People Disclose How Someone Got Their Comeuppance Through Revenge

I will never understand how some people can just be so blatantly and unapologetically rude or disrespectful. You can blame your bad attitude on a bad day all you want, but I still don't think it gives you the right to treat others like dirt. And I'll definitely be cheering on the sidelines when those jerks get exactly the karma they deserve. Some people really do ask for it and revenge always delivers. Read on to see how these rude people got their comeuppance!

38. I Can See Why You Lost Your Job


“Worked at a major toy store back when I was a teen and our store was being closed so there was a massive clearance sale. With the store so close to the last day we would not accept returns, since everything must go.

A man was screaming at customer service who could not take an item back (throwing cuss words in a child’s toy store..) Obviously, everyone at the registers started watching as my manager walks over trying to calm him down. At one point he asks the man to understand why we cannot accept returns after explaining the situation and states how we are all losing our jobs.

The man screams back ‘Do you think I care? I just lost my job too!’ Without missing a beat my manager responds ‘I can see why.’ Everyone started laughing and the man’s face became beet red. He immediately walked right out the store.”

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vewh 2 years ago
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37. Be Careful Who You're Rude To...They May Be Your Teacher


“I was copying a few pages in the university campus copy shop when a woman storms in, orders me to drop what I’m doing, and help her copy some borrowed notes from a lecture.

I tell her that I’ll be happy to help her in a few seconds, and she starts yelling at me. She apparently has to go to a lecture in three minutes, has to return the notes immediately, and is very upset with my attitude.

I copy the notes, give them back to her, follow her to the lecture hall, and start my lecture.

It slowly dawns on her that for the next three years, I will be one of her teachers. It was beautiful.”

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1lwa 2 years ago
So, she was cheating?
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36. Yell At Me For Getting The Date Wrong? Check Your Calendar


“Not me but as a casual observer who also works in customer service, I felt like giving this receptionist a massive fist bump.

I was in the waiting room at the dentist’s and a lady came in with her son and tried to notify the receptionist that the boy (maybe 10 or 12) was here for an appointment.

Now already the way she was talking to the girl on the front desk would usually be considered a bit rude but it was nothing that people in customer service don’t have to deal with on a daily basis. The receptionist looks up with an apologetic look on her face and calmly says that her son is not on the list and he doesn’t have an appointment today.

The lady then starts screaming at this poor girl that they had driven over from an adjacent town for this appointment and that the entire dentist practice was an utter disgrace for not having the time that she had booked. While this was happening the woman’s poor son was looking pretty embarrassed at his increasing hulk-like mother and to be honest, all the other people in the waiting room were awkwardly looking at the ground as well.

The lady now with an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Banner after stubbing his toe on a coffee table screamed at the poor young girl that she had received a letter notifying her of the date and time of the appointment and shoved it in the receptionist’s face.

The receptionist keeping her cool the whole time looked calmly back at the lady and stated that the date on the letter was actually 3 weeks away and that it was her who had got the date wrong.

I and another guy who had got up to try to calm this lady down exchanged amused looks while the lady herself seemed to deflate like a balloon. She turned around, grabbed her son, and left, staring at the floor the whole time. The receptionist handled the whole situation like a champ and a couple of people even got up to compliment her on how she dealt with it.

It’s the most satisfied I have ever been after dealing with a customer and I wasn’t even the one who was being yelled at.”

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Katydid1 2 years ago (Edited)
I didn't show my butt, but one time I went to a specialist's appointment the wrong day & time. The lady at the front said when I signed in, "Mrs X, you appointment isn't today. It's XYZ at whatever time." Yes, I was embarrassed a little, but we both laughed & decided I'd come back at the right time & day.
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35. I Never Promised To Show Up Early...Or Smell Good Either


“Scheduled my annual exam for 6:45 on a Tuesday night, and worked my butt off after work to get dinner on the table for my spouse and 1yr old before trekking to downtown Chicago. About an hour fifteen before my scheduled appointment, the nurse calls me to ask if I could possibly come in earlier.

I’m the last appointment of the day, and the doc has nobody before me. In all my Mom panic, I’m like sure. I think I can be there about 6:15. Well, my tiny human was being a tiny jerk, and traffic into downtown was stupid.

I arrive at 6:30 pm apologizing only once for not arriving sooner. The registration assistant proceeds around the corner to tell the nurse I have arrived. I then hear this nurse talking smack about how I said I would be there by 6:15, and she guesses that ‘she must not understand the definition of early.’ Now, I would normally let this slide.

But I don’t get out much these days with a baby, so I took it personally. My diet over the last few days has mostly been chicken wings and pulled pork sandwiches, and my digestive tract is on its way to doom. While the nurse is taking my vitals, I proceed to poof a cloud of radioactive material into the 8x10ft room. It smelled like death and bbq sauce.

She hurriedly gave me my instructions for the exam and booked it on out of my little exam room of doom. Luckily the air cleared out quickly, and my doc and I had a great visit. All future farts were let go in larger public spaces so as not to disturb the rest of society.

I love and support healthcare workers, especially nurses. Just next time if you’re going to talk some trash, do it where I can’t hear you.”

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chga 2 years ago
Chemical warfare. I like it.
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34. Steal From My Girl? I'll Make The Cops Believe You're Driving A Stolen Car


“Back in the ’90s before cell phones, we all had pagers.

My partner at the time would drive around with hers clipped to her sun visor.

She stopped to talk to an old high school friend and shortly after noticed her pager was missing. She recalled the guy asking if she had a pen and realized when she reached into the glove box he must have taken it.

She calls me up, I go over to her house, and she leads me to his apartment.

We knock on the door, his mom says he should be home in 30 minutes. We said we would wait.

She must’ve called to warn him because we sat outside for 2 hours waiting. No show. So I hatched a plan… We would go to a different parking lot where we could see the main entrance of the complex and watch for him. Sure enough 10 minutes after making a show of ‘leaving’ we see him pull in, drive right past us, and right to his front door.

Now the original plan was to simply confront him and ask him to give the pager back, if he did no harm no foul, if he didn’t we would involve police. Knicked on his door for 20 minutes, nobody would answer. But then I thought about his car.

Well, first I had heard his car.. Loud exhaust drowned out by the thumping bass of the souped-up stereo system.

Most of the car was primer paint, rust, a blue replacement door, big spoiler, chrome wheels. You know the type, more funds spent on customizing radio and wheels than actually maintaining it. Dark tint, red tape over a broken taillight, the kind of car that always catches a cop’s attention.

New idea.

We leave, go home. Grab my screwdriver set, and waited. At about 3 am I went back, snuck through the parking lot, and took his license plates.

(Even replaced the neon license plate frame when I was done, completely undamaged.)

The next day he goes about his normal day (really, who looks to see if your license plate is on?) and got pulled over for not having license plates. After an hour and 3 other cop cars at the scene, his story checks out, the VIN is successfully traced back to him, and he does not get a ticket, as long as he filed a police report about the plates being stolen.

Spends another 3 hours dealing with getting new license plates, really ruined his day. Had to take a day off work to get it all taken care of. He then gathered up a posse and came to my partner’s house to confront her. But without admitting to stealing the pager, he had no grounds to accuse her of anything.

We had already canceled the pager service and getting a replacement was no problem, so I felt we were even, he was suitably inconvenienced, I was happy.

But then he called my partner and threatened to ‘kick her butt.’ It’s back on!

I waited a month, snuck back over on a Friday night at 3 am again, stole his new plates, and put his old plates back on.

The next night he was cruising with his friends and a cop noticed him, ran his plates. Came up stolen. Pulled over. Arrested for having stolen plates, filing false theft reports, and having some substances in the car.

He avoided all contact with my partner from that point on.”

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1lwa 2 years ago
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33. Don't Think I'm Qualified? Here's A Rotten Banana Peel To Stink Up Your Ride


“I used to work for an electronic store in the car audio installation department. You’d think people would know better to be nice to people who work on your car or handle your food.

One lovely day I’m properly buried under a dashboard when Jerk pulls up behind one of the bay doors, despite the no parking signs.

I hear the rumble of the truck, so I wait for the person to come to the desk. After a minute, nothing. Still working under the dash when Jerk decides to honk the horn at me. Strike 1. I wait a second and sure enough, he does it again. I slowly walk out and politely ask him to move his vehicle to the parking spots off to the side and I’d be happy to help him.

He began talking in an upset loud voice saying he was told to pull around back and he is in a hurry. He said he wanted a radio and door speakers installed. Ok, no problem. Go on inside and speak with the sales guy. ‘Ugh, I was just there.’ I told him I understand but the policy is to inspect vehicles prior to sale to ensure correct parts are sold.

Jerk proceeds to the front, goes through with the sale. Once he gets to the back I have a form ready to fill out asking for vehicle info and notice liability, etc. He fills out the bare minimum and doesn’t sign, despite mentioning of signature and the large red ‘X’ noting where to sign.

Finally, paperwork is done and Jerk has been a ride and impatient the entire time.

I’m the only one currently working when he demands to know how long. Now we typically quote a time frame to be safe because the unexplainable can happen and retail customers love opportunities to ask for free stuff.

I tell Jerk that it will be between an hour and two hours. Finishing up this vehicle and he is next. He gets angry and yells how two hours is ridiculous for what he is getting installed. Try and calm him down, not working.

