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Ytj simply because "so the night comes and she just assumed that we could show up at the restaurant." No you should have called and booked, "seemed like a reservation kind of place" so why didn't you make one? Or did you have this entire conversation on the night of the anniversary or something? And when all this didnt go to plan do you think maybe you should have gone well that didn't work out maybe some flowers or chocolate to make up for a sucky night, come on buddy shes your wife and its your anniversary, its not gonna kill you.
She is either too autistic to understand what no means so she probably shouldn't be babysitting twins or she is capable of babysitting the twins which means she is capable of understanding no means no
YTJ You're the kind of person that messages an artist asking for a drawing and when they give you a quote you tell them thats too much its just a drawing. Learn to appreciate the time and effort that goes into making your meals instead of just looking at the cost of groceries.

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