People Spill The Revenge Moments They Regret The Most


1. Give My Car Permanent Stains? I'll Make Your Car Smell


“Friends of mine decided to prank me while I was at my awful fast-food job. They filled my car up completely with balloons and stuck lady’s sanitary pads all over each of my car windows.

It was a little funny to me until they refused to help clean it up and just laughed at me. Because it was a hot summer day, the pads must have partially melted and even when removed left some sort of opaque residue on my windows so that you could barely see out of.

So, I found out whose idea it was to mess with my car, and a buddy and I spent an hour or so driving around on country roads looking for the nastiest roadkill we could find. We eventually found a dead raccoon that must have been there for a few days and used a shovel to put it in a garbage bag.

It was so rancid that we had to hold both the bag and the shovel outside of the window while we drove back.

Every time we had to stop, the smell would waft into the car and make us gag.

We drove to my friend’s house, poked holes in the bag, and hid it on the floor behind the driver’s seat with the idea that he would find it later that day. That would have been enough punishment, but my friend didn’t use his car for two days while it sat in the driveway in direct sunlight.

By the time he got to the car, it smelled so bad that it was almost impossible to drive. It is still the worst thing I’ve ever smelled in my life. It took a month after cleaning and airing out before it didn’t constantly reek and another month for it to not randomly lightly smell like a hot dead animal.

I felt pretty bad about it being so awful for so long, but nobody ever messed with anyone else’s car after that.”

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2. When Karma Spirals Out Of Control


“I had a girl cheat on me and lie about it when I confronted her and gave her the chance to come clean and work through it. She stalked me after I broke up with her. We were quite young (17) so it was all very overdramatic, but I did love her a lot and was hurt by what she did. At the same time, I was very done and not interested in reconciling.

She didn’t get the hint.

I asked her nicely many times, then not so nicely, then demanded she bug off. She would, for a while, but then she’d show up intoxicated and try and pick fights, insult me, and be sincerely hurtful. I eventually had enough, as you do. I told a couple of choice people in her school (different to mine) what she’d done, with gory details (she’d slept with her ex in his awful car).

Thought she’d get dragged for it and that would be that.

Well, turns out she was a jerk in all other aspects of her life, too. Apparently, she was loathed at school, and people jumped on this news like starving beasts on fresh meat. I had texts and IMs from people I didn’t even know asking to confirm the news, which I ignored because I was really done with the whole situation by now.

I eventually heard from other friends at that school that people had not let it drop and had even stuck posters around the school with pictures of her, announcing what she’d done, offering her um… services with her phone number, photoshopping bananas into her mouth, etc. It was brutal and she had to change schools in her final year.

I did feel a bit bad. If I’d known it would go that far I might have rethought telling those people. At the same time, she hurt me badly, she refused to leave me alone despite months of chances, and the other students reacted so viciously because apparently she was a total jerk to everyone in the school, so… I don’t know. I sure didn’t expect that, though.”

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3. Wanted My Coworker Out Of My Face, So I Messed With His Face


“Oh man, this poor kid I used to work with at Wendy’s… Kevin… He was a juvenile delinquent, he was a few years older than me, a little bit bigger than me, had nasty tattoos on his neck, and supposedly was out of jail on work release. He tried to be a tough guy and bully me whenever we worked together. Stuff like generally talking smack unprovoked, getting real close up in my face, and that stance where you puff out your chest and pull your arms back like you’re gonna swing.

The most irritating was when he would walk right up in my face then flinch like he was gonna throw a punch at me, then just laugh and say some rude nonsense.

I got along with just about everyone at work, and he did somewhat, but we just did not fit together. One day the exchanges between us were so apparent and obviously stressed, everyone working was talking about me fighting him.

I dispelled these rumors as I wanted to keep my job – but my destiny on this day said otherwise.

First was the backdoor incident. The store had a large back door with a peephole in it, and it could only be opened from the inside. There was a buzzer outside that employees would push if they wanted back in. Well, Kevin was locked outside and his patience while awaiting his re-entry had run out.

Instead of tapping the buzzer, this guy was mashing it and holding it down while everyone inside went nuts. We were all busy and I was running to the back to grab some heavy boxes. Holding these boxes I was gonna open the back door while I walked past. I tried to push on the door but it wouldn’t open. I leaned into it but couldn’t push much more cuz of the boxes I was holding.

I was in a hurry so I yelled ‘GET BACK IM GONNA KICK THE DOOR!’ He did not hear me over the loud constant buzzing. I gave that door a swift THIS IS SPARTA kick and it opened about 3 inches then bounced closed again. Huh!?? I kicked it again and it opened, revealing a bashed and somewhat upset Kevin.

He had been trying to look in the peephole when I kicked the door.

I had just hurt his nose. He was angry… Immediately I started apologizing and backing away from him, but he came at me like a rabid monkey. Quickly we were surrounded by employees and separated. I was told to go upfront and manage fries and to not come into the back part of the store until Kevin left.

Then the final event, less than 10 minutes later…

I was working on the fries which entails grabbing a metal basket out of boiling hot oil and dumping the fresh fries into an adjacent tray. I was doing this and everyone around me was talking about how I just messed up Kevin’s face. On his way leaving our store, he decided to come right up to me again and try to instigate a fight while I was dumping some fresh fries.

Kevin pulled his signature move of flinching at me like he was gonna throw a punch. I retaliated by returning my own flinch with the basket I was holding. I didn’t actually hit him with an incredibly hot fry basket… But I forgot about the boiling hot oil still clinging to the basket. When I flinched at him and shook the basket, tiny flaming hot drops of grease splattered his face and neck.

I had just hurt his nose on accident, then threw boiling hot oil on his face on accident. Instant fight. He was an absolute mess. He left and I got sent home. That was it. No charges. No questions from my manager(s) after. No more being scheduled with Kevin. Not even any paperwork about 2 vicious assaults and fights on the same day. I felt really bad but simultaneously kinda justified. Both incidents were honest accidents that could have easily been avoided if he weren’t such a jerk. I still felt like the outcome was worse than reasonable.”

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jua 3 years ago
Sad situation. Even sadder situation is ... I laughed.
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4. Revenge That Stays With You Forever


“I was seeing this girl and when my friend saw her around town a few times, he humiliated her in an effort to embarrass me. I told him to stop bothering her, but he did it again.

That night I convinced him to try getting back together with his wildly insane and manipulative ex that he hadn’t spoken to in years, thinking that he would just humiliate himself by trying.

Well, they slept together and got back together for a while. And had a baby. Now they’re terrible single parents.”

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5. Mess With Me At Work? I'll Fill Your Car With Ladybugs


“Back in my early twenties, I was working an awful job in the mall. I’d only been working there for about a month when I was promoted to keyholder over a guy who started before me. The dude had been a real flake as long as I’d known him, so I wasn’t surprised. Apparently, he’d been promised the position and was really upset at me.

For the next month, he was a huge jerk to me.

Swiping sales, complaining to the manager about me, ‘slyly’ messing up cleaning projects or displays I had done, and informing the manager that I’d failed to do something. After a full month of his nonsense, I eventually snapped.

At a few of the local plant nurseries, you can buy jars of ladybugs for ten bucks. I bought three, which were somewhere between two and five thousand ladybugs.

I swiped his keys from the break room while I was on lunch, found his cute new Saturn, and dumped all three containers on the floor of his back seat.

We closed together that night, so we ended up walking out to the parking lot together after dropping the cash off at the deposit box. I was parked further out, so he got to his car before I did, and I was able to get a peek at my handiwork.

It looked like something from a horror film. The ladybugs had swarmed the entire inside of his car, and in the dim light, you couldn’t really tell what they were – only that the car was full-on infested with bugs.

The dude had a breakdown right there in the parking lot. Just absolutely lost his mind. I enjoyed the scene at first, but the longer it went on the worse I felt.

After he calmed down enough to start making sense he barreled into this monologue about how he was sure it was the girl from the pretzel stand because he’d been such a huge jerk to her, and he starts crying. He goes on about how he deserves this for being so awful, and then apologizes to me for being such a jerk, and keeps going on about how he brought this on himself.