He asks for the manager when I politely smile and say I’m the manager. He uses a few more profane words and storms off.

Finally, pull his vehicle in and get to work. He comes back with the store manager. The store manager clearly can see I’m working on his truck. He asks the wait time and I reply ‘at this point no more than an hour and a half.’ Jerk loses it and tells about me lying and saying more than two hours and me being rude.

Etc, etc. Again, looking for a handout.

The store manager explains the little knows about installation and finally gets Jerk to chill out a little. Once the manager leaves, Jerk welcomes himself into the bay, directly past the no customers this point sign to watch me work. Strike 2.

I ask him to leave, state insurance reasons whatnot. He throws another fit on how it’s his truck and I better not break anything.

He wants to make sure I’m qualified and not just rigging it to get him out since I get paid install. Strike 3

I’m hourly. I’ve worked on cars 5x the price of your five-year-old pickup truck. I maintained patience this entire time and I’ve finally had it.

Finally, the good part. As I’m finishing the driver’s door speakers I make my way to the trash and remove a banana peel from my morning snack.

I drop it inside the door panel and button the vehicle back up. Rotting banana peel won’t make noise sliding around in the door. So long Jerk! You made my day, enjoy the new system and stinky car.”

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rossbro 2 years ago
Should have put shrimp in there.
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32. Prank My Cousin? I'll Put Permanent Makeup All Over Your Faces


“My cousin Laura and I were really close growing up.

She lived in the posh suburbs that I hated (ironically I live there now lol) and I was a city kid with crazy parents. My grandma used to come get me from my mom’s house every weekend and we would go see my cousins. My cousin was bullied a lot in school about her weight and I had a terrible home life. This made us even closer.

Laura’s grandparents lived next door to these 3 girls and their mother. My cousin who was desperate for friends would hang out with them a lot. When we’re about 10 years old and we would go over to her grandparents’ house the girls would invite both of us to come over. I didn’t like going over because when we did I could tell they weren’t really her friends.

They would always try to take me off to the side and talk about her or laugh at her when she would do something in a mean way. I talked to her about it and she didn’t want me to say anything. One time I actually told Laura’s grandma and she called the girls’ mother. The mother of course said it wasn’t true and even suggested that I was lying.

It was dropped and I was told not to say anything else about it.

Fast forward 5 years and my cousin, the girls, and I are all teenagers. The girls were having a huge slumber party and I just happened to be at my cousin’s grandparents staying over with her. Had I known she was going to their slumber party I would’ve never come over but I was there and I was forced to go.

The girls acted like they really wanted us to go but they didn’t.

The Slumber Party:

There were a lot of kids there from the girls’ school maybe 15 kids in total. Everyone was talking and eating pizza. I knew something was up because the girls made it like I was their really good friend and my cousin was the tag along. Everyone then decides to get their makeup out.

We picked a partner and did each other’s makeup. Of course, I picked my cousin and when I was done with hers she started doing mine. One of the sisters came over and said ‘This looks awful you know you can’t do makeup Laura’ and kind of pushed her out of the way and started doing my makeup. I didn’t say anything but I was mad.

I didn’t want to ruin their party and my cousin kind of gave me the ‘don’t-say-anything-it’s-okay’ look so I stayed quiet. The girl went on and on about her ‘expensive makeup’ and how it was so much better than that ‘other stuff’ we had. She even had some permanent eyeliner. When she was done she then wanted to do my hair. Everyone was standing around watching saying how great I was and how pretty etc. After it was over it was really late, we changed into our pajamas, put on a scary movie and we got out our sleeping bags.

The sister who did my hair called me into the backroom to fix my hair. There were probably 4 girls in there with her who were still slathering lip gloss and her ‘permanent eyeliner’ onto their faces. The girl said to one of her disgusting friends ‘let’s do a prank.’ Of course, they were all for it. I didn’t say anything, just say there with my eyes closed as she caked more makeup on me.

They were then trying to figure out who they were going to do the prank on. Of course, they picked my cousin Laura. They were going to take all of her clothes and wet them and put them into the freezer. I didn’t say a word. I let them finish the makeup and went back out and got into my sleeping bag.

I tapped Laura on the shoulder and told her their plan.

She looked really sad but tried to laugh it off. I was so angry. The fact they said it in front of me and expected me to turn against my own family and best friend showed how stupid they really were. So I came up with a plan. We were going to act like we were asleep and let them take the clothes and freeze them, then when they went to sleep we would get them.

Just as they said they would they came in giggling and took her stuff. We heard the faucet and the shut of the freezer door. Then their mom came in and said ‘everyone was to go to sleep right now!’ So they lay down. It was like 4 am at this point and everyone had been there since 3 pm the previous day so they were tired. I never could sleep in other people’s houses so it wasn’t hard for me to stay awake but my cousin had fallen asleep.

I woke her up and said, ‘Let’s do this!’ We crept around the house and got the makeup and started drawing on their faces lol mostly we used lipstick but then I saw the ‘permanent eyeliner.’ I took it and started drawing on their arms, faces, legs, whatever I could. I still to this day don’t know if they were really asleep or not.

I don’t know how we got away with it. When we were done we grabbed our stuff and left even the wet stuff out of the freezer (it wasn’t frozen yet). We even put some makeup on our own faces to make it look like we got ‘pranked’ too. We lay back down but I was scared so we ran to my cousin’s grandparents next door and got in bed: a fatal mistake….

The Next Day:

We didn’t get to sleep very long before Laura’s grandma came in and said loudly ‘Wake up! What did you do??’ We were exhausted because we had had no sleep but we got up. The grandmother started asking all these questions ‘How did you get make-up on your face?’ ‘Why did you come home?’ ‘What happened?’ We tried to lie and say I wasn’t feeling good and ‘we don’t know how we got makeup on our faces someone must have pranked us etc…’ It didn’t work at all, she knew we were lying, and then she said ‘The girls are over there crying.

They can’t get some of the makeup off. The eyeliner you used was permanent and it also got all over the new carpet their mother just had installed.’ We then told her the whole story and showed her the wet clothes. Nobody moved for about 1 very long minute. The grandmother got calmly off the couch and went to the phone. We didn’t move a muscle.

She called the girls’ mother and said ‘Ask your daughters and their friends about my granddaughter’s clothes.’ You could hear the mother screaming through the phone to which my cousin’s grandmother hung the phone up in her face.”

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StumpyOne 1 year ago
That's a good Grandma right there!
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31. Want Me To Swim Out Of The Way? Well, You Asked For It


“I had fallen from a horse and broken my leg. When the plaster cast eventually came off, the leg was weak so the Dr suggested swimming would help build muscle. I’m not a great swimmer so after a couple of lengths, I lay against the side of the pool, gently kicking with my legs and getting my breath back.

I saw a fellow get into the pool and begin to swim towards me. He was obviously in training as he was ripped and built like a tank. Anyhow, when he reached where I was, he began to tread water and said ‘Are you gonna move?!’ I continued to kick, smiled sweetly, and said ‘I’ll move when I’ve finished havin a pee.’ The disgust in his face was a picture.

He moved to the other side of the pool. I lay against the side and continued to kick….”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
I'll bet he had all the other lanes to swim in. Jerk!
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30. Keep Feeding The Seagulls? You'll Create A Big Mess


“I used to work on the Jersey Shore during the summer (I lived there, it’s what most of us did), and I worked at one of the better and worst places you could. A restaurant facing the beach. This was at Jenkinson’s Pavilion, where one side of the place went towards the boardwalk and the other side let out on the beach. There was only one hostess stand in the front, so we had a lot of self-seaters coming off the beach since we couldn’t put a sign up saying to go upfront… it fell on a kid once.

Anyway, that wasn’t the annoying part. The annoying part was seagulls… and not even really the seagulls, the people who kept feeding them, at their table, while surrounded by other patrons. So here’s my story.

On a super busy day, our entire outside seating was full. I noticed one table throwing fries on the sand and putting them on the railing that surrounded the seating area.

Occasionally a seagull would swoop down and grab it, all to their delight. I was charged with telling customers not to do that. So I walk up and tell them they can’t feed the seagulls while in the restaurant. They ask why and I just point up. They see a dozen or more seagulls circling above. I tell them they don’t have to land to go to the bathroom, and other people around them could have a mess.

They tell me sorry and stop. For about 5 minutes.

I see their kids feeding them again, this time holding the fries in the air. I come over again and ask them to please stop doing that, again… Explaining what happened in the past and hoping they will see reason. Five minutes later, I see they didn’t learn their lesson.

I hear a loud bang as 3 tables scatter around the seagull feeding table.

It seems they went back to feeding them on the railing. One badly balanced gull swooped down, grabbed the fry, smacked into the father’s face and fell under the table, and got caught there. The railing has panes of glass going around the entire outside, so the stupid bird just kept whacking up against the glass, holding its crispy prize in its pee-colored beak.

I run over, quite used to picking these birds up, and throw a towel over it, grab it, and toss it over the railing to let it fly away… still gripping its fried snack.

I help the father and his two kids straighten his table and the other two tables. All of which were giving him fairly nasty looks. He just said sorry, left a nice big tip (which I see nothing of being a busboy), and left. I guess he wasn’t all that angry, but the situation certainly put him in his place of ‘if someone tells you not to do something, and gives you a dang good reason why you probably shouldn’t keep doing it…'”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
What inland hinterland did these people come from, not to know better than to give anything to a seagull?
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29. Don't Have Anything Nice To Say? Leave My Salon


“It didn’t happen to me, but to my old boss and friend.

