People Come Clean About Their Ghastly Revenge Stories

We all have stories that are hard to share with others. They are either too personal or something that might affect our reputation. Most of these secret stories are about how a person caused their enemies trouble, but if we're going to hear about the reason why they did it, their testimonies might shed some light on how justifiable their acts of revenge are. Here are some of their stories.

21. Take Advantage Of The Closures? Get Your Profits Sunk In The Mud


“My grandfather owned a 150 acre+ forest campground property with over a dozen buildings on the property. These buildings ranged from the common rooms, ceremony hall, barn, 18 different cabins, and a few other buildings one might find on the beautiful campground. This was used as a venue for all sorts of company retreats, wedding events, camps, or getaways! Anytime a camp was run that was used horses, my grandpa enlisted the help of the grandkids.

He had gotten his fill of screaming and shouting kids or excitedly shrieking women or men who thought they knew best when it came to horses by the time I came along.

One event happened when I was about 11 years old, I was helping out with the Girl Scouts guided tour on one of the trail rides when I noticed the smell was wrong in the air.

I had us all turn back while the Den Mother tried to harp on about how I was cutting their trail short. I lied and said one of the horses had a bad limp and we needed to turn back right away. All of the girls were worried about the horse in question and the rider offered to walk next to her horse all the way back.

I said he’d be okay but we needed to turn back now.

Well when we made it out of the thick forest trail, where the trees weren’t blocking us in, we could see what made me and the horses so uneasy – smoke. Loads of smoke were coming up the mountain, the worst place for a fire to be is under you on the mountain. I knew the property, I’d grown up riding and climbing all over it.

I ordered everyone to give their horse their head and let them bolt back to the barn. The barn had a large open arena that was just plain dirt. It would last until we could get them down to the fire station. I let everyone ride hard past me, these girls were barely clinging to their horses and I was worried that someone might fall off if I was completely honest.

Well, we made it back to the arena without any real issues, a lot of the girls were crying. One of my older brothers assured us that everything was alright and told the girls they would be earning a few extra badges today! They’d sign off on them and everything which got the girls to brighten up a lot. Now, the fire hadn’t spread too far onto grandpa’s property just yet.

I knew of the large water tanks, had to join in cleaning them before, but I never understood how exceptional the water tanks really were.

That day I got to see my grandpa’s water storage almost choke an entire forest fire. The 5 ‘small’ tanks (30,000 gallons) were accessed at key spots with the fire department. The 3 ‘Medium’ tanks (65,000 gallons) were put onto a sprinkler system that absolutely soaked everything on the property turning it into thick mud, even the gravel and cement pathways were covered in mud!

However, the 2 large tanks (120,000 gallons) were being used with the fire fighting helicopters.

To a child, it felt like you were in the middle of the war zone. I was scared as I tried to keep the girl scouts and the horses calm when the fire copters flew overhead to refill at the main large one. By the end of it, the fire was out, the girl scouts got 5 badges ranging from Fire Safety to Leadership and everyone was safe.

The clean-up for the fire took two weeks, a lot of pressure washing, and a lot of backbreaking labor.

On Grandpa’s property, there were beautiful trails, a gorgeous vista that had almost no light pollution, and plenty of reasons to hike, explore and book us for events. Grandpa was protective of these venues spots because if he allowed people to walk freely, people wouldn’t pay for the use of them.

So he made sure to follow the letter of the law marking it as private property and would chase people down if they violated it.

One person in town hounded Grandpa for use of the property for free because Grandma attended the Church. She demanded Grandpa give them free use of the property for every book study, every little event. However, she wanted to charge an admission that would go right back into the ‘Church’ that her husband was one of the pastors to.

To say Grandpa did not enjoy this money-grubbing woman was an understatement. He wasn’t a churchgoer, but to keep the peace with his wife’s Church he would host ‘free events’ once a year or so for this Church’s youth. A free event to come up, be fed for a 3 day weekend, interact with the horses, go on trail rides and go fishing in the river or the big pond on the property.

He would host 3 a year for the children in the valley, depending on their age. He would also enlist his kids and grandkids to help out with the events to save on the costs of running them.

Well, after doing this for 5 years, it came out when I went to the Church that she had been charging families almost 300 dollars for the sake of going to the Church.

I had gone with my oldest brother who they assumed was my dad and tried to sell him on the event. My brother’s face went red and he asked for further confirmation on the dates and the event itself. He agreed to think about it and the woman went on to badger another family. They offered sponsorships that allowed the kids to go up for a discount too.

She was squeezing every last penny out of her fellow churchgoers.

My brother and I had been there to talk to the head pastor, not this woman’s husband, about him visiting our grandmother since she was bedridden due to her old age. Mid sermon though, my brother stood up after whispering to another woman to ask if the one hosting the service was the husband to that woman or not.

When she had confirmed that he was, my brother stood up.

This was not our church, no one here knew us. My brother had a voice that could fill up space while talking in a normal tone so when I heard him suddenly speaking after standing, I was surprised myself. You can imagine the look on over 200 people’s faces as a stranger stood up and interrupted a sermon.

Brother: I’m surprised you’re able to stand up on that stage and speak of honesty to these people! You and your wife are crooks and thieves! You’ve been stealing from them for who knows how many events, I’m curious how far down the rabbit hole your theft goes!

Pastor: Excuse me, sir! What are you talking about?!

Brother: My grandfather runs the Horse Camp all the kids are attending this coming weekend.

He’s never charged any of the kids or their families a CENT for using it. He knows how hard it is to attend fancy camps, he had to pay for all of his kids! He hated having to come up with so many funds all the time! He hosts a free event for the kids, his grandkids help him run the event! I should know, I’m the Stablemaster during the event!

You could have heard a pin drop, the pastor’s face turned a few shades of red and then a woman stood up a few rows back from us.

Woman: What do you mean, he doesn’t charge?

This woman looked ready to breathe fire and I noticed this woman had 5 children with her. She looked ready to start a riot as my brother nodded.

Brother: My granddad knew first hand how hard it was to come up with funds and how much going to different places affected his kids and helped them grow. He pays for their food, he lets them use the horses, has his family teach them about horses, and, hey Daniel.

Remember me?

One of the older kids had been staring at my brother from this woman as he confirmed that my brother worked at the event.

Everything broke out into screaming and shouting at that point and it took us hours to sort everything out. The pastor’s wife had gone ‘missing’ during this screaming match. It came to light the pastor thought his wife, who headed the organization, would give all the funds off to my grandpa.

She never put them into the Church even!

Things got a little crazy as everyone realized she was gone and the weight of the scam she’d pulled off on them. Each event hosted around 20 to 25 children. People would donate to help get the kids of families with fewer funds there too, so we’re not sure how much under the table was given for that goal BUT

We do have an estimate on how much she got away with.

$105,000 was the estimate she got away with before vanishing into the night. To say it was confusing was an understatement for me. I just wanted to go back home and keep an eye on the horses.

My oldest brother’s fury was nothing compared to the anger my Grandpa felt. He was so angry about all of it and only allowed the head pastor to come up and visit his wife, no one else.

He was bitter but at his wife’s request, he wouldn’t let his bitterness affect the kids.

We hosted the events as planned and Grandpa’s bitterness grew as we went from having 25 as our max to almost 50 per session. Every bed was filled in the camp beds, every bunk stuffed and all of our hearts felt raw. I was a kid and I felt fooled, but I refused to let that show trying to follow Grandpa’s example.

I failed miserably a few times, I’m sure of that, but I did try!

Well, now we’re on to the revenge part of the story. All of the above happened in the lovely era of ‘Internet is a thing! How new!’ Grandpa had his venue listed in the Yellowpages if we can still remember that!

I had turned 20 and Grandma’s health which had been in steady decline over the past few years had really crashed hard.

Her end was getting close. Grandpa asked me to help with her and the events going on because he was in no way ready to visit with people at all. So I balanced taking care of her needs and Grandpa’s needs with running the venue through the booked events. On the website we had, I removed all the information and wrote a message that stated ‘Due to current conditions, only previously booked events are on the schedule.

Thank you. We’ll be up and running again after the events conclude.’

It was the nicest way I could think to put ‘My Grandparents aren’t able to handle people at the moment, please leave us all alone.’ Well, while in with the pastor in town after tending to things for almost 5 months, my truck broke down. Unfortunately for me, the auto shop needed a part from another city and it would take a few days to get there.

I asked a family member if he could tow me to the shop over there and he offered to have his wife drop off their car so I could get back to work with Grandma and he’d take care of my truck. I politely refused, I desperately needed a break. Even just a ride to another town 30 minutes away would get me away from the suffocating feeling with them.

They agreed and took me over to get my truck fixed. Now, the shop owner said it would be about 3 hours to fix it and I could wander around town. I told my family member I was good, he could head out and I’d call if I needed more help. He hugged me and told the auto shop he’d pay for the repair. I needed a break and I appreciated that.