It was pretty bad.

I offered him a ride home, now feeling really guilty, and when I dropped him off he thanked me for being so nice to him, despite all the awful stuff he’d done. He said his mother was undergoing cancer treatment and it wasn’t going well. Oof. He apologized again and I didn’t see him for a few days.

Things between us at work improved a lot, but I still felt guilty as ever.

He had to sell the car a few months later because the Texas heat had killed all the ladybugs and he couldn’t get the smell of them out of the vehicle. His mom died a little while after that and he ghosted the job.

I still think about that dude even now. The revenge felt so righteous when I did it, but afterward it was nothing but guilt.”

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Topekoms83 3 years ago
Yeah but it made him realize how he was taking his grief out on y'all, and y'all were tired of it. Pretty sure he'll never forget the lesson learned that day.
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6. The Horrors Of Bite Marks


“At the age of 14, I was rolling up the hose in my backyard with a friend since my mother told me to.

The two girls next door were playing in their backyard and came over to talk. One 12 or so, the other 7. The 12-year-old happened to be standing on the hose, and I asked her to move. She did not.

I pulled the hose hard enough to make her fall over.

At this point, the 7-year-old screamed bloody murder and ran right at me, and bit me right on the stomach.

She was not letting go. I grabbed her head and tried to pull her away, but nothing.

So I just full-on punched her. I was/am not proud of this, but it had to be done. What was worse, is that the house was owned by a local church where I happened to go to BoyScouts.

Everyone quickly knew I had punched a 7-year-old. But no one cared why.”

Another User Comments:
“Similar story – my sister and I got into a few fights, as kids do. Nothing ever too serious, a push back and forth here and there, until one day my mom hears screaming from both of us and comes running into the living room to see me sitting up on the other side of the couch just beating my sister.

She rushes over and physically throws me off my sister, then starts yelling at me like I’ve never been yelled at before – entirely justified from her perspective.

The way she tells the story requires something of a visual, and I don’t remember this part so much, but apparently, I gave the biggest puppy-dog eyes and held up my arm, which had teeth marks on both sides of it, and that was enough to get her to stop screaming at me.

My sister had decided to bite me and not let go, even after I started hitting her. Thankfully my mom throwing me off of her also broke the grip her mouth had on my arm.

She still tells that story whenever my sister and I are together, or whenever she wants to convey the ‘there are two sides to every story’ moral. Also as a result of that, my sister figured out she could use bite me to get me away from anything she wanted, so she would see me doing something, open her mouth, and run across the room at me. I still get nightmares of it.

Just for reference as well, my sister turned out just fine. Is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet as an adult, though I’m fairly certain there’s still pure, toothy evil somewhere in there.” Ares54

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giba 2 years ago (Edited)
My husband is a professional piano player and composer for movies and documentaries. As a kid, while he was working his fingers off to be a great piano player, his (still) oblivious older sister would often close the car door as she was getting out, sometimes almost closing the door on his fingers. One day, she did…. He bit her on her tit….. It was the most accessible body part he could get to as one hand was in the car door, and he was at boob height to her at that time.
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7. Just Sign Here And They'll Disappear


“When my friends and I were young (middle school or elementary age) there was this pair of sisters in our class. They were the epitome of a teacher’s pet – helped because their mother was the assistant teacher – and whenever the teachers would leave they would snitch on everyone. Sometimes if they didn’t like you they would make stuff up and you would get in trouble still.

My friends and I were quite annoying so we obviously got blamed for stuff that we didn’t do. No matter what we did we were never believed in our innocence.

So we did the logical thing of talking to every other student in the class and they shared our opinion of how much we all didn’t like these girls. EVERYBODY was fed up with their nonsense. So we wrote a paper stating the awful things these girls were doing and how everyone didn’t like them and so on.

We then got about 90% of our classmates to sign this paper. Then we gave it to the principal.

I’m not 100% sure what happened next. But I do remember the principal coming into our class after recess and she began to ask if this paper was true and so forth and everyone who signed it agreed. A few days later these girls were kicked out of school (or maybe they left due to humiliation/parents decided to pull them from the school). Their mother was still the assistant teacher and she was crying about the whole thing and she was saying things about how we are horrible and how could we lie about her angels.

I felt a bit bad but I was quite happy that those girls were no longer there because they were mean and massive liars.”

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Silverstategirl 3 years ago
Similar thing happened to myself. Even with the other kids saying I didn't do anything I would still get in trouble. I was in middle school at the time and totally broke down. I grabbed a sharpen pencil and started to poke myself. She and the teacher both were asked to leave and i wound up seeing a counselor
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8. Get With My Girl? I'll Get With Your Sister


“Had a big group of friends from 13-18, when we were 17, one of them stole my significant other.

To be fair, he legitimately knew we were going out and slept with her at a party. He knew I’d find out. Said to my face he didn’t care. ‘Tough luck, dude.’

It was her fault as well, of course. She’d been leading him on.

So from that point on, our group of friends just cut this guy out of our circle.

We stopped inviting him to stuff, if he tried to hang out, we told him to screw off. Guys that had been friends with him since Elementary School just ignored him.

Initially, I was super proud of this show of solidarity from my bros. My best friend was actually seeing my now ex’s best friend, and he split up with her because of her attitude about the whole thing: trying to defend her friend to him, and making him hang out with them as a foursome.

So, first summer back from Uni, we see him in a local pub. I don’t know what to do, decide to try and be cool about it, and go up to say hi. He tells me to screw off. I guess he blames me for all his friends cutting him out of his life. I don’t get the chance to explain that I in no way asked them to do that, they just did what they saw as the right thing.

Two weeks later, we’re in the same pub, and I see his younger sister who is very, very attractive. I start a conversation with her about her brother, and how I feel bad about what we did. She says that it did really hurt him, but he’s got some new friends now (mostly from Uni) and is still with my ex, despite a long-distance relationship over the Uni semesters.

He won’t talk to any of us old friends though, which I think is a genuine shame – he’s known some of the guys since we were five.

One drink leads to another with this girl, and we end up back at her house. Her parents are away, her brother is staying at my ex’s flat (she has her own flat – didn’t go to Uni, got a job), so empty house.

We end up sleeping together. The next morning, her bro comes over just as I’m leaving. The look on his face as he works out what’s happened. He goes from utter despair to absolutely mental in about half a second.

Eventually, I just had to leave. His sister finally managed to explain to him that it was nothing to do with ‘revenge’ or anything and that I was genuinely sorry for how we treated him.

I don’t know if she told him the whole conversation we had about how I’d feel bad as I didn’t want to upset him anymore, and she convinced me to come back to hers by saying she was her own woman, could make her own decisions, and he wasn’t due to be home at any time. If he hadn’t had randomly turned up, I hope he’d have never known.

He still won’t accept my social media friend request though.”

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9. Refuse To Contribute? I'll Give You Something To Complain About


“Had a roommate who basically let his new partner move into our house in college. She helped herself to everything in the house but never contributed. Finally, she parked in my parking spot and that was my breaking point. I let all the air out of all of her tires, thinking she’d just air them back up and it would be an inconvenience. Instead, she ended up buying all new tires.

Whoops. Never came clean about it.”

Another User Comments:
“My ex was like this. She pretty much lived at my place because she couldn’t hack it in her own apartment which she lost. Her other alternative was staying at her mom’s, but she chose me for fun times.

Anyway, I’m paying rent and all the bills, plus trying my best to pay down what little medical debt I had on a cook’s salary which is garbage, meanwhile, she’s living La Vida Loca off tips serving at a major steakhouse and bartending part-time.

The only bills she has are her phone and her car payment, so it was basically zero. We’re talking way less than $500/month for her, the rest is all fun money.

One day she gets all salty about me not taking her on trips or out on the town…

Girl, I love you, but I can’t pay our combined living expenses, my medical debt, AND take you out. Why don’t you take me out?

