People Recount Their Dignifying Stories Of Revenge

No matter how kind you think a person is, there will be times when their patience meter peaks and no one knows what their response to their bully will be. We cannot actually blame them for wanting to see their enemies go down. After all, their dignity must have been crushed to the ground because of the shame they received. Here are some stories of how people restored their dignity by getting their unforgettable revenge.

12. This Is My Sunny-Side Up Revenge


“In the spring semester of 1974, I (at the time 21F) was a college art student specializing in printmaking (like woodcuts, etchings, etc.). In the printmaking studio, we kept our expensive papers in flat files, which are long and wide, but shallow drawers. These were shared, three students assigned to each drawer.

I was assigned to share a drawer with Hot Guy and Mean Girl, whom I knew from the fall semester. Both of them had seemed friendly enough (I didn’t know she was mean yet), and it seemed that sharing a drawer with them would be ok.

About a month into the semester, Hot Guy and I started flirting with each other, and one thing soon led to another, because it was the seventies and no one had warned me about pillow talk. Once Hot Guy and I became known as a couple, Mean Girl started acting very mean to me.

She made catty comments about me in my presence, and she would sometimes walk over to a classmate and whisper something to them while grinning and locking eyes with me. She started flirting hard with Hot Guy, watching me closely to see if she was getting a rise out of me.

If Hot Guy wasn’t there, she would talk to me in a mean singsong voice, telling me about what she had done at his apartment the night before and how he would soon be breaking up with me. Now I have never been a jealous person at all, but it did bother me that she was going out of her way to be spiteful to me.

Then I began noticing that some of my papers were ruined with creases and mysterious stains. Now, we each had a large folder with our name on it to separate our papers in the drawer, so someone had to have removed my papers and damaged them before returning them to the folder and then the drawer.

The three of us were the only ones who knew the combination of the lock on our drawer. Hot Guy seemed puzzled when I asked him about it, but Mean Girl, in that singsong voice, said something about how those expensive papers were like men because you had to take good care of them if you wanted to keep them.

So, this rotten behavior went on until a couple of weeks before finals, and I hadn’t said much to Mean Girl about it, but I had mentioned it to our professor and Hot Guy a couple of times. Late on a Friday afternoon, there were only a few people in the studio, and I was trying to finish an edition of one of my etchings.

I had just gotten my plate (a one-eighth-inch thick sheet of zinc with my design on it) inked and ready to print. As I was walking over to the printing press, Mean Girl intentionally bumped into me, knocking my plate face down onto the floor.

When I picked it up, I could see that the image that I had worked on for weeks was irreparably damaged. Then she gave me a big evil smile and said, ‘Excuuuusssse me,’ in that singsong voice.

I lost it and started yelling at her.

She responded by grabbing my hair with both hands and violently jerking my head all around. Then she started screaming, ‘Stop hitting me you witch!’ even though I only grabbed her wrists to try to stop her from pulling out more handfuls of my hair.

Finally, she let go and took off, and I started ugly crying. I cried all the way downstairs and out of the building, all the way home, and all the way into the next day.

When I returned to class the following Monday, three department heads took me to an office to discuss what had happened. I gave them my account, then they told me Mean Girl said I attacked her unprovoked. She told them I had been treating her mean for months because I supposedly knew that Hot Guy was going to dump me for her.

After that interview, Hot Guy asked me to step outside to talk. He told me he had to break up with me because everyone in the department thought I had attacked Mean Girl in a fit of jealousy over him. He said he knew that it wasn’t because of jealousy, but that it was still too much drama for him to deal with.

So, I didn’t get suspended or expelled, but my heart was broken that he didn’t stand up for me. And because Mean Girl had so industriously spread her version of the incident, everyone in the department thought I was a maniac.

The following fall semester, I was still in printmaking class with Hot Guy and Mean Girl, and one day I surreptitiously made a quick sketch of Mean Girl in profile.

I took that sketch home and turned it into a small painting, including signature details like her hand-knitted green hat with the front brim folded up, her bright yellow rain slicker, and her mirror-lensed aviator frame glasses. There could be no mistaking who it was, but I made it very unflattering and creepy.

That same semester, the department had a Visiting Artist from England who was a really big deal. One of his obligations while there, was to make one visit to each studio subdivision of the art department (painting, drawing, printmaking, etc.) and be a guest critic on critique day.

On critique days, all students in a class line their most recent works up in front of the classroom/studio, explain what they are trying to do, and listen to the professor’s or guest critic’s reactions and suggestions.

On the next critique day, as soon as I placed my little painting at the front, gasps and jaws were dropping from the whole class, and Mean Girl looked like her head might explode.

Unbeknownst to me, this was the day that Visiting Artist was the guest critic for our class. He began by quickly scanning our works, starting at the left and moving toward the right, until he reached my painting of Mean Girl, the last one on the right.

He stood looking at my painting for several seconds, then moved back to scan them all from left to right again, coming back to my painting. Finally, he turned to address the class and said, ‘Most of what I see up here is pretty ordinary, like a basic breakfast of scrambled eggs with dry toast. But THIS!’ he exclaimed, as he pointed at my portrait of Mean Girl, ‘THIS is not ordinary!

This is a breakfast of eggs SUNNY-SIDE UP! THIS one comes with BACON! And SAUSAGES! POTATOES! The toast has delicious HOME-MADE JAM! It’s PERFECT!’ Then he asked who had painted it and I raised my hand. He asked me what my inspiration was and I replied that it was a portrait of someone who had tried to ruin me.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘I hope he is out of your life for good now because he looks like a MONSTER! A FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER! So EVIL! And NASTY!’ And so on, with over half the class struggling to not laugh out loud, and everyone staring from Mean Girl to the painting, to me, and back to Mean Girl.

I don’t remember any other details from that day, except that I was thrilled this esteemed guest artist had loved my painting best and referred to Mean Girl as ‘he’, a ‘monster’, and more. And that is how the tiny lower case revenge that I had planned turned into a tasty, satisfying, all-caps SUNNY-SIDE UP REVENGE.”

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11. Be A Bad Friend? You're Not Getting Back Your Key

“Let me tell you about Sharon (changed the name).

Sharon (then 22F) used to be my (then 22F) best friend in the whole world! We became friends at uni and basically did everything together. What I didn’t realize, was that Sharon over the years became controlling.

The thing about being in an abusive relationship is that it doesn’t start that way. The line for what is acceptable is slowly being pushed further and further. It just started with her choosing where we ate. Innocent enough, yeah? I didn’t care so I just followed her lead and did everything she wanted.

Soon I began to feel drained. She slowly wanted more and more of my attention to the point I had no free time. I did hard psychical work for her like helping her move into an apartment and construct furniture without thanks or even a sip of water.

I was expected to be ready to talk over discord and play with her the second I got home. If not, she would guilt-trip me and make me feel like a terrible friend. It’s not like she was lonely. We had tons of friends we hung out with and played video games with every day.

I believe I was a good friend. I helped her with her school work and we had fun together and I supported her when she needed it. When her father got sent to the hospital for smoking lungs I was there for her. When he died a year later (bless his heart) I was there for her.

I still to this day keep secrets for her that I swore to never tell. Not because I respect her. I respect myself! When I make a promise, it doesn’t expire just because we’re not friends anymore.

One day she attacked me.

When our friend group did projects we didn’t care if you were on social media or slacking as long as you had your part done when a deadline arrived. It was a good rule that we all respected. But one morning I get a message from her telling our group that she had a bad morning and we better be prepared. All agreed that I replied: ‘okay, but remember it’s no excuse to lash out or anything.’

She arrives and starts to work at her part. I, though used to wake up extra early to catch the train. So as usual I only started to ‘wake up’ after arriving. I sat back and relaxed with some coffee and browsed the internet. She got mad and snarled: ‘Could you actually DO some work?’ I put down my coffee and closed social media, but was obviously offended.

Me: ‘Okay! MOM.’

Her: ‘Don’t you DARE call me mom!’

Me: ‘Well, I wouldn’t call you that if you didn’t act like one.’

Her: ‘I told you I had a bad morning!’

Me: ‘That is no excuse to act like such a jerk!’

She then GRABS me by my collar and yells in my face, as she SLAMS me into the wall: ‘I TOLD YOU I HAD A BAD MORNING!!!!’

Frozen, my brain quickly thinks of ways to survive. This girl is two heads taller than me and she has one of the higher ranks in karate.

NO WAY I’m gonna fight back! I play the pity card, which is not hard because I’m TERRIFIED! I sink to my knees and start crying. I book it to the nearest toilet and hide. She finds me and apologies through the door, but I’m too scared to move or talk.

I’m shaking. I’m scared! She leaves the school and I put up a brave face for the day.

I should have seen the sign right there. I should have reported her to her local dojo. Not forgiven her! But I did.

It should have stopped back then, but I kept making excuses for her.

I felt like I would LOSE something if I cut ties with her. She made me feel like I was NOTHING without her! Like I should be grateful she would even put up with me!

She tried to isolate me. I first found out about this AFTER I cut ties with her.

