Keep Parking In My Assigned Spot? I’ll Block You In

They’ll never park in someone else’s spot again.

“Little background. I live in an apartment complex that has been taken over by new management. He’s a great landlord but has been slow to truly implement some rules in the leasing contract.

One of the rules is this: only one parking space per owner. Meaning, visitors must park on the public street in front of the building.

Now, when I first moved in last year, they didn’t have assigned spots, so you would just kinda park wherever. This past summer, the landlord and maintenance spent an entire day re-painting lines and assigning each spot a number to correspond with apartment numbers. It has been brought up in memos and meetings that he will start to implement the towing of non-authorized vehicles and has even hired someone to keep track of this (apparently).

This hadn’t been an issue until I went back to work. I would leave, go work my shift, and come home to find my assigned spot taken by a random vehicle. I don’t know where the driver is, so I would leave a note saying that this was reserved for my apartment number. Twice I did this. One time I had knocked on the hood of the driver to get their attention, so they could leave and could have my spot back.

This last time though? P*ssed me off. I was getting my kids in the car to take them to school. There’s this car that is creeping the parking lot, and I know they saw me parked in my spot. They left. I happened to get out of the parking lot just in time to see them turn back into the lot. I followed them back in and my suspicions were confirmed. He parked in my spot. I pull up, with my window down, and yell at him that I live here and that is my assigned parking. They moved.

Again, I had to work that night. I leave and come back to find a DIFFERENT vehicle parked in my spot. This would make 5 different vehicles in the span of two weeks. (There are also signs posted in front of each spot that only one spot per owner and violators will be towed.) I parked directly behind them. I ended up blocking the previous car that I yelled at and the new car (I was horizontal compared to their vertical) and made sure I left room for other vehicles to get through the lot. You couldn’t get in from the passenger side. And I left my vehicle there. Parked directly behind them and boxed them in.

My boyfriend ended up answering the door when the owner came and asked if we could move my car so they could get out. He later told me that he explained that it was reserved parking.

Haven’t had an issue so far after that.”

Another User Comments:

“I lived in a townhouse complex with the same issue: assigned parking. We owned the units and the assigned spots. People would still just park in the numbered spots willy nilly. Getting a car towed required contacting a member of the board of the condo corporation, which could take hours if they’re at work or busy, etc.

Basically pulled the same deal you did, blocked them right in with my car and took a picture of the vehicle in case they pulled a hit and run. This was around 8 pm; got a call from a neighbor who lived by the parking lot at 11 pm – the owner of the vehicle was honking incessantly and trying to back out of the spot, to no avail. Apparently, they’ve been at it for over an hour. Finally got my a** out of bed and slowly sauntered my way over. The driver is p*ssed off and screaming. I calmly explained that the parking spot he was in was assigned tenant parking and that it was my spot. He screamed that he’s in a rush. I replied that since I was inconvenienced when I couldn’t park in my own spot, that he could wait a few minutes while I went to get my keys. Also mentioned I had pictures of his car and plates.

Went back home, had a coffee, contemplated life. Went back to the parking lot. Oops, forgot my keys. Went home, came back. All in all, including the conversation, it was an additional 15 minutes. The driver just sat quietly and waited this time. He left with the peeling of tires after backing out of my spot.

Signs were posted about the parking being tenants only and assigned parking, tow at owner’s expense, etc. But because they didn’t include a tow company on the sign, like some properties do, it makes it so much more difficult to actually get someone towed in a reasonable time.

Good luck with your spot. Could always try putting a concrete-filled pylon in your spot when you leave for the day. It’s a bit inconvenient but one of those potential deterrents.” dachopstix69

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jela 3 years ago
I used to work late nights and came home to someone parked in my spot at 1am. Our streets are so packed I would have been lucky to find a spot 3 blocks away, not fun walking alone in the middle of the night like that. Honked a few times to try to find whoever it was, ended up attracting the attention of the night security guy who called to have the car towed. I can honestly say I laughed out loud as they took the car away. I’m glad the owner didn’t come out when I honked and I hope it was hell to get their car back.
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