Her contribution to the house was making the bed each morning after I made a big stink about it.

Wonder why that relationship didn’t last.” Nonyabiness

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10. A Game Of Catch Gone Wrong


“Back in middle school, a friend of mine threw a small wadded piece of paper at me. I retaliated by throwing the only thing I could find, which was mud close to my shoes. Smacked him right in the face with it. Worst part is, it turned out to be dog poop that was at the bottom of my shoe. I still vividly remember his angry ‘what the heck man I throw paper at you and you throw dog poop?'”

Another User Comments:
“When I was in elementary school, we played a game called ‘doo-doo man.’ It was exactly like tag except that instead of being ‘it’ you were ‘doo-doo man,’ which is way worse than being ‘it’ when you are 11 years old.

One day 3 of my friends and I grabbed some sticks and each picked up a wad of poop with them. Then we waited until our last buddy finished in class and walked outside. We all threw the poop at him at the same time and yelled, ‘Now you are the REAL doo-doo man!’ and then we ran. He turned beet red, picked up poop with his own stick, and chased us around the playground.

Unfortunately for him, all that movement made the poop slide down the stick and onto his hand.

The last thing I remember (it was over 30 years ago) was the teacher telling him to put the poop down and come inside for detention. He was so mad that he missed the first part and just walked inside with the stick (poop and all) in his hand.” Qui-Gon-Whiskey

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11. Sibling Rivalry? Give Yourself The Upper Hand


“My older brother was always quite horrible to me as a child and my parents never really did much about it. He was also much bigger than me so I couldn’t retaliate in a physical way cause I would be swiftly cripple cross-faced. One day I had just had enough, My revenge? He had been playing Rome total war for a good 6 hours a day for about 3 weeks.

I started a new game and overwrote his save file.

Never seen fury like it.

I regretted it at the time cause he was so angry it scared me and it made him dislike me even more but now I praise my 13-year-old self for hitting him where it clearly hurt most.”

Another User Comments:
“Totally awesome and totally understandable. My older sister was my worst nightmare. My best retaliation that I can remember was when we were playing a game where I had to be her maid (her idea of course), and she wanted me to get her something to drink.

I went and took her glass and peed in it, then felt bad, so I dumped it out. I didn’t rinse it though. I just poured her drink into the pee-coated glass. She still doesn’t know to this day. And she definitely deserved it.” [deleted]

Another User Comments:
“My older brother was always a jerk to me as well. Always had probably close to 100 lbs on me so there was not much I could do to defend myself.

I always opted for nonviolent revenge as well. Probably the worst thing I ever did to him was that I sneaked into his room in the middle of the night while he was sleeping, stuck my index finger all the way into my own butt, and swiped it across his upper lip. He woke up immediately, freaking out as you would imagine, screaming about how it would not stop stinking and that his upper lip was wet.

He beat the holy life out of me and spent the next hour in the bathroom scrubbing his face. He was miserable for the entire rest of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I was pretty proud of myself.

I was probably 10 at the time. Looking back, I fully realize how disgusting it was to do that to another human being, but I absolutely loathed him during that time and couldn’t think of a better way to mess with him.” Cheese_Pancakes

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Topekoms83 3 years ago
Did it work? Did he quit f*coming with u?
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12. Trip Me Over? You'll Regret It


“I don’t know what it was, but a lot of the boys in my sixth-grade class thought it was hilarious to try and trip people. They’d get your butt no matter how careful you were. Well, I was pretty good at avoiding it, but when I was in gym class this kid named Joey got my butt hard. I was dribbling down the court and he nailed me.

I face-planted hard. So I thought about how to get him, and I got him at lunch. He was holding a lunch tray, so his hands weren’t as useful. He nailed a table. I got suspended for 10 days, and a strict no tripping policy got implemented, immediate suspensions if caught. It sucked. Sorry, Joey.”

Another User Comments:
“I don’t know why this is so popular among this age group.

Had the same trend at my middle school. One kid would grab the handles of backpacks and pull which would lead to you landing on your back every time. I told him once that if he did it again I was gonna punch him. He did it again. I punched him. Still surprised I never got in trouble for that one.” ayumuuu

Another User Comments:
“Yep. A similar thing happened in my school in fifth or sixth grade, but it was kids bullying other kids, not just playing around with each other.

Except for the going overboard part, my story is like the opposite of OP’s tho.

I was the #1 All-star draft pick for bullying, so I had a lot of tactics for keeping myself safe. When tripping was big, I would just always wait to be the last person out of the classroom.

One day, a kid decides he’s not gonna let that stop him from messing with me.

I’m leaning against a desk with my legs slightly outstretched waiting for everyone to line up and he comes over and ‘trips’ over my legs. He snickers and says, ‘oops sorry,’ so I let it go.

He comes around to do it a couple more times, and I’m just getting more and more fed up. I see him come around to pull the same move, and this time when he gets near me, I throw him on the ground and just start punching him over and over.

The teacher separates us and takes us to the principal’s office, and the whole way over, this tough kid is crying (he didn’t cry during the beating, just seemed confused) that his dad told him if he got into one more fight he was getting sent to military school.

It was my first offense, so I got off with a referral–pink paper your parent has to sign that says you did a bad. I thought my dad would be angry, but instead, he said I did the right thing and to always defend myself if someone picked on me. I don’t remember if the bully kid even finished out the year…” 1998SzechuanSauce

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13. Hitting Rock Bottom, Literally.


“When I was a kid I was at a local river (a great swimming spot lots of people came to). My friend pushes me into the river and naturally, I came up spluttering and a little red in the face, but it was all in good fun. For the rest of the day, I planned to get her back, waiting for my opportunity to push her in, until she was at the edge of the river drying off.

I pushed her, but her flailing and the slippery nature of the rocks she was on made her slip on the spot, and instead of just splashing into the water, she landed on her back hitting the rocks hard, and then fell into the water.

She was winded, but thankfully otherwise unharmed. Our parents were furious at me, and I just spent the few seconds it took to get her out (felt like a lot longer to me) just hoping I hadn’t injured her or something.

2/10 revenge. Would not do again.”

Another User Comments:
“I and some friends rented a house including a pool. One of their kids was quite annoying with his water pistol and I told him to quit multiple times. Instead of being the adult and ignore it, I picked him up and threw him in the pool. Or that was the idea. The kid somehow grabbed/held on to my arm canceling out some of the momenta and he hit the metal pool stairs. He cried and it was obvious I was responsible. So there I was.. a guy in his mid-twenties trying to explain why he made a 9-year-old cry.” Scarrrr88

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14. Mary Ate A Little Lamb


“Have to go all the way back to second grade for this. So I’m not sure how it was at your elementary school, but in ours, birthdays were a big deal. Usually, they involved the kid’s parents coming in with sweets and goody-bags and everything. In my class there was a super annoying, devil-child which I am convinced was spawned by Satan himself. Let’s call her Miley.

Miley was as bad of a kid as there ever could be. Talking back to the teacher, never doing her work, insulting how poor she thought the other kids were, and resorting to physical violence against everybody – especially the other boys. She knew that she could get a pass just because she was a girl and for some reason, the teacher never really seemed to pick up on how horrible she was.

There was something particular about this little Hannibal Lecter though: lambs. She was absolutely obsessed with little white lambs. They were her favorite animal. She had them everywhere: bookbag, temporary tattoos, notebooks, t-shirts, etc.

Some of you can instantly see where this is going. Being from a Persian family, our diet consisted of a fair amount of lamb. And it was around this fact that my best friend at the time (let’s call him Josh) and I hatched a plan.

We’d both gotten sick of Miley, but my birthday was coming up. Instead of asking my mom to bring over cupcakes, (her usual routine) I asked my dad to cook some authentic Persian Kabob Koobideh so I could have my favorite meal at school. Being the only brown kid in my class I think I passed it off as a ‘cultural enrichment exercise.’

The trap was set.

