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Shady? Bahahaha ummmm no.... and know if this happened to me, I would not be upset. I would be pleased that somebody tried to do something nice for me instead of slapping them in the face for it. I'M secure in my committed relationship, and my boyfriend is free to take my bank card anytime he likes! Without permission, within reason. But to cook me breakfast? Sorry, but I wouldn't be accusing anyone of being a thief in this situation. He trusts her enough to date her for 7 months, have sex with her on a regular basis and allow her to sleep over at his house, but not to borrow his bank card and cook him breakfast ? Like really, who hurt you? Lmfao
Stole is stretching it. He was there, they were dating for seven months, she returned back to HIS apartment and cooked the food that she purchased with his bank card for him in his apartment! It's not like she stole it and took off to Mexico LMAO I take my boyfriend's bank card all the time without asking and never once has he accused me of stealing. That's a big stretch. For him to jump to accusing her of stealing there had to have been issues before this LOL I don't blame her for not speaking to him anymore. He sounds pretty ungrateful and she dodged a bullet
Ytj.... yes she took your card but you stated yourself that she left her wallet at home. I mean, you could have at least waited until you had breakfast and maybe tried to talk to her about it politely afterwards. But you flat out accused her of stealing before you even had a bite. She thought she was doing something nice for you and romantic for you after spending the night at your house, and you totally crushed her. I would say by her reaction she was incredibly hurt, and clearly had the money to pay you back, as she did. This isn't a new relationship but it sounds like there is very clearly already trust issues as you would jump right to accusing her of stealing for whatever reason. You could have handled it way better than this and if you have any conscience at all you should apologize, however, I would think for her this should be a red flag and I would run!
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