Family helps family is our family creed.

So I got to wander around a town I never really got to, trying to find a good place to get some food for lunch. When I made it to a restaurant, I noticed a very well-made flyer in a window. It talked about an upcoming meteor shower and how beautiful it was going to be. It reminded one about how the next town over’s light pollution was going to eclipse the beauty of God’s sparkling show.

It talked about an event being held up on the mountain, where parking would be $20 for a breathtaking view of the sky, weather permitting.

I smiled a little as I read the flyer and then did a double-take. The flyer was boasting about a certain vista. A vista is only available on grandpa’s land. I wrote down all the info on the flyer and told myself I would call as soon as possible.

I went into the shop to get food and wondered if I’d messed up and completely forgotten an event or not.

Well, turned out I hadn’t when I got home and double-checked everything. We had parking for maybe 40 cars max, so I was curious where the cars would be parked. I decided to call with an out-of-state cell phone, thanks to an Uncle and Aunt who were visiting Grandma when I got back with my truck.

Host: Hi, how can I help you?

Me: Hi! I found your flyer! Oh my gosh, it sounds like SOOO much fun! I mean, the stars in town are like, 1000% better than anything in my area! Are they really so pretty up on the mountain?

Host: Oh yes! It’s one of the best places to watch the stars in our area! It’s going to be absolutely beautiful!

Me: But like.

I’m worried about how many people are going to be going? Uhmm, like, parking us, my car’s not going to like, I don’t know, end up with dirt on it is it?

Host: Oh! No worries about that, we have premium parking for $40 but the $20 is parking in a pasture!

Me: The entrance fee is by car, do we need, another type of fee?

Host: Oh yes, a 5 dollar fee per person will also be needed.

Make sure to bring for parking and your entrance fees! We’ll have food carts too!

I was shaking at this point in anger at this woman. I had checked the schedule and I knew no event was going to be happening. The campground had been abandoned a bit, all of the horses moved to my cousin’s place at the base of the mountain and I was taking care of Grandma and Grandpa at their cabin on another property on the same mountain.

Closer to the hospital and all.

Me: Alright! I’ll be there! Thanks, SOO much!!

I hung up after the goodbyes and started to shake in anger. I knew the property was closed down and we’d had issues with someone breaking into the property. I had been trying my best to manage the events, the venue, and Grandma and Grandpa. I had.

She had mentioned that a pasture would be parking for everyone and I wondered which one it would be.

Then I realized, it was time for the soil to be tilled and smoothed for the horses. I also realized something that I could do that would be… wonderfully evil.

I asked my visiting family if they wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on Grandma and Grandpa and I sped off to visit a family member. This particular man had married one of Grandma and Grandpa’s daughters and adored the family and worked as part of the Fire Department for our area.

I came in with all the information I had and told him my plan. I signed the documents and he put the information away at the back of a drawer and gave me the okay to go with my plan.

I tilled the pastures. All of them. I churned up the dirt and then smoothed it out. Making it look like such an inviting slab of land to park on.

I then left all of the gates WIDE open. I didn’t want anyone breaking locks and I knew this was going to happen one way or another. Now, if you’ve ever tilled the soil you know the ground is soft! That’s what plants need in order to grow! Hard soil will destroy your plants almost as fast as overwatering or crows.

The day before the event, I was in the main parlor getting some water when I noticed a car coming up.

They sped up and who stepped out but the Pastor’s wife I’d seen all those years ago and another woman from the same church. It dawned on me then that this was a con they were using and I wondered how many times they’d used the campgrounds before. I saw red.

I hid and watched as they knocked on doors, checked all over the place for any signs of life, and then started to talk excitedly as they sped off.

I made sure my Grandparents were well looked after as I kept lurking in the Campgrounds and waiting. They came back the next day, the day of the event, and brought a line of porter pots, a handwashing station, and a few food vendors that got set up. They turned on the footlights to the wedding vista and I felt my blood just about a boil.

I could have called the cops then for trespass but I had a much bigger plan in my mind for these nasty women. I waited. I waited until I saw cars lining the pastures, 3 pastures worth of cars, the driveway crammed so tight with cars that I was amazed at how many fit. The gravel drive was even being used and so was the cement area by the barn.

I hadn’t realized how ‘big’ this event was really going to be and instantly started to worry about my plan. There were so many people! But I had followed the letter of the law with help from my family. I had posted the private property and the closed for maintenance signs up all over the place. I was so nervous as I saw so many people going up the path but resolved that my plan was foolproof.

When the food vendors turned off their lights, I knew it was time. Everyone was blocked in and up at the vista. I started with the pastures. That lovely soil plus the sprinkler system quickly became a muddy sink hold that stuck all the cars up to the tires or doors.

I went all out. I turned on every fire sprinkler on the property. I knew the vista was getting a proper soaking too.

Everything was. I had started with the pastures first and with sprinklers that could douse a fire, it did everything I remembered as a child. It flooded the pastures, it made the driveways impassable, it washed out part of the road for anything other than off-roading trucks or vehicles. With over 100 cars in the pastures, I was gleeful as I heard people coming down the path.

I shut off the sprinklers after 10 minutes while everyone tried to figure out what was going on.

People were calling the police, emergency services, screaming and confusion everywhere. The two women’s cars I had taken great delight in letting the air out of the tires and adding extra water under. The car was sunk pretty deep. Well, my work was done. I hiked out and down the hill and left to go back into town.

The Police made it up by the time I’d already gotten back to Grandma and Grandpa’s place. I was found there and the family vouched that I had been there the entire night when the Police showed up. I explained to the Police I wouldn’t be caught up on the Campground tonight, especially not with a Fire Safety test going on. We were to test the water tank’s pressure by running them on an automatic timer for 10 minutes and then measuring the water missing from the tanks in a few days when things settled and were passable.

They wanted to know about the event and we said we weren’t hosting any events at all, why would we when we’d told the Police department almost a month prior, the Campground was closed until further notice!

The two women who had hosted the event were caught and charged with Trespass and a whole mess of other things including Reckless endangerment. The Fireman produced the permit too, to test the Fire Tanks, after all, they were paramount to the running of the Fire Department.

They had two helicopters that would fill at those stations after all and they needed to make sure that each pump could push out 100 gallons per minute after all!

The women had to pay for tow services, damage the towing caused to the property, hotels, and inns for the people who were stranded and didn’t have someone else to come pick them up, and a ton of legal fees.

The woman from the church had been wanted for her previous crimes and had been living at this woman’s house helping her to run similar scams all over the country by using ‘out of season abandoned properties’ for their tricks. I don’t have too much information on the end of it all, because unfortunately at the time it was wrapping up, Grandma passed away. I do know that all profits from the scams had been sunk into fixing the damages and repaying for the crimes. It cost a lot to dig out the cars that got stuck in the mud!”

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20. Hire Your Nephew Instead Of Promoting Employees? Get Rejected


“This is in the UK where we have a legal right and process in which we can force a company or entity to remove anything related to us. It’s called GDPR (General Data Protection regulations) and RTBF (Right to be forgotten). My friend we shall call Steve worked for a company for over ten years as their IT manager (in charge of the whole system). He had worked his way up from lowly desktop support right to the very top.

He was also very into doing everything by the book and within the law. No underhanded shenanigans!

The company had recently gone public (shares listed on the stock exchange) and as such needed a director of IT. Steve applied and was pretty much a shoo-in until he was told the New CEO (the original owner who was pretty much forced to go public by the other two shareholders, had taken his shares and sold them and moved on) had overruled HR and hired someone else (spoiler nepotism) and he shrugged and said ‘well at least they will take away most of my paperwork allowing me to do more work.’ Oh, how wrong he was.

When the new IT Director arrived, (let’s call him Tom) he basically kicked Steve out of his office and into a desk in the main office and did nothing except complain about it. Steve found out it was the CEO’s nephew who he dotted on.

Fast forward 3 months and Steve is pretty much burned out. The nephew had fired his two very capable assistants and replaced them with buddies who did nothing.

Leaving Steve to look after around 400 PCs plus associated servers and network equipment all by himself. He was getting fed up. All the while Tom kept ordering him to do weird things like reinstall windows on all PCs or order him a gaming rig for the office. In one case he told him to go to his house to set up a home network. The final straw came when Tom got the CEO to cancel Steve’s bonus for ‘not meeting all requests made of him’.

Meanwhile, his buddies (Rick and Harry) got massive bonuses and rewards for their ‘hard work picking up the slack.’ Steve decided at this point to start looking for a new role.

It just so happened he had kept in touch with the old owner who had started a new business and after hearing of his woes had offered him a new job at his much smaller company of the same wage.

