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NTJ pay off your own bills, it was your winnings. And you are right, if you pay off her bills, she will just run them up again. Get away from that overspending entitled woman before she runs you into the poorhouse. Once you are married, her debts will also be your debts and obviously her parents are jerks too. Run!!!
NTA your sister is for using you and then trying to make you feel guilty. Since you mother is taking sis's side, let her babysit the little darlings. Nope. If people can't deal with their own children, they shouldn't have them. They are in no way your responsibility and I would not babysit them ever again because if you do, she will start worming her way into but you watched them last week. Nope. And don't let her move in with you again either. She is using you.
Report him. No one wants to work with a thief. The rent story probably was a lie anyway.
Wow, what a POS!! Your husband has many problems, one of which may be wacky. Don't just jump up and say no, many people hide their thingy curious quiet well. When parents start selling their children's bikes, computers, game boys, tablets, etc. they are getting money for thingy. I don't know why the children's items are always the first to go, but in my experience they are. He is emotionally and financially abusive. Consult a lawyer and get your daughter out of that situation before it gets worse.
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