People Describe The Moment They Caught A Liar Red-Handed

When a lie, no matter the size, comes out of the blue, there's no telling how it'll hit you! The truth hurts baby, but it will also set you free! We just have to accept the reality that sometimes we're better off not knowing, and if we find out, then we better gear up for the consequences! Ready for a few tall tales? Read on.

39. Fiancee Broke Up With Me In Front Of Six Other People


“We were together for 6.5 yrs and engaged for 1. High school sweethearts. She worked night shifts at a senior living facility and I worked a typical 9-5. She started being weird about her phone. One morning I checked it when she got in the shower after coming home from work and there were messages from someone by the name of ‘Christine.’ I knew all of her friends’ and coworkers’ names and had never heard of this name before.

Confronted her about it and she said it was a bartender from a bar she and her friends liked to go to.

Passed it off as she was telling the truth, but was still skeptical. Checked it again the next morning and all the messages had been deleted. Knew something was up.

About 2 months go by, things between us started going downhill, I could tell she hasn’t invested in the relationship anymore.

Told her I wasn’t happy and she came back with the same response. About a month later, at a friend’s wedding and everything seems fine. Go to the after-party and everything is still chill. End up going to the bride and groom’s house for the closest friends to all hangout and wind down. My ex goes off by herself and is talking to the groom for about an hour while I’m having conversations with other people from the wedding.

It’s late (like 4a), I’m tired and want to go home. She says ok and runs to the bathroom in their basement. Long story short, she breaks up with me right there, in front of 6 people I’m not close with at all. She gave me the speech of it’s not you, I just don’t love you anymore and that ‘spark’ is gone.

About 5 days after we broke up, she moved out of our apartment, I’m depressed at this point…

I decide to log into her social media and see messages from someone we went to high school with, who I literally cannot stand. Turns out, they were having a relationship behind my back for a few months, and because they both worked the night shift, they were sneaking around my back while I was at work. Seeing the ‘I love you’ to each other, knowing that we were still together at those times made it really hard to deal with.

For the next 10months or so, she plastered all kinds of pictures of them and was very open with everyone on social media about her relationship with this guy. It was like she acted as if she was never in a long-term relationship, let alone engaged.

Turns out the jerk two-timed her.

Mutual friends that took my side after the breakup ended up finding out all kinds of stuff about her. She’s a huge liar and deceiver.

Karma sucks. We never spoke again after she moved out.”

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38. Caught My Lying Husband Because Of A $100-Steak


“I didn’t have a good feeling. I kept going back to this $100 bill he had for a steak dinner when he was away on business in Texas.

I remember him specifically telling me how he had to have this $100 steak and how I thought how frivolous that was. But, he kept going on and on about it, so I caved in, and my daughter and I ate at home more so he could have this ridiculously expensive steak.

He not only made a big stink about it beforehand, but he told me how great it was afterward too, to which I was honestly a bit annoyed, but happy he was content and we could move on to better subjects.

Well, a month later, the credit card bill comes in, and there’s a steakhouse bill for exactly $100, just as promised. My gut goes crazy when I see it.

I ignore my gut. A week or two later, I’m online and I see that same $100 charge, and I can’t take it anymore. I call the number listed beside it. I ask them how much their most expensive steak is. They tell me $37.50, and my heart just drops. I know he’s deceiving me, and I know for sure he lied to me. I have a very pleasant talk with the lady on the phone, and the manager will be mailing me the detailed receipt within 3 business days.

I thank her for her kindness and hang up.

At that point, I knew I had to be smart, but I was also still recovering from back surgery. I couldn’t even drive and was taking some serious meds. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time, so I developed a system that worked well. First, I called in my reinforcements. My family and friends in my inner circle that I could trust to keep this info quiet, that could help drive me around, and that could listen to me cry when I needed to vent.

I allowed myself 1 hour a day to cry and grieve my marriage when my child went to school and husband went to work, then I had to find a divorce lawyer and find out my options, and figure out how I was going to tell him. I had a friend drive me to an attorney’s office, and most of my questions were answered. I had my daughter spend the night with a friend, and I gently confronted my husband with what I’d found.

At first, he tried to lie his way out of it, lol. But I told him he was either lying to me then or lying to me now, and I knew the truth, he might as well just be honest with me. And after a few more minutes of denial, he finally hung his head in shame and told me the truth. It was hard to hear, but I was ready for it, and I didn’t freak out on him.

We’d been married for over 20 years. I told him how much he hurt me, again gently, and what I’d been doing since I found out. He was shocked, but not in a bad way, and we actually ended up divorcing out of court in less than 2 months – and that includes selling a home fast too.

I also found out he had been unfaithful to me for YEARS, probably the entire second half of our marriage. Not that I wasn’t willing in the bedroom, that he felt entitled to more or hotter, younger women as he described to me (yes, that makes me sick). He begged me to stay, but there was NO WAY after that. That wasn’t a side of him I could live with.”

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CuriousIndividual1 3 years ago
Oof, 20 years? I couldn't imagine. So sorry to hear that, it must've been so rough for you and your daughter.

Why someone would want to throw away 20 years of marriage is beyond me. You do realize your getting older too, right? Also these " Hotter, younger women" aren't going to want to bother with you for very long, so you dug your own grave.
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37. Long-Term Partner Hooked Up With The Guy She Went To Costa Rica With


“Went out with a girl for four and a half, almost five years. Met her sophomore year of high school and we were together until our junior year of college. We went to different colleges about an hour and a half away from each other. She went to a religious school and I went to a state college.

I foolishly believed she was the one I was going to get engaged to.

She had always been a bit whacked out with church and our intimate moments. She’d do things to me then cry and push me away (like what the fudge). She wasn’t healthy at all for me. But, anyways, freshman year of college she found a group of friends like any college kid does. But there was one guy, named Conor, who gave me an odd feeling.

I did not like him nor liked her hanging out with him. But I was not about to be controlling and tell her she couldn’t hang out with him because that’d make me come off as a jerk.

Junior year she went on a study abroad trip to Costa Rica. Guess who went on the same trip… Freaking. Conor.

After she got back from the trip the first thing she said to me was ‘I’m going to rethink my boundaries with you.’

Move a little bit forward, she stopped texting and calling me for a week.

Nothing from her.

I got fed up at the end of that week, Easter weekend. I text her asking what was going on. And she texted me ‘we need to talk.’ So we met up and she spent an hour telling me how she needed a break from seeing me, how I wasn’t good enough for her, and how she didn’t support me going into the law enforcement field, which is what I live for.

Fellas… I don’t do breaks.

So I told her we’d take a break, but in reality, I was done with her garbage.

After that convo, she had taken our relationship status off of social media which was fine. Afterward, she put that she was in a relationship with Conor. She had feelings for him ever since freshman year and the reason she stopped texting/calling me for a week was because they hooked up.

I drank heavily for the next two weeks. I was happy to be done with her but yet felt so alone and angry at myself for giving her almost five years of my life.

Fast forward another year or so, I met the woman of my dreams. She’s my other half and I couldn’t imagine life without her. I’m looking to propose to her within the next year.”

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36. Partner Was Playing House With Another Woman During My Grandmother's Funeral


“Last year I lost my two grandmothers in the span of 7 weeks. I was going through a rough time and spent less time with my man because I was grieving for the first time. We became distant and a weekend when I went camping, he ended up blocking me (we were still going out at the time) and after having a long talk he wanted to work on things.

Couple more days went by and he kept ‘forgetting his phone’ at home while spending the night at his ‘friends’ house a few days a week. I knew something was going on when he would ignore my messages but continue watching my stories on Snapchat.

I ended up breaking up with him because it felt like I was the only one making an effort and he ended up blocking me again.

A few days later I logged in with another old account I hadn’t used in forever. Saw all the posts of him with another girl and my heart sank. He told me he was never unfaithful but his new girl managed to message me on social media and tell me I was the crazy-obsessed ex that had lied to him about my ex. They also had posts from months before my second grandmother had passed and it turned out they lived with each other and signed a lease for 12 months. The only thing that makes me angry is he showed up to my second grandmother’s funeral while playing house with another girl behind my back.”

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35. Sketchy Wife Forgot To Unpack After A Weekend At Her Parents' House


“After she got a new job, she started exhibiting fairly sketchy behavior. Acting like she was protecting state secrets on her phone whenever I was in the room, lying about who she was talking to, refusing to let me come with her when she would hang out with her co-workers, become angry about any questions about where she was going or who she was with, ignore texts and phone calls when she still out four or five hours after she told me when to expect her home, calling me paranoid when I told her I felt like something was wrong with her sudden change in behavior, etc…

The list goes on, but the final nail in the coffin came about a week after she spent the weekend at her mom’s because ‘her mom was sick and her dad was out of town.’

I was doing laundry and she still hadn’t unpacked her bag that was laying in the middle of our bedroom floor. I opened it up to throw stuff in the wash. Found lingerie I’d never seen before, lube, and a pair of men’s boxers that weren’t mine.

I assume the boxers were in there by accident. I only confronted her with part of the information I had. I only mentioned the lingerie, not the lube or boxers, or that the lingerie was brand new. She called me paranoid and told me she had lent it to her friend over that weekend. When I didn’t believe her she just tried everything she could to make it seem like I was crazy and making baseless accusations. This continued up to our divorce.”

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Mel 3 years ago
That's gaslighting
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34. Had To Make A Second Look To See My Girl On The Bed With Her Ex


“My partner at the time said she had to leave town for the weekend so I went to a huge kegger at a friend of a friend’s clubhouse that night. Had to take a pee. I was en route to the facilities and made a wrong turn. Opened a door and flipped on the light. It was a spare bedroom and the bed was occupied by a guy and girl hooking up.

I quickly look away, flip the lights off, and apologized, this all happened within a split second. I quickly back out and shut the door about halfway before I realized something was off… flung the door back open and flipped the light on again and it was my girl under the guy who was her ex. I just shook my head, gave her the most disgusted look, and calmly said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Resisted the urge to knock the guy out cause I knew it wasn’t just him to blame and once I got started I probably wouldn’t have stopped ’til he was dead.

I flipped the lights off, shut the door behind me, and went back to drinking cause it wasn’t even worth it. A minute later they both come out fully dressed and did the walk of shame past everyone at the party who was now fully aware of what happened since I made it known. She ended up leaving and one of my buddies ended up dishing out a butt-whooping to the guy on his own accord. Both for doing that knowing she was taken, and for sneaking back there like a little snake because he knew the owner wouldn’t have allowed it. I’m just glad I made the wrong turn and didn’t have to keep on being lied to by her.”

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33. Caught My Wife Being Unfaithful For The Third Time Before We Got Divorced


“First time was when I was going to sell her gateway laptop for an (identical) larger version and it would cost us no coin.

