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NTJ. The only jerks here are those people who are definitely not your friends. No decent person would ever go on a road trip in someone else's vehicle without chipping in for gas and expenses. For them to want you to front the costs for everything is ridiculous. They are using you and taking advantage of your kindness. Please cut them out of your life and get new friends who appreciate you and do their part.
NTJ. As a Wisconsin girl, there is never anything weird about drinking milk. The uncle is a jerk for making an issue of it.
NTJ. Plagiarism is wrong and will result in your sister's expulsion from any Uni. That is not on you, however. You should report your mother's and sister's behavior to a trusted school official.
NTJ. She is your mom. That is your home. And you have every right to honor her however you like.
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