We are both stylists. He is very very good at what he does.

Without a doubt, the most expensive haircut in town, and his schedule was always booked solid for at least 3 months out. His clientele consisted of almost entirely older, wealthy white women.

One day he was about halfway through a cut with a client and they were talking about the gay marriage drama that was happening in the media at the time. His client was saying some pretty awful things about gay people getting married and how it would, ‘absolutely affect her marriage with her husband in a negative way.’ Or something very similar.

Anyway, he spun her around in the chair so they were face to face and reminded her that he had been with his partner for 20+ years and asked her how them getting married could possibly affect her marriage to her husband. She stumbled and said something stupid, to which he simply told her to leave. Leave my salon, people like you are not welcome here.

Get out.

She left, upset that half her hair was cut and I imagine embarrassed because she got kicked out of a business for spewing hate and intolerance.

It doesn’t end there.

My boss was VERY good at cutting hair. You couldn’t simply just go and get another haircut similar to his. At least not around here.

But his client tried. She tried several different stylists over the next few months.

None could give her what she wanted.

So she started writing apology letters to my boss.

Not just one, but three letters before he finally accepted her apology and allowed her back in the salon.

I asked him if she was still saying dumb nonsense, knowing that he wouldn’t hesitate to tell her to leave. He said, ‘yeah she still says stupid, misinformed stuff all the time.

But never about gay people anymore.'”

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28. You Want An Embroidery Piece So Bad? I'll Make One That Reflects Your Bad Attitude


“My MIL is an absolute nightmare. And recently she has been driving me nuts because she won’t shut up about the fact that I haven’t made her an embroidery piece.

I picked up the hobby about a year ago and mostly do it just for myself but every now and again I’ve given a piece to a friend or family because I knew they’d enjoy it.

My MIL hates this because she’s a narcissist and can’t feel like she’s not the special star of the show. No one can get any paradise, gifts, or attention that she didn’t and definitely not in a bigger quantity than her.

I’ve been ignoring her for the most part but now I’ve started getting messages from her friends telling me how hurt she is, how awful it is to not set time aside to honor her, I should show my appreciation and that it’d be suuuchhhh a lovely gift for her, etc…

Just….uuuuggghhhg. Okay. Fine. She wants one so bad? She’s going to get one.

I am currently putting the finishing touches on her design.

A nice big, tall bouquet of sunflowers, yellow carnations, and daffodils surrounded by basil foliage. In Victorian flower language, it all symbolizes false riches, vanity and resentment, and hatred.

Note: Making her a piece wouldn’t have been a big deal. I just never made one for her because I have very limited time for hobbies and when I’m doing it I prefer to focus on projects I enjoy.

She is also incredibly invasive so having a hobby/something that doesn’t involve her is refreshing. I probably would have made one that suited her eventually. But her manipulation, talking behind my back, and the drama she’s created has inspired me!”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
Ooh, snarky! But is she conversant with the language of flowers? Or were you depending on someone to point it out to her?
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27. Bully Me? No Correct Test Answers For You


“When I was in middle school (from 10 to 13), I have been bullied a lot. It was horrible. I was being bullied for all sorts of reasons, from being ugly to being too polite. I was beaten up, I had zero friends, every day I would have people calling me names and laughing at me every single hour.

It was really hard to live in that period, but I’ve always been strong.

Last day of middle school. We had to take a national test to graduate. The first part was written, and I believe the next day we would have had the oral test. Our Italian teacher decided to give us some help. She read the Italian questions and answered them all (that’s not a common practice you see… it’s against the law and it usually doesn’t happen.

But many in my class would have failed, I guess). Since I was the best in Italian, the teacher decided to give the answers to me, for me to then pass them on to my classmates.

They saw this whole thing and started acting nice. Of course, they wanted the answers, and they asked for them. I turned, I smiled, with my sweetest smile, and I said ‘of course!’

I gave them all the wrong answers. All of them.

I helped the few people who were actually kind of nice to me in the years. The rest just got what they deserved.”

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rossbro 2 years ago
Bravo !
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26. Keep Being Impatient About Your Order And I'll Ban You From The Store


“Customer comes in asking about concrete stain for ‘outdoor applications.’ After twenty minutes of prying (paint store customers rarely have the slightest clue what it is that they actually want), I come to find that what he’s actually doing is coating an in-ground pool.

So no, concrete stain is not sufficient, and outdoor concrete coatings that you would buy off the shelf are also not sufficient. So he gets all angry when I tell him it’s a two-part epoxy that needs to be specially ordered at about $70 a gallon and only comes in two colors (white and blue, this is important). I’m not even kidding him either, this is a very specific application and only a few products will work.

They’re all expensive. But hey – you own an in-ground pool dude. Them’s the breaks.

Anyway, he places the order, puts down a deposit, and leaves. I tell him it should come in on our next truck in a week and that I will personally call him. Two days later he calls me, asking why it isn’t there yet. The same thing happens again four days in.

Finally, the truck arrives with his epoxy. I call him, he comes to pick it up, and it turns out he wanted blue, not white. Even though he specifically said white. I even had him write down exactly what he wanted, and he wrote ‘white.’ When I showed him this he accused me of forging his handwriting to cover the mistake. So finally I just bite the bullet and place another order for the other color.

Mind you, this is about $200 worth of paint that I’ve gotta bite the bullet on now – it’s highly specialized, and it won’t sell off the shelf in a million years probably.

So then it turns out the blue is back-ordered and will take two weeks. The dude flips his lid and starts yelling in the store as if that will somehow make it possible for the manufacturing plant to defy physics and create his complicated stuff 14 days faster.

Finally, he says screw it and I place the order. Cue the same process as before – he calls every two days the entire time, wondering why it hasn’t arrived yet.

At this point, it becomes important to point out that he was likely not aware that the store only employed me, a manager, and an assistant manager. Point is, I don’t think he knew it was me he was talking to on the phone.

So he finally comes in when his order has arrived and is grumbling and complaining the whole time about the price, availability, color mix-up, on and on. I get to the point where all I need is his credit card to finish up the transaction, and as he hands it to me he says something to the effect of, ‘and on top of that you’ve got this jerk answering the phones around here who blah blah blah blah…’ (my brain shut down at that point.)

Voided transaction, handed him his card back, put his paint away in the backroom, and told him he was no longer welcome to shop there. He flipped out predictably, threw a cup of pens at me, and knocked over some small displays on his way out. I got written up for rudeness and for the two botched expensive orders that we were now stuck with.

Worth it though. I know for a fact we were at the time the only store within 100 miles that sold pool coatings. I really hope I ruined that guy’s summer.”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
What happened to the business? Stores that don't take up for their staff against impossible customers deserve to fold.
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25. Giant Bug Gets Crushed In My Chips? Make The Bully Eat It


“When I was in grade 3 or 4, this guy named Chris was the biggest kid in our grade, and he was a bit of a bully to me.

Not terrible, but I remember him being mean, and being at least somewhat afraid of him. One lunchtime, I was out in the schoolyard eating my lunch, and part of it was a plastic bag with some cheese-flavored nacho chips. I was munching the chips when the biggest, freakiest looking wasp or hornet or something flew right into my bag of chips. Might have been a beetle or I dunno. It was Big.

I was a bit panicked and closed the bag tight. (It was a bigger, clear plastic bag.) I didn’t know exactly what to do, but the bug definitely scared the life out of me, and I was not about to release it. So I put the bag, chips and all, down on the ground, and stomped on it, squashing that bug to smithereens. But now my chips were, for all intents spoiled and wasted. Bummer.

Then I experienced what can only be described as an epiphany. I shook up the bag, mixing the bug remains with the chips left in the bag, and after checking to be sure that one could not discern the smooshed bug amongst the nachos, I went in search of Chris. He was close at hand, as luck would have it. I explained to him that I was finished my lunch, and full, but I had these nachos left over, and would he like them?

He walked off, merrily munching my chips with ‘extra guac’, and was none the wiser. I really was pleased with myself, as I really felt Chris had it coming. Funnily enough, he was nicer to me after that. I know he never learned what I had done to him. I never felt bad at the time, but in retrospect, I suppose it was a pretty awful thing to do.”

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chga 2 years ago
I'd argue that tricking your bully into eating a bug isn't really that bad. It's a victory for the victim that really doesn't hurt anyone. Especially if the bully never finds out
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24. Wrongly Accuse Me Of Being A Bad Kid? I'll Start Acting Like One


“When I was 11 or 12 I had just moved to a new country with my folks. I was in a new school and had just started a new semester. I was a good kid, I was well behaved and did my work.

With a new semester (or year, I can’t remember which) came this new ‘teacher’. From day one, she had it in for me. My grades dropped, every time the class was talking, she would turn around and scream at me.

I don’t know whether she hated my country of origin (I’m white, not that it matters), the way my head looked, my accent, I have no idea, but she had it in for me. She rang my parents a number of times to tell them I was being a nuisance. I have incredibly strict parents, so I got in a lot of trouble. Well, I don’t have many things that make me see red in this World, but being accused or blamed for something I haven’t done, is one of them.

It makes my blood boil, even to this day.