One of my friends told me that Sharon had WARNED her about me! Told her that I was insensitive and mean and to keep a distance when she would meet me for the first time at the new years eve party we were holding. She told me she had tried to keep Sharon’s words in mind, but over the night found that I didn’t seem like a bad person at all.

Sharon controlled me. She attacked me. She tried to isolate me.

In the end, it was a small argument that finally made me snap. She tried to drive a wedge between my mom and me. Sharon wanted me to escalate a conflict that had already been settled and forgiven.

She wanted me to just leave and go to her place late at night. She would not stop pushing me about it no matter what. She had a bad argument with her own mother a week prior so I believe she projected her own feelings onto me.

In a last-ditch effort to control me, she freaks and tells me I’m PATHETIC and always whining! (I used to rant about my problems 3 times a year or something.) She blocks me from every group chat. Effectively shutting me away from my friends.

The original group had sorta drifted apart and been replaced by new ones at this point.

All who were better friends with her or in a relationship with her friends. So I was the expendable one. That chat had several years of memories I will never see again! It meant SO much to me, they were basically the best years of my life.

She believed that cutting me off for a while would make me submissive. It almost worked. She just waited too long. I spent months feeling sorry for myself and crying all the time. Until I realized… I was okay. I didn’t realize how much stress I had been under and how much better I felt now.

No more drama. No more strings!

She tried to take me back. I simply ignored her. We had graduated so I had no reason to be in her town anymore! No more 30 min train ride, yay!

After some time, I guess she moved because she wanted my key to her place back.

No problem, except she wanted me to come to her! After what she put me through? She wanted me to spend my time and money JUST to deliver a key?

I wasn’t gonna pay to ride the train for 30 min just to give her a key, so I could wait an hour for the next train and then spend more money on another 30 min train ride home.

Also gas for the trip to and from my home to the train station.

Nope! Come get it! Or send the money so I can ship it to you. I don’t owe you anything after what you did to me! I didn’t have more money than her.

She was plainly lazy or she just wanted one more thing she could control me about.

Then came the threats. She made some of our male ‘friends’ send threatening messages to me about the ‘dire consequences’ if I didn’t hand over the key. I ignored it and nothing ever came of it.

I never gave them my mom’s address so I wasn’t worried.

Threatening me? THAT’S where I became SUPER petty. Now, you’re not getting it back at all!

I framed that darn thing! I now have a small picture frame with a green key and the words: ‘Proof that (my name) is a salty witch.’

I admit it. I AM salty. I am petty. And I DO hope she had to pay for that darn key when she moved out and I don’t feel bad about it. She should have treated me as a person.”

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I still would have reported her to her dojo. But she probably would have gotten away with it. People like that always do.
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10. She Never Knew I Was Responsible For The "Clink"


“This happened in 2004 when I was 14. My mother is not a good person. She was abusive for most of my life. Because of her abuse, I came up with creative ways to punish her in my own petty ways (like tampering with her food and dunking her toothbrush in the toilet every day).

This story is of one of my better petty revenge towards her and the one that annoyed her the most.

I talked to my friends about the things she did to me, and although I appreciated the advice to go to the police, I knew that wouldn’t work (my mother is very convincing when she wants to be and every other time I went to the police, they never believed me).

One of my friends, who we’ll call Tom, gave me a brilliant idea that would annoy her to no end but wouldn’t get me in trouble (his dad is a mechanic so Tom knows his way around a car).

After school that day I went with him to his house.

He showed me a place underneath the car, between the top of the front wheel and the side of the engine, and told me what to do.

Bring on the pettiness.

I had to wait a few days to enact my revenge but the day finally arrived. My mother and my sister left the house to ride their horses, which gave me plenty of time to do what needed to be done.

The next day I went with my mum and sister to do grocery shopping, and I was elated to hear the product of my labor as the car started to drive down the driveway.




Yes, dear readers. I attached a rock to the end of the string inside the car that made a loud CLINK sound every few seconds when the car was moving.

MUM: ‘What in the world is that?’

ME: ‘No idea. Maybe you should get the mechanic to have a look at it.’

Remember how I said that Tom’s dad is a mechanic? Well, he’s the ONLY mechanic in the town we lived in, and Tom made sure to tell his dad about the things my mother did to me.

Needless to say, he was on my side.

So after we’d done our shopping we stopped at the mechanic so they could look at it and fix whatever needed fixing.

MUM: (as we arrived at the mechanic) ‘Hi there. Um, well my car is making a weird noise when I’m driving.

Can you look at it for me?’

MECHANIC: ‘Sure thing. How about you take a seat inside and I’ll give it a drive and see what the problem is.’

He got in the car and drove it around the block. When he returned, the noise had ‘miraculously’ stopped. He charged my mum for the check and we were on our way, but not before Tom’s dad subtly handed me the rock back and gave me a wink and a smile as I left.

That night, I put the rock back in place and left it to do its thing for the next day, and oh boy was this satisfying! The next day the noise was back, so mum went back to the mechanic, but THIS TIME the mechanic couldn’t find ANYTHING wrong with it and ‘couldn’t hear any noise.’

I never bothered taking the rock out after that and neither did the mechanic. He’d experienced her entitlement first hand and had heard many stories from other people around town about her. The rock wasn’t damaging the car or affecting its performance so there was nothing that needed fixing.

I moved away to live with my dad when I was 16, but before I moved, the CLINK was still there, tormenting my mother every time she drove the car. I lost count of the number of times she took it back to the mechanic and the amount of money she spent on getting rid of the CLINK.

The last time I saw my mother I was 23 and she still has the same car. I’d expected the rock to have fallen out by then but the car still has a CLINK, but not as loud.

Thanks, Tom.”

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9. She Betrayed Me So I Quadrupled My Revenge


“At the time of this story, I played division 1 NCAA basketball at a school so I traveled a lot (weekly in different cities and states) and my entire life revolved around this.

During the events of this story, I was in the early stages of a horrible substance and drinking habit.

Years after this story I ended up getting sober and joined a program whose name you can find at the front of almost any phonebook. I am sure many people reading this are also sober and will understand how we addicts can be. This story is an effort to explain a character defect that manifested from the events in this story that lead me down a very dark path, however, I don’t mean this story to come off in a ‘self-pity’ kind of way.

Lastly, I was always a good kid, I was never ‘troubled’. My upbringing was very difficult but I was able to keep an overall kindness in my spirit to other people and almost always ‘did the right thing’ or ‘took the high road’. When it came to being in relationships, I knew people could be unfaithful in relationships but at the time of this story I always chalked it up to other people ‘not doing things the way I did.’ I never really thought it would happen to me… I always thought that because I was a ‘5-star guy’ and my ‘amazing choice’ in women, infidelity would never be a part of my love journey.

I was naïve. I really thought highly of myself and also had a real arrogance like any guy in his early 20s I guess.

I was in my Jr year in University I had been single for about a year after my high school partner and I finally broke up after 3 years.

I checked that relationship off as my ‘learning experience’ and I now knew what to look for in my next significant other. The next woman I chose to have a relationship with I would most likely marry and start my future with. (I know I was young and dumb and thought I knew everything LOL)

I had my eye on this girl at my school (we will call her Lisa). I saw Lisa around the collegiate athletic facility (the university teams training grounds, and locker rooms). Lisa ran for the track team and was darn good. The various athletic teams often had parties and I knew that the first one I saw her at I would introduce myself and try to chat her up a bit and see where it led.

Soon enough I see Lisa at one of these parties and we pass each other on the stairs. We make eye contact and she smiled at me. I sparked a conversation with her and after going back and forth a bit we exchange numbers. We begin the classic American style of flirting where we constantly just hint things back and forth indirectly.

We slowly progressed the relationship in this manner for weeks. Sending texts back and forth hinting that we were interested in each other but also playing it cool to not let the other person know we had a crush on them.

At the time, she was on a break with her current partner who was a popular player on the football team.

She ended up leaving him completely to go out with me. This should have been a red flag obviously but remember, I had severe hubris. At the time her leaving him to go out with me just gave me a superiority complex. I was playing well in sport and if she was willing to leave this guy for me then she will never leave me for another guy.

LOL, I was an idiot.

I can’t express how much I was into Lisa. I was addictively attracted to her and had that weird feeling of ‘I can’t believe my crush is actually into me too.’ I really was so drowned by my crush on her I missed so many red flags but our relationship began progressing really fast. Because of this, I didn’t really do a proper inventory on why I liked her so much.

Fast forward like 8 months later.

We are together officially. Lisa has her own athlete’s dorm room but I was a couple of years older than her and was working during the summers full time and part-time during school/season and had my own apartment near campus and Lisa was basically living with me.

She even would stay there when I was out of town which was like 3 or 4 days of every week because we were in season and the team was flying all over the country. I and Lisa were deeply in love regardless.

At the end of the season, I had planned two massive back-to-back parties.

One was for my teammate’s birthday (Friday night) and then my birthday (Saturday night). They just happened to be one day after the other and luckily landed on a Friday and Saturday night. I and Lisa got wasted Friday night and slept together.

