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Oh for Pete sakes, homemade pasta in my opinion is better than store bought. I also think learning how to make things from scratch is a dying art. Good for you for wanting to try something new. My husband loves homemade pasta. It's a plus for me that it doesn't take as long to cook in my opinion. NTJ
I can see how upset she got, you should apologize and then maybe explain that other people eat rabbit and sometimes thats the only meat they can get. I had my father after dinner one how I liked my rabbit, I was shocked but said it was good and asked why he would cook one and he said our ancestors ate rabbit as they crossed the plains and native Americans eat it. Whats gonna happen when you can't buy other meat from the store??
Happy to see your doing your job to righfuly train these guys, not only to regular people safe but also to keep officers safe to. Keep up the good work.

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