Don’t Like The Packaging? Fine, Then Pay The Return Shipping Fee

“I run a business selling Fire and EMS supplies. Because this crosses over into some Civilian education (CPR training) we have quite a few civilian customers.

One of them has only placed 2 orders with us for 2 years. The order is for CPR training valves. These are plastic pieces that go on the Face mask for Mouth to Mask training. They are cheap alternatives to using the actual one-way valves that come with the mask.

They used to come 10 to a box and just sat loose in the box. The manufacturer changed the packaging to be more hygienic. They come in a sealed ziplock-style bag and are individually wrapped.

This customer places a 2 order with us a full year and a half after her first. A good year into the packaging change over. She orders 1600 of these valves.

We don’t keep that many in stock so we have them drop-shipped from the manufacturer.

2 weeks after they are delivered we get a phone call from the buyer. We sent her a completely different item and this is not what she wanted. She wanted a full refund and for us to pay for return shipping.

I ask her what is wrong with the product.

She states they come in bags and she wants them in a box. I explain they don’t come in a box anymore. This woman doubles down and insists I am screwing with her.

I ask why she insists on having them in a box.

She says this way she can just put them on the table and have people pick one out as they grab the other training material. (UGH talk about unhygienic).

I explain to her that she can just take them out of the bags and put them in a shoebox or any box and still accomplish the same thing.

Nope, she wants them in a box and if I can’t send them in a box then she wants her money back.

I again explain that no manufacturer offers them in a box anymore, they all went to the more hygienic packaging.

This woman is being a complete jerk so I do something I never do. In writing, we state our return policy is they pay a 20% restocking fee for all returns. Again I have in 15 years (at the time) never enforced this policy. I have also never encountered such a raging jerk.

Since the item is not defective I told her I would not refund shipping either, and she could pay for return shipping. This foolish woman said fine they were useless anyway.

This foolish woman lost $350 in shipping had to pay another $350 to ship it to me and had over a $400 restocking fee.

In the end, it cost her almost $1200 and she had nothing to show for it. Some Petty revenge. I then just sold off the inventory now with a little extra inventory on each.”

Another User Comments:
“I used to work at McDonald’s and one time this lady came inside asking for a refund because our happy meals were in bags instead of boxes due to not having any. They were still bags specifically meant for happy meals but she wanted the box. I was at the table making sandwiches and when I was told the situation I loudly said, ‘wow, she really wants a refund just because we don’t have the boxes?’ I had assumed she was in the drive-thru, but I was very wrong. She heard me obviously and yelled at me saying ‘YES I WANT A REFUND BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE THE DARN BOX.’ My manager fixing it hit my arm and told me to keep my mouth shut and I was like oh darn I shouldn’t have said that. Lol, people are wild.” Alice_wanders17

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My Granddad loved drinking 7up. When they came out with their promotion no caffeine "never had it, never will". He freaked and sent my Grandma back to the store to get his 7up with caffeine in it. Smh
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