It was also a much shorter commute and he got a whole new office and a nice set of benefits. Steve of course took the offer up but also decided to plot his revenge.

Steve handed in his 3-month notice to the HR dept and began his leaving process sending emails to Tom detailing all passwords and processes plus introducing him to suppliers and what not. He also put on the exchange server a scheduled task to run a batch file 1 week after he left.

He also had one of these on the AD server and file storage servers and the backup storage servers. What this batch file did was open a power shell and run commands to delete anything he was the author of (if a file) or was last saved by him. And also to delete any emails sent to him or by him. He also told Microsoft he was leaving this company and moving on to a new company on the specified date.

(More on this later)

Steve dutifully carried out his final tasks, said goodbye, and as his last act, a week before he left he gave HR a typed up letter stating his will to invoke the GDPR RTBF regulations and he wants all paperwork he created deleted and the only information left for legal purposes and HR reasons (I.e payslips, etc). On his final day, he signed out, handed his laptop in, and left graciously.

Even buying people drinks that evening at the local pub near the company.

He was told by HR his request was completed the following week but they had to retain certain info. HR docs and payslips for tax reasons were fine.

Fast forward 2 months.

His old CEO rings him up in a panic as things are falling apart. Updates haven’t been happening, he can’t find any details for suppliers or how to do certain roles.

He also had a huge bill from finance as all their licensing costs have gone through the roof, new staff kit is all wrong. Steve kindly explains that he was fed up with Tom doing nothing and hiring his buddies (Rick and Harry) who also did nothing, or worse made rookie mistakes he was left to fix. He also explained how the cheap license costs were because as Steve had a lot of qualifications from Microsoft he got discounts on products.

Now he has left they can’t receive them as he is using that privilege at his new place. He also explained the RTBF (Right to be forgotten) request saying the director had 3 months to save the info he emailed. Before it was deleted. CEO then begged him to allow access to the discounts but Steve said no, he doesn’t do stuff like that. Perhaps he should get Tom, Rick and Harry trained up? He also said maybe instead of hiring your nephew to do a director’s role, he should have been hired at the bottom to work his way up rather than fail his way down.

Steve hung up and has asked kindly not to be contacted again via email through HR.

The new job is going great and Steve is enjoying it a lot. From what I hear.

The lesson of the story is, don’t commit nepotism or hire buddies and expect good results.”

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Kratos 2 years ago
Nepotism is fine "if" the family member employed is expected to perform the same way a non family employee is. I have seen it work both ways. The places I've worked where everyone is treated equally (family or not) was a lot of fun!
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19. That's Not Your Car, Lady


“My buddy Brock had gotten out of the military after 10 years. He’d started in the Marines but transitioned into the Army for the last 4 years before buying a house in Texas. When he got out he did a variety of jobs before landing a gig with a Repo service. He worked there for a year and had a lot of wild stories but this one sticks out the most as he helped a fellow soldier get revenge on an evil ex.

Brock was at the office speaking with his manager, whom I’ll refer to as Karen. Now, this particular Karen had a lot of Karen-like qualities but was a force for good if you can believe that. While they were talking they see a young man enter the office. They immediately noticed he had two black eyes and an arm in a sling. The Young Man, whose name I unfortunately never learned but I’ll call Ben, asked how hard it would be for them to help repossess his car.

Karen called her daughter in, Karen Jr, and had her pour Ben a cup of coffee. Karen then asked Ben to ‘tell her a story’.

Ben began by telling her that he had just returned from a deployment. He had been seeing a local girl that lived outside of the Famous Fort Hood, not a good idea btw, before the deployment. Thanks to a previous deployment he had managed to get himself a used black Dodge Charger, which was his baby.

He further explained that shortly after buying the car he had met the local girl, who for the sake of the story I’ll call Morgan. Morgan was always asking to drive his car but he would always decline. When he was getting ready for his deployment Morgan repeatedly asked if she could borrow the car but he kept saying no. After much needling, he relented but on the condition that she take care of his apartment until he comes back from Rest & Relaxation leave.

She agreed.

Ben left for his deployment while Morgan took care of his place. When Ben came back for leave he found his apartment immaculate. He pulled his car from storage, drove to Morgan’s. He spent a few days with her before handing her the keys and heading to his home state to visit family before returning to his deployment. He returned from his deployment and found nothing but trouble.

When he walked into his apartment he found a layer of dust on just about every surface. It was almost like no one had been there in months. When he checked his bedroom he’d found his room had been torn apart, all of his drawers had been searched and upturned. He tried to call Morgan but never received an answer. He located his safe, which was hidden, and found it hadn’t been touched.

He then grabbed his spare key from the safe, called a buddy of his and they went to Morgan’s.

As they pulled up to Morgan’s he saw a car there that he initially didn’t recognize but as they got closer he realized it was his baby. Morgan had the car painted hot pink and put 24-inch spinners on it. He tried the key just to make sure and the lights flickered as it unlocked.

While his buddy laughed Ben went to the front door and Morgan answered. He asked what happened to his car and she responded ‘it’s my car now’. Ben walked away and hopped in his hot pink mess. As he started it four large dudes came out of Morgan’s house, one with a baseball bat, and yanked Ben out of his car. They proceeded to beat him in the driveway before his friend intervened, pulling his conceal and carry pistol on the group.

He then took Ben to the hospital. I’m honestly not sure if the cops were called on this. I’d assume yes but even then Ben said his friend drove by Morgan’s house a handful of times while he was in the hospital at random times and the car was never there.

Karen stared at Ben for a bit before asking for the paperwork. Ben handed it to her and Karen had a smile form on her face.

She then asked Ben for Morgan’s phone number. Ben gave it but wasn’t aware of what was about to happen. Karen handed the phone to Karen Junior who then dialed the number. Karen Junior then began speaking to Morgan, telling her that they’d met at one of the local clubs and wanted to know if she was down to party that night. Apparently, Morgan agreed and the plan was set.

Brock parked his tow truck at the club and waited. Sure enough, Morgan showed up with The Pink Monster, parked it, and went inside with some friends. Brock gave them five minutes before he stealthily drove up to the car and hooked it up. As he was pulling out with the Pink Monster Morgan walked out of the club. She saw ‘her car’ in the tow truck and began trying to flag Brock down but he was already out of there.

The next day it was business as usual at the office when Morgan called. She was furious that ‘her car was stolen’ by them and wanted it back. Karen, using her best customer service voice, told her if she had the registration she could come to pick it up. Morgan began screaming louder than she was gonna call the cops at which point Karen sarcastically told her ‘please do’, then hung up on her.

As this phone call was going on Brock happened to look out the window and saw Morgan standing next to a car in a vacant lot, throwing what appeared to be a temper tantrum. After Karen hung up Brock watched her get in the car on the passenger side. Karen then looked out the window and had Brock verify it was her. She then began to smirk.

Karen then proceeded to call the owner of the property Morgan and her friend were occupying. She told the owner about the car and asked if he wanted it towed, the owner ok’d it. Brock then drove his truck over to the ladies in the car and introduced himself. They tried to explain that they were waiting for Morgan’s partner but Brock insisted they weren’t allowed to park there.

They argued and called him every name in the book. Brock then hooked up their car and lifted it partially off the ground, forcing the two to exit the vehicle. They tore into him until he showed them the two orders. While this back and forth was going on Ben arrived at the office and Morgan saw him walk in. She ran to the office door and Brock proceeded to lower the car.

When Brock went back to the office all had broken loose. Morgan apparently tried to snag the keys back from Ben but he pocketed them. She began to hit him in his hurt arm and warned Ben that she’d call her friends to finish the job if she didn’t get ‘her keys’ back. Karen Jr had already called the cops at this point and Brock got in between Ben and Morgan, even telling Morgan to try hitting him to find out what would happen.

Morgan then tried to play the pity card and said she only wanted the keys to getting her laptop out for school. Karen asked Ben to hand the keys over to Brock so he could grab the laptop. Brock retrieved the laptop from the car and as he was handing it over she rushed to aggressively grab it but knocked it from Brock’s hands.

Completely furious at this point Morgan accused Brock of dropping the computer on purpose and threatened to sue.

The cops then arrived and Morgan began her sob story again, telling the police that they stole her car. The police questioned Karen and Karen gave her a casual smirk while asking if they wanted to see the security videos. The police watched and listened as Morgan hurt Ben and heard the threats she made about sending her friends after him.

The police then turned to Morgan, who had turned ghost white at this point.

She tried to back her way to the door but the police stopped her. They proceeded to ask about the car, Ben’s injuries, and who she planned on sending after him. She initially denied everything but they already had evidence of her beating him up. She was arrested and Ben got his car back. After the cops left Ben admitted he didn’t want to be seen in a car that looked like it was advertising Pepto Bismol and planned on trading it in for a GTO. We later heard through the grapevine that the four guys who beat up Ben were arrested, Morgan had ratted them out!

