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OP, you need the after care program. You need the vehicle to meeting point. You need things and they were accommodating. She missed one cheer bc she wouldn't do her homework, well, she does need to do her homework. Seems like you have an unhealthy fixation on Regina when they've done alot to accommodate you. The daughter was upset bc she missed a cheer and was sad, it's a consequence of not doing homework ..and something Regina nicely was taking HER time to do for YOUR child. I usually side with the mom, but you're asking for alot of help and being petty.
So to clarify, she is pi$$ed because she she could have the money you're giving him if not being given to him?? Bc...why else would she be upset about this? It's great experience for him and you could also teach him about saving and investing. Bc I had a job at 15, and from that day bought all my own stuff just to give the family household a break (clothes, toiletries etc), so I'm.not understanding WHY she is mad.
YTJ, and this level of attn to him while dissmissing your wife would have me raising eyebrows wondering "how special your friend is"--have you joined him in the silk sheets? Your poor wife! She will now she she is not the most important person in your life! What a huge mistake you have made.
Ytj. Alternate your two orders to get only one each time the company PAYs. You like their food that much: buy yourself both entree s on your day off. No one orders two entrees, it's greedy behavior on someone else's dime, and offering to pay extra is just a complication unnecessary. And you can bet these ppl are 100% talking about this food greed behind your back. Workplaces are catty like that
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