Had her backup all her stuff and happened to check the recycle bin to make sure she didn’t delete something important by accident (our daughter was only a year old at the time so confirming she didn’t accidentally delete pictures).

Found AIM chat logs between her and an old ex detailing escapades weeks before between the two when she had been out for a ‘girl’s night.’

The second time was after we had got back together and moved to Texas.

She had finally gotten a job and I was working nights at IHOP slinging pancakes. She came home from work one night before I left to start my shift and randomly exclaimed how we should bring in another person into our lovemaking. I laughed it off and went to work bothered by it. Came home and, before she woke up, checked her phone. Found emails to and from her boss describing some gross stuff they participated in.

Blew up and threw her phone at the wall destroying it. Once it all came out, she confessed she got the job from the craigslist adult gigs section and it was a requirement of the job since she started.. She had been working there for 3 months or so at that point.

The last time was right after we got married. My best friend was laying in the hospital dying.

I was showering in the morning, getting ready to go see him. She came in to use the bathroom and, even though we had a see-through shower door, she started checking messages through a strange ‘portal’ where she had to punch in a lock code. I saw the code and memorized it. When I was done showering and waiting for her to get ready for work, I asked to borrow her phone cause ‘mine was dead.’ She agreed without hesitation (I guess feeling confident?) And I eventually found the ‘app’ she was using (some hidden file storage app).

I punched in the code and boom. Message history from before we had gotten married (just a couple of weeks before this day) with a guy she apparently worked with.

It all went downhill after that. My best friend died a couple of days later and we split less than a year after getting officially married.

Life is better in every way now, but I still suffer PTSD-related symptoms when it comes to her.

Our daughter is nearly 12 now and my current wife and I have been together for 5 years with a 1-year-old and another due in January.

She married some sleazeball dude with 3 kids, no steady job, and a rap sheet a mile long.

Dudes have a long history of getting the bad rap for mistreating women and we have earned it where due.. but I’m here to say that women can be really cruel too. And darne well near break a man.

Almost forgot to add that this woman and I have known each other since we were 6 years old as well. So lots of history there and made the wounds run deep.”

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jaab 3 years ago
I hope you have your daughter living with you if mom is unstable.
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32. Wife's Ex Thought My Child Was His


“The day after my daughter came home from the hospital after being born, we had family over and I was managing everything as I could. My ex-wife had a c-section so she couldn’t move around that much.

Lots of phone calls and texts were coming into both our phones. I saw a text come into my wife’s phone from a number I didn’t recognize. I opened it up and it simply said ‘I tried finding you at the hospital’ and another previous one that said, ‘does she look like me??’

Confused I ask my ex-wife what number it was without detailing the messages.

It wasn’t family.

‘Oh that’s Tommy my ex from years back he is a little crazy’.

Keep in mind this is in front of her family too.

I said, ‘Why would he be able to 1) know how to contact you 2) try finding you at the hospital 3) be asking if our daughter looks like him?’

The room got quiet. The awkwardness from the family in the room was so thick a knife could cut it.

Her only response was, ‘He’s just crazy.’

Because of the situation with having a new baby (she IS mine btw) and family around, I let it go for the time being. Unfortunately, the same dude came up again and again. She would pick a fight, leave, stay away the entire night and come back in the morning. She wouldn’t tell me where she was going. Finally getting it out of her she had been staying at Tommy’s.

Years later after the divorce, I found Tommy on social media and decided to talk to him. He was a nice, decent guy. He genuinely thought the child was his. He had no idea she had been married for an entire year before she started showing in her pregnancy. He thought I was the crazy ex until he found out later my ex and I were married after my daughter was about two years old. He apologized profusely and claimed he had no idea the entire time. I believed him because my ex was played both of us so similarly.

Thankfully these days I have a wonderful daughter that I have a great relationship with, she is a spitting image of my mother when she was a child.”

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31. Wife Left Me While I Was Away For Work And Took My Cat With Her


“Ex-wife was on vacation back home and I couldn’t go with her because I had to work. My grandfather died suddenly and it just so happened that I would have to fly home. The day I flew back to my home state is the day she flew back to where we lived. Left her flowers and a cute note on the kitchen table telling her I would miss her and can’t wait to see her.

She never mentioned the flowers or the note until I brought it up about half a day later. Asked her where she had been and she said traffic was really bad and her male coworker and she were still driving back to our place.

A month goes by and we have had very little if any communication while I was home visiting family. I get back and she had left her phone on the counter while she was at work.

I decided to snoop and found lots of text messages between her and this coworker and he was calling her names like ‘kitten’ etc. When we did talk while I was home she claimed to be watching the World Cup and just working a lot. I didn’t believe her after reading her messages. Went to work pretty upset and let my supervisors know I had to go home and take care of family matters.

Pull up to the apartment and just sat outside for an hour hoping someone would show up. No one ever did. I walked inside and she was on the phone with someone (time was late at night and all her family back east was already asleep). Asked her upfront if she was being unfaithful and she denied it, but at the same time blew through an entire bottle of wine, and at that point, she was too wasted to talk to.

Went to bed and the next month or so everything seemed perfectly fine.

Well, I had a temporary deployement come up where I was going to be away for 17 days and she didn’t talk to me once while I was away even though I tried calling/texting on a daily basis. She finally returns a call 10 days into my temporary deployment saying she wants a divorce.

Since I was fairly close to home I had someone drive me back the next morning.

I get home and the apartment was pretty much cleared out of all her belongings except for maybe one dresser. Apparently, while I was away she decided that would be the best time to leave me for good. She moved in with some guy and she would never let me meet him. It was weird. I wasn’t really angry just more depressed than anything. Anyways, I didn’t really catch her in the act, but there were a lot of red flags that made me believe she was lying to me. The worst part is she took my cat! I loved that dude!”

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30. Caught My Girl In The Cinema With Her Ex On My Birthday


“She tells me a few days before my birthday that she can’t do anything with me until ‘late,’ because she’s got plans during the day. Not wanting to seem overbearing so early on, I said ‘no worries,’ and didn’t pry. (In hindsight, I think I was just losing interest already)

Anyway. The day comes along. Gets to be about five pm, and my buddies are about to go see a movie.

They invite me along, so I call her to see if she wants to go. She doesn’t answer, so I just kinda shrugged it off thinking ‘she did say late.’

At the movie, my friend leans over and says, ‘dude, ‘jess’ is sitting right behind us with her ex.’ ‘Jess’ was my girl’s name, but we also had a close friend with the same name. For some reason, my brain goes to our mutual friend instead of my girl.

So I just responded with a sort of dismissive ‘Oh. That’s funny’ And went back to watching the movie. Didn’t click. He must’ve thought I was either the most chill or indifferent person ever. Finally, the movie ends, and the credits start to roll, and suddenly, it clicked. I turned to my friend and asked, ‘Ohhhhh, did you mean my Jess?’ He nods, and we turn to look behind us.

Sure enough, there they are, all snuggly and stuff. For some reason, I got this awfully huge grin and just got up and said, ‘Oh, hi guys! Good movie, right?’ Her face was so blank, I honestly don’t know if she was shocked to see me, or if she’d known I was there the whole time and had steeled herself. Didn’t say a word. Then I left.

The guys I was with were both asking me on the way out if I was gonna be okay, and I’m like ‘Yeah, bullet dodged, right?’

But the best part is that she called me about an hour later and asked if I still wanted to hang out for my birthday, cause she’s free now. I’m blown away. Like… so this is what you meant by late?

So I basically said ‘What? We like…

don’t talk now.’ I explain that after catching her on a movie with her ‘horrible ex’ on my birthday, I assumed we were done. She says ‘But, I didn’t know you were going to the same movie!’ Well… I’m sure that was true. At this point, I’m just seriously confused as to why we are having this conversation. Making her understand why I was right and she was wrong suddenly became very unimportant. I just got her to let me off the line without any harsh words while explaining that I didn’t wanna see her anymore. As I’m typing this story for the first time in eight years, it occurs to me that I don’t know if I was even mad at her at the time.”

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29. Dad's Side Piece Called Our House


“This was about my dad. When I was either 12-13, my best friend and I were sitting on my front porch probably at like 8pm-ish with no one else home (it’s one of those indoor porches that is apart of the inside of the house but at the same time kinda isn’t, hard to explain) because my parents didn’t want anyone inside the house when they weren’t home, not exactly sure why.

But my house phone started ringing from a weird number so I went and got it and brought it out on the porch with my friend who was waiting.

We made up in our heads that it was gonna be one of those horror film movie calls with heavy breathing and stuff Because maybe like 10 mins before the first call, my friend and I heard weird noises outside so we were already kinda sketched out, so we didn’t answer.

After about the 3rd time the number called, I finally answered. It was this foreign (maybe Indian or middle eastern) sounding lady saying she needed to talk to my mother immediately. Her tone set me off and scared me a bit and I said to not call back and hung up. Never heard from the number again and completely forgot to tell my mom about it.

Eventually, maybe a week later I was with my friend and mom driving to go to a go-kart place nd he brings up the call to me and as we’re talking about it, my mom overhears us and finds out about it. Later on, she finds the number on recent calls and calls it to find out it was a lady who was seeing my dad where he worked.

(He worked about an hour and a half away from home). She called us as soon as she found out my dad was married and had 4 kids. My mom was already skeptical because he wouldn’t get home until like 3 am some nights even tho work ended at 4 pm. No one knew about the call until my mom was crying in her room really late at night, with my dad still not home, and she told my brothers and me, except for my youngest brother who was only 8.

We all eventually fall asleep and I wake up to my oldest brother (22 years old) almost beating my dad up and shoving him out the door at like 4 am when my dad finally got home. My oldest brother was my half-brother (my dad’s son from before he met my mom) and the fact that he turned on his own father to protect my brothers and mother and me from being hurt anymore, was probably the most sincere thing I’ve seen anyone do for us.

This was such a rollercoaster of a story, starts off as almost horror, then as a sad story, then a really heartwarming one in my eyes. Had to get it out there because no one knows besides us and it eats away at me sometimes, knowing that I almost messed everything up by not telling anyone about the call. We would’ve never known for sure what he was doing on those long nights despite the skepticism my mom had.

My dad is still ‘in the family’ and by that I mean he’s there for my brothers and me and he’s made a lot of changes In his life since then and I respect him for it. But he and my mom have never repaired their relationship. I can tell that they are still only together for us and financial reasons. My oldest brother isn’t on good terms with my dad either but he’s done his best to be there for his younger brothers. He’s one of the people I respect the most in this entire world.”

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28. Lying Partner Took My MysticCurDog With Her When She Moved Out


“Sigh… seven years, high school sweethearts, through college, got a place together shortly afterward (a small house on the edge of a nice suburb), a puppy, etc etc.

