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Yes, the child was a brat. No doubt. But you’re essentially bragging about assaulting a child. Congrats jerkface.
He’s probably just like that pedo teacher. I’m not a teacher but I know how it is when your IEP isn’t being followed. Reason I failed a few classes because I wasn’t given the time I needed or the secluded place.
I think it’s wonderful. The whole plan wouldn’t have taken shape had said loudmouth not chosen to drive under the influence. So not only did the poster get revenge on a truly horrid coworker who made the work environment toxic, but also potentially saved someone innocent from being harmed by a drunk driver. Way to go!
But that would have been illegal and could have very well closed the candy store down. Get shut down for getting even with a cheap witch? Yeah. That would be epically stupid. Smh
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