Brock had a few more stories but none of them were nearly as good as this one.”

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18. Lie To The Landlord? You Can't Play With My Xbox


“I had an opportunity last week to purchase an Xbox Series X from Best Buy so I jumped on it and was finally able to pick it up Tuesday after having to wait a week for it. A few weeks before that our next-door neighbor in our duplex knocked on our door and accused us of smoking a lot in our house, that his house was smelling like smoke, and his mother who he lives with ‘shouldn’t have to smell it.’ I informed him that A.

We don’t smoke and B. We live in a completely legalized state and other people around us smoke outside and even grow it so if his house stinks then it’s more than likely from other neighbors. I then shut the door on his face.

The next day I got a text from the landlord that said the neighbors had complained and wanted my side of what happened and reminded me that any kind of smoking in the unit was violating our lease and was grounds for eviction.

So I told her that he was pretty rude and made a big huge accusation about something he was totally wrong about. I reassured the landlord that we have not ever smoked in the house and don’t smoke because my significant others and I’s job require random substance tests. I also took the time to tell the landlord that the neighbor smokes right by our front doors and the smell seeps into my house and I was tired of it.

So she said she would tell him he has to stand no less than 10 feet away from the building from now on which means he can’t stand under the carports and smoke.

So Tuesday I picked up my Xbox Series X from Best Buy and as I’m pulling into the carport I see a dude smoking under it clearly not caring that the landlord told him not to.

He sees me and his eyes light up once he realizes I have the new Xbox in my hands. He says, ‘OMG how did you get that! Can I come over and see it and play it once you get it set up?’ I looked at him and said ‘Yeah, no. Remember a couple of weeks ago you tried to tell the landlord we were smoking in our house and lied and almost got us evicted, well because of that incident I would just rather you not come into my house, ever,’ and walked inside, pretty sure I saw a tear under his eye before I closed the door.”

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17. Push In Front Of Me In The Checkout Line? Experience The Stink


“I was at a grocery store and had just a handful of items. I entered the check-out line and before I could put my purchases on the conveyor belt, I was hit with the stench of poop, rotten eggs, and fermented urine. Ahead of me was a homeless man purchasing a 40 oz. beer, swaying as he was counting out his coins. I stepped back several feet which gave a preppy Karen just enough room to shove/cut in front of me in the line.

Before she could retreat from the wall of stink, I quickly stepped forward, trapping her between me and the homeless guy. She tried to retreat to get away from him but I turned 3 quarters and braced myself. I wasn’t moving. The guy was wasted and fumbling to count out the nickels, dimes, and pennies for his beer. We locked eyes (stink eye, if you will) and she knew exactly what I was doing. It took forever for the guy to check out and Karen had to endure. I’m guessing she had to wash her clothes when she got home as they were permeated with his odor. I smiled all the way home.”

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16. Ruin The Party? Get Arrested The Next Day


“So I moved into a four-bedroom uni house. I knew 2 of my housemates let’s call them Abbie and Ben. Due to unfortunate circumstances, our previously planned housemate didn’t live with us, so we found a new one, Chloe.

Chloe is a horrible housemate, this became apparent when they: never paid any bills or rent on time, smoked like a chimney inside (against our agreement), left home for a few days leaving a big pile of washing up for us to do (including our pots and pans), scream-gamed on their laptop all the way till 5 am (walls are thin).

Just to name a few things. Basically, they suck.

So it gets till about 4 months in, we cannot stand Chloe. So have a house meeting. Basically, we sit there and try to explain how we would prefer they don’t scream at their laptop (I assume gaming) until 5 am every night as all of us get up early. Everything we bring up, Chloe denied.

We have each lent Chloe a month’s rent and bills too and Chloe hasn’t paid any of us back (over a grand between us).

Chloe denied it saying ‘I don’t owe you anything’. At this point, Abbie and Ben are pretty angry.

Then a few weeks later was a Saturday night, and being students, Abbie and Ben, and I invited friends round for pre-drinks. We asked Chloe first and they said they would be out so that’s fine.

Turns out they finished work early so they came home and were shocked to find people there, went up to their room.

They kept coming down and turning the music down, it wasn’t even loud in the first place. Chloe got so angry and threw my speaker out the window. I didn’t see Chloe do it but loads of people told me so. I’d had enough, I went to go get my speaker, Chloe came with me to my surprise. And as Chloe left, in full view of me keyed my car parked on the driveway.

I got up with my speaker and shouted as they walked off.

Luckily we have an automatic light on the side of the house and a car was driving down my road at the time and the driver said they had a dashcam and probably caught it out the window for me. I stopped shouting in disbelief and gave him my email address. Went about my night enjoying the party.

When it was time to leave a lot of us hadn’t finished our drinks so we left them on the kitchen table and left.

When we got back the next day and had sobered up in the morning. We found all the booze had been taken, along with the speaker, some headphones, and my laptop.

Now I was really angry.

I logged into my housemate’s laptop on my email, this guy had pulled through, sent me a small clip of Chloe keying the car along with several close-up stills showing the key in contact.

I first confronted Chloe asking if they knew where my stuff was while Abbie and Ben secretly recorded it on their phones. Things got heated and they looked like they were going to fight me. I am a big guy (6,4) and am really not scared. I am basically just angering Chloe. Chloe then swung their fists at me a few times, making contact, I didn’t fight back, I put my hands and arms over my head and face.

Chloe then stomps off thinking they won.

Let me remind you, Abbie and Ben were recording. I call the police. They show up, I basically say I have good reason to believe Chloe stole my booze and other possessions. They go up and knock on Chloe’s door who tells them to ‘go away’. They can’t go in without a search warrant.

I file a report about the assault, and the things that were stolen, the police are very nice and basically tell me how to fill it in.

They come back the next day with a warrant for Chloe’s arrest for assault and battery. They then search their room and find all the stolen bottles, my headphones which clearly were mine as they only paired with my phone and my laptop, and the damaged speaker.

I sued Chloe. And won. I had indisputable evidence along with witnesses for all the events.

I got ~3000 for the car, speaker, and rent Chloe owed us. And an additional 5000.

Chloe went to prison for resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, assault, destruction of property, theft, and battery.

Chloe still had to pay rent for their room, which we used as a gym.”

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15. You Think You Can Fool Me On Craigslist? Think Again


“So I was hunting for a rental house for the valentines day weekend and wasn’t finding much, so I popped into the local Craigslist page and found a place at a decent but very believable price. No contact info or website, so I emailed through the Craigslist relay, everything sounded legit up until he asked me to pay using Zelle or bank transfer. Immediately knew it was a scam but I played along acting confused because I’d never used Zelle.

He sends me the Zelle info to send the payment. At this point, I reverse image search the cabin and find the actual property owner info and call them. He confirmed that he has had this scam happen before and angry people show up expecting a rental that is already legitimately reserved and demanding a refund. I give him the links and info to the fake Craigslist posting so he can report it.

So now I have confirmed that this is 100% not true so I decided to have a go at this guy and see how far I can get. After a few more confusing-sounding emails regarding how to get the funds to him over Zelle, I send him the request but instead of paying him, I send it as a request for payment. I send a few more messages saying it is not going through and then I get a notification saying payment has been received. Sure enough, he approved my payment request and sent me the payment he was trying to get me to send him.

So I had over $400 sitting in my Zelle account from a guy in Nigeria who was trying to scam me out of my romantic weekend.”

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14. Can't Keep Quiet? Lose Everything


“I work as a lawyer for an excellent and famous law firm here in northern Italy. My family went through some tough times; in the last 9 years, we had to face a brutal divorce with my dad having depleted every single cent he could, one of my aunts was brutally murdered because of a 150€ cautionary deposit, my granddad was diagnosed with cancer, and some other fun stuff in the middle.

Because of that, our bonds became stronger and stronger. Must say that with ‘my family’, I mean my mother, her parents, and my 2 aunts. This year, both of my aunts passed away. I loved them to the moon and back, but one of them was married to a complete jerk. He always considered himself to be better and smarter than anyone else. And so were his relatives.

My aunt and her husband (I straight up refuse to call him uncle) lived in a huge house, and so did his brother with her wife and son. He died around 7/8 years ago and left almost everything he could just to his brother and his family, completely ignoring my family because ‘OP’s granddad is already rich, why should I leave anything to his daughter and grandson?’, basically.

This year, my aunt passed away. I was grieving since I really loved her and cared about her, and I already lost another aunt prior. When the notary called us to read the will, both I and my mother came out completely astonished. She left us just a few things, even though she always said she would have left us basically everything.

I don’t need the money that much, as I already inherited from my other aunt, and my job pays me REALLY well, but my mom always had to struggle, financially speaking.

