People Speak About Their Gratifying Revenge Stories

There's nothing wrong with wanting revenge. It makes a person feel alive and hopeful that their enemies will get what they deserve at the perfect time. There's nothing more gratifying than just the right amount of revenge for those people who caused us harm. These people who spoke about their gratifying revenge stories know exactly how it feels to watch their enemies face karma.

15. Won't Listen To Hooman? I'll Make You Listen


“So I live way out in the sticks on some land with a barn. My folks have two barn cats, one is a big chonk of grey who we’ll call Smoky and the other is a petite black girl, Huntress. To give y’all a good idea of their size differences, Huntress is so small that I can easily pick her up with one hand but I have to use both hands to pick up Smoky.

I usually feed them in the evenings when I finish feeding my horses and put them up in the barn for the night. We have had several previous barn cats disappear and had unwelcome guests get in over the years, so we close up the barn at night to protect the cats and keep wild critters out. They get let out in the mornings to do whatever cats do during the daytime when it’s safer for them.

For a long time, Smoky had an annoying habit of getting in the way when I’m trying to feed Huntress on the platform of a cat tree that’s right by the barn door. He likes to try to reach into the feed container and pull it to himself when I’m scooping the feed out, then jumps up onto the platform and blocks me from dumping the cup of cat food into the bowl.

After maneuvering around him and successfully getting the food into Huntress’ bowl, I go to a large cage that’s specifically for cats and open the upper door to feed Smoky (the bottom door is always open).

I started getting tired of him being a pest and pushed him off every time he tried to get in the way (Not hard, just enough to upset his balance and force him to jump down to the ground.

I don’t want to hurt him.) He didn’t seem to get it, so I started hissing at him as a real cat would. He STILL didn’t want to listen and continued to be pushy. After a week or so of this back and forth between me and Smoky, somehow Huntress must have figured out that I was trying to get him to quit being a pest and decided to help me out.

One evening, I had pushed Smoky off for the umpteenth time and he jumps right back up onto a perch below the main platform. He tries to get up on the platform and is greeted with a paw slap on the nose and a loud hiss from Huntress. I wish I had my phone out at the time to capture Smoky’s expression – it was hilarious! His eyes were wide open and had an ‘Oh shoot I screwed up big time’ look on his face.

He meekly slunk off to his bowl and waited for me to feed him.

I was NOT expecting that reaction from Huntress. She got lots of praise and a little bit of extra food that night for reminding Smoky to listen to the hooman sister that feeds them. Smoky has been much better behaved since then and no longer tries to get in the way when I’m filling Huntress’ food bowl.”

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Slave2cats 2 years ago
Never mess with an alpha female - especially a cat!
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14. Student Steals Parking Sticker Then Gets Expelled


“We have a parking system at U.N.I and it starts with A stickers which are for professors, staff, and graduate assistants. Well technically we have a g sticker as well but it’s kind of useless and only given out in a lottery system.

Below A is B and C. Each parking lot has a huge sign that tells who can park where.

My dad being the absent-minded professor often forgot to lock his car and one day he called me to ask if I had borrowed his parking pass.

I told him no and he started to freak out.

I went to college for security and private investigations but was working at the time as loss prevention. I only lived a few blocks away from his office and knew he would be raging and going a little off the wall at the indignity of having his sticker stolen. When I got to the building I went up the 6th floor and to his office.

He was busy calling other professors asking them if they saw anything. I asked if he called campus police and he said no. (Facepalm moment) I told him what’s where we needed to start because they have the tag number and as classes don’t get out for another hour we should have time to check all the A parking lots. He looks at me and says, how do you know this? I say, dad, this is what I do for a living.

People steal things and I track them down, I’m especially good at catching employees.

We make our way to public safety and explained what happened. They said they didn’t have the time to track it down and I said no worries that’s why I’m here. We went back to the parking lot with the tag number and started walking down the rows looking at all the tags hanging from the rearview mirrors.

I found the car 4 rows over and 3 slots west. Dad called campus police and an awesome officer arrives and matches the tag to my dad, not this car. The class was due to get out in about five minutes and we elected to wait for the thief and confront him. My dad is the epitome of you’re only worth the deeds you do and takes everything very personal and is the kind of professor you either love or absolutely hate.

We wait for quite some time making jokes and watching the students exit the building into the parking lot. I spot the thief first as he’s walking to the parking lot, earbuds in, nose deep in his phone when he glances up and sees us standing around his car. He stops mod step and does an about-face. I point him out to the officer and the officer yells for the student to stop and talk.

The student stops and turns around. The officer asked if this is his car. The student pauses, shrugs, and says yes. The officer asks him if he knew the tag was stolen and he of course said no. The officer asks where he got it and what year he was. The student claims he’s a sophomore and he bought it at the campus parking office. The officer says nope.

Impossible because you don’t qualify for that tag, where did you get it? He said he bought it from a friend this morning. Officer asked who the friend was and the student refuses. The officer says he’s heard enough and that he needs to give the tag to my dad and apologize. He does so and thinks he’s free to go. (Lol nope)

The officer then proceeds to write tickets – illegally parking, improper use of a parking tag, possession of a stolen tag.

The kid’s face is going from white to green at this point. He asks if he can leave and the officer says no. The officer has the car towed away at the student’s expense. I ask the officer how much that all adds up to and he says after the towing, violations, and impounding probably over $2000. My dad only asks one question…

What was that kid’s name? The officer tells him, we all shake hands and go our separate ways.

Dad and I go grab lunch and I can tell he’s not letting this go. I ask him what he’s going to do. He tells me he’s going to send an email with the information to the other professors on campus, the dean of students, and overall just blast this kid off-campus. I say, remind me never to steal from you, he reminds me that I had growing up several times and it never worked out for me either. We laughed.

A few weeks go by and I ask dad for an update. He tells me that the student was expelled three days after the incident and that I did a great job spotting and tracking down the student and tag. I said dad, I might not be a rocket scientist or teacher but tracking people is what I do..”

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13. Incompetent CEO Gets What's Coming For Him


“I have worked as an engineer for a very small business for around three years. We’ll call it (Syntech). It has been nothing short of miserable every day. However, the compensation is up to scratch enough to make it tolerable up until this point. When I first started every day on my lunch break, the secretary/bookkeeper; we’ll call her (Tina) would come out of her office to ask me if ‘My food was Kosher’ for about three weeks straight.

Tina blatantly did this because the CEO we’ll call Dips offered an employee lunch that was all pork-based and I politely asked if there was a Kosher option because I am Jewish. Tina did this daily just to mess with me I suppose because I’m Jewish or whatever trivial justification she had. I never complained to management about it, because frankly, I have thick skin and she’s rude to everyone anyway.

Fast forward to a few months in. I’m talking to a fellow employee about my car (brand new BMW 8 series) and I say ‘It’s a total chick magnet.’ Now Tina for whatever reason somehow overheard this from her office (over 100 feet away) and decided that what I said is somehow ‘harassment’ towards her. So she and the sales guy (we’ll call him D) decide ‘I need to be put in my place’ and file a formal harassment claim against me with Dips.

Obviously, after investigating the claim it was deemed completely false. Yet no admin actions were taken against Tina or D. I ask Dips, how can you condone the behavior of these two employees ganging up on me, making a false claim about something that serious? You know what Dips says ‘I can’t really do anything about it and I’d really appreciate it if we could just sweep it under the rug.’ At this point, I’m fuming, but I give it a few weeks and decide to say whatever, be the bigger person, and let it go.

Karma will come for Tina and D eventually.

Fast forward a year later we have an employee we’ll call (Tim). He just starts making extremely racist and insensitive comments about African-Americans and Jewish people daily. This piece of scum Tim is like 65 years old and white and is everything that’s wrong with America. He was saying things so evil I can’t even repeat them. I’m sure you all know the type of guy I’m talking about.

So at this point, I report this to Dips. To which I’m told, ‘Just ignore Tim, and let it be water under the bridge.’ I’m shocked at this point. Apparently, racism is cool and tolerated in this company? That’s so trashy… but we don’t have an HR department, there are like 11 employees so I can’t really escalate it any higher than Dips so screw it.

I guess this place is what it is?

Fast forward to now, year 3. I’ve tolerated racism on a weekly basis for years. I have a stigma attached to my character by the false harassment claim. It’s not like the other employees know it was dismissed because it was never discussed at length and ‘just swept under the rug’. You might be thinking at this point, well this isn’t that terrible of a place, it doesn’t sound that bad.

