People Disclose Their Gripping Stories Of Revenge

There's nothing like finally seeing your enemies get what they deserve after causing you harm. Some people have thought of the most creative ways to get their revenge on their hated bullies, and here are some of their stories.

16. Don't Mess With The Nurses


“I was still a nursing student then, but because I was in my last year, I worked as an RN. And all of that was years ago.

The people are:

Senior Nurse- My Nursing instructor, a real cool cat, a woman you shouldn’t mess with

New Resident- A real snobby daddy’s boy straight outta med school

Cool Attending – Basically doctor Cox from scrubs

Other Nurses, nursing students are just side characters here

So we are an academic hospital, so we’ve got a nursing school and new doctors come here to make their residency.

New Resident was this kind of snobby young doctor everyone hates. He depended on the nurses for stuff like laying catheters, putting IVs in, etc. But on the other hand, he talked down to the nursing staff and well just flirted with the young nurses.

Male nurses (like me) are just men who were too dumb to become doctors. Yeah. Really loveable kind of guy.

We had a new patient with some allergies and so on.

New Resident: yeah and give the Patient please the (risky) medication (He wasn’t allergic to that, but it was really possible that he could be.)

Senior Nurse: Yeah I have to intervene. The Patient could have an allergic reaction to this-

New Resident: Hey, do you have a medical degree or do I? How about doing your Job, NURSE!

It got silent. Deadly silent. Like in western when the two gunslingers face each other.

Every nurse, doctor, staff in earshot was deadly silent. All eyes lay on those two.

Senior Nurse: (smiles) Fine. Right. You’re the doctor. I am the nurse. (left)

New Resident celebrated this as his big victory. It was like in prison when the newbie defended himself and gained a bit of respect.

But then came her petty lil revenge. Most nurses were at the front desk during that night shift. Just talking, drinking the third cup of coffee, making paperwork, and so on.

Senior Nurse: (come to all) Hey. You may have witnessed what happened with the NR.

We are JUST nurses you know, maybe we should for his patients only do the minimal effort, as he is the doctor and we are JUST nurses.

Everyone liked that. So we did (don’t worry. Nobody died, we are not in the ICU with the deadly cases).

He was the last one to receive the files he requested, his X-Rays took longer than the ones of the other doctors and no nurses were getting him anything nonwork-related when he asked for (we don’t have to, but if a doctor asks really nicely we get him a cup of coffee, etc.)

And then it comes. The glory day of revenge. It was after a round with the Cool Attending. New Resident wasn’t done with some of his diagnoses because he had to get everything himself. All of his X-Rays were at the front desk.

No nurse was bothered to get it for him. He had his hands full with laying catheters and putting in IVs because most of the time he asked a nurse, and well, no nurse had time for him because they had some paperwork to do, make some beds, change some bedpans, bring a patient to the X-Ray.

After all, you know, we are just nurses. He had to work overtime more often to finish his work. He was not happy.

New Resident: Cool Attending, a word, please.

Cool Attending: (sipping his coffee while looking at an X-Ray) yes?

New Resident: Where can I complain about the nursing staff?

Cool Attending: (puts down the X-Ray. Crosses his arms) If you got complaints you go to me first.

New Resident: I think the nursing staff is against me, really.

Cool Attending: Well no surprise newbie.

You treated them like garbage. I tell you now one thing they didn’t seem to have taught you in your fancy med school. The Nurses are nearly running the hospital. And YOU screwed up with one of the senior nurses and now YOU have to deal with it.

The whole ‘the attending comes to rescue’ ended after med school, you understand me?

New Resident: (he looked like that shocked Pikachu meme.)

While that, nearly the whole staff was watching this. The senior Nurse was pleased. New Resident came crawling to apologize to her later that shift. Now he doesn’t get the minimal treatment anymore.

But not the maximal treatment like Cool Attending, he’s still a little jerk, but Senior Nurse taught him a valuable lesson. Don’t mess with the Nurses!”

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15. He Got Traumatized By Cacti


“This happened years ago when both of us were still kids, maybe around 10 years old.

Chris was notorious for being bullied by a single bully, let’s name him Kyle. Why? I have no idea. As for me, I was a victim too, but not as bad, most things done to me I can just brush off.

Kyle & Chris are about the same age, but Kyle is much bigger and tougher. For some reason, Kyle is always extra rough on Chris. Apparently, wedgie & locker shoving is too mild for Kyle to dish it on Chris.

The things he does are far too rough, such as tearing Chris’ homework, sharp pencil throwing, and one time, Kyle even cut a hole on Chris’ backpack that when he lifted it to carry, stuff fell everywhere.

Chris tried to fight Kyle once in a while, but Kyle is just a weight level above.

Think welterweight trying to fight heavyweight, the level of unfairness is huge. He brought it up to the teacher & even guidance counselor numerous times, but for some reason, they always see it as ‘boys will be boys’ and brush it off as mild roughhousing.

Chris’ parents are timid folks & have zero backbone to show. For some reason, they can’t bring it upon themselves to muster the courage to defend their own son, no matter how much Chris begged and pleaded.

One day, during class, Chris had the urge to do number 2, got permission to leave, and in the hallway, he happened to meet Kyle.

Usual bullying happens & when Kyle realizes why Chris is in the hallway, Kyle bullied Chris even more, stalling him, until Chris actually peed & soiled himself. Kyle ran to the end of the hallway, then pretended to just walk into the same hallway where Chris had the accident.

Pretending to just realize what happened, he pointed & laughed, bringing attention to a bunch of teachers & students nearby. Lots of other students were laughing as well, calling Chris a bunch of names, causing him to have a breakdown in the middle of the hallway.

That was the last straw that broke Chris’ back.

A couple of weeks after the soil incident, we went on our school trip to a ranch. I forgot the name but it was located somewhere in a dry & hot area.

Surrounding the ranch were random bushes of cacti with various shapes of needles too. There are warning signs everywhere to stay at distance from the cacti.

The thing that Kyle did not know about Chris, he loved watching WWE. His parents, for some reason, allowed him to watch it (not pay per view) at such a young age.

Chris & I played wrestle a couple of times before, so I already know how much the show had influenced him. He did a couple of moves from WWE that left me surprised, yet amused.

Kyle, being an obnoxious bully, tried to scare a bunch of students by bringing them close to the cacti when the teachers weren’t looking.

One of the students actually got hurt on the shin; Kyle just laughed. Chris had enough, ran towards Kyle Usain Bolt speed, and just dropkicked him straight on the chest. Chris knew pushing Kyle won’t do a thing because of the difference in weight.

Dropkick, however, not only surprised Kyle but if performed correctly, will knockback anyone that lowers their guard. WWE taught Chris well.

The moment Chris’ feet made a connection to Kyle’s chest, Kyle staggered, tripped, and fell straight into a bunch of cacti.

Various needles, hair-thin, short, long, thick, barbed, you name it, are now all over Kyle’s body. What’s worse is, since it’s hot, Kyle was wearing only a tank top, shorts, and flip-flops. Absolutely zero defense against the cacti.

Kyle screamed in agony while crying bloody murder.

Chris, once realizing what he had just done, quietly but swiftly marched himself to blend with the crowd, pretending to act surprised at what just happened. One of the teachers saw Kyle’s situation & called for backup right away. A bunch of teachers came & they all had the same look of horror because they don’t know what to do.

They couldn’t just release him until knowing the next step, because here’s the damage.

Kyle got a bunch of needles on his feet so standing up isn’t an option. His sandals got knocked off his feet when he fell. Most of the needles are on his back so laying down isn’t an option either.

On his stomach? No can do as well. When Kyle fell on the cacti, a bunch of the small cacti flew into the air & landed on his front torso. Nowhere is safe.

The faculty decided to pull the needles from his feet first while Kyle is still resting on the bed of cacti, still crying incoherently, and screaming once in a while when needles are pulled. It takes around 10 minutes while muttering ‘how did this happen’ over and over.

Surprisingly, no one ratted Chris out. Instead, they quietly talked over themselves & thanked Chris for his odd brand of revenge.

After his feet are clean of needles, they pulled Kyle to stand on his feet. Another scream, another cry.

One of the teachers went to us & proceeded to guide us himself while the rest of the faculty worked on Kyle’s body. Sadly, we missed the 2 hours of screaming content from Kyle.

After the tour had ended, we went back to our starting point & at last, we have met with Kyle and the rest of the faculty.

They asked for Chris because Kyle told them that Chris did this to him. However, the students, including me, bonded together and defended Chris tooth and nail. We all told the faculty that Chris had been with us the whole time and Kyle just tripped on his own because he wore flip flops.

Surprisingly, the faculty believed us and instead, reprimanded Kyle for wearing flip flops to the ranch. Kyle left flabbergasted but still sobbing from the pain.

After that day, Chris brought a tiny hand size cactus plant to the school every single day.