It would have been a HUGE help since she doesn’t want anything from me (I tried to give her some in the past, but she always sent them back, being stubborn as she can be). As we walked out, I pulled my cousin by my side to ask him just one thing.

Me: hey, Cousin, listen… I know it’s a dumb question. But, when I last saw her, I brought my aunt a little ceramic bell, shaped like a lady.

She held it to her chest all the time. I’d like to have it back, it would be a memory of her.

He, smiling at me like I was the most stupid person on Earth: Yeah, sure, whatever. I don’t know what I could do with that stupid bell, take it. But don’t expect us to give you anything more, we had to sweat bullets for this will to work!

Me: I’m sorry, what do you mean?

He realized he screwed up, so he just left.

My mom went back home, I headed back to my office to take a closer look at my aunt’s will. It was bulletproof, and the handwriting was, without any doubt, my aunt’s. So, what did he mean? It took me several weeks to finally get the clue.

‘As previously mentioned by my husband.’ It was just this small phrase. My aunt’s husband died 7 years before, how in the world could he mention anything? Since zombies are still nowhere to be seen and I don’t know of any deceased person talking from his grave, I started to scan the whole will once again.

Things I never noticed became as clear as the sun.

There were missing pages. My aunt numbered them, but the second and fourth pages were missing, with sentences left hanging there.

Some of the corrections were legit, but looking closely, there were a few of them where the uncertain hand of an 81 years old lady suddenly became stronger and more precise.

My aunt’s husband was mentioned every time my aunt was talking about money and valuables.

He did say something about the savings, but apparently, his ties that were to be given to charity didn’t need his approval. Strange, huh?

When I talked to my mum and her parents about this, my granddad (who is 74 and still has more strength and lucidity than your average 40-year-old dude) mentioned my aunt’s husband’s will. ‘We don’t know what he said, his family never let us even take a look at it and it wasn’t worth it to sue them’.

I went back to the notary the next day, asking to see the will since I was a relative; he let me but asked what was going on. I simply said, ‘you’ll know soon enough’. When I read it, I started laughing so hard that even the secretary came to see what in the world was going on. I rushed back to my office and started to write everything down.

Things are about to go down, but not for my family.

After a few days, my mom, her parents, and my aunt’s relatives met once again in front of the notary. I already told him what was happening, I could see him trying not to look disgusted as my aunt’s husband’s beloved ones walked in.

Notary: We are all here. Apparently, OP has some things to discuss with us, concerning inheritances.

You could hear a pin drop a mile away. I stood up and opened my bag. My family was smiling, my relatives were staring daggers from their eyes.

Me: As we all know, Auntie left everything to you. Nothing is wrong here, as she didn’t have any direct relationship with anyone in this room. What is wrong, is the reason behind it.

I handed a copy of the will to everyone, with some parts being highlighted.

Me: As you can see, pages are missing. Some corrections are… Different, to say the least. But, most importantly, my uncle is cited quite often. This led me to his will.

At this point, my relatives turned whiter than snow. My cousin tried to stop me, telling me I couldn’t possibly use my uncle’s will, as more than 5 years passed. The notary told him that I totally could, as the allowance to contest a will is 10 years.

He kept silent.

Me: He left my aunt everything he had IF she would have left it to you as she died. You see, in our state, it’s not legal to make such a kind of contract. So, I want to let you know that you just lost all your rights on my uncle’s will, and you are all to be sued for false declaration in a public deed and attempted fraud.

They started screeching and screaming, calling me names and wishing me an obviously pleasant and late death. All because one of them wasn’t clever enough to shut his mouth. Now they lost EVERYTHING they had, since their farm, their money, their house, and their cars were all my uncle’s. They have been forced to leave the house they were living in, all their bank accounts have been blocked and even their farm had to be closed since it was also my uncle’s previous activity.

Since the correction they made was actually very precise and some precious items are now mysteriously missing, they even have to pay for an equal value. They had a little empire but managed to lose everything over greed and stupidity.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, listen to me. If you want to screw with someone, at least have the courtesy of not doing it with a lawyer!”

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BladeEdge 2 years ago
Magnificent. I hope OP called out the idiot cousin who blabbed just to add insult to injury!
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13. You Like Parking In Front Of My House? I'll Look Into Your Past


“My neighbor started parking on the street behind my car (like literal inches) for no apparent reason. My neighbor has a driveway (empty) and also lived 2 houses down the street. I don’t have a driveway, so on-street parking is a must for me.

So, after a few weeks, I asked if it was necessary to park so close when there were literally no cars on the street for over a 1/4 mile.

He said ‘No, but there’s no law against it’ with a big soul-eating grin on his face.

A few weeks pass by, and my car gets hit because someone thought there was enough room to clear as his truck blocked the view of my car entirely. I see this happen but unfortunately can’t get a model or license plate number.

I find my neighbor’s email address (because I really didn’t feel like talking to him) and asked him again, if he could just park further down the road, closer to his house.

He replied, ‘Nope. Suck on it.’

Okay. I had lived here for quite a long time and never had any issues with him or any other neighbor (I keep to myself, never make noise, don’t have any noisy pets or parties, etc).

His truck has his business name on it. Google it. Find out it’s his own business. Lots of yelp reviews, BBB rating, etc. All these links point to his website.

I go to check his website – it doesn’t load up. I head over to whois and see that the domain isn’t registered.

I snag it.

Before I think of what to do with it, I google the owner’s name and find out he’s a convicted felon. I find a handful of links that details his story rather explicitly.

I copy/paste all those links into an email to him (a throwaway account so he can’t just reply to me as I deleted it afterward).

Said something like ‘well, if you want to be a jerk for no reason, I just bought your business domain. Here are all the links I plan on posting on it. I don’t have to list your business name because all of your business listings across the internet have this URL pointing to it. Keep parking like a jerk. Yes, it’s legal, but you are willfully doing this just to annoy me. I legally bought your domain, and can legally link these articles. Park behind me again, and I’ll launch it.’

Within an hour his truck was moved into his driveway.

He asked me for the domain, and I told him ‘when either you move, or I move, I’ll hand it over. Until then it’ll remain offline.'”

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12. Steal My Medication? I'll Make You Regret It


“So when I was 15 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Schizophrenia. Now despite how TV shows and movies portray it, not all people with schizophrenia are serial killers. If you can keep your medication in balance you can live a perfectly normal life.

From the ages of 15 to 20 was rather hard as we tried to find the right balance and medication for me. But it has been 11 years since I was first diagnosed and has been 6 years since I have had any really bad symptoms.

There have been a few minor issues when my meds would go out of balance. But nothing too extreme.

Anyway, this happened 3 years ago. I had just moved into a new apartment with 2 new roommates. We will call them Zack and Rachael. Anyways due to my illness, I take multiple medications. Antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medication to name a few. These are all rather strong medications.

So when I moved in and got settled in I started noticing some of my meds going missing. I have my pills counted out and ready. So I know exactly how many I have. I immediately suspect my roommates as they were the only ones with access to my room. I also knew for a fact they took other medications to use recreationally. They were pretty open about it.

But I had no proof. And didn’t want to risk annoying them as I had to live with them. So I look past it hoping it was a one-time thing. But it wasn’t.

After a few days of this, I lost it and confronted them. They denied it and of course, I had no proof. I even got a lock for my room. But somehow they still managed to get in.

So here is where the revenge starts.

So due to all my medication, I get constipated a lot. So I have a very strong laxative I take when this happens. They are tiny pinkish pills. If you don’t know about medication you could easily mistake these for something else. One morning before heading to work I took my antipsychotic pill bottles and switched out the pills for my laxatives. And then I left.

When I came home that evening. Both my roommates were in the washrooms. I asked Racheal what was wrong and she made up some lies and food poisoning excuses. They spent the whole night in and out of the bathrooms. My medication stopped disappearing after that night.”

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11. You Kept Me From A Job, Now You Need A Job? Sure Thing


“I (M) started working at a very large company in a team of six guys. Our team was in a very narrow highly technical field with only a dozen or so similar companies with the same type of group. One member of the team introduced himself as the team’s jerk, so let’s call him Jerk. He was an egotistical know-it-all in a group of very very smart people that were actually far more qualified than he was.

Oh, by the way, he was also the youngest member of our team. After 7 years working at that company, major events caused a massive downsizing, and all of us save one (the leader who was later fired) were let go as a part of a permanent staff reduction. Since some 1,000 employees were let go, they flooded the job market. There just weren’t any jobs.

By sheer luck, just before all my money ran out, I found a decent job in the area and worked there for some 6 years. The business folded due to bad planning by the company management. I was on the hunt for a job again. Again, jobs were scarce and were almost gone.

I found what looked like a good opening and called. Who answers? Jerk! I’m thinking, great! I have an in! Nope.