So one day, after being verbally attacked for talking, when 2 kids were chatting on the other side of the classroom, I decided enough was enough, and I declared war. I didn’t let up. I threw things at her when she wasn’t looking. I turned into a demon child. I would talk back, refuse to do what I was told, refuse to go out of the classroom when she told me to do so, laugh at her when she screamed at me, make other kids laugh, and egg them on so they were as difficult to deal with as me.

I kept doing this and made her life as miserable as I possibly could, in any way that I could, no matter what it was. She left the room crying a few times. One day, she never came back. The school told the parents that she was taking leave due to mental issues. We never heard from her again. After that, I went back to being my normal self.

My grades returned to normal, and my parents finally realized that I was telling the truth and that she was actually a fool.

I don’t regret doing what I did, because if it wasn’t me, she would’ve kept doing it to other children. I feel no remorse or guilt, only joy, that I broke her.”

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tnk2k 2 years ago
Reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher. Keep picking me out to sit in the corner to set an example for the other kids to behave. Sits around all day eating snacks and checking her make up without teaching anything. She tend to fart a lot after snacking so I certainly don't want to be near her or even in the same room. I feel sorry for whoever she dolled up for. I actually asked my classmate to hand me my school bag and I just walked home every chance I get. She doesn't even notice and the cycle repeats every day. One year of my life I'll never get back.
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23. You're Not The Big Shot Movie Star You Think You Are


“I was twelve at the time. My mom took me with her to her job on the set of one of the first skate films. Since I couldn’t skate I just hung around the park and read magazines the photographer gave me.

So on the second day there, I walk back to my mum’s car when one of the local skater kids who were hired as extras comes to me and tells me to give him the magazine and my wallet. I tell him no and kindly ask him to go screw himself. He swings at me and misses. I had been in judo lessons since I was 6 so I floor him and hold him down.

His mates come out and start making fun of him. I keep him pinned to the ground until they tell me it’s ok. I’ve made my point, let him go, and it’s over. So I let him go and continue my walk to the car. The next day I’m smart enough to not wander away from the set. Until some guy approaches me and asks me to follow him which I stupidly do.

We walk in between the trees and yes there he is – the guy from yesterday (Sam). I’m thinking he wants to fight more so I get ready to fight, and at that moment I see some other guys appearing from in between the trees and a fist coming to my face. The next thing I know, everything hurts and the sound guy from the crew is bringing me to my mother.

We leave that night having finished filming there.

Fast forward 20 years.

I’m a foreman in a small factory in the same town where they shot the film. Never really gave it any thought cause I lived in the big city nearby and just commuted in and out every day without ever visiting the town center. One day the boss comes down to bring me two new workers.

I try to fit them in but they are both stubborn rednecks with bad personal hygiene. After some days the first one gets fired because he refuses to wash his hands. I try to get the second one on the right track. Sam as he is called starts by scratching my new molds almost killing our Gelcoat sprayer with the Clark and messing up production.

The next thing he does is brag about how he is a movie star cause he played in a skate movie 20 years ago. Ding goes my bell. It’s him!

Went up to the office explained everything and asked the boss politely. And he was out the door that same day for grave misconduct, no right to unemployment, no pay other than the days he worked for us.”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
Ha! That revenge was served REALLY cold!
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22. Think I'm Faking An Allergy? Hope You Don't Mind Extra Spice In Your Smoothie


“Here’s the catch: my allergy reaction is unpredictable.

Sometimes, I can eat some shrimp and be fine with it, but sometimes eating a piece would send me to the hospital. This is why my now-ex thought it wasn’t real, and I am just making it up. No matter how much I explained it, he wouldn’t believe me, as if there’s a reason why I would claim I am allergic to the food I love!

Worst? He claimed I’m probably just joining the bandwagon on the internet. You know those people who are suddenly diagnosing themselves with mental health problems after Googling the symptoms? He thought I’m one of them.

So I got mad at him. While he wasn’t looking, I put some pieces of chili in his protein smoothie that was still in the blender. Thankfully, the flavor was dark choco, so it wasn’t obvious that I added some ingredients to it.

I added chili because I know he has a low tolerance for spicy foods.

So he came back and transferred it to a tall glass. I watched in anticipation as I waited for him to gulp it. And like I expect, he threw it up, complaining about the spice. He suspected I did it, so I grabbed the smoothie and drank it. Well, it is bad and spicy, but I have a high tolerance for heat, so I was like, ‘I’m not tasting anything.

I think you’re just imagining it.’

‘Screw you! You added chili, didn’t you?’ – him.

‘Whoa? Why would I?’

‘I’ll get a stomachache because of this!’

‘Man, stop overreacting. Nobody experiences that. Don’t be like those brats in TikTok suddenly diagnosing themselves after Googling symptoms.’ Then, I smirked and walked away, laughing loudly as he cried because of the burning sensation.

Thankfully, he didn’t get a stomachache. But after he accused me of faking my allergy, things had gotten rough between us, until we eventually broke up. No regret though.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
Maybe when you allergy doesn't react to shellfish, it means they are using imitation ingredients?
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21. Won't Take Care Of Your Barking Dogs? I'll Spam You With Christmas Music


“I lived in an apt house in Bklyn with private homes lining the street behind the house. I was home afternoons after teaching and studying or trying to nap for evening classes.

Every afternoon there were dogs barking continually all afternoon having been left out in all kinds of weather. Walking up the block I located the house & names of the people with the barking dogs. I located a phone number and tried calling and asking for the dogs to be housed, at least during inclement weather, and was told to screw off.

So….I called the local ASPCA and the police station.

Each said they could do nothing. What to do?

I recalled years before I’d worked in a record store and a popular 45 RPM record called ‘Jingle Bells’ with the Barking Dogs. I bought the record and started anonymously calling the guilty house at 1 or 2 in the morning. Within a week the dogs were no longer barking!

Problem solved!”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
These days, with caller ID and all, you'd have to do it differently.
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20. You Want To Speak To The Manager? You Already Are


“This happened on a Sunday at the old place I used to work at. It was a small, family-owned three-star hotel on the lower end of the spectrum and I worked as assistant manager. I knew the general manager (my dad’s friend) and his dad (the owner) well and worked in that position for over three years. As I said, a small family-owned place with a small staff and not a lot of services, only breakfast. I am a fairly small and young girl (5’5, only 25 at the time) and not the most intimidating looking.

I have been in some confrontations but have a good track record handling them. I was just in the office/reception area to bring coffee to my partner who also worked there. It was also a new employee’s (let’s call him Eric) first week. Cue Karen who confidently walks in and loudly states what she wants. I didn’t interfere at first as it was a good chance to see how he handles a situation.

If you worked in tourism/hospitality, you know some people want what they want disregarding your policies, rules, etc. Karen is just one of those people. Also, note that this was back in 2018 and I am paraphrasing some of the events, but it generally went down like this:

Karen: Hi, I want to book 25 rooms from Friday to Sunday, for 50. It’s for my daughter’s wedding.

Eric: Good afternoon ma’am, give me just a moment. (Eric looks up the hotel policy.) I am sorry, I am unable to assist you with group reservations. Can you come back on Monday or send an email?

Karen: Why can’t you help?

Eric: Group bookings, regardless of size, are handled by the owners. They are not working at this time.

Karen: I can pay for it today, cash.

We really need it for my daughter’s wedding. Two days, 25 rooms. Please you have to help!

Eric: Ma’am, as I explained, I cannot assist you with this.

Karen (now slightly annoyed): I know the manager! We booked a room here last year and there was no issue.

Eric: I’m sorry, I cannot help.

Karen: Can you call him? This is urgent!

(Eric looks at me a little puzzled and I try to help a little in a polite manner.)

Me: Please come back on Monday or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Karen: I was talking to him, not you.

(Normally I would ask people to watch their behavior, but it came out of nowhere and I felt a bit stumped but ultimately decided not to bother with this. I worked 10-12 hours a day, 5-6 times a week, available on-call 24 hours, Sunday was my day off.

After about 5 minutes of arguing, her constantly switching from rude to polite asking about room types, services, parking area, etc she suddenly turns to me and I really start to lose my patience.)

Karen: Hey, you, cleaner, do you have 25 rooms?

Me: We have 45 rooms and 6 studio apartments.

Karen: So you can give us 25 rooms! I don’t understand why this is so difficult for you to do!

Eric: As I explained-

Karen: I don’t care, just call your manager. Tell him I can pay today, cash.

Me: Yeah, Eric, call them.

(Eric fumbles with the phone and shortly after my cell phone starts ringing. I pick up and answer the phone clearly.)

Me: Yes, Eric?

Eric: Hi, there is a woman at the reception who wants to make a group reservation.

Me: Did you tell them to come back tomorrow or send an email as I am not working in the office at this time?

Eric: Yes.

Me: Good. I’ll see you tomorrow, Eric. That’s all.

Eric: See you tomorrow.

Karen was stunned and I just looked at her.

Me: You heard the manager.

After this, I sat back down in the back to wait for my partner to finish up. Karen left shortly after, never contacted us again.

Was it the most professional? No. But did it teach a rude person some manners?

Hopefully. In context, we had about 5-6 rooms available, so next time try not to book last minute for your daughter’s wedding. Especially during summer.

The reason only management handled group reservations was because the room price/availability/etc was up to us. If a group of 20 people wanted to stay for 5 months, we needed to clear up space in the system to place it, set up a monthly or weekly payment contract, etc and sometimes you don’t want to sell out all your rooms in advance in case anything comes up and they cancel.

