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Except, just b/c she doesn't know it was you, doesn't mean it wasn't god answering her prayer!! She prayed for help and got it, I'd call that an answered prayer!!
Same! Although I think she should of called the police on the mother while she was yelling at her too!! Explain the situation right there and have a record of what happened with the kid and the bus aid and the mother's threats so the mother can't make any kind of allegation against her at a later time should something happen again! Plus the mother could have it happen again and even try to claim that she was suppose to watch the kid so having the incedent filed with police would also of protected her there too!!
Real question here, who can grive a standard but not an automatic? I really have never heard of this! And as to you being a jerk no! You are a 23m and your mother thinks she can tell you what to do? Had they asked nicely and you really did have nothing better to do than that may have change the circumstances but not much! There is no law that says that b/c he made a mistake in not getting everything he needed to change the oil b4 draining it, that you are required to help him fix his mess!
NTJ at all!! She is your daughter, not your MILs! They have no right to through away the food you prepare and pay for, let alone contradict how you choose to raise her! If she is getting the right nutrition that is all that matters and calling you a bad parent just shows that she has no respect for you as her father!! I agree with others that she may be trying to set up to try and take custody of your daughter and you need to document everything that occures between you and them! Save all texts and emails and try to limit all contact to these forms of communication so you will have evidence! I had the same problem with my ex MIL b/c she didn't like that I wouldn't cut my son's hair until he was over a year old and her and her sister kept hinting at taking him to get his hair cut while I was at work! She got all kinds of offended when I made it clear that if she did that, she would never be left alone with my son again! This was just one of many ways she has tried to insert herself above me with my children!!
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