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I have to agree with this view. They admitted to being aware that messes happen, so how hard is it to take the 2 minutes when you know someone's coming over to grab some cleaner and paper towel or whatever and wipe it down? And as for the 'not feeling well', thousands of women go through their normal routines every month while on the rag, so unless she has some medical issue, that's not an excuse. So, yeah, maybe he was a little insensitive with the 'gross' comments, but the host certainly should have dealt with it a lot better.
It was just a casual question. It wasn't like she was asking repeatedly or lecturing him or anything like that. Seriously, who wants to be with someone who's going to throw a bitchfit over a simple query like that, especially when it's easy to give a short answer and change the subject.
Maybe not a jerk, but he definitely needs to grow up. He reminds me of a child, 'when I grow up, I'm going to eat cake and candy all day'. Veganism severely restricts the nutrient sources as it is, and only eating favourite foods all the time and not even bothering to try out new variations is asking for serious deficiencies down the road.
Yes, people don't use common sense. People like you. This is what's wrong with children nowadays, and is the reason the world is as screwed up as it is. Parents just give them whatever they want, and they expect that everybody else will cater to their wishes as well. If someone doesn't, then they just throw a temper tantrum, because 'then' they get what they want. 'Good' parents raise their children 'not' to expect everything to be handed over just because they want it.
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