Lisa kept a period-tracking calendar app on her phone.

She was asleep and I vaguely remembered she always marked down in her calendar when we slept together so she knew if she should be worried if she missed her period. She missed her period often because she was an athlete. My inebriated brain thought she should put it in her calendar now because we would forget the next day since we were so messed up.

So I woke her up and said ‘can you put in that calendar that we slept together?’ At this point, it was like 5 am and we were that 5 am kinda tipsy where you’re mostly just tired. She unlocked her phone and opened the app and before she could even do it she fell back asleep.

So I took the phone while it was still unlocked and proceeded to try and figure out how to put it in her calendar myself.

Throughout our entire relationship, Lisa went through my computer and phone constantly. She was very insecure and always had her suspicions.

I didn’t care that she was doing this all the time. She never found anything because I never did shady things, ever.

Again, looking back at this it’s an obvious red flag I missed. Remember I thought this girl would never betray me.

So this wasn’t one of those stories where I went through her phone looking for something and subsequently finding it.

In this case, I was innocently trying to navigate this darn period calendar while I was wasted and I was not suspicious at all.

When I looked at the period calendar app on Lisa’s phone, I saw all kinds of little markers on different days of each month.

Each marker was a different color so I opened one to see what the color-coding meant. I saw that red was obviously symbolling her period and then there were also black markers that showed when she hooked up.

This is when my heart sank into my stomach.

This calendar was PEPPERED with black markers. It looked like a checkerboard with only a hand full of red pieces left and ALL the black ones… There were black markers on days that I was in a different city playing basketball… I proceeded to open all of the black markers going back for our entire relationship.

She had written the names of the guys she had slept with within the notes section of the black markers. There was a total of 4 guys throughout the entirety of our relationship that she slept with. Some months there were almost dozens of those black markers.

Sometimes there were TWO in one day! Looking back on this I wonder if there were more unlisted men that I didn’t see.

In almost every story I hear of infidelity, it involves the discovery of text messages, being informed by a friend, or the classic coming home early and catching your partner red-handed.

I, on the other hand, discovered a well-documented LEDGER of almost every time she slept with another guy.

Amongst the 4 guys I discovered, one of them was her ex that she originally left to go out with me. Going behind my back with him was a common occurrence.

There was some other unknown guy she was also clearly sleeping with regularly. The last 2 fellas looked to be just a one-time thing.

I sobered up real quick. I proceeded to look through Lisa’s texts and calls and found nothing. However, at the time Android phones had a folder where you can see deleted texts but not the contents of the messages.

She had THOUSANDS of deleted texts and calls but I couldn’t see what they said but I saw the numbers and did a quick internet search and matched one with her ex in addition to something like half a dozen other random dudes. The worst part was I found TWO of my teammates… one guy I was actually pretty close with.

I just put the phone down after a few minutes. The evidence was overwhelming. The more I looked at the phone the more my insides began to hurt.

I felt so defeated. I can’t fully describe the feeling but I’m sure anyone reading this that caught a significant other in a lie knows what I’m talking about.

I felt so stupid for trusting her and having no suspicions of her.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I regretted all the times that I had an ‘opportunity’ to betray her and remained faithful to Lisa. I felt like an idiot for not betraying her when I could have.

My loyalty felt like a waste. I know it sounds ridiculous and irrelevant to the fact that she was unfaithful. I think I obsessed over that because if I had betrayed her as well I wouldn’t have hurt so much at that moment. All I could think about was how much I was hurt.

I would do anything to not feel the pain and embarrassment anymore.

I proceeded to leave my apartment and go for a long walk. I had never felt the emotions that were coming up and didn’t know how to process them. My ego felt like it was literally dismantled in front of me.

I wasn’t sure what to do and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. My sadness quickly turned to anger. I knew I was gonna get my revenge I just didn’t know how yet.

I was SEETHING with rage and wanted to make sure she never recovered from this.

My roommate/teammate/best friend was sleeping on the couch in my living room (we will call him Bono, an eastern European kid who stood 7 foot tall and was as Russian in demeanor as you can imagine. He also had an equally ridiculous RL name hence: Bono) well, Bono called me shortly after I started my walk.

I answered and he asked where I was. I asked him to keep this between us and told him what happened. He stays on the phone and goes into my room and I hear him in his Russian accent yell at her ‘yo girl, you two-timed OP?’ Then I faintly hear her inaudibly say something in the background and him yelling at her to get out of the apartment.

After hearing some scuffling Bono gets back on the line and says ‘yo! she’s gone, come back, and let’s talk.’

I head back home and I and Bono go over what had happened. Things don’t get sappy because we are both complete alpha males who both come from cultures where ‘men don’t cry’ and neither of us really knew what to say or do in this situation.

He makes his best attempt to comfort me and says: ‘tonight is your birthday, we’re gonna get wasted and find you some women. Screw her! I never liked her anyway’.

Oh ya, this day was my birthday… forgot about that part.

I and Bono go out for breakfast. I am still a little wasted. My phone is blowing up with calls and texts from Lisa.

I tell her I saw everything on her phone and I can’t stand to speak with her or look at her. She keeps trying to convince me to let her come to my birthday party and I make it clear I don’t want her there.

She clearly was concerned about exactly what Bono suggested to me earlier when he and I chatted.

Lisa’s entire reputation and popularity revolved around the fact that she was going out with me. I think most people didn’t like her in the first place but put up with her because we were together.

She knew that if I acted single at my birthday party and she didn’t show up everyone would know something was askew. I think Lisa was more worried about being embarrassed than our relationship.

I don’t remember much of what happened that night. All I remember is sitting on my chair at the pregame for my party.

Two girls were sitting in the arms of the chair and I still have a photo of that moment and I remember it vividly. We were preparing to head out. I had a few tables downtown at a popular nightclub. The drink and substances were the only things that made me feel normal. I had my sunglasses on and clearly had that happy loaded grin on my face.

The longer you look at the photo of me on that chair, you can tell I’m hiding a huge amount of hurt.

Sitting on that chair, the substance starts to take effect. This was the first time I ever used substances not to ‘party’ but to feel better.

To make me feel normal.

I remember thinking: ‘I want to feel this way for the rest of my life. I am never going to hurt like that ever again. With this thing, I have control and no one can hurt me again.’ Oh, how ironic that turns out to be years down the line.

I told my teammates and friends that I and Lisa were done when they asked why she wasn’t at the party. I didn’t tell them why though. I also didn’t show them that I was affected by it in any way and just played it cool.

I tried to focus everyone on the party ahead of us.

So this is one of those revenge stories where it was only half planned. I knew I wanted to get revenge on Lisa for hurting me so much. But I kind of just improvised as opportunities came up.

My original kind spirit had died on my birthday on that chair. All my morals went out the window. I never two-timed in relationships therefore I believed I would never get two-timed. I realize now how dumb that is but that’s what I thought at the time.

I didn’t care what collateral damage I caused as long as my mission to hurt Lisa as much as possible was accomplished. So continued every day of my life with this new selfish mindset.

I was sitting at my computer later that next week skimming social media when I saw the profile of one of her track teammates on my feed. That’s when I had my first vengeful idea.

I decided I was going to attempt to get her teammates to bite the bait that I was about to cast out into the water. Though I didn’t have proof she hooked up with my teammates, she was clearly trying to hide conversations between them.

So I was going to see how many people who are close to her I could ‘passionately hug’. Luckily I had more options than she had when two-timing me. A women’s track team is much larger than a men’s basketball team. Also much better looking.

Lisa’s teammate I originally spotted on my social media account had a significant other but I thought: ‘clearly everyone acts unfaithful, let’s see if it’s true.’ I proceed to do the little flirty social media dance with her. You know, the one where I like a couple of her photos, she likes a couple of mines back.

I shoot her a message and BAM! she’s at my house in my bed about a week later. I proceed to do something similar to other teammates of hers. All on her 4×4 relay team coincidentally.

2 of the 3 girls I ‘passionately hugged’ had significant others and subsequently two-timed them with me which gave me some real mixed emotions.

It stroked my broken ego and also made me bitter and sad. Giving me one of those ‘women ain’t worth it! none of them are loyal’ attitudes.

This is such a typical story of while fighting monsters I became a monster.

This actually became my go-to strategy because it accomplished two things in my messed-up mind.

It exposed a liar but more importantly if they were willing to betray their men they would:

A) be more secretive about it which meant the drama that would ensue when it came out would be elevated and

B) it made me feel better about Lisa because it proved it wasn’t me that was the problem.

It was women that were the problem. (I know it’s messed up but that’s what I thought back then.)

I started to collect something from every girl that I hooked up with, like a bra, a pair of undergarments, or some jewelry, etc.. (not for some creepy reason, but this is important later and was a part of my plan).

Sometimes I didn’t even have to try. One girl left a pair of very distinguishable shoes. I knew Lisa would know who’s shoes they were. They belonged to the girl that Lisa’s ex rebounded with after Lisa and he broke up which highly upset her because it was her friend.