There is also paperwork, ID check, damage deposit, yadda yadda.

Soo, yeah.”

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19. Don't Act Like A Cheapskate If You Don't Know How To Do My Job


“A customer I had done work for in the past contacted me about installing a flue liner in an old chimney/fireplace. He had just purchased an old hunting cabin about an hour and a half away from where we live. This particular guy was what one may call, for lack of better words, a tight butt. Penny Pincher.

Cheap jerk comes to mind, etc. He has more money than I will ever have in my lifetime, however, he always has a hard time digging in his pockets when payment time comes. He always has to feel like he’s getting a deal and he gets one-up on you. I believe it’s 100% a control thing. What I’m dealing with in the past with payment time……..

He was leaving to go out of town for 2 weeks on vacation one time. I made it clear to have payment ready for my completion date, which was scheduled for the day he left for vacation. I reminded him a couple of times leading up to the date, he acknowledged it, said it was taken care of. The morning he left, he told me to call him when I was done and he would have a check for me hidden somewhere in his home.

This was at a summer cottage. When I called him, he said he forgot about me and I would have to wait until he returned. Okay, stuff happens, he’s a busy man, not the end of the world. He then returned two weeks later, only to hand me a check for $250 less because he claimed we did not agree with the way I finished something.

He stated, it’s fine, it’s done and over, just to leave it, but money should be taken off the bill because he wanted it done differently. This was complete nonsense. I agreed and moved on to keep him happy.

Next project, I give him a bid, he thought it was high, I told him to get a couple more bids, it’s a fair price. He said he did get one more and they were $500.00 lower.

He threw the name of the other contractor out there, said if I match it, job’s mine. I matched it. About 6 months later I ran into the said contractor, he never bid on the job. It was nonsense.

Next 2 jobs I gave a price but started it about $500.00 higher than I needed. I let him talk me down $300 on one and $250.00 on the other, letting him think he one-upped me and he was happy as ever.

Just the satisfaction of thinking he got a deal was all it took for things to go smoothly.

Now the flue job came. The reason he called me was he had gotten a quote from a fireplace guy up in the area where the camp was located and they wanted $4000.00. This was way too much in his eyes. There’s no way he was paying someone that much to do this.

That’s where I come in to save the day because God forbid he pay a normal price for anything done in the construction world. He has to hire people to do the work, obviously, he can’t. Yet he so blatantly disrespects and looks down on the people he hires as lesser humans. Quite irritating at times, but I understood how to deal with him through trial and error.

So after taking a couple of hits from him, I now say game on, play ball.

I’m not a fireplace expert by any means, matter of fact, I never even put a liner in before. But it’s not rocket science, there’s always YouTube and I have a buddy who knows a thing or two about fireplace flues. So I told him yes I would do it under a few conditions.

I wanted to be paid in cash, he had to buy the kit himself, I was charging him extra for travel, and the price I give is it, no bartering. I gave him a total price for labor and travel at $1800.00. With the kit, the total bill was like $2500.00 give or take a few bucks. The $4,000.00 price was a little high. He’s saving $1500.00, he’s happy as ever, and my buddy and I make $900.00 each for a good full day’s labor.

Perfect, right? Should have been, but not with Cheapskate Charlie.

First, he started to talk that since I wasn’t licensed he should get a cheaper rate, not having any guarantee of it properly working, or any warranty. I told him to get the $4,000.00 guy then. That wasn’t in his thoughts on any level. Then he asked how long I thought it would take because we could stay at the camp and save money on lodging if that would knock some funds off.

I told him with my friend I’m bringing with me, we should be out of there in one full day, thanks anyways. This got him all bent out of shape, asking how I could charge so much for 2 guys for 1 day’s labor? I told him he was saving $1,500, my friend wasn’t free, I’m dropping what I’m in the middle of doing for him an hour and a half away, and it was an inconvenience seeing as I’m not a fireplace guy.

Again, I’m saving him fifteen hundred bucks. Then he said he refused to pay until he knew it worked properly. Since he could not get up there for about a week after the project would be complete I would have to wait for payment. This waiting is not a problem for me as a lot of times this is done through mail, or I allow customers to make payments in which the last one is received as much as a month later.

It’s the principle with this guy. There’s always an angle with him. I’m a small business owner. I keep things simple, with little overhead, no full-time employees. I do most things myself. It gets to be a personal relationship with most of my customers. I usually form quite a bond and trust with people. When I need help, I barter labor with a couple of friends on a regular basis.

I also have a couple of guys who give me a hand once in a while.

So I obviously understand same thing, different day with Cheapskate Charlie. That being said I came up with a plan.

The day scheduled for the job came and went with no hiccups. I then told Cheapskate Charlie that I would meet him up there the following Saturday morning. He was going up there Friday night.

I told him to go ahead and start a fire Friday night and let me know how it goes.

As I knew I would, right on schedule, I received a phone call Friday from Cheapskate Charlie. As I also already knew, his undergarments were in a bundle. As soon as I said hello, he was raising his voice, and letting me know that the flue was not working and all attempts to get a fire going ended up with a room full of smoke and a smoldering fire.

I apologized for the situation and asked him if he had the $1800.00 on hand at the cabin? He mumbled in frustration that I’m not getting any payment until it works properly. I then told him it would be working properly when I get there in the morning. He argued a little bit and said he’s not paying a dime more for my travels and time tomorrow.

So finally I asked him if he would make me a promise? He asks what promise? I said if he gives me the $1800.00, without trying to take money off or making excuses as to why he deserves a lower price, etc, I guarantee his flue would work perfectly before I left. He made excuses and questioned me as to how I can guarantee it will work, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I assured him he is just missing something and not using the flue correctly. It will work. So after a long debate, he agrees.

I’m there the next morning at 8 am. I might add I already had to go through this area that Saturday anyways for a family reunion. This worked out perfectly for me in every aspect of getting paid what was owed and hopefully teaching a lesson to someone who needs to realize the ignorance of his ways is not acceptable behavior.

If not, I get a laugh, and someone else can play his games.

With money in my pocket, I then started a little fire in the fireplace. As soon as I had a little flame and smoke, I reached in my back pocket, pulled out a little ball pein hammer, reached up inside the chimney, and with one little swing of the wrist, the sound of glass breaking suddenly caused the smoke to rush up the chimney and the flames began to dance higher and brighter.

I then turned around with a smile and brought up the fact that the next time he thinks of me as lesser of a man than him to the point of insulting me, he should just shut up for a second and think first. I made it clear that I will determine what amount is too much for my time because that’s my business. He needed to hire me to do work he obviously wasn’t capable of doing and also he wasn’t even capable of surviving if it would have been wintertime in a cabin, all because his arrogance gets in the way of common sense and troubleshooting such a simple problem.

Rather than investigate as to why the chimney is not working, he would rather make himself feel better about his insecurities by downgrading the hired help and scheming how to scam them.

In confusion, he stared at me like a deer in the headlights as I walked out the door.

For those reading this confused, all I did was rig up a piece of thin glass over the liner/flue and finished around it.

Once I tapped the glass and it broke, everything was working properly. I then received my pay with no backlash, he saved $1500.00 bucks. Win, win. I also earned his respect that day and made him at least think about how he treats people. Not sure that his mindset changed as much as he just goes through the fake motions. It’s funny though, his efforts to be nice are a struggle for him and he comes across as over the top.

He honestly doesn’t understand how to view people as anything but below him. It’s fake and kisses butt more than anything genuine. But it works I guess for our relationship. I still do work for him.”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
Dealing with that jerk sounds like way more trouble than it's worth.
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18. Fire Me And Forbid Me To See Your Daughter? I'll Tank Your Business


“I made the mistake of taking a job from my partner’s psychotic mother, driving used luxury cars from auction to their lot for fifty dollars per trip, from the Inland Empire to Encinitas (about 120 miles each way). Trouble is, I had to pay for gas out of pocket. I was making a little more than $3.90 per hour, when you take into consideration that she’d summon me across town under the guise of urgency, then have me sit around for about 3 hours while she got her stuff sorted. I asked for a more reasonable wage, and I got ‘fired’ for being ungrateful, and forbidden to see her daughter again.

Fast forward about a day, and a bunch of review sites (Yelp, YP, et al) somehow started discussing how their cars typically have frame damage, faulty brake lines, little or no fluids, and bootleg fixes here and there. Sales plummeted, and only rebounded months later. The masterstroke of my revenge? Her daughter and I are scheduled to move into a bungalow a good 1200 miles away in a couple of months.”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
Making someone eat the gas expenses in their position is chickenshit.
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17. Steal My Lunch? I Hope You Liked The Sandwich I Made Just For You


“When I was in high school we used to jamb the locks on our locker doors to save time between classes.

I took my lunch to school every day rather than eating in the cafeteria. I would eat a sandwich that always included some form of pepperoni; this is rare to eat on a sandwich in the states because you would usually only find it on pizza.

One day, my lunch started disappearing. After a week or two, I told my mother what was going on and she said, ‘Oh, we are going to fix that person’s little red wagon once and for all.’

We drove to the store and she bought some laxatives that were white in color. We went home and she crushed several doses of the laxatives up and mixed them into the mayonnaise, then made a sandwich for lunch.

