People Give Us Their Formidable Revenge Tales

We might go through periods in our life where we don't really have much to share. You graduated from college several years ago. You're already decently established in your career, working at the same place for a while. You've been married and had kids for years. Same vehicles, same city, same house, haven't vacationed in over a year. Same old, same old. Although, it's not always about what you've recently accomplished or what next drastic change you've made. Sometimes sharing new information might be a new interest you've discovered, something funny you heard on the radio, or even a recent time you got payback on an awful person. Don't let the following people scare you too much; they're just like you, just brave enough to take revenge on a jerk where they see fit!

15. Need To Have A Doctor's Note To Have A Water Bottle? Fine

“So I work for a small southern grocery store chain in the US that has strict rules for cashiers (no, I will not disclose what company, since I don’t wanna make my identity any more obvious).

We can’t allow customers to bag their own groceries, even if they insist, because it’s “disrespectful” to “make” them do our work for us.

We must maintain eye contact and try to strike a conversation with every customer we get, even the ones who aren’t interested in conversation because it would be “disrespectful” not to do so.

We also aren’t allowed to sit down, have bathroom breaks, and, most importantly to the story, we couldn’t have water when there were customers around.

It’s “disrespectful” to, uh… remind them that we’re human beings? I dunno.

The water rule was a new one, and many employees complained about it, so they decided to “rectify” this by putting a package of water bottles the employees can drink in the back of the store, upstairs.

That way they were technically providing us water, but we had to leave our registers, go to the back of the store, and get to the attic to get it, and we aren’t allowed to leave our registers if 1. someone is on break or 2. we have customers.

It’s a busy store, openings are slim to none, and when they do crop up we’re called back to our register via the intercom after about a minute. So functionally, we still didn’t have water; I’m pretty sure this was just a way to circumvent the law.

Again, people complained about this. We don’t get paid $7.25 an hour for this nonsense. They said tough luck, if you need water so badly get a doctor’s note (they also said that if we kept being “ungrateful”, they’d take the water bottles away, but I digress).

Alright then. Shockingly, and totally not because of the lack of bathroom breaks and dehydration, I got a UTI and had to go to the doctor. While I was there, I explained my situation to them, and they hastily wrote me up a note that said I must have water at my workstation.

Awesome, so I have a note. Time to buy one of those obnoxious one-gallon bottles with motivational text. I got one and stuck the folded-up note on the side.

When I come into work that day, right as I start to serve my first customer, the manager comes to my register, fuming.

She asks me why I have water. I play dumb and tell her that I forgot to show her the doctor’s note! My mistake. I am intentionally tedious with unsticking and unfolding the note from the side of my bottle – after all, I don’t want to tear it – and hand it to her.

My customer is still there this whole time, by the way. She looks at us, concerned, and says “You need a doctor’s note to have water?”

My manager has now picked up the radio on her hip and walked away with my note, so I answer for her.

“Yes, ma’am. The last thing we want is to be disrespectful to our customers! Do you have our rewards card?”

She slowly nods, visibly bewildered. I continue scanning and bagging her groceries, maintaining that uncomfortable eye contact, using the textbook conversation starters that always fall flat.

At the end of the transaction, we continue to follow the script of “Have a good day”/”You too.”

I get to my second customer and he is similarly confused about the water rule, having overheard everything. This cycle continues for four customers before my manager comes back and tells me that fine, I can have water at my register, but don’t drink it in front of customers.

The guy I am currently serving calls out the obvious problem here: The store is always busy, and there are rarely more than two registers open at a time. I would never have an opening.

Because my manager is the kind that is a doormat to any and all customers, no matter how unreasonable, she performatively concedes and walks away.

I take a long drink of water, and wow, none of the customers around me are offended by this. Huh.

After work that day, I decide to hop on social media and NextDoor because the local drama there is always juicy to read, and to my surprise… people are talking about the grocery store I work in.

And not in the usual positive light.

My first customer of the day, after her trip to the grocery store, has posted about the water rule to Nextdoor. And on our location’s page. And on the company itself’s page. And amazingly, it’s actually gained traction.

There’s a pretty big outrage about it, for such a small community.

The next day I come in, I get called into the office. The big guys give me a stern talking-to, saying I’m the sole reason the local community is angry, refusing to shop at the store, and filing complaints.

Totally isn’t the manager’s fault, who openly talked about such an inhumane rule with a customer right there, sure.

Regardless, because I’ve otherwise been a model employee, they let me off with a warning. So I start the workday, significantly less busy than usual, and hearing the phone ringing a lot more in the office.

My coworkers have also caught on to what’s happening, and by the end of the week, most of them also have comically large water bottles with notes to justify them.

About three-ish weeks later, we receive an e-mail and written notice in the break room from upper management.

Cashiers are now allowed water at our workstations, just please try not to spill any on the equipment or customers’ groceries.”

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IAmMeButNotMe 2 years ago
That is so many labor-law violations right there, I wouldn't know where to start....
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14. Unfaithful Wife Gets To Keep The Car? Not On My Watch

“Years ago, I used to be married to Alice.

Somewhat significant age gap when we got married: I was 27 and Alice was 19 at the time. We had our share of ups and downs, and during one particularly hard time about a year after we got married, we were sunk in credit card debt and had to move in with her mother, who had a whole bunch of chronic medical problems and no insurance.

Stepdad is a shade tree mechanic (who was not bad at it, actually), but couldn’t get regular work because he had medical problems of his own. Move-in, cut some costs, help the family. It’s the right thing to do, right?

Problem was, Alice and I couldn’t seem to both hold jobs at the same time.

She would get laid off a week before I would start a new job, and vice-versa. After about 9 months of this, I was like, ok, I’m going to get ALL the jobs. I get a job working weeknights. I get a weekend job. The temp service I signed up with was really aggressive and got me decent (weekday) jobs on a regular basis.

The only problem was, these jobs were over an hour away from her mom’s and I’d be so dead tired from working, I’d crash at my brother’s place which was 10 minutes away from the next city over. I’d only be able to go home to see Alice every few days, then have to get up a few hours later so I could beat the rush hour into work.

Four months pass, and we find ourselves slowly inching from the red into the black.

One day, Alice lets me know that she got a job. It’s about 20 minutes away, and only I have a (working) car. She has friends that can give her a ride when I’m not home, and I take her to work or pick her up every chance I get.

This goes on for about a month. Finally, she says, ‘I think I need my own car.’ It’s all good, she’s an independent girl, and I can see how hard it is for her to be so dependent on other people. I do some quick math and figure it would take about four months for us to afford to get a decent beater that won’t die in a year.

She nods her understanding. I see her disappointment, and my man-pride cannot take it.

I level up and go beast mode. I start taking side jobs (mostly construction) with a friend of a friend who pays on a per-day basis to fill out the times when I have blanks on weekdays when the temp agency hasn’t got anything for me and I pull double shifts for the weekend job.

I sleep an average of four or five hours a day.

Three weeks later, I have purchased a car for her, a cute little 4×4 that I saw on Craigslist. Mechanically sound, but was very dirty. I park it at a friend’s place and over the course of a week, give that grimy thing the most comprehensive cleaning of its life.

You could have eaten off the wheel wells, I kid you not. My good buddy Nathan springs for some cheap but nice visuals (wheel paint, seat covers, floor mats, etc.) and we make it look even better. When we move it out of the garage, my friend’s mom swears it can’t be the same car and I have to prove it to her.

I leave my car with Nathan and drive home in her car.

The timing is perfect. I’m about 10 minutes away from home when Alice calls me on my cell. She wants to go get some groceries. I let her know I’ll be there in a bit and park by the curb one house down.

I knock on the door and tell her to come out so we can go. She steps out and looks around.

‘Where’s your car?’

‘Left it at Nathan’s.’

‘What did you drive?’

‘That.’ (I point at the car.)

‘Whose car is that?’


She takes a couple of seconds to process that single word. Then, her jaw drops and Alice runs back inside screaming, ‘MOM, OP GOT ME A CAR!’ She is thrilled.

A couple of years go by. Alice has learned how to use a manual transmission because Her Baby has one.

Between myself and her stepdad, Alice has learned to change the oil herself and even took an active part in replacing the brake pads and all four shock absorbers on Her Baby. She bathes Her Baby herself. She has learned to take care of Her Baby.

Mother in Law’s medical problems are mostly manageable with meds now, and stepdad is getting almost regular work thrown his way by friends and previous customers. We have moved out of her mom’s place, and I’m only working two jobs now. Credit card debt is down by 80%.

Alice also has a steady job and is thinking of going back to school.

And then I find out she is being unfaithful to me. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. There is no third time. There must be payback.

My man-pride demands it.

A week after the nuke drops on our marriage, I’ve worked out the problem. She’s already gotten her stuff and moved out by then.

I call her up to meet. Lunchtime, her work. Just to talk, I say. There’s a little pseudo-eco-industrial picnic area right by the building she works at, and there’s a fair amount of foot traffic (ie, witnesses).

There’s some chitchat, and she makes a vague appeal to work things out by dragging my dead dad into it. No way. You don’t have the right to do that. You had a one percent chance, but that just flat out dropped it to zero.

I cut her off mid-sentence.

‘I’m taking the car. Your car.’


“The pink slip is in my name. I’m taking back my property right now. And if you don’t hand over the keys right now, I’m going to report it stolen to the police.’

‘But you gave that car to me!’

