People Speak About The Lightning-Quick Karma They Witnessed

A lot of the time, we don't get to witness karma being played out. Many of us move on from our childhood bullies and we definitely don't follow up with the rude stranger we once encountered at the mall. So when we do get to witness instantaneous karma, it's oh so satisfying. It's like getting to immediately watch the next episode of your favorite show after a nail-biting cliffhanger. We all just want to watch the bad guys finally suffer, and the good guys get their moment of glory. These moments remind us to stay humble and that our luck can change in an instant. If we keep being good people, maybe good things will happen to us. And if we're experiencing some tough love from the universe, maybe it's time to reflect on how we've been treating others. So keep your eyes peeled because just like lightning, karma can strike at any time.

41. Impatient Driver Gets Caught By The Cops


“In Sarasota, Florida, we have a bridge that connects the mainland to one of the keys (small islands just off the coast). This bridge is called the John Ringling Bridge. The road connects directly to US41 that heads north and south. When you come off the bridge and approach US41, the road becomes four lanes. The two left lanes are to turn north. The middle lane goes straight, and the right lane turns right heading south.

The right lane is the one we will focus on for this story. The right turn is a gradual, soft right because right where US 41 and the Ringling road meet, there is a left bend in the road as US41 goes around a huge marina. So, the traffic engineers built plenty of road for the lanes and turns and just striped off what could almost be considered a good portion of another lane between the middle and right lanes.

In any case, people would come down the bridge and those who wanted to turn right would dutifully get in the line of traffic in the right lane and stay there until they were all the way through the intersection and had merged onto US41.

Well, one evening, I was coming home from work (I worked out on Longboat Key and traveled the bridge every single day) and was headed down the bridge when some blankety-blank in a sports car decided that he needed to inspect my rear bumper the entire way.

Mind you, this is rush-hour traffic so there are cars in both lanes — everyone doing pretty close to the 45MPH speed limit over the bridge. But that wasn’t good enough for this little punk. He clung to my bumper all the way down the bridge and when I pulled into the right lane he whipped out around me into the middle lane (which was pretty empty since most people were turning left or right) and flew down to try to cut in the right-turn lane.

Well, the lane was almost completely full so he sped up and went through the striped area and cut off one of the people in the right lane to get into the line faster.

Here’s the beautiful part. One of the cars in the left turn lanes was a police officer who witnessed this idiot pull this stunt. He immediately pulled out and lit the guy up and pulled him over right after he had merged onto US41. I’m absolutely positive that every. single. car that went by this guy just laughed at him for his completely obnoxious arrogance that was now going to cost him several hundred dollars!

That was, by far, the best instant karma I have personally witnessed! Like I said, to this day I still think about it every time I drive that road!”

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dawo1 3 years ago
Instant karma for jackass drivers is my favorite kind of karma.
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40. Stomp On Our Sandcastle? Stomp On This Sharp Stick


“My sister and I (we were around 8 or 9) were at the beach building a sandcastle when out of nowhere, a boy around our age, stomped on our sandcastle! We were shocked at this unprovoked attack but were not the sort to tattle. His father, seeing what his son had done, told him not to do it again. The son didn’t even respond. I got the feeling he was in the habit of disregarding his parents.

My sister and I moved a short way away and rebuilt our castle. STOMP! Followed by obnoxious laughter from the brat. My sister and I looked at each other, then again, started to rebuild. This time we made a revision: we inserted a sharp stick into the tallest tower of our castle. STOMP! Then a loud shriek of pain from the bratty boy. As he runs crying to his dad, my sister and I watched dolefully, not sure if we were about to get in trouble. ‘Daddy, those girls put a stick in their castle and hurt my foot!’ The boy wailed like he’d been bitten by a shark. ‘Well son, I told you not to step on their castle,’ replied dad mildly. The boy sniffled a few more times and pouted, but left us alone thereafter.

Sometimes you have to make your own karma.”

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Kestrel 3 years ago
Good for you for sticking up for yourselves, and good on the dad for not coddling the boy when he knew it was the boy's fault.
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39. He Mistook Me For A Valet So I Dropped His Car Keys In The Middle Of The Highway


“To start off, I’m black (this will become relevant later) and people have this habit of mistaking me for the staff, no matter what I’m wearing.

About 20 years ago, I went to a fancy restaurant (dressed appropriately, slacks and a nice shirt and tie and jacket) for a lunch interview (ahh, heady dot com days, but I digress).

After the interview, I’m walking out and a man drives up in an expensive car (Porsche 911), screeches to a stop, hops out, and hurls his keys at me.

Instincts being what they are, I catch them (surprised me, my coordination is terrible enough that I couldn’t catch a cold). It dawns on me that the man has mistaken me for a Valet (this is ironic because this particular restaurant HAS NO Valet Parking).

I start ‘Excuse me..’ and he responds in the most condescending of tones ‘What, are you stupid? Just park my car!’

I’m struck speechless as he glares at me, and I nod. He turns to go into the restaurant, I walk down the street (it’s near Newbury St in Boston), get to the section that is a Highway overpass, and drop the keys onto the side of the highway.

I’ve always wondered how he got home.”

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Loreleii Trueheart 2 years ago
I would have moved his car to a handicapped parking spot and locked the keys inside of it. Oh, and leave a note saying "park your own car next time, asshat!"
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38. Cut In Front Of A Child At The Claw Machine? You Won't Get The Reward


“My older sister, my daughter, and I stopped at a Denny’s for breakfast. They had a claw machine there. My daughter, age seven, was so excited. We gave her two quarters to play and just as she went up to play, two college-aged jerks cut her off and deliberately rushed up to it.

My daughter had seen a stuffed bumblebee in there and had said she was going to get it.

Those two jerks spent ten dollars trying to get it until they gave up. My daughter just stood there with tears in her eyes the entire time. My sister said to not worry, that those disgusting excuses for men were not going to get anything. They didn’t.

After giving up and sitting back down with smirks on their faces, my seven-year-old put in her two quarters and got the bumblebee in one try. By that point, the entire restaurant was watching and they roared with laughter. She still has that thing and it now sits on her desk at college.”

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TenaciousB 3 years ago
We had an opposite event. A young one was trying for a certain stuffed toy at the claw machine one day. After several tries, her dad stated that was the end. My son saw that she was so close to getting it! I gave him some money, he tried, and was successful. He ran up to them before they made it out, said , "Excuse me", handed her the prize and made her day!
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37. Boss Mocked Me For Speeding But The Tables Quickly Turned


“Where I worked, we played a lot of jokes on each other. We glued stuff to each other’s desks, glitter bombed and pranked one another, and instituted various other forms of mockery. It was all very good-natured fun in a high-performing office. We genuinely respected one another but that doesn’t mean we didn’t cherish moments of pure comeuppance.

Early in February (a couple of years ago), my Manager saunters in with a smirk on his face.

He’s gleefully waving around a speeding fine notification.

My car. He makes a loud announcement that I’ve been a bad bad girl and proceeds to hold a guessing game with everyone as to how fast the car had been moving when it got snapped (because of course, he does). The fine was pretty sizable. Apparently, my car had been clocked moving at 114 km (or so) on a traffic camera.

This prompts laughter, cheers, and much good-natured ribbing.

He then adopts a hilarious but incredibly pompous tone and proceeds to lecture me about misusing company property and how we have a professional brand and image to maintain, much to the delight and amusement of my traitorous team who were usually on the receiving end of my lectures about speeding. Then he finishes with a flourish by announcing that I owe him and my team morning tea as an apology and hands the fine over for payment with a bow and a wrist twirl…

He probably should have looked at the details on the fine print before beginning his performance.

I looked at the ticket, spotted the dates and the location and my grin got twice as big as his.

He’d been driving a Dodge Journey SUV with an electrical fault at the time. The Dodge would suddenly lose all power and slowdown to 20kms an hour (top speed) before kicking back in again (it turned out to be an intermittent ‘Limp mode’ issue) and he’d forgotten that we’d swapped SUVs over Christmas so that he could tow his boat to Twizel without his car causing an issue… (that’s a story in and of itself!) but the ticket was for one of the days that he’d been driving it.

He stopped the teasing long enough to ask me why I was laughing so hard.

I pulled up my calendar and showed him the dates where I’d blocked out the days when he’d have my vehicle as a reminder to myself and tapped the date on the ticket.

The smirk fell right off his face.

It was glorious.

He kept looking at the date on the ticket and the date on the calendar as if it might magically change.

It was like the Grinch stole his Christmas.

I got halfway through delivering a giggly lecture on the dangers of speeding and misusing company property and how we have a professional brand and image to maintain… when he flipped me the bird, snatched the ticket, and left. He grudgingly brought in morning tea the following day but that’s because he was (and still is) a hilariously poor loser.

Do not spread thine mockery if thou canst not take the mockery.”

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ainu 3 years ago
Beautiful. I wish I could have been there to see that.
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36. I Helped Her Navigate The Airport And She Put Me In Contact With Her CEO Son


“I was at Mumbai Airport for my flight to my hometown, Kanpur, departing at 10:30 AM. Due to extreme fog in Kanpur, the flight was delayed. Finally, around 12 noon, SpiceJet announced that the flight is canceled because Kanpur Airport has been shut down.

An airline staff announced to the passengers that they’d book us for the next day’s flight. There was a lady aged around 65.

She was alone and she reached out to me for help. I assured her that I’d help her in getting a new ticket. She wasn’t aware of various flight procedures and was extremely worried and confused.