On my birthday, we all stayed in for lunch and my dad brought over a huge tray of kabob. It was a huge hit. Kids were scarfing these things down like there was no lunch for the rest of the week. I distinctly remember looking over at Miley who had just finished her first one. Josh wanted to set the final stage of the plan into action but I held off.

I wanted her to eat more. The best part? She was wearing a pink t-shirt with a picture of a lamb on it. I remember thinking at the time why she hadn’t asked anyone what meat it was (as it was obviously a red meat). It now occurs to me that she just figures it’s beef and that to spare her feelings, her parents have never told her that people actually eat lamb.

We waited until she had eaten 3 kabobs. She pushed the paper plate away from her. Seemingly she was done with her meal. Josh and I launched the final stage. We both walked up close to her table and Josh asked me, ‘Say OP! That’s some good kabob! How do you even make such a thing?’ And in the most obviously fake TV-announcer voice I could.

I said, ‘Well it’s easy! You just take a lot of beef, and an equal part of lamb meat, and mix it all together!’ Miley’s eyes got wider than I knew eyes could get. She turned and asked me what I said. Josh simply told her it was made from ‘that’ and pointed to the little lamb on her shirt.

The reason why I regret this revenge choice so much is because in that moment, I still remember watching her soul crumble.

As horrible as she was, she was still just a kid. Her eyes welled up immediately as she looked at the remains of her plate, then back down at her shirt. That’s when the crying started. And when I say crying, I mean bawling. And when I say bawling, I mean inconsolable. She cried so loud I remember the teacher being mortified: shaking her by the shoulders and asking her what was wrong.

She had no words. Just more tears.

At the time, I hate to admit, I was loving it. But now, all this time later, it still bothers me what I chose to do. You might think I’m being too hard on myself; after all, she was never in physical danger. But what will always stick with me is the fact that this all happened around lunch. She was whisked off to the office where, as I was leaving at 3 pm, I could still hear her crying. And she was never the same after that either. Not as mean, sure. But I don’t think I saw her smile even once for the rest of the year. Her family ended up moving away that summer. I’m sure it was unrelated but that just means I never saw her again.”

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Topekoms83 3 years ago
Well, hopefully she learned not to treat people like sh*t. Even if it was the hard way.
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15. Battle Of The Most Damaged Car


“Coworker and I had a friendly prank war spanning two years. Close to the end of our war he ‘iced’ my car.

Icing involves taking the hose to the parking lot every half hour and spraying a light mist over your victim’s car when it’s below zero out. I finished my 12-hour shift to find a car encased in 2 inches of ice.

My revenge was, I thought, both more inconvenient for him and less freezing for me.

I decided to take a bedsheet, drape it over his car, and only take 4 or 5 trips out with the hose the next night.

So the next morning he finds his car with a quarter-inch of ice freezing a sheet to his car. When he started peeling off the sheet he pulled his windshield wipers, arms, and all off of his ratty jeep.

I got a very angry phone call.

I felt bad, the unwritten rule was ’embarrassing or inconvenient, no damage.’ I paid for repairs, and he got his revenge. He planted a dozen pieces of smoked herring throughout my car. Took me 6 months to find the last piece. Hidden under the carpet under the back window of my car. I can still smell it, I don’t even own the car anymore….”

Another User Comments:
“Oh God.

My friend group did this to one of our friends before he went on a week-long vacation.

They duck taped a full salmon to the underside of his car seat but left a brick of cheese on top of the seat.

Friend comes back and thinks the cheese was the extent of the prank.

Comes over to the kick it house and is like why does my car still smells like trash!

We told him after that, the fish was in a pretty melted state, it was not good.” datacollect_ct

Another User Comments:
“When I was about 19, I worked in a warehouse with a bunch of dudes.

The only person younger than me was this awful 18-year old who also happened to be one of the higher up’s sons. He was constantly late, always lazy, and leaving food in weird areas that we never discovered until sometimes a week later.

One day, we found a small plastic pint-sized bottle of milk that had been sitting behind a cabinet in the warehouse. It was the middle of summer, so it was pretty hot in the warehouse and it was pretty clear it had been there a while.

We took the bottle, poked holes in the lid with a screwdriver, and took it out to his truck, which he always left unlocked. He had a bench seat that could fold downward, so we taped it to the back wall of his truck behind the seat.

The smell was straight-up putrid. I remember commenting at the time while we were walking out to his car that it was stinking up outside.

I was walking probably about five or six feet behind the guy carrying the bottle and it smelled like sweaty milk.

He complained for a few days that his truck smelled terrible, but we never told him. I’m assuming he eventually found the bottle because he shut up about it shortly after and started locking his doors.

Unfortunately, no lesson was learned though, he was still awful right up until our contract ended several months later.” Cheese_Pancakes

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16. Bully Me? I'll Push You Down The Stairs


‘When I was in ninth grade a kid ruthlessly bullied me for a few months. I had gotten sick of it and devised a plan for revenge. Every Wednesday we would get to sit outside for ‘quiet reading time’ and this kid would always go back inside for a pee. I had left and waited in the bathroom for him, peeking under the stall for his shoes to appear.

He came in the bathroom, took his pee, then played on his Gameboy for the rest of reading time. The bell rang and he walked out to the crowded stairwell still looking down at his Gameboy. I bumped into him, he fell face-first down the stairs. Everyone on the stairs assumed he fell because he was playing his Gameboy. I feel pretty bad about it.

Another User Comments:
“A similar thing happened to me in college.

This jerk was bullying me ruthlessly. And of course, yelling at someone would result in sitting around a table and the head of school questioning the incident, to which she always lied about the bullying. One day she was sunken in her phone, alone at the top of the stairwell, I gave her a quick push and ran into the escalator. I have never confessed this to anyone who had ties to that school. She sent me an apology a few years later. I might have overreacted, but she made school miserable. When the school intervened, I came up with what I thought to be the best solution. I will never do it again though.” CrazyCoco93

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Topekoms83 3 years ago
Bet she checks her attitude now. Lmfaooooo!
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17. Let's Play A Game Of Hide And Seek You'll Never Forget


“When I was about 7 or 8 there was this girl at my school that was absolutely horrible, we’ll call her Cindy. Cindy would run up to you and pull your hair out, steal the toy you were playing with, eat your snack at snack time, etc. In other words, she was a real jerk.

One day as we were finishing up recess in the playground, she came up to me, pulled my hair, and took some with it.

That was the last straw. As the teacher was gathering everyone inside and wasn’t looking our way, I grabbed Cindy by her pigtail and dragged her over to the playground. Now this playground was built weird with a sort of enclosed area in the middle of 3 bridges that formed a triangle that you couldn’t get out of. Sometimes we bigger kids would jump in there during hide and seek and climb out later.

But Cindy couldn’t because she was shorter. So I picked her up and threw her down in there and left to go back inside. It wasn’t until about an hour later when the teacher realized that Cindy wasn’t in class. I didn’t say where she was and it took them another half hour to find her. I got in trouble and had to spend the next week in the principal’s office (and lost my Gameboy for a month), but Cindy never messed with me again.

I did regret it immediately since I was on my first playthrough of Pokemon Red when I had my Gameboy taken away from me for a month. I was devastated and it was one of the longest months of my childhood. Now I couldn’t care less.”

Another User Comments:
“Every class has a kid like that I think… I remember when I was little (kindergarten?) this one kid was a pretty big jerk to everyone.

One day we were all walking down the hall in a line and he was behind me. He kept yanking on my hair, and I turned around and told him to stop several times but he kept doing it. The last time I didn’t say anything, I just turned around and punched him in the face one good time.

He cried and tried to tell on me but the teacher wouldn’t listen, because he was a jerk and I was the quiet one who didn’t really mess with anyone. I felt bad about it and told my grandmother what happened, she said he deserved it.” Plethorius

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18. Bad Lawyer? I'll Rule You Out


“Had a lawyer a few years back who was a piece of absolute trash.

He would go months between returning phone calls.

He was constantly late with court filings to the point the courts, multiple times, moved to have the case dismissed from lack of action.

He lied to me constantly about anything and everything.