I’d been talking in a normal, conversational tone up until this time. Her betrayal rams into my chest for the thousandth time. My voice hardens.

‘I didn’t give the car to you. I gave the car to my wife.’

Her brain still isn’t firing on all cylinders. She asks, ‘B-but how will I get to work?’

‘ . . . Get your new man to drive you.’

I’m still looking at her. Her face goes slack as she realizes that I am. Not. Kidding.

I take the keys, get into Her Baby, and drive off.

I look at her as we pass. She still has the same look on her face.

And I drive all the way home with the biggest smile on mine.”

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kesn 2 years ago
Serves her right
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13. Only Want To Teach The Girls? The Department Of Education Would Like To Have A Word With You

“Back in 2008, I was in Year 11 (Australian, second last year of high school).

My high school had a reputation for being abysmal and faculty would more often than not brush aside any problems students were facing. Enter Crazy Teacher. Crazy Teacher taught a multimedia class I enrolled in, and this was the first year they had done this class as it was an equivalency course they were trialing (sort of like a community college course you could take during high school, earning a certificate at the end).

These courses are not graded, they were pass or fail.

Crazy Teacher started off fine for a few weeks. Then the rants started. They would last the full hour of the class as she yelled and yelled about almost anything – our perceived laziness, our idiocy, the powerlessness of the principal to do anything.

This, obviously, severely impacted our work as we couldn’t focus while Crazy Teacher was screaming at the top of her lungs. Several students voiced concerns to deputies, the principal, student services, etc. all to no avail.

One day, Crazy Teacher announced that because the male students were taking up all her time with questions, she would no longer be teaching us (the boys), instead only focusing on the female students.

This was an elective course, and there were 2/3 male students to 1/3 female students in the class. At first, I thought Crazy Teacher was joking, but it became abundantly clear that she was seriously not going to teach 2/3 of the class while ranting and raving every time we had her.

Eventually, I had had enough. I recorded one of her hour-long rants, in its entirety, on my old Nokia slide phone. I vividly remember Crazy Teacher said that ‘the principal has no power in this classroom, GOD himself could come down from heaven and he wouldn’t be able to stop me!’ Bingo.

The next day, I took this to the principal and demanded a meeting. I showed the principal and vice deputy the recording, albeit a mere snippet of the ~60 minutes. After a moment, the principal asked if I knew that I could be suspended for using my phone in class and for recording someone without their permission.

I was told to delete the recording on my phone immediately or face disciplinary action. I deleted the recording as asked, and the principal and deputy thought that would be the end of it but oh boy were they wrong.

While I’d never been one to stick up for myself, I decided it was now or never.

I told the principal that I was disgusted by the audacity they displayed to threaten me with disciplinary action over showing them proof that there was a problem with Crazy Teacher. I told them truthfully that I had made copies of the recording and would release them to every major news and radio station unless something was done about this situation.

They didn’t believe me and again threatened me with suspension. At that moment, I realized what I had to do, so I pretended to drop it and claimed that I would continue my classes without complaint.

That night, I wrote a very detailed letter to the Department of Education wherein I recounted as much as I could remember about Crazy Teacher and her ridiculous rants.

I explained the lengths I had gone to have this resolved within the school, and the response I was met with. I put the copy of the recording onto a thumb drive with the letter and sent it to the DOE. Weeks went by without a response, and with everything I was dealing with at school, I had almost forgotten about it.

Crazy Teacher would not show up for some classes, sometimes Crazy Teacher would kick us out for no reason and then scream at us for leaving – it was a nightmare.

3 weeks later, I received a response from the Department of Education.

In the letter, they apologized for the mistreatment I had suffered at the hands of teacher and principal alike and explained that they would be conducting an audit of the ENTIRE school – literally every single staff member there would be audited with no stone left unturned. They thanked me for bringing this to their attention and assured me that no disciplinary action would be taken against me for recording the rant that I had supplied them with.

Soon, the entire school found out what I had done. Most of the teachers absolutely loathed me after that point, one going so far as to say that ‘you should have kept your mouth shut and your head down.’ I guess the audit was seen as an inconvenience to them, but what is a small inconvenience against the education, and possible graduation, of around 15 kids?

We just wanted to learn and were discriminated against for no reason, with no help offered from within the school. Even some of the students in that class with me thought I’d gone too far, but I couldn’t care less about their opinions, I knew what I did was right.

Eventually, Crazy Teacher left on her own accord, literally stomping out of class and driving away mid-lesson, never to be seen again. I heard she got a really nice job at a private school not far away, so I guess she got lucky. I graduated the next year, with the principal remarking as she handed over my certificate during the graduation ceremony, ‘I can’t believe you made it.’ Not in an encouraging ‘good for you’ way, mind you, but in an ‘I tried so hard to stop this from happening’ kind of way.

This was 10 years ago and it still boils my blood thinking about it but I learned a valuable lesson – if you can’t fight the system, make the system work in your favor. I hope this encourages any students who are facing similar issues to speak up and demand that they receive the education they deserve.”

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StumpyOne 2 years ago
I am an educator. I'm sorry this happened to you. Teachers like that should be drummed out LONG BEFORE they become monsters. I'm sorry the administration failed you. I'm SO GLAD you found a way to get the word out. THANK YOU. If no one else said it, thank you and you are seriously a hero. A bully is one thing, but a bully in a position of power is a nightmare that can lead to serious mental health and physical safety consequences. HUGS
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12. Outsmarting The Cancellation Fee

“I recently had a holiday booked to Mexico which at the time of booking (early 2020), it came to around $3,000 for 2 people for 2 weeks. We felt pretty fortunate to have been able to get that at that sort of price.

Anyway, chaos happened and as you can imagine, the holiday we booked with Tui (British holiday/travel agent) was postponed. Feeling a little anxious to go abroad even when restrictions were lifted, my partner and I decided we wanted to cancel and rebook at another time.

I called them to cancel after a rather lengthy hold to get through to them to be told “Sorry, if you want to cancel, you will lose $2,800 of the $3,000 that you paid. However, you can make a free of charge amendment and you or we will pay the difference, so if your new holiday is cheaper, we will refund the difference.”

“Okay – let me speak with my partner and see what we want to do.”

Malicious compliance begins. I have no interest in postponing my holiday so I browse their other destinations on the website.

I phone back the next day:

Me: Hi, I’d like to make an amendment to my booking, please.

Tui: Sure no problem, do you have a destination in mind?

Me: Yes, I’ve found this rather appealing location in the Canary Islands which also happens to be your cheapest holiday. Oh, and I want to amend it from 2 weeks to your minimum stay.

Tui: Okay, so you’ll get a refund of £1750 and your holiday has now been amended.

After receiving my refund a few days later, I call them and tell them I wish to cancel my new awful cheap holiday. At this point, I have lost about half of what the awful cheap holiday would’ve cost.

Instead of losing $2,800, I only ended up losing $380. Granted, it’s still not ideal to have lost out on $380, but it sure it is better than losing most of what I paid!”

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LolaB17 2 years ago
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11. They Lost Their Client And Business Because Of Me

“A few years back in 2018 I had decided to switch employers. I worked from home as a chat support specialist and eventually a supervisor for a major tech company.

I had decided to switch to a small-time customer support agency that was just starting a new chat team. They had better pay and benefits because they only had a small number of employees compared to the former.

The description of the position I was to be hired for was another salary-based supervisory role for their brand new chat team for the client.

I’d basically be doing the same things as my previous job, but also spearheading this small department, while simultaneously training other co-workers with zero experience in chat support. This was going extremely well and our client was ecstatic at the results of the new chat program.

They had personally sent me an email about my progress. The company I left was, and still is, known worldwide to have the friendliest and most professional customer support out of any other company. And so it was easy to apply what I learned to this new position.

After about two months of doing this, the person I directly reported to, the regional supervisor, was retiring. Our new regional came in, and was friendly at first, but decided that he didn’t want to waste his time on chat, and directed me to phone support.

Which was not in my job description, nor what I was hired for by any means. He cited that the client was unhappy with the results, which was in stark contrast to what they had told me directly. Even after forwarding him the email, he was still not doing anything about it.

So, I complied. It took just 2 days for the client to have reached out to me, personally. After explaining to them the situation, they were livid. My new regional had lied to me about his contact with the client and had essentially ignored our client’s attempt to contact him about this issue.

I had continued to work in the supervisory role for phones until the first quality review of my employees came up. For both team leads and direct call center employees, this is where I review their interactions and grade them based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Our regional wanted me to even include the chat support team who were neither hired nor trained for phones. He refused to give them training. On every single employee who was hired for chat support, I had filed all of them as unable to be completed, and in my notations, I included that this is not the position they were hired or trained for and thus an analysis could not be accurately completed. And I sent this to both the regional manager and our client as well, since at this point I had a direct contact email.

I was responded to the same day by whoever it is within our client who oversees all of outsourcing. The only words I got back were “We will deal with this.” The client held a meeting the following week with my employers. I’m not sure what was said in that meeting, but word got back to everyone that the client had dropped us for breach of contract.

Because this was a small office and our company’s ONLY client for several years, this was bad.

After that, I and my team were offered a position with the company directly doing the things we were HIRED to do but required us to move about 4 hours north, so unfortunately none of us decided to accept that offer.

I collected unemployment until I found a new job. Now the company is out of business and is currently being sued by some other employees for unpaid wages. This new case has been going on since 2019.”