He said that his parents wanted him to learn about responsibility by taking care of the tiny plant. The faculty bought his story, but that’s not the real reason why. He brought the cactus plant to warn Kyle that Chris was done with his bullying & not afraid to stand up to him again.

Every time Kyle saw Chris with the cactus, he ran away. I guess Kyle now has developed some sort of fear against cacti.”

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14. Someone Threw My Baby's Laundry Down The Hall


“This happened a few years ago. I had just settled into a new apartment with my (now ex) husband and our infant son. We lived on the second floor of a three-story building.

There was a laundry room on the third floor but it only had one washer and dryer for the whole building (maybe 20 apartments). I went up there a couple of times to do a quick load but it was always occupied so I gave up trying.

Instead, we’d go to the laundromat down the street as needed and get it all done at once.

So we’d been living there for about two months and it’s New Year’s Eve and there’s a big snowstorm raging outside.

We were running low on pajamas for the baby and neither one of us wanted to trek out. I decided to try again upstairs. Lucky me, it was empty. The washer and dryer were both free.

I started the wash and went back down to my apartment for a half-hour.

I promise you it was no longer than that. Barely finished an episode of a Friends rerun and then I went upstairs to see where we were at in the wash cycle.

Lo and behold – as soon as I got upstairs, I saw my baby’s onesies and little blankets scattered down the hallway outside the laundry room.

I thought at first maybe someone stole some items and left the rest, but it was actually all there. All wet and soapy and seemingly stepped on. I was kinda scared at that point, so I gathered it all up and was just gonna go back downstairs.

But then I hear the washer is running. Hmm…

The machine was at the spin stage. I open it up and it was STUFFED. It was a huge load of clothes. I quickly figured it out: Very shortly after I started the machine, someone took our stuff out to do their own on my dime.

And if that wasn’t enough of a jerk move, they threw it all out the room and seemingly kicked it down the hallway. My initial fear of the situation turned into an absolute uncontrollable rage.

The clothes inside the machine were NICE.

Someone could certainly afford nice things but apparently could not afford the $1.50 washing fee. (Or didn’t have quarters?) Lots of nice Victoria’s Secret items too.

There is a window in that room that faces the alley where many pigeons like to gather and take things.

If you look down you’d see dumpsters and the occasional car driving by turning the fresh falling snow into a yucky black street slush.

I took all the clothes out of the machine. One by one, I flicked every piece out the window.

Some of the intimates got stuck on little ledges and dangled like haphazardly hung ornaments. I then ran back to my apartment and just kinda sat around. I had mixed feelings… did I go too far?

Nope! It was during that cooling-off period that I saw that there was even more concentrated damage to my baby’s stuff than I initially realized. A family friend had sewn him a little blanket and a little patch was ripped right off!

Who in the world takes their issues out on a baby’s possessions!? Any semblance of guilt I had was completely gone.

Took over 2 hours but I finally heard the shrill screams. Loud enough to know what it was, but muffled by the walls and distance.

I wish I could’ve seen her face!!! Happy New Year, jerk!!!

That part probably confuses me the most. Couldn’t wait 30 minutes for our load to finish and yet it took her so long to check on hers.”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
She was probably the one who hogged the facility all along.
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13. Fake Friend Gets Karma And Loses His Girl


“I was insanely unpopular at school. I wasn’t bullied but people just avoided me until I made my first friend or so-called friend. We’ll him Joe. Joe was popular at school and he played sports. He was good looking and overall he seemed like a cool guy.

He talked to me one day and said he wanted to be my friend. I didn’t believe it at first because why would you want to hang out with the most unpopular kid while you’re the most popular kid. Though he was determined.

Joe would try to talk to me a lot and he told me some personal things going on in his life. He ended up persuading me to become his friend. Since Joe was my only friend I tried to talk to him at school, but he didn’t want to talk to me.

Back then I just thought he didn’t have the time but now I know he didn’t want to be seen talking to the weird kid at school and damage his popularity. At the time I had gotten myself a girl from a different school.

Just two weeks after we became official I caught him and her in bed. I left and didn’t talk to anyone. It really damaged my self-esteem knowing that my so-called best friend Joe and my ex stabbed me in the back like that.

Pretty soon we had a new girl come to school who we’ll call Angela. This girl became popular pretty fast. She was pretty and had a real personality, unlike Joe. I wanted to become her friend but I didn’t want to be naive.

Angela and Joe started going out soon after she came to our school. One day Joe texted me a picture of him having relations with Angela’s best friends. I assume he sent it to me by accident. I honestly forget to block him but now I could get my revenge.

I made a screenshot and slowly but quickly tried to become friends with Angela and I soon realized she was the exact opposite of Joe. She actually cared about her friends and wasn’t embarrassed to talk to them.

I honestly didn’t want to hurt her by revealing the truth but it had to be done.

I explained the entire story I’m telling you to her and provided the screenshot of the text. It all broke loose, she confronted him and of course, classic Joe denied it. She provided the evidence. He was speechless, what did he expect?

Word got around the school and other nearby schools. He went from hero to zero so fast. No one would talk to him. He became the school loner and quickly dropped out. I started seeing Angela and we recently got married and I remember this story.

I guess it was a happy ending for me after all!”

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12. I Sabotaged His Exams For Treating Me Bad In Secondary School

“This story was from my time at the sixth form when I was 17, for those of you who do not know the sixth form was essentially what you would do after secondary school (similar to a college) but the sixth form is attached to a secondary school.

Throughout my time at secondary school I was picked on and bullied for my autism, there was the classic stuff like beatings and name-calling but one guy always took it way too far. For ease, we shall call him blondie.

I can remember everything he ever did to me and how he made my entire secondary school time hateful. In year seven he beat me and then threw my bag into a bush that was right next to a tree with a wasps nest. In year 8 he beat me to the point that my glasses had cut into my face and I couldn’t attend school.

In year 9 he lied and told all of the year 11’s that I had called them a bad word which got me beaten by a group of kids about 2 years older than me. In year 10 he pinned me to the wall and punched me in the gut.

And in year 11 he found out my sister went to my school and said if I told anyone about his beatings he’d beat her too. This is just one example from every year and he did so much more than that on a daily basis.

Then comes sixth form. I was put in his class and it didn’t go any better for me.

He said many hurtful things and goaded another kid (we’ll call him Abra) into his teasing. This included throwing insults all day, insulting my mum and my family, regular beatings, stealing my stuff which would mysteriously end up in the toilet.

Stealing my phone and saving my mum’s number onto his. In which he RANG my mum continuously telling her how much of a failure I am and it’s all her fault and making my mum cry. I was too scared to tell anyone about the incidents and the only one he got into trouble for was ringing my mum.

For the rest of it, I would be threatened with extra beatings and threats towards my sister if I told anyone.

It was the last straw when blondie followed me home, beat me up, and said that my dad died of pure disappointment in me.

This was a week before our final exams.

Engineering I couldn’t do much for as it wouldn’t affect blondie. He didn’t like it but we both had to do a 10-hour art exam. And my god did I have a plan.

The insults continued during the first half of the art exam. And the next day when we had to do the second half, I made sure I brought in a can of cola.

The insults kept coming calling me names saying I’m worthless.

Until I asked the teacher ‘how long do we have left of the exam’.

‘Half an hour Peppa, why do you ask?’

To which I stood up, cracked open my can of diet cola, looked blondie straight in the eyes as I poured the entire can over the art piece he had spent 9 and a half hours on.

Completely ruining it in the process.

Did he give me a beating? Yes, yes he did. But it was in front of the teacher. And he had half an hour to quickly make a 10-hour art piece, or he would have if he wasn’t escorted off school grounds and told he wasn’t to come back unless he was getting his exam results.

He failed both his art and engineering exams and had to repeat the year, while I passed both with flying colors and got to move on to college.

I still see him from time to time, and I am always sure to give him a massive middle finger.”

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LadeeBugg85 2 years ago
That hurts my heart. My boys are autistic. If I found someone was mean to them, I would take it 2 the school, school board & state. At the most, homeschool them. Im sorry, but he deserved it.
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11. The Bully Got Snitched And Broken Up With


“I (F, 33 at the time) once had a run-in with a blatant bully. My family owns a business. We come from a lower-middle-class neighborhood and kept close contact after we moved.

Jane (F 93, was in her 70s at the time) was our old neighborhood friend. She was an office worker all her life. She was one of the ‘forever’ dwellers in our neighborhood. I had a specially close bond with her.

Not anymore.

Jane worked 40 years at a factory, then got a job at another manufacturing company (after retirement). She got laid off, so she found a job at a dentist’s office. Dr. Jake owned three dental offices, so he depended on his employees to keep things running while he wasn’t around.

Jane worked for him for about 5 years.

Jane and the other workers (all females) formed some sort of a clique. They loved her because she was their elderly pal. I would visit Jane on some Saturday afternoons, bring pizza or lasagna and enjoy how the day ended in my old stomping grounds just like in the good old days.

