People Intend To Clear Their Name With Their "Am I The Jerk?" Stories

You can always think about your behavior going forward, but you cannot undo what you have previously said or done. However, we don't always recognize it when we're at fault, which makes dealing with situations like this even more challenging unless we find someone to acknowledge that we were being rude. Here are some stories from people who want to know if they're jerks. They need our help with coming up with judgments for their actions. Continue reading and let us know who you believe is the jerk. AITJ = Am I the jerk? NTJ = Not the jerk WIBTJ = Would I be the jerk? YTJ = You're the jerk

20. AITJ For Refusing To Welcome My Husband's Family Into Our Home?


“My husband (21m) and I (20f) have been together since I was 15 and he was 16. We got married 2 years ago and bought a house when we were both 20.

My MIL has never liked me, my husband also has two older sisters who also don’t like me.

3 years ago when we first got engaged there was a huge fight between everyone. It was honestly my fault. My SIL and I used to be very close and somehow I got ahold of her phone and saw some things that ruined everything.

I thought everyone in my husband’s family liked me since I took them everywhere and babysat for them. It turns out they talked about me in a group chat. It was so bad that everyone went no contact with each other.

They all blocked me off of social media and would share things about me which is fine, I just ignored it.

A year and a half ago they apologized and I said it was fine. Things now are hitting the fan I’m about to give birth but I refuse to allow his family in our home.

I’m not saying they can’t meet our baby but it’s our first child I just want my mom and husband with me. A few days after birth we can meet somewhere so they can meet the baby but I just don’t want them in our home.

My husband supports me 100% he’s always had my back but my mom is telling me that I’m acting like a brat. AITJ?”

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They mistreated you and cut contact with you for over a year when you found out?

That’s really extreme. Potentially you are also at fault, but even if that is the case, you make the rules for who is invited into your home, who meets the baby, when they meet the baby, and under what circumstances.

Your husband is on the same page as you so I really don’t see what the issue is. Both parents agree about the terms. Your mom has no say here.” kjaxz8

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. After all that they did, I think it’s very generous of you to permit your husband’s family to see your child at all.

It’s very sad that they walked over your kindness. When you had your hand out in order to be family, they smiled to your face and laughed at you behind your back. I’m glad that your husband is on your side.

And I’m shocked that your mother sees fit to call you a ‘brat.’ They didn’t even apologize by any standard of the word! By any chance, did your mother put a lot of pressure on you growing up to always forgive and be kind to people and not hurt feelings?

If so, then I think that going forward you need to not take her advice seriously. (Maybe it’s projection, but researching the ‘fawn’ trauma response might put some things in perspective.)” DazeIt420

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. You are an adult, you set your own boundaries with people who are clearly not your friends.

Your mum is wrong to decide that you should allow these people into your home and allow yourself to become a victim. Why would she think it is okay to allow bullies into your home? You may need to set some boundaries with your mum if she thinks other people can be allowed to treat you like dirt.” User

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Lilliepad 11 months ago
NTA tell you mom if she wants to be limped in with the in-laws and kept at arms length you can do that.. otherwise she needs to mind her own jerk buy.. you do what you feel you need to do for your mental well being. In-laws are lucky your letting them see the baby at all.
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19. AITJ For Not Reacting To My Sister's Embarrassment?

“I (41F) have recently had a newborn son. Yesterday we had a small gathering of just myself, my husband, my sister, and her husband, with our newborn at our house, whilst we had Christmas dinner together, opened presents, and played board games.

During a board game, my husband passed me our son who was fussing saying he couldn’t manage to settle him, and for me to see if I could manage. I took our son and began bouncing him on my knee and kissing his face repeatedly saying ‘ooh I got a secret kiss snuck in!

And another one! And another one!’ just silly affectionate stuff really to distract our son who was fussing after being fed and burped and clean nappy so to me just needed some attention and distraction and cuddles. He calmed down and watched me whilst I was doing it so I knew what I was doing was working.

My sister however seemed to find it incredibly embarrassing as she said ‘you’re in public, stop it’ several times to me quietly, then sat forward and shielded her face from viewing me and my son with her hand and gave an impatient sigh until I stopped several minutes later.

During this, I just didn’t react at all to what she was saying because in my head I was sure I was right to carry on comforting my son and showing him affection, but since then I’ve been worrying that I could or should have done something better or different because she was obviously embarrassed and a guest in my house, and I just didn’t react at all because I didn’t know if I could or should do differently as my son was my main focus.

AITJ for not reacting?”

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. It’s your house. You have a family. You were behaving normally towards your child, helping them calm down and showing love and affection. Her ‘in public’ comment is completely out of line, as is she hiding her face from your normal display of affection towards a child.

If this happens again, you should react differently – by telling your sister she is being weird, and if your behavior makes her uncomfortable or embarrasses her then she should leave.” GMOTR

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. You weren’t in a public setting.

You were in your own home. Besides, your behavior would have been perfectly acceptable in a public setting as well. You were amusing your son and getting him settled. If this behavior bothered your sister, she’s been embarrassed billions of times and I’m sure no one else worried about her reaction.

It’s natural your son was your main focus. Your sister is old enough to amuse herself and get herself settled, your son isn’t.” Legitimate-Moose-816

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. You’re not in public. You aren’t even in someone else’s home.

You’re in your own home. There literally isn’t anywhere you could be that would be considered ‘less public’. If you were in public, most people would probably be thankful you were doing whatever you could to calm your baby instead of its crying disturbing them.

There’s nothing embarrassing about caring for your child. You gave your baby exactly what they needed – a little love and affection from mama.

Your sister needs to relax. Not only was her comment untrue, but she also had no right to comment on anything you were doing at all.

She was a guest in your home. It was rude and entitled. Next time you’re a guest in her home, you should tell her the way she washes dishes, or whatever she’s doing, is an embarrassment as she’s in public.

Keep caring for your dear baby the way you have been. You’re doing great.” CatmoCatmo

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rbleah 1 year ago
Is your sis jealous of you and your baby? SHE IS THE JERK NOT YOU.
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18. AITJ For Confronting My Family For Excluding My Nephew?


“My family consists of me (28f), my two older sisters (30s), my brother (25), my parents, and then my nieces and nephew. My nieces are my one sister’s kids and my 15-year-old nephew (Jack) is my other sister’s kid.

Jack is being raised by my parents as his mom is unable to care for him. She was not present in this situation.

Anyways, we were all sitting in the living room last night and my mom was handing out glasses of hot chocolate.

She gave them to everyone and then when it was Jack’s turn she noticed that she didn’t have enough. He said it was fine.

My dad and brother left to get something from the grocery store and when they came back, they brought cookies for everyone.

They were short one though and immediately looked at Jack and said ‘sorry buddy, must’ve miscounted’.

Jack just shrugged it off. I offered to give him mine but he said he didn’t want it.

Then it was time for dinner and everyone went to sit at the table while Jack quickly went to use the washroom.

I noticed that there were no empty seats but before I could say anything Jack entered the room and my mom said: ‘I don’t think we have any more space at the table… would you mind eating in the kitchen?’

He didn’t even reply and went to his room instead. No one really cared and didn’t even blink at him going to bed after not eating all day. I felt really bad though. We didn’t have any extra chairs but I’m sure someone could’ve thought of SOMETHING.

I would’ve even given him my own chair. I made him a plate and then went to go find him. I wouldn’t say he was crying but when I entered his eyes were red, insanely red and he looked incredibly sad.

He was embarrassed but thanked me for the food.

I left so as to not make him uncomfortable but I was so upset.

My nieces left to go do their own thing and my siblings+parents noticed that I was upset and asked me what was wrong.

I just said, ‘you’re all so terrible’.

They all went silent but I continued and told them that I don’t know if they were mistreating Jack on purpose but they’d better be ashamed of themselves.

They’re all upset with me now and insisted that they really didn’t mean to ignore/exclude him and that it’s unfair for me to say these things.

They’re saying I ruined the night and am overreacting and that if Jack has an issue he’d say so. The mood is still off and now idk if I’m the jerk or not because maybe I shouldn’t have said anything considering it’s Christmas and Jack doesn’t seem to care.”

Another User Comments:


Jack is clearly used to being treated like this by his grandparents. He’s so nonchalant about it because of that. Hearing about how his mother is unfit to care for Jack, I personally believe his grandparents are taking out their feelings on his mother on him.

This isn’t fair to him and they need to be ashamed of themselves. You are absolutely not the jerk for calling them out on that. They may not be completely aware of it but now that they are they need to change, or else that kid may go down the same path as his mom.” Allwork_Jestersplay

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. Jack is being emotionally mistreated. Your parents and relatives are exactly what you said they are and Jack is suffering. Please make a child mistreatment report. Even if little comes of it, maybe the fact that they’re being investigated will give your parents a wake-up call.

Tell Jack he can call you at any hour of the day or night. And although you’re only 28, if you can take in Jack for the next three years until he’s ready for college, trade school, or a job, go for it.

You didn’t wreck Christmas; their behavior wrecked Christmas. Someone needs to save Jack.” Nester1953

Another User Comments:


They were absolutely excluding Jack. But don’t have the guts to admit it openly. Any one of those could have been an honest mistake.

But the consistent pattern? Absolutely not.

It could be Jack is, sadly, used to being ignored and neglected. But you should absolutely expect more out of the rest of the family. They SHOULD be ashamed of themselves, particularly if they make noises about how you ‘ruined Christmas’.