He refused to be fired (seriously, when I told him he was fired he just ignored me and kept presenting himself as my lawyer, I had to get the courts involved to get him to stop.)

He lied about me, by saying ‘our client has been unreachable, we are considering dropping them.’ (????? I TRIED TO CALL YOU 84 TIMES IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS AND YOU DIDN’T ANSWER OR RETURN A SINGLE ONE????))

When I finally did fire him, he told me I had to be in court on a specific date (that didn’t work for me) at a specific time (that didn’t work for me) or else the motion to withdraw wouldn’t be accepted.

So I got to the courtroom and the judge was super nice but confused as to why I was there and when I told him the story the judge just goes, ‘yea, this is all done electronically. Not sure why your lawyer would tell you that other than to be a jerk.’

Needless to say by the end of all this I was angry and wrote a 10-page bar complaint about four different lawyers in their offices’ unethical behavior. Well, the bar association decided this was a firm-wide encouraging pattern of behavior and threw the book at the four partners. Disbarred for five years, restitution to clients, and only allowed to practice under supervision for a period of 5 years after they return.

I felt a little bad, but god damn I was soooooo sick of being jerked around.”

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cade 3 years ago
One incompetent lawyer cost me $50,000.00, should have tried to sue the jerk!!.
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19. All Chalked Up


“Way back in elementary school a friend threw a piece of chalk that hit me square in the forehead. It was the most humiliating moment for younger me as everyone who saw that started laughing their butts off (kids are jerks).

I plotted and planned my revenge, to get back in the exact same fashion over the next couple of days. Chalk in hand, I find him perfectly distanced, a chalk-throw away from me.

I yell out his name and quickly launch the projectile as he spins around. For some reason, he had his mouth open as he looked at me and the piece of chalk flew directly into his throat. His eyes widen. I stood frozen in shock as he fell on his knees coughing. Luckily somebody grabbed him from behind and thumped his back, so he swallowed the piece.

An adult walks in, cannot remember who it was at the time, but she looks at me and asks what happened. At this point, I’m shaking. I say it was a mint. My friend, also shaken at this point, laughs it off saying it went straight into his throat and he didn’t taste it. The adult shakes her head and says next time just hand it like a normal person, and walks away.

Years later when we were moving away to another country I remind him about the incident and come clean about the whole thing. He snaps and yells ‘I knew it!'”

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20. Try To Scare Me? My Reflex Will Get You Back


“When I was a kid I was extremely easy to scare with jump scares, and I HATED them. I would always enter fight-or-flight mode whenever something jumped out at me, and then I’d be mad afterward. When my buddies caught on to this they made it their business in life to jump out at me and scare me any chance they got. Despite my hate of being scared, I was a HUGE fan of Halloween and I had a Halloween party every year either close to, or on, the big day.

Naturally, this was the night when all my friends would do their damnedest to scare me so bad that I would bolt and run. They succeeded a few times when we were all under 9 years old, but something shifted in me the year I turned ten, and none of us knew it until it was too late.

As usual, I had my big Halloween party, as usual, all my buddies were there, and as usual one of them wanted to try and scare the pants off me.

About midway through the evening, I went down the hall to use the restroom and while I was in there my friend (I’ll call him Aaron) scampered down the hall after me and hid in a darkened doorway. I came out of the restroom, started down the hall, and Aaron jumped out at me and grabbed my arm. Ordinarily, something like this would have made me bolt like a little chicken, but for some reason that night the Flight side of my Fight-or-Flight got turned off.

The moment he grabbed me I whirled and punched him square in the face without even thinking about what I was doing.

It was all pure instinct and after impact, I realized what I’d just done and freaked out. Aaron wrenched his mask off and was clutching his face and groaning (or so I thought) and I yelled for my dad, concerned I had really hurt my friend.

My dad and all my other friends came running down the hall to find out what had happened, my dad flipped on the hallway light, and as I’m spewing apologies to him I begin to realize he’s not groaning, he’s laughing.

He grabs me by the hand I’d punched him with and yells ‘What’re you apologizing for?! That was freakin’ awesome!’ and he yanked my hand up over my head like I was a boxing champ and starts telling everyone how cool it was of me to just haul off and slug him.

If you haven’t guessed, Aaron was a pretty cool kid. He thought it was great that I’d suddenly found the courage to defend myself. I’ll always be grateful to him for handling it so well, and encouraging me for standing up for myself, but I still feel so guilty about decking him that I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I had actually hurt him.”

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21. Maybe Think Before You Run From A Crime Scene


“Some girl hit my car in a hit and run. There was a witness to the crime, so the police were able to track her down. When I was asked if I wanted to press charges I went for it. Turns out she had no license or insurance. She kept trying to fight the charges but wound up getting sued by my insurance, having to pay me restitution via the court system, and four separate charges between all her crimes, all of which included a decent fine.

She was some 18-year-old single mom. I felt super bad by the end of it.

The damage on my car wasn’t significant. There were a small dent and a large scratch. It was all cosmetic damage. My deductible was small, but the total bill to my insurance was about three grand. My car is over ten years old and had some other scratches already. I was way more upset that someone hit me and drove off than I was about the actual damage.

I wouldn’t have even bothered to get it fixed if the girl hadn’t driven off.

My pursuing her and pressing charges was 100% fueled by revenge, and her life got pretty messed up from it. Yeah, what she did wasn’t right, but I can empathize with her being a scared 18-year-old who made a bad choice while caught up in the moment. Also, I’m not justifying her behavior because she had a kid, but it does make me feel bad for her.

Being a single parent (as a woman or man) is a really expensive thing, and having a bunch of fees on top of that financial burden has got to suck.”

Another User Comments:
“There was a lady a few years back that I got into an accident with. My ex-husband was about to pull out of a parking lot but someone pulling in couldn’t get in (there was room, they just pulled up too far and couldn’t turn in).

So he started to back up to give them plenty of room. I have anxiety, especially in cars, so I looked behind us when he started to back up too. There was nobody directly behind us but I saw a car coming around the building towards us. The car sped up some and my ex hit the brakes but boom..she hit us. He had stopped but she did not.

So he put the car in park and we got out walking towards the back of our car. The lady, mid-40s/early 50s, starts to get out of her car and is like ‘oh my god, look what you did here, and the dent there, etc’ all before she even has both feet out of the car. Our car was fine and there was no dent on the front of her car where she hit, just some of the sides.

So I guess because we were in our early 20s, she thought she’d pin it on us when those dents didn’t even happen during this accident.

So the cops pull up finally and she’s yelling about how we didn’t pay attention and we hit her, her neck hurts and we damaged her car, and so on. She’s talking about how her husband is a cop, she’s got some special cop insurance (I don’t know if that’s a real thing), and how we are going to have to buy her a whole new car.

We told the cop what actually happened and the car that was pulling in told him the same thing.

About a week later we get a call from our insurance company. They told us a bit more than they probably should have. Apparently, the lady and her ‘cop’ husband had been divorced for a while, she had no insurance, it was determined it was her fault and the dents weren’t caused by us.

They said that if there was damage to our car she’d have to pay for it out of pocket and she got in trouble for driving with no insurance, suspended license, and lying on a police report.

So we got sweet revenge or maybe she just got karma but I don’t feel bad about it. I’m sure she’s probably tried this before but I hope she never ever gets away with it. Purposely causing a wreck, even though this one was minor, could seriously hurt someone.” kaleighb1988

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giba 2 years ago
OP, never feel bad about going after her. Not all 18 year old single mothers would run away from an accident they caused but I hope that your actions would make her think twice about future decisions when driving, or to use “single mother” status as an excuse for bad driving, and a worse decision after an accident.
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22. Mess With Me And I'll Have You Face The Music


“My brother and I were walking home from school, while my cousins were on bikes. They kept circling us and making fun of us because we didn’t have bikes. One of my cousins then spits on me. Out of reflex, I blasted her with my trumpet case and she went flying. I felt awful, it was the first and last time I ever hit a girl.