Now it would upset her more because that same girl slept with both of her exes. I especially tried to collect items if it was something that I knew Lisa could distinguish like a sweater from the women’s track team with her teammate’s name on it.

After some time I had collected a boatload of things.

After a couple of months or so, one of Lisa’s teammate’s significant others found out about me and his girl and it started a big beautiful dramatic explosion of series of events with her and her teammates.

This led to all of them finding out about one another. The drama was MASSIVE. Even their coaches had to get involved it got so bad.

This made me feel so powerful in such an evil yet satisfying way. I fell in love with the destruction I was causing.

(The most awesome part about all of it was that same week, the Athletics PR team had put massive posters of me all over campus promoting the next game. They were EVERYWHERE. Some of the posters took up the entire side of buildings). So Lisa and her friends had to see me all over campus every day while this drama was erupting all around them.

I felt like a triumphant dictator. It was glorious and pathetic at the same time.

Their coach even proceeded to have a ‘serious’ meeting with the compliance department and my team’s coaches. My coaches literally laughed at her saying ‘this seems like an internal issue, but OP hasn’t done anything illegal or broken any school policy so there is nothing we can do’.

This infuriated the women’s track coach. Their team had fallen apart. Their national ranking began to plummet. Then Lisa’s coach even got in trouble for being caught tearing down some of the smaller posters of me on campus in raging temper tantrums.

I loved all of it.

I continued to add fuel to the fire. Posting photos of myself with girls, smiling, being happy every chance I could on social media. But under it all, I was bitter. I was so deep into my new mindset I had already forgotten the kind-hearted naïve kid I use to be.

I hated my old self because I let some girl emasculate me. I was so full of self-pity looking back, it’s depressing. No one really knew though because I played the cool guy attitude in front of people.

There was even a girl on campus on one of the sports teams who claimed that she was pregnant with my kid after I pretended to like her the same way I did with all of the other girls on Lisa’s team and soon as we ‘passionately hugged’ I moved on.

It’s a long story, but it turned out she wasn’t pregnant but the news or ‘press’ that came from that further dug the knife deeper into Lisa’s side. I left a trail of women I deceived and relationships I destroyed. I feel bad now but at the time I didn’t care because they were equally at fault in my eyes since they were two-timing their men or sleeping with their friends’ ex.

Quickly, girls became weary of me. Plus I was running out of ‘potential targets’ (Yea, I was an awful human being then, the way I was thinking) and I was going after girls that weren’t even friends or on the track team with Lisa but were just around her in daily life.

For example her classmates and as well as her own family. I even flirted with her sister who was married to a kid and I almost succeeded. She was down but she and Lisa’s dad found out about it and stepped in and put a stop to it all before we could do anything.

Her sister was ostracized as the news spread within the family.

I wanted Lisa to know I was everywhere and constantly remind her how she messed up. In my eyes, this was all her fault and she unleashed this fury of chaos upon herself. She should never have messed with me like that.

Lisa had to take an extended medical leave because of the depression and mental health issues she was experiencing from the whole situation. She even had to go on medication and lost TONS of weight. She began to look extremely unhealthy. The whole mess was torturing her and the more she hurt the better I felt.

At this point, I had already inflicted more damage than she did to me but I had become addicted to the feeling of power… I spent 0 time processing my own emotions or moving on from what happened. All I wanted was more revenge and I couldn’t stop.

After weeks of ignoring Lisa’s texts and calls she finally gets ahold of me by showing up to my apartment unannounced late at night. She was there to pick up some stuff she left from when she lived there to take home. She was actually a local and her parents lived close by.

(She was still on her medical leave and no longer staying on campus but rather with her parents). I told her I would bring her stuff to her parent’s house that weekend but I couldn’t let her in because I had ‘company’. Which I did but it wasn’t one of her teammates or friends, unfortunately.

I then took all the items I had collected from all the girls over the weeks. There were probably like 8 or 9 things from different girls including her teammates and threw their belongings in along with Lisa’s stuff into big black trash bags. I took the bags to her house and then called Lisa’s dad.

I told him I left her stuff on his porch and to inform his demon daughter. My and Lisa’s dad actually really got along and he even took my side after Lisa and I broke up. But after all these events transpired he obviously had a negative opinion of me.

15 minutes after I get off the phone with Lisa’s dad, I get a call from Lisa. I answer because I want to hear her reaction to having all these other girls’ things mixed in with hers. She was sobbing uncontrollably. It sounded like that half crying half mumbling thing people do when they are hysterical. She wasn’t even angry, just desperately begging me to stop my tyranny.

I just smiled and baked in the glory of hearing her hurt. I responded, ‘why were there other guys in our relationship? You mixed them into our relationship like I mixed other girls’ things into your things. It’s a perfect little ironic metaphor.’ I thought it sounded cool at the time and was really proud of myself.


I later found out from one of Lisa’s friends (who knew she was going behind my back during our relationship) that Lisa was convinced I WAS THE ONE two-timing her because ‘I was always out of town.’ This doesn’t make sense since I was out of town because of basketball, a very legit excuse.

Not just randomly on my own accord. You could literally see my schedule on the school’s website. I kept in contact with her constantly when I was gone but obviously when I had practice or team meetings I couldn’t be on my phone. But she didn’t have the logic in her brain to figure this out I guess.

I assume it’s just an excuse she made to protect her insecurities about the whole fiasco or to keep face with people who knew what she was doing.

Months go by and Lisa comes back to school from her medical leave and we bump into each other at the physical therapy center in our athlete facility building.

I see this as yet another opportunity. It had been a while since I did something that hurt her and I was still hungry for more vengeance. I proceed to pretend like I want to rekindle things with her. She is cautious at first but eventually bites after about a week.

We start to mend our ‘relationship’. We proceed for about a month but I wouldn’t call this a relationship. I forbid her to have any male friends nor is she allowed to go out and party with her friends. I also need full access to all her accounts and her location at all times.

It was more like a hostage situation. It gave me a sense of control.

Meanwhile, I’m not being faithful at all. This was my plan all along. Finally, she finds out about me sleeping with a girl in one of her classes and we have a nasty ‘breakup’.

I told her that she literally knows what it felt like to be me when we last were together. Yet again, I felt triumphant. It was just another chance to hurt her and I did.

After this, we don’t speak for YEARS.

I graduate from university and move to Central America.

She messages me while I’m there about a year after I moved and about 2 years after we last spoke. At this point, my life has become that of a real degenerate. I was doing copious amounts of substances on a daily basis and about 75% of my life was involved in some sort of illegal or nefarious activities.

But I still blame her for me becoming the dark soul that I was and taking no responsibility for my bitter immoral nature. I hadn’t had another relationship since her and always had trouble because I couldn’t trust women in any capacity anymore. Even after years had passed, I saw this instance of her messaging me as yet another opportunity to hurt her.

We begin to talk as friends and even getting flirty with each other over messenger. Mind you there are literally many countries, states, and an ocean between us at this point. I was planning a trip back to my old university to visit some friends.

However, what I told her was different: I explained to her I was moving back to the city for a new job I was just offered. We decide to meet up when I get back and see if there is anything worth saving between us.

I had put on my best acting hat and try to seem like I’ve put our past behind us. However, I’m just as vengeful now as I was years ago. She’s finishing up her last year at University and I make the trip back to the USA.

I meet Lisa at a coffee shop when I arrive. We spend the entire night together. From her point of view, it really looks like we had moved past our differences and what happened. We could actually work things out.

However, I’m not moving back obviously like I told her.

I am only staying 2 nights. She doesn’t know this. After hooking up a few times and spending 2 days together, without mentioning anything to her about me leaving, I pack my things and get back on a plane back to Central America.

I blocked her on all my social media and communication outlets.

This time I could only fantasize about what happened to her when I disappeared after she thought I had moved back and supposedly was ready to give our relationship another try. This time however it wasn’t as satisfying as my previous plots of revenge.

My unhealthy habit and lifestyle only got worse every year.

I was never sober a full 24 hours after the day that I went through that period calendar.

Looking back, as much pain as I might have caused her with my vengeful life, my new identity that consumed my old one was so tainted with a dark spirit at heart.

I think I honestly did more harm to myself with my actions and led me to down the road where I had no morals anymore. Though I spent the entirety of this story telling everyone how I kept getting revenge at my ex for two-timing me, as satisfying as it was, I wish I would have spent an equal amount of energy healing myself from the incident.

If anyone reading this is experiencing the pain that comes with betrayal, a good revenge story can bring you some satisfaction but I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did. Rather spend MORE time healing yourself from the hurt and moving past it.

The revenge won’t heal you. It will be a separate journey but could distract you from putting yourself back together.

Luckily I got sober and am sober now for 4+ years. I even had another significant other of 2 years two-time me before I got sober but this time I didn’t take revenge.

I spent my time healing. I changed and only focused on myself and that was way more satisfying than the revenge I got on Lisa.

Now I’m married almost 2 years to a woman who is sober and man do I have a good life. I have a dream job and a dream marriage.”