Yet here comes the catalyst that was the tipping point for me.

I was given a key to the building on the anniversary of my 2nd year because I work my butt off and earned the ability to make my own schedule. Provided I work 40 hours a week, I could come and go as I please. I used this flexibility as an opportunity to go back to college to finish my degree and got a part-time job to gain experience in my field of study.

Here it comes, the tipping point.

A few months ago Tim decides to go on a tirade about how a co-worker we’ll call (Rory) should be allowed to bring his dog to work, even though Rory’s dog has been literally annoying and dumping on products on the production floor. A co-worker we’ll call (Mike) chimed in like a rational adult and told him his behavior was inappropriate and says ‘Tim if you feel that way maybe you shouldn’t be here like the dog shouldn’t be here.’ Well, that really sets Tim off and Tim decides he should throw a tape measure at Mike’s head.

This almost turns into a fistfight but was quickly broken up by who I like to call (Ratty Danny).

Ratty Danny is as you can guess, the office rat who tells on anyone to inflate his sense of superiority and self-righteousness. Ratty Danny loves to kiss up to management because he’s ‘making his mark’. Even though management never does anything, ever, to address or correct any problem that ever arises.

Ratty Danny is that delusional guy with no natural leadership ability who thinks one day he’ll be the CEO if he keeps DHV (Displaying His Value) by telling on everyone so he looks like Captain America. So of course he does what Ratty Danny does, snitches to Dips about the fight that went down. The rest of us kept our mouths shut because hey, it’s just another day of hostility and racism at Synatech! As a result of Ratty Danny and his tattle-tale ways.

Dips calls a company meeting the next morning to say that violence will not be tolerated and to ‘immediately rectify the situation, now everyone is required to come in at 7 am.’ Because ‘if Dips is there, no one will fight.’ Yes, he referred to himself in the third person.

My reaction in my head was: What? Do you mean to tell me Tim assaulted Mike and the course of action is to mess everyone’s hours over? On what planet does that even make sense? Also, you think if two grown men get so heated that they want to fistfight your CEO title and authority is going to magically stop them from throwing punches? In what scenario does that apply? Is Ratty Danny going to yell your name when it happens and you’re going to somehow run to the rescue? You have a racist employee with a behavioral problem.

It gets better, or worse depending on your perspective.

So neither of them gets a write-up, suspension, reprimand, verbal counseling, nothing. No actual course of action for the underlying issue. Yet now my school schedule and other job get derailed because of the actions of these two dummies? Ok, well let’s see if being a grown-up prevails.

So I try being an adult and broach the subject of my school hours and second job with Dips.

I mention how the punishment doesn’t really fit the crime and that his approach seems not only soft-handed but oddly inefficient. Dips gets angry and tells me ‘If you would like to continue school and your other job that’s fine, I guess you’ll just need to cut your hours to part-time, we’ll also be needing your key back.’ Ok… well now you just barked up the wrong tree.

Because normally I am not a paltry kind of guy, but this kind of thing is and was the last straw for me. Not only are you messing with my paycheck, but my time and education escape plan from this garbage world too? Ok, I got something for ya buddy. Enjoy this 5-course meal of revenge best served cold.

I decided to start my plan by contacting OSHA and informed them of all of the health and safety violations going on.

They responded so quickly. They came in and did an inspection of all the garbage I noted almost immediately and the company is getting fined around $5,000 a month due to all of the hazardous things in the workplace. Due to the fact, the roof leaks profusely, and all of our machinery has open exposed gears and chains that could in fact suck you in and maim or kill you at any second in a variety of ways.

They are being asked to install laser-activated kill switches that cost tens of thousands and will be difficult to retrofit on the antiquated 1970’s equipment. This is forcing us to work on trivial safety tasks and seriously slowing down production and turn-times, which is really affecting Dips’ pockets.

I contacted the state labor board and informed them that no one takes meal breaks or state-mandated 10-minute breaks, and workplace racism.

I also sent them audio of Dips bragging about the bookkeeper Tina altering the time cards to make things look like they were on the up-and-up. I have yet to see them show up, but they are planning an inspection within the next week. I don’t want to give away the day yet because I think I’ll get to update this soon. I will be happy to update you once I hear back from them.

I’ll explain how I get to hear back in a moment.

I decided to contact the IRS’s tax fraud and evasion reporting. I let the IRS know that the company is in Dips’s mom’s name as a ‘woman-owned business’ for illegal tax deductions because she is actually legally retired. I also let them know they set up a company in Florida to avoid paying state taxes on items they sell and ship from our actual location (not in FL).

Oh, and I don’t know why but Dips’s father has the business registered as a ‘veterinary clinic’ for tax purposes, but we’re a manufacturing facility. All of this information was easily found on their business registration on the SOS’s website so it wasn’t hard to authenticate any of the claims to the IRS. They took a while to respond to the situation with the whole health thing going on.

But I am happy to report an auditor contacted them and an investigation is pending and the auditor will be showing up at some point to hang out with Tina to scrutinize the books. Ha!

Btw I’m sure most of you know, but for the younger crowd that doesn’t. If you actually whistleblow for real issues/illegal activity with OSHA, the Labor Board, and the IRS. You get updated on the case if an investigation is launched, which I did.

Also, the company can’t fire you because it’s considered ‘retaliation’ and grounds for a lawsuit. I put my name all over each of those reports. I want them to know it’s me. I want them to have to come in and look me in the eyes every day knowing they can’t do anything about the maelstrom of misery I’m causing them. I’ve never been written up because they document nothing, ever, not even the false harassment claim.

So if I was ever fired for ‘performance’ they would have a very hard time with their ‘burden of proof’ and not looking like it was retaliation. So I’d like to think I covered myself pretty well.

I have also hired an attorney who is taking my case for a hostile work environment on contingency and expects a pre-trial settlement of around 75k after he takes his fees, which the company will have to pay for once I win.

I sue you, you pay me to sue you. We are waiting to drop the lawsuit on them in October because that is when I graduate and we’re both sure something else will happen in the meantime that will add to the pervasiveness of the case. So now I’m just sitting back watching all things break loose on the jerk owner and his messed up entitled family, knowing they can’t do a damn thing about it.

The end game is to finish my classes (had to drop the other job) I will re-lock down that job (Full Time) in my new career field. I have coordinated with my attorney. The same day I drop my resignation/2-week notice. My lawyer will be showing up to serve them the lawsuit.

Last but not least, I am paying a ‘private investigator’ who’s a friend of mine to follow Dips around for the next week and take lots of pictures because we’re all pretty sure he’s sleeping with Tina on the side.

I intend to have said friend send the photos to his wife just for the sole purpose of destroying his marriage if he can catch him in the act. I advised my friend to wear gloves and use a damp sponge to seal the envelope just for extra security. I honestly intend on making Dips’s life as miserable as humanly possible from now until the day I present a LOR with my lawsuit.”

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LaliaB 2 years ago
You are not seeking justice. This is cold blooded, antisocial, revenge. They are wrong for doing what they did but so are you. Two wrongs never make a right. You just became worse than they are. What they did was out of laziness. What you're doing is premeditated and deliberate. That man's wife doesn't deserve to have her world ripped apart because you can't handle adversity in an adult fashion.
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12. Okay, I'll Get My Kebab Somewhere Else


“A few years ago I lived near a train station which had 2 kebab takeaways exactly next to each other. One was always 10 cents cheaper than the other so I often went there to get a kebab. One time It was pretty empty so I ordered a kebab to go and sat down at a table which was located behind the entrance door (so people wouldn’t see me when entering the takeaway, because the door swung in my direction).

Moments later a Karen came inside (around her 40s I guess), went straight to the counter, and also ordered a kebab. When the cook started to make my kebab a few moments later he asked me, ‘what sauce do you want?’ – to which Karen replied, ‘garlic’. Then I stood up, went to the counter and said: ‘hot sauce please’. The Karen looked at me angrily and said, that this is her kebab and I should get back in line.

I replied that I was here first and I was waiting for my kebab while sitting at the table. She said that I was lying because she didn’t see me when she walked in. I said, ‘yes, because the table is located behind the door.’

I turned away from her and was ready to get my kebab when she screamed at me and the cook that I was lying and she demands that she gets that kebab now.

‘I have been a loyal customer FOR YEARS. Give me that kebab with garlic sauce or I will NEVER COME BACK.’