The following day, sure enough, my lunch was gone. I still didn’t know who took it but went about my day. After school, I went to football practice as usual. This was American football, not soccer.

One of my good friends, Derek, was ‘the center’ (the person who bends over the ball and hikes it to the quarterback).

We lined up on the ball, and Derek bends over the ball momentarily and then stood back up quickly and told the coach he had to go to the bathroom, which he quickly did then returned after a few minutes. But as soon as he got down on the ball again, he rose back up and told the coach he had to go back to the locker room again.

The coach began to lose his temper.

When Derek returned a few minutes later as soon as he got down on the ball, up he came again. The coach lost it. ‘What’s wrong with you? Are you going to play or not?’ Derek shook his head and got back over the ball and out it came. He pooped all over himself. And then it occurred to me, he was the one who ate my sandwich.

He was standing there in embarrassment with poop running down his legs and I said, ‘How did you like my pepperoni sandwich for lunch, Derek?’

He looked at me dumbfounded, ‘How did you know what I had for lunch?’

‘Because it was my lunch,’ I replied, ‘and it had a dozen laxatives in it.’

The whole team, coaches included laughed our butts off as Derek went to the locker room to clean himself up.”

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rossbro 2 years ago
Once a turd, always a turd !
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16. Once A Plagiarizer, Always A Plagiarizer


“Many years ago, in a century/millennium past, I met a person in college — let’s call him Johnny, ok? — and we ended up joining a study group. One day, the group decided to expand, also revising the bibliography to publish our findings as theoretical articles (which is something students can do before entering experimental research), and so it happened that we ended up sharing one of the topics.

And, man, did I work hard, putting all my free time into reading and writing for weeks! But to make a long story short, he basically did nothing, stole the material I had shared with him, presented to the group as his while I was sick at home, and said I had tried to do what he had just done: take ownership of his hard work.

In consequence, I was basically invited to leave the group. I tried to defend myself and a friend attempted to convince others that it couldn’t be right and that didn’t sound like me, but most of the other participants, including a cousin of his who was also in the group, basically claimed I was an expert double-faced manipulator that had fooled them, too.

Well, although we weren’t the best or closest of friends, I really thought we were friends — but we learn and grow, right? We barely spoke after that and life went on.

A little over a decade later, I got a phone call from that one good friend I had in the group saying they would be having a reunion of sorts, along with some other friends just because, and he convinced me to go, saying it would be fun and it was all water under the bridge; I confess I ended up going more for his company and the free booze, though.

Once there, chatting with a few people, updating and getting updated on what some of them were doing, I bumped into dear Johnny’s cousin. She told me the group had later found out that it was all nonsense and kicked him out, but never really invited me back because they knew I wouldn’t give them the time of day — which was true, I was REALLY ANGRY for a while and wanted nothing to do with them — and I had been fortunate enough to find a great mentor and was busy working under him.

But here’s the thing: earlier that same year, Johnny Darling had tried to become a professor in the same university. Although his grades in the exam were pretty good, he was trying for the same department where my old mentor was kind of at the ‘top of the food chain’ and, knowing what he had done to me before, decided to contact some of the co-authors in his publications.

He found out Johnny hadn’t changed much and became kind of notorious among his co-workers for not doing things (or apparently actually screwing them up), misrepresenting his role in research, and sometimes actually trying to pass the work of others as his — yep, not all of us learn and grow. Last I heard, he’d invested in another area and was working at that after becoming kind of ‘persona non grata’ in some circles.

I guess it wasn’t really revenge, but I did feel vindicated. And as we say down here: fez a fama, deita na cama (our equivalent to ‘you reap what you sow.'”

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15. Overreact While Teaching Me How To Drive? I'll Match Your Energy


“This is nearly 50 years ago now. I was taught to drive by several members of my family. The others were fine, but my father was especially nervous.

I’d be driving smoothly down the road and he would suddenly yell out ‘watch out for such and such (it could be absolutely anything).’ I didn’t mind the warning itself, but to be yelled at, at the top of his voice was a little disconcerting. I stood it for weeks before I decided to act.

One day I was driving down a four-lane highway.

He was sitting next to me. There was no traffic in sight. Suddenly he yelled, ‘Watch out!’ I was ready this time. Instantly I locked all four wheels (you could do that in the cars of those days) and spun the car, yelling as we were was sliding sideways to a stop: ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong!!!!’

As we sat there in the car pointing diagonally the wrong way on this empty highway, he sheepishly replied: ‘Nothing.

I was just worried.’

He was a little less reactive after that.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
The ones who teach you how to drive are the very ones who will make you the most nervous.
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14. He Poured Sand On All His Stuff


“It wasn’t me but someone else who got revenge on a friend of mine in a brilliant manner.

I should preface this by saying the recipient of the revenge is a Type A neat person and who’s my buddy who we’ll call Ben.

To put it lightly, Ben has this roommate who just can’t stand Ben anymore (to be fair, perfectly understandable as I know Ben pretty well).

Anyway, the roommate decides to move out unexpectedly to screw Ben over on the rent and also does one other thing. Ben was out of the house for about 4 days on a job out of town. During that time the roommate went into Bens’ clothes, opened up his undergarment drawer where all his undergarment was neatly folded and stacked. The RM pulled out the stack, put a pair back in the drawer, then poured a tablespoon of sand on it, put another pair back in the drawer, poured another tablespoon of sand so soon there was a neatly folded stack of undergarments/sand/undergarments/sand/, etc, etc, etc.

The RM did this to every single article of Bens’ clothes. He poured sand on all his hanging shirts, put sand in all the pockets of all his pants (trousers to you in the UK), put sand in every single pair of shoes that Ben owned, put sand in every sock.

I thought Ben was going to lose his mind when he found out but the completeness of the project impressed him so much that he could only admire the revenge.”

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13. We Squeezed Toothpaste All Over His Feet While He Was Sleeping


“Growing up, my parents had a cabin at the lake. We spent most of our summers there. My mother’s best friend had twins my age (Boy and Girl). The twins’ brother and my sister were 4 years younger than us. My mom’s friend and her husband won a free month-long couples’ cruise and asked my parents to watch their kids.

So my family and the twins stayed at the lake for a month.

Girl and I were in Girl Scouts together and got along just fine, but Boy was a jerk and a bully. We three were 12 and had all completed Junior Lifeguard Camp, so we were allowed to go to the swim area half a mile from the cabin without supervision. Boy kept dunking Girl, pulling her hair, snapping her swimsuit, just being a pain and a pest. He never did it where my parents could see, so he never got in trouble.

So, Girl and I plotted revenge.

Girl and I had a room next to Boy’s room, and our siblings slept downstairs on couches. My parents’ room was across from my and Girl’s room.

Boy was a very, very heavy sleeper. He also hated it when anyone touched his stuff other than him, so he kept his toothbrush, toothpaste, and the like in his room instead of the shared bathroom.

So, Girl and I started moving his stuff around at night after he fell asleep. He refused to use the bedding my parents provided and slept in a sleeping bag. Since the cabin didn’t have air conditioning, he would often sleep on it rather than in it.

After 3 nights, we learned that moving his toothpaste was what angered him the most. No clue why.

We thus started hiding his toothpaste in random places in his room, and he would wake up SCREAMING about where did his toothpaste go?

He wised up and started hiding his toothpaste under his pillow. He told us all that he was hiding it but didn’t say where.

Possibly because Boy knew it was Girl and I hiding his stuff, he pushed Girl off the dock and into the lake.

She cut her foot pretty badly on a rock – the lake was quite shallow there. My parents did punish him for that, but it was only that he had to stay inside for a day. Girl and I didn’t think that was enough and wanted to express our own rage.

We snuck into his room and found that he was asleep atop the sleeping bag, and his toothpaste was slightly sticking out from underneath his pillow.

So I took it and squeezed all of it out all over his feet!

I guess he got cold later in the night because when we all woke up, he now had toothpaste all over his sleeping bag, inside and out, as well as on the bare mattress. My parents assumed it was all his fault, thinking that he’d been hiding the toothpaste IN his sleeping bag.

So he got another day inside, had to clean everything up, and finally figured out that he needed to stop picking on his sister.

(Now as adults, Girl is an entitled jerk who has alienated her family, and Boy is cool and kind and generous. I came clean, 2 decades later, about the toothpaste deal, and he agreed with me that he definitely deserved it! Our parents are still best friends.)”

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12. Fire Me Just Because You Don't Like Me? I'll Super Glue Your Office


“It wasn’t me who did this but a person that I saw in the office. I didn’t know him well but he was a bit of what I would call a ‘wild child.’ I don’t know why I use that term – he was in his young twenties and funny but immature.

I was in my late 40s. We were both real estate agents. The broker-owner really just did not like him. He did nothing wrong. He sold properties, he was good with buyers and sellers, he had a great smile, he was polite, he was honest, he was courteous…but she just did not like him and it was her company. Keep in mind we are all independent contractors – we make no salary unless we sell something.

Anyway, she decided to terminate the relationship.

That evening before he returned the office key. He went into the office and unplugged everything. We had a few early computers plus we had multiple listing computers, plus all of the phone systems connected to the wall plugs. He unplugged everything in the office. Then he got clear super glue – he painted it over all of the outlets.

Then he put small amounts of tuna that he took out of the can and placed that throughout all the offices in hidden spaces. We used several typewriters in those days mainly to address envelopes. He also applied super glue to all the keys in the typewriter. He went to the lady’s restroom and he loosened both the toilet seats just so they would be a bit uncomfortable.

