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ESH He should have gone ahead and highlighted his son's achievements and shown them proof of his accomplishments. Then topped it off with, "So, I'd appreciate you not speak that way about my son ever again, or it's gonna be a problem."
Cool how the people who said he wasn't the jerk were such assholes, they convinced him that he WAS the jerk, and he didn't want to be anything like them. Good on him!
She made a post saying she was going into the new year as a single lady. She says that 2022 would be the Year of the Career. So glad to find out she didn't let him or his family manipulate her into doing something she'd regret in a very short time. She owns her own home, paid off her car, and is almost done with her student loans? Yeah, she'd be sorry REAL quick to throw all that away on some idiot with no job, no ambitions, and not even a place to call his own. She needs to be with someone who's more on her level. Not some dude whose only goal in life is to regress back to childhood days with Saturdays in front of Cartoon Network with a mixing bowl full of Oreo O's. Good on her for seeing the light before doing something stupid.
So, it seems mom wanted her ex-husband (OP) to pay for everyone. She wanted him to pay for her, her stepkids, and ol' triflin' ass Trevor? She wanted everything to fall on dad's shoulders, and when he wouldn't give in, tried to say, "Well, daddy's ruining Christmas, because he won't pay for me, your step-siblings, and ol' triflin' ass, no-job-havin' ass Trevor to go to Disney." No, I think the daughter had every right to be mad and so did OP.
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