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8. Bully Stole From My Friend And We Made Him PAY


“I met Bully in my karate class 7 yrs ago and he was a bit friendly to me.

He was a belt ahead of me. He was Black Dan 1st. So I was keen on learning a bit from him too. But I never had to fight him as part of my practice. A year after I joined his school in 6th grade.

We were in different divisions. But in school, he behaved differently towards me. Especially. See I was a bit chubby then and no one wanted me as a friend. So I limited my interaction to a few. So he would be very rude to me and shamed me with his friend circle.

So one day he boasted that he beat my butt in karate and that he was the best. He never even fought me. So I confronted him in front of his friends and asked him how did he defeat me? He was caught off guard so he said ‘Shut Up’ and wandered off.

Later during the lunch break, I finished my lunch fast and set foot on the ground. I saw him alone and seized the opportunity. I punched his guts in. He was hurt. But he charged to me and I used my body weight to counter him and gave a nice punch to his face.

But as soon as I saw a teacher I just ran away. But both of us were never caught. I made sure he wouldn’t get me again by making myself available and was around a few friends along the way. Then I knew that he was plotting revenge against me.

He started accusing me of many things like copying on tests and such. But boy I was excellent in my studies and made a lot of friends because of that, working up my reputation. So I finally got trusted by many friends of Bully as they now saw me as one of their own.

Then comes the buildup.

I noticed that a friend of mine was behaving a bit differently. He looked very depressed. He wouldn’t talk to us. I managed to calm him down and asked what happened after a few days. He told me the reason.

The father of Friend was an editor of a prominent newspaper in the state.

So he had a lot of money. So Bully and his friends after finding that out started to beat Friend behind the toilets for two days. A friend couldn’t report it since he was a coward. After two days, his friends came to him and said that they won’t beat him until Friend pays 500 rupees daily, which was a bit much.

Friend reluctantly agreed and went on paying him. And it had been going around for more than a week! So I knew I had to do something. It was a matter of time until he would turn on me.

So I hatched a plan, to get maximum dirt on him.

After getting inside his friend circle, I managed to get a lot of personal info on him. I knew his mom and two sisters, who were very nice people. I found out that he had a bit of connection with a lot of outsiders, mainly college students, whom he treated as his own bodyguards.

So I got that down and found that he sent some of them to beat up other kids whom he had a beef with earlier. Bully once picked a fight in front of police and ran away without getting out. So I had all the information like this and a lot more.

And I waited for the right moment.

Then the drop.

After two weeks or so the moment came. Friend’s parents found out that their money has gone missing and they finally got the gist of it. Friend admitted that he stole the cash and he told everything.

His parents were furious and they came to school. And then I set off my plan to move.

At the first stage, I and a couple of other friends went to our vice principal, who was a friend of my mom’s and was very good towards me and reported as many incidents as we could.

We found pieces of evidence that he brought many unsolicited objects to school and provided the pieces of evidence one by one.

After all this, many students came to their class teachers and reported their encounters with Bully.

While the meeting was going on, Bully acted up and was immediately suspended for 3 days, and then later the meeting continued. Bully decided to come after me since I reported him.

But I was smarter. When he came after me, I quickly ran to the P. E teacher, and Bully was taken to the Principal’s office immediately.

That day someone had gotten hold of his bag and found a mobile phone in it (phones were not allowed in the school).

So he was beyond screwed. So both Friend and Bully’s parents came and then they learned that he had stolen over 15,000 rupees and he spent about a third on it on his friends. So his friends were called upon and they all threw him under the bus.

His mother burst into tears. The money would be reimbursed to Friend’s parents. Bully was expelled.

Then after a few days, I saw him in my Karate class. But I informed my Sensei about this issue and he said that he heard many reports about his exploits.

So he was called by the Senseis and he got a lot of scolding. By that, he was shamed. I was backed up by other students who were ridiculed or beaten by him in the changing room. So he left the dojo.

It was an absolute win…

I never saw him again…”

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detu 2 years ago
the word "moolah" is overused ( as in: it appears that it has some high social standing.). money, cash coins, or even the names of local forms of finance would be appropriate. yen, lira, pounds, & rupees are fine examples.
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7. Liar Gets Just What The "Doctor" Ordered


“We had been together for our last year and a half or so of high school. We were each other’s firsts in many ways, and being young and naive I had thought I’d found the one and that it was going to go on forever.

The summer after we graduated was great and things were going well, but she received an athletic scholarship for soccer to a university about 3-4 hours away. Being the hopeless romantic I am I thought it was no big deal I can make this work.

We are in love after all. This was about 16 years ago now so FaceTime was not a thing, but we would talk on the phone whenever we could or maybe have a little AIM session. While in high school my girl would drink at parties like many teens do at that age.

I never tried drinking and actually haven’t to this day (I’m now 35), but once she when off to college she really seemed to go into full party mode. I didn’t really care much, except for the fact that she had an athletic scholarship that could be revoked if she was caught.

Also, due to the season starting in the fall she went off to school early so the campus wasn’t fully occupied so I thought again it seemed a bit risky. I was assured that all of the coaches and RA’s were ‘cool with it.’

Well, being the younger and much more insecure guy that I was at the time. I started to get nervous when I found out the men’s and women’s soccer teams were both there. Slowly over the first couple of weeks she was away, calls would get sent to voice mail or if they were answered she would be with ‘friends.’ This was wreaking havoc on my teenage brain and heart.

So in my mind, my idea of being a hopeless romantic was to make the drive unannounced and surprise her at school.

This was before the days of smartphones and GPS units, and I didn’t have her dorm number or anything so I jumped on Mapquest and printed directions to the university and figured I would call her when I got there, and voila, problem solved.

So I hopped in my car with a CD I had burned for her the night before and made the 4-hour drive to a city I’d never been to. Upon arriving there I called her and received no answer. Maybe she was at practice since it was still earlier in the day, so I decided to drive through the campus to get an idea of where things were.

I’m cruising through the campus and nearly hit this guy who ran out in front of me, we both fully saw it happening in slow motion but luckily avoided any incident. It was like that scene in Pulp Fiction where Marcellus walks in front of Butch’s car and they lock eyes, except I didn’t run him down.

After that little shakeup I decided to shoot her another call and this time she picked up. The practice had finished and they went to Dairy Queen after. I ended up asking which dorm she was in, in case I wanted to send her a letter in the mail… smooth I thought.

So I drove to a store near the campus and grabbed a card, some flowers, and her favorite candy (somehow I still remember they were Crispy M&M’s). I ended up heading to her dorm with my gifts in tow. Knocked on her door and said ‘Suprise!’ Only she didn’t look happy surprised to see me.

She looked uncomfortably surprised to see me. That’s when I noticed another person in her dorm, and lo and behold it was the guy I’d almost hit with my car. I didn’t know what to do so I just said ‘oh okay… this was for you’ and handed her the stuff I’d brought.

I sulked back to my car feeling like a total dummy for wasting my time and emotions on this girl only to have her and some guy play me. On the way home, she called to try to explain that they had started going out and that he was an upperclassman and also one of the coaches.

That’s when it clicked, she had mentioned this guy before and coincidentally he would always be around when she was with ‘friends.’ I also remembered he was one of the cooler upperclassmen Men’s RAs who was also old enough to buy drinks for everyone.

I told her I was done and I didn’t want to speak to her again.

The whole drive home I was trying to come up with a way to get back at them for breaking my heart, and by the time I got home I’d come up with my plan.

Her mother was a doctor and this was the early 2000’s where you could use free email service and get an address. I set one up under her mother’s name. I also knew this guy’s first name and that he was a soccer coach/player on the team.

He was an upperclassman so I searched for the university’s roster from past seasons and games and this being a smaller town there weren’t many guys with the same first name and I was able to get his full name. Finally, I emailed the dean, and CC’d the athletics director(s) listed on the university site from my new email as a ‘concerned mother.’ I was concerned about a coach/RA having a relationship with a freshman female player, and also for a coach/RA to be supplying underage teenagers with booze on school property.

My now ex ended up calling me a few weeks later to tell me she was sorry. We chatted for a few minutes and she mentioned that she and her new man were in some trouble with the school and he ended up being kicked off the team as well as being kicked out of the school due to some parental complaints.

Turns out he was actually supplying a ton of kids booze and stuff and allowing parties on his dorm floor. She was put on some type of academic probation and almost lost her scholarship. As I said, this may be beyond petty, but at the time it felt justified and he was technically breaking rules (and hearts in my case).

I wonder what happened to that guy.”

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6. Karen Bullied Me For Not Giving Her Kid Candy So I Destroyed Her Marriage


“The kids in my neighborhood keep coming to my door on Halloween for candy.

Every year I tell them that no, I am not giving it out and to go somewhere else. I’ve gone so far as to put out signs telling them to shove off and leave me alone every October. But the little jerks just seem to take it as a challenge.