I began working immediately out of school.. it took her about a year to find the right fit. So she starts her new job, loves it immediately, all is good with the world.

Slowly but surely she begins bringing up this work-friend, Josh.

Around the same time, she started working until very late. I knew from life experience -or maybe just intuition- that this was a huge red flag. I had serious discussions with her about how she was starting to bring this guy up a lot, and every time she assured me they were just friends, she loves me, we’re soulmates, yadayada.

One night she said she had to work late, and I just had this unexplainable, bad feeling.

I decided to drive to her work with some coffee to surprise her (and see if she was actually there). There wasn’t a car in the parking lot.

As soon as she got home around 10 PM I confronted her but she made up this whole story about having to run home for a female coworker’s scarf she borrowed, driving back to her office before driving home and I must’ve missed her.

I said that sounds like crap and she cornered me, held and kissed me, and told me it was all in my head.

But a couple more weeks and I felt her kinda pulling away. Like she wouldn’t look at me the same or laugh at my jokes. She was very short-tempered and lovemaking became nonexistent.

One night she said she was going to her mom’s, which was common and believable, but something didn’t feel right.

So while she was in the shower I put a magnetic GPS tracker under her car. (props to Breaking Bad for the idea, props to Amazon for selling inexpensive spy equipment).

I still remember the feeling of horror as I watched my partner’s pink dot (GPS location) go past her mom’s house and onto the freeway. I went for a walk to cool off and try to calm down, then when I came home I pressed refresh and she was at some apartment complex 20 minutes away.

I drove out there in the rain and saw her car parked in the lot. I was going to check some of the apartment windows but I didn’t know what unit she was in and I felt like enough of a creep already, so I went home and took wayyy too many sleeping pills and passed out.

The next morning I checked her GPS location and she was at work, but I also checked her history for the night and she definitely slept at that apartment.

So I texted her asking about her mom and she lied, so I decided to call her out right then and there by sending her nothing but the apartment address.

She flipped out, threatened to call the cops, turned it all on me. I knew tracking her was messed up but I honestly felt like it was the only way. Luckily I didn’t have to witness her in the act (I probably would’ve gone to jail). Her family came a few days later to help move all of her stuff out. I’m pretty sure she and the coworker are still together… and she took my dog.”

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27. Confronted My Wife While She Showers


“Wife was having a really bad day was kind of a blubbering mess and said she just needed to talk to her friend and coworker Tara face-to-face. She leaves and hours go by, I go to bed and I hear her car pull up and she walks in the door. She tries to be sneaky and slip into bed unnoticed. I roll over putting my back to her and she reaches down my shorts to wake me up for some touchy touchy.

This has never ever happened between us, I felt something was up for some reason.

During hooking up, she moans out ‘oh you give it to me the best’ which took me by surprise and I stop and say ‘uh, what does that mean, there are others?’ She just mutters a ‘you know what I mean, shut up and touch me.’ We finish and I look over at the clock and see it’s 2 AM.

It dawns on me she had been gone 5 hours. We fall asleep but the alarm goes off early to get the kids to school. When I get back from dropping them off my wife is in the shower. I tell her I’m back and I walk off to the couch. I grab my iPad to do my usual morning routine of checking the news and emails and such only to see my wife had left herself logged in to social media with a new message from someone named Austin.

We don’t have any mutual friends named Austin so I open it up and it says, ‘Hey when he goes to work let me know, love you.’

My heart sank.

I took the iPad to the bathroom and ask her through the shower curtain, ‘Hey who’s Austin LastName?’. The shower curtain flies wide open and she says ‘Who?’ I repeated and she replies, ‘I have no clue, why?’ I pull the iPad from the back of my pants and show her the message. Immediate waterworks. She’s blubbering again and she denies everything even though it’s clearly there in her face. I walk out of the bathroom and set a passcode on the iPad and take a screenshot of the exchange and email it to myself just to be safe.”

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26. Girl Was Two-Timing Me With 4 Other Guys And Probably More


“We went to college together, same class and all. Just to clarify some things, the relationship didn’t start correctly, as she started seeing me while she was already in a ‘relationship’ (I was young, stupid, and was trying to get over another relationship where the other person didn’t like me as much as I did like her), so when things started getting more serious, I told her that she had to break up with him because it wasn’t right for her to be lying that way.

After some time she said that it was really over, so we went on with it. At the start, everything seemed fine, as a relationship should be.

But then I start to feel a little anxious and paranoid. She hides her phone when receiving a message, always tries to dodge any kind of questioning and things like that. Even worse is that she made me feel guilty every time we had an argument for thinking that she was lying and deceiving me.

I started to feel depressed and I even thought I was going crazy.

Just like that, 6 months pass by and I’m like a concentration of anxiousness and paranoia. Lucky for me, for some reason, I can’t remember, I had her email’s password, so I got in to check if there was anything strange, and boy there was. In the deleted folder were some emails with logs containing her conversation with some individuals.

I downloaded everything as fast as I could because she was meticulous, and another mistake like this was never going to happen. I had to find everything out.

So there was I, 3 am, organizing 3 different conversation logs, message by message, because they were all really hard to read without formatting the text. Turns out I was right all the time and she was being unfaithful to me with at least 3 guys from her work.

All I could do was laugh.

Never have I felt more relief than that day.

Last but not least… Remember the guy she was in a relationship with from the beginning? She never actually broke up with him. Turns out I was the affairee, and he was the real significant other the whole time. She lied about having broken up and just went out with both, which later she added another affair.

A co-worker. He was the third. And the other guys she just talked to and sent naughties. I believe there was more, but for me, it was enough.

Some things I learned with this experience:

1- Never, I said, NEVER, date anyone who’s already in a relationship. It may be wonderful in the beginning, but once a deceiver, always a deceiver. And you’re going to be the next.
2- Don’t be afraid to put an end to things that make you feel bad. It may sound obvious, but it is hard, I know someone can relate to that.
3 and most important to me – ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING, IT CAN SAVE YOU FROM A LOT OF PAIN. And save your time too.”

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25. Fiance With Colon Cancer Went Back Together With Her Ex Behind My Back


“Fiance diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the age 25, two and a half years into our relationship. Unusual for someone her age. She had a child by another abusive ex before we had ever gotten together, whom I considered my own and the biological father was never around. Would regularly take her for treatment over 70 miles away from our home’s location because it provided the best treatment possible within our means and helped paid for most of the expenses associated with it.

She had asked to be dropped off at her mother’s for a weekend, before going Monday for her chemo, and her mother was to take her. On ‘their’ drive back she had called me and we were chatting, as usual, asking her how it went and so on. Well, a week later I received a call from her son’s biological father saying he hooked up with her and just really rubbing my nose in it.

I didn’t believe it at first as he was a known jealous son of a witch that would constantly try to antagonize us. So I asked him for proof and he was able to recite the entire conversation she and I had during that drive back from her treatment. She was sitting there during the entire conversation and after hanging up, she adamantly denied it. I told her to get her together and actually had my father come to drop her off at her mother’s home, never speaking to her again.

I was devastated and I’ve moved on; now happily with someone else but that still stings. I truly wish she was just able to find happiness because what she had to endure in illness is something I wish for no one. Struggled with blaming myself for the longest time and all sorts of nonsense.”

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24. Drove 10 Hours To Pick Up The Girl Who's Only Using Me As An Emotional And Financial Support


“I had a long-distance relationship with my now ex for about 7 years. We started out seeing each other in person, but were so into each other we decided to keep the relationship even after I moved. Admittedly I was really young (13 years old to 21) and was really optimistic the relationship would work out. We’d usually see each other once or twice a year, as she lived in Montana and I in California.

We spent just about everyday texting, calling whenever we could, etc.

Throughout the entire relationship there were always signs that I picked up but whenever I voiced my concerns or tried to talk about them, she’d manipulate it and guilt trip me into thinking I was being a jerk.

Over the course of the 5-6 years we spent apart, she was a huge partier. I’ve never been a big party guy, but I didn’t mind her going out and having fun with friends.

I don’t get jealous easily, basically, I’d say ‘ok! Have fun at the party, hit me up whenever and I’ll talk to you in the morning!’ However, about 5 separate times she would claim that she got taken advantage of at a party. Either by a friend or someone she knew, two or three times by the same dude. And the only reason she told me that was because she would wind up pregnant and then miscarrying.

That caused a lot of internal conflict in me, mainly because 1. I wanted to believe her, I’m not the type of person to just sweep an assault claim under the rug. But also 2. A lot of it was just too…. convenient. It kept happening with the same dude, or whenever she would go out. So a small part of me kept thinking she was just two-timing and couldn’t think of a better way to explain a pregnancy.

Anyway, the story comes to a head when I moved to Oregon. I was just about to turn 21, had some plans with friends to celebrate by bar hopping. I had my own place, a steady job, a car, and we were making plans to move in together. She texts me before my birthday, saying her mother kicked her out and she needs me to rescue her.

So I do, I skip my birthday celebration, finish out a 10-hour workday, take a 10 hour trip to Montana, pack her up, and before getting on the road, I take about an hour’s nap.

In the timeframe of that nap, she sent me a text that she couldn’t move with me, that she felt she was holding me back, and that we were breaking up. She unpacked everything and refused to even look me in the eye when we said goodbye.

I’m not gonna lie, this was one of my first and also the longest relationships I’ve had until now. I cried rather hard and sat at a gas station parking lot for 30 mins just talking to my mother and to my best friend, and trying to wrap my head around it.

I eventually left. Over the 10 hour drive home, I kept trying to get any kind of an explanation from her.

She told me to call when I got home, and that she would explain then. I call. And she explains that she was freely seeing other men the entire time. That she kept me around as a fallback plan, that she wanted to not have to get a job because I kept paying for things and because I made great ’emotional support’ while random dudes provided the physical support. She had recently been using hard substances, and last I heard is now engaged and just had a child with the most recent dude that she broke up with me for.”

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CuriousIndividual1 3 years ago
I hate reading these types of stories. Some people are just so vile. Sorry you went through that, not all women are like this.
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23. Having The Spare Key To My Girl's Place Was A Bad Idea


“When I was younger, I started going out with a girl who was still in college. It was not close by, but she lived near me. We started seeing each other in the summer, and after a few months, she had to go bad to school. No big deal. I helped her and her parents move her into her room at school and all that. She’s got two or three female roommates.

She leaves me a key because she wants me to visit. Cool.

We’d been spending a lot of time texting and calling over the semester, and she’s always asking when I’m gonna come visit. Work at my job’s been heavy, so I just tell her I’d visit as soon as I could. Slowly, but surely, we’re texting less and less, and she doesn’t call me as often.