The cook (who was also the owner) suddenly backed her ‘If she said she was first, then it must be true.’

I was looking at him and asked annoyed ‘You saw me walking in before her and also took my order before she even entered this place.

So you are calling me a liar now?’

At that point, he had also put the hot sauce into the kebab, told me to calm down, and said. ‘You obviously are lying, but lucky for you I already put hot sauce in here. She wanted garlic so this one is for you, but don’t you dare come in again and annoy my loyal customers’ (to which she nodded and smiled mischievously at me). He put the kebab on the counter and demanded the cash.

I ignored the kebab and just replied ‘I don’t want it anymore, I’ll buy my kebab in the other takeaway now. I don’t want anything from people that call me a liar,’ and I stormed out.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
That probably didn't do wonders for the business.
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11. This Is The Tale Of The Friend-Hopper


“I was a young skinny guy with a low paying job living in a 3rd world country and was sharing an apartment with my best friend and his pregnant partner. Life wasn’t perfect but we always had fun and we never had any problems. One day I started speaking with this timid very polite and attractive young woman I’ll call Karen. Karen was very sweet and always spoke with me when I got home from work.

A couple of weeks down the road we started going out and things were good, that is until a certain day…

I just got off work and was eager to go home, when I checked my phone I saw that I had like 6 missed calls from Karen.

I called her right away and asked her if she ok, she replied ‘no’ and explained to me how her mother had beaten her that day and that she was scared.


I’ve never been a fan of anyone abusing their children especially since my family had seen plenty of abuse in the past so it was needless to say that I had 0 tolerance for this kind of behavior. I told Karen who had now been in a relationship with me for about 4 months, that this was unacceptable and that she could live with me if she wanted to.

OH GOD… mistake number 1.

She agreed and came over that same evening with all of her belongings, and for another 2 or 3 weeks, everything was great. Once Karen started getting used to her new living situation things started getting bad and then they started getting very bad…

At first, my best friend’s significant other told me that Karen wasn’t helping her clean the apartment at all (she was now about 7 months pregnant).

I spoke with Karen and she just shrugged and told me that we never made any messes and that she shouldn’t have to clean other people’s mess. Then she started complaining literally every day about how she wanted to study at the university but had no job or savings. I told her to get a job and that if she did we could both move and get our own apartment, she agreed and used my laptop to send job applications.

Or so I thought… 2 weeks after she ‘applied for jobs’ she never received any response from anyone so I took a look and lo and behold she had sent 0 emails. I was disappointed but didn’t want to call her a liar since apparently she had just unlocked some new skills: jealousy, sarcasm, and 0 patience.

It was so bad I couldn’t tell her about any of her faults without her hulking out on me, at this point my friend and I were in constant arguments and always headbutting.

Karen would check my phone, social media, and emails and would force me to block any female I even said hi to even if it was an old friend I’ve known for years. She also convinced me to pay for her university and transportation, I was obviously miserable and had 0 cash for myself since I was paying for food, rent utilities, and her expenses.

Mistake number 2…

I started taking loans.

I’ve been living with Karen for 8 months now and I owe my next 3 paychecks due to 2 loan sharks constantly harassing me and the phone I had gotten her on credit at a store (Trust me… I know how stupid I was now). So on top of that my best friend left and stayed with his mother due to the constant stress we were all having and him already having to take care of a newborn baby.

The longer he was staying away the more I came to realize how crazy Karen was. It was my best friend’s birthday and we were both invited to his party but of course, Karen did not want to go and did not want me to go either. I was slowly starting to grow a spine so I went anyway, the party started at 9 and at 10 she was already calling me telling me to come home…

I said no. She kept calling and at one point told me to come home right now or she would move out. I told her ‘go ahead’. I stayed until 11 pm at the party and felt so refreshed after seeing so many of my friends after not being able to hang out with anyone for so long. When I got home Karen was annoyed and wouldn’t talk to me, I just shrugged and went to bed.

This is where the Legend of the friend hopper begins…

One of my closest friends saw me at the party and wanted to talk with me about Karen. He explained how she was his ex and that he didn’t want to tell me about how crazy she was because he didn’t want me to feel like he was jealous or anything that could affect our friendship. He shared that she was a mastermind at manipulating you and making you do her bidding.

Things started to make sense now …

Karen when confronted told me that my friend was abusive and very mean to her but never told me why she never mentioned him in the past. At this moment I was having 2 co-workers visit me on a daily basis since we were working on opening our own business. Karen accepted this and we would spend 4 to 5 hours every day after work setting up our web page and other business-related things.

Business partner number 1 let’s call him Jerk was always showing us pictures of his kid and smoking with Karen. At one point he would pick Karen up at her University to ‘help me out’. Karen is now even more sarcastic and evil and would tell me that she would want to visit her aunt that lived 1 hour away and that I should pay for her transportation.

Her cousin was very sweet and had visited us 2 or 3 times so I said ok… in the end not having Karen around for an entire weekend was like a small vacation.

After one of her visits, her cousin and aunt reached out to me and wanted to talk with me. They informed me that she had hooked up with one of her cousin’s friends and that she would always talk bad about me and say that I was a loser.

Enough was enough and I told her to come home and pick up her stuff and that we were done!

I literally posted that I was no longer with Karen on social media and about 20 of my friends (not an exaggeration I swear) showed up at my apartment within an hour. They parked their Motorbikes, cars, and scooters in front of the building and the neighbors were freaking out because they thought a gang was starting a commotion.

I had to go outside and inform everyone that they were just my friends visiting me and that we were going to keep it low. We all got hammered and had a lot of fun.

Day 2, I’m messaging Karen but she ignores me.

Day 3, I’m at the beach with a group of friends and they inform me how Jerk was being a little too nice with Karen.

I messaged her and she informed me that she had been hooking up with Jerk every time he picked her up at her University and that those days she didn’t even attend and that she actually dropped out and was keeping the cash I was paying for her studies. Also that when I was at work she would mess around with him in my bed and that she was at the apartment with him to pick up her stuff and that she wanted me to go home immediately.

I informed my friends and they insisted on coming with me since they were worried about my safety since Jerk was like twice my size and Karen was a terrible person.

My friends are mostly large muscular men that look like bodybuilders and when we showed up at my place I walked up first. Jerk and Karen had a Huuuge smirk on their face and were probably planning on doing something.

After I enter, friends 1 to 7 all line up right next to Jerk just waiting for an opportunity to screw him up. I asked them to be passive since I just wanted them to go. Jerk and Karen’s faces turned pale and they grabbed all her stuff in a matter of minutes. Before she could leave I informed her that I wanted the phone back since I was still paying for it and I was simply going to return it to the store and was no longer going to pay for it.

She laughed and said that when we broke up she threw it away and that it wasn’t her problem anymore. I told her that I would notify the store and provide her name and address so they can collect payments from her. She said ‘go ahead try me’ and left.

That same night her mother called me and left me many messages and voice messages informing me that I was harassing her daughter and that she was going to sue me and send the police to my job to get me fired.

The next day the police did show up… and I did get fired… I did not get in trouble legally but I lost my job.

This is when my revenge streak starts!

The next day I was crushed and did not want to leave the bed… but… although I had been such a bad friend my best friend returned to the apartment and invited a large group of friends in order to address the situation.

His words were: let’s make this witch pay. The next morning I messaged Karen asking her what really happened to the phone and she replied with: it’s none of your business. So you stole it then? She replied with a clear: yes I stole the phone. (seems like a clear confession to me.)

I went to the store where I had gotten the cellphone for Karen and reported the phone as stolen.

Right after that, we went to the courthouse where 1 of my other friends was an attorney and filed a lawsuit against Karen for stealing, (had screenshots) admitting to using illegal substances in my apartment without my consent (she also admitted it by text) and for calling 911 on me and causing me to lose my job. We sued the mother for her threats, (had voice messages and screenshots) for calling 911 on me, and for defamation since she had been telling people I had beaten her daughter.

I was even suing Jerk for fraud since he was cashing my coin without my consent. And we got everything lined up so that they would get the court notice 1 day before the actual court hearing (a favor given to my friend as I learned, later on, gotta love 3rd world country corruption). The best part was that the legal authority that was delivering the notice was a friend of a friend and allowed my best friend to watch the whole thing.

(I couldn’t go for obvious legal reasons.)

It went something like this: after knocking on the door at the mother’s house Karen opens the door and asks if she may help him. Right after that she sees my best friend and screams at him to get lost. He just smiles and waves while her mother joins and they now both start screaming at him telling him that they will call the cops.

