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Ntj . If the judge didnt lower child support, there is a reason. My guess would be that they have more money than what they say. They probably use it as an excuse to not buy your girls anything when they are there. Seems to me like that psychopath has done everything in her power to make you look bad....would it really be that much of a stretch that they lie about needing shelter help? When women go that nuts, they dont think about how telling everyone they have to beg for food makes them look...they do it purely to make you look bad. As I said, the judge didn't reduce it for a reason.
So she wants you to take on a mans "role" and force your husband to stop doing something? That whole family sounds screwed up in the head. If you behave as she wants, you would be a biddable, quiet wife ...so how does that translate to making him stop? The lady is a hypocrite and probably mad that her son wears make up better than her
Ntj . Why are you with someone like that? If she is acting this way before you are even married, its a major red flag. Clearly she doesnt care about how you feel, either physically or mentally. Add to that, she flat out lied about you to her parents. RUN AWAY NOW! If you marry her, you deserve that nightmare.
Ntj .... this is your time to bond with your baby...in the environment you feel most comfortable. Sounds like mom would have been a total nightmare AGAIN. After she stopped your husband from coming in for your critically ill baby, I woulda told her shes lucky I even speak to her at all.
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