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I think OP is being kind of stupid for opening herself up liability like this. So what if you like kids... quite frankly .. if you were male this would not fly at all. I think that you need to get your head out of your jerk and come up with a way better plan for your life. As it stands the second one of these children gets injured you will be in danger of loosing this house and the property you are so proud of.
The problem I have on these posts is when someone asks am I the jerk for continuing to be the doormat of their family/ workplace/ relationship etc... I can't fathom why you and your wife agree to this AND then have the nerve to complain. You have set the stage for all of this. To me, it makes you a jerk because you keep doing what you're complaining about. If you don't like it just say no.
Your are the jerk. You humiliated him. YOU HUMILIATED A 13 YEAR OLD. This certainly speaks to your lack of character. And you can't see it, can you? Listen to your wife. And now you go over to tbis boy's house and apologize immediately.
What kind of advice is that? Try to be nice to Kierra. Kierra is an jerk using their identify as a form of manipulation. You are not the jerk. Kierra - that toxic cis -phobe is. Not every person is Transgender or gender fluid.
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