My family believed every word of the story, knew this cousin was always a total jerk to me, and largely believed she had it coming. I still felt awful though.”

Another User Comments:
“My brother is a bouncer. One time I happened to be at the club he was working at while he was restraining some guy who had hit someone else; the partner of the guy my brother had a hold of runs up behind my brother and almost knocks him out by hitting him in the back of the head with her handbag (which had a bottle inside).

His reflex was to spin around, grab this girl by the shoulders and throw her backward full force into a wall. She didn’t have much fight in her after that. People cheered as the police arrived and arrested her as well as the guy.” [deleted]

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23. Want To Betray Me? I'll Cut Off All Contact When You Need Me Most


“My best friend slept with my son’s father while I was pregnant. I was in a relationship with my son’s father at the time. We had been seeing each other for about three years. Obviously, that ended as soon as I found out. Then my friend got on substances and went to prison. I found out. I had been helping her mother care for her daughters, writing to her each week, visiting her twice a week, putting money on her books…

everything. I wrote her, told her what I had found out, and then cut off all contact. The only thing I continued to do was help care for her daughters. I cut off all emotional support when she needed it the most. Even when she was transferred into the federal system, and went states away. Returned all her letters, refused all phone calls. She was released a year or so ago, I did not pick her up as originally planned.

When she showed up at my house to collect her daughters, they were afraid of her. Now, I feel like I may have been too mean. She wasn’t thinking properly when she decided to sleep with my son’s father, and I wasn’t a very good friend when it counted. Either way, we are on speaking terms again, but I keep her at arm’s length. We mostly just communicate for her children’s sake.”

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24. Star Student Dims Light On Bad Teacher


“9th grade Honors English class. The teacher didn’t like me. The only teacher I ever had that didn’t like me (others would get frustrated with my lack of effort at times, but still liked me as a person; she just flat out didn’t like me.) One of the reasons was that she didn’t like athletes because they would miss her class regularly to travel for games.

And I played 3 sports, so I was missing a good bit. Now, I was also missing for academic stuff like math/science competitions and quiz bowl tournaments, but she was particularly bothered about me missing class for sports.

Case-in-point: She would intentionally double the amount of homework due the day after long away games knowing that the players wouldn’t have the time to finish it all. And shocker, she didn’t check homework every single day, but always checked after away games.

She also would give me 70s and low 80s on papers without any red marks on them, but people around me would have red marks all over their papers and would have 90s. After one particularly low grade on an assignment that I knew I had actually done really well on, I inquired about it. Her exact response was that I was only doing 70% of my ultimate capability and the others were doing 90% of theirs.

So I specifically asked, ‘Does that mean my paper can be better than someone else’s but be 20+ points lower?’ And she said yes. And to show this wasn’t just me misunderstanding things, she recommended me for an advanced writing class a year earlier than students were supposed to be able to take it.

So if those two things weren’t bad enough, she gave us an opportunity for extra credit toward the end of the year.

We had to go to a local college’s rendition of Antigone, write a 2,500 word paper on it and tie it into what we discussed in class on the play, and also turn in our ticket and playbill. It was due on a Monday and the play was only going on Friday-Sunday, so there was no way to turn it in ahead of time. But I was going to miss class that Monday all day for an academic competition, representing the school.

And it was the biggest one of the year (like had to place Top 10 in a previous competition to qualify). So it’s obviously an excused absence.

I told her for an entire week prior to the play that I was going to miss on Monday, and she told me multiple times to turn it in first thing Tuesday morning. So I go to the play, write the paper, go to the academic competition Monday and place 1st in one category and 2nd in another, and then Tuesday morning before basketball workouts at 7 am I go to her room to turn in the assignment.

She refuses to take it because it’s late, and she ‘didn’t recall’ ever suggesting that I could turn it in on Tuesday (she told me 4 times).

Her reasoning: (1) Another student that missed for the competition was able to turn it in. But that student lived across the street from the school. I lived 20 minutes away and couldn’t drive. (2) My mom was a teacher at the school, so I could have just sent it to her.

Except I had been told to turn it in Tuesday, so there was no reason for me to think to have my mom turn in my assignment for me, plus she has her own students and classes to worry about. (3) I could have done the work Monday evening, which wouldn’t be fair to the other students. So I went into the metadata for the paper that showed the last time it had been saved was Saturday afternoon.

She still refused to grant me any credit for it. So I was out the $25 for the ticket, the time that it took, plus it really inconvenienced my mom who had to pick me up Friday from practice, rush me home to shower and change, then rush me back downtown for the play, and then come pick me up again 2 hours later. So my mom was pretty angry about it, too.

This teacher also prided herself on the fact that nobody had ever made an A on her final exam. She thought she was the toughest teacher ever (really she just loaded students up with a bunch of busy work). So the last day of class she gave a few minutes at the end of class and asked ‘What’s your biggest wish?’ to the class as a whole.

I piped up ‘I wish for an A on the exam’ and she laughed and said, ‘Yea, and I wish for a million dollars and not to have to deal with you anymore.’

So, all of that sets up the final exam. It’s 100 questions and then a 5 point bonus question that asked those generic ‘What was your favorite part of the class? What did you learn? etc.’ We got 2 hours to take the exam, and students that finished early had to wait until 1 hour was up so that there was just one group of people getting up and leaving rather than being distracting throughout.

So I finished the 100 questions in about 20 minutes. So I spent the remaining part of the hour just blasting her in the bonus question.

I said that I’m not sure I learned anything and pointed to her never making any comments on how to improve my writing. I said my favorite part of the class was it finally being over and not having to deal with her nonsense anymore and brought up a number of other little things that happened on top of that mentioned above.

And I said that she was by far the worst teacher I had ever had and that the school is worse off with her teaching the entire 9th grade.

The bell rings for the hour and I’m the only person of the entire 110 students to leave at the hour mark. Now, on exam days the teacher doesn’t proctor their own exam so that they are available to answer questions or if the classes are split among different rooms.

So I have to wait for my mom to finish proctoring a different exam, so I’m just sitting out in the breezeway. The teacher finds me, holding my exam, with tears in her eyes and tells me to meet her in the principal’s office. She then storms off, so I head over. As I’m waiting there I recount what happened to the soccer coach who is sitting there cause he made some comment about ‘surprised to see you sent in here.’

Eventually, she comes back in with my mom, who she pulled out of proctoring an exam, and we all go in to see the principal.

She’s crying, screaming, literally choking every minute or so. After about 45 minutes of me spilling everything I’d gone through that year (all things I’d already vented to my mom about plenty of times), the principal finally looks at her and goes, ‘How much was the question worth?’ She said 5 bonus points, and he says, ‘Then just don’t give him the bonus points.’

So I made a 98 on the final instead of a 103.

Missed 2 questions. Every other student got the bonus points and the next highest grade was an 81.

Thinking she would get the last laugh, I noticed a few days before grades were due that one of my assignments from the second week of class all the way back in August had been dropped 10 points. My final grade ended up being 94.4 which was a B at the time.

But I couldn’t prove that she had altered my grade, I just had them all in a spreadsheet to determine my grade ahead of time (should have been a 95.2) but nothing that would prove anything, since I could have just typed it wrong (I didn’t).

The summer after the school decided to change to a 10 point scale and so 90+ was an A, so my B became an A.

She also had to have her homework assignments each week signed off by the department chair and she had to start accepting assignments via email. 2 years later she was fired after other students started having real issues with her. Prior to me, the administration just thought it was a case of ‘students complaining about the hard teacher.’

Still think she deserved every bit of it, but I certainly didn’t think it would set in motion her getting fired. Though, again, she deserved it. She suuuuuuuuuuuucked.”

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25. If You Can't Show Everyone Love, We'll Show You The Door


“Had a homophobic Teachers Assistant. One day my friend and I are messing around (We had been close, not love each other close but calling each other love and darling was a normal greeting.) When messing around she sneered at us and said ‘That’s not right, men shouldn’t be like that to each other, God doesn’t condone it,’ or something to that effect, can’t remember the exact words.