We went to counter number 45 and from there, took a lift to the luggage area. We both got our luggage and started proceeding towards the ticket counter. Mumbai International Airport is huge.

SpiceJet departs from the International Terminal. I carried her luggage all the way across the floors of the Airport. I assured her that I’d do all it takes to help her.

Finally, we both got our tickets done. She thanked me. I asked her how she’d go home. Her son had gone to Bangkok after leaving her at the Airport thinking that she’d be back in Kanpur with her scheduled flight.

Obviously, he missed the idea that the flight could have been canceled.

We came out of the Airport and I was trying to book a cab for her. She told me that she has spoken to her son and he will send the car. As we were waiting for the car, she was thanking me multiple times for helping her navigate across the Airport, handling her luggage, and getting her the new tickets.

I told her that she was very much like my mother.

Anyway, while waiting for her car to come, she asked me what I do. I told her about my Enterprise Technology Startup. Immediately, she told me that her son was the CEO of a large Financial Services company. I was surprised because it is an extremely large listed organization and we were anyway planning to reach out to them (to sell our solution) and here is the mother of the CEO standing in front of me.

She took my contact number and shared hers and told me that she’ll call me as soon as her son is back from his Bangkok trip. She in fact gave me the lunchbox that she was carrying and then also dropped me halfway to my home in her son’s car (Mercedes Benz).”

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TanakaSensei 3 years ago
Seeing karma like this is always just as satisfying.
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35. Seagull Takes A Dump Right On Obnoxious Beachgoers


“While at the beach, a few young girls in their late teens plopped their blankets a few feet diagonal from where a few friends of mine and I were sitting. I rarely mind people being around, and can usually talk to anyone, but these girls wore out their welcome rather quickly.

They were open-mouthed gum-chewing smacking away between nasty comments about every person that crossed their path.

My friend and I were starting to lose patience. The memory of their stupid little matching loose hair buns vibrating in tandem with their head-bobbing laughter agitates me still. They went on relentlessly.

‘Oh my God, WHAT is she wearing? Get a bathing suit that fits. Gross.’

‘Eww, he is nasty. Literally disgusting.’

‘Look at this one coming over here, why is he with her?’

Sure, they had decent bodies, but their self-adoration combined with their obnoxious cackling mouths made them hideous.

That’s okay, Karma arrived just in time.

With perfect precision, a seagull and a few of his friends drop a bursting white and black poop bomb right on their backs.

Commence screeching.

It is now running down their backs, and it is glorious!

My friends and I laughed so loudly, and when the girls turned toward us, I said, ‘Wow, that’s gross.’

In Italy, birds pooping on you is good luck. In this neck of the U.S, it is Karma.”

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34. Man Who Demanded Speed Trap Gets Trapped In It


“When I was a Richland County SC Deputy Sheriff, a local ‘community leader’ went to the Sheriff and demanded that a speed trap be set up on the street leading to his neighborhood. The street was intersected by an SC Highway, and many people making turns onto the street from the highway didn’t slow down to the speed limit fast enough for the ‘community leader.’ The Sheriff agreed and said that he would see that a speed trap was set up as soon as it was feasible.

So one slow Sunday afternoon, a speed trap was set up. I was driving the chase car, while a Radar Certified Deputy ran the radar. We had barely got set up when a car made the turn, and barely slowed down. The Radar Operator radioed me and told me that the car was doing 53 mph in a 35 mph zone. I chased the car down and stopped it.

Lo and behold the driver was the ‘community leader.’ He asked if I knew who he was, and I replied that he was a speeder. He complained the entire time that I was writing his citation. He stated he would call and register a complaint saying that I was harassing him with the Sheriff, which he did, and which the Sheriff ignored.

He got the very first and oddly enough the only ticket I issued that day. Apparently, word got out about the speed trap, and all the other drivers entering the neighborhood did the speed limit or less.”

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ainu 3 years ago
Awesome. I applaud you for not backing down and kissing his butt.
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33. Guy Is Forced To Pick Up Trash He Threw Out Window


“I have worked construction most of my life with much of it in Florida.

Working on a shell building and constructing a six-foot soffit that demanded it is plumb, level, and square. I was the superintendent with 15 to 18 temporary carpenters. Much of my supervision necessitated me to watch from the ground and direct my carpenters to problem areas.

The construction site had an eight-foot fence surrounding the job site.

Next door was a popular breakfast/lunch restaurant. Some idiot was tossing trash out his window into the parking lot. I called him a jerk but I couldn’t reach him due to the fence. He flipped me the bird and emptied his ashtray along with a few other items. Man, I can’t stand ignorant people.

Suddenly, the guy puts his vehicle in park, opens his door, and begins to gather up his trash. I couldn’t understand what made him repent until I peeked around the corner…a police car with an officer pointing at the trash he missed!

After he retrieved his trash and drove away, the policeman gave me a thumbs-up before parking for breakfast.”

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32. Impatient Shopper Forgets To Close Door And Drives Off As Her Groceries Fall Out


“Some years ago my wife and I were shopping in a local supermarket. We didn’t have a lot in the trolley and spotted a line that was apparently free. On getting there we saw a full trolley some feet away from the belt with no one anywhere in sight.

We had just started putting the shopping on the belt when a woman barged up and started taking our stuff off.

‘I’m before you’ she screamed despite our saying she should have stayed with her trolley rather than continuing shopping. She was being petulant and petty and we saw another checkout opening so went there and were out quite quickly. We were loading our car when she bustled out and loose-loaded her shopping into the back of a Land Rover. Sadly she forgot to close the rear door properly and as she sped out of the car park and turned into the main road, the rear door flew open and all her groceries crashed out of the car and went all over the road.”

Another User Comments:
“I had some pretty instant karma and I do believe it’s linked.

In the UK we have to put a pound coin into our shopping trolleys. I was finished with mine and put my trolley back. I saw an old couple fussing. Couldn’t get a trolley for their shopping. The lady told her husband we need a pound coin. He said he didn’t have one. I’ll go check the car he said. Still no pound coin. They mentioned something about using baskets which would be hard for them.

I walked up to them and gave them my pound coin and said I don’t need this and have a nice weekend. They thanked me and she even called me dear.

Anyway. That evening I was driving back to Cardiff from my military base. (I’m in the RAF). I was going a bit too fast and was pulled over by the police. He asked about my business in Carterton and I said I was in the RAF and heading to visit my folks in Cardiff. He told me to slow down and have a nice weekend. I could have been fined £90 ($124) minimum for that speeding. I think it was karma for the £1 ($1.38) I gave the old couple.” Neil Macdonald

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grac 3 years ago
I drive truck for a living and when in the road, I sometimes have to get groceries. Which means I park at the far end of a lot. To get a grocery cart, you usually have to put a quarter or dollar coin in. When done shopping, I don't return the cart to the corral and the person collecting carts gets a tip.
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31. If You Mess Around On This Road, You'll Definitely Get Caught


“My wife and I were driving down one of the major country routes near where we lived at the time. We had just picked up one of our cars from the repair shop. Due to the way that the road went from a two-lane to one, someone had gotten in between us. As we are going down the road, three police cars came over a rise in the road going the opposite direction coming toward us.

We and the rest of the traffic on both sides do what is required by law and pull toward the right shoulder. EXCEPT for the car that had gone in between us. He just keeps going forward, going around my wife’s car and proceeding down the road. The three police cars come flying toward us, and just as they reach us, the third police car in line slows and makes a u-turn, speeding off on our side of the road.

We and the rest of the traffic pull back out and proceed down the road. About a mile further down the cop who made the U-Turn has the car that didn’t pull to the shoulder pulled over and is writing the guy a ticket.

Totally instant Karma.

That piece of road was one where you didn’t mess around, there was a different evening where someone was behind me as the light turned yellow.

I slowed and stopped, the guy behind me swung around me and passed me through the red light, on the wrong side of the road even. I commented to my wife ‘where is a cop when stuff like that happens?’ The guy was maybe 200 feet more down the road while I waited at the light when the blues came on!

More instant karma.

It was a state-numbered route through an area that alternated between light industry and undeveloped, I think people thought they could get away with stuff there. NOPE, there were often people pulled over there.”

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30. We Helped Out Some Tourists And They Returned The Favour


“We were going to China on a trip to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Xian. At the New Delhi airport, there was a group of Chinese tourists who were returning to China after visiting India. They were asked to fill some forms and were struggling to fill them in English. One of them requested me, and I happily obliged. Soon there was a small line of Chinese tourists getting their forms filled by me.

I didn’t mind as the flight was not leaving for the next 2 hours.

We reached Beijing and realized that the hotel cab that was supposed to pick us up, was nowhere to be seen. We tried calling the hotel reception, but they did not have English-speaking staff at night. For the people who have not visited China, you should know that the Hotel has different addresses and names written in Chinese and English.

If you are not carrying a Chinese name and address, it’s very difficult to ask for directions. New to China, we felt stuck and helpless at the Airport.

Soon we saw the entire group of tourists I had helped. Seeing me and my wife they waved and asked if we needed any help. They immediately made a call to the hotel reception and explained the situation in Chinese. They also waited until our cab from the hotel arrived at the Airport.

I really believe that was one act of kindness that was immediately returned back to me as instant karma!”