I see a picture of her on social media, and there’s a dude I don’t know in the picture. She tells me it’s her roommate’s man. I believe her.

A week and a half later, I finally get some open time in my schedule, so I decided to surprise her. I buy a couple of small gifts, and I pack my car and go. A long drive.

I get to her place, and I let myself in with the key she gave me. And the first thing I see is the dude from the social media picture, zero clothing on the couch, and here, on her knees, going down on him. She recoils at the sound of me throwing the gifts I bought into the ground. She panics and runs into the bathroom, but the dude doesn’t miss a beat.

He stands up, still in his birthday suit, walks over to me, and INTRODUCES HIMSELF, as if I’d even want to know the dude. I spat on the floor in front of him and walked out.

I drove straight home and slept for 12 hours. She tried to call later in the week, as well as text, but I never once responded to any of her messages, and I haven’t spoken to her since.”

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22. Caught My Partner With The Man I Disliked In Her House


“I had been introduced to some very non-vanilla stuff and figured out what I liked doing, and a woman, I’ll call her Samantha, and I got together because we enjoyed each other’s company and doing the same things. It was an open relationship, my first, and I was fine with it. We were each other’s primaries and happy with that since we both had side pieces.

Well, one woman, Kerry, I liked to see every now and then Samantha didn’t like one bit. Never learned why didn’t care to learn why. One of our rules was ‘The past is just that, the past’ and I was happy to leave it at that.

Samantha asked me to stop seeing Kerry and I agreed if she would stop seeing another guy I disliked. She agreed because she said it wasn’t right for me to stop seeing someone if she asks and not for her to do the same.

She knew I didn’t like the guy, but I was never going to ask her to stop seeing him. I just didn’t want to hear about the jerk I dislike. About 6 months down the road, I’m going to Samantha’s place to take her out. Get there a little earlier, open the door and who do I see? The dude I dislike.

I caught them coming out of her bedroom.

She looks at me like she had just been caught. I just said ‘Really?’ and walked back out. Wasn’t happy, but I just left. She blew up my phone over the next week and even had others try to talk me into talking to her. The couple even said ‘Well, it’s not right that you asked her not to see him’ and then get really annoyed when I let them know she asked me never to see Kerry again.

I got back together with Kerry, and we were both happy to be each other’s sidepiece. Samantha would try over the next year to talk to me but everyone and their sister would chew head her off or even just pull her away from me because I’d just ignore her. I unfriended her in my life and only one or two people took her side. I wanted nothing to do with her and did everything I could to keep that up.’

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21. Caught My Partner In Bed With A Guy Who's Practically My Twin


“High school but was 2 years in, though of course at the time that she was ‘the one.’ We were each other’s firsts. We had our fights because she was a tad dramatic but I stuck through it. Before my senior year I tell her I can’t wait to spend the summer with her, etc., but first I need to go to this science camp thing for physics (I know how sad that sounds but I ended up with a degree in science later in life so it paid off) and she was very upset about me going and it was only 2 weeks.

I felt guilty about going to said camp even though I was excited about the opportunity and I finished what I needed to do early so I end up getting to leave a day early. Her family loved me so I actually had a key to her mom’s place for emergencies and I asked if I could go over and surprise her and the mom said sure and that she hasn’t been home all day so whatever but she would be home soon.

I saw her car when I pulled up so I’m like bummer but I still want to see her. I had flowers, her favorite movie (Zombieland, in fact) in hand, and was dressed up more than usual. I tried to sneak in so maybe I could surprise her anyway. I could hear music coming from her room so I thought if I burst in it will be a big surprise, right? Well, I do the bursting in part but I was the one left surprised.

Basically, I stand there just awestruck and speechless, meanwhile they are getting hurriedly dressed and wailing. The guy was a friend, everyone always called us twins because we looked so much alike and we had personality similarities. He had this disappointed look like he can’t believe it but come to find out he was actually her first to begin with, and I was just being led on for 2, almost 3 years.

He said that he didn’t mean to and she was an addiction to him he couldn’t quit. She said he was simply available for her during this clearly ‘stressful’ 2 weeks while I was doing science stuff.

I didn’t really care at the time because I was so mad and confused; really just trying to process it all. During all this, her mom comes home and it just escalates to a 100 real quick.

She calls the dad, he comes home quickly from fishing and was livid calling her an embarrassment. He made the guy prove he was wearing a rubber but he wasn’t so the guy just leaves as quickly as possible. I also decided now was the time to pick up smoking and her mom was feeding me menthol smokes like a dispensary. I didn’t say much. It just felt like such a waste.

Anyway, she gets knocked up, the guy leaves ASAP. She had a pretty rough path after high school but last time I heard from the mom she was doing better. I hope she is. I’m married and happy now. She knew the pain she caused, but at the time I think she just wanted something different and it cost her.”

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20. Fiancee Tried To Trick My Family Into Thinking Her Other Man Was Gay


“I was in a 2-year relationship and 1 year engaged with my ex-fiance. I was at the time working a crap-tier job trying to figure out how we could move forward. The two of us were living with my parents and working. She was a free-lance artist and drew for commissions on the side, I was working for Starbucks with my BA in mechanical engineering looking for a job in my major.

I was working a terrible schedule, some days I’d be up at 3 am to work my job and sleep during the day just to switch to working a standard 9-5 a day later. Planning anything was impossible as I only had my schedule a week in advance. Over time I noticed her schedule became that of sleeping all day and staying up all night. She’d be talking to art friends and streaming all night.

At the time I didn’t find this weird, she was making dollars, streaming, and generally told me about who/what she talked about at a later time. In hindsight, this is where everything started.

One day, it came up that she was invited to go to an artists panel for a convention out of state. One of her friends that I loosely knew, pretty much never talked to but always talked about, had even offered to pay for her plane flight and place to stay.

One of the first lies that I blindly believed was that this GUY was gay and not interested in her. Being engaged and a trusting fiance, I didn’t see anything wrong, she was about to go out and possibly make a lot of coin selling her art at this convention. My family was skeptical about it with my mom even pointing out that she could just be going to see the guy, then again she turned out to be right and I was wrong.

The day of the plane flight comes and knowing she’d be gone for the week, I tried to initiate some lovemaking which was regular for us. For the first time, she declined due to ‘wanting to be ready for the flights’ and it just felt off for our relationship. Here is where I got the flicker of doubt in my head that something was off. At the airport, we kissed and I sent her on her merry way.

Throughout the first two days of the trip, it was constant communication. Texts, calls, video, photos, the whole nine yards. I was thrilled she finally got to exhibit her art and at least things were looking up for one of us.

Then red flags just starting to creep up. At one point she insisted on whispering ‘I love you’ instead of just saying it on a phone call.

I noticed her ring wasn’t on in one of the selfies she sent me. Things were on a downhill spiral. To get my mind off things as she insisted she loved me and even bought some things for me at the convention I logged into the MMO we play, and to multi-box, I used her laptop. I opened up the web browser on her laptop and it defaulted to her social media page, and I saw it.

Every picture, witty meme, and more was not JUST sent to me, it was also sent to the GUY she was with. I then spent time going back through the chat log between my ex-fiance and this male artist. He said ‘I love you’ to her…she never denied anything. At one point in the backlogs, I saw a photo of the dinner that the two of us ate for a dinner sent to him.

She had captioned it with ‘I walked to the restaurant and am eating alone, here is my food.’ In that picture, I was literally across the table from her.

I went full-on panic mode, called her up, and questioned her about it. She got mad at me for using her FB and looking through her messages. Accused me of a break of trust with snooping on her things.

She denied things with the guy and said they were just really really close friends and it’s what girls do. I paid for a one-way flight home and told her she either come back to me or she wouldn’t have a place anymore.

She chose to come back. Of course, it still wasn’t over, on the way back she missed her last connecting flight and ended up 4 hours away in another city.

That night, my family and I drove to pick her up at the other airport. There was a long discussion there where she started to deny that she even had an affair, that there was no hooking up, no kissing, and it was only hugs and stuff. Even then, this was undoubtedly emotional deceiving and I was hurt, stated time and time again I wanted to work through this issue and iron out our relationship.

After an hour or so keeping my parents waiting while we spoke, I gave her the engagement ring and said please come back with me, this is it, you either came back into the car as my fiance and plan to work everything out, or you come back and prepare to leave my home.

She half heartily accepted, with an ‘I don’t know how this will plan out, and I’m not sure I can keep my end of the deal’.

Over the next week I tried to make it seem like we were a new couple again, eating out, walks, cooking, even trying out counseling with HER church (Mormon) which I don’t even believe in. In the counseling session, she figured out all her issues were with my family…, not me…my family. That my mom was overbearing, which she can be at times, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

The next week I gave her the SECOND final decision, I am too kind? We’d either work it out, or I was buying her a ticker back to her mom’s house. She chose to go home, to leave me, my family, her dog, and all her stuff, and go back to her mom. The morning of her flight she cried to be about everything, how she’d miss me, how she was sad to go, and we had passionate lovemaking for the first time in ages.

And then she was gone.

Over the next few months, it was a weird state for me. We still talked near-daily and I was even hoping we’d get back together. Even then she was still talking to the guy she lied to me about more and she broke all the trust I had. Eventually, I moved on and found someone that actually loves me, trusts me, and isn’t leaving my side. I guess that’s my horror story, there are so many details I left out, and even then typing this brings up the depression and sadness I felt at that time.”

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KraZchick 3 years ago
I don't know why she/you bothered with counseling with the Mormon church; if she was a good member of the faith she would not be having s** with you if you two weren't married.
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19. Took A Liar Back But The Relationship Just Can't Work Anymore


“I was with my man for about 4 years, and we were both in college (went to different schools), working at the same coffee shop at the time. We had a coworker who no one else really liked for some reason, but my man and I got along with really well with her. We thought she was funny and didn’t deserve the almost bullying behavior she was at the receiving end of.

Then she started the fall semester at his university.

I wouldn’t know exactly what went on until way after the fact, but what I did find at the time was photos of her butt on his phone and thousands of texts back and forth between them on our phone bill records. Apparently, he was visiting her at work, hanging out with her between classes, talking to her every night, and texting her constantly…

I confronted him about his relationship with her, and he admitted there was ‘something’, and then broke up with me.

Those of you who’ve had your hearts broken will know the heck that is being dumped by someone you’re in love with, so I won’t even try to explain the feeling: only that I couldn’t sleep, and lost about 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

As far as I know, the man never actually physically got with her (she was abstinent and I suspect this had something to do with things not working out with them in the end), but the emotional deceiving hurt just as bad, and shifted my world view just as much.

