People Get Personal About Their Stinking Revenge Stories

We all get to a point where the only response we have left for an offense is revenge. If you're one of those people that can keep their cool during an irritating situation, lucky you. However, some of us have short tempers, so one of the first responses that come to our minds when someone offends us is to make them experience the same struggle that we went through. Here are some of the stinking revenge stories people have spilled.

19. The Final Revenge I Did To My Mother Before Moving Out


“My mother did a lot to make me miserable as a child. She’s extremely narcissistic, blatantly favored my sister to the point of letting her get away with anything she did to me unless my father got involved, spanked me as hard as she could to the point I couldn’t even sit down for no reason on several occasions, would snap her fingers and order me around like a dog, let my sister steal something I earned from doing chores and odd jobs around the area and took her on shopping sprees with said amount, tried to send me to military school behind my father’s back when I refused to let her beat me anymore, and more recently tried to force me to give the house I inherited from my now deceased father to my pregnant sister.

This story happened over 15 years ago just before I moved out of my mom’s house during my parents’ divorce. She’d been extra callous to me during that time, and I wanted some payback. So I did several petty pranks to her and my sister around the house before I moved in with my dad. Many of which I’ve posted about. But by this time I was running out of ideas.

Though I had one in particular that I was saving for last. My mother aside from her love of wine also brewed a homemade boozy honey lemon iced tea that she just loved to guzzle. Especially on Friday evenings after work. She kept a pitcher of it in the fridge that she refilled every so often. And the night she was so wasted she passed out in the hall and soiled herself gave me an idea.

I went to a medicine store that was across town where nobody knew me and found a small bottle of potent liquid laxative that was odorless, tasteless, and mixed with any beverage. And I pretended to be VERY constipated at the register just for the sake of acting. When I got home I carefully removed the same amount of tea from the pitcher and then poured the whole bottle of laxative into Mom’s special iced tea, added a tiny bit more sugar, and stirred it up.

From that point, all I had to do was wait. That evening after mom came home from work she went to the fridge and poured herself a big and tall glass of her special home-brewed iced tea. She downed the first one pretty quick on the spot and then refilled it. Then she just sat watching TV on the sofa, which was white leather BTW.

I watched as she started shuffling about, and even heard a loud gurgling noise at one point.

But she kept drinking the tea. I pretended to be concerned and asked if she was ok since she looked like she was sweating and couldn’t sit still. Mom stubbornly played it off and then suddenly winced as one of the most horrid sounds I’ve ever heard came out of her backside. She screamed ‘OH GOD NOOO!!’ and dropped what was left of the glass of tea and ran for the bathroom.

She’d soiled herself so hard some of it went through her clothes and onto the couch. My mom ran into the master bathroom and started wailing as she took the biggest dump of her life. If anyone here knows that bathroom scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber, it was a lot like that crossed with a certain funny scene from the first Tak and The Power of Juju video game.

Mom didn’t come out of the bathroom for over two hours. And when she finally did, she was wearing her bathrobe because she’d just taken a shower. Her hair was a mess and she looked completely flushed. I’d cleaned up the mess she made on the couch. But she insisted on having the couch professionally cleaned. Which was fine with me because that was her favorite spot to sit in the living room, and she refused to sit there till the couch was cleaned the way she’d wanted.

But then the funny thing is, she actually poured herself another glass of iced tea. And that wound her right back in the bathroom. And she even took the tea with her. She was literally feeding the fire.

After that, she didn’t come out again and had an absolutely miserable night. Thank god my dad was sleeping at a motel because he was divorcing mom. The master bathroom was connected to the master bedroom.

And the smell downstairs had me and my sister gagging. The next day mom felt so bad that she called in to take leave from work for the next few days because her bowels were going crazy and she got no sleep.

Just to be safe I checked the pitcher to see how much tea was left and it was nearly gone. So I figured I was in the clear.

But then here’s the other crazy thing. The next day at school my sister nearly soiled herself in class and had to run for the girl’s bathroom. Then asked to be sent home sick because of diarrhea. Apparently, she’d been sneaking some of mom’s special iced tea because it had booze in it, and smuggled what was left in the pitcher to school with her in a thermos.

This clued my mom in that there was something wrong with the tea, and had me thoroughly wash the pitcher and throw away the various ingredients she used to make it because she was afraid the pitcher or the tea ingredients were somehow contaminated. My sister also got in trouble for stealing booze. I’d almost never seen my mom chew out my sister for being bad.

But this was one of those rare times. She said she was grounded and sent her to her room crying, but of course, she immediately forgave her the next day and just told her not to do it again. Which as far as I know she didn’t.

I was smart enough not to dispose of the laxative bottle in the trash at our house or keep it in my room.

I tossed it the same day I used it at a random trash can while out riding my bike. And when I bought it I was wearing an old coat, hat, and sunglasses. So likely no one recognized me.

I told my father years later that I was the one responsible for what happened back then, and he started cackling. He said I shouldn’t have done it, but it was just too funny not to laugh at. My sister also knows about what I did now as I told her before writing this story. She said she doesn’t care because it was a long time ago and taught her a lesson not to try and steal booze anyway. My mother still doesn’t know it was me, and I and my sister don’t plan on ever telling her.”

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18. I Can't Play As A Girl In The Game? Get Banned


“A bunch of years ago, I began playing a recently released MMO. That MMO had servers separated by languages so I thought I’d join the appropriate server and I began playing. After a week or so, I began looking into guilds, alliances, you call it, and found one after being invited. The person who invited me was a subleader, a great guy pretty friendly and helpful, and so were the rest of the members, but there were some bad apples.

Said bad apples were the leader and his clique.

Now, let’s talk about the jerk leader. This person was awful on all levels. He didn’t deviate from his clique and would refuse to play with other members of the alliance. The only time he’d talk towards the guild was to brag about mount drops, how much he was whaling, or to force people into PVP duels he would rig into winning.

He was also quite the misogynistic jerk that somehow had a girl who was too passive to know what to do with him, she was more of an accessory than an actual person.

After a few months of playing with that guild, I got to know them. I made friends with the subleader, I made friends with the girl, we organized our groups and we ignored the leader and just played between ourselves, forming a proper community.

Some people even began to believe that the sub-leader was the actual leader for how much work he put and how much he cared about this guild. Around this time as well, the guild began to get into contests how many guilds points the guild could farm monthly, getting into leaderboard positions and, sadly, earning the leader rewards and bragging rights. In fact, the leader got so much into it he began to bribe people, asking them to reach a ridiculous amount of points and he’d tell you his secret to get rich.

Me, being a dumb teen at the time, bit into it and spent a lot of my spare time grinding away, eventually befriending even the leader for how much I earned on my own. Now, this is the time where I say that I’m a guy and I was playing a female character. My mannerisms were quite feminine as that’s how I am, and I never told anyone my gender because it wasn’t important, what’s important is that we get those points.

When the leader found out about the character and how I liked dressing her, he began flirting with me, calling me pet names such as ‘hun’ and ‘love’, even in public chats as guild chats or in party chats, even if his significant other was around. I first ignored it and just focused on getting the secret to wealth, and eventually earned it. To get it, the leader wanted to give me something, and we headed into a private raidcall server so it could be given to me.

The secret of making a stupid amount? Using a third-party tool to fish all night, breaking several rules in the TOS. At the time, I just learned how to use it and abused it.

Eventually, this leader wanted to talk to me one on one and I headed into the voice channels where he laughed when he found out I was a guy. All this time he thought he was flirting with a girl, that he got a second piece of candy, how his ego was stroking knowing he was a MAN, but no I just tolerated him.

This moment is when his sweet talk turned into abuse. I began suffering verbal abuse from him and homophobic remarks. (which at the time it wasn’t censored). After some weeks of this, I had a fight with him in whispers where I told him to stop, and he kept mocking me and telling me I was soft, how I couldn’t take a joke and such and such.

I just quit after he went offline and my whispers met with a ‘This player couldn’t be reached’.

Now, this is where the revenge comes in. When someone leaves the guild, a message pops out, and it is displayed in the guild chat. ‘X has left the guild’. Also, I made myself a highly dependable person and, of course, people needed me there, so I began getting whispers from SEVERAL members about what I’d done and I just told them.

I began also, compiling the fight I had with the leader over it to make a neatly arranged collage to show to everyone. In no time, that guild began to vacate and the chat was being spammed with ‘X has left the guild’, causing more people to wonder what happened and ask their friends, creating a chain that reduced the guild to the jerk leader, his clique and the significant other.

Furthermore, we made our own guild with the subleader becoming the new and improved leader, and we resumed gameplay as usual. The next day, he found an empty guild and us with a new one. He asked one of his clique what happened, and he just told them that I quit and all of them followed behind. Again, we got into another fight on how I was taking away his friends, how he’d lose the position in the ranking, how I ruined the guild he worked so hard on, and such and such…

And I just told him that if you abuse someone they will leave, so he switched from blame throwing to name-calling. Again, I let him rack up a nice list of insults and a couple of chat boxes filled with him degrading me for my choice of character.

