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Everyone is the jerk here. Why don't you just take your younger daughter away for the holidays and go on a vacation, if he continuously puts his older daughter who is now an adult over your younger daughter do something fun with the younger daughter. And when he claims family and all that other stuff you can say well you missed out on yourDaughter's Ava's entire Christmas childhood and now you've built your own wall against her, but you are also doing the same with the older daughter granted, she doesn't really want you to be part of her life, but something needs to change otherwise no need you guys are going to be happy.
NTJ. Tell EX if she wants then to have their own rooms that you guys can sell the house and split the money, so you can afford it. Considering she isn't paying rent, she should be keeping her mouth shut
NTJ. Why would you give money for that? It would be one thing if it was a health emergency, but HIS DOG caused the issue, wasn't an unexpected disaster, its a loss of luxury. Not a needed item.
NTJ. I love how they are a 'picture perfect family' with her 3 out of wedlock children... and they are worried about opinions on you. Might want to point out how they are already judging them for that. We're all laughing and pointing at them! They are the gossip of the town!
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