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Why not take her to a special birthday dinner where she can have what she wants then have like a small cake to have with the family the next night or something? Giving her the option to choose then shooting down everything she wants is what makes me say ytj.
Miniscule ytj simply because you could have warned her when she came into the office but the rest of it ntj and you don't owe them for a hotel or whatever because they find something "weird".
YTJ. She's not being lazy if she's just forgetting to do something every couple of months, OP said that she's usually really good about it. Bringing not one but four of the smelliest animals in and forcing her to deal with that is just a petty move.
NTJ, she made her choices and you're right when you said you shouldn't have to pay for them. She can go to community college and start out part time and work her way up if she wants. Other people don't have their parents paying for college and they're making it work and you told her what you were doing so she wasn't blindsided. She has options.
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