Me, knowing that this man still had some fight in him, put on my fake crocodile tears and sent a whisper to his significant other.

I explained the situation, how he tried to two-time her with me and how I deflected him, how he switched his sweet talk into homophobic and transphobic remarks, and I told her that I felt bad for involving her but she had to know that her ‘man’ was doing what he was doing. She said it was okay, she was used to it, and like 20 minutes later I get a new round of whispers from the jerk ex-leader, telling me that his significant other broke up with him over this and that I was worse than satan.

Now, this game has censorship, and because he ran out of fuel he began calling me the simplest and most childish things that the censor would allow him. I vividly remember reading ‘child of your mommy’ and laughing at it.

Now, with his life broken up and his hobby ruined, I blocked him. We resumed gaming, as usual, we consoled and helped the girl get back on her feet and keep enjoying herself, and I genuinely felt bad for how much it affected her but I believed that it was for the better she didn’t have to deal with that kind of person.

I, after a few weeks, left that game on hiatus.

Months later, I returned, and jerk contacts me using another character. He tried making conversation with me, but I ignored him. He then began asking for help, saying it was a joke, let bygones be bygones, and I told him no, after what he said to me I wouldn’t talk to him. After some insults, I realized that his name started with GS.

What GS means is ‘game sage’, which means that this company hired players (usually underage) and paid them almost nothing in in-game premium currency to police the game to them and report any people in a skype group. That moment I remembered: I still have the fishing bot. So I began to stalk this guy and found out he was botting, always on the same spot and at the same time, not answering to people when whispered ‘are you botting’.

I collected information about a week before exposing him on the forums.

‘Game sage botting crabs at the mountains. Come and see.’ And I dropped the screenshots of him, screenshots of the bot used and explained how it worked, how he used to spread it to make his alliance rank up, and finally, I spent some of the loyalty points (another currency), on buying SERVER WIDE MEGAPHONES TO INFORM THE ENTIRE playerbase OF THIS.

He, of course, was sleeping while his fancy tool did the work, and people began flocking to check it out and complain. We made a small event regarding the situation, we had some laughs and nice talks until a GM walked in and confirmed that the guy was botting, then he mysteriously disappeared. We didn’t see him again.

In the end, I lost touch with all of these people. This is one of the few wins I have in life, where I got tired of someone’s abuse and ruined his guild, his relationships, the account he whaled on, his bragging status, just because the guy thought it’d be cool to refer to me as ‘The trap’.”

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17. Torment Me For Years? I'll Make Sure You Don't Go To College


“I moved across the U.S. from California to Pittsburg when I was in 3rd grade. Right from my first day of school, ‘Rob’ decided he hated my guts for whatever reason and bullied me. He’d steal my lunch, push me, really do whatever he could to torment me.

Rob had a lot of friends throughout the grade, so he was able to turn a lot of people against me, and soon he could just sit back and relax while his little minions bullied me for him.

It was miserable, even the people who weren’t friends with Rob were afraid of him, fearing he’d do the same thing to them as what he was doing to me. Because of this pretty much everybody avoided me. Sometimes people would bully me just to make sure Rob wouldn’t plan something against them.

And I couldn’t retaliate either, because again, he had a lot of kids wrapped around his finger, and then they’d all come after me.

(It took me a few tries to learn that lesson.)

This went on for 7 years. It went in a cycle. Everyone would bully me for a while, start to lay off a bit, I’d then retaliate thinking ‘Oh now I’ll just have to fight off a few’ and then I’d get the life beat out of me. And then everyone would bully me again. And the cycle would repeat.

(Quick side note: my parents couldn’t just move us away, they weren’t dirt poor, but pretty close. Almost all of their funds went to the mortgage and were left with just enough for essentials. Selling the house with this much left on the mortgage would put us without even any profit. We’d be homeless. So I just had to deal with it.)

Cue to midway through sophomore year.

I was sick of it. I had scars all over me from the bullying, and it was still going on. I was sick of it. I was sick of Rob. I was sick of the kids. I was sick of hurting all the time. I was sick of my low self-esteem and depression.

This is when I started to plan. I couldn’t just retaliate in any normal way, at this point Rob had hundreds of kids on his side.

And what did I have? Patience. All the tormenting, the beatings, everything they had trained me to have all these years, we’re about to be the (figurative, of course) death of them.

By now it had been years since Rob had directly bullied me himself, but he still indirectly did it. (making people hate me). This made the plan easier.

I tried to start getting Rob on my side, which unluckily for me, meant basically being his servant.

It took a while, but it started to work. The bullying slowed down but didn’t completely go away. But this wasn’t my only goal, I didn’t just want the bullying to stop, I wanted to ruin this idiot’s life.

So here I was, an angry, vengeful, high school sophomore who had just gotten my main bully on my side. I got him to trust me. Part 1 complete.

Now to part 2.

So from the beginning, there were many bullies, but 4 main ones aside from Rob. Joe, Moe, Poe, and ultimate jerk. (he doesn’t even deserve his name capitalized.)

Now onto his friends, now I had to try and turn them against Rob. This part was easier than it seemed. Turns out they were also sick of his stunts and just stayed his friend to prevent being bullied like I was.

It still wasn’t easy, Joe and Poe were easy to manipulate. They wanted any way out of being his friend (I didn’t tell them the plan wouldn’t take place for another couple of years, So they’d still have to be his friend.) Moe wasn’t so easy. He saw what everyone did to me for almost a decade, and he didn’t want to risk anything. I told him as long as he kept his mouth shut everything would be fine.

He reluctantly agreed.

Ultimate jerk on the other hand wanted no part. In fact, the only reason he didn’t tell Rob (Aside from me being actually killed. I do not doubt that.) is because Moe, Joe, and Poe had already agreed and the ultimate jerk still had some loyalty to them.

Ultimate jerk almost blew our cover many, many times. It took until the end of junior year to even promise not to tell Rob.

So he wasn’t on board, fine. He chose his fate with Rob.

(Putting the plan into action)

Cue to toward the end of the senior year where people start applying to college. I had known for a long time exactly what universities Rob and ultimate jerk wanted to go to. They had ok grades, which made our plan even bigger of a role.

Rob said he wanted to major to become a school nurse.

Since his major involved working with children, colleges he applied to wanted to reach out to friends and family to make sure he works well with the little ones. This is how our plan would work. It was very, very simple, but if played right could destroy him and his life.

Anyways, all of us, me, Moe, Poe, and Joe had secretly been recording a lot of what Rob had been doing and saying to us.

Not only about the bullying and tormenting, which would have been way, way more than enough. But also about him boasting about how he’d be accepted anywhere because everyone loves him and how he was the second coming of Jesus and stuff like that.

We all sent in reviews about him. How abusive he was, how manipulative, and also sent in hundreds of tape recordings of proof.

Rob got all of his letters in the mail and invited ultimate jerk, Joe, Moe, Poe, I, and many others over to read all of the letters from colleges. He wanted, and I’m quoting him when I say this ‘Everyone to see me in all of my glory’.

He was arrogant, it was hilarious knowing he’d been rejected from everywhere, while he didn’t know. The way his face fell, letter after letter.

Watching the tears stream down his face, knowing his life had been ruined.

He had never gotten a job. He was too lazy to even torture me himself. Why would he lift a finger to ensure his future? He knew college would work out and that his parents would foot the bill.

After that, he ‘took a year off’ from school to work so he could save enough to move out. And then he got scammed by an MLM. He applied to more colleges. And then all of us put our plan back into action.

From there he refused to get a job and his parents kicked him out. He spent a few years on skid row before cleaning himself up getting a job.

Last I heard he’s barely surviving, working for minimum wage at McDonald’s.”

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16. Aunt And Dad Say They're Married, But They're Not


“So at the start, this happened around June 2010.

So 11 years ago, my mother and father went through a nasty breakup. I had moved back from out of state and happened to be living with them at the time to relocate back. I was an adult having just been widowed from my fiance’s death.

A lot happened I could put many details here but in the end, my father and I moved into a separate house and my mother left the house.

In which we all were living in to move out of state after my aunt came up and was clearly sitting on my father, in a hotel, waiting for the fallout having left her husband out of state.

I separated my mother’s things from my father’s myself because my dad had to work through this and my mother honestly lost her head. Cue three weeks later, of packing up a 5,000 square-foot home myself and moving me and my dad into a rental that was 1,000 square-foot, if that.

So it’s me and my father, my mother moved out of state, and then my aunt left to go back and divorce her husband (My dad’s brother). So just me and my father, me with all these boxes, no help to unpack in the new house and on top of that I had to work as an office admin for my father because he was paying the bills and my mother used to do this for him.

Looking back, I should have just walked out and never looked back, but well, my family had always been the most important thing to me. I learned about different things about my father over a 5 month period alone, was there to support him, things were said that made our relationship just great, and I understood while my aunt wasn’t the best choice for him why he wasn’t with my mother.