I left my old neighborhood when I was 16, but I still cherish it. She always talked about her work friends, and sometimes they picked her up for an outing or they would carpool to the supermarket.

There was this friend, in particular, Nancy (F60s).

She was the one who seemed most friendly with Jane. I’d like to add that I NEVER, EVER had a conversation with any of these women, much less any type of a fight.

As their relationship progressed, Jane volunteered a lot of info about Nancy’s life.

She was more or less a lonely female who loved to gossip and was involved in a relationship with a married man (Ed, M now maybe 43) whose wife worked as a receptionist about 3 minutes away from the dental practice. Jane said Nancy was ‘crazy’ because she liked to stalk her lover’s wife and gave him financial help often (help with a loan monthly payment, help pay for his car, buy him food so that he would come to visit, give him one hundred here, 80 bucks there, etc.)

Their friend group was tight, so much that Jane would call them to clock her in. They would do this for each other all the time. My friend who also knew Jane kept telling me the office always seemed empty, except for the days when the doctor showed up.

Jane suddenly lost her job. My mom took her in when our secretary got sick. My mom kept Jane in even after our secretary came back and for years, it was all good. Jane maintained the friendship with Nancy and ‘the girls’.

Because we worked closely, I heard Jane tell lots of gossip about Nancy’s private life. This seemed odd. Also, she had fits whenever Nancy called her. She would say: ‘omg, again? so needy’. This usually took place (Nancy’s insistent calling on lunch breaks) whenever she heard something about Ed’s married life.

She was devastated to learn his wife was pregnant again, or that he bought the wife a new car, etc. For those wondering, I grew up with Jane having a place in my life, just like an Aunt. Jane would usually wait on the sidewalk because Nancy would come to pick her up after work so that they could eat dinner together after work.

So, basically, I was very loyal and very die-hard. Nancy would sometimes wave goodbye at us, but nothing more.

There were rumors that the dental office may close down. No kidding. Patients must have been switching doctors because office hours were erratic.

The remaining days when the doctor was not in were supposed to be used for scheduling, which wasn’t happening. Jane said, ‘she never indulged in this, just saw them do it.’

Jane’s job was simple. Never had anything to do with money.

She was with us most of the time on the computer. Simple as that.

Beatrice, our secretary, came to me one day and said she had something to share. She was very worried because of Jane’s closeness to our family.

Beatrice said she had caught Jane persistently going to our cash box and counting the money. When Jane saw her, she said she had permission to guard the petty cash. Until then, we never had any reason to distrust Jane.

Beatrice said she was coming forward because she was scared something might happen and wanted to make sure her name was clear.

We were shocked and baffled. It seemed ridiculous, but we still changed the box location. Again, it happened. We set up cameras and caught her ‘counting the money’ about twice a day.

She was caught taking bills, crushing them in her fist, and stashing them in her chest on three occasions during the same week. We never paid attention because our business is based mostly on electronic transactions, so the cash is left for buying stuff and other small purchases.

So, in a week, she took about 350.00. This is the price you pay for not having control over each dime. We just left our petty cash lie in a box. We will never know how much she took.

We confronted her with the video.

She got mad at us and left the job. Obviously, she told everyone else her own version. My mother and I were so astonished it took us months to assimilate. I’m talking about a woman who was invited to 500% of family events and was handsomely paid at work.

We moved on as usual. Some old neighbors would occasionally tell us that Jane complained she was fired for no reason. Beatrice was yelled at at the mall by one of Jane’s friends because ‘she was the thief but had Jane scapegoated.’

About 3 years later, my mom went to eat at a seafood restaurant. She’s very hardworking and never takes ‘me time.’ She went to eat but told me she ran into Nancy who was sitting nearby with some other women.

Jane wasn’t there. So Nancy bullied my mom, who was sitting by herself. She cracked jokes, wouldn’t stop walking by her table and saying things under her breath. Nancy clicked ‘mean girl’ mode and cracked jokes. Then, they stood up kind of surrounding her.

My mom was intimidated so she just paid and left. Mom said Nacy yelled something like ‘hey, can’t take the heat??’ Mom tried to conceal her feelings but I know she was hurt. Nobody should have to go through this.

I was annoyed but mom begged me to leave it at that. Okay.

I was paying for my stuff at a local mom-and-pop’s pharmacy I visit quite often. The pharmacy is on the same street as Nancy’s job, our business is pretty close to everything.

For this reason, it’s like the first choice to buy anything. So I was there on a Sunday morning, which I really like because the street is empty. I was talking to a friend on my earphones. I’m first in line, already paying, but I heard strange sounds from the line.

Because this isn’t a Walgreen or big-box retailer, the pay line is kind of less organized. I keep hearing laughter and a loud voice from the line, and the cashier begins to look uncomfortable. Because I’m on my headphones I’m not 100% aware of what whoever is talking is saying.

The cashier keeps looking at someone in the line and the lady two spaces away from me says ‘we don’t need that’. I saw Nancy pointing at me. Honestly, I was confused at first. So I tell my friend on the phone to hold on.

Nancy is laughing at me, pointing at me. She’s telling everyone ‘look, she’s crazy, talking to herself’. She knows darn right about the existence of earphones. She tries to rally the people on the line by cracking jokes and calling me a ‘dumb witch’.

I took off my earphones. I was so angry my arm was tingling.

I told Nancy I wasn’t gonna do anything inside the pharmacy because I respect that place, but I know who she is and I’ll wait for her outside.

Her face changed. I gave her the option to repeat and tell me to my face the whole thing she said/did to my mom since she feels so tough that she’s messing with me. Nancy got quiet immediately.

I got my things and told her I would be outside. I waited outside and the witch never came out. So I hope for my car. Five minutes later, she comes out. I think she thought I left. So I drove my car really slow next to her and told her to tell me what she said.

She kept walking. I yelled at her from my car, that she better open her mouth and talk. She didn’t.

Nancy went into a bakery nearby. She took a street (on foot) that had no entrance for me. No problem.

I took the next entrance and parked at the bakery. I stood next to her and told her off. Then ordered some takeout food. I warned her that if she ever saw my mom or anyone in my family, she better cross the street.

Oh, and please call your friend in my old neighborhood who put you up to this to see if she can come to help you now.

Nancy just kept her head tilted to the side. I left. I called Nancy’s man’s wife and told her.

I gave her all of Nancy’s details and how to get to her house based on Jane’s constant gossip. Basically, Nancy lived about three blocks away from her job, in front of an Adventist church. I told her Nancy’s car information.

I didn’t call as a snitch, I called saying I was Nancy who suffered from rightful indignation. The woman hung up on me but took my next call again.

I called the dentist at his other office. I said I was an inspector to get him to come personally on the phone.

Once he did, I told him everything I knew but never gave my name. I called him lazy and incompetent to keep an office and hung up.

I do know for a fact that the dentist fired everyone because he closed the office down.

My friend who worked nearby said Nancy would stop by now and then but he avoided her because she was needy and he didn’t want her to latch on to him. She told him her man dumped her for ‘calling his wife’ and said she was obsessive and irrational. I don’t know much else.

I never disclosed my involvement.

I saw Nancy at the same pharmacy somewhere around 2015 (more or less 10 years later). She’s extremely thin and bent over. She didn’t even see me and I just kept walking. I do see Jane maybe now and then at the farmer’s market but I don’t talk to her.

We just act like we don’t know each other.”

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10. I Gave Her A Spicy Hot Cake

“This last year my younger sister really went on a power trip. She became bossy, selfish, and all-around a pain in my life.

It really stung when my birthday came around and instead of baking me a cake like my mother asked (as per tradition we always have a homemade cake for our birthdays, parents included), she ordered something online. It not only came a day late, but it also said ‘Happy Birthday (Rude Word)’.

I couldn’t believe it and screamed at her. Not only had we had to move my birthday celebration from the day of to the next, but then I have to see THAT on my cake?! Needless to say, I lost my mind after that and went crazy on her butt.

At least until my older brother, who had driven up for my birthday, had to restrain me while our parents read my sister the riot act.

I honestly don’t know how I annoyed her, other than the fact I never let her boss me around (rule of the house: no bossing the other around).

So I was pretty upset that she’d do something so cruel to me on my birthday after a very awful year. (At least we were able to return it and get a more decent one, but still).

Which led to my revenge: a bad birthday, for a bad birthday.

When her birthday came around she told me I had to make her a cake. So… I told my Mom that I would make her a cake.

But my sister never specified what kind of cake, nor that I had to bake it.

Her birthday rolls around, our brother is on FaceTime, and I walk in…

With an unbaked cake, in the pan.

Sis absolutely loses it, screeching, while dad and brother are laughing hysterically and Mom has her face in her hands, shaking her head.