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29. He Was Worried He'd Be Late To The Show Cause Of Me...But I Was The Show


“I was in a band back in my home state of Maine a decade or so ago, and we were playing a venue in a small town called Greenville, which is famous for its lakes (and loving tourists), nocturnal fog, and substantial moose population. In fact, a certain stretch of one-lane road is so well-known for car accidents caused by moose wandering out of the woods that there are multiple signs and lights warning motorists to use extreme caution.

Well, it was late on a Friday afternoon; as I hit the aforementioned stretch of road, it began to rain. Visibility was pretty terrible. I slowed my car and drove as carefully as possible, having hit several deer in the past and not wanting to add a far more dangerous moose dust-up to my roster of driving calamities.

But it seems I must have been driving a little too slowly for the car behind me because the driver started honking his horn and flashing his lights, indicating that I was keeping him from wherever it was he felt he needed to be at that moment.

Finally, after about five minutes of this, I pulled over to the side of the road and let him pass. I caught a glimpse of his youthful profile and that of an older woman in the passenger seat. ‘Have at it, buddy,’ I muttered under my breath as I pulled back onto the road and continued toward town.

When I got to the hall where we were playing that night, my band was already set up, waiting for me, and not the least bit concerned that we would be starting a few minutes late.

They knew the dangers of that particular stretch of road and were glad that I had arrived in one piece.

As we took the stage and began to play, I was surprised to see what I thought was the face of the impatient young driver among the crowd filling the seats in front of me. What a coincidence, I thought. Later, during a break, one of my bandmates pointed out the young man and his passenger, who turned out to be the young man’s mother, to me.

The pair were my bandmate’s sister and nephew. And then he told me something else—that the nephew had been worried that he would miss the show because he had been stuck behind some idiot who’d been driving so freakishly slow for the last ten miles into town.

I don’t know if my bandmate ever told the kid that I was that so-called idiot, but I took great pleasure in the idea of him passing me so impatiently because he was in such a hurry to see…well….me!”

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28. Loud And Rude Passengers Get Kicked Off Train For Holding The Wrong Tickets


“It was a Friday night and I was at the railway station to go back home for the weekend. The train was at 10 minutes past midnight (12:10 AM Saturday).

The train came and most of the people in there were asleep. I quietly tried to find my way to my seat which doubles as a bed that I can sleep on. However, there was a group of young guys getting into the same compartment who didn’t want to be quiet.

From their loud conversation, I understood that all of them were newly employed in some IT company. They came in, switched on the lights, started singing/talking/yelling annoying everyone else.

In India, like many other countries, we have traveling ticket examiners (TTEs) on the train. They are responsible for checking the passenger tickets, issuing fines, etc. However, in India, they sometimes assume the role of law enforcement. Nobody in a sane state of mind would want to mess with a TTE on a train.

So a TTE walked into our compartment hearing the noise. He was an elderly gentleman but was visibly angry by the chaos that these jerks were creating. He told them to be quiet and show him their tickets. They all had tickets booked online as three or four different groups. I don’t know whether these guys were intoxicated or not but while handing over the tickets, they made some nasty comments at the TTE regarding his age, looks, etc.

The TTE sure heard them but he continued checking their tickets without answering them and that is when karma struck.

These smart jerks had booked tickets for the Friday train that had gone early in the morning on Friday. For traveling on this train they should have booked a ticket for Saturday. Remember the train is at 10 past midnight. TTE announced that their tickets were invalid and explained why.

It took them some time to understand but once it was made clear, those howling wolves turned into sheep in a second. In normal cases, TTEs would collect a fine and try to accommodate such passengers in vacant seats. But in this case, he told them to get down at the next station and figure out other ways to get home. The thought of being in an unknown place in the middle of the night horrified them and they all started apologizing. ‘Old man’ turned to ‘Sir,’ ‘you are not police’ turned to ‘only you can help us.’

But the TTE didn’t change his decision and they were offboarded at the next station. The rest of us slept very well for the remaining part of the journey.”

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27. Never Mess With A Bison


“I was driving in Yellowstone park many years ago. There was stopped traffic and a bit of snow on the ground. There were many beautiful bison meandering around the stopped traffic.

A man got out of his red pickup truck laughing, he made a snowball and hit a huge bison square on the forehead. Still laughing, the man jumped back in his truck and shut the door.

The traffic was not moving at all. The bison stared at the closed door of the red truck for about a minute, and then he slowly walked over to the driver’s side door. He then slowly head-butted the door with his enormous horns, causing severe damage to the truck. You could hear the man screaming profanities through his closed window of the now misshapen truck.”

Another User Comments:
“Something like that happened to a man in front of me at Windsor Safari Park back in the mid-’70s.

In the baboon section, a guy held a bag out of the window that I think held peanuts. When a female baboon tried to take it, he pulled it back laughing and shut the window. He did this a few times even the loudspeaker operator told him to stop.

Then just before we left that section and whilst waiting for cars to go through the double security gates, a gang of males descended on his car and almost obscured it.

When the keepers shooed them away, my partner and I could see he no longer had any wing mirrors and only one broken windscreen wiper. His bonnet (hood) was a mess of scratches and his boot (trunk) was open.

Apparently, he tried to get compensation but was told that he agreed to go in at his and the car’s risk, anyway taunting the baboon ladies with kids is no more advisable than doing the same to human ladies with kids. The family will take vengeance.

Secretly I was glad they went for him because I was driving my brand new Capri which cost me half a year’s salary and I would have been devastated had they jumped me.” Mike Organ

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26. I Stopped So A Father And Daughter Could Safely Cross And Then All Traffic Cleared Up


“I don’t remember what I was doing but I remember very well that I was dead tired. It was a long drive home, more than 15kms and I just started my journey thinking I will be dead by the time I reach home.

The traffic at the signals was too heavy that at the very first traffic signal I had to wait for two whole cycles of changing lights to drive away from there.

After I managed to cross another two signals there was a little room in front of me to accelerate quickly but suddenly I noticed a middle-aged man riding on a bike along with his daughter who wouldn’t have been more than 6yrs. He was struggling to get out from between all the cars to take a left turn.

All this was happening when the sun was directly above the head and showing his wrath in the middle of summer.

If I had crossed him I could be free to speed away but I just stopped in the middle of the road and succeeded in creating a gap for him to cross. He quickly saw the opportunity and made use of it.

Then this happened, the cute little girl sitting in the front and wearing her daddy’s helmet turned towards me and gave me a big cute smile to die for.

The tiredness vanished in a moment and the good karma started acting.

After this small gesture of mine, the traffic was clear, and amazingly enough, I hadn’t stopped at a single traffic signal. I must have come across more than 10 signals but I stopped at none.

I was home earlier than the usual time it took for me to be back. I still remember that smile. It was heavenly.”

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Mom_of_one8 3 years ago
Smiles from children seriously can melt hearts. I can be having such a crappy day, but then I see my 3 year old light up with a smile, and the crappy day vanishes
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25. He Refused To Share A Cab With Me And Then Missed His Flight


“I was having a 3-day training at Bangalore office & it was the last day when this incident happened.

My flight was scheduled at 9:15 pm on the 3rd day, so I checked out from my hotel room in the morning & took my baggage with me to the office.

On reaching the office, I asked one of my colleagues if we can book a single cab to the airport and then share the fare.

He immediately agreed & said, ‘Don’t worry brother, we’ll go together and we’ll split the fare.’

Our trainer told us to start booking our cabs at least from 5:30 pm, and exactly at 6, the very same colleague told me that ‘Sorry bro we all are going together, make your arrangement yourself.’

ME: But we talked earlier that we’ll go together. How would I find a cab at this peak hour?

HIM: I don’t know man, sorry!

Our trainer ended our class at 6:10 pm & now I can see that all the people are going in a hurry to catch the flight at 9:15 pm.

Someone told me to book a cab outside the office premises, it will be easier to find one.

I was running with my luggage and on reaching the ground floor, I saw 2-3 guys who were also running in a hurry. Then suddenly I asked one of them if they can take me with them as I hadn’t booked a cab & I was afraid that I’ll miss the flight.

He said, ‘Ya bro come with us, we’ll manage.’

I was very happy and while we were putting the luggage in the car, I saw those guys who left me at the last moment, leaving for the airport.

Now it was around 6:30 or 6:40 pm, we requested the driver to move fast & he did his job really well and we were at the airport at 8:35 pm.

(My office to airport distance is around 39.7km).

Now, we boarded our flight.

After the takeoff, I realized those guys who left me were not on the plane although they left the office earlier than me.

The next day, when we reported to our office we got to know that those guys missed their flight.

This was my instant karma story.

And yes I forgot to tell you that the guys who helped me at that time are truly gems in real life. Ashu & Abhinav you are the irreplaceable part of my life.

Love you both.”

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24. Ruin Years Of Friendship? You'll Be Left With Nothing


“I was best friends with this girl for 5 years (all of high school). She basically lived at my house at least 5 nights out of the week. My parents fed her, got her jobs, wrote letters of recommendation for her for college, took her on vacations with us, drove her around, and never ever asked her for a penny. She was like family. This year we moved in together as we finished high school.

Long story short, she has MANY issues. She grew up very abnormally (no mom, neglectful dad, and terrible siblings + always moved around so never had lasting friendships of any kind, couldn’t even hug me or say I love you to me during the first 3 years of our extremely close friendship) so I wasn’t that surprised when her sister came to visit and convinced her it was weird how close she was with me (because apparently, they can’t be close to people).

