you can ignore the customers that pay your wage.”

I take off my hooded sweatshirt (Important note, as to what I am wearing underneath) a white Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, from the Mark Price era.

In fact, it was a Mark Price jersey, just bought in 2019.



Karen (obviously, insulted): I am going to get YOUR manager and have him fire you for refusing to help a customer.

She walked away, so I began to grab my purchases in earnest. Five minutes later, she walked back and had the store manager Carl in tow. (Important note, Carl is a friend of mine. We have known each other since I was 5 and he was 8.)

Karen (to Carl): “This employee refused to help me.

He was rude about refusing to help me, three days before Christmas. He would rather buy his diabetes-inducing treats than help a loyal customer.”

Carl (to Karen): “I have known OP for 31 years. He has never been rude to anyone. He worked in restaurants for, close to, 10 years.

He was never rude to a customer. You, on the other hand, I have never seen before. OP is not an employee here. He, unlike you, is a regular customer. And, now, he, unlike you, is shopping here. YOU are to leave, NOW.”

Karen (refusing to leave, turns to start shopping): “I will just leave him alone and buy what I came for.

If YOU want to keep your job, YOU will LET me buy what I need to buy. This store is the ONLY store within five minutes of my house that has this product CURRENTLY in stock.”

Carl (grabbing his cellphone): “I… SAID…

LEAVE…” (starts dialing police non-emergency number) “NOW. IF I press send, you will be arrested for loitering, and I WILL have you trespassed.”

The Karen left. I finished shopping. I went home with a case of Dr. Pepper, two boxes of Twinkies, three personal-sized cups of Toll House ice cream, and three bags of Hershey’s assorted miniatures. Karen ended up, because of her attitude, not getting whatever she was shopping for. Thank you, Carl.”

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Squidmom 1 year ago
Some people can never admit to being wrong.
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22. Start A Fight With Me? I've Got Some Scary Truckers On My Side


“So, for context, I work for a local tow truck company as the manager and the roads outside our city up the hills are famous for being tricky and full of deadly turns to drive on. We are a busy company, especially during heavy rain periods when the roads are almost impossible to ride with cargo trucks.

The owner of the company is a sweet old lady and she does her best to help the truck drivers have the best time possible during this crappy situation, we let them buy coffee and snacks at the stops on us and they are very grateful for it.

The costs are honestly not too high, especially because our contracts are quite hefty due to said roads plus the many other regular people who don’t know better how to drive there.

Every week I go to the local truck stops to confirm how much we have to pay them all, I could do that by just a couple of phone calls or messages, but if I have a chance to leave that office I’ll take it in a heartbeat, the workloads can be downright cruel sometimes so that’s a good break for me and the owner doesn’t mind at all.

I’m known there to be the person who pays for the truckers’ coffee and food and while I always tell that’s the company paying for it, they are very grateful anyway plus we treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve so that’s another big plus.

There was a day last year in the middle of summer, a big storm going on that swamped me with work, I had to help our 22 drivers to locate and retrieve people’s cars, constantly receiving calls for help so much so that dreaded noise stills hammer my head to this day.

I had an assistant but even so, it was way too much for only two people to handle.

We spend from 5 am to 5 am breaking our backs and minds that day, the road is even worse so we had to work overnight then at 5 am I was leaving home to rest and the owner said she could cover the weekly visit to the stops.

I thanked her but told her to not care about one stop in particular because it was on my way home, our office is located some miles off our city.

Once I arrive at my regular stop to get a most earned mountain of food and so much coffee it could thicken my blood I was met by all the regulars, talked with everyone about the crazy storm, and chit-chatted while my order was being done.

It arrived and I was feasting on it.

Then I hear a loud man yelling something along the lines of “what do you mean you can’t help me? This is your job” to the cashier. I look back and tell myself “what a crazy jerk.” It was Roger (fake name) he keeps screaming with the cashier about something with the tires of his car so I blocked the noise of my mind to finally eat my sustenance deed for an entire family.

Then I hear a sharp and annoyed “HEY YOU” coming from behind me. I thought I was in the way of someone catching one of the condiments close to me, so I say “my bad,” push the basket with them aside and keep eating.

Then I hear a loud stomp and someone (Roger) pulling me by my shoulder yelling at me “Fire that awful employee immediately.”

I was still using my officer badge and clothes so it is understandable Roger confused me with the manager but I was just about over one of the most stressful days of my life and eating is sacred for me, so I simply release from his grip turning back to my food saying “go screw yourself.” I could hear the cashier giggling and the owner Bob (fake name) who happens to be behind the counter getting people’s orders giving a good loud laugh then promptly telling him I’m just a customer and he’s the one who runs the business.

Roger: “is that how you run your business then? Letting rude lousy cashiers treat your costumes as garbage and your other customers harass me without consequences?”

Bob looks at me and says: “I’m terribly sorry you have to go through this OP, I’ll see the bad customer out.”

Roger gives the biggest gasp I ever saw “how dare you? You let your staff and customers harass good people like this? I’m calling the police and by the looks of your disgusting food I bet your kitchen is dirty with rats and cockroaches, I’m calling health surveillance too.” (I took great offense with this.) I told him this food was a thousand times better than whatever pigwash his wife does to him whenever she is not having affairs with others.

Roger went into a bursting rage trying to get physical with me and yelling some very rude words at me.

But something Roger didn’t realize is the restaurant was also full of truckers who were watching their friends being harassed. Some got up to defend us and I hear a rough “hey jerk get the heck out of here,” and when I look back there were these 3 angry guys each one with mechanical tools in their hands and one with a FIRE AXE looking like they were ready to kill.

My heart skip a beat and I froze in place at the sight of the axe and that seems to have convinced Roger too because he started walking quite hastily outside yelling about calling the police. The truckers were behind him telling him they would chop his limbs off if he ever comes back.

Everything eventually went back to normal and Bob even let me get that meal for free for all that trouble, thank you Bob. The police arrived later, we explained everything that happened, they asked if Bob wanted to press charges and he simply said, “don’t worry sir I don’t think he is coming back.”

If I can get anything from this it’s to have the right friends, and be kind to truckers they’re a crazy bunch.”

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Truckers saved the day, way to go!!!!
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21. When Not One But Six Women Mistake Me For A Manager


“I do not know what it is about me. Is it just auras? Is it the way I present myself? Or is it just the way I look? You may be wondering why I am asking these questions. Apparently, I (38M) am a magnet for Karens in the wild and at my place of work.

Due to my life as a graveyard shift employee at a hotel, my mornings are usually spent shopping for supplies to keep my aging butt from going insane and hungry.

Location: The Bullseye Store in a Texas City
Date: Two Months Ago
# of Karens: 1 speaking .

. . 6 observing

On this particular day, I had a “typical” night (those who work in the hospitality business know we NEVER use the Q-word). No major issues, everybody checks in with no hiccups; essentially, any normal average night.

In the morning, I decided to go to my local Bullseye Store for supplies (unfortunately, my usual Wall of Marts was out of the supplies I needed).

As I entered the grocery section, I got my necessary items with hardly any issues. I then turned towards the Men’s clothes section to pick up some needed garments.

While I am searching for the right size, I felt a jab into my shoulder.

I turn and see a woman in her mid-50s, blonde hair, cross necklace, in mid-90s fashion (we’ll call her Karen). I think, “Oh, God. Not again.”

Karen: Excuse me. A man of your stature can help me in this place.

Me: Ma’am, with all due respect, I do not work here.

Karen: Don’t give me lip, boy! Just do what you are hired for and help me!

Me: (let out a very audible sigh) I . . .

Karen: (grabbing my shirt) Be a good manager and help me!

I notice an old friend working in the Jewelry section set between me and the women’s section.

Me: Jules!

Jules (not her real name): Hey, OP! What’s going on?

Little did I know, there were 6 other ladies behind Karen now and they were all staring right at me. Almost as if they ALL want to talk to me and think that I’m a manager there.


My normal work shirt is blue, but it was being washed and I had gone to work wearing a deep red button-down shirt. Darker than the usual Bullseye red, but a very noticeably different shade of red. I smiled at Jules and decided on a genius plan.

Jules knows that I have a mischievous streak and plays along.

Me: Jules, can you help me with a demonstration?

Karen: Huh? What do you mean?! Just help me, you dumb manager!

Jules: Ma’am, calm down. I’m sure he’s got a reason.