The legal authority draws their attention and asks if they are Karen and her mother. They confirm and he hands them both an envelope with the court notice and informs them that they can’t call the police due to this being a legal visit. They lost their minds and started freaking out slamming the door behind them. Next, Jerk got notified and turned white as paint.

My phone starts blowing up, calls from all 3 of them but I ignore it.

The next day in court the judge listens to all 3 of their statements and then listens to all the proof I had provided, reviewing the overwhelming proof I had provided the judge actually asks me what my goal was and that I had enough proof to send 2 of them to jail: Jerk and Karen.

At that moment Karen and the mother start crying and since I have a soul I tell the judge I want the phone paid for and this was simply to show them that I had the power to send them to jail but was not interested in that. The judge agrees and forces them to pay for the remaining balance due on the phone plus the court costs.

(my lawyer/good friend wasn’t gonna charge me but needless to say, they didn’t need to know that).

I unblocked everyone Karen forced me to block due to her stupid jealousy and 1 of them was a good old friend who was pretty annoyed but she understood. We started going out 3 months later and although I told her the story about my ex she still couldn’t believe that I went through all that since a lot of guys like to trash talk about their exes.

It’s her first time at my place and I haven’t heard the name Karen in 4 months and things are starting to look up. I even have a new job at an office as a supervisor.

Karen and Jerk were a couple for 3 months and during that time he applied at my job and guess who got to deny his application to his face.

A friend told me how Jerk had scammed Karen and had set her up to get robbed since he told her to meet him at a certain place at a certain time and he knew she had cash on her plus her phone plus a laptop that belonged to one of her friends.

They broke up and he dipped to another city.

Then it happened… I’m cooking for my significant other (let’s call her Angel) and all of a sudden I hear a female voice call: Hi!

I crack the door and look outside and it’s none other than the Friend Jumper aka Karen. My first response was: what are you doing here? She smiled and said if you think I’m here to get back together with you I’m sorry to disappoint.

It has come to my attention that your friends are trash-talking me and I want it to stop. I told her that I had nothing to do with it and to take it up with them. She scoffed and said that I was still a loser and that no one was ever gonna be with me since I had nothing to offer and she would never be with a man without having any benefits.

I grin and open the door and right behind me is my new significant other smiling at her saying hi. Karen got so upset she ran off. I was so mad that I had tears coming out of my eyes, Angel smiled and apologized for not believing me and that she could not believe her ears and that Karen was screwed up.

Karen got into a relationship with another 1 of my friends and went out with him for a year.

In that year the new Lara Croft movie was in theatres and since I know we both love Lara Croft I told him to join me and Angel in the movies. He agreed and along came Karen with a death glare the entire time we were at the movies. My friend was talking and laughing with us while she was sitting in a corner like a gargoyle leering at us having fun.

Angel took a picture and you can see the 2 of us hugging while Karen is sitting right behind us not looking at the movie but staring at our happiness.

Fast forward a year and a lot has happened. My significant other always knew I was having problems and one day she forced me to tell her what was stressing me so much and I told her about my debts.

She asked me how much I owed in total and I told her. She remained silent for a couple of minutes then thanked me for telling her. The next day she gave me the exact amount I told her I owed and insisted that I should take it since she ‘needs me to smile more.’ I felt so pathetic and accepted after refusing multiple times. I told her about the business I wanted to create when I was still with Karen and she told me I should go for it.

I explained to her that I was worried because I didn’t want to quit my job and if the business didn’t work out I would be screwed. She assured me that if I needed financial support she would have my back…. so, I quit my job and started working from home on my business. I started making 5x what I was making at the office and since then I’ve been set. I’ve been friends with Angel for 8 years, a couple for 3 years, and I married Angel last February.”

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BladeEdge 2 years ago
I would've sent Karen and her mom to jail, keep them from messing up anyone else's lives for a while. Still, good for you.
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10. Ignore My Bullying Situation? Get Fired Then


“So, our story begins in the middle of my 5th-grade year. I was having an argument with one of my ‘friends’ let’s call him John. It was just some bickering and other stuff like making fun of each other. This progresses for a while.

John gets his friends, let’s call him Steven to also bully me, I told my mom about this and she emailed my principal about this multiple times but we got no response.

So, fast forward to my school thanksgiving walk. It was basically where all the 5th graders walked around our track in our last period. John gets his other friend, who was much bigger than me to walk by me and insult me about my being Jewish. I’m not extremely invested in my religion, and it was 5th grade so most of the stuff they said to me flew through my head.

This was 5 years ago so I don’t remember exactly what they said. My crush overheard what they were saying, so she just told me to ignore them and other stuff. She walked with me for the rest of the walk, so that was really good.

Anyways, after school, I was going to go home with some of my friends and play some video games. I need to mention two things before I go on with the story, in elementary school, my backpack weighed like 5 pounds and I was doing some martial arts at the time, so I had some really good reflexes.

Anyways, as I was walking over to the table where my friends were, Steven runs up behind me, a lot of people were watching, I think someone was filming it too. So Steven runs behind me, as I said before, he was really big, so he hit his terminal velocity really fast, that walrus hit an all-out sprint, it was really loud where I was, so I didn’t hear his panting behind me.

So as soon as I feel his paw on my shoulder, I realize what was happening, you know how people say that their lives flashed before their eyes? It was kinda like that, it was like everything was in slow motion.

I stepped back, grabbed his arm, and pulled/pushed it forward. what I mean by that is that I pulled his arm even more forward, so he went even faster.

Then I grab the collar of his shirt and pull as hard as I can. I kid you not, his legs flew up so high that it was like his entire body had just flipped. He landed on his back and hit his head on the concrete.

I didn’t really know what to do so I just walked over to my friends and told them that we would go somewhere else to wait for my mom to come pick us up.

During the weekend I told my mom what happened and she emailed the principal. At school on Monday, I got called to the office, and I thought that I was going to get expelled because, on the way out, John whispers to me that I’m going to get expelled. In the principal’s office, I see Steven sitting there. I can see a big red rash on his neck, I thought that I also saw a scab on his neck too, but I wasn’t certain.

The principal tells me that whatever is going on between me and Steven has to stop. I try to intervene but she cuts me off, ‘I don’t care what happened, it just needs to stop.’ At that point I kept my mouth shut because I was glad I didn’t get expelled. I tell my mom about what happened when I get home and she was fuming.

You know how I said that someone was filming, I get the video from them and give it to my mom. In the video, it is clear that I acted in self-defense. I also got a bunch of witnesses to say that they heard what Steven had said to me. I left John out of it because I was stupid and wanted to protect him from getting into trouble.

Armed with all this firepower, my mom emails my principal’s boss, let’s call her Jan. She tells her the story of what happened (the name-calling and comments) and the video of the ‘fight.’ She also says how the principal didn’t care about what happened. Jan emails my mom and asks my mom if she wants to have a conference with her, my dad, the principal, me, Steven, and Steven’s parents.

My mom says yes.

At the conference, (the next weekend.) I can confirm that steven didn’t have a scab on his neck, which I was mildly upset about but then I realized that that was good because if there was a cut on his neck, I could have gotten into trouble. Jane shows everyone the video of the fight and all the things that Steven had said to me.

My dad actually laughed and had to mask it as a cough. He also gave me a high five under the table. Steven’s parents are appalled by the things Steven said and did to me. They profusely apologize to my parents and me and assured me that Steven would be punished. Jan asks to speak to the principal in her office to discuss her future at the school.

They come out of her office after a lot of yelling. To sum the meeting up, the principal got fired because she wouldn’t listen to me and that was no way to be when you’re working with kids.

Steven didn’t get expelled, but he got suspended for a couple of days. After he came back, his parents made him apologize to me, and after that, we became acquaintances, not friends, but I forgave him.

As for John, we didn’t really mend our friendship, so we just slowly got new friends.”

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Jove 2 years ago
In my opinion, the principal was the root cause of all this because she essentially told the kids that bullying you was okay when she ignored your Mom's first email. (I know the kids did not see the email, but they did see there was no official disapproval.)
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9. Fire Me For Not Lying To Your Customers? Get Bankrupt And Close Down Your Bar


“So this happened about 5-6 years ago when I worked as an assistant bar manager for the worst bosses ever who we will call ScumBoss and LessScum.

