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How is OP’s gender relevant to the question? Sister is stealing OP’s clothes and OP eventually was able to convince the Mom what sister was doing OP just wants to know if they were a jerk since sister got in trouble. Has nothing to do with gender. I realize you don’t agree with the gender identity but it actually has nothing to do with the question.
I don’t get why neither person next to the dad would switch with the son and get extra legroom. I still don’t think you are the jerk
You are NTJ and I really don’t think it’s a big deal that you didn’t eat the meal. I don’t think anyone went around checking plates to see if everyone ate. At my wedding nobody came up and gave me a report on who cleaned their plate and who didn’t.
You are not the jerk but I would advise you to ask the morning of every transfer day what time you are leaving. Also - you know what day you are leaving so make sure your volleyball gear is packed that morning.
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