I told him I didn’t want her around and we had a cat she was deathly allergic to, so as long as she didn’t come around I would stay and help him.

Now I’m going to tell you I had no idea my family was narcissistic nor the definition. I’m completely selfless and unfortunately sometimes so much so it’s self-detrimental.

So aunt moved back in state and was staying at an extended-stay hotel.

I told her she ain’t moving in, finally got all the boxes unpacked in the cramped house and moved things to storage, and got rid of a lot of stuff. My father was trying to keep his business afloat. I worked for him during the day, at night had to put up with my Aunt. They would disappear to the bars, and my father being Diabetic would come home intoxicated.

I told him to get out or go to his room and sleep off his intoxicatedness.

This repeats for about 3 weeks meanwhile they go to a specific bar, make bar buddies, and decide they are going to have a Christmas party. My birthday is on the 16th and I tell my dad all I want is for him and me to walk around Seattle like we used to, go to JCPenny’s and watch the animatronic display, walk around Seattle Center, and maybe go to the piers and have a hot dog.

He agrees but when we go he takes our freaking aunt with him. Oh boy, he wanted to go on a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride with her. Now in my defense, my aunt used to babysit me and we did get along fairly well. I was cordial with her, told her I didn’t like her, and that she was one of the causes my family was split up right now.

I hate her dearly but even she noticed my dad was being a complete jerk. Finally, I just said let’s go home and so we did.

I’m flipping livid; I just wanted to hang out with my father on my birthday; instead, my dad tried to make it a honeymoon for him and my aunt.

So Christmas party comes around and my aunt said we needed to lock up the cat.

I’m like you aren’t spending the night. I had repeated fights with my father and that came to a head since he was getting intoxicated more and more.

22 people show up, 2 of them are my uncle b and his wife, and the rest are all bar buddies of my aunt and my dad. So 20 people there are specifically from this one bar Johnny’s in Fife.

We have a round-robin introduction, of everyone except my father and aunt. My uncle b is sticking to me like glue. as he and his wife also didn’t know anyone here. My uncle b was a photographer for Stars and Stripes before retiring. Had an awesome life, and was my mentor. His wife was just as awesome but in different ways. Great family and very loving.

My uncle b asks what I’m doing in this situation and that I should get out, his wife agrees, and I have unfortunately the last conversation with my Uncle I would ever have. But frankly, he departed by telling me he knew something was wrong with my dad. That my dad was a jerk and needed to be buried with his misery and I shouldn’t go down with the ship so to speak.

His business was failing, he lost all honor and decency, and my aunt was no better.

His wife agreed. (she isn’t my aunt. Technically, Uncle B is a 2nd cousin but I view them both as aunt and uncle.) She tells me with my IT knowledge I could pretty much go anywhere and do anything. I was more resourceful than anyone she knew. Said if I needed her to call her and left the party leaving me alone to mingle with the bar buddies.

I start mingling with the bar buddies finally and I hear (my god help me hold in my anger) lie after lie that my father and my aunt have woven to these people before me and even some of them so outlandish, I couldn’t believe my ears. I even knew some of these people as friends of friends and were decent hard-working people. But the lies I’m hearing just astonish me, and I kept my mouth shut.

Finally, someone asked me how long my mother and father were married.

“36 years except for 6 months ago when they broke up.” This was my answer and she looked at me silly, the bar buddy then points at my aunt and says, “Well isn’t that your mother? She said you were basically her kid.”

Oh how the red filled my eyes, came realizing that my aunt and my dad were pretending they were married and that I was their son.

Cue Malicious Compliance!

We are all in the dining room after diner is served while I heard this and I clinked my glass with a fork to call for silence. My Aunt is sitting next to my father. Both half intoxicated, and the room goes to silence finally.

“Hello everyone, I would like to make an announcement. I would like to make a correction to tonight’s introductions. Now I don’t know what has been said, but that woman there is my aunt folks, and that is my dad.

That is why they have the same last name. She is still married to his brother and I am indeed not their son.”

I watched all 20 of the bar buddies die a little inside, a lot of gasps and frankly watched as any respect those two had left the room.

My aunt was about to say something, I motioned to my aunt, “You did this to yourself by lying.” And then my dad was about to say something, “You ruined my birthday, shut up.

You did this to yourself remember that.” I looked at the rest of them it was about 7 pm, “Well folks it looks like the party is at an end, I would suggest you don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I, my father and aunt have a lot to talk about.” I got up and went to my room. Now you should know my room is next to the door out.

I watched people file out, and most of them said I’m Sorry, to me through my open window while I was on the internet.

My aunt knocked but I told her I had nothing to say to her so it might be best she leaves. Out the door she went with a defeated look on her face still half intoxicated. I went out and started cleaning up as my dad sat at the table.

He didn’t move.

“You know boy, you got guts.” My dad said completely sober, “Guess you’re your father’s son.”

Screw that, I’m my mother’s son, he is lucky I even acknowledge him at this point.

“Dad, I’m leaving you on your own.” I said, “Mom is only making 250 bucks a month and I’m going to go there and help her get the heck out of there.”

My father slumped his shoulders and I say, “You tell aunt not to come over the next two weeks until my train leaves on the first.”

“How the heck did you afford that?” My father asked wondering.

“You know that 20 bucks you gave me weekly for gambling. Ya, I got a few jackpots.” (I would entertain an old friend of my father’s by going to the Casino with him. He was awesome to hang with and we would comp meals from the Buffet.)

I told him what Uncle B said, and he didn’t say anything. It was pretty meek for the next two weeks and I didn’t hear anything.

I left Seattle at the Train Station, calling uncle b and thanking him for the advice and he told me not to look back. That he knew something was wrong with him and not to come back for his funeral. I cried and said ok, “You take care of your mother that is more important but don’t forget to take care of yourself first.” I told him what happened to me at the party, he didn’t flinch but he laughed, “Son your dad is the worst person I know.

I moved from Germany here to be closer to your father and he isn’t even close to me now. He is an idiot. Kid, live your life, not his.”

My father and I have been estranged since I do talk with him on occasion but it’s mainly to see how he is doing and fairing in life. 11 years later I got my mother out of that small city, state and back to Washington with the help of my brother. Took care of her through a lot and finally, her medical problems piled up and cancer came. She died May 29th, 2021, two days prior to the split-up of her and my dad’s anniversary and my brother’s wedding 10 years ago. But that is another story.”

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15. Grandma Went Nuclear At A Daycare


“I was a little girl when this happened. After preschool. The lady that was meant to pick me up was not there. The van said Mary daycare. I got in the van. I was supposed to be taken to the park. I later found out this lady was the daycare cook. After picking up all the kids in the car then driving on the wrong side of the road, then, she made an illegal u-turn in the middle of the freeway! Then she went to the bank.

From what could be seen. She left me & the other kids in the van with no AC for 5 min. Then she drove me to a park. I got out. There weren’t any kids to play with. I felt so lonely. I tried to play a little. A cop car pulls up & starts showing off the car. Not noticing me. Then I started to cry.

But right then I saw my grandma watching me. I looked both ways & walked to her then said can I go home? We went home.

I told grandma I was scared & daycare was bad! Grandma went nuclear. She contacted Mary Sue and demanded answers. Mary Sue had nothing but excuses & there would be no compensation. Grandma was livid, she called the police, the news, and other families to warn them. The police investigated and discovered other kids had been harmed in the care of this daycare. The news did a story with me and grandma where I told them my whole story. The news ran the story twice, once right after 1ST Contact & then after my grandma filed a lawsuit with other families & won. Mary’s daycare was then shut down.”

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14. Irritating Mom Gets Pizzas With Anchovies


“In a previous story, I scared the ever-loving life out of my awful mother with garden gnomes because they frighten her. Well in this tale I did more of that and then some.

After my mom got a ticket for speeding just after getting freaked out by more gnomes I’d placed in the middle of the night, I decided to mess with her using the gnomes one last time.

I got some glow-in-the-dark paint from the local craft store and started painting the eyes on all the big gnomes so they’d glow in the dark. Then I took some small gnomes and painted their eyes to glow as well. And I started putting them in trees on the yards of neighbors that were surrounding our house. They all gave me their permission to do this too.

It took me a while, but I managed to little by little over the course of a few days string up a dozen little gnomes with glowing eyes in the backyard trees of all the neighbors whose backyards shared a fence with ours. My sister didn’t even notice what I was doing because she was too busy playing video games or hanging out with her friends.

When Friday rolled around my mother liked to get wasted on the back patio and relax in quiet till dark. Well, that night my mother called me outside and said gnomes were watching her. I played dumb and said they were just someone’s idea of a joke, and to not worry about it. But the darker it got, the brighter the eyes glowed. My mother finally had enough and came back into the house to curl up on the couch.

But she started to get more paranoid. And as I’d hoped she started peaking out the windows on the front of the house and saw the eyes glowing on the gnomes in the neighbor’s yards. And she flipped out saying they were out to get her. Sadly she got so wasted drinking that night that she forgot pretty much all of it the next day. And the next time it rained the glow paint washed off the gnomes because it wasn’t water-resistant.

