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Exactly, sister is just giving her a discount, and considering the markup on many wedding dresses it probably isn't even a big loss for her.
Sister was still a jerk, the discount on the dress is a gift, you dont get to decide how a person uses the gift you give them. The idea was cute but impractical, thats it, it doesnt make her a jerk for thinking of a cute idea. So NO everyone doesnt suck here, just big sis who get to apparently decide what happens to the dress, so is the dress just a loan then, nothing else, is she gonna take it back? because then thats not a gift. Either the discount(not free remember, just discounted) isnt a gift but a loaner and the big sis is in the right or its supposed to be a gift and big sis is being a grade A jerk, there is no in between. Cant imagine how throwing a fit and objects over someone elses wedding day doesn't make someone a jerk.
The daughter is a little bit of a jerk, you cant expect people to do what YOU want with THEIR lives, if she had just unfollowed her it would have been different but she was trying to shame her into giving up something she enjoys because Daughter was upset you. Gimme a break, daughter and her aren't even friends, they are merely casual acquaintances.
NTJ, he is right bout the privacy thing given this persons profession and the contents, I think its pathetic of the so called psychologist to poke fun a the patients he serves while also blocking and then attacking the person who pointed out the issue. I dont think that person should be a psychologist.
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