Now even in those days, we had some video on the outside of the building but not inside. She could never prove that he did it. I’m not totally sure he did it but I’m pretty certain. While it was very immature it is kind of humorous. But on the other hand, she made about 30 or $40,000 a year from him with her portion of the commissions.

So I don’t know. I’ve always thought it’s a big world, I don’t have to like someone to work with them.”

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jasn 2 years ago
That's called cutting your nose off to spite your face. Like him or not, if he made me money I would have left him alone.
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11. Call Me 'Kitty'? It's Time To Get Catty


“When I was in high school (a long time ago) I worked one summer for a guy planting acres of tomatoes. I lived in a very small town where everyone knew everyone else. Two of my classmates (girls) were also planting the tomatoes with me.

One day I arrived at the field early and needed to urinate. Which I did openly in the field as only the boss was there.

I instinctively covered my tracks, like a cat, covering the wet spot with dry dirt. The boss made some teasing remark about me acting like a cat. When the girls showed up he started referring to me as ‘kitty.’ He kept this up during the remaining days of the planting, much to my embarrassment. Of course, he thought it was just a joke. But it was no joke to this teenager.

He would use this ‘put down’ any time he saw me, even after the work was done.

A few years later this ‘boss’ was operating a small grocery store in our small town and he wanted to have a booze license. So he asked some of his customers to write letters of recommendation to be submitted with his application to the licensing board. My mother was one of his customers and liked this man and agreed to honor his request. On hearing of this from my mother, I offered to write the letter for her.

She gladly agreed.

Well, I think you know the ending of this story. I wrote the letter but sent it directly to the licensing bureau.

He didn’t get the license.”

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10. Nickel-And-Dime Sorority? Have Fun Counting $50 Worth Of Pennies


“Long story short, I joined a sorority when I was in college – Colossal waste of money, and the girls were a bunch of jerks that singled girls out who weren’t ‘girly’ enough, yet pledged me??

So they used to have these ‘sister circles’ where they would air out the issues and tensions and 1 rule was you could not bring up the same person twice in the circle. But to my surprise, they brought me and my friend up 3x in a row and didn’t have an issue with it. It was because we were ‘hanging out with the boys too much.’ (I’m a total tomboy, I don’t get along with girls, I only pledged because my guy-friends said I would like it – they were wrong.) I got up and walked away.

From that point on I started to pull myself away from them more and more and only stayed for the alumni network, which I found out after graduating is non-existent. After months of harassing me, making me feel singled out and horrible, not including me in ‘sister activities’ I sent them a long email about how they were treating me like dirt, hence why I will not choose to hang out with them anymore but I wish to be associated for the ‘what I thought was LARGE alumni network after graduation.’

Fast forward to graduation time – I was down to the last $80 I had for the next 3 weeks for food. They were REQUIRING us to go to this dumb Greek Ball because no one wanted to go. So naturally, they made it mandatory and it was $30/ticket. Which I genuinely could not afford.

When I mentioned I could not afford this and skipped the ball, they tried to charge me a fine of $50 or I wouldn’t be allowed to alum.

So it came time for our alumni ceremony, I still told them to screw off over the fine because again, couldn’t afford it. They told me I couldn’t come because I had outstanding fines when 3 other girls also had outstanding fines – but they were allowed to go.

So my other friend that got kicked out (they purposely didn’t invite me and our other friend to the vote because they knew we’d say no) and I spent the night together and my mom wired me funds to pay the dumb fine.

We went to the bank and exchanged it for pennies and spent the night cracking pennies into a jar… $50 of pennies.

The next day I gave the chapter president $50 worth of pennies in like 6-gallon bags and told her to suck it, she complained she had to stay up 3 nights in a row just to count it all out. Sweet revenge.”

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9. Never Be Rude To Someone Who Can Beat You At Your Best Game


“So today I was playing basketball with a couple of my friends when a couple of high school kids asked if they could play with us. My friends were kind of hesitant at first, but once I assured them that we could beat them they were more than happy to play them.

Before the arrogant high school boys stepped onto the court I shot and made three three-pointers just to show them who they were messing with.

We began to play 3 on 3 and to the shock of the high schoolers, my friends and I were winning. They started to get mad and began insulting my friends and being the most disrespectful I had seen anyone in a long time.

Shortly after our victory they challenged one of my friends to a game of one on one and started acting super disrespectful. So I told my friend that I would not let this guy’s disrespectful behavior continue.

My friend let me play one on one against this guy and that is when the vengeance comes into play.

This guy thought he was so the LeBron James of us all when in reality he was nowhere close. He told me we were playing to 3 points where threes were 2 points and anything below the 3 point line was 1 point. I let him go first because I wanted to be the bigger person.

He air-balled his first shot and that is when I say, ‘your range is worse than Shaq’s.’ This guy got mad and that is when I shot and made a three. So the score was 2 to 0 and this kid’s pride was on the line. He shoots another three and air balls, worse than his first one. I get the rebound, take the ball to the top of the key, and in the guy’s face make the 3 ending the game with the score of 4 to 0.

The sweet moment of shock on the kid’s face was glorious and my beating knowing that he had been disrespectful to my friends made it all the better. He was so mad and his pride was hurt so much that he left the court along with his friends.

The moral of the story is don’t be rude to people cause you never know who is gonna be better than you at what you do.”

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8. Refuse To Give Me A Day Off? Your Yacht Cabin Is About To Be Less Than Luxurious


“I spent much of my career as a classic yacht ship right, in my early 20s I got to work on one of the restorations of the century over in Tuscany Italy. I won’t name the yacht as this could impeach my name but it was one of the biggest z class classics GB had ever produced and is still about today.

I had worked for a pittance for almost a year, we were never able to take a weekend away or go back home for some time out.

The whole job became a choir and the contract manager was a beast of a guy and we suspected him of skimming huge amounts off the owner of the boat who was one of the richest men in Holland.

To pay me £8 an hour for such skills was a bit of an insult and on top of that to not get a day out or you’re done attitude started to wear on me.

So I came up with a plan to get some revenge. I fitted the 1st mate’s cab in out (also the contracts manager). The joinery was beautiful mahogany paneling and inside the wardrobes was lined with Cyprus to deter moths and such. I carefully executed my plan by placing runners behind the paneling and added my secret weapon of misery. A ping pong ball.

Needless to say when the boat was launched from the dry dock.

That cabin was enough to make you go insane. As the swell moved the boat the balls would roll and knock the inside of the cabin wardrobe

Some months later I got the call of fuming hate, I simply laughed. I’d had all my pay and references, too late mate. You lose and next time perhaps you should think twice about being so stingy towards the guys that made the boat and then take all the glory.”

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7. If You're Going To Get Me Fired, Be Prepared To Face The Music


“I was working for a call center as a Systems Administrator (having moved from phone operator to supervisor and on into that role in around two years). Six years in, I was, in some ways, keeping the company together. For example, I continued as Systems Administrator whilst also managing the teams (60+ people) on two of the biggest and most high-profile campaigns in the company’s history.

Nevertheless, I became persona non grata in some quarters — for reasons I’m still not clear on — and it was enough to get me fired.

I took them to the employment tribunal for constructive dismissal and won. Once I got the settlement funds in my account I dobbed them into Microsoft for having close on 100 instances of unlicensed software – that would have attracted a fine of several hundred thousand dollars.

The business went under shortly thereafter.

A year or so later my (now ex) wife was being given a tour of a client’s premises. She ducked out of sight when she saw my former manager working in their call center. They asked what she knew about him because they’d been having trouble with him. She contacted me and asked if it was OK to tell them about what had been done to me.

I, of course, said yes. So, she told them about his involvement in firing me, how pivotal I had been to the company and that the company had subsequently gone under. They already had grounds for giving him a warning, but this information was what decided them on firing him. I doubt he has any idea what happened.

Some years later, I was DJing the wedding of one of my former colleague’s daughters.

One of the guests was the son of the MD of that business. Upon seeing that it was me DJing, he went stony-faced and made a b-line for the door. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that, at the end of the night, when I went to my van to start packing up, that my wing mirror had been smashed off my vehicle. Yes, it was a public car park, so it could’ve been anyone… the prominent smearing of wedding cake icing on my window suggests otherwise.

The individual in question continues to fail upwards from what I can tell (I no longer live in the country where this all took place).”

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6. Fire Me After Asking For A Sick Day? You're About To Get Hacked


“I was unjustifiably fired (I know, who isn’t unjustifiably fired) but this was a sales role that THEY sold me into. I was desperate at the time and they were pressuring me to take it in the interview (first red flag).

So due to my finances, I accepted. Anyway, 2 days into my tenure they fired the woman who hired me. They gave me a load of nonsense about why they let her go but this was the second red flag that I ignored.

A couple of weeks after that the Director of the company scheduled a meeting with me just for a catch-up. No problem, except I over-ran a call with a client (I’ve always been told the client comes first) and so was 5 minutes late.

Director was furious. ‘I’m your boss, when I say jump you say how high.’ Third red flag ignored….

Anyway, the sales role was tough. It wasn’t the best product anyway but I certainly made the effort, was making 3x as many outbound calls as any other rep there.

One day I woke up with severe back pain. I have sciatica and it genuinely comes and goes whenever it pleases, sometimes not for months.