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10. Belittle Me? Better Hope I Don't Have Access To Your Phone... Wait, I Do

“So I used to work for a phone repair store in the UK, and on many occasions, we have people that come in for repairs to their phone – from software reboots to full technical repairs. We had a guy that came with an older Samsung phone asking for a repair on their phone.

We’ll call this guy Sam (for the Samsung phone).

So I greet him and ask him what the issue is with his phone.

He starts to explain that certain parts of his phone’s screen are inactive and not working with pressure. A quick check shows that indeed the phone’s screen has issues, and I begin to ask some simple questions.

Me – ‘So, how long have you had the phone for?’

Sam – ‘Does it matter? You’re a repair shop, you can fix it.’

Me – ‘I need to ask as if we need to repair the phone we can do it in warranty. If not you’d have to pay for the parts.’

Sam looks like I’ve literally asked him to sacrifice his firstborn child.

Sam – ‘Why would I pay for an issue when it’s clearly a technical issue?’

I start to explain that some phones have a warranty to cover certain parts over a period of time.

He isn’t having it.

Sam – ‘I don’t know but as a customer of Samsung for 10 years, I think I should have this done for free.’

Me – ‘I’m really sorry but it doesn’t work that way. Looking it up on the system, your phone is just outside of the warranty, so to repair the screen it would cost £xx.’

I’ve done it now. The guy starts up and starts bellowing at the top of his voice. Customers in the shop stop and stare and all I can do is look on as this guy starts to tear into me.

Sam – ‘Listen to me, you’re going to repair my phone you fat butthole (I am a slightly larger built guy – it’s a regular thing that gets thrown my way).

I’ve been with Samsung for years and they would be disgusted at your customer service. I want your manager. I want to talk to someone who isn’t an arrogant little jerk.”

I wave over the manager and sit and listen while this guy explains how rude and belittling I was, how I was overcharging him for a repair when it should be free.

The manager knows this isn’t me and tries to explain the procedure. This guy full-on screams at the manager and causes such a scene that other customers turn and walk straight out. This guy is going to cause us to have no customers left.

The manager calls the Head Office and explains the situation. As a goodwill gesture, they will allow us to repair the phone for free. The manager lets the customer know and he sits downs happy with himself.

I have to sit and watch Sam smugly sit with my manager as he tells him how they should employ better customer service employees while booking on the phone.

I’m on the verge of tears and begin to serve the other shocked customers in the store.

My manager asks the guy if he’s backed up the phone, as part of the policy for repairs, customers are required to clear their phone before handing it over.

I brace myself as Sam suddenly roars up again.

Sam – ‘That’s disgraceful! I haven’t backed anything up and I have a hundred important contacts on that phone. If they are removed I will sue you and that (pointing at me again) over there for everything you have.’

So before this guy has an aneurysm in the store, and to prevent another explosion, my manager sighs and starts to back up the phone on the system (on the rare occasion we can back it up – for nice people. I always do it for an older person, as they are always nice to me).

We get the guy to sign the paperwork and explain the repair procedure.

20 minutes later it’s done and he meets his partner outside the store. This lady is younger than Sam and very pretty. Blonde hair, tall and slim – this will become relevant later.

He starts to talk to her in the store and she looks in and laughs.

An hour later, I get a call from the head office. Apparently, this guy called them and explained the way I ‘acted’ (all lies about me being rude and threatening to him).

Even with backup from my manager, head office wanted to have an informal meeting with me as they wanted to retrain me on my customer service.

I was hurt. My manager was apologetic and knew that it wasn’t my fault but there was nothing I could do.

I’m not a person who is malicious or angry – but this was just unfair. When I left the repair shop, my manager explained that this guy told a lot of nonsense about what I said to him, and his wife backed him up despite not being there (there are no cameras in the shop part where I work so they couldn’t verify if the woman had been there).

So I needed to ensure that this guy got some payback.

A few days later, the guy’s phone needed a screen replacement as well as a logic board, so the phone was cleared of all its data.

Part of our testing is to ensure that the software and some testing data are put onto the phone in case an issue comes up.

I start the process and begin to back up the phone as well as update the data. I thought to ensure that it wasn’t something on his phone which caused the issue, I would restore the phone to test.

Now, this guy isn’t very smart.

As his data streams onto the phone, you can see the file names and small thumbnails of the images as they upload. There are some standard photos – holidays, pictures of his wife, drinks (the typical middle-age ‘I’ve got a camera so I’ll take photos of everything’ type of thing).

Then some rather ‘adult orientated’ ones come up. This is normal when looking through people’s phones.

As I begin to minimize as I don’t really fancy seeing what this guy gets up to, several photos of this guy come up with a woman.

But this woman isn’t his wife. This was of someone very different. This woman was black-haired and in a rather unflattering position with this guy.

Then another woman, a darker-skinned lady flashes up again in a similar position. I minimize this as I don’t want to see anymore, but I know I’ve got my payback.

This is my chance. I stop the process and clear the phone of data. I use the spare data, complete the checks and get the phone ready for collection.

I don’t condone what I did, nor do I recommend it. But you have to understand that once in a lifetime, the nice guy has a dark moment.

And this was mine.

So I call the guy and explain that his phone is repaired. ‘About freaking time’ was the response. He explains that he will be at the store in an hour (just before we close). I explain to my manager about this guy coming in, and due to being short-staffed, he said I’d have to deal with him.

He was worried this guy would start again on me. However, I wanted to help him with his phone.

So Sam sits down at my desk, with his girl beside him. I politely begin to explain the repairs but this guy doesn’t care about the words out of my mouth.

He just looks at me in a condescending way – like I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve done this so much that I know more than you.

When I finish, I explain I need to put his data back on the phone.

I hear a ‘Hurry up will you, I’ve got somewhere to be other than sitting here with you.’ This came from the girl this time.

So she was just as rude as he was.

Without another word, I plug the phone in and begin the restoring process.

Now, our front desks have fairly large monitors at an angle so both customers and staff can see them as we do training with customers on new handsets, show them images of the repair, etc. Normally, I would minimize the software for the sake of the privacy of the customer.

Not this guy. I full-screen the software and ensure that the preview image is big enough for them both to see.

The shop is empty at this point, so I know no unsuspecting children are about to see this show.

The guy sits back and the girl huffs, crosses her legs, and sits back in the seat.

The images begin to flash up. They talk about their dogs and the time they went for a weekend away. They comment on how nice Portugal was as a holiday when a picture of a sunny veranda flashes up and that they should go back this weekend.

I sit back and bite my lip. I’m worried that I’m being too petty.

‘Shame people like this guy won’t be able to afford first class. Shame.’ Jerk. I smile politely at this woman looking at me with sympathy.

‘I suppose I won’t.’ I know that this is needed to knock them down a peg.

Then it happens. The lady with the black hair pops up, and immediately the guy knows he’s about to be rumbled. His girl suddenly freezes, her mouth left open.

‘Is that xxx…?’

More images start to flash up on the phone. This guy knows he’s in deep trouble.

She turns in her chair to look at Sam. She looks disgusted

I’ve never been so happy to see this guy sink into his seat. She starts to tear into him. Everything is spilling out about this guy and I’m happy to have front-row seats.

My manager comes around the corner as well as some of the technicians from downstairs from the shouting.

My manager looks at me, to them, and then to the screen where a rather unflattering image of this guy on a bed with more varieties of women around him pops up.

My manager bites his lip to stop laughing and rests against the wall.

This woman has full-on gone off now. She’s slapped Sam and is screaming anything she can at him. She runs from the shop screaming how it was over and she couldn’t face her friends now (turns out some of the women in the photos were personal friends of hers).

He gets up to leave and yanks his phone from the cable on the desk (this is going to cause issues later, as he could corrupt his data yanking it out – the CHERRY ON TOP).

He looks at me and I manage to poker face long enough that he doesn’t suspect anything.

He doesn’t know what to say. He just goldfishes at me.

He runs from the store after her shouting for her to come back. I don’t see them again. My manager comes over and while laughing, tells me not to do that again.

The techs are laughing too at the show.”

Another User Comments:

“Wow, Sam was a moron. Why would you keep those pictures on your phone!? It’s like he wanted to get caught.” BaymaxandTianaFan

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Fitzy93 2 years ago
All I can say is bravo lol
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9. "Fire Me" Just Because? Don't Ask Me To Come Back

If you let someone go so easily, what makes you think they’re going to want to ever work for you again?

“I had taken over running a small development team of 9 for a relatively big company. We were there for basic, quick little bits of software that wouldn’t make sense to outsource (web apps that quiz employees on policy, fancy interactive projects to show off at conferences, or just an extra pretty PowerPoint, etc).

The guy I took over from ran the team like we lived in the 1980s, so I brought us into the modern age, and surprise surprise, within a few weeks our team was finishing projects left, right, and center. Everything was going great, my coworkers could take smoke breaks and listen to music, our internal clients were kept up to date with their projects and my boss thought I was some kind of software prodigy as productivity had gone through the roof.

Honestly, this was more indicative of how bad it was before rather than anything I did.

Then comes Richard. Now you know Richard, you probably have a Richard at your office.

They’ve been there too long to fire and delight in slapping people in the face with their seniority, regardless of whether or not they have anything to do with you.

First, he sends us a project and marks it Critical, as in ‘Everyone stop what you’re doing now this needs to be done yesterday.’ I politely send him a message and ask him if I can move it down to medium priority as there was little to no time limit and we had other projects to deal with.