Of course, I say something along the lines of ‘Oh, I’m sorry. You just asked me to make it, not bake it,’ all while smiling sweetly.

Sister’s fuming still but then gets smug when Mom tells me to bake the cake.

But remember… Sis didn’t specify what kind of cake.

So I bake the cake, and it’s late at night when I finish decorating it. A simple, ‘Happy Birthday’… with a few decorative flames. Sis doesn’t like the flames but is happy she’s getting cake on her birthday.

I serve her a slice, but keep the rest of the family from having any…

And the look on her face as the hot, HOT spices hit was PRICELESS.

I had spent all my free time searching for a recipe of revenge and found one published online that includes chili peppers, extremely hot spices, and basically made her the hottest cake I could find.

And I mean HOT. Sis has always been sensitive to spices, but the way her face went red and her eyes watered said it all.

Long story short, she had her mouth basically burned and wasn’t able to taste anything for days.

I got in trouble of course, but it was worth it to know that I got her back. And she’s been knocked down a few pegs; Mom had us sit down and talk a week after my revenge, and Sis finally admitted that she went a little (very) foolish.

We’re now leaving each other to ourselves.

But I doubt anyone will ever forget the ‘Spicy Hot Cake Revenge’.”

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9. I Wrecked Their Grades And Left


“When I was in high school, I took AP classes, and my favorite subject was English. (Still is, went on to get my Bachelor’s degree in it.) For my senior year, though, I was stuck in one of two AP classes on campus for 6th period, and this one had all the kids I didn’t get along with.

Some were neutral, some were just the kind of stuck-up that didn’t associate with anyone except their friends, but a good portion were active bullies of mine. They would openly mock me (my weight, my social awkwardness/anxiety, a couple were even very discriminatory to me but not the other girls in the class), ostracize me, and tried to turn the neutral kids against me.

I’m not saying I was perfect, but I was a quiet kid and tried not to bother anyone unless I was attempting to defend myself. I was also being harassed in my 7th-period library aide class, this comes into play later.

The class was laid out in ‘islands’ – each island was made up of six desks and your island was your group for whenever group activities came up. Ms. Cindy, the teacher, initially had assigned seats, but since the class was so small (about 26 or so) and everyone knew each other, everyone moved seats to be with their friends.

Except for me, because I didn’t have any friends in this class. My whole island moved away from me, and I sat in the back corner island alone, surrounded by five other desks.

We were reading a book that not very many people enjoyed and when Ms. Cindy announced the big research project for it.

Everyone had to get into groups with their islands, write a research paper, and give a presentation to the class. The presentation had to be some form of visual medium (PowerPoint, pamphlets, etc.) and effort would be taken into account for a grade.

She also said that, since the only thing that mattered for the college credit was the grade on the AP test at the end of the year, this project would be graded on a curve. I think she was trying to make it easier.

Of course, everyone in class groaned, nearly everyone hated the book, but we dutifully started. I, on my lonely island, started working on my own, but Ms. Cindy, trying to give me a fighting chance, told me to go find an island to join.

Each other island had at least one open desk. I went over to each island and was promptly rejected. Some did it silently, moving their backpacks or books to the empty seat(s) basically saying ‘you can’t sit with us’, but the two islands with the more vocal bullies basically straight up said they didn’t want me.

Ms. Cindy started to press the issue but I told her not to worry. I got this.

I was hurt, sure. But the bullying was not foreign to me. As I said earlier, I was being harassed in my 7th-period class, and around this time I was going to administration to get it sorted. So I had a feeling that I was likely going to switch classes.

Therefore, the plan formed: I would utterly wreck that curved grade, ruining the assignment grade for the whole class, then dip out.

Thus, it began. I wrote the best 10-page research paper of my entire high school career (it only had to be 7 pages) and I made a freaking documentary.

Not a PowerPoint, not a pamphlet, not anything easy or trivial.

No. This was a 14-minute masterpiece comparing and contrasting this book with Mark Twain’s body of work, namely Huckleberry Finn. Fully acted with me, my younger brother, and his then-significant other pretending to be the experts that I quoted in my research paper.

(Basically took the quotes and read them in different costumes that made us look professional and professorial) I narrated the points, edited scenes from plays and movies and pictures, and everything I could, including music, effects, Photoshop, everything my dad had taught me about editing videos.

And my favorite part? The credits, where everything was made by ME. (Of course I credited my brother and his girl for their acting roles but I did everything else by myself.)

The day before the project was slated to start being presented, a Wednesday, I was notified that I would be getting my classes switched beginning that next Monday.

I would no longer be in either of the toxic classes and I would be able to be with my friends in 7th period English. Hooray!

But I had worked too hard on my stupid revenge, so I was glad to wait the couple extra days.

Thursday rocked up, and the presentations are your normal fare. They’re… fine. But the kids presenting them basically just read off of about five slides, one per kid on the island. It seems there had been some sort of agreement between them all that, since it was a curve, they’d all turn in around the same quality work and get a good grade.

No one had bothered to clue me in on this because, hey, I’m the loser idiot working on a group project alone. No way I’d be able to pull off better, right?

Friday comes, and I’m the second to last one.

(Islands were drawn randomly.) I go up to Ms. Cindy and hand her my paper and my flash drive. Nothing unusual, most everyone else had brought in a flash drive. But when she plugged it in and I sat back down, she was utterly confused.

‘OP, where’s your PowerPoint? You need to come up and present.’

‘I don’t have a PowerPoint.’

‘You don’t have a presentation?’

‘I didn’t say that. Try that .mp4 file.’

She does. She hits the lights. And my masterpiece is shown.

I can see every single other islands’ reactions. Most were silently grumbly. The one or two truly overambitious types looked petrified, knowing this had wrecked the curve they’d been banking on. But the best was the vocal bullies; they GLARED at me, didn’t watch a second of the film.

They whispered furiously to the rest of their islands, but some of them were shushed because the others were enjoying my documentary! Ha!

My work was done. And Monday I was gone. But the grade remained because I had turned it in while I was still in that other class.

I got a 96% (100 for the movie, 92 for the paper). And the rest of the class, according to the nice kids in my new 7th period English class who knew some of the kids in 6th, averaged about a C, C+.

For some of them, that must have HURT. Some of us had really strict parents. But I wrecked their curve and showed that I didn’t need their acceptance. It felt good.

I know Ms. Cindy used my movie for a few years to show other classes, but I don’t know if she still does.

The rest of my senior year after the class switch went pretty smoothly, and I got to enjoy it with my friends.”

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8. In The End, They All Got Arrested

“I currently work in the tech field and have done so for most of my life. I had a bad run in my early adulthood making less than stellar decisions and ended up in some dumb places as a result.

I tended to find jobs from questionable online sources, which looking back now, I can offer this piece of advice: please don’t do that; most of the time you are going to end up regretting it.

I found a job at a call center: a big one (to me anyway).

I think in total we had something like 75 to 150 employees. I am not quite sure about this number as we had two buildings, one of which I only visited once. The position was described initially by the company as ‘The IT guy,’ but it turned out to basically be a Systems Administrator role.

They needed someone who understood the dialing software they used, which was something that I had experience in as a result of having many previous jobs in a similar setting.

I got the interview for the job, (if I remember correctly), over the phone, then I came in for something like a second interview in person with someone who turned out to be the current tech guy there.

He asked a few questions and put me straight through the ropes. He laid out a few things about what might be expected of me, then immediately started walking me through how to determine payroll and bonuses, as well as something to do with determining how much money was coming in based on sales (it turns out I was also the payroll person and helping out with invoicing to some extent).

This guy blasted so quickly through this, that I did not fully understand what was going on. I figured I would ask questions later and learn them in a more hands-on way when the time came. I am generally pretty good at hands-on learning and quick study.

He didn’t hammer the importance of doing this, however. It seemed like just a secondary thing that didn’t cross his mind. I believe I asked him if it would be a problem if I had questions… apparently not.

He did not brief me on anything about the equipment I would be working on. He did not even show me the server room. He handed me credentials for the servers, and it was just, ‘Good luck, have fun…’

I later find out that he was actually leaving that day. He was quitting and was hiring his replacement before he left. He claims to have found something better, so I started the very next day at the office.

I show up and am blown away; this place is a lot bigger than any place I have worked at in the past. They show me to the server room and now I am worried. Suddenly, I find myself in my new ‘office’ which is the server room itself, and if I recall contained 14+ servers and a few major networking appliances.

I am seriously worried now because all of a sudden, I have a room in front of me with a lot of very expensive hardware and no clue what does what. Nothing is labeled, and the old tech guy did not even show me this room.

I also did not receive contact info for the old tech guy and am told for the most part by management to ‘figure it out,’ as the old tech guy ‘doesn’t work here anymore.’

I suck it up and decided I need this job.

The pay was like $400 a week and although not much, I was in a bad relationship living in a house with 4 other people: 2 adults (my partner and a roommate), and 2 kids (the kids were not mine but belonged to my partner).