Jerk had a grudge against me from when we worked together. Not sure why as I’d never done anything against him. He proceeds to tell me there was no job for me there and hangs up sounding very smug. He knew I had a family and times were very tough. This was very personal and I hoped someday I could return the favor. I found a better job, again, just in the nick of time.

Four years later, 2008 happens. The big recession. Jerk loses his job. I’m now working as a supervisor at a large company. We had a number of departments trying to hire qualified personnel for a major set of contracts we had just gotten. Jerk applies to the company I worked at. At the weekly division meeting, we always review potential new hires as a group. I see Jerk’s resume.

I carefully read through his resume. There are things on it that look like red flags to me. Little things like his many jobs held, reasons for leaving…more than just a bit of positive spin.

So, I mentioned that I had worked with him quite a few years before and that in my experience, he wasn’t very sociable, but did his job (which he did). I mentioned his skill set would fit my group.

Now it came to pass that as we were desperate for employees, our senior division manager decided to call him in for an interview. I wasn’t part of that process. Why? I was not a ‘hiring manager.’ I was only a supervisor.

He interviews and they offer him a job. In my department. He would be working for me. Perfect. I have a plan.

Time to start my multi-step plan.

He comes into work for his first day. I’m out on vacation that week. I had to burn some or lose it and this was an opportune time. He finds out he will be working for me while I’m gone. Step 1 completed.

While I’m gone on vacation, he starts trying to throw shade on me, as I figured he would. Now the people who worked for me were very loyal to me.

I’d actually saved their jobs several times during thin spots and really looked out for them. I had also pulled the company out of several very bad spots with our customer (who was extremely unforgiving). So I was in management’s very good graces. Jerk’s comments about me were reported to our senior manager by several people – not just in my department. Step 2 completed.

I returned to work.

I stopped by Jerk’s cube to say hi. I’m polite, make no reference to the past, or his previous week’s commentary about me. I tell him he will be working on the XYZ project with Karen. (Her actual name, not type.) Now, Karen was retired Army. She was 5’5″, though, and took nothing from anyone. Perfect! Karen was also very good at her job. Putting two A-type piranhas together would make for some very interesting sparks.

Step 3 completed.

Three weeks go by. Jerk can’t help himself. He is true to his type. Karen gets fed up with his nonsense and files a formal complaint with HR. I can’t go into details, but some things were serious. Jerk is put on step 2 discipline with a formal notice of ‘need for improvement’ from HR. Step 4 completed.

At this point, Jerk was vulnerable to even the slightest complaint.

As Jerk’s supervisor, I had to consult with him and explain that we were short-handed and that he and Karen were in the middle of an important project, so they would have to stay together and work it out. He definitely wasn’t used to someone like Karen standing up to him. Step 5 completed.

I pull his resume and job application from HR and started calling some of the companies he had listed on his resume.

Turned out, he did work at them but was not eligible for rehire (HR speak for he was fired) from all but one, where they said he was laid off due to downsizing. Our application form asked if he had ever been fired from any company and if so explain the circumstances. He had answered no for all six jobs he listed. Whoops.

Time for the payoff.

I went over to our senior manager and asked if he knew that Jerk had been fired from 5 of 6 jobs he listed before coming here. Why no… how is this so? I showed him my notes from the calls I had made. He told me he would take care of it. He called the five companies and confirmed that Jerk was no longer eligible for rehire.

The next day, our HR lady and two security guards came over and had Jerk pack up his stuff and escorted him out the door. I made sure that I was there to hold the door open for him and mentioned as he left that there wasn’t a job here for him and smiled. Because Jerk was terminated with an HR complaint and with cause due to lying on his job application, he was successfully refused unemployment. Oh, and did I mention that he had moved from some 200 miles away and had just got an apartment for this job?”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
You reap what you sow.
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10. Speak Out of Turn, Then Become A Disappointment To Your Own Kids


“Several years ago I took my family to see one of the Star Wars films. We are a family of 6. To set the stage of how we are sitting, my second daughter (16 at the time) is sitting to my left and next to the daughter of another family of 3 (Son, Dad, Daughter) that we do not know. The children of that family next to us look to be in their late teens early 20’s.

Basically, they are both adults aged 18+. My daughter expresses herself through her hair color, piercings, etc. and we are perfectly fine with that. Her hair at this time was likely some bright crazy color. She has gauges in her ears that aren’t overly large and she has a septum and nose piercing. She is very confident in who she is and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

So, my daughter and I are chit-chatting back and forth a bit as we wait for the previews to begin, doing all the things you generally do before a movie, when a voice catches my attention. It’s the father of the family to our left in a voice a bit louder than I think he intended saying, ‘I would never want any of my children to look like that.

Don’t you ever do that.’

I immediately went into Papa Bear mode. I sat forward in my seat and loudly said, ‘What did you just say?!?’ He looked at me a bit shocked as he was now confronted by me. Inside I’m just a big teddy bear, but on the outside, I’m a bit scary looking. Picture shaved head, long beard, tattoos and you’ll get the idea.

I continued, ‘I know you weren’t just talking about my daughter, a minor, sitting here right beside you…’ From there it’s a bit of a blur. To sum it up, over the next couple of minutes, I put him in his place, and loudly defended my daughter. Everyone in the theater was watching. His two kids started saying sorry and apologizing and he just sat there in a stupor.

He didn’t say anything else for the rest of the movie.

As we were all standing up to leave the other father hurried out of the theater and the two adults ‘kids’ lingered behind. The daughter stood there looking at me and my daughter and with disappointment on her face and in her voice said to my daughter, ‘I’m so sorry. I don’t know why my dad is like that.’

I think her opinion of her dad was forever changed that day.”

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9. Be An Irresponsible Borrower? Get Your Tools Soaked In Concrete


“We had a fellow student bricklayer that loaned tools and never cleaned them when returning. Nothing worse on a Monday morning finding your tools in hardened cement and you have to chop it off. The last time he did that to me, I took Amirol and concrete, (Amirol is a liquid that waterproofs mortar and sets in 6 minutes) mixed the concrete before lunch, poured his tool bucket to the brim, and after lunch, I could hear him scream and cry.

It took him the entire weekend to get his tools out, but he did learn not to screw with my property.”

Another User Comments:

“I remember when I was an apprentice. The new apprentice builder had just started. He was 16. He annoyed the life out of everybody including all the other trades. I was a plumber. He would borrow tools from any toolbox without asking. He took my ruler and tape and drill from my tool belt and didn’t put them back.

I was working on the roof at the time. I went to put on my tool belt and nothing was there. I walked around the site and found them inside the building laying on the floor. I was angry as I had just wasted 30 minutes tracking them down. I told his foreman who yelled at him for being a jerk.

The next day his mum turned up to yell at the foreman and me for making her son feel bad.

We were really livid at this point. During the day before lunch, I found his lunch box. It was a metal biscuit box. I soldered it closed and then soldered it to the roof. His foreman nailed his work boot to the wall. He took them off during his smoke break. Well, he called his mummy. She came down and yelled some more. The big boss came down and told her to leave. He said if her son can’t put up with the hazing then maybe he shouldn’t be here. He left with his mummy. I think he ended up working in a bank. Stealing other people’s funds. Lived in a small town of 6000 people. You knew everybody.” tip963

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8. Yell At Me Because Of The Faucet? Get Woken Up


“If my mother was awake no one was allowed to sleep, she would yell up the stairs and slam around to try and wake everyone up. This one day I was getting ready to go for a job interview and wanted to take a bath before I got ready. As our boiler made a noise, I ran the tap slowly to try not to make the boiler kick off, and the water poured hotter that way.

Anyway as I come out of my room with my stuff ready for the bath my mother comes out of her room raging and screaming in my face why am I running a bath, why am I running the tap slowly and not fully turned around. There was no reasoning with her.

Fast forward a few weeks later I didn’t get the other job, I finished my shift an hour early (electric went off) on the job I had at the time and came home by about 6 am.

I came home and hammered on the door knocker, walked away, and sat on the bench at the park just a 5 minutes walk from the house, read my book finished the rest of my lunch till shortly after 7 am when I’d be expected. I let myself in, did everything I’d usually do, came in the front room my mother was sitting and tried my best to act surprised. ‘Oh morning mother, what’s wrong?’ ‘Some idiot was hitting on the door and woke me up, either that or I was dreaming, who does that?’ Strange I said, would you like a cuppa. I have the kettle on.

I walked away with a spring in my step.”

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7. Oh You Want Me To Clean? Our Movie Night Will Have To Wait


“So when I was in my teen years, I was (gladly) taught to clean (I’m a guy, and this is strikingly uncommon where I live), and was responsible for fully cleaning the house before I get to relax after dinner.

So my family got really into Marvel movies, and we started to binge them almost every night. This night we were going to watch Endgame, and everyone was super excited to watch it.