I also had to deal with the embarrassment of everyone at work having seen them together. The girl ended up quitting, and my father sent the man a ‘nice’ text telling him to do the right thing and quit as well, ‘or else.’ My dad’s a peach.

Uuuuunfortunately, when things didn’t pan out the way he wanted with that girl, I took the guy back… And, of course, the same thing ended up happening again with a different girl almost exactly a year later.

She didn’t know about me, so I remedied the issue. Not too long after that, he called me wanting to get together for lunch, and I said no. I was tired of being his back-burner girl.

One thing I learned from all that is that it takes an incredibly strong relationship to get over the loss of trust that comes with being unfaithful. And if there was deceiving, to begin with, it probably wasn’t a super-strong relationship.

If you take the person back, you have to be willing to let it all go, because it’ll eat you up inside wondering exactly what happened, and exactly what they said to each other. You’ll want to know everything, but knowing everything rarely brings the absolution you’re looking for so much as more pain.

But worry not! About 6 years later, and I’m finally confident and happy in a relationship… So, there’s hope!”

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18. Fiance Ruined Christmas And My Birthday


“I had been engaged for 5 years and in the relationship for 7. My mum had passed nearly 3 years before which hit me very hard but he was my rock. I also discovered a couple of health issues I had inherited from my mum as a result of her passing so I was in and out of the hospital a lot that year. It was a stressful time but we were strong…

Or so I thought. In 2016, he applied to join the police in Cheshire, England. I supported him through revising, exams, training, etc, and after being accepted, he moved up in September. We agreed to let my son finish high school before moving up. He had rented a lovely 2-bed house, even if the estate agents hadn’t cleaned thoroughly… there were cake wrappers and rubbish shoved in cupboards….it was gross.

Anyway, forward to December, the day before Christmas eve, he was due to come down to spend Christmas with my family but said he was too tired to drive after a hard day training so he would make his way down Christmas Eve. He also apologized for not being able to get me and my son a gift but I understood. New house and a new job.

Less coin. I thought nothing more of it. We spent Christmas day with my family and traveled to his new place on Boxing day. I go up to the bathroom and on the floor is a corner of a male contraceptive wrapper. I confront him, calmly and away from my 13 yr old, and he denies it stating that it must have been amongst the rubbish left by former tenants, tells me not to be paranoid.

I try and put it out of my mind but something didn’t feel right. All of a sudden he was talking about trying for a baby… We had previously talked but he explicitly said he didn’t want one.

Forward again to January. He is now a probationary police officer. His phone bill arrived through my door (we shared a contract) and since the niggling feeling hadn’t gone I had a look to see who he had called before Christmas…

Googled a number I didn’t recognize and heard a sultry voice say ‘Cheshire Companions’. I hung up and logged into his bank and saw that after the phone call, he had withdrawn his last £250. I felt sick.

He was on a night shift and I text him photos of my discovery. He drives 3 hours after his shift and arrived early hours of the morning in tears, swearing nothing actually happened, that he couldn’t go through with it, and claiming he must be an addict because it’s his ‘go-to’ when he is stressed.

I had yet to cry, still feeling sick and numb. Being the mug I am, I agree that we can try and make it work if he gets therapy, he offered to quit his job and everything so I’m thinking he must be serious… Well, he decided to move the rest of his stuff out slowly over the following few weeks and then dumped me BY TEXT the morning of my birthday stating he couldn’t cope with the stress of the job AND my HEALTH issues.”

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LilacDark 3 years ago
You dodged a bullet. There's no telling what else you would have had to deal with (STD's, more money going out), had he stuck around. But as they say: what goes around, comes around. Eventually, he'll reap what he's sown.
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17. Guy Who Deceived Me Became My Stalker After I Broke Up With Him


“Going out with this guy for almost three years. He was a piece of garbage in the first place so at least this pushed me into leaving him. I was staying at a friend’s house for the evening because he told me he needed to be alone and just wanted some video game time. My friend and I went to another friend’s house for drinks who lived just down the road and when we passed my home his car was gone.

He drove 3 hours away to another city to go to a party and hook up with a random chick. He bragged about it to MY guy friends because he thought it’d be a ‘bros before chicks’ scenario. It obviously wasn’t and one of my buddies told me right away.

After bawling my eyes out I confronted him and he tried to tell me he was assaulted.

Riiiiigghhhttt. Eventually, the truth came out and he said he’d thought I’d come back no matter what. He proceeded to tell me that’s why he’s been making me feel like garbage for years. So I didn’t think anyone else would have me. He also told me the girl was a pretty redhead and other details I didn’t need to know. Etc. I was devastated and packed up my stuff and moved.

He proceeded to stalk me. After he came to my work and threatened to kill me. I had to get a restraining order. He said, ‘No one was allowed to have me if he wasn’t.’ A line that was so shocking it still feels like I heard it in a cheesy horror movie instead of real life. He told other guys he works with (and he works at the same company as my dad so they all knew him) that he had been following me. My dad would tell me and I’d have to move again. I had to move 3 times before he couldn’t find me. It was a nightmare that just wouldn’t end.”

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mar 2 years ago
Was he sucking off your dad? Why would your dad tell you to move again… this sounds made up. But again it was a fb pop up…
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16. Wife Deceived Me On A Game Of Scrabble


“We were playing Scrabble and I realized that this was the time I wanted to propose. Don’t worry, we had discussed it earlier and she knew it was coming at some point. So halfway through the game, I ran upstairs saying I needed to take a #2 but instead grabbed the ring. When I came back downstairs, it was my turn so I stick my hand in the bag, drop the ring in there, and withdraw my tile and play a word.

She immediately begins bawling and the game comes to a grinding halt. She starts saying things like, ‘What is wrong with me? Why won’t you propose?’ And here I am trying to play it cool knowing that if she just reaches in the bag she will know it’s about to happen. 15 minutes of me talking her down from an exaggerated state occur when finally we start playing.

This was halfway through the game so there were something like 30 tiles left in the bag. I was thinking it was going to happen immediately…but no. That ring stayed in the bag until there were 4 tiles left. Talk about sweating bullets!

So then she finally takes the ring out…looks at it, and puts it BACK in the bag and says, ‘Are you sure….’ I went on to say why I wanted to marry her and eventually it all worked out.

Fast forward ONE DAY…

I ask her why she was crying so hard after I came back downstairs. She said that when I went upstairs, she got my laptop out and started typing out to see if she could make a word with her tiles but the history came up first with a link to

Filthy liar.”

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Mel 3 years ago
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15. Father Had An Affair With A Girl Who's Two Years Older Than Me


“Didn’t catch my spouse, caught my father instead. This was back in 2000 when not everyone had a cell phone. My parents had one phone that I would take when I would go out with friends so they could reach me if need be.

So one night before heading out, I ask my dad for the phone and he starts frantically pressing buttons on it, refusing to hand it over.

Eventually, my mom yells from upstairs telling him to give me the phone so I can leave to go meet up with my friends. Later after I left, I was using the phone and saw the name Jen a bunch of times in the call logs. My mother wasn’t friends with a Jen, but I didn’t think much of it.

A few months later, my mom told me to get my dad for dinner and I found him out back behind the garage that was separate from our house being all quiet whispering on the cell phone.

When I asked him who he was talking to he said it was my grandfather, which seemed odd. I later checked the cell phone and saw he had lied to me as the only call made during that time was to that Jen person.

My father traveled a lot for work and shortly after all of this happened, he went on a business trip and didn’t call home when he got to his hotel like he usually did.

This went on for like 3 days and my mother started freaking out. She eventually got a hold of him and he had some lame excuse about being tired or something and forgot to call home. When he got home from that trip he had a bunch of bruises on his side. He gave vague answers about how he got them.

I think after this I told my mom about what I had found on the phone and she did some digging.

She found out that Jen was a girl (I say girl because she was only 2 years older than me, by this time I was 19) who worked with my dad, who also happened to have gone on that business trip with him where we couldn’t get ahold of him for 3 days.

He eventually left my mom, she moved out after they divorced and then he kicked me out saying he needed the room for my sick grandfather, but instead Jen moved in with him.

So yeah, that was all a pretty fun time.”

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What a piece of sh!!
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14. Partner Forgot I Was On Social Media Too


“My ex of six years was without steady employment for about 1.5 years. We were on and off and currently living apart but we’re discussing moving back in together. Weird, I know but I liked having my own space for a while. He had broken up with me a couple of times but wanted to stay friends and things always just slid back… One time I didn’t speak to him for weeks and he just kept texting me until I gave in to missing him.

Anyways, this is just for context.

He had just landed a job and wanted to go visit his family out of town before he started. I said cool, have fun. So you can imagine my confusion when the bar he worked at a couple of times a week posted an Instagram video of him at a brewery in a completely different city. Especially considering I had just spoken to him and he gave me very specific details about his time spent with his parents.

I called him and confronted him about it and he denied everything until I told him I had a picture. He hung up the phone, turned it off, and I never spoke to him again. Six years. And that’s what I got.

I did however go into the bar that he worked at and talked to his general manager. Turns out, they had been going out for the last seven months, she had no idea…

Despite our meeting previously. I mean I think she did but you want to believe the best in people. The landslide of lies I discovered in that conversation was pretty disheartening. There were other women.

Before you ask how could I have not known. I have a pretty busy schedule during the week. And honestly, I don’t know how he could have managed it, he stayed over 3-4 times a week.

Looking back now, there were definitely signs but I wanted to trust my partner.

To this day, I still can’t figure out why he wouldn’t just let me go. I can only surmise he was using me as an emotional support animal and to keep up his lifestyle while he was unemployed. Unfortunately, you can’t ask a pathological liar these things, so I guess I will never know.”

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13. Deceiving Partner Took Home His Other Woman While I Was Only Next Door


“Against my better judgment, I moved in with a new partner who needed help paying his rent because his former roommates screwed him over. Within a month, his foul temper had emerged. At Valentine’s Day dinner (which I was treating him to), I thought the server was going to slip me the number for a hotline, he was being so unkind. He began staying out with friends who were girls, getting tagged in bar photos, etc.

One, in particular, seemed to be stuck on him (social media snail trail).

I found out where she worked and put the pieces together. His interest in my orientation and adding in extra partners, his idea to get me hiking boots for my birthday… I visited the local sports store he had mentioned repeatedly and went to the shoe department.

There she was! Her eyes widened when she saw me and I knew immediately.

She ran into the back and came out with a large male coworker. I was sweet as pie to both of them and asked for her help with picking out a pair of hiking boots.

Which I bought and left out on the kitchen table.

I then went to him and said, ‘Here’s half the rent for next month. I’ll be out as soon as I can find elsewhere to live.’

I moved to the bedroom across the hall.

The next night I’m peacefully cleaning, packing, and singing Taylor Swift songs when I hear familiar sounds from across the hall.