Add to this the sad fact that this is the most I made in a while, and the fact that no one in the house wanted to work, and now it’s up to me to put a roof over everyone’s head and make sure we have enough money for food.

I need this job no matter what because it’s the only job that will actually make ends meet, just barely, but it will do the trick. Plus, I have a perk in this job: after a couple of months, if all goes well, I get an additional $300 each paycheck… or so I am told.

So, if I can hold this job down long enough, I not only make ends meet, but now I have enough extra money to breathe; enough money to maybe even do something other than sitting around the house because we don’t have the funds to even leave and do something fun like go to the park.

The relationship I was in was an abusive one: physically, verbally, and emotionally. I was young and dumb and thought that I needed to do anything I could to make sure those two kids, at the very least, were fed. So, this seemed like my chance at maybe finding some happiness.

I thought, ‘If I fix the financial problems, then maybe the stress level goes down, and things will get better.’ Spoiler: that didn’t happen.

So now I am on a mission. I log in to every server that I can and start tearing into them to figure out IP’s software, etc. I get into the dialing software, IchyDial I’ll call it, (if you know your dialing software, sounding this out will probably get you somewhere), and determine what the roles of the servers are.

Now, I have a bit of a map. I know we have a handful of dialing servers, a few servers used for management, and so on. I discover the use for every server but one. None of the login credentials work on this last server, so I decide to ask about this.

Supposedly, they talked to the tech guy, and from what I understood, no one knows its credentials and it’s ‘not necessary to get into that server.’ Okay, fine. Still, this is good news; I am in and I have an idea of what does what; it’s rough but it’s something.

The first payroll run comes in and I am totally lost. I try to get somewhere, but nothing gives. I ask for help and I am met with ‘figure it out.’ This, of course, is met with no results.

Eventually, the overlords pass the buck onto someone else that had an idea on how to do it, however, they were not always going to be available. That is a rocky first start. The overlords of course ask me why I do not know how to do this.

I explained that the old tech guy blasted through the initial orientation and really didn’t teach me much of anything about it. I was under the impression that I could ask questions and at least get some help. For the moment, no biggie, someone else is going to handle payroll.

Life moves on.

Something like a week goes by, and everything is fine. This is where things start to go bad. I come in one morning and the place is the IT equivalent of ON FIRE. Nothing works (even the satellite office is down), no one can make calls, no one is getting work done, and I have a lot of annoyed employees staring me down.

I am praying that my map is going to help me figure out the failure point. I get into the servers and start digging around; I am trying to figure out what to start with. This is taking me a while and I eventually tell everyone, ‘Go home and I will have management know once I get this problem fixed.’

That day was super awful. It was a Friday, and I was actually there from morning into the evening, still there the next morning, leave at some point, come back, and keep going. I believe I figured out the problem that Sunday.

The first thing I notice is that all the servers are fine, everything is fine. It takes me a while to check every server. Nothing is offline, nothing is broken, but there is one problem though. It takes me a while to get to this point, but eventually, I discover that none of the dialing servers have internet.

The rest of the building, however, is fine. The routing equipment is still ticking and seems to be providing internet everywhere else. In my frustration of not being able to pinpoint the source of the issue, I start following wires.

I eventually find the wire that leads to the router from the switches that run the dialing servers. In a moment of ‘YOLO,’ I decide to unplug the wire and move it to another port on the router because whatever; nothing’s working anyhow, I might as well get creative.

All of a sudden, everything is working.

Now, for those of you that don’t know this is not supposed to happen, this routing equipment is not like your router at home. It has a main feed for the internet and some programmable ports on it which you define how you want to split up for your internet and networks.

You build a few separate networks – say one for your management staff, one for your dialers, and one for your call floor/normal work computers. You program these ports to do this; they aren’t just generally online and ready to go unless you set them up to do a task.

I flipped a wire, and magically it’s working, which tells me one of two things happened: either someone reprogrammed the ports on the router, or someone moved a wire behind something like a thousand pounds worth of equipment. This was not accidental, it was intentional.

Now I am annoyed. Someone has literally been screwing with my IT room; someone who knows what they are doing. My first suspect: the old IT guy. I eventually learn that he didn’t just quit for a new job.

He demanded a pay raise, didn’t get it, told them no one would be able to run the place but him, and then left. This is why he never gave me everything I needed, sped through the training on payroll and invoicing, and bailed in such a way that I would be left to figure it out and fail.

There was one important factor he neglected to realize: I am a persistent guy and I will figure stuff out even if you leave me on an island with just a pocket knife and some ear swabs. I have kids to feed, oh God, and no one is stopping me.

Now that I have everything back online, it’s time to trap this guy. I tell the overlords, a.k.a management, that this was sabotage; there is no way that this sort of thing ‘just happens.’ I told them I had a solution and convince them to bring in the old tech guy to ‘fix’ the problem.

I put the wires back the way they are and wait for him to show up. Of course, he shows up, goes up to the console, types one command in, then proceeds to jump a desk and flip the wire that I discovered, then jumps back over, checks for internet, and claims ‘it’s fixed…’ — this process took less than 2 minutes.

I call BULL on that big time. I send him on his way and proceed to explain to management that this isn’t a 1900’s phone switchboard. You do not just go and flip wires; wires are not magical and do not just move on their own.

This stuff doesn’t ‘just happen,’ and those ports aren’t just ‘programmed’ to work for the network that the dialing servers need to be on.

I am told something along the lines of maybe I do not know what I am doing.

I think to myself, ‘How stupid can these people be?’ I demand access to the routing equipment. After a ‘talk’ with the old IT guy, according to him, I do not need to be in that equipment, so I do not need to worry about credentials.

Something was definitely fishy about this. I tried getting into the cameras and did not find anything. There was a small gap in the camera footage from the front doors, which I thought maybe he deleted so I couldn’t trace it back to him coming overnight.

This theory didn’t seem to work out, however, as he would have had to get in and out really quick if that were the case. Something else is going on… my next guess, the server to which I am not allowed entry is his access point and where he is screwing stuff up.

I cannot risk the old IT guy taking down the building, but now I must fight both entities: him and management. He is hacking in, and management is too stupid to realize or is involved somehow. I know I need to protect my job and the integrity of the equipment.

At this point, I am backing up the crucial config. files and settings, databases, everything related to the dialing server, and I am keeping copies, waiting for the next strike. The key thing I backed up was the dialing plan.

If memory serves me right, this configuration file is sort of the layout on how to route calls going from one point to another, what prefixes on phone calls get you out of the system, into another system, etc. It is used as a blueprint on how to route a call from one point to another, say, from a customer to one of our reps on the floor.

3 or so weeks go by and of course, it does happen.

This time he attacks the dialing plan on some of the dialing servers, which royally screws up the entire system. We can no longer make outbound calls, so we are stuck.

It kills the system halfway through the day, it takes me another handful of hours to figure it out, but eventually, I find the dialing plan with some slight changes. Now, on a side note, because of this problem, management thinks I do not know what I am doing, and I am screwing stuff up.

They bring in the guy who installed the entire system. I have already figured out the problem, but they want him there anyhow. He shows up and I come to the office with a literal printout of what I found.

I explain to him what happened a week or so before, what happened today, the steps I took to protect the system, and a printout of the current configuration as well as the backup configuration. I state clearly that this file does not just change itself, nor do I have any reason to go in this file and mess with it or change it in any way.

He agreed; someone was in fact screwing with our system.

‘Now I am vindicated,’ I think. I am free and clear of any wrongdoing. This was the guy well above both of our stations; the man who set the system up and the person they called when things really hit the fan.

At some point, shortly after this, I ask about my pay raise. I think I have done a decent job, and not just that, defended the company as best as I could from a vindictive tech guy. Nope, wrong! I will not be receiving that raise as they ‘need more time’ and ‘have had a lot of problems…’ I would never get that raise — you’ll find this out soon enough.

I did end up breaking into this ‘rogue’ server, removing the extra user accounts, and changing the passwords, effectively cutting the old IT guy out of the system completely, so he would not make an appearance after this.

Some really questionable things start to happen in between the first attack and now.

Some of these things you must be aware of. First, the company wants to call people on the national DNC registry; the DO NOT CALL list. I am not the savviest person with FTC laws and whatnot, but even I know that you do not screw with that list. The current system takes all the phone numbers (leads) and scrubs them against this list to filter out anyone that is registered on the Do Not Call list, that way we do not accidentally call any of them.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I am asked to disable this filter. I told them this was a bad idea and that I do not recommend it. I am met with, ‘just do it.’ So, I show them how to do it, wash my hands of the affair, and leave them on their own to do this.

I do not want anything to do with that. This was super shady and sketched out even more about this job.

The next major thing happens; they call me into an office and ask me to edit a call recording.

