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I think it is time to bring child support lawsuits against doctors who refuse to sterilize adult women because they think they know what we want better than we do.
I have a very similar story. That is how I wound up working for the federal government as a COR for the project I had once been a contractor on. Then, we went through a reorg and they brought in a new manager who told the contracting company that all that matters is doing what he says and making him happy. The contract and laws regarding federal contracts stated differently. I jumped ship because he was sleezy and I knew he would be looking for a scapegoat.
Supporting Disney? Lol! The mouse is far from destitute.
If the aunt drops Maisy off without your consent, call the police to report her as an abandoned child. Another idea is to put in writing you will not he watching her at all, so you can just leave and if the kid is found wandering the hotel alone, that is her parents' problem.
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