How? By trying to make sure poor Jack got at least SOME recognition from someone?

Bravo to you for at least making sure the poor boy had something to eat.” bmyst70

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BigGrandma1 1 year ago
Wow, this has ME really upset, poor kid. As a grandma myself, you better know I'd do whatever, give my own share to one of my grandkids so they weren't left out. Even my grown kids, it's just what you do. Aww, I could just cry
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17. WIBTJ If I Choose To Live With My Mom's Ex?


“My (16f) mom (40f) didn’t have the best partners when I was growing up and that caused me to have a lot of issues now that I’m a bit older.

So when Jake (35m) came into our lives, he was amazing. He treated me like I was his kid, not something to be tolerated and definitely never mistreated me as some had in the past.

I remember he threw me a nice birthday party when I was 11 for the first time ever.

It was just me and him and my younger brother because my mom was out of town and he bought us pizza, and a cake, he bought me a brand new sundress and took me to get my nails done.

When I couldn’t sleep at night due to past issues, he would make the best hot chocolate and would tell me about his job until I got sleepy. When the dog chewed up my old stuffed animal to a point beyond repair and I was heartbroken, he took me to one of his friends’ houses and she had made me a new one that looked similar and wasn’t stuffed and they had me stuff the remaining bits of my old one into it and I still sleep with it every night.

He got my ears checked and I got hearing aids after an incident with my mom’s partner before him. Took me to therapy and doctor’s appointments, and father-daughter dances, helped me with my homework, and made me want to be an engineer like him.

So when my mom broke up with him, I don’t think she understood how hard it was for us kids. She just expected us to be ok being alone most of the time again after 6 years of having him around all the time.

I don’t want to go back to my mom seeing different people and I’m tired of her never being around and taking away the one parent we have ever truly had. When Jake left, he even made a point of getting a 3-bedroom apartment ‘just in case.’ He’s currently working with my mom to see if he could get custody of us, even saying he would be willing to go to court for it.

Jake takes care of us, he’s the one that has been there for us, not mom. I know this because my mom comes home screaming at us about it. She and I got into a heated argument over it the other night, ending with her kicking me out and spending the night at Jake’s.

She said that if we want to move in with Jake, she’d let us, but she never wants to see us again after that. I discussed it with my brother and we both want to go that route. She’s my mother, yes, but hasn’t been there for us and only puts us in danger.”

Another User Comments:


If this guy is happy to take you in and can provide a stable and caring environment for you and your brother, (while your mom isn’t), I wouldn’t hesitate if legalities permit. You may find your mom will come around after you move out and you can have at least an arm’s length relationship.

If she doesn’t, she’s chosen herself over you, and you should do the same.” Libba_Loo

Another User Comments:

“You’re 16. You are old enough to figure out who are the safe adults who can take care of you. Since he is a safe person in your life, it is okay for you to say how well he’s been taking care of you when you go to the courts to ask them to give Jake guardianship over you.

Please do fight for yourself and your brother to have a good loving caring parent in your lives. You deserve it! You are correct that your mother has gotten you into danger. You even have to have hearing aids due to her ex?

That is very very very bad.

NTJ.” Quarkiness

Another User Comments:


It seems like your mother was being the jerk in this situation. She was not providing a safe and stable environment for you and your brother, and she was not providing emotional support for you.

She was not understanding and was not willing to work with Jake to try and provide a better life for you and your brother. Jake, on the other hand, was willing to go to court and fight for custody of you and your brother and provided a much more stable and caring environment for you.” Burgerlover2

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shgo 1 year ago
You DESERVE to have a parent who cares about you and takes care of you. Your mom clearly isn’t that person. You are NTJ.
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16. AITJ For Yelling At My Sister For Not Disciplining Her Kids?


“This year we hosted Christmas dinner. I (35M) adore my sister (30) and I adore my niece and nephew (6 and 12).

They’re good kids. We spend a lot of time together and our kids love playing together.

However, her kids have this habit of digging into the food that’s being served without it being on their plates. For example, once when we visited, my sister made mashed potatoes and both kids dipped their fingers in the pot and licked them, dipped them again, etc. My kids (7 and 9) never did this in their life.

I don’t have a problem with that, her house, her rules. My wife and kids hate it tho.

So we were settling down at dinner, and almost all the guests had arrived. We had some light drinks and my wife and I brought out the first course which consisted of multiple things like cheese, grapes, ham, steamed veggies, meatballs, etc on big platters so our guests can serve themselves with whatever they liked.

As per usual, kids start going around the table to pick stuff from the platters. We laughed and cheered as they played around until I noticed that my niece and nephew were grabbing something, taking a bite, and putting it back.

My wife noticed it so she went discreetly around to get the stuff they bit out of. I pulled my sister aside and told her to please tell her kids to stop doing that.

In came the next meal which was a light soup with sour cream.

The instant my wife put the serving bowl down, my niece and nephew grabbed the ladle and licked it. We kinda laughed nervously, and my wife replaced the bowl and soup. Again, I told my sister to speak to her kids about it.

Before the main course was served, my wife and I decided to just plate everything ourselves for each guest, which was a lot of work but worth it.

Again, niece and nephew immediately got up and started going around dipping their fingers in random plates.

At this point, my wife got a bit angry and told them aloud to wait patiently for their plates. Sister got irked. Guests started to get uncomfortable. Sis said ‘they’re just kids’.

After an hour or so, we got out some chocolate cake.

Niece and nephew literally put their hands in it before my wife got a chance to cut it. I saw her eyes start to get watery out of frustration and blew up, yelled at my sister for not disciplining her kids and making everyone uncomfortable.

My sister and BIL got up and left. Several guests said they found this gross but mom and dad say that I could’ve spoken to my sister in private.

Now I feel like a jerk.”

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. Ick, that’s gross.

Yes, niece and nephew are kids, but sister is a parent. A parent that is doing a bad job socializing her kids. It’s cold and flu season, we’re all barely a year or two removed from a worldwide health emergency, and sister lets the kids finger and lick food being served. Jeebus.

OP tried talking to sister, but that went nowhere. Parents are off base in the hope of ‘not rocking the boat’ at best, and shameless enablers at worst. Can’t imagine a private conversation going anywhere. Good riddance to both. Consider this when inviting folks to future gatherings.

A 12-year-old is WAY too old to be doing this. My 6-year-old knew better than this about 1 to 2 years ago.” ABeerAndABook

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. If I’d tried that as a kid not only would my parents have told me off but my grandparents, aunts, and uncles as well.

It sounds trite but the phrase ‘it takes a village’ is appropriate in this situation – if your sister isn’t stepping up to teach manners then your parents and you should feel free to enforce good behavior at YOUR table.

They would have been removed from the adults’ table the second they ignored the instructions not to do this. The dessert issue would have sent them to timeout and the family asked to leave if the sister kicked up a fuss.” KiwiAlexP

Another User Comments:

“NTJ honestly you’re right to have an issue with this, these are communal dishes. No one should put their fingers in them at all.

It’s something your sister and brother-in-law should have long sent handled with their children, as the host you have the right to call them out on not handling their kids, being disrespectful to everyone at that party, and in general, being unsanitary.” JCBashBash

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IDontKnow 10 months ago
NTJ. They're 6 and 12. They should know better. That's just gross.
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15. AITJ For Kicking Out My Fiancé's Sister From Our Wedding?


“My fiance (36M) and I (28F) are getting married on New Year’s Eve. The wedding is going to go on from after Christmas day to New Year’s as in my culture the weddings last several days.

Everyone is happy and my in-laws love me but my fiance’s sister however is less than happy about all of it for some reason.

She has had it in for me for some reason from day one. My fiance used to be married previously and she prefers his ex (who I also get along well with).

Sister, let’s call her A is very critical of the wedding.

She first brought up how much money it costs and how it was a waste when the money could have gone towards more ‘practical things’. My MIL shut her down saying how it was my first wedding even if it was my fiance’s second and I deserve a good one.

Then she started criticizing my wedding dress and jewelry saying it was extravagant and very ‘showy and gauche’. Then A had a problem with dancing, saying she preferred the solemn church wedding my fiance had with his ex.

And her latest attack is on the number of wedding days.

A has made snide remarks about how ‘the wedding is costing more than her mortgage’, ‘I can’t believe you’re going to do the wedding ceremonies for 5 days when there are so many people going without heating’, and ‘it’s very weird to have people dance to choreography’ and on and on and on she goes.

But this kind of wedding is all that I’ve dreamed of. It’s NORMAL in my culture. Everyone in my country of origin has weddings like this. It’s a huge cause of celebration.

I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was the idea that my fiance would be arriving on horseback for the main ceremony.

A actually laughed out loud at this and said I was a controlling diva and that my fiance made the mistake of his life leaving his ex-wife (she left him for another guy).

We have all tried to explain to her that it’s not her place to say these things as we can have whatever kind of wedding we want.

But A won’t listen to her parents, brother, or husband and started saying a lot of mean things to me over dinner last night. I told her that if she hates the wedding so much she can just not come.

A said that she and her husband won’t be part of my ‘spectacle’ anyway.

My fiance at this point interjected and said that her husband is his friend from Uni so he was definitely coming. A then just started crying and left for her room.

Now the problem is I really love my in-laws and I don’t want to put them in a spot by basically making them take sides with their children.