I feign ignorance and say, ‘I work on computers, but I do not know how to work with audio files; I know nothing about it.’ I get pretty much a response along the lines of, ‘how stupid are you,’ and one of the other workers in the office volunteers to do it.

‘Good, I am not getting involved in that either,’ I thought. Of course, if you as a reader found this shady, so did I. I had one major problem: I CAN NOT LOSE THIS JOB. It was the difference between having a place to call home with food on the table, and well, not.

Granted, I had been in bad places, losing my apartment and everything, and being stuck in the gutter has been the story of my life up until this point. That story never involved kids though; it wasn’t just me this time.

I could deal with the bad conditions when it was just me. I could not, however, pass that on to the kids I was trying to keep afloat at the time. Best decision in the world? I don’t want to comment on that, but I will say I was young and naive back then and was willing to do anything to keep us going.

I kept my nose clean as much as possible through this process, which was not easy, and it left me walking down some pretty thin paths with major drops on either side.

Continuing with the series of unfortunate events, another major thing happens.

It seems like a big nothing, at first, but turns out to be a major turning point in this whole ordeal. A top producer, Nancy, for the company gave me their laptop to fix, which I never got around to completing.

It sat at my house for a few weeks, it even was on the stove at one point, and someone very smart turned on the stove and burned the heck out of the bottom of it. Yes, very careless, I know.

I meant to order a new bottom cover and repair it before returning it, but this was on my own dime as I wasn’t going to demand that the company fix my screw-up. So, needless to say, on my tight budget I took a long time to get to it.

Back to the major timeline:

Apparently, all of these stops in production have cost the company some money, and they need to pass that cost down to the employees because ‘sharing is caring!’

The general manager, let’s call him Bob, walks into my office after emailing me a payroll Excel file and asks me to adjust the earnings and bring it down some…

‘Que?!’ I think to myself.

‘All of these problems are partly your fault; you need to help me with this and no one else is available,’ he tells me.

There is no way out of this for me, so I make some adjustments and pull like 2 grand across the board out of everyone’s checks — well everyone except the 4 or 5 top earners – can’t touch them; they might quit.

This 2 grand does not have much of an overall effect on the employees, but there I did something… ‘NOT GOOD ENOUGH, pull out more!’

I pull like 5 grand, which turns into 8, 10, 13, 18… I stop around 25 to 27K being pulled out of payroll of all employees.

I was being asked to pull more, but I explained I already basically halved all checks: I took payroll down to like 35k from around 60K or so. That is a lot of money, and some of those checks were getting very small.

He left me alone at this point and had me email the files to him.

The next day is Friday, also payday, and CHAOS ENSUES!!

When I say people were annoyed, this is an understatement; they were out for blood and I got cornered. They were asking me how on earth did I screw up this bad.

Most people left in a rush, but a few were ready to throw down and actually wanted to physically harm me. However, one or two levelheaded people came to me in the madness and asked what happened, because everyone got screwed. I told them I did too, and being truthful, I said, ‘I did exactly what they asked me to do.

They told me to do it; I don’t even do payroll most of the time.’

I got a response of ‘I knew it!’

Someone else said, ‘Better cash these before they bounce.’

I asked them about it, and they stated that they might indeed bounce since it was not the first time that the funds were insufficient.

I raced off just like everyone else, trying to cash this check before I had nothing in terms of finances for the next two weeks. Word got out. The people who asked me about what went down spread the word that management was actually at fault.

Monday rolls in and things get even worse. Bob catches me walking to my office and grabs me by the back of my neck and roughly pushes me into my office, then proceeds to scream at me asking why I told people about what happened, etc. I am shaken and annoyed. I say almost nothing, let him yell it out, and leave.

I am starting to reach a point of mental breakdown.

I should warn, I am a nice person, too nice, and I can bottle things up to the point where after a while, they blow up worse than Mt. Vesuvius at Pompeii.

I am sitting there in my office basically deranged like The Joker. I was angry that I didn’t do anything, angry that he had the audacity to grab me for something that was his fault in the first place, angry I was still sitting at my desk trying to collect a paycheck, and angry that I needed this income so badly.

I had mentally clocked out at this point. I continued to come into work Tuesday and Wednesday, then Thursday rolls in. Keep in mind, I said nothing to Bob and Co. about the event and let it be; I was mentally preparing for a new gameplan as I was basically done with the company, but of course, I still needed my check.

Thursday, one of the regular managers, let’s call her Becky, demands the invoice stuff to be done. This is the first time I am doing it, and I have no clue how. It has been a while since I even looked at the invoice spreadsheets.

Becky and the other overlords are getting more and more frantic about it while I am trying to figure it out; I also don’t really care at this point since this job has put me through way too much trouble.

It’s now past the end of business day, and Becky is demanding the invoice. Apparently, she called Bob, (general manager and the same guy who grabbed me, mind you), and had him talk to me. He screams, ‘I am on my way, if this is not done by the time I get in, I am going to KILL YOU.’ I said calmly ‘ok.’ He hung up and I proceeded to start walking out of my office.

Becky proceeds to follow me through the building, yelling at me asking me what I am doing, and saying that I need to get back to my desk and finish that invoice report. I am pumped with adrenaline at this point.

‘Bob has already grabbed me once,’ I think to myself. I believe him to be unstable and dangerous, and now he says he’s on his way and is going to kill me. I told Becky, ‘I am going to get my weapon.

He assaulted me before and says he’s on the way and is going to kill me when he gets here.’ I continued, ‘I am not going to just let him kill me and will defend myself.’ Becky, the local manager, calls Bob, the general manager, frantically warning him not to come in.

He did not show up obviously. At that point, Becky was saying something along the lines of ‘Just go home and we will figure this out tomorrow.’

I show up at the call center the next day. I happen to run into Bob who is sharply dressed. Mind you, I had never seen this guy in anything but shorts and a t-shirt before this.

Now, he was in slacks and a button-down shirt. It reminded me of the SouthPark episode where Cartman wants to go to Casa Bonita, but Kyle won’t let him because he is always a jerk, so Cartman shows up dressed nicely and is apparently oblivious to the notion that being well-dressed has nothing to do with being a nice person who is kind to others.

I laugh about that odd event to this day since the only rationale that I can find for his attire is that he had a similar thought process to Cartman’s on that episode of SouthPark. Anyway, I digress. Continuing with the events, he asks me in a very nice way to please have that invoice report done when I can.

I am cordial, as always, and say, ‘I am working on it now and will send it to you once I get it done.’

I sit around and do nothing for a while. I lost all care for this job, and at this point, I am literally here to make a paycheck in the easiest way possible.

If I could avoid coming in and still get paid I totally would – work smarter, not harder, am I right? I am absolutely exhausted by this job and cannot justify keeping it. I go home that day, and quite frankly, don’t show up the next day or the day after that.

The third day arrives, and they call asking, ‘Where are you?’ simply put, I say, ‘I am done and I am not coming back. When can I come to get my last paycheck?’ Apparently, they were going to mail it to me.


I don’t care at this point; I don’t expect it, but I sure as heck needed that paycheck. A few more days go by. I am looking for a new job in the stupidest places again, and I get another phone call,

Becky: ‘You have Nancy’s computer!’

Me: ‘Uhhh what, who?’

Becky: ‘You have Nancy’s computer bring it now, or we will call the police!’

Me: ‘Wait… oh yeah, I do have it… where is my last paycheck? I never got it.’

Becky: ‘I will meet you with the check at XYZ gas station.’

Me: ‘I thought you mailed it.’

Becky: ‘We didn’t have a chance yet.’

I genuinely forgot all about that computer; it had been sitting in my closet.

So now, I am going to a gas station to meet Bob who has already threatened me and laid hands on me. I am actually armed this time. I get there early, check for cameras to make sure this goes down on video somewhere, and tell the gas station attendant that I am meeting someone there who has already threatened me, and if anything crazy happens to call the police.

He is confused, and I just reiterate what I said and walk out.

Bob shows up on the side of the gas station without cameras. I still wonder to this day if he did that on purpose. He gets out with a check in hand.

YAY! I am thinking. I bring the laptop. He goes to give me the check. I hand him the laptop. He pulls back the check suddenly and runs. I chase in pursuit. He gets into his car and closes the door.

I rip the door open and unexpectedly, all the other car doors fly open, and guess who hops out? Everyone else in management. The managers all go flying out and run off into the sunset. Bob gets the car in gear and runs over my foot with the back left tire on the way out.

I am in a bit of pain, but I can still walk. This is some Honda Civic he’s driving, and I guess that the weight of the car is in the front and the air-filled tires in the back did little damage thanks to the speed and perhaps the weight potentially being mostly in the front car.

I am hurt and angry. I scream to the managers in the distance, ‘YOU ARE ALL WITNESSES!’ to which one screamed back, ‘I DON’T KNOW YOU!’ as they kept running off. Meanwhile, I am in pain after having my foot plowed over due to Bob’s reckless driving.

