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Ytj. A heartless cold piece of crap of a human being. I hope your husband gets his car back and rehomes YOU
Whoever decided on these random not dog parks being ok for off leash dogs is the jerk. Even the most well trained dogs can have a lapse and react to something that leads to someone potentially getting hurt. I've seen fully trained service dogs, ACTUAL service dogs not the bullshit emotional support animals, lose focus. Usually with them it's because some idiot human runs over to give them pets/attention.
Esh. She's probably shouldn't have gone to the rally/protest in the first place. I wouldn't dream of taking my kids to any of those because people get psycho and it can get dangerous. Dad sucks because of his views. Yes he was blindsided but every parent ends up blindsided at the unexpectedly young ages kids will ask questions. Ytj because of your reaction and comments while he was stumbling.
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