These 2 are bankers who had too much money and decided to buy a bar whilst not having any hospitality experience between the 2 of them. When they employed me, I was only a bar assistant but because of their scumminess and micromanaging habits it made the bar manager and assistant bar manager quit & I rose to my position.

(I was good at my job and have always been in hospitality so I was qualified to be promoted). Our bar is open from 10 am till 2 am so when I became the manager, I didn’t have anyone to do split shifts with as it took them so long to hire someone else. I’d be working from 8 am till 3 am 6 days a week without any complaints.

I liked my staff but I hated my bosses. I was able to form good relationships with customers, so we had loads of regulars coming in when we were open.

So ScumBoss and LessScum had no idea how to serve tables let alone run a bar but they refused to listen to any of our suggestions and still wanted massive profits. One way was to keep tabs on big party reservations.

When the customers in these parties were wasted beyond belief, they wanted us to add items in their orders that they didn’t order and manually increase the price for any booze that they bought by the bottle so that their bill would be higher. The previous staff was compliant in following their orders but I had my morals so I refused to lie to customers. ScumBoss wasn’t happy that I wouldn’t listen to him so he made sure to make it known that he didn’t fancy me.

He’d constantly berate me in front of new staff or his guests (he’d constantly bring his coworkers in the bar to show-off that he was some kind of bigshot in the bar), saying that the only reason why some of our regulars came was that they found me attractive. LessScum would try to diffuse the situation and apologize for his friend but when he’d get wasted, he’d end up doing the same thing.

So finally ScumBoss decided it was time to get rid of me so that they could replace me with a Yes-man that wouldn’t question them so they decided to sack me and accuse me of stealing tips, giving away free drinks to my regulars & abusing the staff. By this time I already had another job lined up as I had enough of them so I wasn’t really perturbed by losing the job.

My issue was that they refused to give me my last paycheck because they had to give me severance, any overtime pay as well as pay any outstanding annual leave I had. I worked 19 hrs a day when I only had to work 8 hrs so I had lots of overtime and had loads of annual leave left as I couldn’t take any vacations because no one could cover me so they had to pay me a good $6-7k for firing me.

After holding my rightly deserved check back for 2 months, I decided to report them to some government agencies. I reported them to the manpower department, telling them of my work hours and only being given 30 mins break time, the treatment of their staff as well as their habit of hiring people on tourist visas (if you’re on a tourist visa, you’re not allowed to work otherwise you’re classified as illegal).

I also gave the Environment Agency a ring and reported the horrible environment of the bar (we had roaches, rats and when I told the bosses they just ignored me and said I should just keep it to myself) in addition to most of their staff not having the proper prior food handling training (my staff resigned when I got sacked so most of the leftover staff were their yes-men who loved sucking up to them).

I then met up with some of my regulars who have become my drinking buddies and learned that ScumBoss and LessScum have been telling customers that looked for me that I quit. So when I told them the whole story of what transpired, they got furious and told all their friends and colleagues to not frequent the bar anymore (they didn’t like the bosses as well but came to the bar because of me).

Last I heard, manpower agents audited them and discovered that 80% of the staff were illegals and that they were overworking their staff as well as mistreating them. An environment agent came unannounced the following week and discovered the pest infestation, hence making the bar’s cleanliness rating as D. They got fined about $20,000 for this negligence. And because my regulars stopped coming to the bar, they only had 20-30% of their usual customers. They ended up going bankrupt and closing the bar. I, on the other hand, got my check as well as a good story to tell.”

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8. Make A Snarky Comment About Me? I'll Shut Your Department Down


“I’m the manager of a small department in my company. A department I work closely with has been using a system that has been costing the company almost $500k over the last few years in misallocated work hours. They even hired four additional people despite my protests. I’ve complained about this before, even bringing it to the attention of the head of their department, who cleared some changes, which were then ignored by the manager.

This manager had tried to combat my complaints by complaining about my own department, which is managed better than any similar department in the country, confirmed by a QA employee who got sick of my nonsense and tried to find a drop-in replacement for my systems, which they couldn’t. They even called the best college in the country to compare my system to theirs, and mine is six times more efficient.

Not bragging, just painting a picture.

So the other manager was hanging around in my department chatting with my boss and a couple of other people, not wearing a facemask. I asked why she was there at all, never mind not following the company’s health policies. She replied by making a snarky personal comment about me in front of everyone. She smirked. I walked away because I was very angry and not able to come up with anything good at the moment.

I went home and spent eight hours writing a proposal and work instruction that explained clearly how much cash was being wasted and how to fix it. I caught my boss’s boss (who I’m not really even supposed to talk to) in the hallway and gave it to her.

My boss’s boss read it and decided to push the changes through without consulting the other managers, knowing that the CEO would back her up and no one would go to the president to protest lest he finds out how much cash had been wasted.

Now their six employees are going to be refocused on other things or move to other more useful positions, possibly under my supervision, and I’m being given 80% of their square footage to use as I see fit.”

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7. Made Her Cry In Front Of Many People


“I am an undergrad student and am in the final year. Due to some hormonal imbalances, (I had enough hormones in me to make a doctor think I’m pregnant. I’m a male, 24) I dropped out of many classes so I am 6 months late to graduation (This will come into play later).

Adding a bit about myself, since I’m a senior, I know almost everyone in the college and often help out juniors with their assignments/pointers/lessons/presentations, etc.

I have given some workshops on effective presentations and content writing as well. After all this, most of the juniors love me and I get along with EVERYONE.

Moving on to the story, the educational institute I study at is affiliated with an American University and my parents own the college building. I am getting some discount on my tuition as a generous gesture from the college management as it isn’t included in the affiliation fees.

In our nation, we have this weird tradition that the freshmen and the seniors are invited to the same party. Here, it’s known as the ‘welcome/farewell party.’ Of course, our college hosts this event as well. However, the twist is that the event is almost entirely student-funded. The students pay for the food and the venue whereas the college pays for the lights and decorations. The menial errands involved with managing an event also fall on the students.

As mentioned earlier, I am about six months late to graduation and most of my class/batch mates will be guests at our upcoming event. I was the ONLY senior on the organizing team this year because our team from last year had done a wonderful job.

The time for the event comes around. The organizers are decided, meetings are being held and there are teams of people going out on venue hunts and sponsorship deals.

This is where the story truly starts! During a routine meeting about the updates on the venues and other stuff, the sounds, and lighting system were being discussed. I nominated myself for the job because I know a lot of people who rent out equipment such as mixers, speakers, and other musical instruments and lights. One girl nominated herself as she had some people she knew as well.

The girl in question, we’ll call her ‘model’ because she included it in her introduction (she wasn’t a model at all.)

I asked her POLITELY why she thought she would be the person for the job. She told me that she had her OWN renting company. I mentioned that a very close friend of mine was a bigshot in the music industry and his gear was top-notch.

But since it was about reducing the cost without hampering the quality, I said that we should look at the quotations sent by both parties and decide on it as a team.

A day goes by and I have gotten a great quote for the equipment, a total of $6,000 for everything lights, speakers (bass, treble, monitors, the whole thing), instruments, full-day technicians, and transport. The quote last year was almost 7-8 grand, so I was positive the college would love the cost reduction.

After getting the quote, I went to hang with some of my juniors, we were sipping tea, smoking, and I was playing the guitar. At about 6 pm, one of my juniors, ‘Abe’ said, ‘I didn’t want to tell you this in the morning because it would have ruined your mood and I didn’t want that.’ So I asked what happened. I was shocked to hear his statement.

He said, ‘I was at the front desk asking about my classes when I heard (model) talking about you.’ Apparently, she was complaining about how ‘some seniors’ want to handle the sound and lights and they probably wanted to hike up the quote and pocket some cash. I was furious. Don’t get me wrong, some form of payment for all the running around would be great but the college almost always pays for the food and drinks we (the organizers) have after the event or it sends all of us out to dinner with our co-ordinator.

I had two problems with the accusation. 1. Apart from her, I was the ONLY one who wanted to handle the sounds and lights. 2. I clearly told her that whichever quote was better would be chosen and there would be no friction at all.

So, the next meeting was scheduled a couple of days later. A person from the college management put in their two cents on the plans so far and left us to discuss further.

I took the stage and started by saying ‘This is a message for the entire organizing team. If you have any problems with how anyone works, you should convey it to the person in question in a polite manner or take it up with the college. Talking bad things behind a person’s back in order to hurt their reputation is not going to be tolerated.’

I was so mad at the time that I called her out by name and asked if I looked like someone who needed to stoop down to such fraudulent acts to earn a penny.