My ex calls the cops; they tell us to head to the police station. I show up and explain most of the story to them about the neck-grabbing, the death threat, and then running over of my foot. Astoundingly, the cop says that they have seen a foot run over by a forklift, and ‘the foot was like a pancake.’ In my opinion, that is a crazy comparison.

Forklifts have solid rubber tires, at least the ones I’ve seen them use at Walmart, and they have like a thousand pounds of batteries over those solid tires. That’s not going to work out the same as an air-filled, front-heavy car when the rear wheel runs over your foot, but what do I know?

I am an IT guy, not a physics major or involved in the medical field. I then proceeded to tell them about how I was coerced into modifying payroll, how the call center’s management refused to give me my last check, and how they tried to get me to call the DNC list as well as modify recordings they needed to keep for records on these phone calls.

Of course, nothing happened.

I left and ended up at my brother’s home who has his paramedic certs., or whatever, and had him take a look at my foot since I couldn’t afford a hospital. It had swelled up a lot; he had me soak it a bit and get some rest. After a little while, the foot went back to normal and I went back to my life.

The end….

Or so I thought. Roughly 4 years later, I pick up another odd job and I am supposed to show up at a small call center, fix a computer or two, get paid, and get out. I show up, fix this computer, look behind someone’s desk to check out another problem, and one of the employees stops me.

RandomEmployee: ‘Hey! You’re the IT guy.’

Me: ‘Uhh…?’

RandomEmployee: ‘From that call center in (insert city)? I used to work there!’

My eyes go wide. ‘Yeah, that was me.’

RandomEmployee: ‘Did you hear what happened after all that stuff went down with you?’

At this point, I am shooketh. Not only was I spotted, but apparently people knew to some extent what happened.

Me: ‘No I didn’t hear about anything after that.’

RandomEmployee: ‘They all got arrested!’

Me: ‘WHAT!’

RandomEmployee: ‘Yeah FTC Showed up with guns and arrested all the managers.’


Them: ‘Yeah, a couple of weeks after you left, they came in with guns and everything. They got everyone off the computers, started taking the computers with them, and then they started arresting people.’

I was blown away.

Apparently, they were under surveillance by FTC, and my statements about all the things they were doing may have made their way down to the FTC and pushed the investigation over the edge. Pretty much all management got screwed, and hard (Giggity).

On top of that, I am pretty sure they were selling some illicit substances out of Bob’s office; that makes for a lot of surprises to go out on.

In the end, justice was served. Karma can be tough, and to think if I never took that odd job at the smaller call center a few years later, I would have never known about any of it.

The Moral of the story: don’t mess with the IT g–I mean, FTC; actually, don’t mess with them, lol. In addition, it is not super smart to screw with IT guys. Just look at the vindictive old tech guy; imagine if I was as much of a jerk as he was and decided to do something catastrophic to the system on the way out.”

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7. Petty Manager Gets Left All By Herself


“When I was in high school, I worked at a fast-food chain. I literally made enough to pay my car insurance and drive myself to school with about $50-60 leftover to spend.

I was a part-time worker and after working there a few months got offered a weekend gig. 11 pm-7 am Fri and Sat. It sucked, but it was a bit more pay due to hours and a promised raise. I got about 5 cents.

The first weekend I worked, the business made the most it ever had on that schedule. I was polite and I had return customers. I was basically the weekend manager…. without being a manager. I was told this.

Well, one of our managers was a horrible lady.

Lazy, snide, etc. She had a bad habit of coming in at 8-9 am to relieve me from my shifts. I was kind of a manager right…? So I couldn’t just leave. I was told this.

So one evening, while my parents were out of town, my car wouldn’t start.

I knew I had friends that could take me, but it would take a while to get them there. So I called up work to let them know I was on my way but I might be a few minutes late.

So lady manager decides to yell, threaten my job, how dare I. I told her I was doing my best and I would get there. I called some friends got a ride (with no solid ride home) and walked in about 5-10 minutes late.

I mean I was proud of being able to get there so fast… but she just exploded. She was just so inconvenienced at that 5-10 minutes. Even while I was thinking about how messed up it all was and being quite upset, I apologized (I was a very timid teenager) for being late, and tried to explain that I had called, she did know, and I had indeed made it like I said I would.

She. Would. Not. Stop. She had nothing else on me but this one time. That was all. And she kept yelling. The other night worker (only two people on nights) was just watching with an annoying look.

So finally I broke.

I called her out on all those times she had been over an hour late and how I never complained. How this 5-10 minute was nothing compared to going to school then working a 10-hour shift. Then I told her to get bent, figure out the schedule herself because I wasn’t going to be treated that way… so I QUIT!

I stepped out and called my friends to pick me up. A few minutes later the other guy walked out. We chatted for a few minutes. It was his first day, I was supposed to train him. After the blow-up he saw, he said he didn’t want to work there anymore.

He actually thanked me…

She kind of screwed herself. I never asked how it went but I doubt she managed on her own.”

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6. I Deleted Their Whole Pilot Script


“So I do voice acting for YouTube projects, YouTube movies, web series, student projects, etc. So about two months ago in late March, I got a role in a web series for a pretty big YouTube channel, well big for my standards, the biggest role I’ve ever got is a channel with around 1k subs and this one had 20k.

So I and the guy who gave me the role were chatting on discord. He said I needed something for a computer which I don’t have so I told him I can’t get it. Then he ended up saying it’s ok and invited me to the cast discord.

So I stayed there for a couple of weeks, he gives us the pilot script then I ended up getting kicked from the server. When I asked him why he told me I needed that thing from earlier. When I said he said it was ok he told me he’d never said that so I went back a couple of weeks in the DMs to show him he said it was fine, but he deleted those messages.

He said that the only reason he kept me is that it was very hard to find someone else matching the voice of the character and now that he has found someone he doesn’t want me anymore.

For any of you wondering what that thing was, it was like a mic app.

I’m not 100% sure. Then I realized something… I still had access to the script and for some reason, he never really put it on view only for the script editors. So we could edit it and delete it but he trusted us so he wasn’t too worried. So I went to the script and deleted it.

He never knew it was me. I also rejected two YouTube movie opportunities to voice in this show because of how loyal I was to the people who cast me and now it’s too late because those characters that got offered to me before are now cast with someone else.”

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5. Fiancée Dumped Me Because I Invested In Bitcoin


“So, I was hanging out with a friend when the subject arrived at my ex-fiancée. Then I realized this history was too juicy to not be shared.

So, back in the day, I started buying bitcoin. I wasn’t a serious buyer, I just thought it was a neat thing.

I had just proposed to my ex, and things were pretty good. I started learning more about the whole concept of a decentralized currency, how modern banking is destroying the economy and government-produced currencies have been melting through the years.

It just made so much sense, so I started seriously buying more.

At first, my ex didn’t mind, she used to make condescending comments about me buying monopoly money, and how stupid it sounded. Things started to go sour when I told her, all MY savings were now in bitcoin.

She was livid, called me an immature irresponsible man-child. How dare I put our future together in jeopardy buying stupid things. I tried to explain to her many times the concepts behind it and how a currency that is deflationary by default had to increase its value.

She didn’t buy any of it, always with condescending comments about my cognitive abilities. I reminded her that if it were MY savings on the line, I would never demand or ask for her to invest in something she wasn’t comfortable with.

She argued that it didn’t matter the money was mine, we were starting a future together and I had to consider our financial security before putting all my funds in stupid things.

We were never the same after that fight.

After that, maybe a bit out of spite, I doubled down on bitcoin. I sold my car and bought more. I was overweight and lost 25 pounds biking to work. We started to resent each other more day after day. About a year after the big fight, I discovered she was sleeping with a coworker of hers, a shoulder to cry on became a body to ride on.

After a nasty fight, she took the ring off, threw it at me, saying, I hope when you’re bankrupt and alone you finally realize how stupid you are. She started going out with the coworker not long after. Her family sided with her and all hate my guts.

Those were tough times, the price kept going down, I doubted myself many times but I held on. Needless to say, my investment paid off. After the first surge, I sold some of it, made a profit over my initial investment, and kept some, and then bought back when it hit 5k.

I won’t go into details about my finances, but let’s just say I don’t really have to worry about money anymore. My ex became just a distant memory after so much happened.

Last week, I met an old friend that used to live abroad, he is a common friend of me and my ex.

We had a good time catching up until the topic became my ex. Apparently, she married that coworker, had a couple of kids, and was living the life she thought impossible with me. ‘Good for her’, I thought. Well, that was the case until her husband’s business went under and she found out about his affair with a 20-year-old sugar baby.

Now they’re amidst a nasty divorce procedure and financial trouble. I would be lying if I say I don’t feel just a bit happy about her demise, it is the cherry on top of my whole story, it just makes it too juicy not to share.

I’m thinking about sending her a Christmas card this year.”