They’ll repeatedly ring the doorbell until I come out or get bored (once they went five whole minutes before they went away), or keep coming back to my place after I tell them, no, hoping I’ll change my mind (I never do). This year, one particularly persistent little brat from the next cul de sac over, whose made it her mission to wear me down for candy every year, rings the doorbell and I tell her nicely (or as nicely as you can tell someone who repeatedly ignores the big red sign saying that my house is not for trick or treating) that I don’t have any candy.

She looks at me with what she probably thought were adorable puppy dog eyes and asks me if I would mind checking.

I tell her there is absolutely no candy in my house nor will there ever be (that was a lie but she didn’t know that).

Then the little monster gets it into her head that I’m lying and keeps asking me if I’m sure. I tell her that I’m diabetic (I’m not) but she apparently doesn’t know what that means. One Google search on my phone later and she accuses me of lying about having it.

I am but that’s not the point. I suppose I could have just given her a Hershey bar, but I really didn’t want her spreading the triumphant news to all the other little monsters of how she finally got the mean lady to succumb to her will at the risk of any of them following in her example.

So I just tell her that I don’t have to give candy to anybody whose going to be so rude as to deny my very serious medical condition and close the door.

About an hour later, I’m hate-watching the Francis Ford Coppola Dracula movie (it’s a train wreck but I can’t help watching it) when I get another ring on the doorbell.

I come down to find the little abomination peeking out from behind the legs of a very angry-looking EM (entitled mother). The following exchange goes down.

Me: How can I help you, ma’am?

EM: My daughter says you repeatedly refused to give her candy.

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t have any.

EM: This callous attitude towards the festivities is unacceptable! It’s Halloween, you should have prepared for it!

Me: I didn’t think any kids would be trick or treating this year.

EM: Well after everything they’ve been through, we as a community owe it to them to make up for all the fun they’ve missed out on this year!

Me: Look, I get where you’re coming from, but it’s 10 pm. I’m not going to get up and go pick up a bag of tootsie rolls at this ungodly hour just so that your kid can have the full Halloween experience.

It’s here that mommy dearest takes it upon herself to give me a lecture on the importance of ‘participating in the community.’ I told her that maybe if she wasn’t such an entitled Karen, her husband would be more eager to participate in the bedroom with her instead of me.

This is where I may have been kind of a jerk.

What I said was nothing more than a heat-of-the-moment remark, but the woman went absolutely ballistic upon hearing it. She freaked out and started screaming about whether or not her husband was sleeping with me.

Apparently, the guy actually did go on some kind of a business trip recently, and my little quip set off all the red flags in her head. She starts demanding to know if her hubby was in my house, trying to crane her neck around me to see inside, and shrieking at him to come out.

At this point, I’m tired, I’m on the verge of a food coma from all the grocery store goodies I’ve binged on, and I’m 100% done with all of this. So I tell her to come back with a warrant and shut the door on her in spite of her attempts to wedge her way in.

I can still hear her meltdown on my way up the stairs, now joined in disharmony with her daughter demanding to know what’s going on.

I look out the window of my bedroom to see her angrily punching in a number on her phone and dialing up who I think was her husband.

The poor man got an earful (I didn’t catch everything she said but at one point she mentioned something about how he has no business being unfaithful when she could have taken advantage of his absence with her brother in law after he came onto her at their anniversary party but she ‘spared his feelings’ by not doing anything about it).

She’s being so loud that she draws the attention of other trick-or-treating families in the neighborhood. Anybody unfortunate enough to ask what’s going on gets treated to a firsthand soundbite of her marital problems. One neighbor goes so far as to come out of his house and asks her to take this someplace where she isn’t ‘disrupting the ambiance.’ This prompts her to turn her wrath on him and shrieks at him to ‘mind his own beeswax.’ The poor man barely gets away with his life.

It was like watching an episode of Maury unfolding if Maury Povich was an elderly Asian man.

At this point, I was seriously scared that she was going to try and break into my house, looking for proof hubby was there. I considered just coming out and admitting to her that I was yanking her chain.

But the ball was already in motion and I doubted whether my confession would save her marriage at this point. Fortunately, after she ended the call, she stormed off with her now hysterical goblin in tears. I felt a little bad for turning what should have been a fun night for the kid into such a traumatic experience, but maybe now she’ll know not to knock on my door next year.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
What part of "I. Don't. Have. Any. Candy!" is incomprehensible? Porch light on or off, if there are SIGNS clearly stating that one does not have candy, that should be plain enough. I mean seriously, that entitled shrew and her offspring need to get a life beyond Halloween!
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5. 40-Year-Old Man Acts Like A Child

“It has been 1 year since I have spoken to this person who I used to call my friend.

We were close enough that I was a groomsman at his wedding about 2 years ago.

It all started to go downhill because of his posts on social media. All of our close circle of friends worked for the same company. They would post things about our job and say things like ‘I hate this job’ ‘management sucks’ ‘the people that work here are trash and I don’t want to be associated with them’.

I still work for this company and I do not have the same outlook on it. So I asked him to stop saying things like that online because it frustrated me. Well, he continued to post horrible things online so I made the decision to remove him from my life.

I got tired of him constantly bashing my company and the people in it. No need for that type of negativity in my life.

Fast forward a year, and all is well with me.

I wake up Sunday morning, turn on my Xbox to play some games, and notice the game I wanted to play is no longer installed. This has never happened before so didn’t think much of it and chalked it up to a glitch.

I began to download the game and played another game for a bit and eventually moved on to Netflix. An hour goes by which was enough time to download the game, and I now see ALL of my games have been uninstalled. Everything was gone including the game I had just played. Checking my storage and I had 100% available so that means all my games were gone.

It was maybe 300GB total and most games I don’t play anymore except one.

I checked the Xbox app on my phone and the name of my console had been changed to ‘Eric is a jerk’…!!! Someone has hacked my account and used the app to uninstall all of my applications.

After a few hours of checking out my Xbox account, changing passwords, looking at login history, nothing seemed out of sort.

So I decided to factory reset my Xbox.

Once the factory reset was done, I checked the Xbox app on my phone. My Xbox was indeed gone, but another Xbox was showing up.

And the name on the console was the same as this friend. I checked it out and sure enough, two of the recent games on it were games that I knew he played. 2TB worth of games were on this console. After looking it over and realizing that after 2+ years, I was still signed in to his Xbox.

He never signed me out so he had the ability to remotely manipulate my Xbox.

The fact that I could now see his Xbox shows that I am still signed in to his Xbox, and I now have the ability to manipulate his Xbox. Which I did.

So to this 40-year-old man who is petty enough to do nonsense like this, thank you for reaffirming my choice to no longer be your friend. You delete my 300GB of games from my Xbox, I will now delete your 2TB of games. I hope redownloading your 2TB worth of games takes you WEEKS!


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4. It Cost Him His Career Prospects, Commission, and Dignity


“This all happened about 11 years ago right around the height of the Great Recession. I had recently been laid off from my teaching position, a month after purchasing my first home, and was struggling desperately to find a new job. My (now ex) wife was still in college and we were a one-income household.

(I know, not the smartest of me, but I was young and ambitious and failed to foresee the school districts laying us all off. Who knew government jobs weren’t secure?)

Act 1: The Jerk Puckers

After about six months of struggling to even get interviews, I happened upon a position as a body shop estimator about 40 miles from my home.

I say it happened, but more it was a practice in nepotism as the Manager of the shop was a friend of my fathers and, after having been on food stamps for months, I wasn’t going to be picky.

Anyways, so the first day rolls around and the Manager is giving me the tour when, lo and behold, Bob the Jerk walks in.

As a bit of context, Bob the Jerk is one of the grandchildren of the company founder and the only child from the father’s second marriage. Apparently, he was conceived on an airplane when his father was two-timing his mother with a stewardess. This is relevant later, I swear.

Well, Bob, being a right ornery git with a rather serious inferiority complex lays right in on me.

‘Who is this?’

My Manager, already taken aback, introduces me and lays out the whole spiel. I shake his hand and we converse a bit. He’s fairly amenable until he finds out I used to be a teacher.

Now, I’m not sure what happened to this poor boy at his private school, but darn if he didn’t switch moods faster than a redneck at Red Lobster.

‘So, boy. I want you to understand something. I may be part of the family that owns these dealerships, but that doesn’t mean I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

And I want you to understand something: I don’t like liars, and if I ever catch you doing either, I’ll make sure you never work in this town again.’

Well, darn. That darn near defined our working career for the next 16 months.

Bit ironic, since the town was kind of podunk and I was driving there from one of the largest cities in Texas, but I digress.

So, why is this all relevant? Well, you need to have a good idea of the level of nonsense I was dealing with Bob.

Now comes the revenge. This is a revenge plot in two acts. One is a premeditated act of maliciousness, and the other is an annoying act of opportunity.

Act 2: The OSHAning

At this point in my personal Texas Tragedy, it’s been six months and I’ve learned that Bob’s temper isn’t a temporary thing.

The man has repeatedly threatened me and my boss over the past six months. If we didn’t meet the repair quota, he was going to fire us. The process would repeat each month. As the end of the month neared, the harassing phone calls would start, then the yelling, then the screaming, then when we failed to meet quota, the in-person tirade.