I also said that I was never anything but friendly towards her or any of her friends (it is the truth) but she decided to say such things about me.

(Model) is a bit entitled and immediately played the victim card? ‘OMG, I would never say such a thing about you. I was not implying that you would do such a thing. I was talking about other people who might have wanted to get some easy cash.’ That remark only irritated the organizers because they fell into her crosshairs.

Remember problem number one? Yeah, I said that only she and I were supposed to look for sound and lighting equipment so she couldn’t argue that she wasn’t talking about me. She started tearing up and said that even if someone wanted, they could never pocket any cash as the college would be making a payment themselves. She dug her hole deeper.

After some tears, she kinda puffed up and asked for proof.

She said, I had no proof and was just accusing her. Things could have gone sideways because our culture/society has a tendency to rush towards a weeping female and run over the man in opposition. HOWEVER, my savior (Abe) was in the same cafe from before on a break. I called him up and asked him, ‘You said that you heard someone accusing me of planning to steal through the event.

Who was it?’ Without a moment, he looked at (model) and said, ‘I heard her talking about it to the front desk officer.’

I thanked him and told him that he could either go back to his break or stick around if he felt like it. The entire room went silent and everyone was looking back and forth to me and her. In my fury, I added that I am kind and friendly to everyone in the college (I am) and most people here have turned to me for some or the other thing and I have never failed to help out.

I foolishly said that I doubt that anyone hates me as far as to spread rumors questioning my character and honesty.

I then proceeded to tell the entire room that they have every right to raise a question if they feel that anyone is not doing their work properly and as for me, I would be happy to step aside for anyone who could do the job better.

I picked up my backpack, put my hands in my pocket, and walked out.

I heard that she was a crying mess and didn’t talk to anyone for a couple of hours. I learned later that MOST of the people had issues with her attitude and she had made other belittling comments about people in the past. Claiming that someone riled up students to protest against a teacher, and constantly looking down on others were some of the many.

The night after the incident, one of (model’s) friends, we’ll call her (Prisca) talked to a junior who is like a sister to me. Let’s call her (Sandy). Prisca told Sandy that OP shouldn’t have humiliated (model) in public like that and should have been less hostile. Prisca also said that OP was RULING over the college with all the support from the juniors, and people like (Model) and her friends would have to swim upstream while competing in the POLITICS.

Sandy told me that (Model) and Prisca had requested to be removed from the organizing team and vowed to never participate or organize another event. I felt pretty bad about the whole thing, but most of the people, even the rest of (model’s) classmates, that found out about the whole incident told me that I did the right thing by standing up for myself and someone would have done the same sooner or later.

Current day, most of the people in the college avoid her and she doesn’t get along with anybody.

To add, Prisca, who was going on and on about what a HORRIBLE thing I did, talks to me like nothing ever happened (we were on friendly terms before and still are).

Anyway, that’s the time when I got declared the ‘king of campus,’ after confronting a toxic, entitled, and self-proclaimed ‘nice person.’ All of my juniors still tease me by playing some royal or battle music when I enter the room. I can’t say it was fun, but it sure felt like the right thing to do.”

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6. Mom Knocked Out Creepy Teen With A Frisbee


“This story goes all the way back to 1977 when my mom was 12 years old. She was at some sort of large friend/family get-together. I really don’t know what it was. But there was some creepy teenage guy there she noticed who would give her funny looks.

Fast forward a few hours and my mom had to answer the call of nature. This being over 40 years years ago, the park the event was at had no typical bathrooms or porta-potties.

(Though we tend to call them Honeybuckets) All that the park had was an old-fashioned outhouse. Basically, a small shed with a bench that had a hole in it that you (AHEM) do your business through, and the waste was dropped into a deep hole in the ground. Also, a common feature of classic outhouses was a hole in the door either in the shape crescent moon or star.

Which I’ve recently learned used to be for gender identification, but sometimes even just a plain circle to let in sunlight and provide ventilation.

My mom happened to look up and saw an eye looking through the hole in the door at her while she was doing her business. And she immediately knew who it was. He ran after she recognized him and yelled. After she was out of the outhouse he tried to avoid her like the plague afterward.

But he also tried to be very casual so as not to look guilty.

My mom was not one to take things lying down. And rather than try and tell everyone what he did, she wanted revenge. So she waited and looked for an opportunity. Sure enough, she got one when a game of ultimate frisbee started. And he was playing.

My mom got into the game and at one point pretended to pass the frisbee to the teen.

But instead, she threw it as hard as she could straight at his head. This was also not a lightweight modern frisbee, but rather one of those old-school heavy plastic ones from back in the day that could hit you almost like a flying dinner plate.

The frisbee made contact with his head and down he went. My mom had only intended to hit him hard. But soon everyone noticed he wasn’t moving. He was completely knocked out cold. For how long I do not know. My mom played innocent and acted like it was an accident while other people rushed to his aid.

My mom got to go home that day with some great self-satisfaction, but the teen went home with a big bruise and a bump on the head.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
Too bad the pervert wasn't reported to the other adults. It would have been SO satisfying to see him wearing a new piece of jewelry: steel handcuffs.
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5. Step Dad Gets Entire Office Fired


“At the beginning of 2020, my Stepdad had to go back to work at a transport company that he used to work at. He worked there for a long time running the yard by himself, a job now done by at least 6 other guys.

He was working as he would and doing what he should. The head of the office decided to call him in to complain about how he was doing his job.

StepDad knew he wasn’t in the wrong but complied with the request; when he arrived in the office at the end of his shift the head of the office told StepDad that he was not working per code and proceeded to direct him to the directions booklet given in a starting packet. An important fact is that by the time that StepDad started there again none of the office staff knew that he used to work there.

StepDad agreed with the Head of Office and said he would read the book and change how he was working, this didn’t happen, he continued working just as he had been, which was exactly how the book told. Roughly a week later Head of Office called into the office again to complain that he obviously hadn’t read the book and would be fired if he didn’t do as told.

StepDad proceeded to point out that some of their favorite drivers clearly haven’t either as they were not following what it says. Head of Office argues that they obviously were as they were all doing the same. In reality, they were working lazily and ignoring most of the procedures in place.

For the next few weeks, StepDad continued to work as the others were, playing the long game, eventually, he had enough of this and went up to the office to talk to the Head of Office with the procedure book in hand.

Sd then went off to the Head of Office about how this was wrong and the correct way was how he was working before, also pointing to the exact paragraphs and pages needed to back up his argument, Head of Office still insisted he was wrong when StepDad turned around with the best return, ‘I don’t need to read the damn book, I WROTE IT.’

Head of Office stays quiet then connects the dots with the information he could find in his employment folder, realising his mistake he decided it was in his best interest to leave StepDad alone.

2 weeks later every staff member in the office was replaced with new staff.

I asked him what happened at that time and he said not much more happened, he kept to himself for most of that time as he’s not much of a people person. Every couple of days a staff member was replaced, some due to them leaving others were fired by the new head of office as much wasn’t being done per code.

They were given by the agency so when you are ‘fired’ they had to report to the agency to find new work so I doubt many were unemployed for long.

The revenge was him putting them in their place. They kept threatening to fire him for doing it wrong when he was doing it exactly as he had written 5 or so years prior.”

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4. Throw Rocks At Me? I'll Make Sure They Go Back To You


“This happened in the early 2000s when I was about fifteen. I went on a two-week trip with my grandparents traveling around 3 states digging up rare rocks. Pretty uneventful for the most part. After about a week or so, we stopped to see an old friend of my grandparents. The guy was a master at making knives, arrowheads, ax blades, and other ornate trinkets from stone.

He even made a large obsidian blade that was used in one of the newer movies over a decade later. But anyway… I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood in this quiet desert town because I had nothing better to do while the adults just sat around talking about things I didn’t care about.

I walked a couple of blocks and then stumbled across three kids I’m guessing between the ages of 8 and 12, all of them brothers.

And they were very rude to me from the moment they saw me. In fact, they were throwing rocks at me for fun. Not little rocks either. Most of them are chunks of concrete. But they were such bad throws that I dodged each one with ease. But the rocks were also nearly hitting a beautiful red mid to late-fifties cruiser. The kind that didn’t look restored, but was well taken care of and preserved due to the desert environment.

I don’t remember what model, maybe an old Ford or Chevy. But it was red and white with an obvious home Bondo repair on the driver’s side door, I remember that much.