She decided we shouldn’t be friends anymore because we were ‘too close.’ Obviously, I was very upset and hurt and she wouldn’t even fully explain it to me. All she said was I did nothing and she wasn’t mad at me. But then…

She told me she was going to move out and that I just needed to figure out what to do for the next month myself (our rent was very expensive, most people our age are not moved out and wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway) so I knew I would have to move out too.

Then she decided to stay because she said she was only thinking of moving out for my sake and she ‘needed to think of herself’ and that she did want to stay in the place. I said okay.

A few days later I decided I couldn’t handle the environment, she was extremely rude and petty all of a sudden and it was just a very negative and toxic environment.

But when I told her I was going to move out, I expressed consideration by letting her know that I would wait until she found a new place too even if it was the next month after that. I wasn’t going to leave her hanging.

She then proceeded to give her notice to the landlord PAST the 1st of the month the next day (we were going to wait until the next month) without telling me, so she lost me $500 from our security deposit.

Then told me ‘well legally I didn’t have to tell you, you could still keep it if you stay here another month.’ But she knew well that I wouldn’t be able to find a roommate in less than a month.

She also moved out her stuff the day before we were supposed to without telling me to avoid confrontation because she did many other messed up things during that month and left me to clean out all of her things from the kitchen and clean the whole place by myself after.

Also, I didn’t even know if she was coming back or not, I was just confused because she has always claimed to have such high morals and was veryyyy entitled thinking she was always better than everyone else so I assumed that doing this was beneath her but apparently it wasn’t! And she blocked my number so I couldn’t ask her about it

But guess what. I found out from a friend later that the reason she gave her notice was that a mutual friend of ours was moving back into his parent’s house and his place was free for her to rent out and that she ‘would definitely get it.’ Little did she know, once he talked to the landlords about it, they remembered her from months ago when we were partying there quite a bit and being loud often so they said absolutely no to her.

Ha! So I was told she ended up staying with family or friends or something like that in the meantime, and so she had to leave all her furniture and all the decor and kitchen stuff we bought together for me to have! For free! She lost probably about a solid $1000 that she put into buying stuff for the place + her half of the $500 deposit, yet she has 9 grand in student debt still and no family to help her out and doesn’t have full-time work either.

She always got 95% and above in school but looks like she was really only book smart, clearly not street smart or just smart in general lol. I laugh about this now but she genuinely did mess me up, that was the biggest heartbreak I have ever felt, I couldn’t understand how she could just walk away after 5 years of sisterhood and even tattoos together. I’ve cried myself to sleep just about every night for the past 3 months since it happened. Suffice to say, she got what she deserved but still deserves more karma. Heartless jerk.”

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23. Bad Manager Gets Drenched In Soda


“I was a 20ish college kid working at Walgreens and we had a new assistant manager who was kind of a jerk. He had me stacking 12packs of soda cases on an end stand. I was kind of slow because upper body strength is not really my thing. Not sure why I was even given the job when there were so many strong high school boys employed there.

When you get hired at Walgreens, there’s an understanding that you may be sent to any department: upfront cashier, cosmetics, photo, stocking, pharmacy cashier, and doing other people’s breaks; but managers usually assign you to do jobs you’re better at, and this wasn’t it.

Anyway, the manager guy got irritated with me for sucking at this task and came charging over with a stock cart loaded up with soda, yelling at me to get out of the way so he could do it because I didn’t know what I was doing.

The cart tipped, fell over on the end stand, knocked most of the soda down with an ear-shattering crash, and at least one of the cases split open and exploded, sending shaken-up diet soda shooting out of busted cans, hitting dude right between the eyes and drenching his vest. The dude just stood there for a minute, dripping and stunned, and I decided to be creepy and said, ‘You know what will happen if you’re mean to me.’ Then I went and got the mop and expensed a roll of paper towels. He wouldn’t let me help clean up; he told me to go take my break. He was nice to me for the rest of the time he was at our store.”

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biha 3 years ago (Edited)
He probably thought you were telekinetic XD
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22. A Little Patience And Courtesy Could've Saved A Whole Lot Of Trouble


“My sister and I were on a mini road trip when we experienced some car issues. The car was towed to a small-town gas station. The gas station not only had a garage but also rented moving trucks.

My sister and I were sitting in the gas station waiting in line to pay for the repairs so we could head back out on the road. The customer before us is in the process of renting one of the moving trucks.

The cashier offers the guy insurance on his rental. Instead of just saying ‘no thank you,’ the guy loses his mind and starts berating this poor worker. He keeps going on about how the cashier is trying to scam him and whatnot. He finally finishes up the rental process and goes to pick up the rental truck that is sitting out front.

My sister and I pay for our repairs and check in with the cashier to make sure they were okay.

They say they are fine so we head out front where our car is parked.

Remember, this is a gas station…while my sister and I are standing out front, the idiot customer that was screaming about insurance finally starts up the truck rental and starts backing it out of the parking space. The problem is, he doesn’t stop backing up…he eventually backs over one of the gas pumps and knocks it completely over.

Gas starts spewing out of the ground like a geyser. The cashier comes out where we are standing and we all just stare in disbelief.

My sister and I look at each other and run to our car to get out of there as fast as possible. They had plenty of witnesses already for the authorities and we had a wedding to get to. Plus, our car was far enough away from the gas spewing out of the ground that we could safely leave. Had we waited a few minutes longer, that would not have been the case. And yes, the mechanic that was outside watching this mess gave us the all-clear.

Just goes to show you, the universe doesn’t like jerks…”

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Vlm 3 years ago
Um that is not how a gas pump works, but wherever. Should have just stuck to the truth smh.
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21. Horse Runs Off With Rude Woman


“I was learning to ride at a riding school at Liberton, south of Edinburgh. You got the ride cheaper if you untacked your own horse and cleaned the tack.

There was this beautiful little chestnut mare called Tonya, really pretty, although she had a trot like a pneumatic drill. Tonya was very self-willed but also kind – she only bolted with experienced riders. With novices like me, she refused to move at all but stood leaning over the fence, watching the horse in the next ring.

So, the very bossy young woman who was taking the class was shouting at me about how hopeless I was, and ‘You can do dressage with her if you know what you’re doing.’ I thought but didn’t say, ‘Of course you can, she’s interested in dressage – she isn’t interested in walking round and round a ring,’ and also ‘If I could do dressage, why would I be in this class?’

Afterward, I was in the stall with Tonya, untacking her, when this woman came to continue haranguing me, whilst absent-mindedly helping to untack.

It was at this point that she made the fundamental mistake of taking the bridle off without putting the headcollar on first so that she was attached to Tonya only by a loop of reins around her neck.

Tonya then decided she wanted to go talk to another pony who was a friend of hers. With nothing to control her head, she dragged this woman out of the stall, along a corridor, round a corner, down another corridor, and round another corner, as the woman dug her heels in, tugged futilely at the reins and shouted ‘Tonya, come here! Tonya! Tonya!’

I didn’t gloat too obviously – I just said ‘She seems to have a mind of her own,’ with which the tutor agreed fervently.”

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20. I Helped An Elderly Lady Find Her Way And Ended Up With A Place To Stay


“Was studying at Delhi University at that time and was staying with my friend in a rented apartment in Kingsway Camp in the university area.

It was a winter night when our landlord summoned me and told me with an apparent heavy voice that he was selling the flat and the new owner would be moving into the flat so we need to vacate that flat in a week’s time.

The apartment was a great deal for us with a comfortable rent and in close proximity to our college in DU. No interference from the landlord as he stayed in the next building and open space for us.

I was worried instantly, my flatmate was away to his hometown for his sister’s marriage and after discussing with him on phone, it was decided that I would immediately start looking for an alternate place.

In late 90s / early 2000s it was never easy to get a good / spacious / comfortable / low rent flat near DU area. I started the flat hunt in the right earnest but without any headway for 3 days. Was getting worried as the days passed and the deadline of the week drew close.

4th day – I was going to south Delhi to meet my cousin who was to go to Patna the next day and I was to send some clothes that I had bought for my little sister.

I reached ISBT (The Bus Terminus) from where I would have changed the bus to go to my cousin’s place. The ISBT in those days was always crowded. I was waiting for my bus when I saw an old lady in good enough attire for a well-to-do family going around and talking to people to which there was not much response as I could sense it.

I waited for some time before approaching her, when I did she smiled and told me that she wanted to go to Rohini to her daughter’s place but didn’t know which bus to take and also it was her first ride alone on the bus. Lots of questions flashed in my mind raising doubts about the genuineness of her story. But then I thought what does she want? She was only wanting to get to the right bus and for the bus conductor to drop her at the right stop.

Why the other people were not responding? Because there was no bus immediately at that time and she wanted someone to actually stay with her and make her take the right bus and confirm with the conductor about the stop.

I don’t know why but I immediately decided to do this for her, felt a rush of emotions about how an old lady is feeling helpless in a sea of humans around her for a small little thing.

I missed my bus and waved her off as she went off in her bus, after 30 minutes or so doing all the needed conversation with the bus conductor and also requesting two other co-passengers to help her get down at the right stop.

I still remember her face smiling, moist eyes, and both hands in a blessing stance looking affectionately from the window seat

I returned back at around 9 in the night to my flat to find my landlord wanting me to speak to his friend in Hudson Lines who was looking for students to rent out his flat. My landlord already had a word with him for us. And he had kindly agreed on the same rent.

Few days hence I shifted to our new rented flat with our belongings!”