The group of Karens put their hands on their hips and carefully watch as I step next to Jules.

Me: Take a good look, ladies. I’m a man and Jules here is a woman.

Karen: That’s obvious!

Me: Take a look at my shirt and compare it to hers. (pointing at Jules’ shirt) This is the standard Bullseye uniform. (pointing to my shirt) This is NOT the standard Bullseye uniform and this nametag clearly states a different business.

What can we conclude from this demonstration?

Karen: (now realizing) You’re a manager?

Jules: Nope. The man behind you is; not the man in front of you.

All of the seven Karens turned around and saw the incredibly well-built mountain of a manager, wearing the same color shirt as Jules.

Manager: Are we going to have to repeat the incident again, ladies? Or have you already forgotten what happened last time?

Little did I know, this isn’t their first offense.

The Karens then apologize to me for assuming that I am an employee and quickly disperse.

Jules: I think I may have to question my friendship with you, OP; I don’t want the Curse of the Karens to rub off on me.”

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20. Karen Thought My Motorized Shopping Cart Was For Employees Only


“I’m a slightly overweight, ok I’ll be completely honest I’m overweight, Gen X’er who normally doesn’t give many craps and has anxiety. In stressful situations I freeze and can’t think of anything to say or become snarky, I also recently had surgery on my foot/ankle and have a hard fiberglass cast, mine is bright safety yellow because why not and I told the cast room “surprise me”.

I decided to Uber to the grocery store for a much needed out of the house adventure, and a bonus that included picking out my own bananas.

So here I am crutching into the store to flop my out-of-shape booty into one of the wonderful motorized shopping carts.

If you’ve ever used one you know they aren’t fast and finding a good location for a set of crutches where they aren’t in the way is a challenge. Once I’m situated I roll over to produce to start my adventure.

I’m about halfway through my shopping pondering chicken and rice recipes when I hear a phlegmy “A’hem..” I look to ensure I have the motorized cart close to the shelf thinking I’m blocking the aisle. Then I hear “A’HEM” from right behind me, and it’s coming from a woman about my age if not younger looking directly at me.

Me “Sorry am I blocking you?” I move the cart forward to unblock the shelf of boxed rice.

Her “Where are you going!”

Now I’m confused “Didn’t you want me to move out of the way?”

Her “I need a large bag of dog food taken to the register.”

Now I’m completely confused I’m in a motorized cart with a Dayglow cast on my lower leg and a pair of crutches precariously wedged into the cart.

“Ummm, I haven’t seen any staff to help, I’ll keep an eye out though.” And I start rolling away. That is until she runs, ok speed walks in front of me and blocks the aisle and my escape.

Her “I need the large bag of dog food.


Me “I understand and I’ll help you look for staff to help you.” I wait a few moments for her to move out of my way before adding “Excuse me.”

Now she’s cocked out a hip and put her hand on it and added an ‘are you slow’ scowl.

I put the cart into reverse, the loud beeping a clear signal I’m attempting to back up. She doubles down “Why aren’t you helping me! I Need A Large Bag Of Dog Food!”

Me “Lady I don’t work here” mind you I’m wearing black sweat pants one leg rolled up over the cast, a sweatshirt with a cartoon monster running in cartoon street proudly stating ‘Cutting Edge Monster Removal at Affordable Prices’ and to finish up this stellar outfit is a single leopard print slipper and a messy bun.

Her “Of course you do! That’s an employee cart.”

Now I’m looking at her with pinched brows of confusion, imagery of a spinning hourglass above my head trying to compute how a motorized shopping cart, cast, sweats, all add up to 1.

That I work here, and 2. How a cast-wearing scooter-using person is supposed to assist in moving a 50lb bag of dog food. All I come up with is saying “This motorized cart is for mobility assistance for shoppers who are unable to push a cart and or walk for extended periods.

Again, I don’t work here. I’m happy to help you find an employee though.”

I’m not sure what she wanted, maybe a Karen fight, maybe she was completely stressed. She looks me up and down a few times, her eyes locking onto my casted foot, from our position my bright dayglow safety yellow cast is on full display.

She phtfffs mutters something and walks away in a huff. I shrug, my fun time diminished. I normally don’t think of grocery shopping as a grand adventure, but when you’ve been home for a few weeks doing the medically prescribed rest and elevate while you have your surgical cast on just going to the mailbox is a grand adventure.

I decide to roll over to the in-store coffee shop in hopes coffee will cure me, yes this store is one of those bougie stores with a coffee shop inside. I actually had an Uber driver pass a few stores so I could have a place to relax and wait for my return Uber.

I’m sipping on the coffee when the lady arrives with the store manager and points at me “That’s the employee who wouldn’t help me!”

Yup, you’re right she doubled down again and pulled in the manager. This is starting to go into Karen territory, I could just sit in the chair sipping coffee and let him handle things or I can add fuel.

Can you guess what I did? Did you guess fuel? I raised my hand, wiggled my fingers in a wave greeting, added “toodles” then hunched down like I’m on a motorcycle in a motor cross race and “zoomed” off into the direction of the ice cream.

I really wanted to make the vroom vroom sounds since a younger man was walking faster than my ‘zoom’, but I surprisingly somewhat behaved. The internal squealed vrooms, ok they weren’t totally in my mind, were replaced with the mission impossible theme song again it may not have been totally in my mind and I may have hummed it all while I did my best to evade detection by baby Karen.

A few minutes later I’m at checkout when I see the manager carrying a large bag of dog food and baby Karen following behind. The rest of my trip was happily uneventful. Side note I really shouldn’t drink coffee that late in the day anymore.”

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19. Shove Your Shopping List At Me? Good Luck Reading It Once I'm Done With It


“I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at one of the supermarkets in my area (Cape Cod, Massachusetts). I was wearing a collarless Celtic “grandfather” shirt and a kilt.

A Karen came up to me, assuming for some weird reason that I am an employee (how many stores on Cape Cod have kilts as part of the dress code for male employees?), and hits me with the infamous “Excuse Me.” I said “Yes?” and she shoved a piece of paper, her grocery list, in my hand.

I handed it back to her and said, “Sorry, I don’t work here.”

She then shoved her grocery list in the front pocket of my shirt, saying “Don’t lie to me. Do your job!” Rather than argue, I took the grocery list out of my shirt pocket, ripped it in half, and then in half again.

I then threw the pieces into the air. She started screaming for a manager.

It just so happened that the manager on duty wasn’t far away and recognized me, because, frankly, there are not too many men on Cape Cod who wear a kilt almost every day Spring, Summer, and Fall and I am a regular customer.

She demanded I be fired and he explained I was a customer and did not work there. He then picked up the pieces of paper from her torn-up grocery list, handed them back to the Karen, and told her that she could find tape to tape her list back together again for sale in the next aisle where the school supplies are.

She stood there, her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of the water, and he and I walked up to the cashier so I could pay for my groceries.

I don’t know what happened after that as I headed out to my car, loaded my groceries inside, and drove home.”

Another User Comments:

“My question each time I see one of these stories …

Where did she get the idea that it would be kilt-man’s job to fill her shopping list – even if he WAS an employee? Are there magical grocery stores out there where a customer can just walk up to a random employee and have the employee do their shopping?” _WalkItOff_

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18. You Don't Work Here? What A Coincidence, Neither Do I!


“Quick background info: I work at a company that installs custom closets. Our uniform includes a blue button-up Carhartt shirt with the company logo on it. I think some of you may already be picking up on where this is going.

So I’m driving home from work after a very long and tedious day, completely covered in sawdust when I get a call from my lovely wife. She had put in a pickup order at the local Walmart, but they had failed to give her our Almond Milk.

She asks if I’d be willing to stop and let them know they shorted us and grab it. While I’m not particularly enthusiastic to add a stop on my way home I tell her OK.

I get there and head on over to the customer service desk and explain the situation.

The lady working there is very sweet and tells me she’ll have somebody from the pickup department swing over and take care of me. She gestures towards a nearby bench and informs me I can have a seat while I wait.

I gladly did so and promptly pulled out my phone and attempt to disassociate for a few minutes.

A few minutes (maybe five at most) go by and a line forms up. I guess the lady at the desk stepped away for a moment.

I start to hear grumbling about lazy employees and how nobody has any work ethic anymore. Wish I could be more specific on their exact phrasing but I was trying very hard not to pay attention to anything going on around me at this point.