The Manager had also hit the stage where he disappeared for the whole day to avoid the Wrath of Bob and let me take the brunt of it. Considering I was making less than $400 a week and working 60 hour weeks, which was calculating below minimum wage and an FLSA violation, my level of give-a-darn was starting to hit its antapex.

To compound my ‘Bless Your Heart’ level of annoyance, by this time I was in charge of all documentation, billing, and payroll for the shop guys. I’d become acquainted with the payroll department, with those lovely people enjoying my help, since I was a bit of a number cruncher myself, and you got a position where I’m doing everything the Manager is supposed to be doing, and then some, but getting none of the pay.

Now comes the first day of reckoning. Our men’s restroom had been broken for two months (The only men’s restroom in the building), we had a dead rat in the wall that’d been stinking up the shop, and our steel pylons for the bay area had been eaten through by decades of neglect.

Unbeknownst to Bob, I’d been documenting and cataloging these issues and keeping copies of every email I sent regarding the issues with our shop. Also, every time he’d berated us, I documented the outburst, what was said, and any written correspondence that backed up his behavior.

After taking some lunch breaks to study up on OSHA violations, I compiled all my findings and sent them over to OSHA with pictures, emails, et cetera.

At the same time, I took all my documentation of every nasty thing our boss had said to us, including emails and whatnot, and forwarded that over to the head of HR.

Well, bad things soon followed for poor ol’ Bob.

The documentation of verbal abuse and labor violations hit HR’s plate and Bob’s poor world blew up. He was forced to raise my pay to at least minimum wage equivalent, or forfeit working me 60 hours a week.

He also was forced into anger management classes where, and this was my favorite, every time he got annoyed, he had to chant the mantra ‘Kittens and bunnies.’

OSHA soon followed and sent out an inspector. After confirming all the issues with the shop, the dealership was given an ultimatum, bring the shop up to code or close the dealership.

$50,000 later, we had a functioning bathroom, a breezy customer lounge, and supporting steel pylons that didn’t groan every time a stiff wind hit.

Bob stayed away for a time, but it didn’t last. Being the grandson of the owner, he wasn’t getting kicked, no matter how much his siblings in the business disliked him.

Thus on to Act 2.

Act 2: The Witch-Slapping

Fast-forward a year and Bob, being the jerk he is, had gotten way more malicious and far more underhanded with his punishments.

In the interim between Act 1 and now, he’d introduced ever more stringent red tape between our shop and Payroll/Billing, Parts, and Sales, effectively tripling the required paperwork per vehicle repair.

A particular example required that we print out the email from the parts department, hand-write in all parts numbers on top of the automated numbers from the estimate, then fax that back to the parts department while ALSO emailing them the same-said items, but in type form.

If anything didn’t match exactly, then he’d try to throw a write-up at me. One time he did and I refused to sign it. Guess it never occurred to him that I would refuse, as he didn’t know what to do after and never wrote me up again.

By now, I had a new boss, as the old BodyShop Manager had done right and skipped out and this new guy was pretty much the same. I’d warned him about the tirades, but he scoffed. He learned real quick after we missed quota the first month.

Anyways, I had been feeling really under the weather for the past two weeks: sweating, fevered, abdominal pain stretching to my back, the whole standard ‘this isn’t a cold’ feel. I went to the doctor and they found I had some nasty kidney stones that had developed as a side-effect from my ADHD medication.

Took me out for my whole week. Considering I only got one week of vacation a year, I wasn’t happy.

Well, I show back up a week later and Bob decides he needs to put his foot down and calls up the Manager. The manager and I had gotten used to his nonsense and so he threw him on speaker phone while I listened in.

‘Is jerky back? Boy better have a doctor’s note.’

‘Yeah, he just got here. He left the note at home, but he’ll bring it tomorrow.’

‘Not good enough. You tell him to get himself back home and bring back the note.

He ain’t working until you have it in hand. And don’t pay him for the missed time.’

‘We got cars backing up. If I send him home, you’re not gonna have some delivered on time.’

‘I don’t give a darn.

He doesn’t work until I have that note unless he’s lying.’

Yeah, we saw where this was going. Considering it’s a 40-mile drive one way, I wasn’t too pleased, but I made the trek on back. Along the way, I saw a sign at a body shop looking for estimators, stopped on in, and applied.

I make it back to my business around 1 pm, losing about 5 hours of the day to travel at this point. My Manager lets Bob know and I immediately get a phone call.

‘Took you long enough. Now, I want you to get out there and give me an update on every project we got in the shop.

You got one hour.’ He hangs up before I can acknowledge.

I shrug. It’s about 30 vehicles. Nothing overly tough, so I head on out and get an update from all the techs. I call him an hour later and get no answer. I go ahead and email him a list of each project and where they are at so he can’t pull his usual bull.

The day progresses as usual when I get a call at 5 pm, keeping in mind we close at 6 pm, which is when I leave.

‘I want you to close out all the projects tonight. I don’t care how long it takes you.’

‘I am not legally allowed to process the payment on vehicles we have not begun work on.’

‘Stop being lazy. Close them all out.’

The average time it took to close each vehicle with our current 90’s podunk system was around 30 minutes a car. With 30 cars, we were talking about an all-nighter. Considering he’d also made our body shop repair ‘dealer’ cars he had driven and wrecked, then sold them as brand new with clean records… I just wasn’t having it and had no plans to break the law for a jerk I didn’t like, so I closed the 10 that were ready to close and left at 8 pm.

The next day, oh well. The next day was rough.

I walk in per usual and get to work when I get a phone call from Bob.

‘Who do you think you are? I told you to close out all the vehicles! Why in the world didn’t you?!’

‘I told you. I’m not breaking the law. I closed out the ten that were done, stayed over my hours, which I am not supposed to do, and completed as many as possible.’

He rambled on and ranted for a bit and I took it in stride.

I’d written his ire off until he took it too far.

‘No. You’re just lazy. See, this is why you’re at where you are and I’m at where I am. I know how to work for a god-darned living.’

I saw red and got quiet.

‘What did you just say?’

Bob knew he’d stepped in it, but being the ornery guy he was, he wasn’t going to back down now.

‘I said what I said, boy. You’re lazy, entitled, don’t work for anyone, and incompetent.

And you should be thanking me for where you’re at.’

I lost it.

‘Listen, water boy. The only reason you’re at where you are is that your daddy got wasted, slept with a stewardess to join the mile club, and got stuck with you.’

I slammed the phone down and immediately sent his sister, the President of the company, a list of all the things he’d pulled and how he’d try to make us break the law, as well as his shady dealings with fixing dealer cars under the table and then selling them as brand new.

Considering Bob’s sister despised him, you can imagine her delight at having solid evidence against her littlest brother.

As fortune would have it, I got a call on my cell ten minutes later saying I had the job at the other location, looked at my Manager, and quit.

The next day, after having never felt freer, I received a call from my now ex-Manager. Bob and his sister were at the shop and were shutting it down. Bob had been planning to shut the shop down but didn’t want to give up the profit.

He had tried to have me close the vehicles out so he could claim the profits for his shop and pocket the percentage commission, force the other dealerships in his family’s business to eat the cost of repairs, then was going to use the added profits as leverage to pitch to his daddy, the owner, over his sister’s head, and move himself to a new dealership that made more money.

My emails didn’t stop the body shop from getting closed, but since his sister got wind, she shut his dreams down, side-lined him at the low performing dealership for another five years, and got him sent back to anger management, all while moving the rest of the employees to other dealerships within the company, and at a higher pay rate.

Last I heard, he was still practicing ‘kittens and bunnies’ every time he gets all heated.”

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3. This Is How Pranks Used To Be Before The Internet


“This happened about 33 years ago, in the days before the Internet. There was me, Tom, my friend Liam, his sister Carol and a friend of Liam’s called Phil. It was a weekend and I was at Liam’s house. The phone rang and Liam’s mood changed as soon as he answered the call.

It was the local Police questioning my friend about a supposed crime and my friend’s involvement. The Police officer’s name he gave was one my friend had dealings with in the past, so you could see the worry on his face. He was one of those vindictive officers who would fit you up for something you didn’t do.

It was his friend Phil who thought it would be funny to prank Liam.

After ending the call you could see the relief on his face. That is when Liam, myself, and Carol hatched our revenge plan. We went to our local shop and bought every trashy Sunday Newspaper and Magazine we could find.

We knew Phil’s address, so we cut out every coupon we could find to send off for product catalogs, free samples, etc. In those days many of these were Freepost so it didn’t cost anything to send them and paying for those that weren’t Freepost only cost a few pence per item.

The revenge went on for years! Once these companies have your details they never stop mailing you. HaHa, he was angry! The postman must have hated it too, I feel sorry for him/her. Not Phil though.”

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2. This Is How You Win Friends And Influence People


“This happened when I was around 9.