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19. I Wished Good For The Person Who Broke Into My Car And Then Found My Stolen Items


“On my birthday, my car got broken into outside of Alta Plaza Park in San Francisco. My black work backpack and green weekend luggage were stolen. This was right after a time of peak spiritual and emotional development for me.

So, when I got to my car and saw everything was gone, I did not experience any bit of negative emotions regarding the event.

I instead called my mom, asked her to come shopping with me, and said, ‘I’m sending good vibes to the person who took my things because they must be in a rough spot to do something like this.’

Right as I finish the call, a woman comes up to me asking if my car had been broken into.

I say yes and show her my car. She then points across the street to her SUV that also had broken windows.

‘Do you have a black backpack or a green suitcase? Someone must have been using my car as the getaway car… it’s got a bunch of other people’s stuff in it. Come look.’

And believe it not, my stuff was all there in the back of her SUV along with a few other people’s things.”

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18. Free Burgers For Everyone...If You're Nice


“Since graduating from high school, my autistic son has been working in the food court of Hollywood Casinos. Last year, they renovated the entire food court with the menus of each restaurant revamped or improved. My son was excited to try out the new offerings, so we went for lunch on his day off.

We headed over to the stall with the American food and stood behind the railing to look at the menu.

There were 2 women in their 60s to our left, also looking at the menu. One of them was loudly exclaiming, ‘Look at those prices! That is ridiculous!’ The second woman said she was going to get a hot dog and a drink, and asked the first woman if she was going to get anything. Again, the first woman loudly exclaimed, ‘I’m not going to pay that much for a burger.

It’s too much. How can they charge that much for a burger! It’s just a burger! No, I’m not going to pay that!’

Meanwhile, my son had made up his mind that he wanted a burger and I had nudged him to line up behind a woman, who was waiting in line behind two men. The line was moving a little slow since the staff was still getting used to all the changes.

The loud-mouthed woman and her friend got in line behind me.

The 2 men were very friendly and struck up a light conversation with the woman in front of us. One of them told her that whatever she wanted, he was going to buy for her. His friend piped up ‘it’s okay, he does this a lot’ (to reassure her that she was not being hit on.) She accepted his kind offer.

The man then turned to my son and me and told us he would like to buy our lunch as well. My son immediately thanked him for his generous offer but declined. I complimented this man on his generosity and kindness and declined, also. I told him my son gets an employee discount, and we were good with that.

Well, guess who was listening to all this going on? The loud-mouthed, complaining woman behind me! She tried to move closer to try to get noticed by this generous man, so I repositioned myself to block her.

No free lunch for her!

If she hadn’t been so busy bad-mouthing the place and complaining about the prices (loudly and obnoxiously), she would have ended up in line in front of us and would have been offered to have her lunch paid for by the generous man.

One more thing — while we were waiting in line, she started complaining about how slow it was moving, saying ‘how can it take so long to make burgers?!'”

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17. His Bike Was Left With A Bit More Than A Cavity


“I am a dentist by profession and I have a practice/clinic on a very busy crossroad. The establishment next door is a Stationary and Book Shop, run by two brothers. They are pretty decent fellows. They do all these Computer printouts and photostats etc. So they get a lot of footfall. Most of their customers stay around for a minute or two, they don’t take a lot of time concluding their purchase.

And most of them would park their bikes/scooters in front of my clinic, partly obstructing the entrance. Considering the fact that they DO NOT take a long time, plus I am okay with the boys running the shop and I am a pretty cool person myself, I don’t lose my sleep over this minor inconvenience. But had there been someone else in my place, there sure would have been some altercation about that.

Now, this place is frequented by a fellow who happened to disagree with me about something, some time ago. This fellow, on purpose, would park right in front of my clinic door and dramatically get down from his new bike, remove his sunglasses slowly, all the time looking at my clinic, as if daring me to ask him to remove his motorcycle from there.

Now, who is disturbed?? No, not me.

I keep my peace. So far so good. Most of the time I am too busy with my patients, to even notice. And when I happen to notice, I feel very sorry for that excuse of a person.

Finally, someone upstairs thought, enough is enough, let’s have some fun. One fine afternoon, this fellow gets done with his parking routine with super slowness and makes himself disappear in the Stationery Shop to do whatever.

I am busy with a patient, and a trailer is backing off from the crossroads, probably after taking a wrong turn. The Trailer is a huge vehicle and fails to register the presence of the motorcycle. The Trailer backs up in the Bike. Or was it on the bike? Either way is correct. We couldn’t see the bike, once the trailer was done backing up. It was completely under the trailer.

Shouting ensued. The trailer was moved forward and the bike or whatever was left of it was retrieved from under the wheels. The bike was a total loss. Almost all of it was wrecked.

Both the parties bickered, argued, shouted at, and threatened each other and whatnot. The matter was taken up with the local police, which ruled that the motorcycle was parked in a wrong fashion but still the Trailer driver should compensate our man.

Another round of arguments over the final sum of settlement and guess what does our hero receive in the end, a paltry 5000/-rs for a demolished Rs 1,50,000/- bike. Poetic Justice?

What could I say? Nothing !!

I watched the whole episode with a bit of sadness.

Sad to see people get hurt because they have the wrong attitude.

But it was kind of funny too, our Hero lost the swag, thereafter!!”

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16. My Plan To Hog The Hot Water Was Ruined When It Turned Dirty


“Last week, our geyser was under repair and we had to heat water on the stove for a few days.

One afternoon, my super lazy sister patiently heated water on the stove, carried the water bowl to the bathroom, poured hot water into the bucket, and went to the balcony to get her towel hung to dry.

I took advantage of the situation and rushed to the bathroom to take a bath using ‘her hot water.’ She came back and discovered what had just happened.

She banged on the door but I refused to open it. I was devilishly laughing for her fate and my luck.

As we were screaming and swearing at each other, the doorbell rang. Mom asked us to shut up and answered the door. I opened the tap but kept my ear pressed against the door so as to guess who had arrived.

I heard our security guard asking mom not to use bathrooms for a while as the overhead tank was being cleaned and he also instructed mom to keep the taps open so that the dirty water flushes out.

It took two seconds for me to react. I took a turn and looked at my bucket of ‘stolen hot water’ getting filled with brownish dirty water from the overhead tank. It felt like an invisible chappal flying and landing on my cheek.

I opened the door and my sister was dancing in ecstasy. My mom had the best laughter of her life.

Karma, just be yourself. Don’t spare anyone. Love you.”

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Pohakulua 3 years ago
what is a geyser doing in your home and why is there dirty water on the roof? where do you people live.
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15. Woman Who Flaunts Her Riches Is Just Distracting From Her Own Misfortunes


“One Saturday morning in the late eighties, my then fiancé, now husband, and I stopped to eat breakfast at a McDonald’s in downtown Los Angeles. We had planned to spend the day shopping for bargains in LA’s famous Fashion District.

While waiting in line to place our order, I suddenly became aware of a young woman in the line next to me swearing to her friend in an agitated, perturbed manner.

As I listened, I was startled to hear that I was the subject of her disgust – or rather my purse was.

You see, I was wearing a Gucci purse over my right shoulder and the woman was telling her friend that it wasn’t real, that I should be ashamed to wear such a ‘fake purse,’ that she was a connoisseur of designer purses and owned many, along with several other invectives attacking my character and social status for carrying such an insulting object.

Since she wasn’t speaking to me directly and appeared to be quite upset by me and my purse, I decided to ignore her rather than show her proof that my handbag was indeed an authentic Gucci. It had been purchased for me by my cousin, a fashion design student, at the House of Gucci while visiting Italy on a European field trip with her classmates earlier that year.

I had never owned a designer purse before, but because the U.S. currency exchange was high at the time, I wagered I might luck out and be able to afford such a souvenir from Italy. I later saw the same purse for sale at Nordstrom in the South Bay here in Southern California, so I was able to verify that it wasn’t a knock-off.

I really wanted to explain to the woman the details of how, why, where, and when my purse was acquired, but I reasoned that a person who would denigrate a stranger because of the handbag she was wearing probably wasn’t too rational, and therefore wouldn’t appreciate my educating her on what a ‘real’ Gucci purse actually looked like.

Even though I wasn’t really an expert.

Subsequently, the woman’s next move confirmed I was standing next to a narcissist, for when she got to the counter to order, she leaned forward and extended her left arm out about a foot from me. I realized she was showing me the four or five rings on her hand which each contained small diamonds.

By then I was bemused by her performance: she didn’t know me but was communicating her belief that she was of higher social standing than me.

After that, I turned towards my fiancé and snuggled next to him as he placed our food order, not telling him about the bizarre attack I had just undergone.

Here’s where karma visited: after collecting our food we stayed inside and sat at a table next to a window with my back to the window. About five minutes later, while talking and eating, we were interrupted by the sound of a car’s engine starting and stopping multiple times.

I turned around to witness those same two females from the line now seated in a very old dilapidated, oxidized, small grey car in the parking lot that the woman who had hated on me and my purse was trying to start. When she saw me turn to look at her, she placed her right hand over her face and looked down in embarrassment, all the while continuing to try to start her car without success.

At that moment what did I do? How did I react to that scene? I turned around, smiled, and resumed conversing with my fiance. I realized that I didn’t need to gloat at the woman’s plight and was glad I hadn’t personally responded to her attacks against me.

Karma had spoken on my behalf.”