He replies, ‘No, it needs to be done now. Get to it.’ I’d like to remind everyone that he is not my boss and has no authority over me or my team.

So I CC my boss and the other department heads who we had projects for at the time.

‘Hi all, hope you’re enjoying your day. Richard has asked me to work on this project for his department, however, he wants it to be done now which would delay your projects. Would that be ok with everyone?’ Turns out that’s a no and I downgrade his project.

A week or two later I check our task management software system and notice Shia (fantastic programmer, great person) was falling a bit behind. I go to ask her what’s up and she looks like she’s about to have a panic attack.

I ask her what’s wrong and it turns out Richard had threatened TO FIRE HER if she didn’t start working on his project immediately.

I calm her down, let her take a break, tell her to start working on her regular projects, and to send Richard to me if he gets uppity. I then fire off an email to Richard and my boss reminding him that:

1. Any threats of termination need to go through me and HR first

2. Who works on what projects and when is determined by our schedule and myself

3. If a project’s deadline is moved up I should be informed directly not via my team

Turns out Richard is infamous for making threats like this but because nobody took them seriously, I was the first to remind him he had no authority over other departments.

I didn’t find out until later, but apparently, he had a meltdown at the boss about how incredibly disrespectful I was. He tried to file a formal complaint but it was rejected because doing my job properly isn’t actually a problem. Who knew?

Around this time, I accepted a better job and was going to put in my notice. But I wanted to wait until after our latest project (let’s call it the Ninja Report) was done as it was a big deal for my team. This Ninja report was part of a presentation by a company big wig (boss’ boss’ boss) and was marked critical so all of us were working hard to make sure we did a good job and got it in on time.

Now finally we get to the revenge part.

I’m plugging in a switch under the desk when someone taps me hard on the shoulder, ‘Just a minute mate,’ I say. I stand up and stare directly into the red face of Richard, erect with fury and ready to expel his rage all over the office.

‘I’M NOT YOUR MATE, YOU NEED TO LEARN YOUR PLACE IN THIS COMPANY BLAH BLAH BLAH.’ As this grown man is screaming at me in full view of my team it suddenly dawns on me that I get severance, have another job lined up, and really have no reason to deal with this.

‘I WANT MY PROJECT DONE NOW!!!!!’ he continues to yell. Now I could’ve told him about the Ninja Report, I could’ve said a lot of things but I just smiled, looked him in the eyes, and said, ‘As long as I’m working here the schedule isn’t changing.’ Predictably Richard responds, ‘THEN YOU’RE FIRED.’ I grab my things and leave.

As I’m leaving, one of my team comes up looking like a deer in the headlights and asks what they should do. Easy, ‘First I want everyone except you to stop working on the Ninja Report, second at the end of the day send an email to the boss and the bigwig, let them know what happened, and explain that the Ninja Report is going to be a week late.

See you all for drinks on Friday!’

I wake up bleary-eyed the next day to a call.

Me: ‘Hello?’

Boss: ‘Hi look I’m sorry about what Richard said. He doesn’t actually have the authority to fire you and the Ninja Report can’t be late, we need to fix this!’

Me: ‘Ohh I’m sorry I’ve actually accepted another job, but don’t worry I figured this would happen. I asked one of my team to work on it privately. If they start working on the Ninja Report again should be able to get it done on time.’

My boss tries to get me to come back but I made it clear that wasn’t going to happen.

Recommended one of my team take my job and thank him for the opportunity. He’s pretty cool about it, confirms I’ll be getting a severance, and tells me I can use him as a reference.

Friday drinks roll around and we have a lot to celebrate. The Ninja Report was done on time and given everything that happened, it made my team look great. I got a new job, my teammate got a promotion and the big wig was really eager to learn why his subordinate’s subordinate’s subordinate fired the lead of the team he picked himself and nearly tanked the project.

I’m proud to report that the office is now 100% Richard-free.”

Another User Comments:

“Well played all around. Nothing better than having nothing to lose. A while back, an entire team at my place threatened to quit if we didn’t put them in charge. You should have seen the looks on their faces when we accepted their resignations on the spot.” BKCowGod

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Fitzy93 2 years ago
Loved this!
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8. Send In Proof Of My Name Change? Enjoy Your Jammed Fax Machine

“So.. I was granted a legal name change a few months ago.

Long, boring story as to why. Simply put – hated the ‘unique’ spelling of my first name and wanted to ditch my surname.

Didn’t have much trouble updating my name in most places. Social security, driver’s license, insurance, yadda yadda. No bumps in the road until I got to the very last thing to update.

My credit card. I use this particular credit card a lot. I’m self-employed and use this card to rack up travel points for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. However, if you’ve ever checked into a hotel or picked up a rental car, you’ll know the name on the card must match the name on the ID.

So I call the CC company. Am told I have to fill out a certain document and mail that in, alongside a copy of the court document. Fair enough. Two weeks go by. Hear nothing, so call again. They say they haven’t received it. I’m then informed they have a fax number that I can use to send in the documentation.

So I fax in everything necessary using an app on my phone.

Another two weeks go by. Still nothing.

I call again. Same spiel on the other end of the phone. “Please mail or fax……” You get the deal.

I once more did what they asked. Yet another week passes.

I call…. again. Told the same script. I’m starting to get annoyed by this point. I have an upcoming trip planned and need the card to match my ID. So I ask to speak to a manager. They give me some nonsense about a manager not being currently available.


I fax in the document and court order once again. However, this time I decided I was just going to keep hitting send after the previous one had shown as delivered. I thought I’d repeat the process a few times. Just to ‘make sure’ they got it.

After sending it 25 times the first day, I got no response. The next day I was sitting on my couch watching football. Thought I’d send the fax a few more times. By the time I realized how many times I’d hit send, I had sent it over 130 times.

The very next afternoon I got a call from a manager at CC company. She sounded quite angry over the phone. I just played dumb.

“You guys asked me to fax it in…”

I got my updated card in the mail 3 days later.”

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Khat 2 years ago
I used to be on social assistance, and if you needed to fax anything to your worker in that office, like receipts or proof of income or whatever, you needed to fax it, then immediately phone the worker directly and let them know that you had faxed it, or else it would get lost. This was a small office in a rural area, btw, say, tops, a dozen people there.
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7. I'll Force You To Reveal Your Other Life

Had to happen sooner or later, buddy.

This story is about my dad and happened in the mid to late 70s.

My dad taught shop in a very tough part of town. He was highly respected by ALL of his students because they knew he wouldn’t tolerate their nonsense.

Summers were a tough time for our family because teachers do not get paid for summers, so they have to find jobs.

One year there was a perfect job at the school that was tailor-made for my dad.

The group funding the summer class actually wrote the job description with my dad in mind. The school principal chose to hire his mistress to teach this vocational class instead.

The woman had absolutely no clue about the subject matter (she was an English teacher), but she got the job instead. My dad was quite angry, and so was the group funding the job, but hiring was solely the principal’s decision. The principal was married to a woman with money and he did NOT want her to know about his mistress.

My dad helped the janitor with a LOT of maintenance for the school and was good friends with him. My dad had keys to the entire school because of this. He also had a lot of experience with all sorts of locks (a hobby of his).

Dad knew that making friends with the janitor and secretary would help him around the school and he made a point of doing this at every school. He knew where the combination to open the giant safe in the office was. For some reason, the school had been built with a HUGE old-fashioned safe (think bank safe type) and the principal kept the combination written down inside a desk drawer.

Yes, that WAS an idiot move, but this man was very arrogant and refused to ever change the combination or memorize it. Who would dare to get into his things?

My dad never threw things out and often pulled things out of the dumpster if he thought they might be useful.

One of the things he rescued from the dumpster was a life-size skeleton that was discarded when a biology teacher suddenly left. The principal was freaked out by it and ordered it tossed because the teacher left. The skeleton was not school property and the principal had no idea that my father had rescued it from the dumpster.

The principal gave his mistress very expensive status symbol-type things. This included a mink coat, jewelry, and expensive trips.

Both principal and mistress told their spouses that the trips were to educational conferences. Being friends with the secretary meant he heard all the gossip, and knew that the principal kept these items in the big safe in the office so that his partner would not know about them (and neither would the mistress’s man).

Being really irate about the job (because he had to find something else and because the kids would learn NOTHING from this job training course), my dad decided to set up revenge. He took the skeleton to the safe and dressed it in the mink coat and fancy jewelry.

He put the skeleton on a stand that held it upright inside this big safe. Then he left for the summer.

On the last day of the summer course, the principal and his mistress were getting ready to take a week-long trip together. They told their spouses it was for a conference.

Then they went to get the coat and jewelry so the mistress would have a chance to wear them. The mistress didn’t care that it was summer, she wanted to wear the coat. Yes, this makes no sense but she was super status-conscious and wanted to show it off.

She was that kind of person.

When the principal opened the safe, he saw the skeleton in the coat and jewelry. He had a panic attack (he had no history of heart trouble) that he and his mistress thought was a heart attack. They called an ambulance.

Mistress went to the hospital wearing the jewelry that she grabbed while waiting for the ambulance. The coat was left on the skeleton in the safe. The woman showed up at the hospital and met the mistress wearing expensive jewelry. It was very distinctive and a style the partner had asked her hubby for on several occasions.

The woman knew a teacher could NEVER afford it.