My family had moved to a new state and consequently a new school. I have a younger sister and we were both supposed to start at the new place that day. The morning passed in appearing for various qualification tests so the teachers could gauge which form to send me to.

Till this time I was two years ahead of my peers and the teaching staff in the new school wanted to ensure that I would be able to cope up.

By the time I was asked to join my form it was already lunchtime. The teachers asked me to keep my books in the classroom and for one day I was permitted to eat there, instead of going to the cafeteria.

When I reached the classroom I was supposed to sit in, a group of boys directed me to another room and I told them if I was in the wrong room I would let the teacher tell me so and I was not moving.

I then proceeded to open my lunch box and have my lunch.

They tried to stop me again, and again I told them that if it was not permitted the teacher could come and tell me so, but till she did I was not moving from the seat I had selected.

One of the boys (let’s call him Jack) then says that I was sitting in his seat.

I was again like – so today you can sit elsewhere. I’m not moving.

He grew belligerent then and he went – I’ll see about that. He snatched my books, pencil case, everything, and he and his friends began to toss my stuff among them.

I was hungry, so I continued having my lunch and when I was done, I asked for my things back.

‘Make us return your stuff,’ they taunted.

I went to the teacher’s desk and picked up a large pointer and threatened them that if they didn’t return my stuff I would hit them.

‘You have to catch us first,’ they taunted. So all of them ran into the corridors and out into the playground and I ran after them with the pointer in my hand determined to hit at least one person.

I must’ve chased them all over the school till I ran into this group of high school boys.

‘Where do you think you are going?’ They asked me.

I told them that I wanted to beat up Jack and his friends who had stolen my stuff and I narrated the whole incident to them.

These guys were in splits by the time I was through.

You see I was very thin and underweight for my age, and I was going to be studying with kids who were anyways older than me. And there was just this thin, scrawny girl who looked like a 7-8 yr old and there was this group of 5-6 boys who were all 11-12.

Long story short the older boys got my stuff back and asked if I was happy. No, not I. But lunch hour was over by now, so we all frog marched to the classroom. They got detention for being late and leading me astray in school.

I get a warning from the teacher as it was only my first day. After school, we managed to continue our scrapping and I managed to hit Jack on the head with my pencil box. At which stage we called a truce and shook hands.

A few days later some bigger boys got into my sister’s room and began bullying the kids. They picked her bag and threw her things out, till one of them noticed her surname. Are you ProfileElectronic’s sister they asked her? On receiving an affirmative they put her things back and gave her candy as a bribe so that she wouldn’t tell me.

She didn’t. She told my parents that I was bullying the kids at school and that’s when the whole story came out.

Jack and I are friends to this day. He’s married and has two kids – a boy and a girl. He lives in a different country.

We are part of the school chat group and still fight with each other over the silliest of things.”

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1. Former Boss Forced To Shut His Company Down


“I got a job with a direct sales company in sunny Scotland that ran on a commission-only basis. Clients would hire us to sell for them and we did everything from credit cards to the internet.

We normally had portable pods we’d take into shopping centers but sometimes we’d just be in the middle of busy streets. Some people often worked for the day and made zero cash which meant folk were getting hired and quitting every week. I actually did pretty well though and usually made more than I would be working similar hours in an unskilled labor position.

Boss took note of this and started mentioning an expansion into Australia, describing it as an untapped market for what we did. It would be a gold mine, he said. He told me he was planning to leave in a few months and wanted to bring decent salesmen along to hit the ground running while they looked for more local staff to build the team.

If I proved my worth, I’d be invited.

I worked harder than ever. Coming in early, staying late, and helped to train the noobs that came in without pay as time went by. Best efforts weren’t fruitful though and I still didn’t have enough savings to get by for long by myself on the other side of the world.

I told the boss what I had and he said that would barely even be enough to pay for your flight let alone the hotel and other living costs while we get established. I was actually under the impression getting invited meant they’d at least move me over there so now I felt like this plan just didn’t seem feasible anymore.

I’ve learned to ask these questions well in advance now. Months of sweat down the drain.

Boss said I couldn’t give up and I had to do what was necessary to achieve my goals. I ate that thing up and he suggested I take out payday loans and bump phone/tablet contacts for the extra cash.

Obviously, that would put me in massive debt but my boss, who I considered a friend at this point, reassured me that I’d be making 10X what I owed per month when we got to Oz. I trusted him enough to believe it but still asked him if he would pay for my plane ticket if I couldn’t afford to fly back after 6 months to be present for the birth of my daughter in Scotland.

He said of course but it was silly to think I’d be so poor I couldn’t get home. I went through with the idea.

The time came and we were ready to leave. Boss asked the regional manager to pay for my plane ride upfront and dock my wages later because the ticket would have still eaten a third of my savings.

Turned out I was the only one from Scotland besides boss and the RM going over. I was told it was because no one put the effort in I did and RM couldn’t pay for everyone’s ticket. Normally I’d have been really concerned but the boss was a pal now so I just felt really special. On the way, it was revealed to me that we wouldn’t actually be selling anything this time around.

The only clients were a few global and local charities. What we’d be doing now was going door to door and convincing people to subscribe. I would have to get someone to sign up to donate a minimum of 40 dollars a month for two years to get my comish… WHAT?!?

Again I was reassured that, unlike Scotland, in the land down under everyone has loads of disposable income and they love charities. It would be a saunter for us. I managed to convince myself it wasn’t so bad and I actually got quite excited about doing something for charity like that.

Things didn’t take off as we’d hoped and just two months in I was completely relying on income from the job to support myself. To my surprise, I’d been sharing a bunk bed with my boss in hostels the whole time. He said it was just to save money but I already knew he had no more than me because of our constant proximity.

I worked 13 hours a day 6 days a week in the field and even on my day off boss would always have something planned for the ever-changing team. I was a good sport and ended up being pretty well-liked by anyone we brought on. Part of my job now was to participate in training everyone new except still for no pay.

I wasn’t in a position to argue and since we were in this together I complied. I ended up doing most of the training but at least I was making new friends.

The next four months were awful. Boss and I eventually separated when we hired two other lads from the UK with who I became close.

We stayed together and the boss somehow had enough to stay in Airbnbs now meanwhile, I was living off noodles and sleeping in up to 24-bed rooms in hostels with the boys just to get by. We ironed our shirts on the floor and couldn’t afford shoes to replace the ones soles were coming off of from the constant door knocking.

Boss had become a bit of a pariah among the team because of his ugly attitude. I actually found his temper funny a lot of the time because it was never directed at me until it was and the benefit of the doubt I’d given him no longer existed when it came time for me to go home for my daughter.

I couldn’t afford a bus never mind a flight and when I asked the boss for the emergency handout he essentially said tough cookies, I can’t afford it. I missed the birth of my daughter and cried for days over how much of an idiot I was for trusting my boss.

I couldn’t even risk leaving and not finding another job. I just had to save for as long as it took and go home.

Shortly after this boss declares he’s now got the resources he needs to start planning a move to a different state where he can open his own office away from the RM.

Of course, the team would have to follow and at the boss’s request, I played a part in convincing most of them to go. I’d started living in robot mode and just became a yes man to get through the day. I also figured maybe the new location would reap more rewards.

Boss invested in a town office and spent what he had to set it up along with getting the clients sorted.

(Cue the karmic revenge)

It took three weeks for everyone to see boss’ true colors and I was particularly worn down. Part of the recruitment process involved the applicant shadowing me or another member of the team for the day to show them sales but when anyone came out with me I basically said listen you DO NOT want this job so, needless to say, we didn’t hire many locals.

I had stayed in touch with a girl from the previous office who I had gotten close to and she was more than happy to help me vent. She offered me a place to stay in her flat should I want to risk quitting and finding another job to get home.

I’d just have to get back to the other side of the country with no money. We were so skint the lads and I hacked a hungry Jack’s reward app to give us unlimited free value meals lol. FYI we were paid two weeks in leu so I hatched a plan to wait until the wage from my first week in the new office came through before quitting.

I had the strong feeling boss would withhold the remaining two weeks because he knew I couldn’t fight it. I was right in the end. I also sat the team down in private one night and told them I was planning to quit for all these reasons.

They were sad to hear I was leaving but completely understood. I quit the next day and used the wage I just got to pay for the way back to the other side of Oz. I did find another job in a coffee shop and had enough to fly home three months later.

Then I completely rebuilt my life.

I learned through the grapevine that every single member of staff quit within days of me leaving the boss’s office meaning he had to shut down and hightail it back to the old one because of how much cash he lost. I saw him running around a few times trying to catch busses with a clipboard and iPad like we did when we’d knock doors so I’m assuming he couldn’t hire any more staff either and had to do the groundwork all by himself.

He never recovered from what I hear.

At the time this happened I didn’t know what a pyramid scheme company was but thankfully I’m wiser now. I discovered that boss made cash, not from the client directly but rather he got a percentage of every sale the team and I made as did every superior he had.

I never saw a dime for all the people I hired and trained. That explained why he could afford better lodging and ultimately an office. I’m now certain he could’ve afforded to send me on the flight back when I asked.”

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