Well, my friend happened to be gay and was offended, I happened to be fairly camp and wanted to make a joke out of it to try and defuse the situation. Only this treatment continued and we got treated like dog poop by this person. So we did the logical thing, we made posters and created a Homosexual Club, handed out leaflets, and put the posters everywhere.

When we handed her our leaflet she was in front of a lot of people, and simply refused to come.

We found it funny as ever, because screw this witch. Then the principal came around because he was interested in the club and the leaflet. Oh and because there was a clause written in small writing that said ‘We reserve the right to tell homophobic people to screw off.’

We explained the situation to him and he warned us that he would look into it.

End of the week we found out that this TA had not only been fired but barred from working in any school again. My teacher, as it turns out was batting for the other side, and had already reported this behavior to the principal in the past, they just needed more proof.

I felt really bad over the weekend, I made a woman lose her job and her profession. Then on Monday, I came in and EVERY. SINGLE. TEACHER. had a copy of my leaflet and was laughing their butts off, so the regret slowly wore off.”

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26. Keep Lying? I'll Sell You Out


“During a rough patch with my (now ex) fiancé, he admitted to me that he had been cheating on me and was involved with someone else. At the time he was the General Manager of a company that was being sold, but none of the employees knew, as the company needed to be up and operating through the sale, at which time everyone would be out of a job, including him.

But he was getting some big $$$ for his efforts. So when he came clean about the cheating, I went out and got intoxicated with a friend. Came home that night and called everyone’s voice mail and left a message with the details of what was happening to their jobs and the company. It was a complete mutiny the next day.”

Another User Comments:
“Screw companies that do that, good for you for warning the other employees.

My previous company pulled that nonsense, they knew they were going bankrupt but they kept telling the employees they’d gotten a loan and everything was good. They let us work for two full weeks and then called us in the day before payday at 7 a.m. to tell us the company was going under and no one was getting paid. They left every single worker hanging, except for the managers who orchestrated the bankruptcy.

Family men who had worked for the company for 18 years were left jobless and unpaid. They even filed the bankruptcy out of the state we worked in, to avoid the laws which would have gotten the workers paid wages and PTO owed before the debtors. If I ever get the opportunity to destroy the business and lives of those managers, I will definitely take it.” Treereme

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27. The Bad Business Cards


“My friends and I used to pull a lot of pranks on each other growing up and about 10 years ago I was helping my buddy set up a new business. He was ordering business cards and the company he was going through was offering I think 500 or so free with a large order so we decided to prank our other friend. We made business cards with his name, phone number, home address and had his job title as ‘Professional Creep’ with the slogan ‘If I’m creepin, you ain’t sleepin.’ We passed these cards out all over town. He was getting really harassing phone calls for a while and couldn’t figure out why. After about 2 years he found one of the cards on a random fridge at a party and put 2 and 2 together. He was angry and is still getting random calls 10 years later. I feel really bad about that one…”

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28. The Case Of Being Innocent Until Proven Guilty


“In high school (would be late elementary in the US, I guess) there was this kid who wasn’t unpopular per se, but a little awkward. On the last day before the summer holidays, he plays with us during the morning break. Things get a little rough and there’s some light wrestling involved. Nothing too serious, no one got hurt except some red ears. But the kid turned out to not be the silverback of our schoolyard.

We walk back into class and continue the day like any other. Get on the bus home (he is still being a little sour with the rest), start enjoying our summer holidays. Yay!

A week later my dad summons me into his study, fuming and enraged. He got a letter from the kid’s dad according to which I had beaten the boy up so badly that he came home sniveling.

According to the letter he was in so much pain that he could barely walk. The letter laid out in detail how the boy would not be able to enjoy the family vacation they were going on the first day of summer despite his grave injuries. I was expected to better come up with quite an injury because otherwise, we’d get fire and fury from the police and their lawyers.

After some frantic back and forth shouting my father eventually believed me that I didn’t, in fact, beat the guy up. My father wrote a conciliatory letter to try to work out what precisely had happened. The other family wasn’t having that though and began collecting statements from witnesses. Turns out that several teachers stated in writing that the kid appeared to be completely fine throughout the entire day, did not appear to be in distress or pain and had interacted with them and other students completely normal.

Whoopsie. The other family concluded that there had been a misunderstanding.

I was pretty angry at the guy because I seriously was expecting to be in a ton of trouble had this gone otherwise. So once school started I waited until our entire (male) class was assembled and then told the story with appropriate snark to the rest of the class – nasty snitch move. From that moment on that kid spent years at the bottom of the hierarchy and was the butt of every joke for a long time.

That time must have been really awful for him.

I regret that deeply. Because the kid was actually genuinely nice (if a little awkward) and grew up to be a pretty decent adult. And to his credit, once school started he came to me and tried to explain the situation to me. The gist was that it was his overprotective parents who were the real trouble, not him.

But I was so angry because I could have gotten into so much trouble over nothing – just out of someone else’s spite. But during the entire summer, I hadn’t even got an apology or any admission of wrongdoing and was left doubting myself. There was also no attempt by the parents at getting us to talk to one another. That’s deeply regrettable. I wish someone clever had helped us talk through that situation.”

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29. Cheater Gets More Than He Bargained For


“I was jealous of a kid in my senior-year creative writing class (high school). We had to submit weekly fiction pieces, and everyone in class would read each others’ stories and discuss them in class. This guy never wrote his own pieces; he actually had the balls to submit short stories he found online. Our teacher was not technologically savvy and way too trusting of his students, so it was never obvious to him.

The kid received glowing praise every week in class, and it infuriated a lot of people to sit there and watch the teacher gush over this fraud.

I finally decided to do something and snitched. He was nailed for cheating and failed the class, resulting in a failing grade for his English requirement.

This was problematic for him because he had applied early decision to one school, and it was now late into Senior year when he could no longer apply to schools. Because of a failing grade, this crushed his GPA and somehow the University was also aware of the cheating. They reversed their admittance and he had to spend a year at home.”

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30. Ruin Our Fun? We'll Ruin Yours


“Junior year in high school, we had gathered at a friend’s house to play some D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). Someone had brought a 2-liter bottle that had been filled with booze. We had mostly ignored the booze and focused more on the game. All, but one of us, had kept our drinking reasonable.

One guy had decided to get completely sloshed. He was stumbling around, being obnoxious, and making lots of noise (friend’s mom was in her room) and then he started puking.

We took him outside, but he kept coming back into the house and throwing up on the carpet.

We had finally had enough of his nonsense and decided to take him home. We loaded him into the back of my friend’s pickup and took him to his house. It was late and his parents were asleep. We opened the door and pushed him in. We could see him kinda stumbling across the living room, through the front window.

One of my friends was like ‘You know what? Screw him’ and started ringing the doorbell and pounding on the front door. Our intoxicated friend stopped and faced us, with a look of absolute horror on his face.

We all hopped in the pickup bed and sped off. As we were driving away, we could see lights coming on all over his house.

16 years old, intoxicated as ever, and wearing vomit-covered clothes…his parents were less than happy. We didn’t see him for a looooong time.

We probably should’ve just went outside with him, locked the door, and stayed with him until he had settled down and sobered up a little. I kinda felt sorry for him after his parents had gotten through with him.”

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31. A Phone Call About Turtles Ruins Everything


“So, back in junior high, one dude (for the sake of the story we’ll call him Werner) who was in the same math class as me and was a continuous jerk to everyone, but often to me especially. After some months I decided I had had enough.

I went to a really active turtle/tortoise online forum and in the subsection, for buying and selling the animals/equipment, I posted a message that went something like this:

‘Hi, I am looking to start my turtle hobby, I need everything to start and a turtle, maybe several.

My budget is pretty big and I am willing to buy a whole terrarium as well. I am best reached by phone on mon-Fri between 12-4 pm. Kind regards, -Werner.’

Basically, I expected him to get a few calls during school hours and get his mobile confiscated a couple of times, but what followed was an absolute onslaught of people trying to sell their turtles and equipment to him.