After a few more moments I hear a very aggressive clearing of a throat followed by a very annoyed sounding “excuse me sir, I’ve been waiting for help for over ten minutes.”

I look up to see a woman holding an armful full of clothes glaring at me (she will henceforth be referred to as Glaring Woman or GW for short).

Me: “Well I find that unlikely as I haven’t even been here for ten minutes and I got here before you.”

GW: “Well maybe this would go faster if you weren’t messing around on your phone.”

At this point, I’ve now connected the dots and realized that she thinks I work here.

I’m about to utter the words classic I don’t work here line when an idea hits me.

Me: “You’re right, sorry for holding you up.” I pull up the Walmart app on my phone and show her the almond milk “My wife and I didn’t get the almond milk we ordered.

We were supposed to get two cartons. ”

GW: “why are you showing me your phone?”

Me: “So you can grab me my almond milk… is that not why you’re here?”

GW: “Ew no. I don’t work here!”

Me: cues malicious grin “Well neither do I, how about we stop bothering each other now?”

She looked me up and down and I could see realization dawn on her face.

She quietly walked back to the line and I sat back down on my bench. Eventually, the desk lady came back and got the line moving, and an employee from pickup came and got me my almond milk.

And that’s the story. At least she didn’t try to get me fired.”

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17. Fix You A Drink? I'm Literally A Teenager


“My dad manages several bars/restaurants in our area. I look older than I really am to some people. (possibly because I’m tall for my age idk.)

This lady comes in, late forties early fifties. She picks a table that hasn’t been cleared yet although there are several other open seats.

I did have my dad’s work hat on – he had to go grab something from the office so he plopped his hat on my head and told me he would be right back.

I was playing on my phone waiting for my dad when this lady coughs loudly at me.

I look up and she points at the table. I was slightly confused and she’s drumming her fingers on the table impatiently. So I ask her, “is there something someone can do for you?”

“Yes,” she said huffily, “they can clean off this table.”

I look around and see everyone is at one of their tables at the moment so I tell her there are several other tables open.

She rolls her eyes and said, “well I want to sit in this one.”

My parents taught me to be polite and how to deal with Karens. So I tell her, “ma’am every server is busy with one of their tables right now if you could sit at a table that’s cleared I’m sure someone will get to you in a moment.”

“You aren’t busy,” she snaps at me.

I asked her, “what makes you think I work here?”

She rolls her eyes, “that hat,” she says it like it is the most common knowledge to exist. She tells me to go make her a drink. I tell her I can’t.

She glared at me and said, “that is ridiculous,” and she demands I go make her a drink. I tell her again I can’t. I tell her I’m underage and don’t work here.

She asks again that I clear the table and get her a drink.

I don’t have a problem giving someone a hand. Especially the people that work in the restaurant with my parents, I knew most of them well. So I tell her I would be glad to help one of the servers clear the table so she could sit but I tell her again I can’t get her a drink.

She sighs clearly very aggravated. I grabbed the plates and took them back and wiped off the table. One of the dishwashers who I have hung out with a couple of times asked me who my friend was.

He was joking and I explained she thought I worked here.

He laughed and told me to make her a drink and see what happened. I raised an eyebrow at him but he shrugged and told me it would be funny. I shrugged, went behind the bar, and made the only thing I knew how to: a Shirley temple.

I make the Shirley temple and start to bring it to the lady. She has sat down and is on her phone and is very irritated. I give her the Shirley temple, she takes one sip and asks me what it is.

I tell her it’s a Shirley temple. She asks me why in the world I brought that to her. I told her, “you asked for a drink from a minor that doesn’t work here.” I paused and asked her what did she expect.

One of the waitresses who actually worked there and could go behind the bar and make drinks came over. She looked confused at me and I shrugged. The Karen proceeded to ask if she was the manager and she told her she was.

The Karen explained my “unacceptable rude disrespectful frankly shameful behavior.” The waitress backed me up and said I don’t work here and she wouldn’t have asked me to bring her a drink. She said I explained to her multiple times I couldn’t do that.

The Karen ended up having to pay for the Shirley temple because she took a drink of it and after she left. The waitress looked at me and asked why I gave her a Shirley temple after finishing laughing. I told her it was the dishwasher’s idea.

“Snitch,” he responded as we were standing near the window.

My dad finally came out of the office and asked why we were laughing. I gave him his hat back and told him to stop giving me his stuff. We explained the whole thing to him.

He found it hilarious, my mom on the other hand scolded me a little but she was laughing too.”

Another User Comments:

“You should have given her toilet water or something gross. She asked for “a drink”. She didn’t specify what she wanted lol.

By the way, nice story. I hope this doesn’t happen to you too often because it can be painful to be accused of an employee, especially by a rude entitled hag like her.

But I’m glad your parents were able to get a laugh out of this story!” Tucker_077

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16. Threaten To Fire Me? Good Luck Filing The Paperwork


“I never thought I would experience this in my lifetime. I’m a hard worker, extremely dependable, and respectful. Not sure how I could lose a job like this. Especially when I only just got it.

So I work late and just about every night for the last few weeks at least, I stop by Walmart to get something for dinner.

I usually get off around midnight and stop by on my way home. Every time I’m at Walmart, barely anyone is there except for the night crew. Stocking up the store and doing their own thing. Now from what I have noticed, they don’t have much of a uniform.

Many of them are in hoodies or jackets of different colors. Just to add some context.

I showed up last night and I’m wearing a hoodie. I begin to walk up and down the aisles trying to figure out what I want for dinner.

I’m thinking pasta and walk past a few guys who are loading the shelves. All of a sudden, I start hearing this guy yelling. This voice gets louder. “HEY! HEYYYY! Are you listening?” I turn to look to see what is going on and this guy approaches me.

“You’re late again. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you walking in the door after 12.”

I begin to laugh, thinking this guy is joking around. Before I can even say anything he jumps on me. “You think this is funny? Your job must not be important to you.

I want you to follow me to the office.”

Now I’m completely confused and start looking around like I’m on some hidden camera show. He starts to walk off and I turn around and go back to shopping.

He comes back a minute later and starts to yell.

“You want to be fired? Because if you don’t come with me now, I will fire you!”

I start to laugh even harder, then ask him, “What’s my name?”

He gives me this puzzled look, so I asked him again, “What’s my name? Do you even know who I am?”

He looks at the other guys in the aisle, who have stopped stocking the shelves at this point to watch this event unfold.

He then looks back at me, trying to figure out what exactly to say back to me before his head explodes.

“Good luck filing the paperwork to fire me when you don’t even know my name!” I continue to laugh at this whole stupid charade.

I pick up some ingredients for spaghetti, trying to give this guy a clue.

He storms off and I look at the other guys in the aisle. “I’m sure he will figure it out eventually, I don’t work here.”

They start laughing and I go on. Can’t believe I lost the job I just found out I had in the same night.”

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15. Rat Me Out To The Head Of Department? Go For It, He Won't Side With You


“A couple of years back, I worked for a very large… resort-style place. It was where some very, very wealthy people had vacation homes. This place was huge, as it was basically its own town, and I happened to be in a small subsection of the largest department.

Now, it’s important to note that the uniforms my small team wore were completely different from the vast majority of people in this dept because we were very specialized – we wore blue shirts and grey pants, and most of the rest of the department wore green shirts with khaki pants.

Actually, I’m fairly certain that we were the only team – other than the on-site EMTs – who had blue uniforms. It was a big place, with lots of employees, so most everyone in “public facing” jobs was essentially color-coded.

Anyways, it was literally my second-to-last day on the job and I had to go to the main office for the dept because that’s where we kept things that we didn’t need all the time (space was extremely limited in our office).

I run inside, pick up the box that we need, and head back out to my vehicle.

A lady who is wearing a green shirt walks up to me, and since I try to be a decent person, I smile and say hello.

Lady: “oh, perfect, I need help taking (a whole bunch of crap) over to the banquet hall!”

Me, very clearly holding a heavy box that is labeled for my team: “uh… I’m on a tight schedule, sorry.” (my team worked a very time-sensitive position, I’m talking down to the second sometimes.)

Lady: “that can wait, I need help now!!!”

Me: “I’m really sorry, but I need to get this to-”


Me, completely out of cares to give: “not to be rude, but you aren’t my supervisor, and my actual supervisor will tear me a new one if I don’t get back to our office right now.”