Also, A’s husband is also a good friend and would see the whole thing blown over soon.

Fiance’s adamant about sister not coming now and is calling her ‘small-minded and bigoted’. His words, not mine.”

Another User Comments:

“Sounds like she is nothing but jealous and living in a dream world. His ex had an affair and left him, she knows that but I think she is bringing up the ex to distract that she is jealous.

It’s clear she didn’t have the same type of wedding, she isn’t paying for it so why does she care so much? The ex is on good terms with you and his sister, the ex left him, and it doesn’t seem fully plausible that the ex is the reason.

NTJ.” McflyThrowaway01

Another User Comments:


Not only is it incredibly rude of the sister to be that vocal about someone else’s wedding, but she is also disparaging your culture.

It seems as though you are having what is a typical Indian wedding.

Are you marrying someone who isn’t Indian? I mean if the sister is Indian she has to be familiar with this as not outside the norm and if she isn’t Indian she should educate herself at least minimally on the customs of her SIL.

I have never been to an Indian wedding – would love to go – but I am aware of what they are including the multiple gatherings for different purposes over the course of a few days. No different in terms of knowing about jumping the broom or smashing the glass.” Jujulabee

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. The situation has finally been answered. The first time she stepped out of line it should have been clarified to her that her words were unacceptable and her being put on the spot and asked whether or not she wanted to attend the wedding.

Since she clearly indicated she didn’t support your match, her invitation should have been rescinded. It’s finally been done, feel no guilt cuz it needed to happen.” JCBashBash

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14. AITJ For Causing My Sister To Miss Her Flight?


“My sister texted me on Thursday and asked if I could bring her and her fiancé to the airport the next day at 3 pm.

The flight was at 8 pm. The airport is almost 2 hours away. I had to work, but I was able to work it out so I could leave early. My husband had a half day before Xmas weekend. I’m night blind, and it gets dark here at like 4:45, so I needed him to drive back from the airport for safety reasons.

When we showed up to get them, my sister started acting like I was inconveniencing her by bringing my husband because ‘there wouldn’t be room’ in the car for their bags. We easily fit all of their bags in the trunk.

Then she said she needed to clean her house and we wouldn’t end up leaving until like 4:30. Around 4, she told me we could drop my husband off on the way because she didn’t want him coming. I told her that wasn’t going to work because he’d have to drive there and back now with the time/sunset, and she threw a fit and walked off.

I told my husband to get his stuff, and that we were leaving. Took all of their luggage out of the trunk, set it on the porch, and went home. She called me 5 minutes after I left saying I was a witch and that I’m ruining her Christmas.

AITJ for leaving her to fend for herself?

The only issue she’s ever had with my husband was him having an affair when we first got together years ago but we’ve worked past that and are more stable than ever right now.”

Another User Comments:

“Totally NTJ

Your sister asked you ‘can you take time off from work tomorrow to give me a ride to the airport at 3 pm?’ Despite that being difficult for you, you agreed. I would have said ‘no.’ She would have needed to ask me at least a week in advance.

Then, when you showed up on time, she told you they had decided to wait 90 minutes longer before leaving. Specifically, ‘Let’s not leave until the time it starts getting too dark for you to see.’

She planned that in advance.

She knew if she asked you to pick them up at 4:30 you would have said ‘no.’ You might have suggested she ask your husband to drive them instead.

I would have given them until 3:15 to get in the car before driving off.” throw05282021

Another User Comments:

“Definitely NTJ

Your sister is entitled and this probably isn’t the first time she’s tried to tell you what to do. Perfect time to add distance to the relationship if this is how much she respects you (cleaning when you arrive and wasting your time… really?).

She’s got no right to tell you whether to bring your husband along or not and she should at least have been considerate that he was there for your safety driving back home after doing her a favor.” designatedbiscuit

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. The drive to the airport is 2 hours each way so you’ve agreed to take 4 hours out of your day to help her. Now she wants to clean her house and make you wait? I would have left right there and told her about this great service called Uber.

She obviously has an issue with your husband (and he was there to help with her favor). Since she’s your sister, I would have to assume she is aware of your issues with night driving. How in the world did she think you were going to get home (or did she not care?)

Your sister brought this on herself and if Christmas was ruined – it’s on her.” User

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13. AITJ For Taking Maternity Photos Without My Stepkids?


“I am expecting my first baby and I am a stepmom to my husband’s two children Jake is 9 and Sophie is 8.

We have been married for two years and together for five. My parents gifted me a maternity shoot for an early Christmas gift and I had the shoot a few days ago. My stepchildren did not want to take part in it and I went ahead without getting photos of them with me and my bump.

This really angered my in-laws who believed I should have included them. But my husband and I did ask, and my husband encouraged them to join in, but they did not want to. We do not have the closest relationship.

They are fine with me but resist a closeness and felt that being in those photos would be too close. ILs said I should have canceled the photo shoot and done them another day when the kids would join in.

They said I should have gone to their mother and tried to convince her to talk them into it, and to work on my relationship with her since she engages in parental alienation (and that is something we have been to court for and my husband has spoken to his ex about) and make it so the kids would feel like they can be close to me and can be excited for a baby sibling.

Over and over they said I should have done more to get them in the photos or canceled. My husband was not home at the time. I felt bad enough. There was some guilt for me for not having them in any.

I would have loved some photos with them. But I also don’t want to need to force it either and have them angry at being forced. My husband was so unhappy with his parents when he got home. They told him I was the one who decided photos were more important than being a good mom to our older children.

I told them I was not Jake and Sophie’s mom and as much as I love them, I don’t think I will ever be a woman they consider a mom figure. Jake and Sophie heard their grandparents and said I am not their mom and why would they ever be in the stupid photos?

The day after my ILs sent me texts about it and I asked them to please understand that I would have loved them in the photos. But they told me if I truly felt that way I would not have done them without the children.

AITJ for taking the photos without my stepchildren?”

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. As a former stepkid and a stepmom myself now, I usually hate the women who want pictures with just ‘their’ kid and intentionally exclude the stepkids. You didn’t do any of that.

You asked them to be in the pictures and even wanted them there (meaning it doesn’t seem like an obligatory asking and you really meant it). These were maternity pics, not family pictures. Family pictures you force the stepkids to be in.

There were plenty of times I was forced to be in the picture. Being a bio kid in that situation didn’t make me want to be in the pictures anymore. Thanks for being a good stepmom.” Ardilla914

Another User Comments:

“YTJ: I appreciate that you tried to invite them and received pushback but going ahead and doing this kind of thing without them will alienate the children and reinforce that you don’t see them as your own. You didn’t establish whether the kids live with you full time which would matter but if you are trying to create a maternal relationship with your stepkids this is actively sabotaging that.” Friendly-Extreme-850

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. Your stepkids were invited to participate and they declined. It would have been wrong to force them. I have a feeling that your in-laws’ feelings about this have nothing to do with the photo shoot. They might be worried that your stepkids will be treated like second-class citizens once your baby is born.

It happens all the time. The fact that they’re this young and they’re so adamant about not viewing you as a maternal figure of any sort is probably a cause for concern. Your in-laws might be picking up on that.” Mother_Tradition_774

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. The in-laws are not only harassing you but are making comments that the kids can hear. That only adds fuel to an already existing fire. You can’t force them to be in pictures if they don’t want.

Let’s face it, they would have deliberately sabotaged the pics. You need to set firm boundaries with these people and tell them to take their issues about the kids to their son. Don’t engage. Just say, I’m sorry you need to speak to their father about this.” RevolutionaryCow7961

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rbleah 1 year ago
NTJ I wonder of the kids overhear the IL's talking about this kind of thing and the kids think maybe they should not treat you like a parent? IL's are the jerks here. Forcing the steps to be included in this will only drive them further away from you. Let the kids decide to step closer just as long as you treat them with respect this may iron itself out. Let hubs deal with the IL's from here on out. Just tell them they need to talk to him and hang up or walk away.
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12. AITJ For Not Inviting My Mother-In-Law To Christmas?


“My (31M) wife (30F) and I have one child (4M), and my wife is six months pregnant with our daughter who’s due in March.

My wife and I have been friends since we were about five, so I’ve known her and her parents for more than 25 years now. Her parents were always very approving of us going out, which we started doing in high school.

Her parents split up a year after my wife finished high school, and her dad moved out of the picture, so it was just her mom (now 65F) primarily. Her mother was the nicest person in the world until our first child was born four years ago.

Her issue with it was that our son was born out of wedlock. She was very vocal about her disapproval of this, but my wife seemed to be able to get her to come around.

However, she since has been cold, passive-aggressive, and in some cases downright mean to us, and, much worse, our son.

I wouldn’t even say the family is religious, but it seems to just be a custom that is abided by in that family. My brother- and sister-in-law both have partners but are waiting until marriage to have kids, much to my MIL’s delight.

In the last four years, she has blown off numerous events, only hanging out with us if her other kids are busy. She didn’t even come to our wedding, which of course caused a massive rift in the family.

All of this time, I’ve been nothing but lenient with her. I’ve never lost my temper or gotten mad at her, never been vocal, or had any resistance to her whatsoever. I’ve given her hundreds of chances to redeem herself.

Last New Year’s eve, we convinced her to babysit our son; we made these concrete arrangements in September and checked in on it multiple times between September and December. As my wife and I were preparing to go out (getting dressed up, etc.), she canceled on us, saying she had ‘other plans’.

