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First babies have a tendency to show up late. You might not be 9 days post pardem, you might only be a day or so or even still pregnant. Hard no from me. I had both of my kids c sections. We saw people 4 days after Maggie was born only because it was Christmas. Even then, everyone understood that I had just been gutted like a fish and wasn't up for much. I was also the crazy protective first time mom. Anyone who was going to breathe the same air as her had to have a flu shot. Anyone planning on holding her had to have a DTAP updated. I don't think I took her anywhere the unvaccinated masses could get her until at least 6 months and this was before unpredictable. Flu season and RSV season have started. Big gatherings with drinking and people I don't know would be a curious no for me. My mom could be getting remarried and I still wouldn't take a newborn there.
If your name is on the car and he injurs someone while on those lovely substances, you can 100% be sued for damages. As long as you still own the car, you are liable for everything he does with it. If you still want him to have it, draw up a contract and get the title changed over. You'll never see the interesting but you won't be liable when he kills someone with it. Get your plates off of it at the same time. You aren't a jerk for protecting yourself. He can ruin your life with this. They absolutely will go after you in court for this, especially if he has no interesting.
See if the seamstress can make a little pocket on the inside of the bust. Put the necklace in there. Wear it without wearing it. That's what I did for my wedding. My necklace clashed with my dress and ring. It is a gold pendant with my grandfather's thumbprint on it. I NEVER take it off except for surgery and my wedding. My grandmother wanted me to wear a string of pearls instead so the pendant went in a pocket. My other grandmother gave me a medal from my other grandfather's firefighter days. I had both deceased grandparents next to my heart for my wedding. You can make this work. It won't be too complicated unless they are asking you to wear a skintight cocktail dress. If this wedding means that much to you, find a compromise. It'll be worth it.

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