At first, I called my best friend. Being a lying piece of crap herself (I stupidly scraped her inebriated messy butt off the pavement multiple nights after she had gone behind her husband’s back), she refused to call me back after I left a sobbing message on her answering machine from outside his locked door.

I realized that night I had no best friend and no significant other.

Then the rage set in.

I got out my stereo and set it up in the bathroom that adjoined his master bedroom. I turned the volume up to the max with the cheesiest music I could think of. Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, the Aquabats. Total buzzkill.

I had some antibiotics, so I left them on the bathroom counter and wrote on the mirror in red lipstick: ‘Thanks for showing me who you really are! These are for you since you’ll probably need them.’

I took a couple of random pieces of his mail and wrote ‘is a bad person’ after his name, then tucked them back into the pile.

Then, at 10 PM on a Friday night, I called up some local friends and moved out right then and there, loudly and cheerfully.

The best revenge on lying pieces of crap is to embarrass them by exposing them with humor! I get so much satisfaction out of this memory.

Shortly thereafter I ran into one of my hot exes on OKC and went out with him and his girl for a while before meeting my current amazing and lovely fiance. Oh, and the friend who helped me with the bulk of that midnight move is getting a whole new wardrobe from me this Christmas!”

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12. Lazy Husband Though The World Owed Him Everything


“I found a receipt for a grocery store near the house of my ex-husband’s woman. He told me that he was in a completely different area 30 minutes east when he was instead 60 minutes west. He had gotten his favorite cereal, ice cream, and smokes. I confronted him about it, he claimed that he wasn’t there and that he was in the city that was east from us and that he had gotten those things for his bros when he’d stayed over there a week beforehand.

I sent him the photo of the receipt with the time highlighted. It was two days previous to the confrontation, not a week. He told me about the affair a month later, but I’d already known. I’d known for months.

Around 4-5 months after I moved out (I left him on our 4th wedding anniversary) I got a text message from his woman. She told me that they had split up, and that he was asking her for a place to stay, that she wasn’t sure what to do because she knew he was an addict and wasn’t sure if he was being genuine or if he was looking to be a leech.

Somehow, she mentioned that she was sorry for what had happened and that she hoped that I wasn’t upset at her for being with him. She told me that my ex, when they were together, had told her that we ‘weren’t working out’ despite his attempts to make things work and that I knew about it. I told her that I had no idea until a couple of months before they broke up (They started seeing each other in January, I found out in June, tried to make the living situation work, and then I left in October – they split one week after I left).

She continued to apologize profusely and told me that she wouldn’t blame me if I never spoke to her again.

I’ve never spoken to her again, as it wasn’t her fault. My ex purposely manipulated both her and myself, for eons. He had me at home paying all of the bills and caring for the animals (oh, yeah. He wasn’t employed and refused to hold down a job while I was in school and living off of financial aid and my SSI payments for being disabled), while he had his ‘dream girl’ on the side to pay for his fancy meals, hook up with him, give him money, and not nag him to get a job, clean the house, or spend time at home because they were only seeing each other.

I guess he’s still living with his parents, though his mother died recently. He supposedly had a factory job, but I also heard he was selling his mom’s pain medicine on the side that she got from having her shin shattered and a stroke all in the last 3-4 years. I guess he’s sober, but I don’t know how much I believe it. Everyone always told him he needed to get his together or he’d lose a good thing. He always thought the world owed him everything.

I found countless messages and notes from other women in the long run. It’s no wonder we had a dead bedroom – he was getting it everywhere else. I stayed faithful the whole time. I still feel so stupid for that.

I’m so glad he’s my ex.”

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11. Partner Became A Party Girl But Didn't Know How Telephones Work


“Like an idiot, I basically selected the college I went to in order to keep up the relationship with my ‘soul mate from high school’ (hahaha I was an idiot).

So, a few weeks in, and my girl — who came from a very overly protective, sheltered, uber-Catholic life — was really loving all the booze and new attention from dudes she no longer was compelled by her family to shun.

So one night I’m out with the boys and she’s out with the girls. I had asked her to give me a call when she got in so I knew she’d made it home safe. We were freshmen of course and had to live in dorms the first year.

She calls, and sure enough, ‘Hey babe, I’m back in my dorm room. I’ll see you tomorrow’

Me, ‘Oh, you’re back in for the night?’


Me, ‘Hey ‘Mary’, have you not found out that these campus phones ring differently depending on whether the call originates from on or off-campus?’


Then timidly, ‘No… really?’

Me, ‘Yeah. They do. Have a nice night — and hey, go fudge yourself! Your mom would be super proud of you!’ and I hung up.

Her mom loved me and had died from cancer a couple of months before we started college together.

We didn’t stay together… but silver lining — 3.5 years later, we ran back into each other. I had taken a lead job in a laboratory, and lo and behold, she had changed majors over the course of the years and joined my lab, reporting to me. We started seeing each other a bit. She ended up as a masseuse later on.”

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10. The Phone Book Helped Me Get My Revenge


“In days of old, the cell phone bills were sent on paper. They contained an itemized list of all calls made to and from each mobile phone on the account. I normally didn’t bother looking thru all that data when paying the bill, but just paid it (cut and mailed a check, so old school now). But after a period of no hooking up, constant nagging, cruel manipulation, and general strife in the house, I had the notion to make a scan thru my ex’s portion of the latest phone bill data logs.

Hmmm….. a lot of calls to/from a certain number unknown to me, but it’s a number at her place of work. What could it be? I wait ’til late on a particular day and call that number after hours, get the voice mail recording as expected. It’s a number for a male colleague, whose name I don’t recognize and so jot down. OK, now my curiosity is, shall we say, aroused, but not so much that I might blow my so-called cover.

I discretely get hold of her phone – she isn’t suspecting me – and check her voice mail. Sure enough, the jerk (heretofore to be referred to as ‘Chumley’) has left messages on her VM which she hasn’t deleted. How quaint. They were….graphically romantic, shall we say?

I subsequently use the phone book (you young whippersnappers may not recognize this term….) to find Chumley’s home address, thinking to possibly do some form of recon.

I drop that idea, but one fine mid-day I call that number on a whim and confirm 1) Chumley’s married and 2) his wife is home. Oh, joy! I introduce myself by saying that she doesn’t know me but my wife and her husband ‘work’ together. I proceed to retell a similar version of the above summary to her with appropriate graphic embellishment, asking her if she knew, and why, her husband was leaving sweet nothings on my wife’s phone.

I’m ly certain this whole thing elicited 1) a deer in the headlights look on the other end of the phone at that moment and 2) a very interesting conversation when Chumley got home that evening.

OK, that form of revenge felt generally good (with a bit of a smarmy taint) at that particular moment, but the whole situation ended in a bitter and contentious divorce (shocker, right?) involving child custody, division of (mostly my) properties, etc. Adultery is not a crime/cause for complaint in that particular state, as I recall. Screw it, Men going their own way.”

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9. He Deceived Me And Gaslit Me For Most Of Our Relationship


“My ex was bad about deleting emails and texts from his ex. On one occasion, we were using his laptop together and he checked his email and there was an email from her saying ‘love you’ and stuff with a selfie of her. I asked him what the heck and he just said that she’s crazy and won’t leave him alone. I didn’t believe him and we got into a huge fight.

By the end of the argument, I was the one who looked like a crazy woman, and he made me feel like I was unjustified in being upset.

Fast forward a few months, he is in the hospital with the flu. My dumb self was still with him, and when I went to visit him I borrowed his phone because mine died. I found texts from the same ex saying ‘love you babe’ and ‘hope you feel better’ and ‘I would come to visit but don’t wanna run into your woman.’ Confronted him again, while he’s lying in the hospital.

I feel stupid about it now. But I couldn’t contain my feelings when I saw the messages. Again he denied it and told me I was psychotic and to leave. We had another argument. Again my dumb self ended up believing him and believing that I was wrong, that he didn’t actually two-time me. I knew deep down he did. I just didn’t want to believe it. I was with him for another year and then he finally broke up with me and told me that he had been with her for most of our relationship. I was 0% surprised and just felt stupid.”

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8. Ex-Wife Took Our Separation To The Court


“Caught my now ex-wife going behind my back when she told me 4 months after we got married. I knew I couldn’t trust her after that bombshell so I gave her the boot and kicked her to the curb. Packed all her possessions into the car I bought her and changed the locks while she was at work. I mean trust is pretty much shot after an event like that and I had no interest in trying to fix things nor any lengthy confrontation.

She then dragged me through the courts for 6 years making up claims that I’d assaulted her and that she was an unwilling mind-controlled victim of mine. Even got the psychologist she lied to me about (I’d known him since high school so he was also a ‘family friend.’) to write up a report saying she was suffering from Stockholm syndrome and a whole host of other nonsense.

I met her in college and she’s a smart girl if admittedly a little psychotic, no one has ever been able to control her not even her own poor family. I’m guessing she did that to cover for her ‘honor’.

Anyway, the court obviously didn’t have any proof that I’d done any of the horrible things that my ex-wife claimed I did so they manufactured ‘evidence’ that I’d stalked her and threatened to kill her all of which was linked to a smartphone she was actually in possession of according to one of my lawyer’s investigators.

Meanwhile, I’ve never owned a smartphone and had lots of billing records, witness testimony available to attest to that fact. So they then manufactured an event accusing me of stealing a phone from getting this ‘a little old lady.’ Of course, all this happened in the pre-trial phase and I gave all my proof minus copies (I was religious about keeping any piece of paper handed to me or used or even might be useful in court, and boy oh boy did that save my butt they pulled all sorts of tricks things like rearranging scheduled court appearances so I’d miss them and default to judgment and other nasties) to the PD assigned to me and every time the prosecutor magically ‘poofed’ up some new nonsense counter lie.

By the end of it all, I honestly thought my PD was working for the prosecution. Despite all my proof, I was told it was a ‘he said, she said’ sort of trial so I had to take the plea deal.

So I did because 6 years of legal crap is exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was so drained, I’d considered taking my own life daily, luckily I met a person who helped me through the worst of it, a true godsend.

So what was threatened as a 10+ year minimum sentence as a felon was pleaded down to 2 years on probation and the ‘felony’ goes away after completion of probation. And by the end of it all, I’ll likely be let off probation after the first year is up. So now my professional life is a shambles (finance so the felony is pretty world-shattering), my personal life is nonexistent because charges like what my ex-wife made push even the closest friends and family away, and admittedly my stress at the situation might have exacerbated that, my education is literally valueless and ultimately a massive deficit because of the debt that incurred isn’t offset by future earnings (not that it was, to begin with considering the modern American economy). So now once I get off probation I’ll move somewhere else and try to start over from scratch, probably won’t settle for a traditional life again. I’ve got my eyes on traveling.”