Lady: “I’M GOING TO TELL (head of dept) ABOUT THIS.”

Me, over my shoulder as I walk away: “go ahead, he’s in his office right now, I just said hi to him.”

Anyways, I headed over to my office and pretty much forgot about the interaction because we were SLAMMED that day and it was non-stop until we closed.

The next day was my last day on the job, so I wasn’t surprised to see the head of the dept show up when my shift was almost over – he was a really good guy, one of the best upper management types I have ever met, and really made an effort to get to know everyone in his dept.

My supervisor and I greeted him and we chatted while I finished cleaning up my station.

Dept. Head, suddenly very grave: “OP, I got a very concerning report about you yesterday.”

Me and my supervisor: “????”

Dept. Head: “apparently you refused to give assistance to (lady) when she asked for it.”

Me: “oh yeah.

I was bringing (supplies) from storage back here and didn’t have time. She was kinda rude.”

Dept. Head, grinning widely at his own joke: “well, in that case, I’m afraid that I’ll have to let you go if you don’t apologize to her.”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry it has to end this way, Dept.

Head, but I must stick to my principles.”

He laughed, shook my hand, and told me I could always count on him for a good reference while my supervisor cackled in the background.

It wasn’t a perfect job, but it was one of the better ones and I’ll always be a little sad that I had to move away.

But at least it ended with a pretty good chuckle!”

Another User Comments:

“Green Shirt Lady sounded like she had an ego problem. When I have a similar conflict at work, I have learned to say, “(Person telling me to do this), has this been run by (my boss)? If not, I need to do that before I help you.” Nine times out of ten, unless I’m doing something pressing, my boss is cool with whatever – as long as he knows about it in advance.” ashlayne

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14. You're Looking For Wasp Spray? I'm Just The Chip Guy And I Don't Think We Have That Flavor


“I used to be a DSD vendor, which is someone who visits a retail store on behalf of a different company, and stocks that specific brand item on the shelf of the store. In the US, any given person you see stocking chips, beer, snack cakes, greeting cards, sodas, energy drinks, saltines, wine, and a few others, and wearing a uniform different than the store, is likely a vendor.

It is super common to be mistaken for a worker of the store, and most people realize oops-sorry and look embarrassed and there’s nothing else to it. Getting mistaken is just part of the job.

I ended up stopping the, “I don’t work here” line, because of the ambiguity of “this department,” and instead used “I am not employed by the store” as my usual go-to that a lot more people understood quicker.

However, I had been waiting to use a particularly silly concept reply that I came up with, which makes me look dumb so that the people who feel dumb maybe feel less dumb about their mistake, and on this one day, I got my chance.

It was a super busy day, the weekend before Christmas where people were packing the aisles grabbing last-minute items, the aisle I was stocking my items on was so dense with shoppers that I stepped out between the big main “racetrack” pallets and bunkers at the ends, so it could thin out again.

Someone I knew was there, and we struck up a convo. I hadn’t seen him in years, he was in town visiting for the week, blah blah.

After a few minutes, as the aisle began to thin down and I was trying to wrap up the convo to get to work, a lady to my side asked if I was done shooting the breeze.

“Are you done yet with your little reunion? There are people who need answers here.”

“Answers… about… chips?”

“No, not about chips! What difference does that make?”

I point to the logo on my sleeve, which had been facing her this whole time. I point to the logo on my front.

I point to the logo on my hat. I point to the logo of the box I was leaning on.

“I work for chip vendor. I can tell you where the chip aisle is, or if we have more of a certain kind of chip, but not much else.

The reason I’m standing here chatting is because I’m waiting for the chip aisle there (pointing to it) to become less crammed so I can get back to refilling it.”

“Look, I just need to know where the wasp spray is.”

That was the setup I needed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that flavor.”

She furrowed her brow and looked at me speechless briefly.

“It’s not a flavor, it’s a spray. You spray it at..”

“I don’t think chip vendor makes any kinds of sprays. You might be thinking of squeeze cheese? That’s not one of ours.”


ugh!” and she walks away, clearly in too big a hurry to deal with my tomfoolery. My friend stifles his laughter.

A guy behind her, who I thought had been waiting to go around her because of the crowd, then walked up to me as if he was in line, and without missing a beat, blurted, “I’m looking for candles.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a chip candle.”

“No, not for chips.

The kind of candle you put on..”

“If it’s not one for chips, I’m not sure why we would be making one. I doubt chip candles, or even chip-scented candles might sell very well..”

“Yeah,” my friend chimed in,” you mostly only want to taste chips.

People with chip breath is usually something you want to avoid, not get more of. I don’t think chip-scented anything would do very well.”

“No, no, it has nothing to do..” and then he caught himself midsentence, saw my logos, and restarted: “You’re not with the store, are you?” with a giggle.

“Correct,” I say grinning back. He pats me on the arm as he walks away, and says “Chip vendor is a good company; stick with it. You’ll do fine.”

A lady behind him that I didn’t notice said, “Wait, you’re not with the store?”

“No, I’m just waiting for the aisle to..”

The lady speaks over her shoulder to the roughly 5-8 others waiting their turns, “he doesn’t work here.” One guy near the back, perturbed asks nearly shouting, “Then why is he telling people where to find things?” (he must have seen me pointing to the chip aisle.)

“I’m not,” I say back.

“You pointed down that aisle, when that first lady asked you.”

“I pointed at the chip aisle, because I work for chip vendor, as you can see by the twelve chip brand logos all over me. I was saying it has too many people on it to stock right now.”

My friend offered a sarcastic, “I think corrective lenses are on aisle 2,” when seeing the grumbling line disperse, and some of the grumblers began to snicker at his remark, and we both had a good laugh.”

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13. I May Look Like An Adult But I'm Just A Kid Trying To Buy This Dictionary


“Back in the early 90s I was in Secondary School (High School), in the UK and I was pretty badly bullied. One of my bullies stole my schoolbag, unzipped it, and threw it upside down into a bin (garbage can). All my schoolbooks and other stuff inside were ruined.

The school had to replace all my textbooks and workbooks, but as this was the 90s they did naff all about the bullying. The school culture of the time was “Kids need to work this out for themselves” and only stepped in when they were witness to any violence.

This culture changed at the end of the 90s when several high-profile bullying stories, ending in the victim ending their own lives and the backlash forced schools to change their policies on bullying.

I was given some money, by my parents, to buy a French to English Dictionary as my old one was unusable (As well as it stank of rotten food).

On the way back home one day I walked into a store, the now defunct store chain Woolworths, as they had a book sale on. I was looking in the book section for about 10 minutes when I found the last French Dictionary and I could just about afford it.

I then felt someone try to snatch it out of my hand from behind me and I quickly turned around to see a woman scowling at me. Now I was a big kid, starting puberty long before my friends and I had a mustache at the age of 9.

I couldn’t fit into a standard school uniform, so instead, my parents bought me a suit and we had the obvious school’s badge stitched into the breast pocket of the blazer, I was also wearing a school tie as well as having a duffle bag (school bag) hanging from one shoulder.

The employees and management all wore shirts, nametags, and black trousers.

I basically said “What the heck lady? I found this book first!” and she just screamed at me incoherently for a few seconds before shouting “You shouldn’t be buying things while on the clock and sale items should be sold to customers first.” I looked at her for a few seconds, out of confusion, and said, “I don’t work here.”

Well, she didn’t like that and then pushed me in the chest with both hands knocking me backward over the stack of sale books and I somersaulted backward over them out of sight landing at the other side of the sale display with half the displays books falling on top of me (the display was in the middle of an aisle).

At that, I think the manager was running over proclaiming “What happened here?”

The Karen then screamed that I, the employee, assaulted her and tried to “steal her book”, which I was still holding laying on the floor face down. The manager said, “I was watching you from back there (pointing to the other side of the shop) and I could hear you screaming at this kid.” The Karen said, “What Kid?” I calmly stood up, from behind the display, brushed myself off, and said “I’m 13 years old.

I’m a customer and (pointing at the Karen) she just assaulted me by pushing me over these books.” At this, the woman looked like a deer in the headlights and bolted out of the store not saying a word.

The manager apologized and gave me the dictionary for free.

I used the money my parents gave me to buy an art book. My Mum was not pleased to have to sew my trousers, as tumbling over the stack of books ripped a pocket and part of my trouser leg down the seem.”