But it all left my mother with an instinctive aversion to going out to the patio at night for a while.

I figured I’d milked the gnome thing enough and started trying other little petty things. First I took an old rusty nail I found on the side of the road and placed it at an angle underneath one of the rear tires of my mom’s car so that as soon as the car backed up, the nail would go into it.

This worked like a charm and my mom had a flat tire after work on Monday. She actually called me to ride my bike over and put on the donut spare for her. All the while I was reminding her how dad said that her tires were pretty worn and she needed to replace them. But being a cheapskate she always pushed that sort of thing till the last possible minute.

But there was no avoiding it now. My mother had to go to the local tire place. And the old tires were so worn that they said she’d need to replace them all immediately. And had to do so. She got the cheapest tires, but I cost her at least $200 that day.

The next thing I did to mess with my mother was I started signing up her email for random weird things.

Think stuff as random as The Jelly Of The Month club. Or Wigs Anonymous for people without hair. Any little weird thing I could think of I signed her up for one at a time little by little. Mom used the same email password for years. And I saw her type it in on a number of occasions and wrote it down. And I logged into her email from the public library so it wouldn’t show up on the internet history of the family PC.

She had quite the time dealing with all those emails.

The next crazy thing I did was order a pizza. I sometimes did this because my mother hated cooking and dad usually covered the cost of getting one. But this time I paid with my own money and asked to have it cooked and delivered at a specific time. An older brother of a friend of mine worked at the pizza restaurant, and he thought it was hilarious when I explained to him what I was doing.

I ordered a pizza for delivery topped with nothing but mushrooms, onions, green pepper, jalapenos, pineapple, and anchovies. When I was done ordering it they named the pizza: The Stinky. My mother and sister wouldn’t touch anchovies with a 39 & 1/2 foot pole. My sister also hated mushrooms and any kind of peppers with a passion. And my mother couldn’t stand pineapple on pizza either.

Admittedly I wasn’t a fan of eating this strange mix of toppings. But the looks on my mother’s and sister’s faces made it totally worth it.

There was a ring of the doorbell at 6 pm, and my mother answered the door. My mom said she didn’t order a pizza. But the delivery guy said he had a medium pizza for me. My mother just groaned and let me pass by to collect it.

I brought the pizza to the kitchen and was getting ready to open the box. And I knew exactly what my mother was gonna do next. There was no way I could order a pizza without sharing it with my beloved sister. So mom called her into the kitchen to get some. The following is paraphrased from what I remember.

Mom ‘Daaaaughter! OP got pizza for yoooou!’

Sis ‘Oh sweet! Pizza!’

Me ‘Hey! I ordered this with my own money! It’s mine!’

Mom ‘Now you listen here, young man! You can’t just go ordering a pizza and expect to not share with your sister! Now you’re going to share!’

Me ‘Fine.

If she likes it that is…’ (Evil smile)

I then opened the pizza box and they were greeted by my abomination of a pizza. The smell of the anchovies alone was enough to make them take a step back.

Mom ‘AUGH! ANCHOVIES!? You got anchovies!?’

Me (Picks up a slice) ‘Oh yeah. You want one?’ (Points the slice towards her)

Mom (Gags dramatically) ‘NO! GET IT AWAY FROM ME!’

Sis (Looks at the pizza) ‘And he’s got mushrooms and peppers on it too! I HATE THOSE!’

Mom ‘OP that is disgusting! If you’re going to eat that, then it’s not going to be in here! Take it outside!’

And I did. I took that pizza out onto the patio and ate it slowly while listing to 80s music on a portable radio and looking at all the little gnomes I’d hidden in the trees. That pizza tasted like complete satisfaction. Though the nasty gas it gave me afterward made me think twice about ever ordering a Stinky again.”

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Malissa 9 months ago
So, in other words, you hate your mother and sister. When does it stop being payback for some perceived wrong, and become you being the monster? Inhumane people are inhumane. Doesn't matter why they hurt others, it just matters that they can, do and enjoy hurting others. Being a victim never excuses making someone your victim. Evil is still evil, even if evil is perpetrated against evil.
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13. Assault Me? Good Luck Finding A New Job


“I went out with this girl back in 2018. Let’s call her Jinna (Not her real name of course). She seemed nice and she was fairly interesting and interested in me. She messaged me first, so that should tell you something. We met, we spent some time, we talked, we exchanged phones, we went on walks and stuff like that.

One of the things she told me was her ex.

Let’s call him ‘Roy’, also not his real name, with whom she broke up, and unfortunately was not the best of breakups as he seemed sore about it. They parted ways on bad terms. She still was in contact with him, about which I couldn’t care less, as I believe trust and communication are everything, and privacy is indispensable, which she did not have with him.

Why? Because she used to have access to his social media, and he had to hers.

Now, onto the story.

We were walking in the park one night. In the corner of my eye, I see a guy approaching us. He has a leather belt, with a metallic buckle. He hit me hard in the head. He hit me multiple times and I just pushed him aside.

We get out of there.

We call the paramedics and they tended to my wounds and stabilized my condition and some police officers patrolling nearby took statements; we described the guy in detail. I thankfully didn’t need stitches and sowing a wound. Back in my flat, Jinna tended to my wounds and in tears apologized for the whole thing, and said she understood if I didn’t want to see her anymore; I continued going out with her and we were a couple for some time.

The next week, we went to a state department of law in order to take the necessary legal action against him. This was by far the best decision we both made. Why? Because this affected him negatively as he had to leave the state due to the now brand new criminal record he had. What he didn’t know is that in the document written against him, I explicitly said I am willing to let bygones be bygones, so to speak, meaning I am willing to forgive him totally and null the legal action, provided he apologized in front of all my family.

Anyway… Jinna told me she found out, through the grapevine, so to speak, Roy was in another state in the center of the country. He has had a hard time finding a job due to the criminal record he has now. He has to now sleep on couches, change his job constantly, and change his address, as he doesn’t want employers to find out about his criminal record. He basically has it super hard.

Jinna told me Roy was basically hitting rock bottom. He had no one, he was too proud to ask for help and he most likely would stay there for some time. To be honest, I kind of pity him.”

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12. Copy Off Your Peers? I'll Make Sure You Fail


“I was teaching a high school music appreciation class in the 1990s. The class consisted of advanced students who were able to get into some kind of special program because of my class, and of students who really had no particular ambition and were only there for credit. As the year went on, I noticed that some of the less ambitious students sat near advanced students on test day and just happened to make a high score on the test each time.

The thing that made this situation really suspicious was that those less ambitious students didn’t put much effort into learning in the meantime, and rarely knew any answers upon being asked a question. Those students assumed that I was not aware of their activities. I was, but had not yet devised a plan to catch them — then one day I had an idea. I made four versions of the multiple-choice test.

The questions were the same; but, the answer choices were in different orders. For example, one test may have the following:

7.____ Which Classical Era composer wrote some of his greatest works after going deaf? A. Haydn B. Beethoven C. Mozart D. 50 Cent

Another would say:

7.____ Which Classical Era composer wrote some of his greatest works after going deaf? A. Haydn B. Mozart C. 50 Cent D.


The correct answer is Beethoven. The correct letter for the first example is B; whereas, the correct letter for the second example is D. (I would get chuckles from the advanced students when they read ’50 Cent’ as an option.)

After grading the tests, obviously, some who copied their neighbor’s answers failed the test while the advanced students made their usual good grades. When the tests were returned to the students; pandemonium broke out.

Some were seeking ‘justice’ for the great ‘wrong’ that had been committed against them. One young man, in particular, brought his test to the front of the class and said very loudly and excitedly, ‘I GOT THE SAME ANSWER SHE GOT! I GOT THE SAME ANSWER SHE GOT! I GOT THE SAME ANSWER SHE GOT!’ I then calmly said, ‘bring me her test and let’s see.’ As the class quieted down, I had the student read a question and tell the answer he gave.

‘I put B,’ he replied. ‘What is B on your test?’ I asked. ‘Mozart,’ he answered. I then followed with, ‘What is B on HER test?’ That’s when it hit him like a ton of bricks. He tucked his head in embarrassment and returned to his seat with an embarrassed grin, ‘you got me, Mr. OP.’ The advanced students were laughing at their idiot classmates and the liars were laughing at the situation. The lying students didn’t automatically become great students after that; but, I hope that maybe one or two tried a little harder.

I saw some of my students after graduating and going to college and they told me that they took a required music appreciation class in college and it was ‘an easy A’ after having had my class.”

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11. Don't Feel Bad For Talking Loudly In The Theater? I'll Make You


“I was at Universal Studios watching the special effects show (which is my favorite show and I managed to snag good seats) and a group of girls my age probably late teens/early 20s were super loud and obnoxious talking to each other and laughing DURING the show. I turned around and was gonna ask them to be quiet nicely but ‘shut up’ slipped right out of my mouth and I realized I messed up when they started making more noise on purpose.