My wife and I weren’t able to hire a babysitter and so had to stay back with our son (which obviously wasn’t the worst thing in the world).

In June 2022, we told her we were expecting our second child, and I think you can imagine her reaction (‘oh this time you actually waited until you were married’, etc.) – she gave us trouble, mostly through snarky remarks, but while a bit tipsy a couple of days later she went so far to say we’re addicted to sleeping together because none of her other kids had had kids yet.

For all of this year, I’ve acted like nothing happened, blowing the New Year’s eve and June debacles off, but this Christmas, I’ve decided to take my revenge and I told her she won’t be invited to our family Christmas (which is saying something, because even my wife’s dad, who we rarely make contact with, is coming).

Christmas is a big deal in our family. I should also say that we have never been invited to anything hosted by her (although all of her other kids and their partners are) since our son was born, and in the rare case that she does invite our family, it’s always just my wife – specifically excluding me, often explicitly.

Now, with me not inviting her, my MIL is furious, my wife is furious, most of the family is furious, and now I need to know – AITJ?”

Another User Comments:

“So I’m gonna say everyone sucks here because your MIL is absolutely the jerk and I was with you until you said your wife was furiously implying you went over her head in not inviting HER mother so I’m afraid you’re also the jerk.

You guys have been together a long time and I would have hoped you had remembered that a couple, especially parents, need to be a team. You did something without agreeing with your teammate and that’s never going to go down well.

Even more so it’s her side of the family that you made the decision about.” gimmethedoggo

Another User Comments:

“NTJ, to be honest, a reset of your relationship with your MIL is long overdue. Why would you include someone who treats you and your family as anything less than full members of her family?

Your son is old enough to realize that his grandmother doesn’t treat him equally, she already discriminates between him and his cousins. And it will get worse when your new baby arrives. There are few things more soul-crushing to children than being forced to stand by as a witness to favoritism practiced by a ‘loving’ relative.

You are 100% right to step up and change direction now.

‘I’ve decided to take my revenge and I told her she won’t be invited to our family Christmas.’

I urge you to reconsider the way you are framing this because it’s not about trying to inflict hurt.

Excluding her from festivities at your house should be just the first step in eliminating more hurt and resetting your relationship with your MIL. Consider it a ‘clearing of the field’ to start over.

Do not waste time in wishful efforts to get your MIL to change or think that exclusion will somehow make her a better person.

She’s had 4 years and will never acknowledge the damage she’s done. It’s up to you and your wife to change the role she has in your family life. If your wife cannot accept that her mother is now a toxic element in your life, I suggest therapy for your wife.

Susan Forward has some excellent books that can help you understand how to turn things around – Toxic Parents and Emotional Blackmail. The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patrica Evans may also apply.

The bottom line is that your MIL should not be given a pass to ride roughshod over your family.

She has let you know where you stand and it’s past time for you to drop the rope.” 5115E

Another User Comments:


Your wife’s mother is placing blame on your son for something that you and your now wife are responsible for and that is the fact that you weren’t married when your son was born.

This is wrong in so many ways.

This woman deliberately excludes you from family events but you aren’t allowed to exclude her? This is a conversation to have with your wife but you can’t allow this to continue.

The excuse ‘but she’s family’ doesn’t hold water. You can take it and not care but your son is old enough to recognize that she’s mean to him and be hurt by it. Let your wife know that this can’t be tolerated. You won’t prevent your wife from spending time with her mother but you can’t allow her mother to spread her toxicity toward your children and that includes the new baby, the first legitimate grandchild.

(MIL is a piece of work) Your son is not responsible for the circumstances of his birth and it’s time for wife to acknowledge it. You need to present a united front and if it means going no contact with her so be it.” FordWarrier

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Lilliepad 11 months ago
You should have been cut this cow off stop entertaining her behavior go totally no contact then she will really have something to complain and entertain herself with self-righteous b*tch
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11. AITJ For Being Angry At My Husband For Telling His Friends How Much I Make?


“I (f32) have been married to my husband (m37) for a year. Before I met him, I started a small business which I eventually grew to a point of making a nice income, a really nice one.

I’m by no means rich but I’m well off.

My husband on the other hand makes minimum wage working at a shop. It never bothered me and we combine our finances. Unfortunately, he’s been spending irresponsibly which has become a problem recently but this is not about that.

He invited his mates for a Christmas breakfast with their partners/wives and we saw them this morning. All his mates are from his job so earn at a similar level. I didn’t even think about it until it hit me when they started commenting on our house and pointing things out.

Some comments of the wives were not so nice (I don’t think I was meant to hear them) such as ‘I’m showing off’ or ‘it’s too flashy’ or ‘money doesn’t buy you taste’ said when looking at my green couch which is perfectly tame and normal.

During breakfast, some of his mates had a few drinks. And not even wine, they had some lager and got giddy. Started asking how much things cost, etc. I dodged the questions but my husband has been answering them truthfully.

And eventually, he told them exactly how much I make. I was furious. I am very private about my finances, not even my mum knows how much exactly I make. And here he is telling people I barely know my financial details.

When they left, I blew up at him about that (and the lager I didn’t know he had served with breakfast) and having wasted people over at 11 am.

He’s saying that I’m uptight and should loosen up a bit, that it’s not a good look and I should stop looking down at them because they work in a supermarket (I’m not).

I asked if that’s how he felt and he said no but they felt that I was showing off by being all dressed up (one of the wives showed up in PJ pants). He started going off and I decided that I’d had enough.

He was wasted and we wouldn’t have any discussion.

I’m still angry. I told him I’m not going to his mum’s Christmas dinner because I didn’t want to ‘show off’ and stayed home. He’s still at his mom’s, absolutely wasted and I’m just getting angrier and angrier and need a reality check.

Am I the jerk for getting angry for him telling people how much I make?”

Another User Comments:

“‘Unfortunately, he’s been spending irresponsibly which has become a problem recently but this is not about that.’

You may think this isn’t about that, but it totally is about that.

No one should be looked down on for their job or how much they make ever. But you can look down on them for being irresponsible and inconsiderate, and for having trashy friends. These are all choices your husband is making, irrespective of his employment.

I dunno what the story is there but judging from his other behavior I’m guessing he’s not working that minimum-wage job because he made all the right choices and just had a run of bad luck, which can happen to anyone.

Judging by his behavior, he’s one step away from quitting that minimum-wage job and demanding you support him. This dude and his friends are classless and not in your league.

You are NTJ, but your husband very much is, and that’s something you need to think about in terms of your future.” Libba_Loo

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. Keeping financial details private is a very common and reasonable boundary. I hope you clearly discussed that with him in the past.

It seems clear that your husband resents the difference in earning power between you.

He may claim otherwise but his actions expose his insecurity. He projects that onto you. Also, he allowed his guests to repeatedly disrespect his wife in her own home. This is no small issue.

Maybe a couple’s therapist could help you navigate this brewing resentment before it destroys your relationship.

But he is treating you, and enabling others to treat you, very poorly. His insecurities are his problem – not yours. Confront him. You deserve that dignity.” Hapnhopeless

Another User Comments:


Stop sharing finances immediately. Split everything 50/50, if he can’t do that then, welp, he better figure it out because he doesn’t want you to ‘show off’.

Give him a time limit to man up or you’re gone. Make him do the work he needs to to be the husband you need.

You can’t go showing off and supporting him like you are now.

He told you he doesn’t think like those he works with but his actions have a clear contradiction.

Possibly resentful that you are able to do something you love and he’s stuck in a nowhere job. That’s his problem, not your problem.” VeterinarianAbject23

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IDontKnow 10 months ago
NTJ. It's no one's business what you make. Your husband, his friends and their SO's suck. Who shows up to a gathering in jammie pants AND then accuses the host who's wearing clothes that they're being showy?
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10. AITJ For Keeping My Autism A Secret?


“So I (21M) am autistic. I know it’s not proper terminology, but I’m high functioning and can pass as just a weird neurotypical guy.

I generally don’t tell people that I’m autistic because of the way it changes how people treat me. It generally leads to people treating me like a child and it’s really patronizing.

I was at a Christmas party with some friends on Saturday.

Well, some friends and one guy who I really don’t like who I’ll call Adam. Adam is a jerk to me. He doesn’t respect me or my interests and likes to scare me because ‘my reactions are priceless’. It’s generally not bad as long as others are with us and I never hang out with him alone because of this.

Anyways, everything was going well, I was talking to my best friend John (he knows I’m autistic) and having a good time. Then Adam snuck up behind me and set off a party popper right next to my ear. I freaked out, held my ears and just started trying to calm down by rocking.

John and Adam started arguing and it escalated till I shouted that I was autistic and that Adam just needed to leave me alone already. Adam’s face went ghost white then he left. After a minute or two of silence, one of my other friends angrily asked why I never told any of them.

I was still overstimulated so John started explaining. It did not really help, and my friends said they felt betrayed that I didn’t trust them enough to tell them.

Now it’s really only John who’s talking to me and he says to just give them time but I feel really bad because my friends seem genuinely hurt that I didn’t tell them.


Another User Comments:


You don’t have to disclose anything you don’t want to but if you want, in a group text, you can tell your friends that you kept it a secret because you don’t want people treating you differently.

You can say you appreciate their friendship and how great they have been. Because maybe they just don’t know how to approach you.” WickedAngelLove

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. I can understand the feeling of ‘this person didn’t trust me enough to tell me and that makes me feel bad’ (though I’ve usually been on your side of it, though with gender/ADHD instead of autism) but like, that’s a decision for you to make and they don’t have a right to expect that from you.

