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I can use some help with my house too, but the only one I'd trust is working FT now & has little kids elementary age. So I'll just work around what she can do.
Where I think you messed up was not pressing charges the first time. In our state, stalking first offense is a misdemeanor. 2nd offense is automatically a felony & prison time. This is strictly the stalking. It doesn't include all the other possibly involved offenses.
That happened to me one time. I had a job I was very good at & my supervisor was up to something he shouldn't have been & he knew I knew. I ran a machine that put labels on boxes flat to be used on a production line. I could do 400+ in an hour of the smaller ones but could only do maybe 60 of the biggest ones in an hour. The day he called himself writing me up because he was somewhere doing something he shouldn't have been instead of watching the production line, it was the last straw. I took another job that was part-time which I couldn't afford to do, but that's the only time I have ever quit a job without working a 2 week notice. The most satisfaction was when he came to the lady who worked beside me & said, "We really f-d up when we let her go!" She said, "Yes you did." It took 3 & 4 people to do what I did by myself. The company went out of business & while I hate it for my friends, I don't for him. I didn't tell his wife but I know who did. Payback is a bitch!
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