Eventually, the 3 brothers grew bored of not being able to hit me and started cursing at me before they just walked off. But something in me just knew they might try to throw rocks at me again because they had no bones about nearly hitting a very old and potentially expensive car, even after I pointed that out to them.

I looked around and noticed a faded puke green plastic trash can lid laying discarded on the ground amongst some random junk by the side of the road and picked it up to use as a shield in case of a possible ambush from those kids while I walked.

I continued for about a block minding my own business and just trying to pass the time while my grandparents talked minerals with that guy or something when I came across the 3 brothers playing in their own yard and driveway.

They lived in one of those ugly manufactured homes from the 60s or 70s that was also sorta well preserved due to the dry environment. But it was covered in dents and chipped paint. The brothers saw me walking by, so I just said hi to them and tried to keep on walking. But they immediately began to pick up the gravel rocks in their small driveway and started pelting me with them.

Thankfully the trashcan lid I grabbed actually came in handy for defense. So I stood my ground. Then after about a minute of that, one of them was badmouthing me more than the others simply because he could. And for a kid his age, he had a mouth on him that a censor bar could be permanently glued to.

I got mad and picked up one rock.

A little round pebble even smaller than a marble mind you and threw it at him. It bounced off the top of his head and he stood there in shock. It was as if no one had ever retaliated against him before and he didn’t know what to do or say. His two brothers also fell completely silent, as if they’d never seen that sort of thing happen to their older brother before.

It obviously didn’t hurt him because it was a tiny pebble. So he just stood there for a second looking like he was trying to think of what to do next and then began intentionally working up some fake tears and bolted into the house while loudly fake crying like a toddler. I’ll give the kid props for performance on that one.

The other two kids quickly followed their brother inside.

I started walking away when a large man with a short beard comes out yelling ‘Hey you (insert profane word) What’d you do to my kid!?!’ His eldest son was standing next to him with the ‘You are so dead!’ look on his face while pointing at me.

So I very calmly explained the entire story from them throwing big rocks at me and very nearly hitting a classic 50s car, to my using the trashcan lid for protection and throwing ‘only’ the small pebble at his boy.

And I made sure he knew it was just the pebble. The dad seemed to get even more annoyed when I spoke of the car. So he likely knew who owned it. And then when I was done speaking, I just started to walk away.

But before I left I saw the father look down at his son with a furious ‘You’re in so much trouble’ look.

And just before I turned around and walked away the kid looked like he was gonna cry for real as he was just frozen there. Obviously, those kids had pulled stunts like that before, which is why his father knew I was telling the truth. I finished my walk around the area and put the discarded trashcan lid back where I found it, and then rejoined my grandparents. Who didn’t even really notice I was gone for at least an hour, by the way. But to this day though I crack a smile when I think of that kid’s face right before I walked away. It was PRICELESS!”

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3. Be A Jerk To Me? Then Don't Work Here Anymore, Father


“Between 2008 to about 2018, I was part of an Orthodox Christian church choir and sang professionally for Jesus on Sundays. I was the Bass Section Leader, i.e. I would be in charge of making sure my section sang its part.

About five years into the job, I was promoted to Assistant Choral Director. Essentially, the job would require that I step in and conduct the choir when my Choir Director was absent or unable to lead the choir during service due to illness or some sort of emergency.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that due to the traditions of this branch of Orthodox Christianity, two choirs chant during the service. However, while my choir chanted/sung in English, the other choir chanted in Arabic. The parish is comprised of people of Middle Eastern descent (Lebanese and Syrian).

So one summer, a few years back I started working as a background actor/extra. During one such gig for a movie, I got injured while off-set.

While on my lunch break, I had decided to go get some air outside of the studio because the set had been hot and dusty. While taking in some fresh air I leaned against a concrete poll that I soon discovered was a door stopper for a large metal studio door – the kind that opens for large trucks to bring in the equipment. Because of how I was leaning against the poll, I had not noticed that the wind blew open one of the large doors, causing it to slam into me and pin me against the concrete poll! I didn’t lose consciousness but I was in shock for about a minute.

One of the stagehands witnessed what had happened and immediately grabbed me and took me to the nearest bench. She called the studio medic, the production manager responsible for extras, all the while keeping a constant eye on me and asking me what had happened.

After a couple of minutes, the pain started to hit me, from my back all the way down to my right thigh.

An ambulance was called and I was taken to the hospital. I spent a couple of hours in the trauma unit because there was a possibility of a head or spinal injury; once they finished all the tests I was transferred to the ICU. A few hours later, the doctor came to see me and told me that they could find no damage to my head or spine! Although my rib cage had gotten a small fracture above my right lung, I was pretty much left unscathed from the accident.

Of course, I was still in a lot of pain and there was bruising, and I could not really move my right arm due to the small fracture. I was discharged from the hospital the same day and told to just be careful and not exert myself.

Of course, I had no plans to return to the movie set, however, there was a problem – I was supposed to conduct my church choir just a few days after the accident.

And if you know anything about conducting, it is that you use your right arm, a lot! Well, I was screwed because my Choir Director was out of town on vacation, at a resort in another country. Worse, there really wasn’t anyone else in the choir that had any conducting experience, and I was not able to conduct with my left arm just because any large movements would have aggravated my chest fracture.

So I decide to email the head priest (known forth as Father) and request that he ask the other choir to cover the entire service. I figured that he would be understanding and welcoming since we had a decent working relationship since his appointment to the parish, the year prior. While he did clash a lot with my Choir Director over budget issues (among other problems), I managed to stay out of the church politics and was always polite to him.

Well not ten minutes later, I get a one-sentence reply from Father: ‘Get in touch with Choir Director, it is his responsibility to find a replacement.’

I. was. livid! I mean, Jesus tap-dancing Christ… For someone who talked about love and compassion on a weekly basis, he was showing none whatsoever. I had no intention of getting in touch with the Choir Director while he was on vacay because what could he do? Luckily, after talking to the hired tenor he agreed to conduct the service so long as I was there to help him out.

I said yes since I would have to be there regardless to make sure that the bass section had at least one singer (it was summer so many of the volunteer singers had to take time off). I wrote back to Father to let him know that I had taken care of the problem. But I was still so annoyed and was seriously considering just quitting the job.

Because I always leave a paper trail and will CC all relevant people when it comes to anything work-related, I had included my Choir Director in the emails to Father as well as with the choir. I wasn’t expecting him to be checking his phone while he was out of town but it turns out that he had been, and I got a call from him, a couple of hours after my exchange with Father.

I explained what had happened in great detail, and he was appalled. He asked me straight up if I was thinking of quitting and I told him the truth that yes, I had thought of leaving the choir. He was not surprised but that he didn’t want me to leave. So, instead, we devised a plan to get rid of Father.

I wrote a very long and detailed email to my Choir Director and the church parish council president stating that I was leaving the choir because I did not feel like I belonged anymore at the church after the way I was treated by Father.

Of course, the letter was all for show! Choir Director pretended to act all shocked and asked that I stay on a little longer; I wrote a follow-up saying that I would put off the resignation for the time being. But the parish council president also got in touch, which was the main goal! I wanted someone with authority who could help me take down Father.

I spoke to the president over the phone, he was super apologetic about what had happened and also asked that I hold off from resigning my post.

During my conversation with the council president, I discovered that the parish council was also having issues with Father and that they were also trying to find a way to deal with him. Turns out that Father, once he had officially started his job at the church, started to amass control of the church’s finances and there was little to no oversight.

Normally, the parish council would also be in charge of financial decisions, however, the previous council was pretty much ineffective and just rubber-stamped Father’s decisions. Well, there was now a new council with a new president, and he was cleaning house. They were really unhappy that Father was basically trying to control all the purse strings (the church needed some serious renovations), and after finding out how much of a jerk he had been to me, that was enough for them to see him as the enemy.

In the weeks and months that followed, the parish council fought to regain control of the church finances, but Father was having none of it. A clash started between them, and it got to the point that the council asked the Bishop and even the newly appointed Metropolitan (he’s like an Archbishop) to intervene and even remove Father. Unfortunately, none of the higher-ups would intervene in an internal church matter and told the parties involved to find a solution.

Choir Director was keeping me apprised of these updates – he had a seat on the parish council – and so when I heard that neither the Bishop nor the Metropolitan would do anything, I thought that that was the end of the fight. However, Father, even though his job was still secure, became super resentful that the parish council had filed grievances with his bosses, and so decided that he was going to file a grievance of his own to the Labour Board.