Anyway one morning I woke up and it was searing. I could barely move. Naturally, I called in sick but made it clear I wanted to still work and could do so from home as I had a laptop and phone. They said it was fine no need to work just rest up. Four hours later I get the phone call telling me I’m sacked.

I told the Director on the phone exactly what I thought of him and his business. I then followed this up in an email. I then wrote a scathing review on the company on Glassdoor. But none of this was enough for me, indeed the email and review I considered to be too petty to be considered revenge, and the phone call was just a natural reaction which I believe most people would have done.

So I upped my game. In my final act, I hired a hacker/programmer and got him to create a bot to DDOS the life out of their website for a week, in addition to getting him to ping their telephone lines all day so they couldn’t take any actual business calls, or receive any inquiries on their website.

I know he knows it was me.

But he could never prove it.”

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5. A Battle Between The Housemates


“This was back in the 90s when I lived in shared houses during Uni. For one year, there were four girls and two boys. We were all 19/20. One of the boys, let’s call him Matt, took a liking to me – I’d guessed this might happen and worried when we all decided to live together that it might be an issue but my friends convinced me otherwise.

Anyway, cut to a few months into our rental and he came home very intoxicated and upset because he’d found out that I was seeing someone. It was all very awkward, particularly when he woke up the next day, but something had shifted in him. He started being the worst housemate ever and was rude to us and any of our friends that came around.

It became that we were walking on eggshells all the time due to his mood. The other guy stayed quiet but remained friends with him. One day he calmly walked out of the kitchen and punched a hole in the door. Another time he came home intoxicated and abusive and called me a jerk in front of another female housemate. She went for him and it was awful.

He didn’t fight back but it didn’t help relations. He carried himself in a threatening manner and made us all scared even when he didn’t say anything.

Very unfortunately our doors had the same keys which meant that he could let himself into my bedroom whenever he wanted. So if I was out he’d go in and use my mirror and leave all his stuff there.

One weekend when I was away he claimed to have slept in my bed. I had a photo of myself tacked to my wall, when I came to take it down he’d written ‘Witch’ on the back of it.

We ended the year with the boys not talking to the girls. I had thought of moving out but we were stuck in a year-long contract and had no way of getting our money back.

We decided to get our own back in some very petty ways. We cut off all the labels on their cans and carefully glued them back on the wrong tins. We cut the alarm tags out of library books and glued them inside their bags so that they couldn’t leave the libraries without alarms going off. Every time he left something in my room by my mirror I threw it out the window.

I’d never put up with this sort of nonsense now, but at 19 it was really hard to determine if it was mistreatment.”

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rossbro 2 years ago
That boy is what hammers are made for.
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4. Flush Your Food Down The Toilet? Good Luck Dealing With It When It Overflows


“My suitemate in my dorm used to leave trash all over the bathroom and flush his extra food down the toilet. Now, this was not so much me getting revenge as it was me giving a means for karma to strike. Out of sheer luck, my room is ever so slightly elevated above the other room in the suite.

So one night I had some mean, mean diarrhea, we’re talking some liquid lava stuff.

The only solid bits were but small particles. Thanks to my suite mate’s stupidity of flushing food down the toilet, when I tried to flush my rancid liquid-solid waste the bowl just filled up, but did not overflow. This was around two in the morning and I was ready to get in bed so I decided to let the next person who used the bathroom deal with it, jerk move I know.

About twenty minutes later I hear someone go in to take a pee and hear the toilet flush and doors close. I fell asleep and when I woke up the next afternoon I went to pee and brush my teeth and was greeted by a terrible stench when I opened the door. Turns out when dummy flushed the toilet, that pushed it over the edge and the water never stopped flowing.

For at least six hours my rancid poo water made its way into his room, and to show just how disgusting this dude was, when I woke up he was sitting playing Xbox with his chair right in the middle of that nasty mess without any effort to clean it up.”

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chga 2 years ago
Dear lord, how much of a dumpster creature do you have to be to ignore literal sh** water pooling around you and continue playing Xbox????
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3. Rich Kid Gets A Nasty Taste Of His Own Medicine


“This story is actually of one of my best buds in college, Shane. We hung out all the time and he was really down to earth. However, his roommate, Mike, was a grade-A jerk. This guy thought he was better than everyone else because he came from money (this was a private university, so plenty of people there were very well-off while Shane and I were there on academic scholarships and still taking loans out the butt).

He seriously had no friends because of this, and even the dudes he played tennis with daily hated him. He would always say the most obnoxious things like ‘My dad owns a karate dojo and I could kill you before you could react’ and ‘My dad bought me a Mustang GT, what do you guys have?’ Honestly, this dude had it coming, and he got it SO bad.

It was the week of finals, and both Shane and I were transferring schools after this semester. Shane took this last week to make Mike’s life awful, but at the same time, leave no trace showing that anything malicious was happening. The first day was pretty standard. Shane took a massive dump and took his toothbrush and stabbed his excrement with it a few times, then made sure to wipe real well with it.

He then gently rinsed it off in the tainted water, as to not leave any particles on the brush. He came to my dorm that night because he couldn’t contain his laughter when Mike began brushing his teeth (not noticing a thing).

The next day while Mike was away, Shane emptied out half of Mike’s mountain dew and proceeded to pee in it to fill the rest of the way up.

Mike was always so suspicious that we were drinking his mountain dew (even though we never did). I was actually over their dorm that day when Mike got back from class and took a nice swig right from the bottle (with the most comedically timed ‘AHHHH’ right after his chug). Still didn’t notice a thing, and it was very hard to keep a straight face for that one.

The last bit of revenge was the worst. Shane took Mike’s laptop apart, destroyed his HD, and pulled out his RAM halfway, and attempted to turn it on (which he said fried the laptop, I’m not sure how that works). When Mike got back he went to go turn on his laptop and got nothing. He then opened the laptop and tried to inspect what just happened, which was funny because he had no idea what he was looking at.

When Shane called him on not knowing, he defended himself with some nonsense saying that he worked as a computer technician and knew exactly what was up (he absolutely did not). This one was definitely the worst, as Mike’s final projects, notes, and any other personal media were on that laptop and not backed up whatsoever. I’ll never know if he failed that semester or what happened. All I know is that I’ll never, even if I hit the mega millions, act like a self-absorbed entitled jerk to others because it could lead to horrible consequences.”

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biha 2 years ago
Bit too extreme there...
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2. Owe Me? I'll Waste Your Time To Make You Pay


“While working for an HVAC company, I told my boss that I was looking for another job. He told me I didn’t need to come back and stiffed me on some pay owed.

So, knowing how the business worked, I called using apps so it was a different number each time, and made appointments for various reasons, giving fake names and addresses. Some close, some far.

When they would arrive at the home, obviously the homeowner had no idea what they were talking about, they’d call the number I gave when making the appointment, I’d answer, tell the technician that his boss owes people, he wastes peoples time and this is going to continue to happen. I especially did this on weekends as it was considered emergency services, after hours when technicians were expected to leave home and go, unpaid unless they sold a service and they’d get a commission.

Each time I’d tell the tech that his time was wasted bc his boss owes people and suggested he collect something from him for his time.

This obviously angered the techs who eventually would not accept a weekend ‘on-call’ job, a couple looked for other companies to work for. I know the GM was the one who eventually would take the emergency calls so his time off was ruined as no other tech would volunteer to go, guys left but it’s hard to know why as they would always come and go.

There was an initial charge just for every service call, I did this until what was owed to me was repaid by what they would have collected on the service calls.”

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jasn 2 years ago
So you wasted the other techs' time and cost them money to get back at your boss. Those guys didnt wrong you. You are the jerk.
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1. I Wanted Him To Know What He Missed Out On


“Revenge is best served when it is cold. In my case, it took over 30 years.

I was once so in love with this guy who became my first love. After seeing each other seriously, he had to move away, far away. We tried to stay in touch but it was difficult before the days of the internet.

I was lovesick and hurt. Of course, the relationship didn’t last.

Fast forward to now. As we spent more time at home, I started to think more about my past. He came up. I searched for him online and found him. I contemplated if I should contact him and why I wanted to contact him. Bottom line, I wanted to let him know what he lost out on.

I emailed him. He replied right away. He was surprised to hear from me. I said, I hope it was a good surprise because I didn’t know if he wanted to hear from me. I know he is married but not sure of the details. I thought we would text or email, but he wanted to chat on the phone. I told him about myself more and he updated on himself.

We even exchanged photos of our families.

I cut to the chase by texting him my ‘impact statement’ that I couldn’t tell him before. You see, we never officially broke up. He thought I would simply go away, never to be heard from again. Well, I moved on by continuing my education, found full-time work, and met my current husband.

I thought he got mad at me when I didn’t hear back from him.

He replied a few days later with explanations AND apologized. But I didn’t accept his apology because to me, it’s too late.

At one point I asked him what kind of life he thought I would have. He said, ‘You have a great life.’ That is the acknowledgment I wanted after more than 30 years. He realized I still look good for my age.

My husband is a good provider and gave me 2 beautiful children.

The best revenge is by living well. When you run into your ex, you will be out of his league. He did well for himself but his wife is not as educated or as professional as me.”

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vewh 2 years ago
Where is it written that a woman has to be educated and professional in order to be a wife? You are full of yourself lady!
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