When the principal and mistress left in the ambulance, no one thought to lock the safe. The door was just pushed shut, but it had a big wheel that had to be turned to lock it.  The woman went to the school to see what was in her man’s office about the mistress and she saw her dream coat in the safe.

The partner never saw the skeleton because the janitor took it out of the safe after the ambulance left.

The principal knew he was in a lot of trouble with his woman AND the school board. He kept ranting about a skeleton but it wasn’t there and he was the only one who saw it other than the mistress.

The school board thought he was delusional AND had violated a morality clause in his employment contract. He got divorced and couldn’t take anything from his woman because she proved his adultery. The mistress wouldn’t talk to him or say anything about the situation because she didn’t want to incriminate herself.

After the principal was fired, his secretary testified about his mistress and the funds spent on her at the divorce proceedings. He literally lost everything including his pension. His woman got it all. The mistress tried to lie to her man about why she was there and said the jewelry was from a contest for best teacher.

Her man divorced her and got custody of their kids (NOT common in divorce at that time) because of her infidelity being a bad influence on the kids. She got fired and had to give the jewelry to the principal’s woman. The school board did an audit of the school budget.

The principal got arrested for fraud and embezzling because he used school funds for the coat and for trips that he and his mistress took that were supposedly for educational training.

My dad thought this was all exactly what the principal and his mistress deserved. He would not have said anything about this matter if they didn’t take a really good-paying summer job away AND they didn’t leave a bunch of kids stuck in a class where they would learn nothing because all the teacher could do was tell them to read the book.

She couldn’t do any of the projects that were part of the course because she was an English teacher and NOT a shop teacher. To be honest, I think depriving the kids of solid job skills that the class was designed to teach upset him even more than having to find a different summer job.

He did, however, enjoy having a different principal the next year!”

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6. Manager Won't Listen To My Concern, So I Leave Them Hanging Before A HUGE Job

“I was a chef for a famous all-inclusive hotel chain. One day, I was approached in the kitchen and told I needed to pack my bags and move 3,000 miles away to fix a labor issue at another hotel.

I happily obliged but negotiated a deal where I would have my choice of any hotel location after I successfully fixed the labor issue.

I arrived at the new hotel and proceeded to diligently address the labor problem while also taking over dinner service for 750 people.

After a few months, the labor issue had been fixed and settled, and the kitchen was running as smoothly as I liked. I asked my manager about when I could make the move to another hotel per our arrangement, and I was told since I had done such a good job, they were going to make me stay where I was for an indeterminate amount of time – ie forever.

I let my management know this was unacceptable, and I demanded I be transferred in accordance with the original agreement that got me on a plan in the first place. I was told they would work on it.

I gave them a 3-week window to address the issue – to give them time to discuss it with the head office, etc. I told them if they did not come through in 3 weeks, I would walk off the job and never look back.

After 3 quiet weeks, I politely asked my manager if my transfer had come through or at least was still in the works. It was not. The next morning I gave the entire dinner staff the day off and told them not to answer any work calls.

I set up the kitchen as if I were prepping dinner – onions and herbs in hotel pans full of water with foil covers, garlic sizzling in pans, etc.

I kept the charade up until around 4:30 pm at which time I left the kitchen, went to my room, picked up my bags, and went to the lobby to wait for my ride.

The manager came up to me freaking out (there were 750 pre-paid dinner reservations that night and NO food) and told me if I walked out I would never work for the company again. I laughed, shook his hand, and said goodbye.

I never looked back and never talked to anyone there ever again.

This was 20+ years ago.”

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5. Steal My Computer? If I Can't Have It, Nobody Can

“About two years ago, when I was in 11th grade, my brother who is 4 years older than me gave me his PC that was bought when I was in 10th grade.

It had maxed out specs, including two state-of-the-art graphics cards and a killer CPU capable of running most games for the next 4 years or so.

However, in Korea, it is almost a federal crime to do anything other than study when you’re in high school, so my parents didn’t like that I got an awesome computer in my 2nd year of high school.

However, since I was an obedient little chicken, I never downloaded any games and promised to keep it that way until I got into college.

That same year at Chuseok, which is a national holiday held in October, my awful cousins (there were 2, one was the same age as me and one was 5 years younger) come to our house, since it is a family gathering and my father is the eldest son.

They were known to throw fits when they didn’t get their way and had a history of breaking glassware and other things in our house which they never paid for. I was and still am an introvert, so I just said hello to my family, ate lunch, and went straight to my room to sleep.

I made sure to lock my bedroom door since my room was filled with LEGO, snacks, and other things (like the PC) I didn’t want my cousins to lay their grubby little hands on. After about an hour after I fell asleep, I heard laughing noises and immediately felt the rage building up under my skin.

It was the cousins, and they managed to pick the lock on my door using freaking chopsticks. I don’t know how I managed to stay asleep, but apparently, they turned on my PC, downloaded a ton of games I never play, and cranked up the volume to 80%.

I sprung out of my bed, and yelled ‘WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM? I MADE SURE TO LOCK IT.’ But they replied with a smug grin that makes me want to punch a wall just by thinking about it, ‘well, you shoulda locked it up good,’ and just kept on playing.

I was livid but didn’t want to cause a scene so I told them to just play games and not download weird stuff that screams they are toxic. Fortunately, they just stuck to their games.

However, that was not all. When it was time for them to go, they went to their mom (my aunt) and whispered something into her ears while maintaining eye contact with me.

I knew that everything was about to hit the fan. And of course, the following conversation took place:

Aunt: ‘How old are you?’

Me: ‘You’re my aunt. I think you’re supposed to know.’

Mom: ‘He’s in 11th grade.’

Aunt: ‘So, you studying hard?’ She already knew the answer to that, since I was owning her son in terms of academic achievement.

Me: ‘Yeah.’

A: ‘Sooooo, you wouldn’t have time to play with your computer then?’ (Ahh darn, here we go)

Me: ‘Just because I’m not playing games on it doesn’t mean I’m not using it. I use it to download PDFs of problems and do homework.’ (She just flat out ignores me)

A: ‘Well, since you’re not using it, can you just give us your computer? Your cousin here really enjoyed it, since our computer is trash.’

…and before I even let out a single word, my mother exclaimed:

Mom: ‘YES, YOU CAN!’

I know that most of you guys would think this is absolute nonsense on my mother’s part, but my mom still thought that that computer was bringing my grades down, although I stayed among the top 1% in my school all along, and college is a BIG thing here in Korea.

However, despite understanding why my mother wanted to get rid of the PC so badly, I wasn’t having it. I told that family to get out of our house and I will do whatever I want with my PC. However, to my horror, when I came back from the library after studying, I noticed that my PC was gone, replaced by an envelope with ₩100,000 (about $100) on my desk.

I screamed at my mother for letting her take it, and we pretty much stopped talking for about a month, which was easy to do since I go to school at 7 AM and come back home at 2 AM.

After about a month, I still didn’t forgive her for that, but I was too busy with my studies to care.

After a year, in December of 2018, I was admitted into one of the most prestigious engineering universities in Korea, and my parents officially didn’t care what I did as long as it was legal and sensible until March of the following year when school started. This also meant that I could play whatever games I wanted whenever I wanted. I got plenty of gifts from my other family members as congrats (but not the aunt, surprise surprise), about ₩3,000,000 ($3,000).

I planned to buy a new PC when I saw a post made by my awful cousin who was the same age as me playing games on MY stolen PC. It was already too late to care, and since I already decided to get a new one, I almost shrugged it off.

Almost. Until a brilliant scheme popped into my head.

I went to my mother, phone on voice recording, to ask her to get my PC from them so I could use it (since I got into college). However, my mom said that we already gave it to them, and starting conflicts with family members can be a real pain in the butt.

This was, of course, the answer that I wanted, since I could clearly state in my recording that they took my PC AGAINST my will and practically stole it. My mother admitted to all of the above, unaware I was recording. Then, I started to execute my revenge.

Since both my aunt and my house had senior high school students in their house, we did not meet in 2018. However, at Christmas, we decided to have a get-together in our AUNT’s house, since Chuseok and Lunar New Year was held at our house.

The opportunity was too good to pass up.

My father was planning to go screen golfing with the other men of my family, which meant that he was bringing his golf clubs with him. I sneaked in my aluminum baseball bat in his golf bag a day before going to my aunt’s house.

Furthermore, I went to my bank to withdraw ₩100,000 in ₩100 coins and put it in a carry-on luggage case. I put everything in the trunk, and we left for my aunt’s house.

After we arrived, we ate dinner and hung out at aunt’s house.

When no one was suspecting, I went into my terrible cousin’s room, and my PC was there.

My revenge was to smash it to bits and pieces with my baseball bat and lay it all out on his bedroom floor just to screw with him.

However, a better idea popped into my head. Since my terrible cousin’s room was on the second floor, and he was out on the gravel yard playing with his little brother, I decided to just chuck it out of his room window with all my strength.

I opened his window, disconnected all of the wires, and waited for him to see what was about to happen. After about 30 seconds after opening the window, we made eye contact.

He saw the PC in my hands, and he just froze. I did not.

I yelled, ‘SCREW YOU AND SCREW THIS PC’ and threw it out the window. The sound was magnificent. Everyone went out to see what the sound was, and my cousin was yelling that he’ll kill me. My aunt screamed, and so did his brother.

It was chaos. I came down to see my whole family red with rage (except for my aunt’s husband, my uncle who was too intoxicated to understand what was happening) and started screaming obscenities at me. I didn’t listen to any of the insults, nor did I care what they said about me.

