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IT WAS NOT ANY OF HER BUSINESS. She did not make the rule, and she had no say in the practice of it, nor does she have any legal right to make or enforce rules on the property. And having an argument over something does not mean you are trying to 'bully' the other party. In fact, the only bullying I see is OP sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong, and trying to kick her sister out over something that, again, is none of her business. It does not say that her parents are not of sound mind or enfeebled, and it does not say that any threats were uttered, EXCEPT by OP. She should have just sat back and let them have their discussion or stepped out of the room or whatever, regardless of her own opinion.
Anyone who refuses pets just because they don't like them is a jerk, imo. Having pets does not make someone a bad tenant, no more than having kids does, or being black or some other ethnicity, and those are all discrimination, plain and simple. It's not even legal anymore in some places to forbid pets, unless they're causing a nuisance or are dangerous, for the simple fact that pets have been proven to help with mental health. And as for the allergies, the landlord should not be going into the apartment except for things like repairs anyway, which I would imagine she would hire a handyman for, and in any case should only be a rare occurance, and that's what allergy pills were invented for.
More teenagers should know the realities of parenthood. It might make them a bit more responsible about potentially making the baby. Or, then again, maybe it wouldn't, but at least they'd be a little better prepared.
Falling in love with someone else when you're married isn't a crime. Lying to your spouse about it for 10 years is, and lying to your kid for another 10+ years about everything to do with the situation definitely is. If these two are willing to talk and treat the ex-wife that way, how are they talking about OP when she's not around, and what about when she does something they don't like? My father is similarly toxic, though not in exactly the same way, and I have the added complication (or simplification, depending on how you view it,) that he is a terrible father as well, being emotionally and verbally abusive toward his children. I don't plan on getting married, but if I was, I'd be more likely to have my brother give me away. Uninviting the whole family and forbidding the father from coming at all is kind of jerkish, but maybe they're jerks too, grandma certainly is, and that's a very shocking thing to find out, so some leeway can be given, even if it might possibly be regretted later. There again, though, it would be simple for me, because I don't really have contact with that side of the family, they're mostly either well-to-do snobs or drunkards.
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