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ainu 3 years ago
I guess it never occurred to Ms Higher Social Standing that you were both ordering McDonald's.
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14. Domino Effect Embarrassed Teens Who Disrespected Woman


“I used to wait across from my university after classes to catch a bus home. This particular day it had been raining and the road and pavement (sidewalk) were still wet.

There were a couple of knuckleheads from the private school around the corner that occasionally stood nearby where we did. About sixteen years of age, they were prime morons, getting up to all kinds of horseplay and pranks.

Nobody liked them, and they often teased and wolf-called some of the school and university girls that passed.

On this particular day, a gorgeous young woman, dressed in a navy-blue business suit and stilettos, crossed the intervening road towards the bus stop with her briefcase in her hand.

The nitwits were in raucous form and, the instant they saw her coming, they started whistling and making inappropriate comments.

One of the university students told them to shut up, but they ignored him.

The lady took no notice of them at all and continued at her brisk pace, presumably heading for her parked vehicle. Seeing they were having no effect on her, the two delinquents moved to the edge of the pavement at the spot where she would step on from the road. As I moved forwards to block them from her, I saw the guy that had first called them out also move forwards.

However, before we could get there, the lady’s brisk pace and the stilettos’ small frictional surface conspired to cause her one foot to slide along the wet road just before she reached the pavement.

As her momentum glided her across the smooth surface, the lady yelled out that word that describes feces. The nitwits laughed.

As the lady skated forwards, desperately trying to keep her balance, her leading foot slid out completely and she began to go down.

Her first reaction was to grasp at the nearest solid thing to save her fall, which just happened to be Nitwit no.1. As she grabbed his upper arm, she fell into him, knocking him backward. His foot caught the edge of the pavement, tripping him up.

As he toppled, Nitwit no.1’s arm flailed out to correct his center of gravity, and his arm struck Nitwit no.2 square across his jaw, spinning the latter around.

Nitwit no.2 hit the ground first and landed on his back. Nitwit no.1, who had half-twisted, drove his shoulder into his idiot friend’s chest, and their heads collided.

A second later, the lady landed on top of both of them. As the knuckleheads had unexpectedly broken the lady’s fall, she was unharmed. She apologized profusely to the boys, but I told her:

‘Ma’am, you have nothing at all to apologize for.

These two troublemakers got exactly what they deserved!’

I proffered my hand, which the lady gratefully took, and I lifted her to her feet. She thanked me and continued on her way.

Everyone was laughing at the boys, which, though they deserved it, was slightly insensitive considering the pair lay there half-dazed on the hard pavement. So I did the right thing and checked on them, but they weren’t injured.

I leaned over the supine boys and said, ‘I sincerely hope you idiots have learned a lesson today?’

‘Yes, Sir,’ they said sheepishly. I nodded, put my hand out, and pulled each to his feet. They mumbled a thank-you and walked off a bit unsteadily.

That turned out to be the last day those two stood by our bus stop. I have no doubt Mother Karma intervened and instantly taught those unruly teenagers a fine lesson in how to behave better in life.

I hope, for their sake, they never forgot it. But, knowing teenage boys, I’ll rather roll my eyes!”

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13. She Keyed Someone's Car And Then Found Her Own Car Damaged


“‘I keyed a car today,’ she proclaimed proudly.

I was participating in a drive for helping underprivileged kids and the middle-aged lady who had indulged in the shameful act of damaging someone’s car was a co-participant.

She bragged that she had taught a lesson to the car owner who had parked his/her car in her spot. Her spot meant the place where she liked to park. Since that place was taken up, she had to park a little away and walk up to the venue.

So she vented out her anger and scratched the car.

Some didn’t bother, some laughed and some ‘bleeding hearts’ (that’s what she called us) told her that she was wrong. She scoffed and told us to back off.

When the event got over and we decided to disperse, this lady went ahead to get her car. And she was greeted by a shocking sight! The car’s passenger-side mirror was broken and there was a big gash on the door.

Upon enquiring, she was told that a water tanker had brushed against her vehicle and damaged it.

When she got her car to where we stood talking and narrated her ordeal in anger and frustration, I wanted to feel sorry for her situation. But I couldn’t muster sympathy. She had damaged someone’s vehicle just a little while earlier and her action had been simply been repaid with interest.

I witnessed Karma strike back. While the person whose car was damaged intentionally might not know it, but justice was served.

And hopefully, a lesson was learned.”

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12. I Emptied My Bank To Help My Friend And Then Was Rewarded


“My favorite story of instant karma happened around 10 years ago when I was just about to turn 21. Though it was my instant karma, not someone else’s I got to watch. I was unemployed, crashing on my best friend’s couch, and couldn’t even afford to pay attention.

I found a job at a local bar that paid barely enough to cover the gas it took to get to and from my buddy’s place, but in less than a month the cons outweighed the pros and the only sensible decision was to cut my losses and quit the job I hated.

Two weeks later, the anxiety began to build. Already having cashed my final check, I had $100 remaining and no clue when I would be making it again and even less of an idea where to start looking.

My buddy whom I was living with was seeing another friend of mine, Johnny, so the three of us were almost always together. Unfortunately for Johnny, he came down with a pretty rough case of walking pneumonia and had to go to the ER.

He was prescribed some antibiotics but Johnny was just as unemployed as I was at the time, and it was going to cost $80 to fill his prescription. Johnny would never have mentioned needing financial help had he known I still had $100 in my pocket, especially knowing it was the last bit I would be getting, but it wasn’t until I was driving away from his house with my last $20 that the anxiety kicked itself into high gear.

I pulled over at a gas station a couple of miles down the road from Johnny’s, just as I was noticing my car was close to empty. So I went into the store, got $10 in gas and some snacks, and on a whim, I spent the last $4 on two $2 scratch-offs. As I’m pumping gas and throwing the first ticket away, winning nothing, the anxiety turns into anger at myself for helping someone at a time when I couldn’t even help myself, and then guilt over being angry, and then anxiety again.

I finished pumping gas, sat in the car, and remembered the fact that I had another ticket to scratch off.

You can imagine the shock, joy, excitement, and too many other emotions when not 15 minutes after being broke, I was now $500 richer. Granted, $500 isn’t a lot by most standards, but low-key, $500 is a lot. At least it was enough that with strategic spending and coupon cutting, I was able to make that $500 last until I was no longer jobless.

I’m so glad I banished all feelings of regret I was having in that parking lot and was happy I was at least able to help someone who needed it. I’ve always felt that if I had been harboring negative thoughts about giving the $80 away, that it would have never come back to me, certainly not as quickly or as multiplied as it was.”

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11. Rude Bikers Clash With A Group Of Strong And Angry Men


“It was New Year’s Eve 2018.

My father and I had this unsaid ritual at that time, we used to go out to buy kebabs and shawarma from our favorite place on every New Year’s Eve.

That year, we were going back home near 8 PM, he and I were having so much fun, singing songs and laughing, he was driving the car while I was practically almost dancing sitting beside him.

Our windows were closed.

There were some guys passing by our side. Two of them were on the bike and God knows how many of them were in the car.

They matched our speed and started singing songs in a very disgusting way and started passing comments.

‘Celebrate New Year with us too darling!’

Of course, like any father, my father started getting angry. But he’s a sensible man, he knew that there is no use in fighting with such lunatics.

This went on for a few minutes.

It was getting a little scary, but I was calm because I had my father with me.

They were intoxicated and we were massively outnumbered by them. Moreover, we were almost home.

My father increased the speed a little, they did the same. Then he smartly slowed down a bit, they were so intoxicated, they didn’t care.

They started speeding more than anyone should in between normal traffic while absorbing every ounce of my invisible curse.

And BAM!

It was a red light and they didn’t notice. They clashed right into a Scorpio. No one got hurt because of the accident.

But here comes the best part. Those guys in the Scorpio were not alone, there were two more big cars full of men, who looked like WWE wrestlers.

They got out and beat the life out of them. We were right beside them waiting for the light to turn green.

Those were some of the best 52 seconds of my life.

As my father drove, I really couldn’t control my evil laugh while looking at them.

Karma was served on a silver platter.

And Kebabs were served with the mayonnaise.”

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10. She Tried To Copy Off Me But Our Tests Had Different Questions


“Our Class 12th board exams were going on. It was our Physics exam, and the person sitting behind me was a girl.

From the moment she had entered the exam hall, she kept requesting: ‘I haven’t read anything, I am going to fail, please show the answers of at least Sec-A (20 MCQs) and blah blah.…!’

The exam started. She wasted at least 12–15 minutes of mine by disturbing me for the 20 MCQs.

But, she managed to ask those 20 questions. From me. Yeah, the invigilator was high on something!

Due to all this chaos, I got short of time for the 5 marks questions in the end. I was completely irritated. But somehow I completed my paper in a hurry in bad handwriting. Poor me.

The warning bell rang. I was frustrated and thus prepared my mind on how I’m gonna confront her after the exam.

As soon as we exit the exam hall, I will go straight to her and tell (yell): ‘Are you out of your senses? Why were you poking and disturbing me throughout the exam? If you do this in the next paper, I will complain to the invigilator without any second thought. And yes, why don’t you study even during the exams?’

While I was thinking all this, suddenly the din and bustle from behind broke my concentration.

The girl was talking to the nearby students in a very tense and perplexed manner. Soon, I got the matter.

The final bell rang. We came out of the exam hall. But all those words I had planned to tell her, were of no use now. I just left the exam center without uttering a single word to her.

We had got DIFFERENT SETS and the questions in each set were different!”