It’s a decision that is incredibly justifiable given your past experience with telling people, and, to be honest, even if it was irrational and came from anxiety it’d still be OK. And, in my opinion, when people like this get mad about not being trusted and react like this, it’s proof that they didn’t really deserve the level of trust they think they did.

At least if they don’t come to their senses, realize what’s more important here, and apologize soon (I can understand original emotional outbursts even though they’re trashy, but if they cling to thinking that their feelings about you telling them something personal are more important than yours, well, they’re showing what kind of people they are).” DarthPoseidon666

Another User Comments:

“NTJ and if your friends are really your friends they’ll get over it. Sometimes I know I’d be a little hurt if I felt like I had probably been a bad friend and they couldn’t trust me with something so serious but usually it’s just in the moment.

It’s a good sign they stopped talking to Adam but red flag he was there in the first place. I believe I’m somewhat neurotypical but those types of pranks are AWFUL. If someone pulled a party popper off near me to scare me like he did, he would be on the floor crying because I would’ve kicked him in the nuts.” downrightdeity

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. Any aspect of your life is yours and yours alone to discuss with people. Especially if you have had issues with people treating you differently afterward (which doesn’t shock me. People suck.)

Honestly, even if you didn’t have autism what Adam is doing is a jerk move.

If someone says not to do something then don’t do it. It’s simple as that. There shouldn’t be a big reason. Adam should have respected your no from the get-go. He can go fall into a cactus patch.

As for the other friends, they might need time to process what happened or this new information about you. They might also want to distance themselves as a whole and see it as a conflict between you and Adam that they don’t want to be caught in the middle of.

It could also be that they’re a little upset that you didn’t trust them, but they also don’t have the whole story. Whatever their reason, if they are open to it I’d definitely try and talk to them.

Let them know that you don’t want to be seen any differently, that you’ve had bad experiences in the past, and if they seem open to it maybe some ways that they can help you out. (If you need space to calm down when overstimulated versus needing distractions, if they continue to be friends with Adam then can they consider not inviting both of you to the same thing, those sorts of things.)

If they have no interest in maintaining a friendship with you over this then it’s on them. Not on you.” the-cosmic-kraken

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Alliauraa 1 year ago
Adam is a twatwaffle, your friends are enablers by ignoring his behavior instead of calling him out on it, and they have the nerve to wonder why you don't trust them enough to disclose sensitive medical information?
Douche canoes, the lot of them.
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9. WIBTJ If I Stop Helping My Ex's Ex Out Financially?


“My ex/baby daddy is just a hound dog. Simple way to put it. He has 5 kids with 5 different women. Nothing more needs to be said about that as he is not the topic here.

I am a mom to child 2.

After my ex had separated from mom 3 and mom 4, I friended both of them on social media as they were caring for my child’s siblings. (He is currently with mom 5). And I wanted to ensure I was still in contact so that when I get the chance to be in their neighborhood, I can have my child visit his siblings.

They are about 2 hours away from where we are so it isn’t an easy trip.

Mom 4 has reached out multiple times regarding money. I am doing well for myself and she is struggling. She ran into an issue of being homeless and certain people around her had gotten CPS involved. She’s been trying to get her kids (yes plural as she had 2 more after the first) back from CPS.

She’s been struggling a lot and I had helped her out by giving her funds whenever she asked. It was always said to be for diapers, formula, food, presents for their birthdays, and gas to make it to work, court, or to visit the kids.

All sorts of things. Couldn’t prove it if she actually used the money for what she said and I didn’t ask.

I couldn’t really tell you how much I had given but I have receipts and can check. It isn’t important though.

She had always said she would pay me back but I didn’t hold my breath in that. And I don’t ask her to either.

Well, I just found out today, not from her either, that she had officially lost custody of her children.

They have been adopted to a loving home and she will no longer have them or see them. I feel kind of bad for wanting to decide to basically cut her off. I’m ready to block her entirely and move on with my life.

The only reason I even was in contact was for the child that was directly related to mine. Since that is now not a thing, I don’t need her to be around anymore.

WIBTJ if I just stop all contact and decide not to give her more money?

Edit: I have been helping her out for the past 5 years. So it’s not like a quick decision to start and stop. But the length of time of why I feel bad and thought I might be the jerk here.”

Another User Comments:


She for the most part asked you to help her with parenting-related costs, which you were willing to help out with because you had a vested interest in the health, safety, and happiness of your child’s sibling.

You weren’t required to have that interest at all, and you’ve already done more than most people would. If she asks you again feel free to ignore or decline.” katiethekatie

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. It doesn’t sound like you and she had a deep bond.

If the only reason you were friends was because of the children and you didn’t really bond further than that, it’s totally fine to step away. A person always asking you for something and technically always lying to you (saying she’ll pay you back but doesn’t) can be mentally and emotionally draining.

If she’s too much for you and you don’t see a point in being her friend, don’t be her friend. The only people who would want that level of fakeness in their lives would be someone who’s just using you for funds.” AuntStroopwafel

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. This is obviously a terrible situation, but she no longer has children to care for or it seems legal fees relevant to the children, and it’s entirely possible and even likely the funds you were giving never actually went to the kids at all (at least, not most of it.) You’ve been more than generous for FIVE whole YEARS – that’s more than I would do for a woman I was only very tenuously connected with, especially while caring for my own children.

It’s past time for you to stop providing for someone who clearly couldn’t and probably wouldn’t provide for her own children.” OnyxRose31216

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8. AITJ For Not Liking That My Son Calls His Stepfather "Sir"?


“My (42M) ex-wife (36F) recently got married to her partner Grant (50M). She and my son (13M, Eric) now live in Grant’s house with his three kids (18M, 16F, 14F). When I picked him up at their house today, I realized that my son does not call Grant by his name or by a variation of father/dad but as ‘Sir’.

Like saying ‘Goodbye, Sir’, ‘Thanks for everything, Sir’, or ‘Happy New Year, Sir’. I found it very weird. My son has never been so respectful and disciplined.

I talked with Eric about it and he says it is a rule at Grant’s house and that he does not have a problem with it at all.

My ex-wife says Grant does not let his own kids call him by his first name because he finds that to be disrespectful so he is clearly not going to allow that with Eric. They didn’t want to pressure Eric into calling Grant dad or something like that, so generally calling him ‘Sir’ in a respectful manner was the solution.

I said that this must stop. I think I should have been asked my opinion before any of this started and I don’t think my son should be forced to call Grant in a specific way. That is not the way a kid should be raised. He should be fully free to choose whatever makes him happy.

My ex-wife does not take my feelings about this seriously and has not been open to changing this rule. I have been insisting on this all day but she does not care and now she is getting angry because she says I am annoying.

Am I the jerk?”

Another User Comments:


It’s perfectly reasonable for you to be concerned by this. It sounds like Grant wants to impose himself as a super-authority figure, both over his own kids and now yours.

As long as Eric doesn’t have a problem with it, you shouldn’t keep bringing it up.

But you definitely want to keep an eye on things and make sure Eric can get in touch with you at any time. ‘Sir’ isn’t a red flag, but it could be followed by them.” Sharkmato

Another User Comments:


This isn’t any of your business. As the divorced spouse, you have nearly zero control over what happens in your ex’s household. Clearly, exceptions apply if your son is being mistreated. If you think him having to call his step ‘sir’ is the leading edge of emotional abuse or some such thing, you’re going to want to let your son lead, and do not bring it up with your ex or when you do have something that is real, you’re going to be undermined by repeated complaints for nothing.

Short of that, you have absolutely no role in what is going on.” BitterDoGooder

Another User Comments:


Something important to acknowledge here is that regardless of anyone’s intent in agreeing to this arrangement, Grant and mom are creating an even greater power imbalance in their home than already exists in the dynamics of children/adult and parent/child.

Now there are 3 kids living in the house who call their father ‘dad’ and it looks like they refer to ex-wife by her name. So they all address both of you familiarly and intimately, which fosters the relationship between everyone.

Then there’s 1 child living there who must refer to Grant as ‘sir’ at all times unless he decides he’s comfortable calling him dad. There’s zero intimacy or familiarity in this dynamic and as a stepchild myself, it would definitely not make me feel that my stepdad was trying to create any kind of genuine familial connection with me.

Regardless of anyone’s intent, it defaults your son as an ‘other’ in their home.

Then there’s the double standard in the home. Either Grant believes that 1) his wife as an individual doesn’t deserve to be respected by his children for some reason and he’s fine with them blatantly disrespecting her each time they address her, or 2) he is the sole authority in the home, the one in charge, and his new wife is just another person in the home who should submit to him.

Either way, he’d made it clear he does not see his wife as his equal to some degree.

I’d be curious to ask your son if he really feels okay with this dynamic and if it really works for him, or if it’s just easier than trying to come up with an alternative that Grant feels is ‘respectful’ enough to answer to.

He’s flaunting his authority and tailoring his home environment to feed his ego. Plus the longer the situation stands, the weirder it is. Ten years from now when he’s an adult living on his own will he still be forced to say ‘mom and sir’ when he talks about his family?

