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You did the right thing. Dude is a straight-up theif and liar, and stupid, to boot. Karma can be a wonderful thing and they got what they deserved.
YTJ for berating your husband in front of the kids; that was counterproductive. NTJ for being highly upset about what he did. YTJ for staying with and subjecting your kids to a lazy loser. NTJ for moving your money to an account he has no access to. You've got issues, dear, and you have to answer the proverbial question of are you -- and the kids -- better off with or without your husband. I think you know the answer deep in your heart.
NTJ, and you did nothing wrong in bringing this pattern of abuse to your therapist's attention. And he/she is LEGALLY required to report this pattern of abuse, because that's what it is. Your mom broke the law by feeding you jerk, both parents broke the law by leaving an intoxicated minor in charge of a handicapped child and you father is breaking the law by insisting you go back and tell the therapist you were lying about it all. Sounds like a textbook case for CPS. NTJ.
Serious breech of etiquette, dude. You sound like a very immature person. Who brings McDonald's to a wedding reception? Really? If you don't like what's on the menu DON'T EAT IT. Eat before or after the service. You embarrassed your friend and made yourself look like an a$$hole. I wouldn't expect too many more invitations to weddings once word gets out about what you did. Totally YTJ.
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