Since I couldn’t enjoy the show, I spent the whole time plotting revenge.

I knew picking a fight with them would get me kicked out of the park, and there was nowhere for me to get the attention of a staff member to kick them out of the theater. I decided I would apologize after the show for yelling at them.

After the show, they tried to leave as quickly as possible, but I managed to push through the crowd to get one of their attention to apologize for being rude, and that this show was my sister’s favorite show, and that she just died of cancer last week so I wanted to have a good time at the show to remember her by.

Since they all saw me pull one of them aside to talk, I knew they would ask her what I said and relay the message.

I don’t have a sister.

I hope this sticks with them forever so they’ll think twice about being inconsiderate pieces of work.”

Another User Comments:

“I remember once being in a theater where this woman kept talking back to the screen like she was at home yelling at her tv or something.

Anyway, this was a time in my life where I always took a pound bag of peanut m&ms to the movies. I should point out that it was dark, I have the worst aim, and she was probably 10 or more rows in front of me. I got so fed up that I chucked an m&m as hard as I could, even knowing that it would miss her. Suddenly she said WHO THREW THAT? and there were laughs all around (I guess everyone was annoyed with her). Very satisfying.” heynonnynonnomous

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10. Jerk Jock Got Grounded


“I have autism and was always harassed for it in school. One person, I’ll call him Jerkjock always gave me a hard time for liking anime and Vocaloid. He’d call me names, pull out my headphones and all around be a jerk. He’d prank call me and other people he didn’t like and, he’d even try to get other kids to smoke or do other illegal things.

This went on for a few years.

I started watching Jerkjock to see if he’d do anything stupid or something he could get in trouble for, and I caught him two-timing his girl and trying to get another girl to take illegal substances. I start recording him talking to the other girl and talking bad about his significant other. Once I got enough evidence, I sent the video to the principal and Jerkjock’s significant other.

Jerkjock was suspended for having substances and was dumped by his significant other. I then proceed to sign Jerkjock up for spam, news texts, and other junk before reporting his number to various spam blocking services and his phone provider.

Jerkjock’s parents grounded him for the whole school year and he NEVER stopped getting spam on his phone and, to make things worse Jerkjock’s parents got a bill for his prank calls to people, which, Jerkjock had to pay. Nobody ever talked to Jerkjock at school anymore and he became a laughing stock. Jerkjock left my school the next year.”

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9. Christmas Gift Revenge From The '60s


“This is a story from the ’60s about my mom’s oldest brother (May he rest in peace). Also, this happened in a predominantly Hardcore Catholic Country in Asia.

As far as I can remember from the story, he was bullied, and in turn, turned out to be a bully himself in later life. This happened in a High School in an all-boys Catholic School. So this had all sorts of activities for Catholic occasions.

They told me about the shenanigans he had in the ’90s so my memories of it are really bad.

Anyway, as far as I can remember, he was having this really bad thing going on with one of his classmates (bully), wherein, if I am not mistaken, he got into a fight and got a little beaten up by the bully and friends.

And Christmas rolls along. It is tradition here and is expected, even till now, to have a gift exchange during the school Christmas Party on the last day before Christmas break.

There are two types, blind (where you do not know to whom your gift will go, gifts are raffled off the day off) and the one where you get to draw lots on who gets your gift. Thing is, you don’t really have to place your name on the card as to who sent the gift, you’d just have to place the name of the receiver.

And as it was, he drew his bully a week before the party.

My uncle went out of his way to buy two boxes, one smaller than the other. A good strong perfume, and some wrapping paper and ribbons. He then wrapped the smaller box with the old newspaper and went on to take a huge dump in that box. He wrapped it up with more newspaper, perfumed it, placed it in the second box, perfumed it again, then wrapped with the Christmas paper, and for good measure sprayed it some more with perfume.

I think this was the day before the party.

On the day off, everyone needs to open the presents at the same time, while everyone sits in the circle inside the classroom.

I can only imagine how that bully cried when he opened his gift, as the several times they told us this story, my uncles and aunts just burst out laughing at this point, and we never get to know how it ended.”

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8. Mess Up My Flight? That'll Cost You Millions Of Dollars


“A long time ago, I took a trip to Turkey on their national carrier with my partner. When attempting to return home, I was told that they had overbooked the flight, and there was only one seat left. Rather than abandon each other, we were told we could catch a flight the next day instead, so we agreed to that. We were both a bit annoyed as we were due to work the next day, and our employer was not pleased that we wouldn’t be returning as agreed, but these things happen so we made the most of it.

We had to find accommodation (as where we had been staying had been booked) and pay as much for a single night as we’d spent on the entire rest of the three-day trip though.

The next day, we turned up at the airport only to be told that my ticket had expired, and I was supposed to fly yesterday. I explained the situation but was told that it was my problem, not theirs.

In the end, I had to buy another ticket, which cost me more than the entire rest of the trip including the extra day’s overnight stay. I was livid and the uncaring attitude of the staff really rubbed me the wrong way.

So when I arrived back at work I decided to make some changes. Both my girl and I were working in international events organizations, and we decided to avoid using this company in our respective organizations.

I also canceled existing flights booked using them and switched to other providers (this alone cost them tens of thousands of dollars). I did a rough calculation when I left that role a couple of years later and worked out that my boycott alone had cost them almost $300,000 and as part of my handover notes my experience with them was thoroughly chronicled along with instructions to avoid using them at all costs.

Many years later, I’d forgotten all about this until when catching up with old colleagues I was introduced to the person doing my old job, and she updated me on some of the place’s events that had recently been held, and when she was telling me, she said, “Except for Turkey, of course.” Apparently even after I’d left and several replacements had been in post, this instruction was still part of the handover notes! I told her that I was the guy who had put that in the notes and why, and she said that it was the perfect revenge.

This whole business has cost them millions of dollars by now, and I’ve no idea if my long since ex still did the same for her place of work which might mean millions more. Either way, it is something they’d never know unless they read this.”

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7. Fire Me For Calling Security? Thanks For The Incentives


“So this happened almost X years ago and it just now came to full fruition. I’m omitting and or changing some info, especially stuff that could link me to the businesses involved, but the main story and eventual revenge will remain intact albeit changed a little bit.

The entities and or people involved:

1: Abe (Larger store)
2: Bee (Franchise inside Abe)
3: Dee (problematic employee of Bee)
4: Sea (co-worker)

Rewind almost X years ago.

I’m still employed at Bee’s within another larger more successful store Abe and almost at my 7-year mark with zero disciplinary marks or unexcused absences etc. I was pretty well known in the larger store’s management and would often resolve issues that stemmed from Bee being within their store that our current management would fail at or ignore. The work environment grew over my employment at Bee’s to be toxic due to little oversight or follow-through from an overworked management team.

It was the standard nonsense a lot of places do, try to dish more responsibilities off to hard workers with promises and or low pay increases while the rest of the lot got away with w/e. Unless you flat out stole, you could screw off for most of your shift while the few loyal others worked and while still getting paid with little to no consequences.

Well, this grew to a head and one day a new employee Dee (who was hardly ever sober when clocked in) caused a scene that resulted in me intervening which resulted in them physically threatening me numerous times in a very aggressive manner, all on video btw. So, a co-worker, Sea, while witnessing this called management of Bee who flat out told them to NOT call police despite there being threats of violence but rather call security within Abe, highly illegal, but, we will get to that later.

So I called security.

This whole ordeal resulted in Abe’s head of security watching the video and then immediately calling the police and searching for Dee to eject them from the store and or possibly arrest them, completely circumventing Bee’s management. Well turns out Dee already fled so they couldn’t eject them from the store, question, or even get their side of the story. Abe thanked me for my cooperation with statements, info, etc, I then called my management at Bee’s and informed them of what happened, gave them a real piece of my mind pertaining to the toxic environment (no cussing), and then told them I would be clocking out for the rest of my shift due to do distress caused by their continued negligence.

They agreed that would be best and I left. I was then informed the next day by phone from Bee that I was being terminated. I calmly said I understood and requested in writing why my employment was being terminated via mail or email. They agreed and I said thank you and hung up. This caused quite a stir within Abe’s and they expressed how upset and confused they were on how I was being treated to Bee.

Well, the next day I get that email from Bee and it says I was being fired for calling security and contributing to a dangerous situation. Ok, cool. You want to play it that way? Fine. I got right to work getting my ducks in line for the eventual appeal I knew they would file against my initial unemployment claim. Witnesses, pictures, events I had cataloged, etc.

The whole shebang. The day comes when the judiciary calls me and I plea my side of the case. After a long phone call where I meticulously laid out how disorganized and toxic my work environment was over the course of my employment and got information on how to submit evidence etc, I thanked the agent and we ended the call. About 3 weeks later I get a letter from the local govt saying that they ruled in my favor.

This was incredible but nerve-wracking, to say the least. I knew Bee would file their last right to another appeal and this time I would have to do actual court. Bee did eventually file their right to a 2nd appeal.

