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Who leta their 5 and 3 year old go anywhere alone? The dad walkes away well the kids tried things on? That's not safe. Kids get kidnapped that way, or assaulted. You asking if he would like you to check the rooms was a smart and safe one.
NTJ. I would tell your father that your an adult, and if you have to keep hiding adult things from him, then you won't have a relationship with him from now on. Meaning , no college graduation for him to see you in, no walking you down the aisle, no seeing grandkids. He will choose for you to leave, but you will have put it in his head, and hopefully your mother and sister will aid you.
NTJ. If he doesn't stay, its going to cause strife in your marriage.
NTJ. 2 kids and a 35 hour flight and 10,000 dollars..... Nope. Tell then to enjoy themselves.
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