Your son may not be offended by it or uncomfortable right now, but it’s almost a guarantee that he will never see Grant as family or feel like he is family to Grant in the future. And quite possibly Grant’s children by extension, especially because your son is the youngest of them all and with what they’ve been taught by their dad it’s very possible they see themselves ‘higher’ in status in the home than he is.

But of course, that is all speculation.

Having said all this, I’ll also say don’t let yourself become the jerk. Having the feelings that you have and regularly checking in with your son on his new home dynamic and his feelings about it does not make you a jerk.

Escalating a situation that all/other involved parties jointly attempt to de-escalate, or even just ignore, could make you a jerk. Especially if your son is just trying to keep the peace by accepting the rule and he ends up seeing you as the one who disrupted the peace, regardless of your good intentions.

Because your son is the one that will deal with the consequences of however you choose to handle this situation and it could very easily turn into Grant saying ‘you can run to your dad for every little thing, this is my house, my rules, etc’ and then somehow your son will still end up being the disrespectful one for discussing this with you, even if he isn’t the one who brought it up in the first place.

I don’t know. I obviously can’t know what’s really going on in everyone’s heads and hearts here, but I know this makes me feel squicky thinking about it in terms of me and my stepfather. He’s always felt like an always-present authority I had to submit to like he owned and ran the home and I just lived there.

I counted the years and months until I could move out. I visit very little now and my relationship with my mother has unquestionably suffered because of the new home dynamic introduced when she married her husband. I don’t feel like she’ll stick up for me or take my side when necessary because I’ve watched her submit to him for the last 15 years, stay quiet and out of the way when he’s clearly in the wrong, and basically let him dictate what their beliefs are.

If she has never taken up for herself I’ll never feel confident that she’ll take up for me. That’s very possibly the future your ex-wife is looking at if this ‘family’ dynamic keeps up.

I’m sorry your son is in this situation right now, he sounds like a cool and kind kid.” NatashaKBM

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Doglady 11 months ago
YTJ Your son was okay with calling the stepdad sir. Not your house, not your rules. Your son calls you dad obviously. He did not choose to call the stepfather Dad as he thinks you are Dad. Be glad that he is not ready to replace you. Sir is a respectful term. More kids these days need to learn respect. The new stepdad is quite a bit older than your exwife. Closer to a grandfather almost. I can see where a first name might be uncomfortable for a man of 50. You trying to interfere is just causing issues for your son. So back off and if your son is not comfortable at some point, he will be more apt to come to you if he is not afraid of you making a scene over things that don't bother him. Save the fussing for the real issues.
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7. AITJ For Telling My Cousin's Partner That It Was Her Responsibility To Look After Her Kid?


“My mom and I (f45) were hosting this year’s family Christmas party. I have two daughters, 8 and 15.

The family is from my mom’s side. My grandma was present, my mom’s two brothers, and her sister.

One of her brothers is single. The rest was there with their spouses. My cousin (m32), son of my mom’s sister, his partner of more than 7 years Sarah, their daughter (f2), and Sarah’s mom.

My daughter Aly was playing with the girl (f2), I’ll call her Jenny.

They were finger painting. I asked Sarah if she could keep an eye on Jenny because I was helping my mom with cooking. We were going to eat, so I told the girls to clean up, and I helped them pick up all the supplies.

I asked Sarah, please help Jenny wash her hands. I could see Jenny’s hands going to her mouth. I stopped her. I walked away to put away all the painting supplies. I came back and my daughter was crying.

I asked what was wrong and she said Sarah told her that Jenny had paint in her mouth and up her nose. She (Aly) should have done a better job looking after Jenny.

I told Sarah, my daughter is not your babysitter, she is just eight.

Her reply was, they were playing together, so it was her responsibility to watch after the younger one. I said, I told you to keep an eye on Jenny, you should have been with your daughter. She kept insisting that she was not needed because Aly should have looked after Jenny.

I told her next time to ask her partner to look after Jenny if she can’t be bothered. She gave me a scowl and walked away. They ate and left immediately after. AITJ?”

Another User Comments:

“NTJ, it’s not your daughter’s job to watch Sarah’s daughter.

It doesn’t matter if they played together it was Sarah’s responsibility to watch her child. The next time your daughter plays with Jenny tell your daughter in front of Sarah that if she wants to play with Jenny she can but it is not her responsibility to look after Jenny.

That is her mom’s or her dad’s job. So if Sarah tells her anything about taking care of Jenny tell her to go get you and you will have a talk with Sarah.” CODE_NAME_DUCKY

Another User Comments:

“You most definitely are NTJ.

8-year-old kids understand what responsibilities are, but that doesn’t mean they fully know how to complete a task. Even adults make mistakes. Your daughter was doing you the favor of keeping an eye on the 2-year-old that way she wouldn’t get in the way.

It’s as simple as that. Without a distraction, that child could’ve been running around in the kitchen causing accidents. It was not your daughter’s full responsibility to make sure everything went smoothly. She’s just a child herself.

The 2-year-old’s mother is the jerk here.” Any-Childhood-9810

Another User Comments:

“Not the jerk… though after she clearly indicated that she thought it was okay for your 8-year-old daughter to babysit her 2-year-old cousin AND yelled at the 8-year-old after YOU had told the 2-year-old’s mom to watch her own child AND she didn’t because she thought the 8-year-old was in charge… I would report the mom for child mistreatment, neglect, and child endangerment to the authorities BECAUSE I would be afraid that she doesn’t understand that 8-year-olds are NOT old enough to care for other children and could potentially be risking her child’s safety… AND when she gets mad, kindly explain that you were concerned for her daughter’s safety based on her expectations that your young child was of babysitting age.” IndigoScotsman

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6. AITJ For Taking The Car Key From My Son?


“My (40F) son (18M), Jonah, just got his driver’s license and at any opportunity for him to drive he begs me to take the car and I don’t refuse as he helps me with things, like going to the market or picking up my younger children from school.

Jonah has a new crush and he’s a man, he came out last year and this is the first time he’s been open with me about his preferences. I’m really happy for him.

I’m on vacation so the car is quite available and Monday Jonah came to ask if Thursday he could take the car as he was going to meet this boy and it would be nice to have the car.

I said yes, but the car would have to be at home by 6 pm, as at 7 pm I would have a company meeting and I would have to drive 40 minutes. He agreed.

As usual, he always tells me where he was going and how much he plans to spend that day, so I knew where he was.

He would go to the movies and then to an ice cream parlor at the mall.

At 5 pm, I sent a message and it didn’t reach him, I even tried calling, but nothing and later I found out it was Avatar (the new movie), but still at 5:30 pm he has not received a notification or answered the call.

At 6 pm, nothing from him, and at about 6:02 pm (I saw it now) I received the transaction notification on my card for the ice cream shop. Again no answering or receiving messages.

I was seeing red and I decided I would go there myself and get the key.

I arrived at 6:30 pm.

They were leaving the ice cream parlor and I may have been brusque, but I walked over and just held out my hand, asking for the key.

He started to apologize, but I just said we’ll talk later and he should get an Uber back.

He looked embarrassed, but honestly, I was really late and had promised a ride to two colleagues. I arrived 40 minutes later than agreed and it was uncomfortable for everyone who arrived early except me and my colleagues.

When I got home, he came to me, angrily, saying that I embarrassed him in a way that he didn’t have the courage to look in the boy’s house after I left and that I know how important that meeting was to him and really thus I shamed him disproportionately.

I may even have been a little harsh, but it was our arrangement and I was already very late, so I couldn’t be wasting time.

My husband said that maybe I went overboard.


Another User Comments:

“Gay, straight, bi, ace, doesn’t matter.

He could have been picking up his date the half man, half turtle. Doesn’t matter. There were clear expectations and he failed to adhere to them. There are consequences for that. End of story. And, not only that, but he failed to inform you that he would be late, and he wasn’t checking his phone.

No. Unacceptable. YOU LET HIM BORROW YOUR CAR. That is a big deal and deserves to be treated as such. Yeah, it doesn’t feel good to be accosted on a date by your parent, but again, there are consequences for his actions—which by the way screwed up YOUR plans.

NTJ.” Cecil-Kain

Another User Comments:

“NTJ – it’s more than enough to say that the meeting that you were late for was for your company like that’s more than enough reason to do what you did. Even if it wasn’t for work it’s still ok because you guys discussed a game plan and he didn’t follow thru that’s just like if I came late after curfew when I was younger my mom would have a problem with that lol.

You could have made it way worse for him than you did you really just picked up the key and left like come on now u were so nice about it. Kids these days… am I right?” Western_Ad4843

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. You were very clear that you would need the car back at 6, and he also knew it’s not just a whim but you actually need it to drive somewhere on a schedule. Then as he was running late, he should have sent you a message or called. Understandably, you were angry.

You didn’t yell at him or give him a lecture in front of the new crush, I bet you had an angry face and all, but that’s about it. I think this is understandable. At least if the story is exactly as you describe it.

Maybe from your son’s perspective, it didn’t look as simple as you asking the key back and ‘let’s talk later’.

For sure I did similar things to my parents when I was his age, and now I understand how they felt, and it seems very reasonable at this moment (I’m 39M now).

He’s still a young guy and is also too excited with his new crush, so hopefully, you don’t expect him to be super mature. But, you let him borrow the car and it’s quite a favor, so understandably you expect some mature behavior in response.

Hopefully, you can make him see this. But also listen to his side, and try to understand how he felt. It’s not wrong if in the end both of you tell each other sorry.” gene-pavlovsky

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5. AITJ For Letting My Two Kids Open Their Presents Right Away?


