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I'm currently in family therapy with my narcissistic father and enabler mother. Things are said that upsets others. But that's the point of family therapy. To get all that out so you know where to go moving forward. You are NTJ
Ummmm those pens are easily $50 each. My husband has a drawing tablet and the pen was so expensive
I had an EXTREMELY colicky baby. And his cries were shrill AF. I was fortunate enough to live in a house, but if I was in an apartment and he was disturbing other neighbors, then I absolutely would do everything I could to soundproof or whatever needed to help with the volume of the crying. Drove mine around at 2am because he'd fall asleep in the car. You are NTJ. Side note, I was also a single mom.
Did you ever consider that he takes care of the snow so you're warm and on your feet less? YTJ
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