The day of court arrives and due to the even worse state of society right now, it’s held over the phone. The judiciary asks me if I want my witnesses to be present during my and Bee’s questioning, back and forth, etc.

I said no because I believed their testimony would be the same regardless and the trial went on. Well surprise surprise, turns out whatever overworked employee Bee put in charge of submitting their evidence dropped the ball and zero info was sent to the local govt or sent to the wrong branch. Bee’s representative states they have the evidence on their computer and can send it right now.

The judge informs them that that would be illegal and they were required to send in any evidence 2 weeks ago. The judge then really goes at them for obviously not being familiar with the conditions and laws pertaining to this trial, that it was their responsibility to inform themselves or, ya know, actually read the paperwork they sent explicitly stating them. At this moment I was air fisting while this was going on and muting my phone so they didn’t hear Peggy Hill like “HO YEAHS!” So with their “evidence” being non-existent and my witnesses being very much real and angry the trial pretty much went in my favor and Bee/their rep.

continued to act pretty entitled, annoyed, and unaware/unapologetic of their ignorance of local laws, like telling an employee who feels scared for their physical safety to not call 911 lol. I don’t think Bee’s rep. once said “thank you” “you’re welcome” “your honor” “sir” or “ma’am” etc the entire trial. Well, the time comes and my witnesses did even more than I thought. They shed light on situations I was not even privy to and even corroborated a LOT of what I presented and more.

My favorite part was when the judge asked “they told you NOT to call the police?!” and the subsequent frustration from the judge after the witnesses confirmed. The trial ends and we’re informed the ruling will be mailed to each of us in another 3 weeks.

So, 3 weeks passes and I get a large letter informing me that again, I won the appeal and it even went on to explain in detail the laws that my employer was ignorant of, ignored, or refused to comply with, which was even more than my initial research and testimony showed.

I finally felt relief and got to enjoy the rest of my “vacation” or “paid mental health sabbatical” with enough funds to pursue other avenues of work, at my leisure, with no worries of retribution or having to pay the local govt back. This ended up with me eventually taking on far fewer hours at a much higher pay rate in a different field I’ve had my eye on which has raised my quality of life so freaking much!

Fast forward to now; Abe has bought out Bee and took over majority control due to Bee’s inability to generate revenue with a continual revolving employee/mgmt door (hurr durr I wonder why? lol) and has extended an offer for my original job, title, etc back with a substantial pay increase/benefits package with far fewer hours to commit to AND with an in writing statement saying that if in the future I want a full-time contract with even better pay/benefits than my current offer, they are fully prepared to sign me on, would be thrilled if I choose to cross that bridge, etc.

The real cherry on top is that Bee failed to disconnect me from some groups, among other things, after firing me so they got to see my new job announcement, my old co-workers, and new mgmt from Abe, and excitement around it and there is nothing they can do about it lol!

Oh and I framed that last letter detailing my final victory. I don’t usually get to win much in life but now I got a reminder of a W hanging on the wall. HO YEAH!”

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6. Be A Racist Homophobe And Steal My Chicken? Enjoy Catching A Charge


“I’m black and closeted bicurious. This Russian ex ‘friend’ of mine constantly used derogatory slurs. He’s a ‘rapper’ and would nonstop rap all sorts of homophobic stuff, ‘God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve’ type of things. It was genuinely one of his main topics, definitely repressing for sure. He would also incessantly complain about his sister being all over black men. Little did he know, I was one of those black men.


He was also just a trashy person in general. One time, he, another friend of mine, and I were chilling in my friend’s car in my parking lot. My friend and I were in the front seat and needed to crush some things up, so I passed my orange chicken to the Russian in the back as my hands would be preoccupied for a bit. After we were done, I tell him to pass it back and he had eaten ALL OF IT.

My entire restaurant meal, that hungry idiot had gobbled it all down. Word of advice for anyone out here: you do not mess with a black man’s chicken. I repeat: you DO NOT, under any circumstances, mess with a black man’s chicken. This is one of the most disrespectful things anyone has ever done to me and I still fume whenever I think about it.

Anyways, a few years ago I drive him to his dealer for him to buy some stuff for us to smoke.

As I’m driving back home, a cop pulls us over because I’m speeding (stupid, I know).

They smelled it immediately and asked to search. I told them that I do not consent to a search without probable cause. They were like ‘oh we can get that probable cause real quick’ and went to get the dogs.

Now, I have my medical card. I could have easily said that the substances were mine and we would have been on our way with no problems.

But I had long ago made up my mind that I was going to get back at him for his shenanigans, so when we were waiting for the cops and he hinted about telling them it was mine, I said ‘I don’t know if it will be 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years, but if you do that, I will come after you and you will regret it.’ He grew real quiet after that.

So the cops come and find the substances. He admits that it’s his (which it was) and I tell them that I had absolutely no knowledge about what he had on him. He’s sweating. I’m calm as a cucumber, not a care in the world. I knew I was golden because that idiot wouldn’t dare try to pin that stuff on me and I have my med card regardless.

Cue him getting handcuffed and shoved in the back of the police car, while I’m just standing outside chatting it up with one of the officers, just hanging out.

I went on my merry way home. He went to jail and caught a charge (not his first either).

I have absolutely no remorse because he’s a racist, homophobic piece of work and had it coming.”

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Malissa 9 months ago
He was all those bad things, but not so bad you wouldn't hang out withe him and smoke the illegal substances he bought? I don't know if that says more about you, or more about him.
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5. We Were Best Friends, Now He Doesn't Have Anything


“So. I had this business partner. Long-time friend, like a brother to me, most trusted person in my life (aside from my wife and daughter). Till I had the stupid idea to open a business with him.

And yes, it was definitely a stupid idea. People warned me against it, I myself was kinda aware of the risks and obvious consequences, but we’ve talked about it for so long that it would ruin the friendship if I did not include him in my plans.

So I left my job to open my own design school. The focus would be on comic bookmaking, which I considered a specialty of mine, having even won a national award (as co-author, I admit) for one of my publications.

The deal was pretty simple. At first, I would teach writing, he would teach drawing. He never had published anything, but he had a raw talent for art and I always pushed him to practice again, which he had stopped due to a lot of insecurities.

Considering our work backgrounds (he has always worked with sales, and I was a teacher for most of the last decade) we also divided the administrative and mundane tasks: he was “director of sales”, responsible for bringing the students, close deals, and take care of the bills. I was the “teaching director”, responsible for finding associated teachers (our business model involved bringing teachers as sorta partners, in control of their own courses and paying us a fee in exchange for the place, the support, and the sales effort), the marketing and the overall quality of the teaching structure.

We reached out to a lot of fairs, cons, and art shows so we could find some potential students. In exchange, we gave free workshops and panels. It was then that things started to go south.

After a particularly successful panel about independent comic authors, we started a Q&A session and someone asked about the relevance of a comic book school in such a small market. The question was directed at me and, being my long time dream, my planning (even my award), I started to recall my previous experiences both on teaching and on comics publishing, till the part of the story where I invited my best friend to share the dream.

He was LIVID. Suddenly he took the mic and started rambling about how I made it sound like it was all my idea (which it was, but whatever) and made very public his opinion that I never gave him enough credit.

I think I made a joke, tried to dismiss his rant as a playful prank between good friends, and acknowledged his many contributions to the venture (and I’d have done it anyway if he had just let me finish my damn story).

I tried to talk to him later about what had happened, but he again insisted that I was always dismissing his ideas and leaving him out of things. I apologized for making him feel this way and said it was never my intent to diminish him or his ideas.

After this, I started putting the friendship first and the business second. He would come up with these absurd, most idiotic ideas, and I would let him pursue it so he would feel included, even when I knew said idea would massively blow up in our faces.

It was that or hear him complain that “I thought only my ideas were worthy of something”.

This continued for a while and I spent most of the time on damage control, which as a consequence took me away from some of my other responsibilities. Unsurprisingly, the business suffered.

When we both left our jobs to become entrepreneurs I warned him that it would be a long and hard road.

This wasn’t my first company (not even my second, proving that I’m really stubborn and don’t know when to quit), and I did not expect to turn a profit for at least the first year. I told him we would struggle on a month-to-month basis and for that reason, I had secured some funds to keep me afloat in the meantime and was counting on some freelance work here and there to make ends meet.

The fact that I lived in my own house and did not have to pay rent was an additional blessing. He actually was in a similar situation, living in a small apartment owned by his mother and having very few bills to pay. Also, he lived all by himself, while I had to support a wife and a daughter.

A little side story here: his mom had been used as a scapegoat by her own sister some years before when they opened together a factory to produce school and companies uniforms.

The sister was actually the “brains” behind the operation, and my friend’s mom basically just contributed with her reputation and good credit. Later, when the sister closed down the factory thinking (wrongly, of course) that it would excuse her from paying former employees and the many many lawsuits that came after, she actually took the precaution of first transferring all her assets to her children, not giving the courtesy of suggesting my friend’s mom should do the same.

