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I agree with another response, your mother is a narcissist and is gaslighting you. Think about other past events between you two and read up on narcissism. It took me a bit to finally see it but when I'd did...it went all the way back to my childhood. So yourself a favor, cut mom off. She will always be cruel and gaslight you into thinking she is the victim. I promise, once you work through it all and begin healing, your life will be a lot less stressful and much happier and more successful. Not only did I not invite my mom to my wedding, I don't even know if she knows I'm married unless either of my brothers told her. Take care of yourself and don't let her ruin your dream dress and your special day. Congratulations!
For the love of all things.... PLEASE get out of that house and cut contact with them both and go to therapy to heal from it all. What your mom is doing to you is endangerment, and at the LEAST emotional manipulation and abuse. It doesn't matter if she has problems or issues. It is up her to get help and to keep you safe. When you decide to take the stance of keeping yourself safe and your mental health safe by cutting him out, she gets mad and verbally attacks you and tries to manipulate you into changing your mind. If you can stay with your grandparents until you can get out on your own, that would be best. Cut them both off.
STOP!!!!! You are shy and have trouble making friends. He knows this....HE IS WORKING ON ALIENATING YOU UNTIL HE IS ALL YOU HAVE...RUN FAR AWAY FROM HIM NOW!!!!!! As a survivor of a relationship like this, you can't fix him, you can't make it better, and he will never be happy and will at some point get comfortable enough to begin physically hurting you. Keep your friends ..dump him right away. You deserve so much better
NTJ. People are not property. A lot of maturing needs to happen..wow. Not everyone is compatible. Not even if you've been friends. Some people are more compatible as friends and others are more compatible as romantic partners. They tried, it didn't work out. Move on. Getting a dream job right out of college doesn't always happen either. It does not mean you should be bitter and hate the world and be nasty. It just means you may have to work your way up, or find a different path to being able to market yourself for that job better than other candidates. Not all friendships are meant to last a lifetime. Life experiences and growing and changing out looks through learning and each person's personality traits all mixed together means that some friends are just not always going to be compatible as a friend for life. Sometimes friends part ways for a while, learn lessons and grow and then find their way back to each other. You can either roll with it and do the best you can do see where it all takes you, or you can sit around and drown everyone in unnecessary drama and toxicity and make life that much harder for everyone involved. It's up to each individual as to how they are going to go from one moment to the next and handle what is before them. Katie is not handling much of anything well and doesn't want to discuss it with anyone and instead is bleeding it out all over everyone else. All you can do is decide how YOU are going to proceed from here. If you continue with all the Katie is this, and that type of horrible person and so on, then you will become the bitter jerk as well.
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