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Why? It's her home. She can put whatever she wants wherever she wants and absolutely NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TOUCH IT without permission. Pretty simple.
She knew how theys react if the truth came out, that's why she wanted you to lie by omission. You told them the truth, they turned on her exactly as she knew they would. That's a her problem, not a you problem. 100% NTJ.
My ex husband and I are friends on jerk. We were together for almost 20 years and had known each other for over half of our lives. We are both remarried and MUCH BETTER AS FRIENDS!!!! I Moved several states away and he still maintains a relationship with my parents...And they absolutely adore his new wife...And I'm super happy for him. He helps them with car repairs and house repairs if they can't do them...And he keeps me informed on how they are doing since I only get back twice a year to visit. I do think your husband hovering over you is a red flag, but it could be that he just doesn't want the argument with you. I can't really judge this one. Gut feelings are usually strong for a reason, so definitely time for a good heart to heart. I hope your gut feeling is wrong. Good luck!!!
You were jerk the guy for 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS. I'm sorry, but if you thought he was gonna propose after 3 weeks, you should seek some help. I have a friend like you. If a guy gives her attention, she latches on and all of the sudden he's her forever. They NEVER feel the same way and she is always heartbroken over it. Your sister did absolutely nothing wrong. And sister/girl/brother/guy code is for junior high. You are and we're an adult when you were jerk him for the ever so lengthy time of THREE WEEKS. You held a grudge for no reason. You are the jerk. Men/people are not your property!
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