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4. Too Bad I Didn't See His Face At The Meeting


“I’m an RA at (State School), which is basically half community building and half policy enforcement. Now, of late we’ve mostly given up on enforcing mask policy because the people who don’t wear them really don’t give a care, but this happened last semester when we were still enforcing things.

So I was on rounds (basically check the building over and see if there’s anyone making trouble or needing help), and when I get to the second floor, I see this dude walk in with no mask talking on FaceTime with no headphones.

I, of course, say that he should put a mask on.

He supposedly doesn’t hear me and while I’m looking at him waiting for a response he goes to the other guy on FaceTime ‘man if that jerk doesn’t stop looking at me weird imma beat their heads’.

I fire back with an ‘I’m an RA and I just said you need to put a mask on. Now I need your ID to write this incident up.’

The guy goes ‘oh. My bad, didn’t hear you’, then books it for his room.

He gets in, then closes the door, and when I knock repeatedly, he doesn’t answer.

I go ‘eh, whatever,’ and proceed to take his room number down, then I tell my boss and submit an incident report.

My boss goes through the normal conduct meeting process with him, and he ends up kicked out of the dorm because come on, you can’t just threaten people with violence and expect nothing to happen.

My only regret is that I wasn’t able to see his face at the meeting.”

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3. Karma Always Catches Up


“During my freshman year of high school, I had a significant other of a year and a half and we were the first out lesbian couple in school. After that many people started to come out and have the courage to be together with who they wanted and we were really proud of that.

Our relationship was great for the first 5 months till some red flags started.

She is attracted to both men and women and I was the first girl she has ever been with and she was my first too but I am a lesbian.

After 5 months or so she would get DMs of boys flirting with her and she would answer them back flirty too. She told me each time she said she found it funny and how pathetic and desperate they were. I was very uncomfortable with it and I would tell her each time.

She would get mad then tell me it was no big deal and that she’ll stop. She never actually did and I got so insecure about it and being in my emo phase made it worse.

She told me how her family was homophobic and how she had to be the perfect oldest daughter with a 4.0 GPA all As.

So she always stressed out so much with schoolwork yet I was clingy and she hated that. I got more and more insecure that she’ll leave me for a boy to please her family. She started to get more irritated with me with school work being too much but no matter what, I would comfort her and tell her everything will be ok and hold her hands and let her just lay her head on me and breathe it out or cry it out.

It was like that for 3 more months till she started to get more distant with me and she would lie more. I always knew when she lied but I never questioned it. We got into more arguments especially with her being touchy with her guy friend.

I did my best to make things work especially being my first love. After a year and 2 months, she got very very irritated all the time with me and I knew what was coming. I felt sick and sicker to my stomach each day.

For 3 weeks a boy would harass me and tell me how being gay was a sin and how he’s gonna save my girl. I hated him so much. He acted so innocently, the perfect student. He played ukulele for the girls.

Everyone called him a sweetheart. I was so mad and I would always have to control myself to not tackle him down and just punch him till I couldn’t.

Till it happened: ‘Hey we need to talk. I am really sorry I love you I really do but we can’t be together bc of my parents.

It’s not you and I still love you but this is over.’

After 2 days I found out she started going out with that same guy. I was furious, I was angry, I felt so insecure more than ever. Then the rumors started that she broke up with me because I would mentally abuse her.

This was not even true, I and my friends would mad dog her and her man each time they walked by. He would always give me this devilish smile basically saying he won. He bragged to his guy friends how he has broken up the first lesbian couple.

I texted all of what he’s been doing to me to my ex but she denied it saying he would never.

I found out my now ex two-timed me for those 3 weeks before she broke up with me with that guy.

I had no energy to do anything. I was in the dark more than ever yet so angry. They were together for 3 months till I and my friends were walking down the hallway to film class. We all heard a full argument in front of the students walking by, some watching.

My ex and her man yelling at each other. She’s screaming how he two-timed her but he’s screaming back about how she was using him to please her family and so on. My friends asked if I was ok. I had the biggest smile on my face.

I started laughing and my ex saw me and ran out of the building crying shouting that she’s done with him. The guy ran after her and I couldn’t stop laughing till I was crying and my friends comforted me.

Karma really catches up to you, you just have to give her time.

Now I am a graduate student of 2021 and I have an amazing partner of a year and 3 months now. We have been going stronger than ever, even though her parents hate me, but we always make it work.

For my ex, I still have her on social media bc we ended on good terms but after that, she never went out with anyone else. Still hasn’t told me that she felt awful and deserves everything that happened to her.”

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coin 2 years ago
So you were codependent as hell and shocked she left you? Ok
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2. Annoying Regular Tries To Scout Models

“I (M, 26 at time of story) used to work at a coffee stand inside a large retail store. It was an industrial/semi-rural town, so we were kept busy as one of the few coffee stands in the area.

Some people expected us to act like a full-service cafe (an elderly customer complained that we didn’t have porcelain for the espresso), and one guy, in particular, would stay in the seating area for hours at a time, using the wifi and working from his cell phone and laptop.

He always ordered a small blonde roast as a pour-over.

There’s nothing wrong with using the store’s wifi, but Blonde Roast also liked to try and talk to the baristas when he wasn’t actively on the phone and brag about how he traveled all around the country for business, though he said he lived in the area.

This was 2016, and he would also try to engage me in political debate. When it snowed that winter, he walked in and out of the store while making his calls and tracked salt all over the cafe floor.

I did my absolute best to be polite, stay neutral, not get fired, etc., but I really hated this guy.

I think he chose to do his work at a cafe so he could be seen being ‘important’ in public and be known as a man in town. We were often busy and understaffed, but if there wasn’t a customer directly in front of the counter and he was feeling chatty, he loved having us as a captive audience and would make it harder to keep up with cleaning and refilling tasks.

He tried to have the attitude of a big spender, but consistently ordered one of the cheapest things on the menu.

Several of my coworkers were girls, usually working evenings and weekends. Blonde Roast liked to hang around on weekends and claimed to one of my coworkers at some point that he ran or worked for a modeling agency.

I thought it was weird.

One night, though, I was closing with one of the girls and went to take my break. Blonde Roast was sitting with his laptop but not bugging us. It was around 7:30p, so while it was a little slow there were a fair amount of customers still in the store, and I would be back in 15 minutes.

I return from my break, and Blonde Roast packs up and leaves shortly after. My coworker then tells me that while I was gone, he had called her over to look at his laptop and show her pictures of women in bikinis, telling her that he worked in modeling as well.

He had also given her a business card.

I asked her to talk to the closing manager that night, and thankfully she listened to us. Blonde Roast had been annoying for months but had never done anything that could get him removed. But on top of being a creep, offering his business card counted as a solicitation and was not permitted by the company.

I wasn’t there to see it, sadly, but I heard that the next time he came in several people from upper management walked up and served him with a piece of paper banning him from the premises or requiring that he cease and desist passing out business cards.

In any case, he scurried out without arguing and I never saw him again. I wish I remembered his real name so I could look him up and see if he’s been arrested for something yet.

Blonde Roast was also friendly with a different coworker who was fired several months earlier for sending inappropriate text messages to a female supervisor half his age.

But that is a different, non-revenue story.”

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1. Oops, My Seat Must Be Broken

“I fly often for work. So often I was within sight of passing the million-mile mark on my favorite airline when I suddenly started working from home last year.

Anyways, this happened nearly ten years ago. After boarding the plane I get my aisle seat and wait for the passenger loading to finish. Suddenly I felt the back of my seat move in that slightly disturbing way they do when the person behind you uses it as an accessibility handle to help them stand up.

No big deal. I figured it was probably a physically impaired person that really needed the extra leverage to stand. That theory didn’t last long as the middle-aged woman strolled past my seat to the restroom near the front with nary a problem.

She didn’t seem physically disabled at all. Oh well, maybe this was her first flight and she didn’t know how rude that is or maybe she slipped a little and caught herself with my seat.

By mid-flight I knew better.

She kept getting up every ten minutes, using my seat back to do so and letting it springboard back when she let go. I was so irritated I eavesdropped a little and heard her telling some guy next to her all about her travel job and also about the mud-run she was preparing for, so proud of her last one.

Good for her, but she didn’t need to grab my seat for help getting up.

Now, I should have politely asked her to stop, but this is petty revenge so I obviously didn’t do any additional adulting that day. Nope, When I heard her tell the guy next to her that she’d be right back, I leaned forward and depressed the seat recline button just in time for her to grab her favorite point of leverage, my seat.

She wasn’t expecting it to instantly fly back the entire two inches into the fully reclined mode. She gasped and then apologized to me. Such sweet music to my petty ears. More importantly, she learned not to do that anymore, at least with my seat, and since I’m petty, that’s the only one I really cared about.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
A bit harsh, weren't you? She wasn't being obnoxious; she just didn't realize what she was doing.
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