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Ntj. And kittieslove1 is an idiot. There is no red flag of a man helping raise his kid he had with another woman. Whether it's a situation like this or one where they were actually involved. It's actually a really GOOD trait that they can be a family unit. OPs sister is a brat. If she can't deal with her future husband having a family, then she shouldn't be with him. She will only get worse once she married him. Forbid him to see or speak to Leila. Try to cut back on his time with Dylan, if not cut him out completely too. He needs to run. She can find someone who fits her familial wants and needs.
Ytj. Of course she hates you. Going through a divorce is hard on kids. There's often the same stages as the grief cycle, as their life is turning upside down and losing something. For a teenager who is already going through normal teenage mental issues, as you should remember as you are closer in age to her as you are to her father, which she is is aware of and is also something that bothers her I'm sure, she is going to be having a hard time accepting. Teenagers will push the boundaries. They act out, they tell their parents they hate them. Theyre stuck in this torn phase that, on one side is the adult they're becoming, that they long to be, and on the other is the child that they were...and still are. They need the responsibility and independence of the adult they're becoming, but still need the love, comfort and acceptance they needed as a child, especially as things fall apart. A teenager going through a divorce needs that more than ever, as the two halves that made them (their parents) are as split as the two halves of themselves, and they feel they have nothing whole anymore. Youve chosen to marry her father. That means his family becomes your family. That includes his daughter. Who, if either of you are decent people, will continue to be in his life. Kids don't just disappear at 18. Inviting her to be a part of your wedding will show her acceptance and that she still has family that she's still a part of.
Ytj. Joey is a common nickname for Joseph, and lashing out like that over a slip up, which is exactly what it was, is ridiculous. Your late husband didn't patent the name. And it will come out a lot from a lot of people in your son's life. The fact that your son doesn't care is the biggest indicator. It's his name. What if he decides on his own to start introducing himself as Joey?
No jerks here, except him being a pats fan lol jk. But for real sometimes childhood friendships don't last into adulthood. Interests change, families happen, priorities change. I agree with the person who said it's time to downgrade the friendship to equal it out. Do things you enjoy so you can find friends who share your interests and so you can be happy yourself. It's draining to do all that work to maintain a friendship, especially one that's fizzled out into an aquantainceship
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