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9. Two-Time Me? I'll Remove You From My Dental Benefits


“When I was with my ex-husband, I used to bug him to go to the dentist. I had great benefits and he had never had coverage before.

After being married for only 18 months, I learned he had two-timed me with at least one woman. My heart was shattered as I moved out. At work, I asked HR to remove him from my benefits so my deduction would go down.

After a couple of months, he calls me at work (and just doesn’t sound like his usual self). I was polite and professional and asked how he was doing. Turns out he had a once-in-a-lifetime toothache that had kept him up all night.

Then he asked the million-dollar question: ‘I need to go to the dentist. How does our benefit plan work?’ I had such a hard time maintaining my composure, oh how I wanted to laugh and clap my hands in joy.

Instead, I calmly replied that he was no longer on my benefit plan

‘What? We’re still married!’ This, even though he never grasped the concept of monogamy. I informed him that benefits cost a lot and I needed every cent I earned. Then I wished him luck and said goodbye.

It was a good day. A very good day indeed.”

Another User Comments:
“That sounds beyond satisfying! My Aunt’s first husband was a two-timing jerk.

A two-timing jerk with a small family fortune and a mansion, and she had never been asked to sign a prenup, as it wasn’t common in that country back then (people were expected to stay married, but she was married to him for 15+ years, and times had changed). So, when he made his affair with a mother of one of my cousin’s classmates known, my Aunt dumped him and he went to the other woman (who probably thought he had left his wife for her, but he hadn’t).

Kept sending graphic photos of himself with the woman to my Aunt too. He skipped out on being a parent to his kids, and let the new woman move her kids into my cousins’ rooms, and it took a fight for my Aunt to be able to pick up her kids’ stuff. Such a disgusting pig he is. My Aunt was nice enough to let him remain in his family’s small mansion that he had gotten (and she was entitled to half of) and not buy her out so that her kids could still have their family home… until a few years ago when he decided to sell it, and hadn’t even asked his kids if they wanted anything from the house (the woman wanted a newer home, and had already spent most of his income). He (and the woman) hadn’t realized that half of the for the mansion went to my Aunt (who gave it to her kids, as she didn’t need it). The newer home got a lot smaller, hahaha. My Aunt is about to get married to a really nice guy. I’ve heard that the ex is two-timing the woman too.” Maria Fors

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8. Think We're Dumb For Waiting In A Longer Line? Well We Got Out Faster Than You


“My friend and I were stood in a line that had about 5 people in front of us. We must’ve been there for at least 30 minutes. Another register right next to us then opened and new people began filtering very slowly into that line. There were about 3 people altogether in that line waiting to check out. A woman who joined that line decided to begin shouting about how we all should use our brains and join the new shorter line.

Also apparently we were stupid and lacked the ability to think for ourselves.

She got called out pretty quickly and asked who she thought she was speaking to by a few people behind me including my friend. She piped down after that and looked very sheepish. But the best bit was that our cashier was a lot faster than hers and in the time it took everyone in front of me as well as 3 behind to check out, she was still stood there waiting in her line.

On the other occasion, I was the only one waiting at a bus stop in the middle of the afternoon. When my bus arrived, a guy who had literally just gotten to the bus stop pushed past me to get on the bus first. He then slipped and landed hard on the floor. I stepped over him, tapped my bus card, and went to find a seat.

Just remembered another one. One day, I was cooking and chopping up scotch bonnet. About 5 minutes later I rubbed my eyes having forgotten about the chili and my eyes started burning. It wasn’t as bad as I expected though but my eyes were watering. My mom asked what happened and I told her, she was dying laughing. Then she rubbed her own eyes having forgotten that she’d been cutting scotch bonnet too.”

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7. Three Stories About How Rude Drivers Got Their Cars Wrecked


Story 1:

One time I was driving down a road next to a canal. The road went around a sharp corner and dipped down into a little valley. Due to recent heavy rain, the road was deeply flooded, about 4 feet deep.

It was about 2:00 am and very dark. As I came around the corner, I saw the flooded road and braked my car just in time to avoid the floodwater.

I backed my car back around the corner. In the distance, I saw a car coming up behind me and so I got out of my car and made ‘slow down’ motions with my arms. The guy was driving a new-looking VW. I think it was a Cabriolet.

He swooped his car around mine and yelled ‘SCREW YOU’ at me for some reason.

Then he swooped around the turn at about 40 mph and plowed into the water.

His brake light never even came on.

HUGE splash.

So I walked down to the water and saw his car up to the door handles in the water. I saw the jerk moving around in the car.

He looked OK, so I yelled, ‘You have a nice evening now, you hear?’

Then I drove away. I wasn’t going to let the guy die, but there is no way on earth I was going to help him.

Then I drove back to the main road and telephoned the police about the flood. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Good citizen and all that.

Story 2:

Another time when I was in college, a Corvette drove at high speed through a construction site where I was working.

The guy got tired of waiting in the line of traffic, so he steered through the traffic barrels and floored it.

He almost ran me over. Then when he cleared the construction site, he zoomed back into the live traffic.

He came out of the barrels at an angle to the traffic and got broadsided by a car.

The guy got DRILLED. Everyone was OK, but his car was totaled.

Oh, the rich, creamy satisfaction of it.

Don’t drive into the construction zone, please. You could easily kill someone.

And you can mess up your car.

Story 3:

I worked at a movie house when I was in college.

One time a guy took up two spaces right in the front row of the parking lot.

The guy parked a brand new Mercedes diagonally across two spaces.

Since he was right directly in front of the doors to the theater, when the movies let out, about 1,000 people walked around his car.


The car looked like it had been clawed by a giant mountain lion.

There must have been 100 key stripes on the car, all over it.

The owner of the car, being Mr. King Jerk of the Land of the Male Karens, came charging inside the theater and demanded that the theater pay for his car damage.

I think maybe the theater actually paid out some insurance on that, unfortunately.”

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Mom_of_one8 3 years ago
That's dumb. He was parked illegally, so the movie theater shouldn't have paid anything. I don't know where you live, but the state I live in will often have signs up in parking lots that say that the store or theater or whatever it is is not responsible for any damage done to your car. Or something to that effect
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6. Food Thief Unknowingly Eats Mouldy Bread


“I was in the 11th grade and the class I was in had been chaotic for a while since we had a lunch thief amongst us.

These were simpler times when there were no cameras to check up on students.

This student (or thief) would take advantage of any free class (library or sports or any activity where we’d have to leave our backpacks in class itself) before lunch, and go through lunches of other students, leaving them with an empty lunch smelling of deliciousness, betrayal and missed opportunities.

So, Spring 2009. My mom was down with a fever. So was my dad. It had been 3 days. And since no Indian parent would let their kids skip school, I was made to leave. I half-heartedly fixed myself a sandwich and left.

Right before lunch, we had a sports class, post which I rushed myself back to the class to stuff my face with food. Before I could enter, I was stopped by my class teacher who informed me that my father had called him to let me know that the bread I used for making sandwiches was moldy and that I should throw it.

Fine, I thought. I’d go eat at the Cafe. I opened the bag, the lunch felt lighter than it should. IT WAS EMPTY.

The FOOD THIEF had struck my lunch that day.

Only, the guy had no idea what he just had, and what misery awaited him.

By the end of the day, one of my friends had started to throw up. I confronted him. He confessed. I told him why it had happened to him and he should see a doctor immediately.

Rest assured, he never stole another lunch again.”

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5. Try To Litter? Your Litter Will Come Flying Back To You


“I was driving to San Francisco, going over the Bay Bridge.

The traffic was kind of slow, not abnormally, but slow enough that groups of cars stayed in proximity long enough for me to observe this.

My attention was attracted to the action of the driver in a car in the lane next to me who was smoking and then flipped his still-lit butt out his window.

Just as I was thinking ‘litterbug!’ in disgust, the wind blew his butt back through the open window of the back seat of his car. He must have had some papers or something there because they caught fire, so some minutes later the traffic got even slower behind his flaming car as he stopped it, and jumped out screaming.”

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4. Driver Learns Never To Mess With Giant Snowmen Again


“In January 2019, Copdy Litz made a 10-foot snowman with his fiancée and his sister and posted the result on social media.

It received a lot of admiration online as well as from his neighbors. However, when something marvelous attracts admirers, it also brings jealous jerks. The same thing happened with this snowman.

Turns out that one day when Copdy was away, a jerk driver tried to destroy the snowman by ramming their car into it.

To their horror, however, the result wasn’t as amusing as the driver was expecting.

Tire tracks leading to the snowman but stop abruptly and the imprint of a bumper can be seen exposed in the snow. The snowman is still standing. Any idea how?

Well, there was a thick tree stump used as a base for this snowman, but it was concealed by the snow. Hence, when the driver decided to ram their car into the snowman, they had no idea of the surprise they were in for and ended up crashing their car into the sturdy stump.

Sadly, the driver fled the scene after this surprise they received, and therefore, no one saw the damage on their car, but I bet it must be a good one (lol).

Copdy Litz later revealed in an interview that the purpose of using a tree stump as a base for this snowman was to teach vandals a lesson because such incidents were very common in his region. For sure other vandals must have learned the lesson.

Anyway, this display of instant karma seems pretty satisfying to me. If only I could see the damaged car, I’d be more satisfied.”