I just wanted to hear one thing, and it soon came out of my aunt’s mouth: ‘We PAID you, why would you do this? This is vandalism!’ I smiled and sent my terrible cousin and my aunt the recording that they took it against my will, and went straight to our family car to take out the carry-on luggage case with 1,000 ₩100 coins and poured it on their living room floor.

‘Here’s you go, good luck finding a PC with that,’ and with that, I just left. I hopped on the subway and went straight home, ignoring all the text messages and phone calls.

After my mom came, she told me that because of me, we would never see them again, and it was all my fault.

I didn’t care. However, what surprised me was my father’s reaction. After the rant from my mother, my dad silently came into my room and said, ‘good job.’ I didn’t know it then, but the uncle was also a terrible human being when my father was a kid, and when my grandmother was dying, the only thing he cared about was how much of the inheritance was going to him.

I guess being a jerk is a genetic trait lol.

My father also said, ‘He’s a plastic surgeon. He could have bought them a PC of their own, but he didn’t because he is a freaking cheapskate.’ After that, I haven’t seen the uncle since, but we still see my other uncles who are way nicer than my terrible cousins’ father.

The reason I’m posting this now is that I just learned that the university that my terrible cousin attends has just filed for bankruptcy for corruption and unpaid debts. Karma’s a pain.”

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Fitzy93 2 years ago
GOOD FOR YOU!!! I absolutely LOVED reading this
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4. Make Me Work My Butt Off? I'll Leave You Hanging With Tons Of Angry Customers

You’ll wish you treated them a lot better.

“I worked at a Toyota Service Department for a few months and it was terrible, but today was the worst day I have ever had at any dealership. The layout is really horrible. It’s in South Carolina where it’s 95F outside in February with 90% humidity.

We do not have AC in the Service Drive (where I work and customers arrive). They removed our desk fans since they looked bad and put one big fan in the center of the room. It doesn’t help us at all but it looks nice.

We usually have 100+ appointments a day split between 6-9 advisors depending on staff. We had 6 who knew what to do and 3 newbies who are just learning that OIL and 710 are the same fluid. If a customer comes in, we greet them, get the info from the car then figure out what their concern is.

You also try to sell them on stuff based on their past declined services at the pop-ups saying: ‘Add engine oil change’ to the Plug-In electric-only car, so it’s got issues. You need to get a customer in and out quickly without issues and with the most stuff to get paid.

I was hired by an old manager of mine at his new position when he saw on social media that my fiancee and I moved back into town. We’re paid based on labor hours sold, % of parts profit we sell, bonuses for CSI (customer service), bonuses for selling the most of the monthly item (air filter, battery, brakes, etc.), and no minimum pay.

No hourly, daily, anything. Coming from my old job with my numbers from there, I should be making twice as much. One of the conditions of my hire is I’m not to drive customers’ cars as their insurance wouldn’t cover me. During my first two weeks of learning their programs, my old manager gets an offer to move to another store and is replaced by this guy named Chad.

Chad was this hotshot who was going to set us up to really be a top-tier service department and help us manage flow much better. Well, Chad came from a store that worked with a program which is basically Windows 1998BC. He knew nothing about the programs we were using or, honestly, what an Emoji is.

Wanting to help Chad out, I showed him some options for programs that would help us keep track of notes, reduce away time from desks for us and also keep our technicians at their bay. He got us licensed to used them and I set everything up.

I set up our new programs and also started changing our old ones. I really wanted to make things easier day-to-day. I hated wasting paper and walking to parts to tell them something or to ask my technician for an update.

One of the programs was a flagging system showing only profiles you are assigned or create.

Certain flags show priority, etc., and you can see all notes on all cars. Message parts and flag to your parts person. I basically re-wrote the program to be very user-friendly, brief but detailed, and all with just a few clicks.

Instead of having to type “Customer State: Vehicle is vibrating at speeds of 45mph and above.

Please inspect.” Then a new line “Customer requests Oil Change.” A new line “Customer would like vacuum but no wash” and so on. I made it so we could click “Vibration; Front Left; 45mph” “LoF” “Suck no Wash” and it would automatically add the text and print with correct part numbers for Oil Filters, right the oil Spec & Capacity, and everything out nicely.

I did this for about everything I could think of and kept adding more and more. I had it auto-send just part numbers, ticket info, and book lines for Internal/Customer/Warranty/Extended Warranty out correctly to save time for everyone. I made sure current recalls would also always print based on VIN so they weren’t forgotten.

I also made sure our Loaner vehicles could be checked in or out easier and be able to have instant access to all of past agreements if something is found in the car or damage is found.

Skip 6 months, no raise, no uniform I was supposed to be provided. Also, I was coming in on my days off to help with the programs. It’s Monday and this week I had a nail go straight through my foot at work.

I Ubered to the hospital down the road making sure to not remove the nail. Got it bandaged up but still went in every day for my 12+ hour shifts while walking around all day. From my desk, it’s probably 100 yards to the car wash and 40 yards to the shop.

People still don’t always use the system and porters aren’t bringing cars up. I’m not insured by them but still have customers asking politely, ‘Where is my Prius?! I was here for 26 minutes!”‘ So I hobble down to the car wash where it most likely is and drive it through and up.

My team for Saturday (4 people) had 1 person quit on Wednesday and 1 person had a funeral to leave early for. The other guy was new so he was slow to get stuff done. Chad says he’ll come in and help.

Wednesday we lock it at 60 appointments since we have short staff up front and back.

Saturdays are staffed with half the amount of technicians and are no diagnosis days. We take walk-ins too. Thursday it’s at 80 appointments, and we tell our boss to lock it. Again, on Friday, before closing, we see 110 appointments. He never locked it and took Friday off.

Come Saturday morning we had 130 appointments from 7 am-4 pm.

I’m having to walk around a lot and am in a lot of pain. I had to chase down about 80% of our customers’ cars because our porters who showed up were goofing off.

I had 53 opened tickets at 12 pm.

We had a 4-hour wait for walk-ins, and 2 with appointments. Usually, it would take us 30 minutes for an oil change from ticket printed to the customer paying –  just for reference. I haven’t had lunch or a snack since they banned food/drinks at our desks.

My friend is about to leave for the funeral so I cover his remaining tickets telling him not to worry about me. Then my boss leaves for lunch throwing his 20ish tickets on my desk.

So I’m now 110 tickets deep, helping the new guy with stuff, moving cars, and trying not to pass out.

Oh and it’s 95F outside, no AC in our covered area (not inside), and 90% humidity. We didn’t even get a breeze. I would stop by the water fountain near the car wash and dream about running through with the windows down and mouth open to cool off.

It gets to 3 pm and I’m rescheduling people who come in, trying to get everyone out when their cars are done but have to limp them down to pull them in front to leave after they pay. My boss still isn’t back and the new guy quits.

He wasn’t doing much, but it’s his first week, and today SUCKS!

I end up getting in one car and blood from my sock/shoe drips onto our paper mats in the car. I cleaned everything out, vacuumed the car, washed it, and pulled it up.

The customer went wild that she saw blood on the disposable paper mat, about the wait, not getting a discount for her non-appointment service, and demanded to speak to my manager. That was it because I wanted to talk to him too.

I called him up and was sent to voicemail.

I explained it to his mailbox, also texted him a brief summary. I then called the GM to explain that I have been alone for about 3 hours dealing with an un-capped amount of customers, 5 technicians walked out, I’m still not recovered from my workplace injury, and that I’m finishing my paperwork to take my lunch break at 4:00 PM with at least 50 customers still waiting.

Boss shows up when I’m about to leave to eat my lunch I brought knowing their ‘provided lunch’ would be gone before I could set my foot in the break room. He told me that in our state, I’m not legally allowed a lunch break during a shift and that I have to stay to finish out the customers on my tickets.

It’s after our regular hours at this point. I mentioned being here since 6 am to open shop and pre-printing everything saying I just need to relax and he said: ‘You didn’t even clock in this morning so unless you do what I say, you aren’t getting paid.’  Once again I’m paid commission here, and % of parts profit for stuff sold.

I don’t even get $0.01 an hour.

So I walked to my station, removed all of everyone’s login copies of my permissions, deleted all of my notes, deleted all of the warranty macros I set, all the spreadsheets, and reset every custom line I added to our programs since I was the original profile.

This reset EVERYTHING for EVERYONE. When I walked out, I got a call when I got to my car asking, ‘Why isn’t your login able to collect credit cards?’ Sounds like a problem, good luck with that.

I have never taken substances but that drive home was as good as I imagine it to be.  To make things better I had two cars there so I had to go back to pick one up while my fiancee is saying how I should burn the place to the ground and how happy she is that I won’t be working for Chad anymore.

We see that the lights are still on in my GM’s office and the service department with both of them there. I got in my car wanting to do a huge burnout but I got a phone call.

My GM asked me to come back at a pay raise and fewer hours but I knew it was cheap talk.

He wanted to know what went wrong with that day and if I would come inside to discuss it with Chad and him. I just hung up and went home.

Chad ended up getting let go the following month since he couldn’t get things back up to speed. My good friend ended up getting moved to Service Manager for a bit then ultimately moved to Mercedes as a parts person now Director.

I ended up going to BMW for a bit after that and got promoted past Chad’s position.”