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7. Found Out My Fiance Is A Sugar Daddy To A Lot Of Girls


“Well, I’d say I accidentally caught him the first time, but every time after that I went looking for trouble and found exactly that. As far as I know, he never physically went behind my back but what he did do was psychologically tear me to shreds with lies and gaslighting for over 6 years.

I had just started seeing this dude who lived across the country, and I was on my second visit.

It was Thanksgiving time and I was being introduced to the family, all was hunky-dory and sweet and nice and great. We were totally in love and thrilled to be next to each other after being apart for months.

A few weeks before that, he asked me if I would be comfortable with his ex adding him on social media. I am not the jealous type (or wasn’t at the time) and I was like yeah, duh, who cares? Go for it! They share innocuous things like videos of Red Pandas.

No big deal. And I really, genuinely don’t give a crap.

One lazy afternoon, he gives me his laptop to do something while he’s in the shower. His email is open, and I noticed a chain of emails with his ex. With attachments. Hokay, welp, guess I’m looking at this crap. Open it and it’s a thank you note, and a bunch of naughty pics taken in an Adventure Time Fionna hat which he bought for her.

This seriously bums me out, as Adventure Time is one of MY favorites, and I came on this trip with a Jake & Cake painting I did for him. Checked the timestamp, these were sent just a week before I arrived. I confronted him on the spot.

He is all apologies and feeds me a line about how new and fresh this cross-country relationship is and not being sure of the boundaries.

He expressed disbelief that I REALLY wanted to be with him like I must be too-good-to-be-true. Nah, bro. Not too good. I made it clear that I was 100% there for a real relationship and stuff like exchanging gifts for naughty pics with an ex, or with anyone behind my back, is a hard limit. I let it go, because, well, we met online because I posted naughty pics after all, and I am not terribly prudish, it was just some photos.

Or so I thought.

Fast forward, I’m moved in, across the country. He ‘rescued’ me from an awful crisis situation and I ran as fast as I could from where I was. We’re planning this already, it was just totally accelerated because of the circumstances. Soon after, this is where my ‘gut feelings’ kick in. I would get this sneaky knot in my stomach and know he was up to no good.

I caught him offering coin to two more female friends in exchange for pictures. These never resulted in anything, so he convinces me to brush them off. Very quickly after I move in, our intimate life nose dives. So now he’s trolling around for naughties and leaving me totally untouched. It was a very isolating place, but I didn’t know where else to go. I started my life over with this person.

He promises to reform his ways and constantly assures me he’s not messing around on me.

We end up getting engaged after 4 years. On the 4th of July after that, while taking firework videos, I catch chatting with a girl on Snapchat with a username like ‘imuptonogood’ Uh-huh. Okay, buddy. He insists it’s nothing. I dive deeper and find he has spent over $100 on this girl in a couple of days, all the while he’s been up to my butt about how I spend my dollars.

I’m livid, but I’m stuck. Somehow he manipulates me into believing he didn’t physically deceive me so it’s really not that bad. I left my entire life on the East coast so I felt a need to make this work if nothing else so I don’t feel like the fool I know I am. Several months later, before a trip to meet the extended family in the Midwest, a mutual Internet friend of ours confesses that she shared her Etsy-like list with him and he dug through it and bought her every pleasure toy on it.

She sent pictures and screenshots. Initially, I refuse to go on the trip, but I ended up having to put down our elderly cat all by myself. This destroys me and I go on the trip anyway, if not just to be somewhere else. I was totally broken.

I still stayed. Months go by, and a work trip comes up. I left home for work for 6 weeks.

He was miserable that I was leaving, convinced that somehow this would be the end of our relationship. He was right. One night, I get the nagging feeling to go on his ex’s Tumblr. I haven’t done that for YEARS, but I do it anyway. I notice a comment from an Arrested Development-themed username ‘you are so beautiful.’ Arrested Development is another one of our favorite shows.

Nothing too damning about that, but something tells me to plug the screen name into Google. A two-year-old Reddit account pops up, all gone wild and gone wild comments, hundreds of comments, and offers to buy premium Snapchats & asking girls how can he pay for this or if he can be their sugar daddy. It’s him, there’s no doubt in my mind. This account means that all the times he promised up and down he was being good, trying his best, and moving towards getting better, he really was not.

He lies up and down, and I’ll never forget the text ‘Listen if I was really doing something bad I’d be freaking out, but I’m just sitting here playing video games, that’s not me’ Pfft. I bluff and insist I already know 100% that it’s him. He admits it. This time, there was no hesitation, no drama, no huge crying fit. I was simply, finally done.”

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mar 2 years ago
Dude, my oldests father was like this. RUN!
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6. Fiance Is Pen Pals With His Ex


“Not spouse but fiancee. He had an ex that he had met online. He tried hard for me and her to be friends but she always made gross off-color comments about my ex and his body that hinted she was still into him. Example: She (S) told me that she wished she could take a beach trip with my fiancee (B) because she wanted to see his body get wet in the ocean water.

I had suspicions but her internet got cut off and they began writing letters via mail. I voiced that I was very concerned that he would go through that great of a length to talk to an ex that was now ‘like a sister to him’, but B refused to talk about it. He left a letter that S had sent out on his table, and along with what was basically a love letter, there was a gross drawing she did of them as wolves (S was a furry or something) kissing with hearts around them.

I was like lol but also super annoyed and disgusted. I had his FB password and now had a reason not to trust him. I looked through his messages with her and sure enough, it was a lot of some super weird, naughty role play. I confronted him, but it would be a while and a few more times of catching him doing this exact same thing with different girls he met on steam or role play sites before I would finally leave him.

He became a brony at the age of 23 and it added a layer of me being disgusted by him to our relationship right before the breakup. He had a friend he met on steam who was a 14-year-old girl. She would send him drawings of her pony character that were straight-up naughty and asked him if he liked them, and draw his character the same way.

He saw nothing wrong with this, she was 14!!!

This was the last straw for me. We were together for a super long time before he developed these cringey interests. Had he been a brony when we met I would not have agreed to go out with him.

We have not spoken in years but I bet my butt his 27 y/o self is still up to the same cringy crap.”

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5. Partner Got Unusually Intoxciated And Ended Up Getting Arrested


“I was 18 and was seeing this lunatic for about six months. She’s living in private accommodation, kind of like an apartment complex (relevant later) and we make plans to drink, get dressed up in costumes, and roam around like a pair of idiots with nothing to do.

At about 9 pm, we’re in Ellie’s ‘room’ (it had a kitchen and a bathroom so it was more of an apartment) playing a drinking game with Malibu and cola.

She can usually handle her drink, but tonight she was getting noticeably tipsier than usual meanwhile I was still feeling relatively sober. The door goes, and it’s the guy from next door. He had been making moves on my girl for a while and was surprised to see me answer the door (Who I will now refer to as Greg). He asks if he can come in, and I tell him we’re leaving soon but he would need to speak to Ellie.

She bursts through to the door (now visibly intoxicated) and hugs Greg. ‘Hey, why don’t you come in? We’re playing a game’. Greg, being the gentleman he is, accepts the invitation, saunters into the living room and picks up my bottle of whiskey, and starts drinking from it straight. I’m playing it cool, and offer him a mixer. These are the kinds of people that it’s usually easier to tolerate their crap for a few minutes rather than deal with the bull that comes from calling them out.

I go to the bathroom, come back, and find Greg and Ellie lying on the bed underneath the blanket snuggled up together. The blanket doesn’t cover them completely, and I can see Greg’s hand ‘slightly below’ Ellie’s butt (she had been wearing a long t-shirt with underwear).

This is not the part where I ‘caught her tow-timing.’

So I do what most guys would do and say something along the lines of ‘What the fudge is this? He needs to leave’.

And from this point on, it was like I had walked into an alternative universe.

Ellie is now very intoxciated. Way more than she should have been for the amount she had consumed. She’s slurring and telling both me and Greg to leave. Although I’m mad, I can recognize that she’s clearly wasted and is now beyond the point of rational thinking I guess. I insist on having a private conversation with her before I leave, and she now insists that I, specifically, leave.

Greg is playing the ‘well man, I don’t have a problem with you, but she’s a girl and she wants you out so if you’re not going to do it I’m going to make you’ persona meanwhile I’m essentially ignoring him and trying to reason with Ellie. I realize that it’s not gonna happen and then tell Greg that he’s got to leave too. We’re in the living room shouting at each other regarding who’s leaving when I realize that Ellie hasn’t been in the room for a good few minutes.


I knock on the door, ask if she’s okay, she says nothing for a solid 30 seconds and I break down the door to find Ellie crying into the sink with scars all up her arms and blood pouring all over the place. Greg follows me into the bathroom, and as soon as she sees him she flips. It was as if all the crap she had directed towards me a few minutes ago was now flipped on him.

‘Leave Greg, I just want to be with my man’.

After a bit of debate, I convince Greg to leave and he takes the rest of the whiskey. In my mind, the night is over. I just had to get her to sleep and it could all be sorted out in the morning.

We’re lying in bed, and long story short, nooky happens. Except for this time, she’s saying her ex’s name.

What the flip? (I should point out here that ‘Andrew’ was a long-term ex who was her last partner before me. Mistreated her badly, but somehow they were still friends and texted regularly. According to Ellie, the only times they had met since the breakup was to exchange belongings).

So obviously the hooking up stops and I tell her ‘I’m not okay with you saying Andrew’s name when we’re doing this’.

She says something like ‘oh I’m sorry, I’m still quite unsober and I’m just used to it’. Sure thing. It carries on, and she keeps saying his name until the point where I decide to up and leave. I’m grabbing my stuff, and she starts freaking out. Threats of violence occur. She threw a few punches and I kind of just kept on packing my stuff and leaving.

Her response to realizing that it is very little she can do to keep me here is to run down the front reception of the accommodation and tell them not to allow me to leave. Little did she realize that when a young girl runs out of her room covered in blood, clearly intoxicated and mumbling something like ‘please don’t let my man leave’ – that this causes some pretty serious alarms.

The receptionists try to keep her under control but she sprints back down the hall into the room and tells me that they have phoned the police. I figure it would probably make matters worse if I tried to run, so I sit in the corner and drink my last glass of whiskey that had been left from earlier.

This being a private accommodation, the receptionist had keys to all the doors and within a few minutes police had burst through the door.

The police are now trying to calm Ellie down to get the full story, but it’s not happening. They figure out pretty quickly that I’m only trying to help her and ask me to come into the kitchen for questioning while they restrain her. At this point, I started recording everything with my phone’s mic.

Police and ambulance fail to calm Ellie down, she’s now psychotic and screaming that she wants me to do something as police pin her down.

