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Ytj. Friends get to pick where they want to eat on their birthday. If you don't want to eat there eat beforehand and maybe order a drink while there.
Slight ytj. As the cook you really should have asked if there were any dietary restrictions. Anyone who knows about cooking knows that the jerk burns off in the cooking. Whenever I invite people over for dinner I always ask if they have an restrictions or allergies so I can accommodate.
Ywnbtj if it was something hard. However if it was just mush or pot then ytj if the pot and mush are from a reliable and trusted source and if mush then they'd be away from children with someone who can keep an eye on them. People need to let go sometimes and if the opportunity comes up with trusted friends that's fine. You just got five days off.
Ntj. Who sends an 8 yr old to bed when they have school the next morning with scribbles on them ? Who gets mad at said kid for going to the washroom right before bed? If it was something that happened multiple times that night and they were using it as an excuse to avoid bedtime then sure you can be frustrated and upset but trying to be menacing? Wtaf? Idk if he'd just had a bad day or was pissed he had to help with putting the kids to bed it doesn't matter his behaviour is unacceptable.
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