It was the weekend, we had popcorn and candy, a shiny Disney+ subscription, it was gonna be amazing. So, we had dinner, and my dad said ‘get stuff done quick, we’re in the endgame now!’ (My dad’s awesome), and, seeing as I was excited too, I did stuff quickly.

I told them we were ready, set up the movie, And waited for them to come out of the room.

When they did, both my dad and my mom basically said ‘bro, this place is filthy still’ and told me to do a better job. Now, I could have done the small things they pointed out, and get delayed a mere 15 minutes. But this annoyed me a lot, and at the time I thought it was totally unfair. Soooooo…

I got to work! I got out the bleach, the sprays, the soaps, sponges, and got on some cleaning gloves.

I cleaned as thoroughly as possible. I hand-washed the dishes, cleared everything off the counters, and scrubbed then bleached them. I scrubbed off the cabinet doors, took everything out of the cabinets, wiped them out, and reorganized. I. Freaking. Cleaned.

So my dad comes out about half an hour later, and says, ‘almost done, bud?’ I reply with a quick ‘nope’ and keep going.

It took me 5 hours to clean the kitchen.

At this point, I’ve basically packed everything up to move, and then deep cleaned and unpacked. The kitchen is obscenely clean. I get started on the living room next. My parents came out several times, and asked when I would be done, then sat on the couch, waiting for me, since I’d only be a few more minutes. Eventually, they just gave up and went to bed. I kept cleaning until 3 in the morning when my mom got up and told me that it was crazy late, and for me to ‘get your butt to bed.’

I was grinning like a goddamn Cheshire every minute. They wanted clean, so I cleaned.”

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6. Deli Guy Quit Through The Trash Can


“Years ago I was a driver delivering from a distribution center to the company’s retail grocery stores. While getting unloaded at a store I was told this story by one of the managers.

They had several managers, one of whom was a nitpicky wannabe tough guy. They also had a guy who worked at the deli counter who served things out of the deli case and cut meat and cheese to order.

Deli Guy was cool, laid back, one of those guys who got his work done without necessarily doing everything by the book to the letter. Tough Guy hated him and was always looking for things to lecture about and write up.

Deli Guy never seemed like this got under his skin, until one day it did. According to other employees, Tough Guy had a hard-on for riding Deli Guy for an entire shift.

Every little thing. Deli Guy never raised his voice, never stopped smiling, and finished his shift, taking over all the cleanup at the end.

After he left that night, Deli Guy called the cool manager, who told me this story. All he said was ‘Dude, I quit. I’m sorry.’

The next day, the morning deli shift comes in and they can’t find the parts to the meat and cheese cutters.

The things Deli Guy was supposed to clean at the end of his shift. After a frantic search, calls to Former Deli Guy that went straight to voicemail, the missing critically important cutters were found. They were in a big trash bin, like the ones you put your trash out on the curb in. The bin was filled with water. The bin, filled with water with the parts for the cutting machines in the bottom were IN THE FREEZER. They had been there for 7 hours.

On the bin was a note:

‘Hey, Tough Guy. I quit. Screw yourself.’ – Former Deli Guy

Some days, I think of that guy. I hope to be as cool as him one day.”

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5. Block My Cart? Okay, This Might Take A While


“I was in the supermarket today and I had my trolley next to me whilst at the deli ordering ham.

I couldn’t move the trolley as I was being blocked in on one side by another customer and a Karen on the other. I’m ordering my ham when another deli lady asks Karen if she wants anything.

She replies loudly in THE snarkiest tone that she wishes she could see the ham if it weren’t for (gesturing at me) this lady and her big trolley.

She loudly then states that she will have to come back later when people aren’t blocking the ham.

Whatever, I swing my trolley, she shimmies out of the way as it would’ve hit her otherwise, and she orders. I move on and continue to shop.

When I go to the checkout I find the line with what seemed to be the slowest check-out person (dunno why it happens to me but it just does) and I wait. I start to put my stuff onto the conveyer belt when Karen shows up.

She has about 5-6 items in her trolley and I would normally let her go first, but today I think no. She can wait her turn like everyone else and if she hadn’t have been snarky earlier I would’ve been nicer but hey, what goes around comes around Karen.”

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4. Take Things From My House? You Won't Get Them Completely


“So my ex and I have been divorced for a couple of years now. When she first moved out she didn’t take much. I told her to take her time, she can wait until she finds a permanent place.

After a year of living in a rental, she bought her own place. I told her at that time to take whatever furniture and other items that she wanted.

She took a few things but not much.

Over the years though she kept taking things here or there, pretty much whenever she saw something she wanted from my house. I never really minded because it was usually things that I never really wanted.

Now I am remarried and she continues to take things from our house, sometimes without even asking. This really annoys my new wife, which I understand.

Finally, I told her if she hasn’t taken it by now she is no longer entitled to it.

Needless to say, my ex got really upset at this and demanded a couple more items. Some things she asked for I said no to because I knew she didn’t need them and she only wanted them to make things difficult for me and my now wife.

One of the things she wanted was the frame from our old bed.

I had the frame in my storage room and wasn’t using it. Whatever, take it. After she took it, I noticed she put it up for sale right away for about a tenth of what I paid for it. Whatever, fine she can get a few bucks for it, she just showed me she never really wanted it and my ex was just being petty.

The next time she came over I noticed some pictures of the kids missing.

This annoyed me. I asked her about it, and she denied taking them. But one of my kids said the pictures were now in their mother’s house. This was more of an annoyance for me than anything. I had copies of the pictures stored on my hard drive and got them printed and put into frames.

A few days later my ex asked if I had the hardware to the bed frame she took. I’m assuming she sold it and the buyer wanted the hardware to assemble it. Even though I found the hardware, I said I didn’t have it. She can either buy new hardware herself or not sell the bed. Petty deserves petty.”

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3. Refuse To Get My Roof Fixed? I'll Shut Your Building Site Down


“Brian’s neighbor is a typical greedy career landlord that left their rental house in disrepair.

The poor tenant was living in the cold house, raw sewerage leaking onto the lawn and holes in the house that you could see light coming out of the house. After multiple requests from Brian, Karen (greedy property developer) refused to get any repairs done. When the state government introduced new laws about ensuring landlords are insulating their rental properties, instead of doing this to the house, Karen kicked their tenant out and left the house vacant for five years.

The old house deteriorated so much more during this time, with rats infesting the house and invading other houses nearby.

Brian and his wife with their limited funds were able to get sufficient lending from the bank and offered to buy the house and do it up themselves to improve the neighborhood or rent it out as there is a massive shortage of rental properties in our local county.

Greedy Karen did not want to sell, nor did she want to spend a cent on the house to remedy the rodent problem. She also did not care about the effect the house was having on the aesthetics of the street.

(It is important to know that Karen and her wealthy family have over a hundred rental properties and due to lax tax laws in this region, they do not pay a cent and can get tax write-offs when their properties deteriorate then can claim on this as a loss – Long story short, some of them appear to be leeches on our society and are one of the reasons property prices are so high and rent prices are skyrocketing in our area.

Her Husband is also the chairman of the state’s landlords association. An association that he often fronts the media for, defending landlords and putting a good media spin on them when there is negative press).

Fast forward five years and Brian finds out the house is going to be demolished to make way for some new houses to go in on the small section. That’s good news at least, though Brian and his wife were anxious about how smoothly the demolition would go due to the fact the houses are quite close to each other.

This is important for later: Prior to demolition the company doing it had to get samples from all sides of the house to check for asbestos. Either Karen made it difficult for the company to get down the side bordering Brian’s house or they simply were too lazy but only samples from three sides, not four were taken.

Demolition day came around and Brian was concerned that no safety barriers had been put up to protect his house from falling bricks of the chimney nor was there anything from stopping dust and debris going all over his new deck and porch area.

Later that day, Brian had the pleasure of meeting Keith. Keith is the demolition company manager that is well known around the district for only caring about and having little regard for people or property. Keith was doing the demolition himself today simply with a digger.

Brian returned home during his break at work to check the progress of the demolition and found the demolition was already complete after only an hour or so, the demolished house was in a pile.

He climbed up on his roof and to his disbelief found hundreds of bricks had fallen onto his roof causing damage though he was lucky none had fallen through into the house.

Brian phoned up demolition man Keith to ask about what went wrong. Keith initially played down the damage… despite there being 200 bricks laying on Brian’s roof. Even with the damage done, no apology, and the rude attitude of Keith, Brian kept his cool.

‘Since I did a little bit of roofing when I was younger, I can fix up the roof if you just get me four new sheets of roofing iron and we will call it even. Don’t worry about paying for paint, I can sort that out when I paint the whole roof after the fall.’

Brian’s roof was not in the best of shape, but it was in much worse shape after having bricks dumped on it leaving massive dents and chipping the paint.