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12. Want To Find Headphones? Berating Two People That Don't Even Work Here Won't Help


“So, my job requires business casual, so I dress fairly well. Never been mistaken for an employee though. I was grabbing some stuff for the day at a local Walmart in the town I grew up in… haven’t lived there for at least 20 years but my job requires traveling so here I was back in my hometown.

I grabbed some stuff to feed me on the drive back to HQ and as I walked towards the checkout, some lady just barrels up to me yelling about an employee. Convo went like this:

Karen: You need to deal with this useless employee of yours!

Me: I’m sorry, I don..don’t…

Karen: NOW!!!

She grabs my arm and pulls me over to this poor kid who couldn’t have been older than 16 that had a terrified look on his face. He was in ripped jeans and a blue hoodie so obviously, HE doesn’t work there either!

Karen: This horrible child won’t get me the headphones I want out of the case! He is RUINING my baby’s birthday!!

Me: Ma’am, as I said, I don’t work here and it looks like this kid doesn’t either!

Karen: Don’t you lie to me and try to cover for this bad employee!! I WANT HIM FIRED!!!

She got so loud a manager did hear her and walked over.

Manager: What seems to be the issue ma’am?

Karen: This employee (pointing at kid) won’t get me my headphones, and this (pointing at me) useless manager won’t do anything about it!!

Manager looks at kid then at me…and lo and behold we know each other!

Manager: Hey OP, haven’t seen you since graduating! Heard you live in (place I currently live), what brings you back?


Manager: Ma’am, just because someone wears blue or dresses nicely doesn’t mean they work here and if you continue to harass other customers, I will have to ask you to leave.

Manager looks at kid and says “I’m sorry son, go on about your business you did nothing wrong.” So the poor kid ran off looking very relieved being out of the situation. Karen wasn’t done though..

Karen: I want my headphones NOW!!! I WILL be leaving a bad review on yelp about your horrible customer service and bad employees!

Manager: Ma’am, you can leave any kind of review you’d like, headphones are in the electronic department and I will page someone to meet you there, but in no way will you find headphones in the produce section!

I was trying so hard not to laugh!

Mark, the manager, called me a bit ago.

Karen pulled a Karen in electronics because they didn’t have the headphones in the color that she wanted. She stormed out and called to file a complaint about an hour later. His boss reviewed the camera footage and knew Karen was full of it…apparently she said he threatened to hit her with his “gang” backing him up.

And the poor kid? That was her nephew…she called him to verify things and he confirmed she was a Karen. They are considering banning her completely but it’s a small town and it’s the only “big store” so it’s up in the air, but for now, she’s gotten a 30-day ban pending review. Guess she will have to drive 3 hours to the next closest store to get those headphones.”

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11. I'm Not Allowed To Eat While Wearing Scrubs? Ok, I'll Make Note Of That If I Ever Wear Them


“I run a small company that places nurses (and some doctors) in factories, construction sites, and generally anywhere they need a nurse outside of hospital or house visits.

We have a contract with a construction company, which is involved in the expansion of the subway system.

Their current site is next (without blocking any entrance) to a big, fancy, private hospital. I have six nurses placed with them (two for every shift).

Last Wednesday, I visited the site to check on them and have a chat with the chief engineer about their timetable and go over future planning (where to put First Aid stations along the way).

Knowing that around lunch is the best time to have a chat, I arrived around noon. Unfortunately, the engineer wasn’t there and I had to go back the next day. Seeing my people were fine, I decided to treat them to lunch.

We sit at a Cafe just across the hospital and place our orders.

We are wearing clothes appropriate for the site; safety boots, dark blue cargo pants (never have enough pockets!), dark blue t-shirts, and hanging on the back of chairs are three fluorescent vests and three bright yellow hard hats.

As we’re chatting, a woman approaches the table. She looks at me and politely asks on which floor Doctor’s (Insert Name Here) is. (The building the cafe is in has offices on the other floors, mostly doctors from the hospital.)

Me: “Sorry, I don’t know.

I work with the construction crew, not the hospital. You better ask at the gate.”

She thanked me and went to ask at the gate. No harm, no foul.

The next day, I’m back having lunch with the engineer. I’m in the middle of enjoying a Vimes BLT (if you understand the reference, you know what kind) when an angry man (AM) approaches the table and looms above me (I’m in the middle of a bite).

AM: “What do you think you’re doing?”

Me (after finishing the bite): “Having lunch?” I replied confused.

AM: “You know it’s against policy!”

Me: “No, it’s not.” I reply and take another bite.


At that point, he is shouting and the whole cafe is watching the show.

I finish my bite, before calmly replying “Yes.”


I lift my index finger, signaling to hold on a second, while I’m taking another bite. I wipe my hands, roam in my pockets, and finally hand him my company’s card.

AM, looking at the card: “WHAT IS THAT?”

Me: “My company. I’m with the construction crew,” pointing with my thumb behind me.

He looks where I’m pointing, looks at the card, turns around, and leaves.

Engineer: “What was his problem?”

Me: “I don’t know. Maybe somebody placed the 2B pencils along with the H2 pencils.””

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erho 1 year ago
I'm pretty sure it's not any hospital policy to not eat while wearing scrubs, not unless they only have four hour shifts or something. There is no way they'd allow anyone enough time to change before and after their legally mandated meal break, and having your doctors and nurses pass out from lack of food reflects poorly on the hospital's image. Mr. AM needed to report to the ED for an enema: he was full of it!
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10. How Can You Think I Work Here? I'm Literally Wearing Pyjamas!


“I needed to make an excursion outside to feed the kitty her treats of choice as I had run out from spoiling her rotten like she demands. All bow before the cat queen in my home lol. So I get my stuff on and get ready to leave and walk to the grocery store to pick up her tasties and some more cat food.

To paint a picture of what I looked like today. I’m in a grey hoodie and a toque (beanie to you Americans), a grey Guinness tank top and navy blue pajama pants, black dc shoes, and an attack on titan man purse.

I in no way look like an employee of anywhere. I’m in what I like to call bum couture. I also have headphones in, listening to some music. I get to the store jamming out to some slipknot and proceed to go about my business.

Grab a basket and beeline to the pet aisle. I pass the registers and am instantly accosted by this neon green-haired woman in her late 40s wearing a shawl and looking like she belongs in a craft show. She instantly starts in on me looking everywhere else but at me.

Karen: Listen here little man I’m looking for dish soap and I have no freaking clue where you people hide that crap! show me where it is now!

Me pulling out one headphone: pardon?

Karen groaning angrily: UGH do you morons even listen?! WHERE.

IS. THE. DISH. SOAP! (note she’s snapping her fingers in my face at every word.)

Me instantly ticked off at the snapping: I know where it is but with your attitude I’m not exactly inclined to help you.

Karen puffing up in indignation: LISTEN HERE-


Karen taken aback that someone dared to talk back: Well I never!

A helpful employee moving over from customer service: What’s going on here?

Karen before anyone can get a word in: THIS JERK HAS BEEN RUDE TO ME AND DARED TO TALK BACK TO ME.


Me: page a manager please…. clueless here thinks I work here and also requires glasses….

The employee bolts to go grab the manager and we stand there. I just fold my arms and wait while Karen hisses vitriol at me about how I’m going to be mega-fired or whatever.

I stopped paying attention and went back to listening to bleed it out. The store manager and employee appear minutes later just as trivium sin and the sentence starts.

Store Manager: what’s going on here? Employee sorta filled me-


Me: She’s clueless.

and thinks I work here somehow…. I just want cat food and treats.

Store Manager: Ma’am he is plainly a customer look at him. PJs aren’t part of the uniform here.

Karen actually looks at me and really takes in my appearance for the first time.

Seeing that I’m literally here dressed like a lazy couch potato. and lets out a weak “oh…” Evidently, she’s a common problem at this store because the store manager surprises me with his next remark.

Store Manager coldly and obviously very annoyed: Ma’am this is the 3rd time this week you have abused staff and customers.

Leave now and if we see you here again you will have trespassed. You are banned from this location indefinitely. Now please leave.

Karen enraged throws her basket to the floor and rages out screaming about lawyers. Store Manager apologizes to me for what happened and I just brush it off.

Not too worried about it as it’s dealt with. Employee goes back to customer service and tells me to check out with her when I get what I need. Gave me a 25% discount on my kitty tasties and kitty food.