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Broddog 3 years ago
Not even original
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3. Kind Man Let Me Cut In Front Of Him At The Checkout Line


“I was sent into a supermarket to buy some milk and fruit juice: four items in all. The particular supermarket did not have a ‘basket only’ aisle, and the line for the only self-checkout was enormous, so I joined a line of people with full trolleys – maybe 50–100 items?

We got to the point that there was one man in front of me, with his 100-odd item trolley and, while the person at the checkout was still unloading their items, he turned to me and said if that was all I had, go in front of him. I thanked him and moved in front. About two seconds later they announced another aisle was open, and he got served immediately.

I liked that!”

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2. Mechanic Tried To Rip Us Off And Then Ended Up Paying Us


“In 1987, my husband was in Kwikfit getting a new tire. The car had passed its MOT (vehicle safety test) that morning but had had an advisory (a new tire was needed). We were really poor then but decided that the tire was necessary straight away as it was the only way of transport for our baby twins and for my husband to get to work.

It needed to be safe.

I gave my husband the last of our finances for the tire and wondered how I would get any shopping.

Whilst the car was up on the ramps, the mechanic told us that lots of costly work would need to be done or it would never pass its next MOT. My husband kept quiet and declined the work, much to the mechanic’s annoyance.

The mechanic got quite angry and insisted that the work must be done but my husband just shook his head.

The mechanic changed the tire and was huffing and puffing while doing it. He put the car back down and walked off in a strop and, whilst doing so, he dropped $20. My husband picked it up off the floor, without the man noticing, said thank you, and paid for the tire.

He gave me the funds to get some shopping. We didn’t go hungry that week.

We never went back there again and heard many stories after of them ripping customers off and saying they needed work done when they didn’t.”

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Sandi 3 years ago
We have a local Midas that does that same thing, trying to rip customers off for work that they don't need on their vehicles. I refused to ever go back there for an oil change when they told me that my tires needed rotating. I looked the liar straight in the eyes and said, "I just had them rotated 2 days ago by another business!" The guy looked sheepish, glanced at the paperwork and tried to make up a lame excuse, "Oh, you have front wheel drive. Those idiots back there!" Yeah, right, buddy. He then turned to the gentleman next to me and told him about 'repairs' he needed as well. After he left, I told the gentleman that they pull this all the time with customers, trying to get more money out of them. Please don't fall for it.
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1. Claim Our Firepit Is Illegal? Make Sure Yours Isn't Before You Call Authorities


“I like to think we have good relations with our neighbours. We’ve always told them to let us know if they need anything or have any concerns; we’ve offered help and the use of our equipment (chainsaws, log splitter), watched over their house when they were gone (and vice versa), and told them not to worry about the fact they are actually infringing on our property.

Their front yard stone garden beds are built a couple of feet over the property line, as well as their backyard shed. It’s a few feet, and we have huge lots with several football fields worth of city-owned, maintained green space behind our properties that are basically an extension of our backyard. Lots of space, no big deal.

Our whole block of neighbours share the green space, most of them drive through it regularly (being careful not to make ruts in the grass), and park trailers, campers, boats and vehicles just past their property tree line (on city property).

Now, this is technically illegal, but it’s an honour system. As long as no one is destroying it and there are no complaints made, it’s fair game. We’ve only been living there for three years, but this honour system has been going on 30+. We store two flat-deck trailer beds back there.

Our one neighbour has told us that in winter, the smoke from our indoor wood stove is a bit of a nuisance, ‘the smoke goes in their backyard.’ We explained that it is currently our only means of heating the house, our furnace died and we haven’t yet replaced it.

My husband is an arborist (tree care), so we have lots of wood. We store it in proper stacks at the far back-end of our property.

Yesterday, a fire commissioner came driving through the back green space. He said he was ‘checking everyone.’ Prior to this, however, my husband saw our neighbour run out to the marshal, pointing at our property while he spoke. My husband and his dad were sitting in the shade behind a woodpile having lunch, our neighbour mistakenly thought no one was home.

So, the fire commissioner came into our yard. We have a properly enclosed fire pit in the middle of the yard, but no permit. We thought maybe the permit was transferable when we bought the place, but it wasn’t. He said it’s fine, we just have to fill out the permit forms and we’d be approved – but the law stated that we have to have 16″ of stone or non-combustible material around the pit.

Then, he starts asking about our woodstove. Wait, how does he even know about it? Well, our neighbour obviously made a complaint both about our fire pit and our woodstove. We told him it’s inspected and insured, mentioned names of people we’ve had maintain it who he knew well. We explained we heat the house with wood only, as we don’t have a furnace. That’s fine, he said, that’s a cheap way to do it!

So our neighbour reported us for an improper fire pit and was hoping we’d be forced to stop using our wood stove, but there was nothing illegal about it! But, it didn’t stop there.

Apparently, there was also a complaint about our woodpiles being a fire hazard, but that was legal too; they’re more than far away enough from any structures and are stacked properly. Oh, now one more complaint – our trailers are parked in the back. Now, legally, he has to file the complaint with the city. He says if the city decides to do anything, not only will no one be allowed to store stuff back there, but they will close off all access.

Now, the entire block may lose the privilege – all those boats and campers, many of them even have garages that would become useless, as they are only accessible from the back.

So, in total, instead of speaking with us directly, our neighbour reported our fire pit, wood stove, woodpiles and trailers. Though it didn’t turn out too bad for us – so far we only have to buy some stone, but the whole block may suffer the consequences for the trailer complaint.

Our neighbour drives through the back too, but stores his camper on a cement pad in his yard. He obviously didn’t register the fact he’d lose access to it. But, here’s where he really didn’t think. My husband asked the commissioner if our neighbour had a fire permit. He peeked into his backyard.

‘Oh… oh! Um, no, he doesn’t.’

He went on to explain that not only does he not have a permit, but that his fire pit is too close to our property.

It wouldn’t be approved for a permit. Our neighbour had just built all the stonework for and surrounding his pit, running him around $15,000. Now, it is all useless.

We had no idea that a simple question would have cost him so much. I even feel bad about it, but he literally brought it on himself.

There is a clause in the application for a fire permit that would allow his pit to be approved… by getting permission from the neighbour whose property his pit is encroaching on.

We’ll see if he asks!”

An Update:

“This past summer, our neighbours resumed use of their illegal fire pit. My husband went over there to ask about it, and the husband just mumbled something like ‘ya, well, you know…’

Still just wanting good relations, my husband said not to worry, it doesn’t matter, we really don’t care. We thought we showed our graciousness enough to receive the same in return.

Walking my dog in the aforementioned green space, he’s always sticking his head in gopher holes, they’re everywhere (holes and gophers). I walked up to one of them one day when he took particular interest in a hole and shooed him away. The hole he was scratching at and sticking his face into was surrounded – by bright blue-coloured seeds – poison. He’d been finding the occasional dead gopher – which I thought nothing of – until now.

I start searching holes – every last one filled with this stuff.

I start thinking about my cats and dog, all the other pets that frequent this area, all of the numerous hawks and eagles that hunt here – not to mention all the young kids who play back here! There’s a reason it’s illegal for anyone but a licenced exterminator to place poison – and a reason that even when they do place poison, that they are required to post warnings.

We made it our mission to let everyone know what we’d discovered to prevent any injuries or fatalities. We were upset – and most everyone else was upset too.

One night, long after dark, we were walking the dog when we saw an ORKIN (exterminator) truck parked in the green space grass.

The Orkin man admitted he was checking on the poison, and that he was told to check after dark – because it got around that people were upset.

He admitted he wouldn’t want his children playing here. He started getting upset when my husband questioned the legality of it before speeding off – almost running over my husband and dog.

Upset, we go back home and hear our neighbours on the street out front. My husband goes just to mention to them about the poison and how we were trying to let everyone know. The husband starts yelling right away that ‘we need to get over it, gophers need to die’, and ‘things are coming to a head with ‘that’ dog anyway.’

Um, what? You’re threatening our dog, for what?

He claims the dog ‘poops in his yard, and just pooped in his front yard.’ He claims he stepped in it and now there was poop in his house.

Okay… it’s not impossible it was our dog, though we’re not the only ones whose dog sometimes wanders, let’s say it was ours. We’ve repeatedly told them if there’s ever any problem, including with the dog, just let us know. We’ll clean, replace, deal with any problem, but we can’t if you don’t let us know!

We apologized, reiterated that if they had let us know about ‘all these times’ we would have dealt with it and that we will keep a better watch from now on.

Apparently, that’s not good enough. Apparently, we have to be mind readers, and if we’re not, they’d rather do anything than just tell us outright if they have a problem.

I fear for the lives of our animals. I’m super paranoid about their whereabouts now, because apparently, they’re not safe from the neighbours if they set foot out of our yard.

Another thing I forgot to mention, back when our neighbour reported us for having cords of wood and burning it in our woodstove, he claimed we were running an illegal business out of the back, selling wood.

Ummmm NO. That’s our wood to heat our house. People don’t understand the time it takes to haul, split, stack and cure the wood. It’s not worth it for us to sell. The fire commissioner agreed on that, too.

So we have a crazy winter storm. Knocks out power. We of course keep warm with our woodstove. Some family down the road came to get wood so they could cook, some friends managed to get to us in their desperation for heat and food, and we gave them wood too.

We find out, just a day ago, that our neighbour gave his daughter my husband’s cell in case she ran out of wood during the storm and power outage.

Apparently, we’re good enough to ask favours of when it’s convenient.”

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bele 3 years ago
ummm, still waiting to hear about the karma part...
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