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Ntj. I've read so many wedding horror stories where people have said "Well you didn't explicitly say I couldn't so I did." While many of these things should be common sense for weddings people who are jerks will and do get away with whatever they can. Keep your list. It sets out a proper outline of appropriate behaviour and no one who shows up will say that they didn't know.
Ywbtj if you were a jerk about it. Next time it happens just politely say " Hey, I'm only here for a short time and would like to use that machine can you move over so I can finish my workout real quick?" Polite, to the point and let's them realize that there are other people too. If they are rude and refuse then go to the staff. If you're not comfortable or able to do so politely tell the staff about the issue. Don't raise a stink but do be cordial
Sounds like you have misophonia. It's a condition and I'd suggest looking it up. You can't help how your brain reacts to certain sounds but you can control how you react verbally. It sounds like you and your roomie need to have a proper discussion about what you each do that bothers the other. I understand being loud and reacting to a video game in the moment and your roomie should have communicated how that affects them. You need to be more mindful of the noise you make playing video games now that you know it's upsetting the person you share space with. Your roommate needs to be more mindful of their eating noises.
Ntj. If they had stated they couldn't have pork in the first place this wouldn't have happened. If someone has dietary restrictions they should state so before their order.
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