So all in all not bad. All it took was dealing with an idiot for 7 minutes. Paid, dipped, and went home. Now I’m sitting here with my cat happily snoozing in my lap like the glorious queen she is.”

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9. Yell At Me For Closing The Store Early? I'll Listen But There's Nothing I Can Do About It


“This happened a couple of weeks ago. Made a quick run to a party supply/craft store for a cake project I was working on. The place closes at 8. I got there at 7:45. Found my item within ten min, paid, and went out to my car.

I’m sitting in my parking space still, at 7:57, just reading the packaging of my purchase to double-check something, when this other car pulls up beside me. I see this white woman in her late 50s get out, and I can see her walk to the store entrance from my rearview mirror.

The automatic doors don’t open for her.

I go back to reading my packaging and look up when I hear a woman’s voice near my closed window. “(Something something) CLOSED!”

Politely, I cracked my window down like, a centimeter, to actually hear her.

She was ranting that they were closed, and, I was like, “oh yeah, they close at 8 now, I guess—“


Me: “…?? …I don’t work ther—“


She’s kinda close to my car, so I don’t wanna just pull out and tap her with the car mirror and have her sue me or something, which is why I didn’t leave yet.

I firmly, a bit louder, repeat: “I. DO NOT. WORK THERE.”

Woman: (big obnoxious exaggerated arm gesture to empty parking lot, using this loud, antagonistic, singsongy tone) “I DON’T SEE ANY OTHER CARS HEEEEERRRREEE.” Insinuating I must be lying about being an employee? Pretty sure employee parking at that place is behind the building.

(She moved over a bit when she did that grand arm gesture, giving me room to comfortably pull away, so I started the car).

As I rolled up the window, I said, “I AM A C U S T O M E R, you freaking banana.” And I held up my receipt to the glass, then shifted in reverse.

She was still yelling something when I left.

And, to be clear, there couldn’t be any real reason for this lady to assume I worked there. It’s mainly run by teenagers and I’m in my late 30s. And I wasn’t wearing any work-like attire or nametags; I was in loungey crap (Gave Up On Life Heather Gray-colored joggers and a multicolored flannel shirt).

Employees wear bright, solid-colored shirts and …not sweatpants.”

Another User Comments:

“It’s not illegal to close a business a few minutes early. It’s a judgment call made by whoever is in charge at the time, and as far as she knew after you left all of the registers just crashed and the staff decided “Screw it! I’m done,” and closed early since they wouldn’t be able to check anyone out anyway!

I’ve worked in Retail Heck for a good decade, and the amount of times the registers just try to unalive themselves for no apparent reason is enough to make you want to burn the entire store down and try again!” SheWhoLovesToDraw

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8. Only Passengers Can Sit In First Class? Okay, Guess I Don't Have To Move Then!


“I’ve been supporting my family for a few days, they are of elderly age and with this heat raging have some serious issues coping. So I went over there for a few days and helped out with some basic chores, getting their groceries, and also to be around my family of course! Today I went back home by public transport (so much nicer & easier when you’re kinda tired!) and because of the still raging heat and me also being kinda tired I decided I’d upgrade myself to 1st class because…

meh, it’s a few euros extra but you get more leg space, less noise from the airco and I might even be able to get some administrative tasks done because you can easily place your laptop there (wishful thinking though, I’m usually too tired anyway so music and some phone games it was).

Now, this is a “regional train” which only goes between 2 specific cities (and some stops in between!) but this isn’t anything big (no capital cities or such). As a result, the 1st class section is actually very small; 2 sections with a 2 seater bench on each side and a table in between, and then 6 or 8 “2 seater benches” (3 or 4 of those on each side, I’m not 100% sure thinking back).

Needless to say, I hopped into a 2 seater which was somewhere in the middle, and sat near the window. I have my backpack on the floor right next to me so if someone wants to use the aisle seat then there’s nothing hindering them from doing so.

Finally… I nearly always have my Bluetooth earbuds in while on public transport, best invention ever!

I’m sitting in a completely empty 1st class section and noticed that the rest of the train was getting pretty filled making me happy with my decision to upgrade myself.

Don’t get me wrong here: this train has excellent seating no matter where you are, but the chairs here are simply just that bit comfier, which was exactly what I could really use right now. I dearly love my family but it was still a somewhat tiresome experience (NO complaining here mind you!)

Then two women walk in who I had noticed on the platform before, they immediately gave me this “Karen vibe”, the haircut of one of the ladies, the overall body language and composure…

I dunno but they didn’t come across as friendly to me. Both of them take place in another 2-seater bench behind me in the opposite lane. This all happened while I was texting my partner on my phone to ask her if she felt like coming over this weekend and maybe I could treat her to a nice home-cooked dinner.

We’ve been going out for over 10 years now btw, and it’s actually uncommon for us not to be together during the weekend (either her place or mine), but sometimes I refuse to take things for granted and go the extra mileage because…

why not? I know for a fact she enjoys it so that’s all the reason I need!

The train leaves, all is well with the world (and the rail!) when I suddenly see someone in the aisle trying to get my attention.

So I turn off my earbuds (that’s called common sense & basic respect people!), grab my train card and I’m ready to greet the conductor when I suddenly notice that this is actually one of the two ladies.

Me: “Anything I can do for you?”

Weird lady (“W”): “Yes, go sit somewhere else, we want to sit there!”

Me: “You’re free to use this aisle seat but I’m not moving.”

W: “Get out right now, seats should be for passengers.”

(it never dawned on me at this time)

Me: “And here I am, a passenger.

The system still works! Now please leave me alone, I’m tired.”

W: “No, you need to move because we paid for our 1st class seats.”

Me: “So did I, so now kindly bug off you’re starting to annoy me,” and with that, I swiped my earbuds back on.

She still continued talking and I heard bits and pieces because I never have my music on that loud but I simply didn’t care anymore and said with a louder voice: “Can’t hear you, got some important music to listen to!”

At this time I also hear the other woman speak up: “I think you made a mistake” (or something close enough).

I doubt she meant that for me but… don’t know, couldn’t care less either.

Next moment this hag actually grabs my arm and starts pulling! HECK NO!

I grab my grabbed arm with my other hand and forcefully pull back with both of them, that had an interesting effect because the “lady” stumbles and almost falls down.

She manages to maintain some balance and now I’m also standing up, turning off my ‘buds’ and laying into her: ‘WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM YOU STUPID BLEEP?!!!”

W: “You can’t do that to me! I’m going to complain to your boss about this!”

Me: “What the heck are you talking about? What boss?! Shut the heck up, you’re crazy.

Get some brain surgery because if you try THIS again I will actually defend myself from your crap. GOT THAT?!!!”

(I was LIVID but still had no clue what this was all about, yes I was slow. Being tired and adding a 4km or so walk from your family’s place to the train station in a blazing heat can do that to you, and no: nothing to worry about because I had water on me if needed and I actually do recognize those needs (not many, not even in this blazing heat)).

The woman fires right back at me: “You can’t do that to a customer!” and actually makes a gesture to slap me! Oh, heck no! You see, I am wearing glasses and I cannot have that crap happen to me. They are sturdy but if they do break while falling onto the floor then I have a serious problem.

Needless to say, I am always very wary of this and when I noticed what was happening I applied one of the very few tricks my partner was willing to teach me: how to defend yourself from this crap. So I did.

When her hand came towards my face I grabbed it with both hands, twisted it in full force (I was still very much ticked off, that helped not giving a crap), and that had an interesting effect indeed. I then pushed the Karen away from me after which the other woman suddenly said: “I really don’t think he works for the train company,” not sure if I saw a smirk there.

Me: “Now leave me the heck alone!!” and then I release my hold (note to self: do something extra nice for partner this weekend!)

She huffs, she mutters, then gives me nasty looks but does get back into her seat. “Thank you,” I say with an obvious sarcastic undertone.

Screw that.

I didn’t turn my music back on but listened in, so much easier with some good quality small microphones in your earbuds. Sure enough… she’s going to complain to the train company, how dare I, the nerve of some people, blah, blah.

Me: “You know, assaulting a member of the train’s staff is more than enough to get you kicked off the train over here (this is true). So following your logic, I guess you’re on your way out in a few minutes.”

Apparently, the idea of having to wait 30 minutes for the next train was a shock too much to bear (oh the joys of the 1st world Karens problems) and things stayed quiet.