“My husband has a daughter from a previous relationship.

She is now 7. We have been together for 5 years and now have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. This year is the 7-year-old’s mother’s turn to have her for Christmas morning, and we will get her at 1 pm on Christmas day.

Our son can visibly see the presents under the tree and keeps trying to get to them. My husband is insisting that we wait for our daughter to come home from her mother’s house for all of the kids to open their gifts together.

I feel that this is unfair because our son is 3. He knows what presents are and is excited to open his gifts. Why should he have to wait when the 7-year-old doesn’t? She gets to open gifts at her mother’s house as soon as she wakes up and then comes home to open her gifts at our house as soon as she gets here.

Our 1-year-old doesn’t know the difference, but our 3-year-old is getting impatient and curious about what’s under the tree. My husband is now saying that he’s done with Christmas day and that it’s on me to make the turkey that HE committed to making for our dinner tonight.


Edit – We have decided to let the younger kids open 1 or 2 gifts. The rest of the gifts will be put away and out of sight until big sis gets home. We alternate Christmas mornings with bio mom, so we only need to do this every other year.

Also, having 7 sit in the corner and open gifts by her lonesome was never an option, nor was it a thought. We want to make everything as easy and fair for all 3 of our children in any way that we can.”

Another User Comments:

“No jerks here – this is a difficult situation in all directions: you want your kids to have the traditional Christmas experience of waking up and opening their presents; you don’t want to spend Christmas morning convincing a three-year-old to wait; your stepdaughter will be deeply hurt by being excluded from one of her family’s Christmas celebration – the kind of hurt that damages children, unlike the kind of ‘hurt’ three-year-old experiences learning to have empathy for his sibling.

Your three and one-year-old are young enough that their expectations of everything including Christmas are shaped by you. If you set the expectation that you wait until their sister is home to open presents, that will be their expectation. It requires you to spend effort and time to address the three-year-old’s impatience but that’s part of dealing with a three-year-old, right?

If this were his birthday and he could see the cake on the counter, would you let him have it for breakfast or wait until the party in the afternoon? This is the same thing – except the damage if you don’t make him wait isn’t a partial cake for a party, it’s serious psychological damage to a seven-year-old by emphasizing that she’s not really part of your family.” Similar_Tale_5876

Another User Comments:

“Everyone sucks here. Communicate and compromise because you have three little kids at Christmas.

The presents didn’t have to be under the tree in advance. Since they were, you could have talked and possibly compromised on letting the three-year-old open one fun present in the morning and save the rest. The one-year-old will probably be most excited to play with the wrapping paper.

And then the seven-year-old, who is starting to manage more complicated emotions, doesn’t feel like she isn’t part of her dad’s family.

When my stepkids were kids, on years that we didn’t have them for Christmas morning, we just did ‘Christmas’ on either the 24th or 26th.

Three-year-olds don’t read calendars.

Please figure out how ‘next time’ will be handled as soon as this one is over.” farsighted451

Another User Comments:


Your kids should get to open presents on Christmas morning as well, especially ones from your side of the family.

Save your own personal presents for when their sister arrives. It’s good for little ones to spread their present opening throughout the day so they get to appreciate each gift without being overwhelmed.

As for the turkey, stand firm and wait for your husband to cook it.

You can offer to help but he’s got to follow through on his commitment. He’s not in a good head space if he’s making this a big issue.” AggravatingPatient18

Another User Comments:

“I’m going to go with a light ‘everyone sucks here’.

Your husband is definitely the bigger jerk because he’s throwing a temper tantrum and shutting you out on Christmas, but it’s the fact that both of you are turning this non-issue into a fight on Christmas that’s honestly just kind of ridiculous.

The obvious solution would be to let 3 year old open at least one now and then the rest when the sister comes home, did neither of you even suggest that? It’s Christmas take a deep breath and spend time with each other.” waltkinseyworld

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Jazzy 1 year ago (Edited)
NTJ. She gets twice the presents. Don't ruin your kids Christmas for her and your husband is a spoiled child. He won't cook bc he doesn't get his way. Throw him away and try again
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4. AITJ For Using An Occupied Dressing Room In The Gym?


“I go to a smallish gym that has three showers and one dressing room. The dressing room is right across from the showers, and about ten to fifteen steps away there’s a room full of lockers.

After I finished my workout, I gathered my stuff and went to the dressing room.

When I opened the door, there was stuff all over it. Honestly, I thought it was several people’s stuff, but I didn’t think much else.

So I locked the door when someone knocks on the door, asking me to open it.

I was a little annoyed, but I put my clothes back on and opened the door. Obviously, it was the owner of all the stuff. He had left his shower to come to tell me off.

He isn’t yelling or anything but stating like it’s obvious that I shouldn’t have been using the dressing room.

I tell him that it’s a shared space, which he doesn’t agree with since his stuff is there. Instead of standing there arguing with a stranger over something that really isn’t a big issue, I just said don’t worry about it.

It wasn’t even worth it to escalate to management.

About 5 minutes later I heard him doing the same thing to my friend whom I went to the gym with.

In my mind, if you are worried about your valuables, shouldn’t you put them in a locker?

Can you really claim the only dressing room for yourself for like twenty minutes? Again, it’s not a huge issue for me, but I’m curious to know if I was in the wrong.”

Another User Comments:

“YTJ. Tricky when you only have one dressing room and a bunch of people that apparently can’t get dressed in the locker room but the default would go to the person in the shower though and he obviously had stuff in there, he’s going to be wet post-shower.

Just change around the lockers? What’s the big deal? Have you never used a functional locker room? My gym has dressing rooms with no outlets so sometimes I have to blow dry my hair in a different part and I would be super mad if I came back and someone locked themselves in an obviously in-use dressing room.” stahppppnow

Another User Comments:


You’re right about the dressing room being a shared space. No one gets to ‘reserve’ the dressing room by leaving their stuff in there. That’s what lockers are for.

Next time, just don’t open the door and finish what you’re doing.

And don’t hesitate to escalate this to management; if he’s doing this to multiple people it either won’t be the first complaint or there will be others to back up your claims.” Aggressive_Week9068

Another User Comments:

“Everyone sucks here.

He left his clothing and valuables in there to essentially ‘hold’ the dressing room while he took a shower. That’s not really cool to do when being in a shared and public place… especially not for small gyms with only ONE dressing room.

However, the only thing I would have done differently than you is ask ‘is anyone using this dressing room?’ There were clearly personal items in there and so you should have probably asked before going in and changing. For all you know, they could have just stepped out for a second to grab something from their locker.

However, since he was taking a shower he’s definitely more in the wrong.” Hopeful-Situation

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Minxie 1 year ago
Wait... he left the shower to tell you off, then you heard him yelling at your friend minutes later for the same darn thing? Am I understanding correctly that he went back to showering, instead of using the changing room when you left it? I'd definitely take it up with management. There's only 3 showers & 1 dressing room. With that amount of limited space, he's got half of the space reserved for himself. What would he have done if all the showers were being used, he left his to yell at you & someone waiting took the stall he left, thinking he was done... yell at them too? That's just rude.
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3. AITJ For Calling Out My Mother-In-Law's Lies In Front Of Her Partner?


“MIL has been with her partner for a year, so it is still newish. They got together right before Christmas last year and she spent Christmas with his family.

I recently overheard them talking about Christmas plans. He was like are you sure you don’t want to spend it with your family since you did mine last year.

MIL told him she really doesn’t like Christmas as she finds it depressing and they can do whatever he wants. I didn’t think anything of it until she mentioned how the Christmas before last, right after her divorce, she didn’t get a single present.

I was immediately annoyed because we got her a present and she refused to open it and just kept saying she wasn’t comfortable opening it. Then she burst into tears because we were ‘pressuring’ her and her dad said to leave it alone or we had to go.

This hurt my husband. He knew their relationship wasn’t the best, but he was not expecting that.

I interrupted and said to be clear MIL is a liar and we got her a gift, she just wouldn’t open it. I did this because I don’t like her lying and if my partner was lying to me, I would want to know.

MIL immediately got mad and said I need to stay out of her conversation and her relationship. Her partner said I was just starting something as she technically didn’t lie because if she didn’t accept the gift for whatever reason, then she still didn’t get any gifts.

My husband’s grandma is now mad at me and saying I just hate her daughter and need to mind my own business, but everyone else says I’m in the clear and she shouldn’t have lied.”

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. When MIL said she didn’t receive any gifts, it certainly made you and your husband sound like uncaring people.

I can’t believe the guy took up for her. He sounds like he is in denial and doesn’t want to accept that she lied to him because then he would have to ask himself what else she has lied about.

I’m certainly wondering what else she lied about since he immediately jumped to her defense as if she is some kind of victim. Why did he assume you were starting something?” lil-nan72

Another User Comments:

“YTJ. You ‘overheard’, you ‘interrupted’ and you called her a liar.

You were never part of her conversation, and regardless of the fact that she told a small lie, the greater jerk behavior is from YOU. There was no other motivation or need to call her out on it, in the manner that you did; except for your own desire to attack her.

Your justification for it is weak, you are not the Morality Police, and it is not your responsibility to vet everything your MIL says to someone else. Her partner was right, you were just ‘starting something’ and you need to stay out of other people’s conversations.

