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Run so far so fast from that unpredictable, he showed you who he is, believe him.
"it is wrong to deny men the right to a feminine side if that’s what they desire." Cool but idgaf what men want, especially not this one, and that comment has nothing to do with what's going on, he simply wanted her to do what he wanted. He's trash.
No, stop coddling grown curious ppl, take this bs to hr cus the first thing out of their mouth when he does something like this again and he will because there isn't never any real consequences will be "why didn't you. . ." Fk no.
YTJ because you bought it for her, Its no different than any other gift, you also dont need it nor will you be able to get your money back. Also you need to be honest with yourself here, you aren't keeping the book for any other reason except that you are trying to get back at her because you broke up. Also after near 5 years you sound as though you begrudgingly purchased a book she desperately needed, while treating her like a child I might add, sound like you weren't in a relationship you were at best casually dating. Naturally his account on reddit is suspended.
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