20 or so minutes later the conductor steps in and wants to check our tickets. After I greet him and present him with mine he goes over to the ladies and sure enough: “your coworker is so rude, he even assaulted me!”

“What co-worker? I’m the only one on staff right now next to the driver?” the conductor asks.

A few moments later he takes a seat on the bench right next to me (opposite section).

It was also at this time that I hear a WhatsApp bleep so I grab my phone and see it’s from my partner who gladly accepted my invitation also mentioning how I sure have a way with words.

“Doing anything special right now?” I ask her….

When the answer is no I decided I can be petty too. So I decided to give her a call (I never call or accept calls while on public transport, but at this time it’s just me, the hags, and the conductor and I am not breaking any rules so…)

“Hi dear, sorry to bother but I just HAD to tell you how grateful I am for you teaching me ‘that move,'” after which my partner asks me what’s up and what happened? Am I ok?!!

“No need to worry, all thanks to you! Some “bee” tried to assault me when I wouldn’t give up my seat after she figured I worked here, she even tried to slap me but that really backfired on the crazy bee.” My partner is silent for a moment…

then asks if she’s still around? And did I use one or both hands?

“No, both hands but don’t worry: they have cameras here so there’s no way any of us is going to lie their way out of this even if we tried.

But I couldn’t care less about that crap, I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you teaching me this. I know how serious you are about all that and me being an outsider and all… I am so very grateful to you hon….” (at least something close to this).

The next moment the woman barges right past me while giving me a “jerk!” snipe and walks right out of the train. Which initially actually shocked me because I didn’t realize that we had already stopped at the next destination. “Wait, this isn’t our stop yet!” the other woman yelled after which she ran after her and that was the last time I saw them.

“Mind telling me what happened back there?” the conductor asks when we were moving again. So I tell him this same story: how the hag demanded I give up my seat, me denying and when she actually tried to slap me how I got hold of her hand, twisted her arm with some force behind it (in the right direction) resulting in her giving up after I told her that I didn’t work here.

The conductor looks at me with a huge smile on his face and then never bothered to tell me how he felt about all this because had he done what I did he would have been fired (I am unfortunately not kidding nor lying here, dozens of laws in the Netherlands are plain out absurd).

Instead the conductor “obviously” felt very sorry for the poor woman and told me that I had better get out at the next, also last, stop.

Our little secret you guys (yours, the conductor’s, and mine).”

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7. Go Get A Ladder? Um, I Don't Have The Authority To Do That


“I’m one of those people who can spend HOURS at a Homegoods and TJ Maxx looking at every little thing, and not get bored. One day I spent maybe a little too long in the pet aisle, looking for the perfect pet bed for my pup, and I’d been squishing my hands on all the beds for maybe 15 minutes.

(They have a LOT of beds, please don’t judge me too much lol.)

I was wearing a casual outfit, denim shorts, and a t-shirt, nothing like the vests and name tags/ lanyards the employees wear. This angry woman comes up to me demanding I help her get an item on the top shelf.

I’m 5’2”, and apologized saying “I’m not sure I can help, I’m shorter than you!” She was FURIOUS and demanded I just get a ladder. I told her I couldn’t get a ladder, but she could ask one of the associates and maybe they could help.

She gets louder and louder, yelling that I need to go to the back and get a ladder so I can help her, while I’m just standing there dumbfounded with my hands on top of the dog beds.

Luckily, this woman’s tantrum was loud enough that a cashier hears her and comes over, advising the crazy lady that she can help her. The GLARE the Karen gave me as she walked away and said “Finally someone competent!” will forever be engrained in my brain.”

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6. Have The Audacity To Grab Me? Meet My Big Scary Husband


“This was on a Saturday Spring of 2019 – Northern Utah.

I was out shopping with my family – errands. I realized I forgot diapers (which are located by the registers). I hurried to grab them because we were up next in line.

As I was speed walking past the registers, I stopped for what I intended was a brief moment to find my husband. (There is a trend amongst wholesale dads and their fashion choices… BUT that is a whole other story….)

Wholesale Club employees regardless if in management or work in customer service all wear the same blue vest.

(I had a bright pink shirt on — no vest in sight…) I was just about to take off in his direction when insert Kevin.

“HEY MISS I AM TALKING TO YOU!!” He proceeded to grab my arm.

I was pretty stunned and taken aback – could NOT believe his audacity so I responded, “I’m sorry!??”

“YEAH! You better be!! We need to find item xxyyy and I need you to help me find it NOW!!! Also, these lines are ridiculous don’t you guys have better staffing for the busiest day of the week!?” He was practically spitting in my face.

I had the utmost pleasure of smiling my best eat-crap grin, removed myself from his grip, looked him directly in his now paling face, and replied, “As you can hopefully see – I don’t work here. So I am not going to be of much help.

You touch me again that man over there (gesturing to my 6’3 husband who at this point had turned around to see what my delay was) will not be very happy with you.”

He started stammering “I’m sorry I’m just so frustrated and no one wants to help me and you just looked like you were in charge.”

I turned to the closest associate and said “Excuse me – this man needs some help.

Please and thank you.”

I felt bad about turning him loose on her – but at this point, he had gone from an angry bully to a humbled quiet version of the man I had dealt with prior. Kevin turned to the associate and murmured his “apologies”.

Smiled the same go screw yourself grin. And said, “have a better day.”

Had he not been so mean and physical I probably would have tried to help him. But man, I feel for people in retail! NO TOUCHY!!!”

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Never touch another person without permission, especially someone that you don't know.
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5. Ma'am, I Think You Have Us Confused With Another Store...


“I used to work at a local ice cream store that did not offer any coffee or espresso, just ice cream, milkshakes, and smoothies. Another local ice cream store did offer a wide range of coffee and espresso drinks. The two had wildly different appearances/themes/brand colors.

One night, a woman came in and we had this exchange:

Woman: I want an affogato (ice cream with espresso poured over it).

Me: I’m sorry, we don’t offer any hot drinks. Other Store does, including affogato. They are located a few blocks up the street.

Woman: Don’t be ridiculous, give me an affogato.

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t want to be rude, but I believe you must have confused This Store with Other Store.

Woman: No! I’ve had it here before! Why won’t you give me one??

Me: I’m really sorry, I just can’t give you something I don’t have.

Other Store is just up the street on the ri-


Me: I’m the only person here, but you could call tomorrow morning to speak with her or log a complaint on our website.


Me: … I really don’t know what else to tell you, sorry.

Other Store has affogato and –

Woman: UGH! storms out

The next morning she called to complain to the manager that “the very rude girl who was working last night refused to give me an affogato”, to which the manager replied that the reason I refused to give her one was probably that we don’t serve affogato and she must have us confused with Other Store.

She yelled at the manager too and hung up. I remain baffled by this encounter to this day.”

Another User Comments:

“This is totally believable.

I worked in fast food drive-thru for years in the early 2000s, both as crew and later as a shift manager.

It was fairly regular for customers to demand drinks and sandwiches from other chains, and it got to the point that some upper management insisted if we could figure it out, we should make them anyway.

Didn’t always work. We got the weirdest complaints because of it.

It seems no matter how much people told them, some insisted we sold items we did not. … Some even would call us, a phone number clearly associated with Store_chain with a robot clearly explaining they were calling Store_chain and retort when told we didn’t carry those items that as we were Other_chain we did carry the items.

I mean, the logo of the chain was even printed on the receipt paper, but they still insisted.

Some people are just this stupid, and it BURNS.” Hikaru1024

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4. You Want This Kid Fired? Sorry, I Really Can't Help You


“It had been a long week and a long day at work, so I decided to stop at my favorite store with the red bullseye for some decent, moderately priced Cabernet and some bubble bath stuff. Your girl likes to be bougie on a budget.

I’m sure you all know where this story is going.

A Karen (though not the typical Karen look, she had long hair and didn’t seem like she was even 40 yet. Definitely not old enough for the entitlement-dementia that is Karen), as calmly as she could to seem professional I guess, stormed up to me.

She began lamenting how the teen employee would not get the thing for her (they don’t have the thing apparently) and that he needed to be disciplined. Cut his pay! Cut his hours! Fire him! He has ZERO work ethic! It was starting to hurt my ears.

The poor kid wasn’t far off and came up because he realized that I am not employed by Bullseye.

“I want him fired!”

“I can’t do that ma’am, and if I could I wouldn’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t? Aren’t you a manager here?”


“But you have a name tag.

