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NTJ. There's no reason for them to have cleaned the whole kitchen, unless it needs to be shut down by the health department. You just made it easier on the next person that has actual allergies. As someone from rural PA, most places are ignorant and people are stupid about food.
YTJ. She asked YOU to take care of the kids. Instead you pushed them off on someone else. Then you did the smallest jobs first, those easily could have been done with the kids there. You don't mention the boys ages, but if they are old enough to gave a tablet they could have easily helped with some of the work, like folding laundry. Do you say thanks to her for every meal, or clean shirt? If not, why do you expect one for doing simple maintenance?
It's HER apartment. She decides what goes on in her place, nobody else. Nowhere is rent mentioned, but it's safe to say if a 16 year old has an apartment then she's probably the one paying the rent, not the parents. She said no. Sally is being manipative
NTJ. I have an allergy to coconut, my husband likes a drink that is made with coconut. He won't drink it near me, or even kiss me if he drank it recently. He'd prefer not to kill me, and it works for both of us. If your partner can't accept giving up a few things to keep you alive, maybe you need to give up him.
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