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3. The Tables Turn On An Abusive Mother

“The first example of how evil my mom is was relayed to me by my older brother. He told me, back when I was really young, my dad was in the Army and managed to score some leave (vacation time) from Desert Storm to surprise my mom for their anniversary.

When he knocked on the door, all my mom said was, ‘Why aren’t you dead, I need the funds.’ Her new beau then started backing out of the garage in my dad’s mustang cobra.

He got revenge, but that’s a story for later if you guys want.

The divorce was pretty much what you expect, mom got custody of me. My dad later tricked her and got me for a visit, then filed for custody since my mom had warrants out for her arrest.

A few years later my dad remarried to your typical evil stepmother who doted on her daughters and hated her stepson.

For example, for Easter, my step sisters got huge baskets of candy and chocolates, a couple of toys, etc. I got an old soup can with my name painted on it (poorly) that ‘I could use for pencils.’

This witch managed to talk my dad into sending me back to my mom, and here the story begins in earnest.

Where my mom was living was an old two-bedroom, one-bathroom house. My sisters shared one room, my mom and stepdad shared the other, my brother got the whole basement, and I got a ‘room’ so small that I could touch fingertip to fingertip each wall, and it was double that length.

I had a curtain instead of a door.

I got nothing. I hated living there. It was a low-income area in Michigan, so I was the one who always had to shovel, rake, mow, and then my mom would ‘rent me out’ to the neighbors, and they all just paid her.

I did all the chores and was ‘grounded until she felt like ungrounding me.’ I basically sat on my bed for six years anytime I was not in school, cleaning, or helping her out financially.

I learned this later, but my mom was ‘extorting’ from my dad.

She would demand $3,000 for a school photo, and he willingly paid $700 a month in child support, even though there was no need to (he worked in the oil field business after he retired, on a corporate board). She would make stuff up like, ‘Our car broke, etc.’ and demand to be paid.

My dad had to fork over $12,000 for me to go visit him for a week. He couldn’t take me in at the time, he wasn’t home enough (lots of travel) and he was single, but I found out he was sending me Christmas and birthday gifts every year, and I later found out from my brother, my mom pawned them all.

He bought me a brand new Color Gameboy, which was promptly taken away because ‘I was grounded.’ She pawned that too. She would often hit me for stupid reasons, like when I once put the dishes away a bit damp or if I managed to get chocolate milk from the school cafeteria.

Once I got fed up and pushed her. She called the police and he chided me. In short, it was a nightmare. Meanwhile, my sisters got upgraded to a private school and lots of amazing toys.

She took custody of my grandfather who had MS from the waist down and couldn’t even use the bathroom by himself.

She got power of attorney and took all his funds and blew it, as well as taking half his pain meds and giving them to my brother to sell. This will be important later.

Now the revenge part.

In my junior year of high school, I was working in the library.

My teachers were amazing and supportive and knew my situation. I got my dad’s email, and we started planning. He figured once I finished high school, he would personally come up and get me. My mom decided to have a ‘graduation party’ for me, complete with inviting all her friends and none of mine (maybe two people I could call a friend) a couple of days before my graduation ceremony.

About two hours before the party was going to start, my dad pulls up. I invite him in, and he looks around, looks confused. He leans in and asks me, ‘Where is she?’ I point. She was right in front of him lying on the couch.

He screwed up his face and said he’d wait in the car. He didn’t recognize her after all these years.

While I was gathering my stuff in a single garbage bag, my mom finally realized who this stranger was, and lost her mind – she didn’t recognize him at first, either.

She tried everything from bribing me with Nascar tickets (I hate Nascar, she liked it but I knew she didn’t have any) to physically obstructing me. She had pulled out all the stops for this party, spending a couple thousand and lots of time cooking, errrr… making me cook.

I get outside, throw my stuff in the truck, and we take off.

(Side story. We get halfway down the street and my dad has to pull over. He laughs uncontrollably for a while. I asked him what’s up, and in his Texan accent says, ‘Boy, when I was a kid I always wanted to marry a movie star.

I just didn’t think it would be Jabba the Hutt.’ Evidently, they didn’t recognize each other at first, she put on ALOT of weight after they divorced.)

We get to his place, and it starts.

I get updates from my sister-in-law. The party was a disaster.

My mom was humiliated. Since she didn’t have me, my dad stopped paying her. They had months worth of unpayable bills. She had to pawn her jewelry, pull my sisters out of private school, and put them back into public school. My mom had to sell one of the cars she had.

Soon she started calling for claiming someone stole the mail all the time and she couldn’t pay their bills and needed to replace the mailbox so they wouldn’t steal it anymore.

It was refreshing knowing I was free, and I could say no with no repercussions.

I was happy to live and let live. I vowed to leave her be and let her sink or swim by her own hand. I was elated to be free and had no desire to look back at that part of my life.

But she wasn’t done with me.

I decided to follow my dad’s example and join the service. I decided the Navy was the place for me. My job required a top-secret clearance, so they do a very thorough background check, including a credit check. Turns out I was delinquent in mortgage payments, I was receiving social security, and I owed a power company a lot of, among other credit card debts.

My mom stole my identity and ran me into debt since she was broke. I knew about identity theft, it just never occurred to me that a parent has everything they need to do so.

This couldn’t stand. After I finished basic training and my technical school, I spoke to my Chief (supervisor).

Chief was awesome. She managed to wrangle me a ‘temporary assignment’ to a recruiting station in my old town where my mom lived so the Navy would buy my plane tickets. I spoke to the police and filed a report. One by one, I managed to clear most of the debts from me and send all the debt collectors after her.

Then I made a visit to the social security office. I was in uniform at the time and spoke to a clerk about how I was somehow getting payments when I never got anything. She looks up the account and boom. My mom was listed. She claimed I was permanently mangled and disabled in an accident and I was physically unable to sign, giving her permission to cash my checks.

The clerk read that last part out slower as it dawned on her that I was clearly more than able. She opened a case. For the monolithic bureaucracy that is the government, they move pretty fast when someone’s stealing from THEM.

Turns out when they went to investigate, she had already skipped town.

They issued warrants for her arrest but she was already on the run. This was ten years ago.

So evidently my brother found out that not only am I doing great, I am very successful. I recently left the service and I am starting an even more exciting job.

So he told Mom, and she came crawling out of the woodwork via social media to ask if I can pay for a ‘doctor,’ but I told her prison gives free medical care, and it felt good. Turns out, when my aunts (her sisters who lived in another state) found out about how she treated me, she was cut out of everyone’s will including my grandmother.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to my grandfather before she took everything from him.

Heavily in debt with no family to turn to, no way to get a job, with fraud on her record as well as selling prescription medication, and warrants out for her arrest, my mother, Jabba the Hutt, is receiving hers.

I got cut a check for $20,000, the amount that was garnished from my wages for what she stole from the social security administration, and she now owes that much to Uncle Sam.”

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Fitzy93 2 years ago
First, thank you for your service, as well as your father. Second, I'm so sorry you had such an awful childhood and I'm happy to hear she's getting what she deserves!
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2. This Mom Doesn't Put Up With Any Nonsense

“Not me but my mom. For some backstory, my mom was a PA in neurosurgery and her second husband was an anesthesiologist in his residence.

Anyway, he choked her out because she was pretty much done with his nonsense. She had severe tendinitis in her wrists/hands and feet and she was barely able to walk and eat, and he wouldn’t help out around the house.

They lived on 2 acres in the countryside with 6 chickens, 3 digs, a pot-bellied pig, and 4 ducks. She managed the entire place and 3 kids all by herself and he wouldn’t lift a finger. He would just come home from clinical rotations and do all kinds of substances.

Whatever he could get his hands on. Soon his antics became so heavy and frequent that it actually began to affect the animals (mostly the smoke) and the animals would do stupid stuff that would get them really sick.

So my mom confronted him about it.

Their somewhat civilized ‘raised voice’ arguments turned into full-blown screaming matches that resulted in busted open windows and doors when my mom found out he was smoking in excess around me.

I can’t handle smoke very well. At all. He would smoke it on the front porch with the window open while I was playing video games inside, and he smoked to the point where I would faint while playing.

My brother told me this, and he knew it was that because I would be playing dark souls or something and I would just flat out pass out and hit my head on the table in front of me.

This would be a nightly occurrence and my mom didn’t see it as a problem until I was passed out for 12 hours, which is when my brother told her.

I ended up leaving (this will be important later) to live with my grandma because fainting instead of actually falling asleep was really painful and the screaming matches between my mom and stepdad only got worse.

Fast forward a few months, when my mom came down for Christmas, and I kid you not, she looked terrible.

She shaved her head before she came, she looked really pale, and she was thin to the point of fitting in my clothes (I’m really short and petite; 5’ 3’’ and pretty muscle-y, compared to my mother being 5’ 11 and ripped from the heavy lifting around the home).

Her carpal tunnel and tendinitis had gotten better, so she could eat, walk and do stuff, but she was clearly in pain.

On New Years, I ended up pouring her a shot of booze (she usually had one right when the ball dropped), but this time she immediately swigged it down and took me into the bathroom where she just unloaded. She told me that his antics only got worse and worse and he ended up snapping at the kids really bad, bringing his friends over and almost lighting the barn on fire WITH THE PIG INSIDE.

He sold her chickens (we REALLY loved those chickens), and that he’d spend most of his paychecks on substances.

Eventually, she rambled on saying that she was just tired of being treated like a slave, tired of fighting, and she just wanted to go back to the way things were while he was in med school.