Nothing she said was worth the bad behavior that you exercised.” TrainingDearest

Another User Comments:

“I’m going to go with ‘everyone sucks here’.

MIL sounds like five kinds of pieces of work, so her being a jerk almost goes without saying.

But was it really necessary for you to comment in a way that directly was going to start drama?

If you must, I’d recommend more of an ‘innocent’ approach. Like you were passing by and happened to somehow overhear this bit.

‘Oh gosh MIL I’m so sorry to hear that, did you never get around to opening the gift we got you? I know you weren’t feeling very festive that year and didn’t want to open it when you got it’ or something to that nature.

Or. You know. Just don’t invest the energy into her dramatics. If she wants to martyr herself for points for her partner, in more or less a private setting. Let her. You and those important to you know the truth, so if she (or he, in misguided protector action) goes to start something publicly by all means call her out.

But in private? Not worth it, you just feed her attention cravings.” _Im_No_Professional_

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IDontKnow 10 months ago
You probably were the jerk, but with that said, I would have called her out on her lying bs too.
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2. AITJ For Letting My Son Sit In the Aisle?


“My son Chase is 16 years old and in high school.

He was part of a holiday program at his school this past week with his water polo team. It was during the day and my ex, our younger two kids, and I went to see it.

There were four of us but only three seats.

My ex, my 12-year-old son, and I took a seat and my 9-year-old Jeremy sat on my lap. After 20 minutes Jeremy came off my lap and sat on the floor next to my chair. He wasn’t blocking the aisle. The aisles were quite spacious.

Jeremy was just sitting very close to my chair and holding my hand.

Out of the blue, a teacher came up to me and asked that my son not sit on the floor. I explained there were no more chairs (obviously) and he was just sitting on my lap for 20 minutes.

She repeated herself about my son sitting on the floor. I said he’s not blocking anyone or anything so unless she is going to find another seat for me and him to sit together then stop pecking at me.

Again, Jeremy wasn’t blocking anyone.

There were staff and purses in the aisles. It was more about being a nag so I ignored her.

I got an email from one of the VPs telling me that I was rude and uncooperative to staff by letting my son sit in the aisle next to me.

I said I wasn’t being rude. There were no more seats and a 9-year-old boy is only going to sit on his dad’s lap for so long.

Again, yes, Jeremy was sitting in the aisle next to my chair holding my hand or recording my other son with my phone.

But he was NOT blocking anyone from passing. People put their bags and purses in the aisle by their chairs and took up more space than my son. This wasn’t a safety issue. It was being a nag. I wouldn’t put my son in a position where he’s going to trip people or get hit in the face by a bag or stepped on.

Get real.

I did reply back to the VP and never heard back so it obviously became a non-issue.”

Another User Comments:

“YTJ. You’re just a person who thinks rules don’t apply to you & expects people to make exceptions for your immediate convenience.

Your kid & all the other kids who want to sit on the aisles are a fire hazard not to mention generally in the way of people who want to walk in the aisles. If your kid gets to sit in the aisle, then how about the next kid who wants to sit there & the 30 after him?

You’re not special. You don’t get to break the rules that everyone else has to follow.” YMMV-But

Another User Comments:

“YTJ. It’s not about blocking the aisle as much as your son potentially being stepped on during an emergency.

It’s also an issue because any teacher knows that if one kid gets to do something then eventually you’re going to be dealing with a bunch of others who want to know why they can’t do the same.

The teacher is thinking about the big picture, you are thinking about your own individual situation.

But really, the issue here is that your first instinct was to argue. You had other options. You could have let your son have your seat and gone to stand in the back.

You could have split your seats before the program even started. But no, you had to be right and get your way.” muppetfeet82

Another User Comments:

“YTJ: It doesn’t matter why they asked your son to move, it matters that they asked him.

Not only did you refuse, but you were also arrogant about it. They don’t have to find you seats. You could have come earlier to the event if you all wanted to sit together to ensure this. And now that people have called you out about it, you are once again being arrogant that you were right.

Why bother to ask the question because in your mind you already know the answer? The school personnel asked your son to move. They are responsible for ALL the children, not just your child.” Kmia55

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chel 1 year ago
Man screw that ntj. Everyone bitching about safety, he was holding his hand. Can't acoop.a one second? Must be a weak.parent
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1. AITJ For Ordering A Steak In Front Of A Vegan?


“I (27f) was having dinner with my best friend Kit, his new partner Lola, Kit’s brother Paul and a few of our other friends. Lola is one of those very vocal social justice warrior (SJW) types that are very out of touch with reality and very irritating to talk to.

In the past few times we have met, she’s managed to pinpoint how every single one of us was doing something wrong.

For example, I’m wrong because I said I wasn’t too keen on looking at political stuff these days due to mental fatigue, Paul is the problem because he’s a martial arts expert and therefore ‘culturally appropriating’.

You get the drift.

This happened last night when we went out to dinner. We were at a fairly nice restaurant and I was excited as Paul is in town for only a few days and he’s like a brother to me.

I really didn’t want Lola there, but oh well Kit brought her anyway.

It was time to order, Lola made a huge deal of ordering vegan food and lamenting how there aren’t enough vegan options. So when it was my turn to order I said I wanted a steak.

Lola looked shocked and Kit just looked defeatedly at me. A few of our friends smirked though. I think Paul wanted to diffuse the situation so he said he wanted steak too and asked for a rare one.

I like joking with him so I told him at this rate he might as well order a live cow instead of a very rare steak.

He said he’s so hungry he’ll probably eat one.

So I said, ‘hear that Lola, one less cow whose methane farts you have to worry about’. She just shot a look of pure venom at me and Kit I think actually had his face in his hands at this point.

We somehow (I’m still amazed how) got done with dinner without any further outbursts.

But the actual kicker was that Kit refused to drive us home after this. We are roommates but he actually asked me to take a cab while he dropped Lola home.

So I got mad at him and said a few choice words.

I think it was the extra glasses of wine I had but it’s evening now and I feel yesterday’s hangover lift and now I’m guilty.

Paul said I should make up with Kit and that he would talk to Kit too.

As for Lola, I wish I never see her again but seeing as that Kit lives me this would be difficult and I don’t know what to do.”

Another User Comments:

“NTJ. I have known some vegans/vegetarians who are actually mature and fun people to be around.

They absolutely don’t care what anybody else orders at a restaurant, and they are okay with having a little fun with jokes about dead cows, etc. The cool ones will just throw a little jab back at you about colon cancer or whatever.

Those types of vegans are comfortable with who they are and confident in the choices they make, and they know people’s behavior won’t change by giving out unsolicited lectures all the time. The girl needs to relax a little bit, and realize nobody would care about her being vegan if she was cool about it.” AAF-93

Another User Comments:


You successfully acted like a jerk for no reason and disrupted your relationship with your roommate/’best friend.’ I don’t know why you would treat your friend this way, but there you have it.

There’s nothing to suggest that it was a vegan dinner happening, so what was the point of making a game out of being pointed and intentionally shaming with your dinner order? Fine, you don’t want to pay attention to politics, so it’s registered that you don’t care about what’s happening in the world around you.

I don’t trust your judgment, so who knows (or cares) about your martial arts friend? Maybe he’s cool, or maybe he IS an embarrassing, culturally appropriating idiot.

Kit is your ‘best friend’ and you and his brother want to needle his partner.

That’s not how you treat your friends’ partners. And he will choose her over his roommate, trust and believe.

Goading people publicly is immature and you haven’t described one thing that Lola did wrong other than being annoying in your view.

You are the jerk. Your ‘friend’ was right to make you call a cab. I have kicked a friend out of my car only once, and he was acting as smug and rude as you were.” einsteinGO

Another User Comments:

“Everyone sucks here.

She sounds exhausting, and I can fully understand not wanting to hang out with her.

You are the bigger jerk here though. She made a face but said nothing. You picked the fight, you antagonized her for no reason, then you had the nerve to be mad at your friend because he told you to get a cab because you picked a fight with his partner.

A smart person wouldn’t pick a fight with his ride’s partner and expect that ride to still be available.” No-Personality5421

Another User Comments:

“‘Lola made a huge deal out of ordering vegan food and lamenting how there aren’t enough vegan options.

So when it was my turn to order I said I wanted a steak.’

You didn’t order a steak because it was what you wanted, you ordered a steak because you wanted to provoke a reaction out of a person that you find annoying.

When she didn’t make a scene or give you any ammo (other than a supposed ‘shocked look’ which I question) you tried to provoke her further with comments about cows. She was still not giving you any ammo. You seem shocked by this – ‘we somehow made it through the dinner without any further outbursts.’ Sir, you were the only person disrupting dinner here.


Then, at the end of the night, when your friend was ready to take her home, you – feeling entitled to a ride simply because you are roommates, started an actual fight with your friend and his partner.

Undoubtedly, YTJ.” HabitualEnthusiast

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rusty 1 year ago
To all those "butt hurt" people on here saying that OP is a jerk...I hope you NEVER have to go through the humiliation of being subjected to (gasp, clutch your pearls) an ACTUAL HUMAN WITH ACTUAL HUMAN WANTS AND DESIRES, and being stuck in a restaurant with (gasp again, girls!) a REAL MEAT EATER! You people are the ones who give the "cool" vegans a bad name! In the name of "social justice" (more of moral superiority), one word from y'all can make what might have been a good and social meal into an argument about other people's morals! Talk about putting your nose where it doesn't belong! First world problems much?
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