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Ytj. I am very much an introvert. The whole day you planned up until the party sounds absolutely amazing. The party not so much. After an entire day out and about(as amazing as it was) is exhausting. It sounds like you're very much an extrovert so maybe that part was more for you than her. If you need to go out and do more things then absolutely do so! There is nothing wrong with that. Apologize and try to understand that for you as an extrovert being around people and being social is what recharges your batteries. For her that her batteries get recharged by quiet and alone time. I'm the same way. I need quiet or time to myself to recharge. My fiance needs social interaction and outside activities to recharge his. Nothing is wrong with either unless one of us forces the other into what helps ourselves more than the other without us being able to do both of our things. Kindness and empathy goes a long way.
Cooking your food at a Korean buffet restaurant is very common.
You are not owed a vehicle or repairs from your parents. You did got given a car with issues that require fixing now. Don't wait for your parents to have the funds to fix it. Start towards saving the funds now. In the meantime park the car because it's unsafe and figure out alternatives to get around to where you need to go. You won't be the first or last teen who doesn't have a ride.
You all are so young and it sounds trite but your bodies are riddled with hormones and that's really hard to deal with. I remember feeling like if someone I was super into didn't like me and liked someone else(especially a friend) that I was destined to be alone forever and that I would never find love. You can do all the things to show your interest and how you would be a good partner but you just cannot make yourself seen as a potential partner in the others eyes. You will find your person. It might happen soon or it might take years. If you waste your life waiting for that person your life will be miserable. Live your life, continue to be you. Grow, change and live your life. The rest will come
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