I told her straight up to get a divorce if she wasn’t happy and to move back to the country but she told me that the kids should have their dad and they didn’t want them to end up like me: emotionally scarred from custody transfers and separation.

My biological dad was a convicted criminal who had a substance lab in his basement, would physically and emotionally abuse me, and would drain my mom financially to fund his addiction.

My mom knew that my dad was beyond saving, but she truly cared about my stepdad and wanted to rebuild their relationship.

Fast forward a few weeks and I had found out that my stepdad was stealing pain medication, local anesthesia, and NARCOTICS from the hospital and using them. She threatened to report him to his residency program and he began choking her. My brother saw this entire thing go down and he called 9-1-1.

She immediately needed surgery, and after that, she filed a restraining order and left for the previous house they still owned.

Soon each of them found a lawyer, and my stepdad (with some help from his wealthy family) was planning on taking my two younger siblings from my mom.

She found out when she was scrolling through his phone and that was the last straw before she filed for divorce.

Because of his wealthy and pathological lying family, the case looked like my mother’s loss. They denied all of her claims, saying that my mom was crazy (she is mentally ill, having anxiety and depression, but she is by no means insane.

She was just explosive when angry, mostly because her parents were). They also claimed she didn’t take her meds (not true), and that she was neglectful to her children, which is why I left (also not true. I left because she and my stepdad were constantly fighting to the point where windows and doors were broken down and I couldn’t take it).

And they claimed that she was a lazy, jobless slob (also not true. Like I said she was a neurosurgery PA. They earn a 95k salary. She had to quit her job because they were cutting her hours and in the state they moved to, PA’s couldn’t prescribe medication, so basically she could only work in the OR, but they have 12-hour shifts and my mom has 2 kids who need to be taken care of).

But what my stepdad neglected to mention was that he DID steal those narcotics from the hospital; in fact he actually DENIED IT. And when he was on the phone with the attorney, he accidentally let it slip out that he met with the narcotics police (basically he got busted), and her reaction was, ‘wow…so she wasn’t lying.’

And that basically unfolded into finding the original documents to the ones edited by my stepdad’s family and it became an open and shut case. My mom had full custody, and 60% of the money as well as the antique BMW from the 60s (she was very adamant about that one).

My mom is the kind of person who will put white vinegar in your wine for fun, so she decided to report his RESIDENCY. At first, they said that they’d look into it, but they ended up not getting back to her. She ends up talking to an advisor and LO AND BEHOLD, not 1, not 2, but 5 people actually got kicked out for substance abuse and if another one got kicked out, they’d be forced to shut it down.

So then my mom decides to get the divorce and restraining order into the mix, and the whole slew of things that came with it, and since it basically violated the Hippocratic Oath and well – the LAW – he wasn’t really that trustworthy of a doctor anymore and they kicked him out in the interest of patients and subsequently shut the ENTIRE program down.

On top of that, she made sure that it stayed on his permanent record, completely disabling him from ever reapplying to a new residency program. She then went the extra mile to get the dog to pee in his house while he was on vacation in Las Vegas, charge his credit card to pay the mortgage until she found a new job in neonatology, get the kids to completely ghost him, and she did a break and entry (the door was unlocked) and took the ps4, Nintendo switch, the Wi-Fi and some furniture (she also sold his Gucci clothes on E-bay!).

Later on, about a year later, my mom finds out that the family is trying to file a lawsuit and sue her for $50,000. They take the claims to court, but then my mom busts out the case from way back then (along with some medical documents pertaining to said case, like her carpal tunnel and tendinitis) and she turns up the dial to the maximum amount a doctor (my stepdad’s father was a plastic surgeon) can be sued for in that particular state – which is $200,000.

The lawsuit goes on for about 6 months and then my mom one day hits me up and says that she got 200k in her pocket and she ended up putting that into a bank account and is beginning to help me pay for college and if she has enough, med school.

I’ve always loved medicine and this whole thing has never changed my view of it. Personally, I’d like to do college by myself, but I’m gonna need help in med school because by my second year I’ll be 100k in debt!

My mom is now a happy and single lady, still rocking the short hair, and is extremely successful. She cut off contact with my stepdad, so I don’t know how he’s doing, and frankly, I don’t really care. So yeah, don’t get with addicts, especially if they’re in the medical field and my mom is a vengeful jerk and I love her.”

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marthy949 2 years ago
Your Mom is a very strong person!!! Bless you all !!!
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1. Call The Cops On Me? You're The One Breaking The Law

“A few weeks ago, I was driving in my neighborhood playing Pokemon Go (not while driving obviously). The end of my neighborhood has a Pokestop that I collect items from every day, as you get bonus items if you collect from stops every day. This particular day was my 7th day, meaning I would get even more items and would start over from day one the next day.

I drove to the stop, got the items, set my phone on my passenger seat, and went home.

The road I was driving on was 20 mph, but I was going about 12-13 mph. I drive up a small hill and turn a corner when a wild family appears, including the awful dad (AD).

The wife, her friend, and the three kids walking by them stepped off to the side of the road to let me pass, but as I was going by, AD, who had a young boy about 3-4 years old in one arm and holding a Budweiser bottle in the other (important later), actually STEPPED CLOSER TO MY CAR AND YELLED SOMETHING AT ME!

Being as I had gotten into an accident recently and was trying to be as safe as possible, I stopped the car, rolled down my window, and asked if he was alright.

The conversation went as followed.

Me: ‘Are you guys alright? Why did you do that?’

AD: ‘You see my family, right?’

Me: ‘Yes, what about them?’

AD: ‘You know you were driving too fast for this neighborhood right?’ (I should point out that I live in Illinois and while my car was being repaired from an accident, I had a loaner car with Wisconsin plates.)

Me: ‘Sir I was going only about 12 mph and the limit is 20 here, I wasn’t driving too fast.’

AD: ‘Well, you almost hit me and my son.’

Me: ‘Yeah, cause you stepped close to a moving vehicle! The only one putting you guys in danger was yourself.’

AD (looks at my phone in the passenger seat): ‘I don’t know the laws in Wisconsin, but here in Illinois, you can’t be on your phone while driving. I’m calling the police.’

Me: ‘I don’t know their laws either, this car is just a loaner, I live here in Illinois’

AD: ‘Then you should know the laws! I’m calling the cops.’

Me: ‘Have fun with that.’

And with that, I just left. I know I probably should have stayed, but since I didn’t actually do anything wrong, I wasn’t taking his threat seriously.

I went home and made some ramen to eat. As I was sitting in my dining room, I look out the window and nearly choke on my noodles. AD FOLLOWED ME HOME!!! He was on his cellphone with the dispatcher and I thought I was screwed.

About 5 minutes later 2 cop cars with 3 police officers, PO1, PO2, and PO3 (who didn’t really talk throughout the whole thing) show up. I stepped outside thinking I was done for. The officers started to question the two of us.

PO1: ‘OP, do you know why we are here?’

Me: ‘I have a pretty good idea what you think you’re doing here, but why don’t you let me know?’

PO1: ‘This gentleman called us saying you attempted to run his family over after you got caught texting while driving and going way over the speed limit.’

My mind went blank for a few seconds. This jerk actually said that I had attempted vehicular manslaughter.

My mind started working again and I said…

Me: ‘Sir, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I was driving home from playing Pokemon on my phone when this man stepped close to my car while I was driving.

My phone was on the passenger seat the entire ride home.’

AD: ‘He’s lying! He nearly killed my family! Arrest him now!’

PO2: ‘Sir, calm down. We’ll settle this…’

PO1: ‘OP, what was this man doing when the incident occurred?’

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head, and right there, on the fly, the revenge started.

Me: ‘He was walking with his family along the side of the road, carrying a young boy on one arm and holding a beer bottle in the other.’

AD: ‘That’s not true you piece of garbage!’

PO2: ‘Sir, control yourself!’

Me: ‘As I drove by them, the rest of his family went to the side of the road, but he actually stepped closer to my car.

I think he got within an inch of me.’

AD: ‘This is nonsense! He’s just trying to protect himself.’

PO1: ‘Sir, if what he is saying is true, you could actually be arrested here, not him.’

PO2: ‘Are you sure that’s what happened?’

Me: ‘Positive. He got way too close to my moving vehicle holding a child and a bottle of Miller Light.’

AD: ‘It wasn’t Miller Light it was Budwei-‘

He cut himself off and tried to backtrack but it was too late. All the officers looked at him.

He tried to defend himself, but then PO3 said something I thought I would never hear a cop say in my life…

PO3: ‘Sir, have you had anything to drink this evening?’

AD, now very less confident: ‘N-n-no..’

They move him to one of the cop cars and gave him a breathalyzer test; .12%, just over the limit.

Gotcha, jerk. AD ended up confessing to them that I was right and was arrested for public intoxication and child endangerment. He has to go before a judge to determine if he’s a danger to his family. The officers asked if I wanted to press any charges, but I told them no since he already had enough on his plate to deal with.”

Another User Comments:

“Dude, you need to work on your situational awareness; there’s no way this guy should know where you live.” wulfendy

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aofa 2 years ago
For wulfendy (though I doubt they will actually see this), depending on where OP lives, it is quite possible theyhe only had to drive a couple of corners, then turn onto street they lived on, then all AD has to do is look for that car. And probably expected the guy to not go into stalking mode etc. I know that outside of a couple of scenarios, I wouldn't think to divert my route or anything, especially if other person is a pedestrian.
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