So my friend’s mom had her assets frozen, while her sister who actually managed the business kept everything she owned untouched. And by some red tape shenanigans between different states, the government had never found out about my friend’s apartment, owned by his mom but in a different city and different state.

So after a few months into the venture, my friend slash partner told me he would move back to his mom’s and put his apartment for leasing, so he would have an income source until the school could turn a profit.

Solid plan. I helped with renovations, painted his whole apartment all by myself (he proved terrible at it), even paid half the costs with moving (since some of his furniture were being donated to our school).

However… At the worst timing possible, the government found out about the apartment. It didn’t really surprise me, it should have happened much earlier, and many times I had recommended that his mom transfer the title to her children before it was too late.

According to the law, the apartment cannot be seized if someone from the family uses it as their main address. Since my friend did not have a steady income now, and his sister was fresh out of university with a law degree and a job on a firm, it was decided that she would move in and take care of maintaining the property. This only added to my friend’s many other insecurities and rejection complex and he started blaming me for losing his apartment to his sister.

A few days later he actually put it into words, saying that he no longer saw us as friends. I told him the sentiment was one-sided.

Things just got worse from there. He had the habit of going to the school every single day by foot, walking a few miles between his mom’s house and our commercial spot downtown. I did not have that option, since I live on the other side of the city, do not drive, and depend on sporadic buses to move around.

And since we hadn’t classed every single day, I simply didn’t see the point in wasting the time and the money.

Don’t take me wrong. It was a waste. We worked our butts off to collect a bunch of contacts from possible students, and all that was expected of our “director of sales” was for him to pick up the phone and invite these people to come and visit the school.

Once everyone saw our place, our closing numbers went through the roof. But instead, day after day he would crank up the AC, plug in his computer on the classroom TV, and alternate between YouTube and Netflix until the time he considered the end of his “shift”. And then would preach about how I was not as invested in the business as him because I wasn’t there every day.

“Find me some students and you’ll see me every day,” I would say.

We actually managed to eventually start two full classes of our extended comics course, which would pay a lot more than the usual short-term classes where most of the money went to the associated teachers. All of this was still going in accord with my initial time projection. Things were beginning to turn around.

Except that my friend got a new significant other. He was always too intense in his relationships, and this time wasn’t any different. He constantly complained about not having what my wife and I have, even after we reminded him that we too had our problems and what we do have (and he envied) was the result of twenty years together, with as many lows as highs.

He had never got over his ex, whom he proposed to and never got an answer, and all his relationships after that fell into one of two categories: either he was unfaithful to them since they weren’t “marriage material”, or he pursued them too intensely (in which case they were “m.m.”) and ended up scaring them away.

We were participating in the local annual comic convention and had secured a big booth to show off the school and gather some new contacts.

We printed posters with art from some of our teachers, a small sketchbook showcasing our in-house talent, and even reprinted some of my old indie comics so we would have more merch to offer. The plan was to make our art travel and get known by many people, but the idiot put in his head that he could make enough a profit to pay our bills for the month and keep some change.

So everything that should be offered cheap to make it travel fast suddenly got new prices and our booth turned into a desert. We actually made a bit, mostly because I offered discounts and threw some freebies to potential customers, but every time I did this he would give me an earful and say that I couldn’t be trusted to manage the booth. I did my better sales when he went away to check on other booths, anyway.

Our “profit” actually paid for his night out with the soon-to-be significant other. He spent everything we got in the first day on drinks for him and an old acquaintance that was visiting from another state. He was ashamed of it the next day, but seeing how happy he was, having turned the acquaintance into something more and apparently losing a big stick that had been living on his butt, I just brushed it off and congratulated him.

I told him, “It’s your money, too, and you should be able to spend it on nice things every now and then”.

I know this tale is getting bigger and bigger and there’s no sign of revenge yet, but stick with me. All of this is important to comprehend what comes next.

So suddenly my partner had a significant other from another state. My birthday came, and we made a big dinner, as was our tradition, and he spent most of the night outside, on the street, talking to her on the phone.

When he came back he was a jerk to my daughter and some other guests, and when people started talking about politics (almost everybody in our circle tends to be liberal and left thinking) he started to distort things and jokes I had said when we were alone to make me look racist and misogynistic (a quick curiosity: I’ve been out of the closet most of my life as bisexual, and a few years after these events I actually came out as non-binary).

A few days later he told me he always had this dream of moving to another city (If you guessed the city where his girl lived, you guessed right) and pursue a career in publishing, but had never told anyone about it. Then he decided that life was too short to carry baggage around and started putting his huge comic collection for sale. He first made it sound like he was pursuing a life without attachments, but it soon became clear he was both getting rid of anything that could slow him down while also making some income to move away.

As a good friend, I tried to talk him down and make him think twice about all these sudden decisions he was making and told him repeatedly that he could regret some of them. He just ignored me. He loved those comics, but couldn’t wait to get rid of it all.

He finally came up with a good idea and proposed an event, putting his collection sale as a way of bringing people to visit the school and get to know our classes.

He forgot to tell me that he would not put any effort into the second part, so the event was a bust, at least regarding new possible clients. He actually sold a few rare TPBs and got enough funds for a quick trip to see his girl the following weekend. I offered to take charge of the next event so I could try and advertise the school while he focused on his sales, and this time he decided to not give a damn on any front.

I sold a few of his comics to the very few people who attended the second event and when I went to check the books with him (he only appeared when we were almost closing) he said: “Keep it. Pretend it’s your commission.”

But nothing prepared for what came next. We each had a weekly class: his on drawing, mine on writing. Some of our students went to both classes, but they were taught independently.

His class started a couple of months earlier, while we tried to gather more students to mine in order to make it profitable. As a consequence, his class was scheduled to conclude earlier, but our business plan anticipated this kind of situation where we would offer students a more advanced course to keep them with us. Instead, when his class got near the end he called me:

“So, I spoke with our real estate agent, and we can move out at such date if we pay these amounts as fines.”

“Wait… What!?? We still have a few months on our lease and my class won’t finish for another three months!”

“Bad for you.

Mine ends next month so I already gave ’em notice.”

He probably thought it was that easy, but it wasn’t. We actually had to put in writing any desire to end the contract early and only then did the 30 days notice start counting. So, to avoid any more useless arguing, I complied. The Real Estate Agency usually sent bills and notifications only addressed to me, probably to shorten communications, but many times he complained and said that it looked like only my name was on the lease.

Man, it was freaking bills. Next, he would complain that birds never pooped over him.

I came by the school while he was with his students and left the letter of intention on his table, properly signed, and reminded him he had to sign it too and drop it at the agency. The air was heavy, and I felt that probably would be the last time we spoke face to face.

Call me naive, or stubborn, but I really hoped at that point we could get over everything and just go back to being best buddies.

His class ended and I tried to offer the students the second course. I secured a meeting room in a coworking space so I could finish my own class and host the advanced class. This way, we would have enough funds to renovate the school and pay the last bills before moving out.

By law, we were required to undo any modifications and return the property to its original state, or we had to pay the agency’s own estimated costs, which traditionally is much more expensive than renovating on your own. I quickly learned that my “friend” approached every single one of our students and asked them to pay on credit any remaining amount of their tuition fees, and because of it most wouldn’t be able to afford the advanced class.

I called my partner and asked what was made of this money since the last rent and bills weren’t paid and our business account had no balance. He took great offense and said he wouldn’t even waste his time answering it. And in fact, never did!

I was able to speed up things with my class, making double appointments with them each week, and got them to agree to some online tutoring in exchange for us finishing the schedule early.

This reduced the amount I would have to pay for the new place, but the new class was still essential if we expected to pay all taxes, fines, and fees without having to use our own dollars. So I went out and found some new students.

I asked him how we should divide the school’s assets, but he said he wanted nothing but the TV and some other equipment bought on his sister’s credit card, which he intended to sell.

I could have just loaded the moving truck with everything I wanted, but instead, I tried to be considerate and left behind half of everything. I even bought paint cans and some painting equipment so we could do renovations together. When I brought this up, he said: “Go ahead. If I feel like It, I’ll join you.” I painted one wall and said: “Screw it. I’m done.” I finally had enough.

In our country renting requires some payment guarantee. Most of the time, this is achieved by including someone on the contract who vouches for and has enough income to be held responsible in case you don’t pay (sorry if this isn’t news to anyone, but I have no idea how similar or different renting is between here and the USA). In our case, this person was his mother.

I loved her like a second mom, and never purposedly would hurt her, but she ended up getting caught in the crossfire.

My friend and I had not talked for weeks. Suddenly he redirects one of her messages to me. “The real estate agent is asking about this month’s rent,” it said. He answered below: “OP will take care of it.” It was the last straw.

I started recording an audio message with every intention of sounding calm and stable.

But a few seconds in I was already screaming and putting out every little thing that I’ve kept to myself for the last six or seven months. Every hope I had of becoming friends again was dead and buried. I asked again about the missing funds, saying how strange it was that he suddenly had enough to make recurring trips to see his woman, while our bills weren’t being paid.