His phone was ringing constantly during the afternoon and he started to get more and more irate with this. Often started screaming to the people trying to sell their stuff to him.

Then finally one math class, he gets a call. It’s about a turtle. He completely flips out and smashes his phone and goes completely mental. The teacher can’t get him to calm down and he shoves the teacher. This leads him to get kicked out of the course, mandatory therapy in anger management and he had to repeat the grade. Because of the math course.

Sure he was a jerk, but he didn’t deserve to lose a year out of his life due to that. To this day, he has no idea how the phone calls started…”

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32. Mess With Me And I'll Involve Your Whole Family


“I was friends with this girl since we were 11. She was kind of awful, but I still hung out with her. She’d try to embarrass me in front of our friends and was always trying to tell me what to eat and what to wear.. it was weird.

When we were in our mid-twenties, she finally found a guy suitable for her and her family (rich, same religion, etc…) and got engaged.

I don’t know why, but she really wanted to swing even though her fiance didn’t really want to do it. But he went along with it.

It was a disaster. She got hers, he didn’t get his. They fought. She still insisted on seeing the other dude to swing with him. It was just a mess.

Anyway, one day we got into this huge fight because she didn’t approve of my new partner and whatever.

I was so fed up with her and her nonsense that I told my mom (who happened to be very good friends with her mom) about the swinging, knowing my mom would tell her mom.

It just spiraled out of control and everyone in her family found out. Her fiance, who was such a nice dude, was so embarrassed and I guess I just didn’t think about how it would affect him. I still feel bad for that guy. I really hope he got a prenup.”

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33. Play With My Emotions? I'll Make You Leave The Country


“I saw a girl from Vietnam who made it clear that she was in a fake marriage with a guy for a green card and sometimes had to hang out with him to keep him happy and play along. She was very degrading and treated me horribly during almost all of our relationship. I was at a bad point in my life and decided to just take it.

I caught her staying over at his place one night and realized she had been sleeping with this guy the whole time. I also realized her phone was on airplane mode every single time we hung out.

She always hung out one-on-one with one of her friend’s partners. I always thought it was weird but never said anything. My intuition was screaming at me that something was up but I ignored it.

After we broke up and I got out of my depression, I realized how much of an idiot I was and how I let this girl take advantage of me financially and emotionally. Months after we broke up, I met an amazing girl who I’m still with today and probably will be forever. Despite this, I was still emotionally scarred from what this girl put me through and I needed revenge to be at peace.

I made an anonymous social media account and messaged the friend and said ‘your partner is sleeping with insert ex’s name.’

This friend of hers was the one who set her up with the fake marriage, took care of all the paperwork, and set her up with the immigration lawyer. Whatever transpired the following months after that, I’m not entirely sure. All I know is that she, her brother, and his partner moved out of the house they were in and left the country. They were all currently in college and had big dreams of making a living in America.”

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34. Want To Bully Me? I'll Become A Hollywood Stuntman


“This was 30 years ago, I think I was 5-6 at the time. Had just moved, so new school. No real friends yet. Wasn’t long before 2 kids started picking on me. Every recess they’d do their best to torment and shove me around. This went on for weeks.

One night I was watching a movie that was probably a little too old for me with dad and saw something on said movie…

I began mentally preparing myself for my next encounter with these two bullies. I remember it being winter out at the time, and we were all dressed up in snowsuits, hats, mitts, etc. The two boys walked up to me and got in my face like they always did, started shoving me, picking on me… So I defended myself using the new move I learned on TV the night before.

They were standing right next to each other, so I reached up and knocked their two heads together – fairly hard in hindsight. They both dropped to the ground almost instantly, crying, rolling around in the snow as I walked away. I felt pretty bad. I didn’t expect the result to be so spectacular.

I got into a bit of trouble with teachers, some of the other kids in the class hated me and called me a bully for the next couple of months… But those two never picked on me again. In fact, 30 years later I still hang out with both of them. Go figure.”

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35. Mess With My Dog? I'll Mess With Your Car


“A guy a couple of houses down from our house came up to me and my dog and kicked into my dog because we were ‘playing too loud’ on the street, and supposedly woke him up – he was very clearly intoxicated though. No warning, no nothing either, just kicks into my dog (on the behind).

Now that doesn’t really sit well with me for obvious reasons, but he is intoxicated, I’m barely 13, so I yell at him for being a jerk, and take the poor dog inside.

However it felt like I let my friend down, so I decided to take my revenge on his car.

Do you know the potato method? Where you push a potato into the exhaust, and the engine doesn’t start? Well, I decided to sneak out at midnight, brought a smaller hammer with me, and 14 potatoes. I only managed to hammer and push in 9 though. Still, felt like that’s gonna be enough.

Sure enough, the car didn’t start. Got a lump in my throat when I overheard my parents talk about how he got fired because ‘some punks’ pulled a prank on him. Apparently, he got in trouble for being late a couple of times before. Still. You do not kick someone’s dog without any retaliation. He did get another job later, and I don’t know if he ever found out who he got the exhaust potatoes from.”

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36. Want To Mess With Me At School? I'll Speak Your Awful Future Into Existence


“In middle school, I had a bully/tormentor we’ll call Chuck. Chuck was about 2 years older than everyone because he’d been held back twice. Chuck was a monster. Huge kid (especially since he was an 8th grader in 6th grade), and regularly tortured half the class. He picked on me most often out of the group, but everyone despised him.

One day, after he grabbed me by the backpack and threw me against the lockers, I came home upset.

My dad said ‘don’t worry about him. Guys like that will be changing your car’s oil one day.’

Fast forward a month or so, and we’re in art class. Teacher leaves the room and Chuck starts laying into me and threatening to beat me up. I’d had enough so replied with something like ‘fine, Chuck. I don’t care. Beat me up. No one here will laugh at me because you’re bigger than all of us.

You can beat up anyone in the room. Who cares. Do it. No one will give a damn.’

At this point, the class started getting my back and laughing. Yelling insults at him. Still remember him looking panicked and saying ‘shut up, I’m sick of you talking. You’re stupid!’ Since I had the support of the mob, I leaned into it and started telling him he was stupid, his parents hated him, he’d been held back twice because he was so stupid, etc.

Chuck was visibly shaking and about to start crying at this point. He had no power and the whole class was suddenly against him. So I went for the kill – ‘Don’t care you can beat us up, Chuck. You’ll be changing my oil one day.’

After repeating my dad’s line, I realized I messed up. Chuck was about to beat the life out of me… thankfully the teacher walked back into the room a few seconds later, saw the commotion about to start, and sent him to the other side of the room.

Fast forward about 7-8 years. I was in my sophomore year of college and came home for the weekend. Took my car to the Jiffy Lube for an oil change. Everything was normal, but then Chuck walks into the lobby holding my car’s air filter. ‘Sir, this is pretty caked with dirt, do you want a new one?’

I don’t think Chuck recognized me, but I realized he was literally the tech changing my oil. Seeing him as beaten down as he was, working in a hot oil change shop in early summer made me feel horrible inside.”

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37. Steal My Girl? I'll Steal Your Toothbrush


“I was living in a house with 5 other people in college and ended up seeing one of the girls for 6 months. I come home one day and she’s showing some guy around our house who’s her ‘tutor.’ A month later she dumps me and it’s this ‘tutor’ who she’s seeing instead. I can hear them cooing to each other, kissing… It’s driving me insane (never go out with a roommate btw).

Every time I go to the bathroom I see his toothbrush in there. So in that state of mind, I decide the best revenge would be to take his toothbrush and scrub the toilet with it. And I did this multiple times over the course of a couple of months. At the time it felt like justice.

Now it seems super childish and although I don’t know if he ever got sick, I’m worried about what my actions may have caused. Besides, it was her I should have been mad at and not this guy who probably had no clue.”

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“Should have just told him you were impressed that he’d see a girl who still lived with someone she sleeps with on occasion. She will deny it, he will never feel comfortable there again.” avenlanzer