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Nobody important here. A very Triv-ial person, really.

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They say you can't fix stupid, but really you can. They could have just left idiots one and two on the factory floor.
Absolutely beautiful. I worked for a traveling carnival for one summer, and at one place I had to break up a fight between these two women whose husband were councilman of this tiny little Podunk village, and there's another place I was unfortunate enough to have to run a ride instead of a game, and there was this really little kid who wanted on my right. He was of the right size to be able to ride it, but he seemed sort of nervous, like maybe he was just trying it out, and I thought he probably would not like the ride. I let him on, and before the ride made a full turn he started screaming, "Stop stop!!" So I stopped the ride and let the poor kid off. I don't think I let anybody take his place, but we have time to ride so that means everybody's ride lasted a little bit longer.
Did your grandpa ever read the label? Only dark sodas came with caffeine in them that I'm ever aware of. Cola's, root beers, and, exceptionally, I think, mountain doodoo.
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