It even says ‘manager’ on it!”

“Yeah, it says property manager and the company I work for.”

“So you’re still a manager right?”

I was fed up there.

“Ma’am, what does the logo on my tag say? Is there a little bullseye? Am I wearing red or whatever color managers wear here?”

“But you’re A MANAGER! You HAVE to help me! You HAVE TO PUNISH HIM!”

Now I’m freaking fed up, baffled, and befuddled.

I just want to get my bubbles, my Cabernet, and go get in my giant tub so I can boil myself alive. Why are people like this!? I’m beginning to believe all the tales and myths of the terrible Karen.

I walk past her carefully not to brush against her at all so she can’t claim assault.

Her breath smells like egg and smoke.

Once past her, I speed up and grab whatever booze and bubbles are on display so I can get to check out.

Oh god, she’s following me. Maybe if she were sixty or so she would have given up.

I luckily make it through check out with my two things bagged and have my receipt. My social anxiety tells me that people think I’m a thief because I’m running.

I’m safe in my car. I don’t see her anywhere. I drive home.

As I’m finally in my tub, relaxing, eyes closed, turning into a human lobster… I SEE HER. WHEN WILL I ESCAPE?

I will forever know that Karen IS real. She is not a mythological beast. She’s an actual living monster.”

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3. No Matter How Many Times You Keep Calling You Won't Get Your Pizza


“In my youth, my mother had a small shop selling crafts and running classes about making different crafts. I would go and help by answering the phones and checking customers out. When the number for the shop was assigned, it was only one digit off the local Dominos pizza number.

This was about thirty-five years ago so numbers were not saved in your phone in most situations you just had to dial it yourself.

For the first few weeks I would consistently explain, “Oh, you have reached (store name). Dominos ends in a 0, we end in an 8.” The vast majority of people would get it pretty quickly when a kid says that to them.

The ones who didn’t, I took their order. I would even write down all the information on a slip of paper and then toss it when I was done.

Thanks to a few random newer phones with “re-dial” we would get a call back about their order not being there yet.

I would use the nice explanation about the number being off by one digit, and that would be enough. Some people just laughed it off because I was a kid.

One person, not so much. He called as we were about to leave, but had not turned the answering machine on yet.

On instinct, I grabbed the phone and used the greeting mom wanted everyone to use. The customer immediately starts with, “I have a coupon for the buy one get one free today, my address…” I cut him off and used my standard line.

He paused for about five seconds and then said, “Are you saying you won’t accept my coupon?” I answered that he needed to call the right number. My mother and sister were standing waiting because they were ready to go and not really interested in having me waste time.

Our customer now asked, “Do I need to come in with the coupon?” Again I told him where he called, that the number was one digit off and he should call back. The customer finally hung up and we all assumed he heard me.

The rest of this was told to me by my mother. The next morning the store’s answering machine was full. Same customer calling in repeatedly. Providing his address, phone number, and the order. Then calling back asking where it was. Then calling demanding a manager contact him ASAP.

Apparently, it kept going and the last couple of messages were just five minutes of him saying, “HELLO? WHY ARE YOU NOT ANSWERING?” in different ways.

She didn’t keep the tape, which I wish she had because I really wanted to hear it, but she wiped out the messages after having a laugh.”

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2. Sorry, I'm Not The Manager Or Your Cousin!


“This happened a number of years ago in a Walmart in the city where I served as a paramedic.

One afternoon, on a day that I was not in uniform, I went into the local Walmart to do some shopping, just pick up a few things that I needed for the week.

I was wearing jeans and a plain white tee shirt with some athletic shoes, obviously not anything related to the store. Upon entering the store I headed straight for the back of the store where the restrooms were located because I had some brief business to conduct there.

As I entered the restroom, I headed for the urinals intending to put one of them to good use, but noticed that one of them was overflowing onto the floor. I decided to skirt around that wet floor area, and instead use one of the regular toilets.

After finishing my previously mentioned business, I again skirted around the increasingly expanding wet floor area and made my way to the sink. After dutifully washing my hands, I exited the restroom and spotted a young Walmart employee in her blue vest walking by and I stopped her.

She appeared to be about nineteen and fresh-faced.

I said, “Excuse me, but one of the urinals in the men’s restroom is overflowing and the floor is getting wet.”

To which she replied very sincerely, “What do you want me to do?”

I responded, “Um..

I don’t really know. I guess whatever it is that you do when a urinal is overflowing.”

At this, I turned to walk away, but she caught my elbow and repeated, “What do you want me to do?”

Now we both stood looking at each other with confused looks on our faces.

Then I said, “I don’t know what your procedure is for overflowing toilets, but I expect you might want to ask a manager if you don’t know.”

Then she said, “But you are the manager!”

I assured her that I was not the manager and that I didn’t work at Walmart, and I was only there to do a little shopping and had stopped to use the restroom before picking up a few things.

It was clear that she didn’t believe me because she said, “But I saw you in the meeting this morning.”

I said, “Well that’s not possible because I was not here this morning and I haven’t been to any meetings here because I don’t work here.” She insisted that she had seen me in the meetings that same day in the morning and that I had spoken to the employees.

It began to dawn on me that she must be a new employee and that one of the managers apparently bore some resemblance to me.

After a few more moments of me denying any association with Walmart, I turned and walked away, but I could see by her expression that she was not convinced.

I continued on, bought my things, and left, thinking, why was she so convinced that I was a Walmart manager?

I of course thought that this was just a case of mistaken identity by a new employee who obviously didn’t know the manager very well and that it would never happen again.

But it became apparent about two weeks later that I was wrong.

So a couple of weeks later I was again entering the same store. I had just walked through the entrance and was passing the service desk when I heard a woman’s voice say, “Oh, there he is.” I glanced in the direction of the woman at the service desk and she was looking directly at me.

I continued walking but noticed that she was walking straight toward me and smiling. She said, “Hey there, smile when you look at me!” At this point, I looked around me to be sure that she was talking to me and not to someone behind me.

At first, I thought that maybe she was someone that I had picked up in the ambulance or someone that I had assisted previously. I know I had a confused look on my face, but I popped on a crazy-looking grin anyway.

She continued to approach me cocking her head from side to side and looking me over until she got almost face-to-face with me. Then she exclaimed, “Oh my god! You’re not my cousin. I’m so sorry, you look like my cousin.

He’s a manager here.” I said, “Um no… I’m not your cousin, but nice to meet you anyway.” We talked for a few minutes and I relayed the story about the bathroom that had happened a couple of weeks earlier and we had a laugh.

On other visits to that store, I tried to keep my eye out for my doppelganger but never saw him. I figured if I could fool his cousin, we must look a lot alike, but I never saw the fella.”

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1. Woman Thinks She's Doing A Good Deed By Donating...And Doesn't Actually Follow Through


“A little background – I work in film as a set dresser, which among many other tasks includes being a glorified mover. My fellow set dressers and I were finishing up our final days on a gig, this past week. On Friday we had a full 16 ft truckload of furniture that we didn’t use in the movie, that we were attempting to donate to a thrift store.

The staff at the thrift store only ok’d a few furniture items for us to donate, which were throughout the truck, which forced us to have to unload a bunch of our stuff to get to a few items that they would take and then reload the other furniture back on.

The staff left us to do our thing as they were busy. We were already a bit confused about our own situation with the store, it was really hot outside and we were all tired and sweating from a week of furniture moving.

Cue Karen.

This woman pulls her car up to where we are and gets out with a couple of boxes of items. She sees us and flippantly asks “Where should I leave these?”

We tell her “Sorry, we don’t work here, we aren’t sure.”

She starts to get a little huffy and instead of looking for a staff member she just spots one of our dining tables and says with an irritated sigh, “I guess I’ll just leave these here.” And plops the boxes on our stuff.

My co-worker responds with “Actually, sorry, that table isn’t staying, it’s going back on our truck. You can’t leave it there.”

Now she is visibly annoyed and with a raised and very entitled tone asks us again “Well then, where should I leave this stuff?!”

To which we again reply “We.

don’t. know. We don’t work here, you have to ask someone who works here!”

At this point, she is pretty irritated and huffs over to where I am standing, angrily throws the stuff on the ground next to me, stomps back to her car, and promptly drives away.

It felt like she pegged us as working-class people and therefore we must be able to give her the answers she wanted and couldn’t understand why we didn’t have them. Some people are so entitled it shocks me.”

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