He apparently sent out an email to all parties involved stating that he was being unjustly treated, that he had retained the services of a lawyer and was going to be suing people.

Well, folks, that got the attention of his bosses, and they shut that thing down FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orders came directly from the Arch Diocese and the Metropolitan himself that Father would not be making any complaints to the Labour Board, and that he would be moved to another parish.

And he was gone fairly quickly once the Metropolitan had made his decision! I felt really bad for his family since they had to leave in the middle of winter, but I was still happy to be rid of the jerk. If he had just been less of a jerk to me, he would still have been in charge of the church to this day.

I honestly never thought that I would be the catalyst to getting a priest removed from his parish, but I have no regrets. He was his own undoing both at the start and at the end of the whole affair. I never asked for anything beyond simple human decency and compassion, but that was apparently too much for Father to handle.”

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Okkaren 2 years ago (Edited)
That's what makes me sick about *some of the people in* religious sects, the games while pretending they're above being a faulted human. For two years I worked at a loan company, looking over income documents and such to help people progress with their personal (not business) loan applications. One applicant was a pastor, and I'm not kidding you she claimed $25,000 income as "tithes." Uhhhhmmmmm in what world is the masses' 10% supposed to be YOUR personal income for YOUR *personal* peer to peer loan? Churchgoers aren't giving *you* all their money. I used to be Mormon, now I'm a chill atheist, and it pissed me off to see the INJUSTICE of that person listing her church's money as part of her yearly income. What the hell. No pun intended.
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2. Crazy Ex Won't Stop Telling Lies About Me


“So I had a significant other a few years back that was an absolute nightmare. Not only did she two-time me nonstop but she was very verbally abusive and just a toxic person.

After I finally managed to break up with her she went around to everyone we knew and told them I assaulted and did worse things that I don’t feel comfortable saying.

Now I’ll call her mother EP for an entitled parent.

EP calls me a week later saying she’s sorry about my ex and that she knows she is lying. With this, ex proceeds to start telling people I was abusive and hit her. As I am relatively well known around my school many people are constantly telling me that my ex is saying these things and even more that I can’t remember. Finally, I tell her to simply screw off and quit lying about me.

A few hours later I get a text from EP telling me that I am a terrible person and that I should die and go away for telling her daughter this. At this, I’ve finally had enough of having my name get dragged in the mud by this lying witch so I finally decide to end all of this.

Over the course of the next week, I released private texts between us where ex directly admits she is lying and won’t stop until I take her back, as well as evidence of her two-timing me.

I ended all of this off by sending her parents screenshots of her wishing them dead and all around being a terrible, and insanely unthankful witch.

To this day, nearly 3 years later ex is still known as a liar by everybody in our school and as a result, lost most of her friend group and any chance at a relationship.

Last I checked ex is going out with what she had previously claimed to be her cousin by blood, and even claiming they were engaged. As well I’ve heard from a good friend of mine who stayed friends with my ex that her parents have basically stopped listening to her and stopped respecting her in almost every way.”

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1. Ruined A Jet Ski Scam With Their Own Policy


“I’m 34 and both my parents are college professors. In 1998 my dad was offered tenure if he went to teach overseas. He agreed and we had a family meeting.

The family meeting went as follows.

Hey kids, guess what? What? We are going to Malaysia. Cool, what’s that?

Before we knew it our midwest American family was crammed onto a Malaysian airlines plane.

We landed and got settled in, homeschooling us, my mom didn’t have to work and my dad was getting paid in USD so for the first time, we were considered wealthy.

We took lots of vacations and I got my own allowance which I mostly spent on food and cool electronics. One of these vacations was to the island of Langkawi. While there we did the usual tourist things.

On the very last day, my brothers and I wanted to rent a jet ski as we had seen the renter next to the hotel every day and just didn’t have time.

Our boat was leaving far later in the day so we knew we had time.

We walked to the renter and started to talk to him. While he was talking to us he was also talking to his counterpart in Malay, a language I had picked up because I was the only one in my family to make friends with the people in my town and went exploring on my own.

He told his counterpart to cover the price sign and he did so with a towel. We knew the price was 25 Ringgit per half hour but the guy was saying no it was 50. We haggled back and forth and he said that 25 was local price only. Both my older brothers looked at me like I could change his mind. So in Malay, I told him that we weren’t tourists, that we lived on the mainland for quite some time, and that we couldn’t afford an hour and a half at 50.

He said you’re white you can pay. I said what does the double price gain us? He said insurance covers any damage no matter what and free gas refill. We damage the jet ski, no problem. That wasn’t fair at all but we had in fact lived there for a while and knew there was nothing we could do about it. I called him ‘bodoh seperti babi’ which directly means stupid like a pig but depending on the religion and class of the person it’s actually a grave insult.

However, I called him that as we offered to pay to give him the chance to take the insult and the cash or send us away. He took the cash.

My oldest brother went first. He went out and played in the waves jumping and diving, just having fun in general. Then my middle brother did much the same. When he came back he said he thought it was running low on gas because the engine would die sometimes.

Now it was my turn. I told the renter he should put gas in and he said no you are a fine boy, you’ll be fine. I took his word for it because I had never ridden a jetski and knew my parents wouldn’t let me do it alone if they were there.

I headed out and felt like a God. It was awesome and I got the idea to see if I could reach the neighboring island which didn’t seem too far off.

I got about halfway there and the engine started to die. As I hit waves at different angles it would sputter back up and die, then back up as the next wave hit.

If any of you have had the chance to see that place it’s absolutely beautiful. The water is clear and you can see everything. By everything, I mean all the fish, jellyfish, and everything else that wants to eat you or just ruin your day.

To add to that I had no sunscreen and though I’m a very good swimmer, at age 12 I still had a phobia of swimming in ponds, lakes, and the sea. Kind of the creepy omg something touched me phobia. Anyway as I was forced to take note of the beauty and quiet of the sea due to not having gas I noticed I had drifted south around the island and could no longer see the hotel.

Over an hour goes by and nothing. I’m past tears and start to notice how thirsty I am.

I start rocking forward and backward to get some sort of motion. Eventually, I spot a boat and it’s getting late in the day, hours have passed. I start screaming and yelling to get the attention of the boat. It sees me and comes to check on me. I tell them I’m out of gas and need help.

They ask if I’m American. Automatically I remember my parents teaching me to claim I’m Canadian because Americans and British are not well-liked. They toss me a rope and pull me in.

I’m hysterical and going between English, French, and Malay on a rant about how I was going to die. Note I didn’t do well in french class but it sure came back quickly and was no help but to confuse my new friends.

The captain of the boat went inside and brought out food and water as well as his son who spoke English and Malay. I explained everything and she said when they were done laying their cages they would see to me. Time goes by and I watch the guys on the boat jump off, others toss them wood cages and they swim to set them up.

The kid’s father comes out with a jar and a gas can. He says he has the wrong fuel for my jet ski but knows a trick. He pours the clear liquid into the jetski followed by green fuel. He offers me the jar and does the drinking motion. I took a swig. It was fire, it was the strongest rice booze I had ever seen and even now at 34 have never consumed anything that harsh or strong.

He tried starting the jetski and nothing happens. We do this a few more times and then he takes a spray can and tries again while spraying the can into the engine. His son says get on and go fast because it won’t last long. I take off and can feel the jetski protesting and lagging. But I come into the site of the hotel and see my family, police, and the renter on the beach.

I gun the thing and crash it on rocks on the beach sending me flying into the sand and ripping the jet ski apart. I run to my mom as the renter runs to his wreckage. I tell them everything that happened and the medical team from the hotel looks over me. I had been stung on the foot by a jellyfish, had second-degree burns all over my body except where my life vest was covered, and had soiled myself.

We had already missed the boat to go home so the hotel let us stay another night. As we were wrapping up on the beach the renter comes back in perfect English that we must pay for repairs. That was his only jet ski and he would now starve. My brother said but we paid for the insurance. The renter said no insurance for this and I said you charged us 50 instead of 25 and said damage was covered no matter what.

The hotel staff heard this and asked what he charged. Apparently, he had been warned not to gouge guests in the past and they told the police to remove him and ban him from their beach. We went back to the room and my mom gave me the most painful shower I ever had. The next morning we had a quick visit with the medical team and left. The jet ski rental was crossed off the board of activities and his whole setup was gone from the beach. I have never ridden a jet ski since.”

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