I made it clear that I would not take care of anything and reminded him it was HIS MOM’S BUTT on the line, and she already had enough trouble and debt.

This wasn’t the revenge, by the way. Nor what comes next. He actually called a few weeks later and said: “Real estate agency wants to charge us an extra month.”

The imbecile had “forgotten” to deliver our letter of intentions.

He eventually did it… TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS LATER. And then he failed to move his things out within the 30 subsequent days. And never occurred to him in the meantime how many renovations I had made by myself. So he was charged the equivalent to THREE MONTHS RENT in additional fees and expected us to split the amount. For his mistake. I laughed and hung up.

The actual revenge came a lot later.

I failed to make a payment on time to the coworking space and they emailed me asking when I could fix this. Immediately I got a message from my former partner giving me a hard time for being irresponsible and for making our company look bad.

That was how I found out that he still had access to our business account, even after I changed all passwords and blocked him (he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with the company, but I still had students to attend to).

I’m no expert on these things, but after looking around a bit it became clear that his phone was still logged in to the company’s account, and even the changing of password couldn’t prevent him from receiving e-mails and notifications. So I dug a little more to find a way to disconnect it remotely from the account.

What I did find was an option to erase ALL his phone’s data in case of robbery, which I promptly activated.

I have no idea what was the end result or the size of the damage, but judging by the angry messages he left me later (from his sister’s phone) I’m guessing it was pretty big.

And THAT was my revenge.

By the way, not long after he got dumped. The girl got really scared with how fast he wanted things to go, already talking about moving in, etc.

It did not help that he gave her a “commitment ring”… And It was exactly the same ring he had used to propose to his ex. I actually kept in touch with her and we even go out to drink whenever I travel to her city. We never talk about him.

I talked to his mom and sister a few times after everything happened. They told me he maxed out all his credit cards and had to take a bunch of loans, and nobody knew how long it would take him to settle all his debt.

Some mutual friends stopped talking to me. I decided I wouldn’t touch the subject unless someone came to me and asked. Everyone who did it now is back again on good terms with me. Most stopped talking to him after hearing my side. I never asked for anybody to do this.”

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4. Upset That I'm Driving Too Slow? I'll Go Even Slower


“Driving home this afternoon with my niece and son in the back seat, so I’m checking the review mirror more often to also check on them.

It’s 4 pm, so peak traffic, with lower speed limits in certain areas.

I’m going the speed limit of 60, we’re in a roadworks area on the highway. Even going this slow, I’m still overtaking cars in other lanes. I refuse to speed in roadwork areas and know this can be frustrating but I have a friend who works in road construction and they have seen many people die from people speeding through these areas.

I check the rearview and see a guy quite close. At first, I think maybe he just merged in as I was in the fastest traveling lane. He gets closer and sits right up my bum by my next review check. I slow down slightly to 58ish and then back to 60 hoping he’d get the point. He starts pointing at his speedometer and then at me while somehow sitting closer to my rear end.

I really want to flip him off but can’t due to the kiddles and wanting to set a proper example.

I wait to see if he will get off my bum… Nope…

I slow down to 55. He doesn’t get it and I can see him going off in my rearview. He’s so close I could read his lips if I wanted to try. I slow down further to 50 permanently.

He is getting soo angry. (we’re still passing cars in other lanes mind you. Traffic is really slow, we just happen to be in a lane that will turn off so no one really wants it.)

Cherry on the cake? When he finally gets the chance to pass me, I wave really pleasantly and the kids in the back copy me, none the wiser, whilst cranky driver is going red with rage..”

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chga 9 months ago
This is why you dont tailgate, kids. The only one you hurt is yourself.
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3. Arguing With Me Isn't Going To Get You In Faster


“My wife and I are currently vacationing at a Caribbean resort, we wanted to try a particular restaurant here at the resort. Like any restaurant, you check with the host and if there is a wait you put your name on the list and well….wait. Now there were a group of people waiting outside the door (this usually happens around dinner time). Most are people milling around waiting for their turn to be seated.

I walk in, wait a moment for the host to be free, and speak with him. I’m told the wait time is nearly two hours. It’s at this moment Karen grabs my shoulder and squawks “there is a wait to get in.” At first, I’m confused like “yeah no kidding, how is that my fault?” Then it hits me she doesn’t know you need to check in with the host to get in line so to say.

Just to clarify she wasn’t waiting by the host stand and I had waited behind two other couples to speak to him. She and her husband had been waiting outside the restaurant near the group of people that were milling around. So then I simply reply “ok” and walk away. With a wait time at two hours and growing I’m not going to tell her she needs to check in to actually “be in line.” Enjoy dinner, Karen.”

2 points (6 votes)

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kade 10 months ago
I'm not fully grasping what made her a Karen, or deserving of this. She said there was a wait, and according to your tale that's it. Instead of revengeful, I'd say you were just an ass
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2. Have An Affair With Another Man? I'll Purchase The Company Then Fire Both Of You


This story is so outrageous that people are calling it out as fake. What do you think?

“At the time of writing this, my partner (26) is now an ex of mine. She and I(M32) had been together for the past six years. I’ve helped her financially through college up until she graduated by the age of 24. We both graduated with a degree in finance. I also hold a secondary degree in I.T.

Cyber Security.

We were both in love. At least I was at the time. Heck, I even bought a ring waiting for the perfect moment. Anyways, she ended up accepting a job offer for a mid-size company as a financial analysis. She loved her job and the company she worked at. It paid well, so she became financially stable. She grew up in foster care and didn’t have much when she left.

However, she worked a few jobs and made it through college.

About a year in a half, she started to become distanced. We weren’t having much “fun time” as we used to, and she would leave more than usual. So I became suspicious. Performed a man-in-the-middle attack and installed malware onto her phone. iPhones are not that secure people. Anyways, I quickly found out she was being unfaithful to me with her co-worker.

We’ll call him the accountant since that’s what he does for a living.

My heart was crushed. I was severely hurt. I wanted to grow a family with her. I envisioned this and believed it. After I de-stressed and sat back to clear my head, I thought to myself how I was going to go about this. I thought about emotional intelligence and keeping my composure. Then I remembered she said the company was thinking of selling as the original owners were retiring.

I have a successful career along with a substantial amount of money and investments I’ve made over the years. So if the price was right then, I could afford it. I’ve reached out to the owner for a meeting. We’ve met, and the price was right. We made a deal.

It took some time to make a complete transition officially, but in the meantime, I acted like I didn’t know anything about her infidelity.

I even spiced our relationship more by taking her out to fancy places and being the best partner I could be. I took her on several trips to Italy and Paris. It got to a point where she told the accountant that she couldn’t see him anymore and that she wouldn’t leave me. She even texted her mother that she was waiting for me to propose to her.

It didn’t matter to me because I’d made up my mind. I was going to break it off once I fired her.

She came over for dinner and told me that her company had sold to a new owner. She was a bit concerned that there might be significant changes. I convinced her that it’d be okay. Whatever happens, we’ll have each other.

Two weeks later, on Monday morning.

I had HR send out two invite emails to the accountant and my girl with a Zoom link. With the subject “The new owner would like to meet you.”

So once I joined the Zoom meeting, my girl displayed a confused reaction on her face. I told them both that I was aware of their unprofessional relationship, and they were to be terminated today. She became visibly upset and tried to say there wasn’t anything between them. The accountant didn’t have much to say other than a few choices of words.

I ended the call and had I.T. disable their accounts and corporate laptops. I blocked her number and ignored her when she would show up at my home. So am I the jerk for firing her and the accountant?”

0 points (2 votes)

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chga 9 months ago
This did not happen. Man in the Middle attacks are used to steal data being sent between two sources and cannot be used to install anything. Someone with a degree in Cyber Security would know this.
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1. I'm Sorry But You Can't Exchange The Ticket Anymore


“This happened on 26th October, a day ago to Diwali this year. I was traveling from New Delhi to my hometown in second class sleeper which I booked using tatkal services as I was not sure of going home due to research work. The reservation coach turned general coach, not having space to stand anywhere due to Diwali the next day. Luckily I was allotted side upper birth where I got some room to sit because it was half-covered with luggage.

A guy came before 5 minutes of the train’s departure, he pointed at me like a cool guy saying, Get down. I was bewildered by the way he asked still I managed to be calm and asked Brother… Is it your berth?? He was confident it was. The whole crowd was looking at us and it was embarrassing for me. I asked him to show his ticket and again that cool boy, posed with a gesture of a proud and cunning smile, forwarded his phone to me opening a soft copy of the booking.

This was my turn to smile and trust me I had a corporate smile over my face mentioning him to come tomorrow as the booking day was for 27th October – the Diwali day itself. That guy struggled to move out of coach abusing the dealer over the phone who booked the ticket.”

-1 points (3 votes)

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chga 9 months ago
This isn't revenge. This is some dude messing up his travel times
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