She even kicks one of the female officers square in the face. Screaming curses etc…

I’m personally not a huge fan of the police, but I respect that there are good cops out there. The guy in charge of calming Ellie down was a good cop. Easily would have let her go if she had calmly explained the situation – instead, she’s screaming pleas harming herself at the top of her lungs.

Long story (somewhat) short (er), she gets arrested and I’m given a few minutes by the cops to sort out my crap and leave before they start a search. Not entirely sure what kicked in, but I figured that I should use this time to try and buy her a bit of leniency by taking anything that could get her in trouble (A bit of special green plant, her phone, etc).

Ended up seeing some weird-looking notifications from her ex ‘Andrew’ that night, so I checked out their conversation, and from what I could tell, they never broke up.

The next morning, after launching some investigation to find out where she had been taken, I drive one city over to pick her up from the police station. She’s confused and barely remembers anything that happened. I take her home, give her crap back and tell her I had seen the messages.


I message the dude Andrew and tell him everything out of respect. He had no idea that Ellie was with me. She had been playing us both off, and it turned out I was the side piece.

A couple of years later, and we’re now best friends. In fact, she stayed at my apartment two days ago. Totally non-romantic, non-physical friendship where we smoke, play video games, and go on walks.”

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4. Got Two-Timed But At Least I Got Our Dog


“Started out by her saying she didn’t love me, cue next day everything goes back to normal (Or so I thought). Take her and dog away for the weekend on a 600-mile camping driving, spending us time together. Said she loved me (Fake) basically the whole time she had it planned that when she got back it was done. Everything is normal, The ‘I love yous’ and such are all good.

She goes out on Thursday, ‘Just a birthday for a friend’. I get back to go on my laptop her social media messages pop up between her and a guy she saw behind my back. Basically during ‘Our’ weekend, she had been sending naughties. To someone else. The best part she wouldn’t send them to me (not that it matters).

I move out, she hooks up with him.

A week passes I take the dog. I find out she actually been posting pictures of her and him for a while on Instagram she blocked me. 3 years nearly together living together for most of it.

Planned to ask her to marry me on our anniversary. Obviously, when I saw the messages I broke down, sprained my knuckle. Tried to phone her and she replies, ‘Crap happens you didn’t listen’.

Yeah so now I have our dog haven’t spoken in months, they confessed their relationship for each other. I get left with nothing other than crawling back to my parents. Months on and I’ve met someone who makes me more than happy. Oh after finding out pretty much put me into a spiral downwards for my life. But all is better and I’m glad cause I’ve met someone with more life ideas.”

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3. Wife Shouldn't Be Leaving Notes Around The House


“She had been cruel and cold toward me for the better part of a year when I came across a folded note in the rear corner of a dresser drawer. My instincts sensed an answer within so opened the note. The first page seemed to be an exercise from ‘The Secret’. My wife of 6 years began by listing everything she was thankful for. At this point, I felt like a piece of crap for invading her privacy and told myself I would put everything back once I saw my name on the list.

Well, my name was nowhere to be found so I read the next line, ‘Things I like:’ Surely, I would find myself here… Next line. ‘I like Jeff kissing my forehead.’ And there it is, the moment I broke.

I perused the second page while imploding, which confirmed ‘relations’ and helped me remember just who Jeff was. He was her coworker, who she so kindly introduced me to just weeks prior.

I witnessed them hug on that occasion and felt it was inappropriate how ‘comfortably’ they touched each other so I calmly mentioned it to her later that night. She laid into me about how she didn’t realize I was such a jealous butthole and how dare I even go there…so I accepted guilt and her reality.

The third page is her whining about side dude not wanting to marry her because he’s digging the no strings attached nookie on my dime thing.

Two weeks later, I lost my entire stash of bitcoins (the number hurts to say, but it was in the triple digits) in a terrible move I blame entirely on my emotional state and that’s a wrap. That was 2013 and I’ve been dead in the water since.

Funny enough, despite losing a literal fortune, it’s the pieces of myself that I miss the most.”

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Bingobaby 3 years ago
I'm so sorry for you, especially about the triple digit bitcoins, holy hell that sucks hardcore!
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2. Exes Caused Me To Have Major Trust Issues


“Not spouse but my try with love, my first partner, who I thought was my soulmate, my second who I first realized how crazy ashe ctually was when it was too late.

My childhood was crap to say it nice, family has always been perfect, but school was a living nightmare even tried running away. Family can be a wonderful thing and mine sure is, saved me again and again from anxiety and the depressions that followed the bullying.

When I met my first partner, it was like meeting the person I had been missing in my life, all my life. Something clicked in me when I was with her. I met her through mutual friends. She was moving to a town close to mine from another part of the country and didn’t know anyone. My friend’s partner called me to ask me to fix her friend’s new IKEA furniture.

We fixed it and the talk just kept going, we were enthralled. My friend told me, she had never seen either of us talk that much, she went to bed at 1 am and we were still talking and snacking on pizza leftovers when she woke up, we kept talking for 23hours before we fell asleep cuddling. We started going out, and life started being in colors again after my grandmother passed.

She discovered I was having some kind of eating disorder and told me to eat properly and made me some awesome food, life was good. She called me one night and told me she was lonely and felt I lived too far away and if she could move in… 3 weeks into a relationship it was early but I loved her and felt her explanation was reasonable, some of the girls in her class had been witches and she didn’t fit in that well I guess.

After she moved in, life turned out even better. My anxiety disappeared and I started working out. She started getting these calls from her hometown childhood friend late at night, he had started a new job and got off late but still wanted to catch up. I was cool with it and told her to leave the room if I was sleeping when he called. 3 months go by and she is going home for some family party, I was kinda disappointed I wasn’t invited but I was madly in love and told her to enjoy the weekend.

On the night of the party, I got some strange messages that made no sense, but I was with a buddy having a gaming night so I turned it on silence and put my phone in my bag after I wrote her goodnight and sweet stuff. When I later drove home I saw I had 3 unanswered calls from her. The clock was 4 am and I remember calling voice messages and hear her moaning her childhood friend’s name and him moaning hers.

Next, I know I’m sitting in my car outside her apartment crying the next morning. Still don’t remember how I drove there… I remember asking her and she denied it until I played the voice-recording for her when she came back the following evening. She left me for this junkie, apparently. Oh well, he only did hard substances 3 times a week so he wasn’t an addict she told me.

I tried in 2 years to work things out as friends and lovers in a triangle drama but ended up cutting her off after she used me repeatedly.

It took me a couple of years after that to get ready for a new relationship, she repeatedly broke my trust but kept coming back and I was still in love with her and believed her, I was young, dumb, and blinded by love.

My next partner was emotionally disturbed and was very draining to be with, she ended up one day going psycho because I told her that if we were on the phone the firm she was hoping to get a job at couldn’t contact her, she was very nervous but I told her how wonderful she was and she was gonna get it or they would be the one losing and not her, spent 3 hours trying to get her down to earth…

she gets the job but told me I wasn’t supportive enough of her, I was at a LAN with 4 friends and they all lost it completely as they been seeing the entire event playout. I went on a vacation with my family the following month and the second day, she calls me and tells me she was pregnant and it’s my child. She had told me she was on pills and I was using rubbers.

So I was sure it’s not mine, but she told me it was from the night we were at her friend’s place, I don’t remember it but I was pretty unsober. I don’t remember anything so I believed her, as it was spot on with the pregnancy. Gotta say that the 4-week holiday was ruined. I was mortified, I was not ready to become a dad, and I could not leave the child to my ex either as I felt she was far from ready and too emotionally unstable.

She told me that it would fix all our problems and we could get together again and get married. I rejected it and she went mental on me when I told her I would fight her for the child. She told me she would tell the cops I had assaulted her if I did that, I panicked and didn’t contact her again.

I kind of realized how psycho my ex was at this point, my world started to crumble, I kept thinking about the child and felt so helpless, I felt trapped.

I broke down for 3 weeks. Everything fell apart. My ex’s friend then called me and told me that my ex was hooking up for substances with her dealer and they apparently hooked up the second she broke it off with me, so maybe they had been having an affair. Turns out I wasn’t the father of the child, I still think about the kid often and get this chest of mixed emotions.

It’s 7 years later and I’m still having major trust issues.”

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1. Significant Other Can't Choose Between Me An Another Man She Loves


“I’m with my partner for 5 years now. We don’t live together because we both like being independent. But the first year, as I was her first long relationship (she was 19 me 23), she was jealous all the time. And it was exhausting. And one day she forgot her phone at my place and the text on the screen was from a guy she knew on the internet.

Something like ‘I want to hook up with you right now’, so I opened the phone and read. Everything. Some people might say ‘hey he lives like 400km away, they never saw each other in real life,’ it still hurt like heck when you realize it. So I confronted her, told her I saw the text and pictures she sent to the guy. I loved her so much that I ‘forgave’ her.

But the week following this, she was more and more jealous of all the girls I talked to at work. so we broke up. After 1 year and a half.

No contact. Nothing for a while, so I m having ‘fun.’ I hooked up with a girl, she knew it was a one-time thing, but slowly, I started to talk back to my ex. And things were better.

We always laughed so we got back together. It’s now around 2 years without counting the breakup, I’m walking with her catching pokemon (we love playing that game together), the moon is high, the temperature is hot, it’s 10 Pm. I’m feeling it: I’m gonna say I love you to her again. but she checks her phone, once, twice. And ask me ‘do you have something to tell me?’ And I saw the name of the girl I slept with on the screen.

(but hey we were on a break.) So I told her. Unleashing fury on myself. But as I gave her a chance, she gave me one too. So our patched-up couple starts working on things to get better. Times past, and it’s better and better. And better. Till the day before our 5 years. Just the day before. She tells me she has something to confess.

She went to her best friend’s party, drank too much, and… hooked up with a guy. Straight told me. This night I was angry. But I love her too much. So we stayed together. And worked more and more. I thought we were happy because that was 4 months ago. Just 4 months ago, and today I found out she had been kissing another guy. And we spoke and just is right now telling me ‘I love both of you and it’s so hard making a choice,’ and I’m here praying that she will choose me because I’m a total moron and can’t imagine living without her. 28 years, 5 years relationship, it’s all messed up but I can’t imagine 1 second being without her. It hurts me more that she could choose the other guy than stay with me knowing that she betrayed me again. Did not eat, did not seep, didn’t have the strength to get angry. I just want her for me.”

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KaLee 2 years ago
Even if she does choose you, she will never be good for you and she will always cheat. Also, because she cheated and you’ve caught her, she will constantly accuse you of cheating because to her “eye for an eye” eventually so any time you go through a small lovers “rough patch” she will throw it in your face and gaslight you.
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