This is the moment that a simple decision on Keith’s part would screw him and the landlord big time.

‘Not happening pal, your roof is messed up anyway, I’ll get you a sheet of second-hand roofing iron from my yard to repair the damage on the roof and I can come and hose off the dust off your deck and dog kennel’.

The revenge was not intentionally nuclear but Brian had a dilemma that his roof was damaged and he needed it repaired, there was rain and snow forecast later in the week and he shouldn’t be out of pocket having to buy new materials to fix his own roof up to a good standard.

Brian is normally a calm and relaxed man but this situation and the way he and his property were treated sparked an anger that I have never seen before.

Brian got in contact with his insurance company and due to the issue involving a roof, a building assessor arrived that day to assess the claim. The assessor would then be able to seek damages from the landlord or demolition company if he found them to be at fault.

Brian also reported the demolition company to the local health and safety authorities due to their lack of safety precautions used when doing the demolition.

The assessor got onto the roof with Brian and was mortified to hear how Keith had acted in such disregard with the damage done to the roof and his lack of an apology for any wrongdoing got the assessor mad. He then looked more concerned, and bent down and picked up some grey fibrous material.

‘Brian, this here looks like it is asbestos… I don’t know how they got the sign-off to get this house knocked down in this manner. You don’t know at the time of being exposed to this stuff but if you breathe in these fibers it can cause serious diseases later on in life including lung cancer. I’ll get this sent off to the lab for testing and will be in touch’.

Fast forward another day and Brian was contacted by his insurance company. It turns out the side of the house that wasn’t tested was clad in asbestos. Not just any bad asbestos, the worst possible type you can get.

Insurance will be seeking damages to replace Brian’s whole roof, not just the damaged part. The cost of replacement is likely to be around $20,000. This is the cheap part.

The demolition site has been shut down by local authorities and there needs to be massive decontamination of the area. This involves having to remove at least half a meter of topsoil on surrounding properties, test the soil and remove more if there is asbestos still found. Areas with decks need to potentially have these removed so the soil can be evacuated out underneath.

The cost for this clean-up will likely be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars but who will pay for this is unknown at this stage.

Whether it is Keith or Karen’s insurance or them personally, time will tell.

In regards to Brian, his family, and their dog potentially being exposed to the asbestos, that is another battle for them to fight and I will keep you updated.

Updates: I have just been on the phone with Brian for half an hour.

His workplace was very sympathetic and paid for him to have two days off trying to sort things out.

This is in complete contrast to Karen and Keith who are yet to apologize and have made life difficult for Brian and his family.

Due to the neighboring property being closed off for entry due to the health and safety investigation going on it means Brian cannot even get scaffolding on his roof yet to fix the roof.

Brian is worried now that the landlord is going to try to make his life miserable.

She is also a lawyer apparently.

Karen was the person that offered the old roofing iron apparently not Keith. She spoke to her husband who said that because the bricks dinted the roof it means it must have been rusty and old so doesn’t need new iron put on.

Keith did however go nuts at Brian for getting insurance involved and also the health and safety investigation unit who are currently doing the investigation.

In regards to Brian and their family still living in the house:

According to the investigator, the risk is negligible and the problems will arise when the debris is removed from the section. This will require a large tent etc however the wind has been strong the last few days and I feel the risk is still high living next door to the uncovered broken asbestos cladding that is not being kept damp.

Brian asked the investigation office person by phone about what to do about his dog and if they needed a vet checkup etc. They were 1m away from the fence which is about a foot from the asbestos when it was broken up. They responded by saying ‘do you think your dog will live more than 20 years? If not I probably wouldn’t worry’.

Brian is also thinking the landlord is probably scheming revenge of her own.

Brian paid for a new fence himself a few years back to border Karen’s rental as when he moved in the old fence was half falling down, she refused to pay half despite this being law. He reckons because the fence is approx 10cm too high she will ask him to cut the height down at his own cost so it is in perfect position for her new houses that are to be built.

Brian’s plan is that he will pull the nice expensive fence down entirely and put 600mm high chicken wire mesh up as this is all that is required by law and there is nothing she can do about it legally as he paid for and built the fence.

Also as I know the local newspaper editor I have offered to go with Brian to discuss this story with them once the investigation is completed if Karen tries to make life difficult and also expose Keith for his dirty practices.

Keith’s company has just been awarded a multi-million dollar contract for the demolition of an old car factory and this would raise some eyebrows.

Brian informed me a fence has gone up around the exposed parts of the neighboring property… This is only to stop people from the public from going over to debris piles and scavenging etc then exposing themselves to the broken asbestos cladding.

Brian also needed to take two full days off work when this happened to try to sort out all the situation and reduce stress on his wife.

Talking with all parties involved. So he was down two days’ wages coming up to Xmas but his kind boss has paid him special leave for taking them off.

The insurance company after further clarification will be only paying out for one quarter of the roof and flashings. Brian will have to find funds to pay for the rest. This section of the roof is however the most expensive as it encompasses a large complex parapet gutter, roofing iron, and flashings.

Cost? $8000 USD/120k ZAR.

9th Jan 2021: Brian cannot get his roof fixed until the area beside his house is decontaminated so the scaffolding can then go up.

20th March 2021: Brian is being paid $8k towards his roof. The landlord/contractor got away with not needing a huge area cleanup and convinced local authorities that the building site would be sufficient for decontamination as the testers could not find samples over the fences of surrounding houses.

All topsoil on the old section was removed and replaced.

A new house has been quickly built by a landlord’s builder. The house looks as cheap as they come… a kitset house and looks out of place. Sort of like a house you could load onto a truck and move if needed in the future.

Brian still hasn’t had his roof fixed yet as he needs to save to afford to pay for the whole roof.

13th April 2021: Brian tells me the demolition company is taking his insurance company to court on the amount they have to pay for the roof!”

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jersey 2 years ago
so, exactly where is the revenge? It sounds like Brian and his family are getting screwed over by everyone, including the ones who are supposed to be on their side, and Karen and Keith are, once again, getting away with breaking the law and endangering others
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2. Try To Get Me To Speed Up? No, Let's Stay This Slow


“I was driving down a country road that had too many turns and speed changes for it to be an allowable overtaking zone (this will come into context later).

So I’m heading into town cruising at a little under the speed limit of 80kph (50 mph), as it’s a bit wet and there are a few blind turns. When another car seemingly appears out of nowhere behind me, you can tell straight away that they are in some sort of rush and were racing to get there.

So they decide to travel really close behind me (maybe on the order of about 3 meters or 10 feet), and revving their engine, knowing full well they can’t overtake, but trying to get me to speed up.

Being the safe driver I am I maintained my speed. I was only just under the speed limit and would not want to get a fine, but the driver behind me wasn’t having it.

So fine. I’ll make a point. I slowed down, but they didn’t hang back and stuck with me. Fine, I’ll slow down some more, about now I’m doing 50kph (~32 mph), still in an 80kph zone, and finally at long last they back off more, more, more till they’re about 100m or 300 feet behind me.

I then recover my speed back to the speed limit and keep driving, at least they didn’t try to overtake as that would’ve likely ended badly.”

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Ellemarie7851 2 years ago
This is why my license plate cover says "Don't be a Bumper Humper". My brakes work just fine lol
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1. Don't Tell Me I'm Going To Get Diabetes


“So I am on holiday with my mother in Barcelona and we were walking through the city. I asked if we could find a nice gelato place on the way back to our hotel but on the way, we also went to a grocery shop to get water and I asked to buy some sweets (the kind that you can’t get where I live) so we did.

As we walked I ate two of the sweets in the packet, my mum immediately tells me to not eat so much. I get kind of offended because she had been saying this sort of thing the whole holiday. She told me that I eat too much sugar and I told her that I literally had two pieces?! She then proceeded to tell me that I eat too much and if I continue I’m going to get diabetes.

This actually made my blood boil, I’m kind of insecure about myself, I’m not overweight or anything but I’m not skinny and sugary food is my comfort food (even though I don’t eat ridiculous amounts). And she was just being insensitive, so the whole way back I didn’t talk.

We go to sit on a bench for a bit then she asks if I want to go find a nice gelato place, this is where the plan hatched in my head.

I look online to find gelato places near me, ignoring the few that were a few minutes away, and told her that there’s one but it is 20 minutes away. So we walk a while to find it but before we go in I tell her: ‘Oh! Wait! I thought I wasn’t meant to eat sugary things?’ and I continue walking leaving her just standing outside that shop. (though I desperately wanted that gelato seeing the look on her face made it worth it).”

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tcasa 2 years ago
I have diabetes. This post was not about diabetes. It was about a mother who buys her child candy and then fat shames her or him. She was just using diabetes as an excuse to not outright call her child fat.
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